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Netball Attacking Drills — The Important Ones You Need to Know About? How much general information do you carry about a sport? Enough is never really enough — the more you become a part of the game it more it requires you to know about it. Netball as a game is difficult, especially if you’re new or haven’t been regular at the practice. However, with a little help from your caches and regular hard work from your end you have a definite chance of going really far with the game. Netball drills constitute to be a very important part of the game — from having complete information about how a certain drill is to be done to practically doing it during the game there is a long way you go with these drills.

Netball Practice Sessions

A little about attacking drills – Attack in netball involves players keeping possession and passing the ball across the centre and goal zones to the shooting circle (court linkage), also known as the D.

Team Games

Here are a few attacking drills that you need to know about –

1. Lacing Drill — For an attacker who wants to put his opponent in difficult situations this is the particular drill that needs to be practiced. It will teach you how to quickly change pace and perform rather fancy feet work to confuse the person right in front of you. For the drill practice should start by creating a line of cones, which should be about 5 feet from one another, allowing you to move properly. Upon beginning the circuit, weaving between the cones, the player must always use this outside foot to push off. The idea is to weave between the cones really fast; ones everyone becomes familiar with the necessary movements it is advisable to use a stop watch to see the one doing it the fastest.

2. Forward Slice — To begin with this drill you require one defender, one feeder, one worker and a few cones. The cones have a role to play when it comes to setting the direction of the player’s movement forward; the worker and the defender will have a square start in comparison with the position of the feeder. During the practice drill the defender will be positioned on the inside of the of the worker, the worker will start running forward, making an abrupt stop and then sprinting forward to cut the evolution of the defender.

3. 180 Turn — It just takes three players to perform this attack drill and cones to help them practice. The cones like any other drill will be used to point towards the desired direction. The defender and the worker are required to stand one next to the other, their position starting from behind the feeder and to his side. Unlike the usual drills where the workers sprints forward, in this drill the worker will perform a half turn in the backward direction to stop and block the defender; following this he will do a pivot to get back forward and then sprint away. The thing with this particular drill is that it improves speed, reaction time and agility of the players.

4. Running Evasions — Another one on the list of attacking netball drills is running evasion — it requires three players who will start tin a straight line, moving forward. The wing attacker player will start by running one way, just to stop abruptly during his performance and then change direction to just continue running and changing directions before meeting the pass. Besides, the wing attacker also has an opportunity to run one way, stopping to change his direction and continue by reaching the space before meeting the pass. During this drill each time the attacker prepares his move, he will have to avoid being extremely predictable, constantly changing the tactics, in order to mislead the marker.

5. Trapping Cones — Starts with 3 players but in this one instead of using a feeder, the third player joining the group will be a defender. Like all the previous ones the cones here will mark the correct distance and the direction. Standing between two cones and 10 feet apart from the rest of the players, the attacker will have to dodge forward, attempting to block the feeder that is in front of him, approximately 15 feet away. Trapping cones is one of those attack drills that are more than suitable when it comes to training the players before the game, and this is primarily because a player in this drill can have the ball in his possession for no longer than 3 seconds; therefore, a fast drill.

Passing Abilities

These five netball attacking drills are the most interesting ones and definitely the ones that are most important when considering the game and the increased participation.

Netball attacking drills — the important ones you need to know about  

Learn about Netball Attacking drills that are very important to play the game like Lacing Drill, Forward Slice, 180 Turn, Running Evasions,...

Netball attacking drills — the important ones you need to know about  

Learn about Netball Attacking drills that are very important to play the game like Lacing Drill, Forward Slice, 180 Turn, Running Evasions,...