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Christine Boulden & Margaret Watkins

nowhere we encountered a zebra crossing and a rolling elephant roadblock – an enchanting 20 minute hold-up! Now Having enjoyed our visit to Kenya so much in 2011, we returned in 2012 with the excellent help of Madeleine at Travel Stop. After arriving at Nairobi in the morning, we transferred to the Jacaranda Hotel in Nairobi for an overnight stay. We were met the following morning by our guide/driver and headed for Amboseli Game Park (4hr 30mins drive). On arrival we had lunch then set off on a game drive. Very soon we met this amazing elephant, approximately 50 years old and weighing some seven tons.

This was quite a green area and we soon arrived at the swamp – the one seen in David Attenborough’s AFRICA.

Along the way we saw zebra, wildebeest, gazelle, buffalo, hippo and giraffes on their way to drink and wallow. We had wonderful views of Kilimanjaro at quite close range. In spite of being in the middle of

We had a lovely lodge to stay in with beautiful flowers surrounding the reception and restaurant area. So then we were off on a panoramic drive through the Rift Valley having called at the Carnivore Restaurant in Nairobi. You need to be very hungry! We then passed through the rose growing area before arriving at Lake Naivasha. Again we had superb accommodation and excellent food with a lodge set in parkland with

giraffes passing by quite closely and at night hippos strolled by even closer. We went on a boat trip on Lake Naivasha to see, close up, the hippos which stand all day in the lake and leave to graze at night by the lakeside.

The following day we drove to Lake Nakuru and had a tour of the Nakuru Game Park. Here we saw lions, giraffes, black and white rhinos,

buffalo, zebra, impala and flamingoes in the lake. A beautiful area with surprises round every bend. Next day off for a 4 hour drive to the Masai Mara – a completely different landscape. After lunch we were off again on a game drive. We came upon a pride of lionesses and cubs which had just eaten - well satisfied. Also there were elephants gazelles and a topi.

Today was leopard day! She had killed and eat en whe n we ar r i ve d. It was the turn of the vultures – as well as golden eagle, pied crows, jackal and hyena. We had some very close up views of the leopard. Also there was a leopard resting up in the cool of a tree which we watched for some 20 minutes. We then found two boy cheetahs lazing under a very isolated tree, who were quite content to pose.

Then we came upon a herd of some 20 giraffes – quite majestic. A highlight was the lioness with 3 very young cubs

returning to the pride for the first time; an unusual sight apparently and even impressed our guide of 25 years. By now we had seen the big 5 again. It is im possible to convey the full excitement we felt on this trip. All the staff had been very helpful and knowledgeable and catered for our ever y n eed. Bac k to Nair obi and an emotional farewell. Can’t wait to go again!