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1. Bigger is better If you request or require breast implant volume that exceeds 350cc, then you should be educated on and acknowledge the associated risks. 2. Patients do not deserve choices because they do not know what is best. The surgeon knows what is best. There are always choices to be made with benefits and tradeoffs unique to your needs. As a patient, you should be presented with all options. 3. There is really one best choice of incision location, implant and pocket location.

John B. Tebbetts, M.D. Breast Augmentation Surgeon Dallas, TX

If there was a “best” set of choices, wouldn’t everyone be doing it that way? 4. It is best for a surgeon to choose a technique and an implant, then do them all that way. There are several factors which can vary from patient to patient, i.e. breast tissue, breast envelope, etc. A surgeon must consider the individual. 5. Artistry is what distinguishes the better breast augmentation surgeon. Artistry is actually the predictable execution of breast augmentation through precise patient evaluation.

Dr. Tebbetts is a breast implant specialist running his practice in Dallas, TX. He has been an innovator in the field of breast augmentation, developing 24 Hour Recovery® and the High Five Measurement System®. Contact his practice by calling (214) 220-2712 or by visiting his website at

Myths of Breast Augmentation (Part 1)

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