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The iPad review I got an iPad as a present for my birthday and also for finishing my university studies. At first I was given the 64 GB with wi-fi and 3G but after thinking of all the pros and cons I decided to get the 32GB one and without 3G. Some of you may think that it wasn't the smartest thing to do but I had my reasons: • The price of the iPad is 200€ less, so it's a huge difference... • I already have 3G on my phone and I pay each month 15€ so having another 3G plan would make 30€ a month for something you don't use as much... • I had a iPod touch for 2 years and it was great for the things I need it it for and it didn't have 3G So finally after more than a month with the iPad I can fairly say that it is awesome. It really fits my needs. Reading ebooks, checking and writing mails, tweeter, blogging, facebook,etc.. Some people might be schepticall about whether an iPad is that much or it's just the initial hype and than it becomes in another device that you don't find useful. If you are into tech this is the best gadget there is now a days. Let's be honest. The display is beatifull the sensitivity of the touch surface is amazing and very precise. The keyboard in landscape mode is... well you have to try for yourself, it's magic. I use it everyday, especially when I have my computer busy rendering or doing some heavy computations. I use it to read and surf the web, to play some games and to watch tv series and movies. This brings me to my favorite apps:

My favorite apps: Air Stream Video: is app is amazing. What it does is make your Mac or pc into a server which streams all the vises that you want directly to your iPad by Wi-fi with any hassle. It's really a great app for people who have a lot of tv series or movies in their computer. There is the free version that you should really really try. You only have to download a program to your Mac that let's you select which folders to stream to your iPad and that is it! I watched the 6 seasons of The Office while I was eating lunch with this method! The iPad review

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By Nèstor Prado

Pages: pages is the document creator from the iWork suite that is designed exclusively for the iPad. I just wish I had had the iPad when I was still in university because I would have done some amazing reports on the cafeteria with my iPad. This post was written and composited in my iPad entirely. So watch the PDF I put as an example. The price is not that much if you use it a lot and you can get some really nice and professional results with it. A part om that the interface for creating elaborate and rich media documents is incredible. Flipboard: most of you have read about it if you read tech blogs or are in love with the iPad and it's true the good things they say about it! It is great to have a magazine layout of your tweeter stream or facebook updates. All in an elegant and beautiful design that some people believe it's the way to go in a near future. You can click ( touch ) on a story and watch the post or link displayed already on your screen and touch again fo further reading, you can comment or retweet anything you want. It's great! The only thing is that, being a media based reader it's not as complete as logging in to your facebook or tweeter from a web browser, because only the media based tweets and updates get to flipboard, although some text tweets and updates sometimes come through. Oh and the best thing, it's free! So it's a. Must have app for the iPad. Wired Magazine: it's great to see some amazing content displayed in a never before seen way. You can read articles that contain: audio, video, changing images, scroll-throughs to see actions or objects in their totality,etc.. The app is free, what you pay is to get each issue every month. But if you find one that you like you can getting and I assure you it's a new and amazing experience.

To summarize: The iPad is a great buy for those of you who are going to use it in a day to day basis, it's not a toy and you should not spend money on it if you are not sure what you are going to use it for. But if you do and you're wondering if it's worth the bucks then: yes it is! The battery life is great considering that it's a big device and the battery should last longer than a smart-phone. To give some example: watching a movie of an hour and a half consumed 10% of the battery life. I'll leave you with a video showing off the iPad and some of the things I've talked about in this post written at 2:45 am in a boat going from Barcelona to Menorca! See you soon! Ness out! The iPad review

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By Nèstor Prado

The iPad review  

This is a review of the Apple iPad created with an actual iPad

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