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Six Easy Tips for Online Couponing Hey, big spender! It’s about time you spend your money wisely. Thanks to the Internet, you no longer have to wield a pair of scissors in order to clip coupons from the Sunday paper and reap the rewards. All you have to do is enter a few keywords and click. Read below for six easy-to-follow tips to learn how you can become an expert in saving and online couponing in no time: 1. Stick to coupons for things you really use. This is an incredibly basic rule, but one that we always forget. Just because an item is priced at 50% off doesn’t mean it would make for a great purchase. Buying something you know you won't use is a total waste, no matter how big the savings you’ll get. 2. Pick a couple of favorite coupon sites and hit them regularly. Do not bombard yourself with a long list of coupon sites. Instead, keep your list short and sweet. Once you’ve found your tried-and-tested sites, here’s an insider tip we’re glad to share. According to, it is best to check the sites early in the month, as manufacturers cap the number of coupons

they distribute. It also pays to be persistent. Don’t be afraid to check back several times a week to see if any new coupons are added. Truth is, new offers come in and out almost every day. 3. Check out the websites of your favorite brands. Most people do not realize that manufacturers do not always rely on coupon sites to give away big discounts and special offers to their consumers. Why don’t you just try it out and visit the websites of your favorite brands? You can also follow them on Facebook and like them on Twitter. 4. Visit the websites of your favorite stores and retailers. With the popularity of the Internet, almost every business has established online presence. The Target’s and Sears’ of the world have their own websites, so it helps if you visit these sites regularly to find out about their weekly specials, as well as store coupons. 5. Learn how to maximize your saving potential. Be a strategic shopper and combine every possible savings opportunity you can spot. It is always a great idea to know which stores sell various items at the cheapest unit price – that way you’ll end up spending less! 6. Subscribe to membership clubs and loyalty card programs. While these customer retention programs are not exclusively online, signing up can give you first dibs on product coupons, sales announcements and limited offers. In exchange, you’ll often get flooded with email newsletters on your inbox. So, here’s what you should be doing: Use a separate e-mail address just for coupon offers. That way, it doesn’t mix with your business email or personal account. Remember, coupons translate to cash in your pocket if you learn how to use them wisely. Make sure to read the terms and conditions carefully to avoid paying more than you intend.

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Six Easy Tips for Online Couponing  

Learn six easy-to-follow tips on how you can become an expert in saving and online couponing in no time.