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No day without a line


The monitor heads Monitor-headed boy and girl are talking I don’t intend to listen their conversation, but it comes to my ears. They say: “@%**(_)__^^” “**@$%_++!!:;<>{_**” “###$()&&1011” “11*^)_” It is just like watching a foreign film that does not have subtitle.

Glass/ Worlds/ We Personal spaces, Defined by transparent planes, Fragile, easy to break, but very cold Can see through, but cannot go in I feel cold.

Handbag/ Stuffs/ Wings My handbag is a special magic bag. It can fly by itself, no need to be carried.

But today I forgot to close my bag. So when it flied, everything in my bag fell off, dispersedly on the street. Nothing that I could say, my face turned red. Policeman looked at me and asked why I carry so many stuffs like that. So bashful!

Bus/ Bizarre Tunnel Today I has a thrilling trip again. This time, the new bus driver lose his way. The bus turns into dark labyrinth tunnel, then it bounces and bounces as it is jumping. Almost of all passengers push the buzzers, to make the bus stop and to get off. But for me, I feel the seat incredible softer than usual, and the best thing was... there is no traffic jam. So I still sit there.

Odd faces/ Me/ thesame street On the same street, the same bus stop, the same people are waiting for buses. They look familiar to me, we see each others almost everyday. But they are still only strangers, whom I walk pass everyday. But today is not the same as usual, I see the odd faces at the bus stop. Does today have a carnival? Or Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;m just look at them closely.

I have just known why on the keyboard always has flowers.

feet/ shoes/ worlds I have only one pair of feet,

But I have many worlds, So I have many shoes.

Letters/ Voices/ Disappear Letters in the glass bottle which is floating in the sea, I wonder if that bottle will crash with something, or it will be swallowed into big fishâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s stomach, and disappear from this world.

How many letters in the glass bottle can reach peopleâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s hands. I think It is similar to my feeling. It is always in a glass bottle.

Balloon/ Dream/ We If I take a balloon trip with someone, Whom do I want to go with?

No day without a line (2007)  

The name of the diary “No day without a line” comes from motto of James McNeill Whistler (1834-1903) stating that no day should be passed wi...

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