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S P R I N G 2 0 13




You don’t think about it every day, but coming up to our 15th anniversary, when I look back I realize how much has actually happened since I started a small lamp and candle shop in Stockholm in 1998. The candles have since disappeared, and the shop as well, but instead we have created one of Sweden’s best-known brands in home lighting. To mark this occasion, I wanted to reconnect with my own roots. We decided to photograph the new spring products on my old family farm in Småland. The farmhouse is from the 1850s. There are also two small sheds where the implements were kept and where the farm hand lived. So there were good interiors for every part of our range. The spring collection can be divided into three categories: rough metals, pastel materials and more polished products. You can see some of the rough metal lamps on the page to the right. The large picture shows Ljusne, my personal favourite in the range, photographed in one of the sheds’ upper floor. Ljusne has an almost completely untreated surface. Exciting! Turn the page and you’ll see our new lampshades. They are partly a collection of pastel screens, for that really delicate spring feeling, and also a family of patchwork materials. The patchwork materials look fresh on our balls and are also used to cover the petite Ines 18, a shade that looks like a small ladies’ hat with a cockade on the top. Finally, we have new products in the more classic style. The 50s-inspired Aero fans are back, in five colours, including red. We also have two new series of fans: Retro table fans and Neptun roof fans. Last but not least, there are the Oskar lampshades, made of metal - hence completely opaque - but with that beautiful, vibrant tin finish Enjoy!

Monika Lindström PS. Just for fun, we put together the covers from all the printed catalogues we have made so far. Which one is your favourite?

When the going gets rough. The Adda pendant is made of worn and almost rusty iron, with a white interior surface for best light output. Adda hangs from a twisted jute rope for that truly rustic look.


B 2 2 5 5 L J U S N E TA B L E R E A D I N G L A M P


T 2 2 6 7 F A G E R S TA P E N D A N T


The Ljusne table lamp is made of unfinished brass with visible soldering, standing firmly on its rough cast aluminium foot. In time, the brass will darken and acquire a beautiful patina.

The matt grey aluminium Fagersta pendant, with its brassy details and industrial style, is a conversation piece in any home – or barn!


The spring pastels are here! When springtime comes, so does the longing for bright pastels and a more ethereal look.

This season, we introduce no less than 15 new pastel coloured lampshades, in three models - Cilla 23, Lisa 23, Signe 18 - and five different colours - lemon, nude, babyblue, lilac and mauve. Can you hear the lark singing?

T4 0 1 / 9 2 / 74 B O L L 4 0 O V A L P AT C H T P

S 0 3 / 2 3 / 2 3 / x x C I L L A 2 3 S 2 9 / 2 3 / 2 3 / x x L I S A 2 3 S 17/ 1 8 / 2 3 / x x S I G N E 1 8 M I X E D C O L O U R S


Fresh, bright, yet snug and colourful. The patchwork Balls (left and opposite page) takes summer into the house, as soon as winter releases its frosty hold.







T4 0 1 / 9 2 / 7 3 T4 0 1 / 9 2 / 74 T4 0 1 / 9 2 / 7 5 B A L L 4 0 O V A L P AT C H


For product details, ordering and the rest of our products, see our web site:


B 0 81810 R E T R O B L A C K C H R O M E


S 3 1 / 1 8 / 1 8 O S K A R 2 1 B 0 51 5 8 4 TA N G O P E W T E R S 3 1 / 2 1 / 1 8 O S K A R 1 8 B 0 1 5 0 7 0 9 M I N S K P E W T E R

The farmhouse 1910

The Oskar lampshades (left), made of brass with a pewter finish, go with many of our pewter lampstands. In the picture, we have combined them with Tango and Minsk. The Retro fans, in black chrome (above), nickel or offwhite, connects the centuries, and suits both a modern or a more vintage styled home.




Sibiren pendant Leeds

Boll 40 oval patch

Tidan antique black

Fagersta Adda

Kilmory S책gmyra

Maryland brass

N채s cream

N채s matt gray

Retro fan

Aero fan

Bergen large

Ljusne brass


Neptun fan

Oskar 21

Oskar 18

Bergen small Henning

Ines 18 patch

Lisa 23 spring pastels

Cilla 23 spring pastels Signe 18 spring pastels


T4 0 1 / 9 2 / 7 5 B O L L 4 0 O V A L P AT C H G R AY S 3 0 / 1 9 / 9 2 / 7 3 S 3 0 / 1 8 / 9 2 / 74 I N E S 1 8 P AT C H G S T P

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Photo: Rikard Westman. Layout: Åsa Schüllerqvist, Rikard Westman.

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In the soft evening light of early spring, bright pastels herald the warmth and joy of summer.

Spring 2013  

Spring lamps and lightings 2013

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