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wa t t & V E K E N E W S S P R I N G 2 0 11

Basic Straight 33 natural / Finere white

Aspen white

Signe 33 beige/blue / Karl 38 navy blue /

Signe 28 beige/blue /

Tripoli teak/chrome table


Tripoli white/chrome table

Karl 28 brown / Karl 24 brown / Signe 18 beige/blue /

Blidö natural

Karl 21 beige / Lill-Klas natural

Stor-Klas natural

This folder presents a selection of our new products for spring/summer 2011. For all our news, or if you’re wondering about sizes, materials or other details, please check out our web: The website also shows you all of our other products: shades, stands, lamps and accessories. And Christmas stars, lightstrands and other decorations, of course. See you online!

Stor-Klas white Karl 21 denim / Lill-Klas white

Longing for summer waters We Nordic people have a special relationship with the summer and our summer dwellings. After the long dark winter, when the spring finally arrives and the days become longer, we long for contact with Mother Nature: to the sea, to the lakes.

Many of us have our summer-houses along the coast or lakesides. No matter whether we have a mansion or a cottage, we need some months by the water to recharge our batteries with sunshine and summer life. The memories we accumulate are like woodpiles – they keep us going through the winter. We have drawn our inspiration for the spring 2011 collection from Nordic summer-houses. When we decorate our summer dwellings we take inspiration from the countryside and the sea, both in colour scales and choice of materials. Marine aspects are often present. The simple life predominates. The overall impression is bright and white, with lye-treated wooden floors and ornaments from bygone years, worn with beauty.


Karl 24 beige / Grinda

We have made new lampstands from driftwood painted white and combined with simple cotton or linen lampshades. Many of the spring lampshades are in mild, calm colours: blues, browns and beiges. Our new lampshade series, Karl, is made from a chambray of half linen and half cotton – a simple shade with clean lines which we sell in four different colours and six sizes. New for the spring is a fresh series of Laura lampshades, this time in thinly-woven linen with a structure as light and airy as a summer curtain! Don’t miss the hand sewn Signe lampshades in checkered cotton, which suit all sorts of summer homes. Then we have our new table lamp stands in turned wood painted white, antique white and a new colour for this season: natural birch with a clear varnish finish and a touch of white to prevent the wood from yellowing. My favourites among the lamp stands are probably still Borgvik and Husby, both in cast aluminium in the shape of old candlesticks painted matt black or matt white. They manage to be romantic, decorative and rustic all at the same time. Just add a long, bright Scandinavian summer evening and there is not much else to wish for. Enjoy!

Monika Lindström PS. If you have any questions, viewpoints or ideas you are always welcome to get in touch! Send an e-mail to me at

�Entering amongst the cliffs, we were sheltered from the wind, warm sunbeams began to play, streams to flow, and groves of pines diversified the rocks. Sometimes they became suddenly bare and sublime. Once, in particular, after mounting the most terrific precipice, we had to pass through a tremendous defile, where the closing chasm seemed to threaten us with instant destruction, when, turning quickly, verdant meadows and a beautiful lake relieved and charmed my eyes.� Mary Wollstonecraft, Letters written during a short residence in Sweden, Norway, and Denmark (1796).


Karl 48 denim / Tripoli white/chrome floor

Signe 28 beige/blue / Stävlö

Basic Straight 17 white / Aspen chandelier

Karl 21 navy blue / Lill-Klas natural Laura 25 linen brown / Stor-Klas natural

Ellen 25 / Ekeby matt white

Sara 43 brown


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Photo: Rikard Westman. Layout: Åsa Schüllerqvist and Rikard Westman.

Signe 46 beige/blue / Tripoli white/chrome floor

Basic Straight 17 white / Aspen chandelier

Ellen 25 / Ekeby matt whit

Laura 25 linen brown / Ekeby antique black

Laura 20 linen cream / Borgvik antique black Laura 25 linen light blue / Husby antique black

Ellen 21 / Husby antique blac


This folder presents a selection of our new products forspring/summer 2011.