Winter spring newsletter 2014 15

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Italian Cookery Group - Bridget Keevil

Page 2 of 2 Next morning we headed to Ravenna, a famous town historically, but now it houses some of the most important mosaics left from Byzantine times. The old city is like Venice and apparently the main street used to be a river.

This afternoon we were cooking our own four course meal. First course was Melazane alla Parmigiana, the second was Pesto Genovese to go with the tagliatelle we made yesterday, the third was Pollo alla Cacciatoria and the pudding was Lemon & Ginger Mousse.

Next day we went to a farm that makes cheese then on to Faenza – which turned out to be the most beautiful town. The main square was amazing – and the cathedral quite large for what I thought originally was a small town.

Well it was a lovely meal, even though I say so myself. The pasta with the pesto sauce we had was fab, the chicken was tasty and the lemon mousse was just divine. I wonder how many pounds we have put on now! Today we made potato gnocchi with Lamb Villeroy. A roux was made for the lamb. The chops had been seared in a hot pan, cooled, then the roux was spooned on to the top. This was then cooled, dipped in egg and breadcrumbs ready for frying later.

Our last day and we had to report for bread making at 9.30am. We all had boards and bowls of flour and we were making the seven cereal bread that we have had every morning for breakfast. Once readied the bread was put in an external brick oven with a large metal Fish day today – We had clams, mussels, shrimps, a paddle to bake which we took home to eat. large fish that looked like a bream and anchovies. We To sum up this holiday, if you can get past the quirky filleted the anchovies which were then soaked in salt hotel, the family will give you the warmest Italian and vinegar to “cook” for half an hour. We then had to welcome you will find in all of Italy. Marissa's vibrancy fillet the fish. Nothing wasted – the bones and head went and the whole family's love for this area is apparent in into a pan to make the fish stock. Then we wrapped the everything they do. If you love being one of the very few fish in foil with a topping of potato, celery, onion and tourists in the village, you will fit in well here. tomato, ready for the oven.