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Privredni vjesnik Year VII No 242

( 70 mobile homes ( 15 year warranty already sold by Hosekra Group

on each home


Products for various lifestyles Energy efficient Big Berry mobile homes were branded by Croatian company Apriori World, designed by Italian architect Alessandro Rado, with Slovenian company Hosekra Group as their construction and investor

Sanja Plješa fter almost 25 years of working on roofing and producing garage doors and several types of mobile homes, the company Hosekra Group from Slovenia started producing Big Berry mobile homes. In over two decades the owners of Hosekra Group, have been developing innovative products with their 27 employees, changing them to the needs of their customers. In 1989, our roofing products were a little ahead of their time since we wanted to produce roofs for extreme weather conditions. These innovative technologies improve the quality of life, since they always consider energy saving and environmental protection, said the CEO of Hosekra Group Boštjan Hostej. He says the company is ready for the international market since they follow trends and constantly invest in innovative products to


become the leader in Slovenia and the region. Hostej said the company goal is to convince their customers that they do not produce only ordinary products – they produce products for ‘lifestyle’ people. Slovenian-Italian-Croatian cooperation Three years ago the company decided to produce mobile homes, but in a different way. As Hostej points out, these have to provide comfortable living both winter and summer – at any temperature. This is how they came up with the idea to make energy efficient Big Berry mobile homes, branded by the Croatian company Apriori World and designed by Italian architect Alessandro Rado, making it a Slovenian-Italian-Croatian co-operation in promoting branded mobile homes on the European market. Big Berry houses are characterised by comfort, design and the concept of contact with nature.

These are intended for tourism, but can also be used in camps and resorts or even in a complex of innovative hotels, Hostej highlighted. Big Berry homes are produced in three types: Blue Berry (intended for sea camps); Brown Berry (camps or areas near lakes and hills) and Orange Berry (intended for rest stops along highways).

Mobile homes comply with various lifestyle concepts, blending perfectly with the environment They can be personalised and adjusted to individual taste, since there are 20 colours and 400 variations. Moreover, the interior of the house as well as the terrace can be adjusted to customer requirements, Hostej pointed out.

Red line – trade mark It is important to mention that the exterior is made of aluminium, with an interior of maple, as well as the terrace, which has a guarantee of 15 years. The roofs also comply with energy efficiency criteria, since they have two shafts in which air constantly circulates, and air-conditioning turns on only when the outside temperature reaches 20o. They comply with various lifestyle concepts, blending perfectly within the environment. Each Big Berry home is marked with a red line. Customers are owners of camps in Europe, especially Slovenia, Italy, Austria and Croatia. Hosekra Group has so far sold 70 mobile homes (Magnolia, Cactus, Ginger and Cosmos) that the company used to make prior to Big Berry homes, some being sold on the Croatian market. The price of Big Berry mobile homes ranges between €30,000 and €35,000.


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