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Cyndi O’Meara:

Can’t wait to










Cruelty Free




Volume 83 ISSN: 1836-8840


19/08/2016 8:39:57 AM

Happy Mouth™ Generative Energetic Dentistry What would it be like to consciously regrow missing teeth, gum tissue, and bone structures? What about regenerating your TMJ structures?

Is it possible to have plaque and calculus NOT buildup on your teeth? Modern dentistry says these things are impossible — is that the truth or is it a big fat lie? Want to hear more and start generating?

Recent studies have shown that up to 80% of disease in the body can be linked to issues in the mouth. Whether that’s bacteria from decay, stress from grinding and clenching or inefficient digestion of food from poor saliva and pH in the mouth – the health of the mouth is essential to the health of the whole body. The mouth has to do with eating and survival – if you can’t chew your food and ingest it, survival is very much an issue; communication, expressing yourself; pleasure – the hedonism of enjoying every mouthful of food and drink; sex – the mouth as an erogenous zone; and status – even, white teeth are today’s standard measure of beauty and success.

Afraid of the Dentist?

The whole mouth can be a rich ground for limitations, fears, judgements, and self-esteem issues. Add to this all the lifetimes we may have endured accidents, gum disease, rotting teeth, and tooth extraction without anesthesia. For many people the smell of the dentist’s office and the sound of the drill is enough to induce anxiety and stress!

So what else is possible?

A totally natural system that uses your body’s own capacities. Dr Tom Kolso has been a practising dentist in the US for over twenty years. He became aware that while modern dentistry has come a long way in the last 100 or so years, it is still very much about amputating parts of gum, tooth or bone and filling the gap with a foreign substance. He thought more must be possible, and over the last 18 years, he has developed a system of activating the body’s own capacities to restore and balance itself, combined with the tools of Access Consciousness® including the verbal processes and clearings. It’s called Happy Mouth™ Generative Energetic Dentistry.

Happy Mouth is not a replacement for seeing the dentist – and we still need to brush and f loss!

“ I I

“ m n d d s

The system includes touching points on the head which activates different systems relating to gums, teeth, the TMJ joint, lymph, bone restoration, and more; then there are verbal clearings to dissipate past trauma, conditioning and judgements. At present the system is available only as online trainings in the form of a tele call series. The calls are information packed and you can email in your questions. A practitioner training is planned for Australia early in 2017 with Dr Tom visiting Australia.


“I k d s h –


Join our 6-month tele call series (translated into 6 languages). IT’S ONE CALL A MONTH SO YOU CAN JOIN AT ANY TIME.

Dr Tom Kolso

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22/08/2016 8:40:57 AM


m h

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s. g s, s

What people are saying about Happy Mouth “Using the tools of Dr Tom has saved me over $6000 in dental bills! All I can say is: IT WORKS! Thank you!” – GM “Just wanted to say I’m loving Happy Mouth™! I had my teeth cleaned recently and the hygienist asked what else I was doing ’cause my gums are starting to grow back and I’m no longer looking long in the tooth! Hehe. How did I get so lucky? I’m so grateful for you and Dr Tom!” – Cas Phillips “I realised from listening to Dr Tom that I had a tiny infection at the base of a root canal that was undermining my whole health. So I bought the tele call series and listened to the calls and also played them at night (on no volume) while I slept. I got the hands-on processes run on my face/jaw. The difference that has made to my life has been immense! Oh, last time I went to the dentist, I apparently no longer need the fillings I was scheduled for. That wasn’t something I was focussing on! How does it get any better?” – ST

About Shauna Teaken:

Shauna Teaken, the world wide coordinator for Happy Mouth is an Access Consciousness® Body Class Facilitator who lives in Brisbane, Australia. “I was having ongoing problems with root canal therapy, and general dental health issues. I knew something else had to be possible and I heard an interview with Dr Tom. I tracked him down and after listening to his trainings, I realised that this was actually what I had been searching for for many years – more than just healthy teeth, a way to live a long, healthy, happy life way beyond what we’ve been told is possible. My target is to take this to the world – we already have translations in six languages in place for the next tele call series!”


info@thehappymouth.com or phone Shauna Teaken 0421 858 176 3.indd 1

22/08/2016 8:41:35 AM

From the Creator of HBM...


elcome to our first edition for spring this year and it’s that time again when we move from winter time slumber and hibernation mode and into spending more time outdoors and birthing the new. There is a certain freshness and vibrancy in the air and this energy is also within us waiting to be expressed in our own unique ways. As many of our writers discuss this month, it’s much easier to clear away the ‘old’ before we let the new energy and life in. And when you tune in to yourself, ask “is it time for a total September Reset?” Spring is the perfect time for a detox (on one or many levels) so have a read of the articles this month and see what resonates with you. What feels light and true for you? There are many facilitators from a variety of modalities and perspectives that can assist you with what you would like to start creating in your life.

And if you are reading this and feeling immobilised by your fears with the thought of springing into action, please reach out to us and the Holistic Bliss community. Be gentle with yourself. Each step (doesn’t matter how small) is part of your unique experience. Even the readiness to take the next step is part of the next step. What if we could have ease with each part of our journey, even if the desired target feels like it’s miles away? Who’s on the cover for September? It’s amazing to have the zany and brainy Lola Berry on our cover this month and share her latest news. She is empowering so many people with her vibrant self and inspiring work throughout Australia and overseas. Enjoy the story on page 12-13.


‘Follow Your Bliss’

Spring into Action

Integrative MEDICINE



Cyndi O’Meara:

Can’t wait to










Cruelty Free




Volume 83 ISSN: 1836-8840



Lola Berry, pages 12-13 PHOTO: L OUISE M COOPER

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holistic dental care at noosa junction

At JD Dental, we believe that dental health is just a component of your all over well-being. We would like to help you find the answer to better health. By sharing our knowledge - from amalgam fillings (metal) and root canal treated teeth, to the perfect mix of a healthy diet and lifestyle tailored specifically for you. Find the balance and feel great!

Dr Alex Dietz - Dental Surgeon


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16 Sunshine Beach Road, Noosa Junction (above surf-shop) P 07 5449 2460 E info@noosajunctiondental.com.au www.noosajunctiondental.com.au

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Food for the Soul


24 September reset RAELENE BYRNE 26 Profile of an essential oil: Neroli

06 Spring it on and naturally cleanse KIM MORRISON your body! HEIDI DeWALD and JOE VERAA 28 Spiritual spring cleaning 07 Spring Tofu Scramble GRACE LOVE JULIE JENKINS 08 Spiced Turmeric Chocolate Slice 29 How do I get my energy back? CYNDI O’MEARA

09 Bring back your mojo!



30 Sunshine Coast’s first international writers’ festival has something 10 Switch to spring delights for everyone JOEL GRACE 39 How would you feel if you knew 32 September at Eumundi Markets – you were going to live to 100? 11 Dimensionally Divine’s a celebration of health and DR CARMEN ATKINSON Tesla’s Starhenge VICKI BRYCE wellbeing Holistic Kids, Teens, Parents and Cover Story 34 Community spirit: Interview with Relationships Ceinie Grudnoff VANESSA FINNIGAN 12-13 Lola Berry: Creating A Berry Happy 40 Balancing the Yin and Yang for Place VANESSA FINNIGAN Melbourne, People and Places good relationships REBECCA-LEE Spring into Action 35 Tantric approach to menopause 41 Spring in their step! JEAN SHEEHAN JENNI MEARS 14 Clear out the old and welcome in 42 3 positive things to communicate 36 The gift of autism HEATHER BELL the new JEAN SHEEHAN to your children JULES O’NEILL 37 Melbourne – the nurturing city 43 6 ways to make your relationship 15 Embracing our authentic selves TONI REILLY JAN-MARIE BROOKE stronger DR WINFRIED SEDHOFF 16 Planting seeds for our lives, 44 The rise of teens choosing cruelty Move Your Body just in time for spring… free cosmetics SONYA DRIVER 38 This month’s SUP yoga pose LYZA SAINT AMBROSENA 45 8 tips for restful sleep SARAH-ROSE SELLARS 17 Is your thinking stinking? CHERYL FINGLESON SUZI LE FANUE and ELLEN TATTAM


18 Can’t wait to lose weight? FIONA DAVIS

20 You’re a one in 108 billion miracle SARAH YIP

21 Springing toward awareness MICHAEL ROADS

22 My springtime reflections ROD DRAPER

23 The day my life changed BRENDON WATT


46 Integrative medical review: Skin sensation VANESSA FINNIGAN 47 HOLISTIC AS… Books and more

Natural Animal Care 48 The parent/child relationship through the way of the mare ALANE MILLIONS

49 Profile of an holistic vet: Dr Elaine Cebuliak

Holistic Bliss | SEPTEMBER 2016 |

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19/08/2016 10:37:30 AM




cleanse YOUR BODY!



yurvedic medicine understands that as we come out of late winter into spring, our body starts to naturally cleanse itself from what it has been holding onto throughout the cooler days. Just as we witness in nature, spring is a time of renewal and transformation. The natural world around us is going through a re-birth this time of year and it is an awesome process to witness. In spring, our bodies begin the process of eliminating the toxins from our tissues which aggravate the elements of earth and water, known as Kapha. Some things you may experience in your own body is more phlegm around the back of your throat or sinuses, springtime allergies begin to tickle the nose and generally we can feel more fatigue, perhaps heaviness in the body and mind, as well as a weakened immunity. If we use the times of year when nature and our bodies are naturally

eliminating to start a cleanse or detox, the result will be much more effective. Spring is a natural time to cleanse the tissues of the body, lose weight, clear out the mind and burn away excess Kapha and toxins. You will feel lighter and healthier. Instead of fully fasting, spend a week or ten days eating local and organic (if you can), easy-to-digest food, veggies and fruit. Replace your breakfast and dinner with a spicy Kitchari (see recipe) to stoke your digestive fire. This in turn will give the stagnant Kapha an extra push to move out of the body. Add fresh ginger and cardamom tea during the cleansing time to also support your agni. Digest well. Be well. HEIDI DEWALD and JOE VERAA will soon begin to teach the next Diploma of Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation at Life in Balance Ayurveda and Yoga in Noosa. yourlifeinbalance.com.au

Kitchari with Ghee and Black Pepper


• 3 tbsp ghee, place in pan and heat to smoking, then add ½ tsp black mustard seeds (let them pop for 30 seconds), ½ tsp cumin seeds and ½ tsp ajwain seeds – cook for one minute. • Add 1 tbsp fresh ginger and ½ brown onion, cook until onion is translucent. • Add 1 bulb of chopped garlic as well if you like.

• Then add ½ tsp asafetida, 1 tsp turmeric, powdered or fresh chilli, salt and black pepper to taste. Cook for 2 minutes. • Finally add 2/ 3 cup red lentils (soak for at least 2 hours) and 1/ 3 cup rice. Cook for two minutes. • Add 5-6 cups water and cover. Stir occasionally. • Cook covered for 25-30 minutes. Once cooked, put some Kitchari in a bowl and if you like add ½ tsp ghee, pinch of black pepper and some toasted sesame seeds with black salt.


WE HAVE A NEW NAME! Brisbane’s biggest one-stop shop for all your fresh meats, produce and all your other organic needs


• Certified organic produce • Locally owned • Friendly service • Competitive prices • Huge range • Using local growers • Order online • Quality guaranteed



Good for nature Good for you

Also find us every Saturday at Kawana Farmers Market

P: 5444 8001 W: www.sunshineorganics.com.au

E: info@sunshineorganics.com.au

• Bigger and better because of our expansion • Still the leaders in Certified Organic • 19 years’ experience • National Organic Week Retail Outlet Winners 2015 Formerly The Meat-ting Place Pty Ltd Shop 8 & 9, 97 Flockton Street, Everton Park Q 4053

Ph: (07) 3353 8541 • www.themeat-tingplace.com.au 6

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| SEPTEMBER 2016 | Holistic Bliss

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Spring Tofu Scramble RECIPE GRACE LOVE

1 Serve Ingredients: 100-150g firm tofu, scrambled finely by hand Handful baby spinach or other spring leafy vegetable 1 medium size carrot, grated 2 medium size white mushrooms, sliced 1 tsp each sunflower and pumpkin seeds 1 tsp raisins/sultanas, optional Pinch turmeric Pinch salt and pepper, to season 1 tsp oil Herbs to garnish – fresh parsley or dill Optional extra other spring vegetables: ½ cup cabbage, shredded ½ cup broccoli (6 small florets) Method: Heat the oil in a pan. Add sliced mushrooms first with a pinch of salt. Mix until mushrooms become soft. Add seeds and stir. Add grated carrot (and cabbage if you are using it) and then

mix and add scrambled tofu followed by turmeric. Mix it all now. Add your broccoli if using, and raisins. At the end add baby spinach (and/or other greens such as bok choy) and grind some fresh pepper on top. Mix and serve warm. Garnish with chopped fresh parsley or dill. NOTE: If you are using harder greens such as celery (slice it and add with

carrots), English spinach (remove stalks or chop finely). Be creative. Recipe is from “Confident Cooking” by GRACE LOVE who has donated 1000 copies of her cookbook towards the Vegan Festival show bags this year. For more details visit veganfestival.info and Vegan Festival facebook page. Sat-Sun, 5-6 November, 2016. Victoria Square/Tarndanyangga, Adelaide CBD.

CLEANSE • DETOX • HYDRATE • ENERGISE • RENEW Feeling tired and sluggish? Tummy troubles getting you down? Lost that pep in your step? Let us help you eliminate your waste, reduce your toxic overload and regain the good health you deserve. Colon Hydrotherapy can assist with: • Constipation • Irritable Bowel Syndrome • Weight Loss • Bloating and Indigestion • Headaches / Migraines • Sinus and Allergies • Bad Skin / Acne • Candida • Anxiety • Fatigue








Certified Colon Hydrotherapist

3/82 Parker Street, MAROOCHYDORE

Phone (07) 5326 3537 www.sunshinecolonics.com.au

SAVE $100

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19/08/2016 8:41:21 AM


Spiced Turmeric Chocolate Slice RECIPE CYNDI O’MEARA

GF, DF, GrF, EF, NF, PALEO and GAPS friendly This is a very healthy, yummy and easy to make slice. It is packed full of probiotics, Vitamin C, good quality fats and protein, many healthful active components from the spices, other vitamins and minerals. Trust us, when you make this it won’t last long, as it will be a huge hit with your family and friends. You can also make bliss balls instead of a slice by adding a few more dates or coconut oil to the mixture. Just add in the ingredients very gradually until you get the right consistency. You can then pour the chocolate over the top, roll them in the chocolate or leave them as they are. Ingredients – Base: 1 cup shredded coconut 1 cup dates 1 cup pepita seeds 1-2 tsp Camu Camu powder (optional) 1-2 tsp probiotics (optional)

1 tsp turmeric powder 1 tsp cinnamon 2-3 tbsp coconut oil Chocolate Topping: ¾ cup cacao melts Pinch of seaweed salt 1-2 tbsp coconut oil Raw honey to taste Method: Add pepita seeds and shredded coconut to a good quality food processor and blitz until they’re broken down. Add the dates and blitz again until the mixture is broken down and combined together. Add all other ingredients and combine well. Once done, press the mixture evenly into a baking tray lined with baking paper. Place into the fridge to harden. Meanwhile on a very low heat, add the cacao melts, coconut oil and salt to a small saucepan and stir until melted.

Marie Anita’s Gluten Free Health Cafe

Take off the heat and stir through the honey to sweeten to taste. Remove the slice from the fridge and pour the chocolate over the top evenly. Place back in the fridge to set. When the chocolate topping is set, slice into squares and enjoy! NB: Stores very well in the freezer. CYNDI O’MEARA, founder of Changing Habits has recently launched a documentary ‘What’s With Wheat?’ which investigates the growing epidemic of wheat intolerance and why after eating wheat for thousands of years, it has been linked to so many health problems. Grab your copy of the DVD today at whatswithwheat.com changinghabits.com.au

Nutri Hitt is

NOW OPEN in Brisbane!!

ARE YOU READY FOR A RAW HIT? We are a health food business dedicated to bringing our customers delicious raw treats which are both nutrient rich and packed full of flavour. We are stocked in multiple cafes, health shops and smoothie bars around the Brisbane area. We also provide specialty cakes for birthdays and special events.



Phone (07) 5659 1324 // www.marieanitas.com OPEN EVERYDAY 7am-5pm


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0457 368 874 hello@nutrihitt.com.au www.nutrihitt.com.au nutri.hitt Nutri Hitt OPEN:Tuesday-Sunday, closed Mondays

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f you asked any of our naturopaths who we see the most in clinic, it is women who are burnt out, stressed and overwhelmed. Why is that? Women’s lifestyles are becoming increasingly busier, leaving less and less time for self-care. Naturopaths see women of all ages in clinic every day, who put their children, family, work and many other commitments before their own health, without even realising it. Poor dietary choices may be the start of the cascade of events that happens in this typical picture. Choosing processed foods with minimal nutrients, because it’s fast and easy, is a common choice made by ‘Mums onthe-go’ and this can easily be corrected with the right nutrition advice, planning and dietary tips. Choosing foods high in good proteins and fats that keep blood sugar levels stabilised, without dips and spikes, is important for energy levels and mood changes. On a biochemical level, when a perceived threat is encountered, a fight-or-flight response is engaged. For example, in times of stress an alarm system is set off in a part of your brain, the hypothalamus. In turn this prompts your adrenal glands, located atop of your kidneys, to release a surge of adrenaline and cortisol, two

Gosia Kuszewski, ND Weight Loss & Detox Specialist

hormones affected by stress. While adrenaline increases your heart rate, elevates blood pressure and increases energy supplies; cortisol, being the primary stress hormone, increases glucose in the bloodstream and increases the availability of substances that repair tissues. However, cortisol can alternatively alter immune system responses and suppress the digestive system, reproductive system and growth processes. What happens with time is the body can start depleting its production of cortisol. You may then start to feel tired (especially in the morning), stressed, overwhelmed, irritable, emotional and like you have lost your spark or zest. Adrenal insufficiency or adrenal fatigue is a biochemical imbalance we see frequently in clinic. So what could you do to address either adrenal overdrive or adrenal insufficiency? You could look into addressing your nutrient status, ensure your diet is geared towards balancing blood sugar levels (adequate protein, moderate low GI carbohydrates) as well as look into herbal medicine to support the adrenals. An important recommendation is to eliminate caffeine from your diet, as caffeine can cause disturbed sleeping patterns, and reduces sleep quality. Sugar can also increase




Initial Consultation


How healthy is your blood? Healthy Blood:

Unhealthy Blood:

• Energetic • Great health • Balanced hormones • Slim and vibrant

Present this voucher and receive

poor quality sleep, particularly if consumed at night. A key neurotransmitter that is affected by stress is serotonin. Most people relate serotonin to the happy neurotransmitter in the brain but it is much more than that. Serotonin is also vital for regulating your sleeping patterns, body temperature, memory and appetite. Therefore, when stress causes imbalances with these chemicals around the body, it can lead to sleep disturbances, appetite and digestive function problems as well as many other hormonal imbalances. Our top lifestyle recommendations: Create dedicated “me time”. This includes any activities you love doing and feels nurturing. Be careful who you surround yourself with. People can either lift your energy or they can drain it. Your thoughts have the power to alter your psychology which can then alter your physiology. Avoid night time television and staying up late. This depletes melatonin; your sleep hormone. As naturopaths, we recommend a balanced and holistic combination of a nutrient dense diet, regular exercise and self-care. Look after yourself and the mojo will follow!

“I lost 8kg in 6 weeks and got my energy back, my chronic sinus infection is gone plus I am sleeping like a baby!” – Maria S, Caloundra “Seeing my blood was amazing, I finally understood how to lose weight. Thank you.” – Teresa M, Twin Waters

• Inflammation • Toxicity • Tiredness • Overweight • Poor health


CALL US ON 5444 0574 OR 0414 957 039

www.detoxhouse.com.au ALL PRIVATE REBATES APPLY. Holistic Bliss | SEPTEMBER 2016 |

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19/08/2016 8:48:03 AM




WORDS JOEL GRACE, Owner, Sunshine Colonics Health & Wellness Centre


hen the weather starts to get warmer, we change from eating the heavy warming foods enjoyed during Winter, to lighter foods that are naturally easier on our digestion. Spring is the perfect time to overhaul your diet to start working wonders for your digestive system. Here’s a handful of foods that you should be incorporating into your everyday meal plan to help you achieve optimum gut health. LEGUMES: Spring and Summer in Australia is the time for backyard BBQs and lots of barbecued meat. Why is that a problem? Meat is actually one of the most difficult things for us to digest, and can really slow down your bowel transit time if you eat too much of it. (Red meat can take 3-4 days to digest and move through your colon, white meat up to 2-3 days.) So what’s the solution? LEGUMES! If you can’t cut out meat completely, be a meat reducer this Spring. Instead of wolfing down a huge steak, cut your portion size in half and eat a lentil burger too. Don’t grab

that extra burnt sausage, add a chickpea pattie to your plate instead! Packed with protein and high in fibre, legumes will help improve your digestion time and make you feel much lighter. PROBIOTIC FOODS: The best way to give your colon a spring clean is to incorporate more probiotic-rich foods into your diet. Evidence is mounting that our gut bacteria plays a big role in everything from food cravings, weight control and immune function. Because we tend to consume heavier, less healthy comfort foods over the Winter months, the balance of good bacteria in our gut can be thrown out of whack. Increase your intake of good bacteria with some pickled vegetables, sauerkraut or kim chi. Use some miso in salad dressings, and cook up some tempeh. Drinks like kombucha and kefir are also great sources of probiotics to help you get your digestive system back in order. GREEN LEAFY VEGETABLES: Kale is called a superfood for a reason! Packed with plenty of powerful antioxidants, fibre and cancer-fighting molecules, there are huge benefits to eating more

leafy green vegetables. Spring is the time to eat lighter, and your gut really appreciates being able to digest greens and move them through your colon in around 6-12 hours! And don’t stick with just kale – cycle through other greens like silverbeet, baby spinach, dandelion, rocket and lettuces to ensure you get the best results. Given we should be aiming for approximately 25-30 grams of daily fibre, increasing your leafy vegie intake will help scrub your insides clean better than any brush could! GREEN TEA: Ditch the coffee and opt for a lighter cuppa this Spring with green tea. Jam-packed with polyphenols which act as a prebiotic-type substance, green tea can help increase the amount of healthy bacteria in the gut, such as lactobacillus and bifidobacteria strains. Research also points to this superdrink’s ability to increase fat metabolism. For best results, aim for 2-3 cups per day and make sure you choose an organic blend so that you can be sure it’s pure green tea you’re drinking without any nasty residues. sunshinecolonics.com.au


Any product that contains Mercury has an alert for POISON. How about your silver restorations that are made of about 50% mercury? Would your dental amalgam restoration only be a concern for the environment? How about your health? Every time you chew, brush your teeth or eat/drink hot things, mercury from your filling will be released. Many diseases are associated with this, such as Alzheimer’s, Multiple Sclerosis, allergies and many others. With the biologic dentistry we provide, you not only get rid of those nasty fillings but we also provide a better environment, less toxic restoration without BPAs and mercury poison. In addition we can provide porcelain restoration, such as crown and onlays/inlays in one visit, saving you time and providing an immediate problem solved.

We are offering FREE Initial Consultation +


(Mention this advert prior to visit. Call us for more information. Not cumulative with other offers or dental plan. Valid until September 2016.)

Also A v

mercury free

For more info visit www.sunshinedentalcare.com.au

Sunshine Dental Care 10

10.indd 1

Phone 5475 4866 \ 0406 677 045 501/5 EMPORIO PLACE, MAROOCHYDORE

Sleep ailable: or Tw Dentistr y ilight … sle sedat ep yo i on ur w ay

you thr (no m r procedu ough atter r e h or com ow lengthy plex).

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opportunity to experience the incredible WORDS VICKI BRYCE

Tesla’s Starhenge

What is Tesla’s Starhenge?’ For centuries people have travelled to the Great Pyramids to tap into the mystical energy that resides within the King’s Chamber. People have also travelled to Stonehenge in search of ancient knowledge within its boundaries. You can now experience this energy at Dimensionally Divine through the new Tesla’s Starhenge. ‘What does the Tesla’s Starhenge do?’ It provides an incredible experience of energy supporting you on all levels. This in turn can help you to remove the energy blockages that’s holding you back in many areas of your life. The beauty of the Tesla’s Starhenge is that it is non-invasive. It can be used to complement other forms of therapy, helping form a complete system of healing in its own right. The Tesla’s Starhenge seems to know what level to work with you on a physical, emotional or spiritual level. The aim of Tesla’s Starhenge is to isolate the factors preventing your

energy balance, prioritise them to assist with rebalancing you with the needed frequencies. You may find this helpful with balancing your energy and thought patterns that may be holding you back. When using the Tesla’s Starhenge there is no need for the input of a therapist or practitioner telling you what to do or how to work. This makes Tesla’s Starhenge very unique in the alternative healing world. For thousands of years the Chinese, Indians, Egyptians and many other cultures have talked about an energy system that exists within all of us. They also make references to a source of energy that exists external to us. These internal systems are often referred to as the Meridians, Chakras, Chi, etc… Today there is so much information to prove that we are made up of atoms and atoms are energy. The Tesla’s Starhenge works at a deep spiritual level by tapping into dimensions that are beyond the physical plane. You can find out how your energy

levels are throughout your body by having a Heart Quest reading. It measures your body’s energy levels before and after your time in the Tesla’s Starhenge. Dimensionally Divine has found five sessions over three weeks is the optimal time but not everyone can do this and that’s OK as remote sessions are possible as well. Dimensionally Divine also uses Young Living Essential Oils to enhance your experience in the Tesla’s Starhenge. Relax as you sit inside the Tesla’s Starhenge in a peaceful private garden located in Beerwah, Sunshine Coast, Queensland. Find out more online at dimensionallydivine.com or dimensionallydivine.com.au or on Facebook under Dimensionally Divine, or ring VICKI on 0409 488 742.

WOULD YOU PREFER? Drug free and safe treatment for: • Pain and injuries (new and old) • Increased mobility, i.e. joints, muscles, nerves, scar tissue



• Trauma (emotional/physical)

Biopuncture and Bioregulatory Medicine Vanessa Black (Grad. Dip. (H.Sc.), Ba. Nat.) Suite 18, The Strand Cinema Complex 11 Bulcock Street, Caloundra

Phone (07) 5492 7223 Email: vanessajane@westnet.com.au

www.caloundranaturopath.com Holistic Bliss | SEPTEMBER 2016 |

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19/08/2016 8:49:09 AM


a l o L y rr e B



ola Berry, AKA ‘The Steve Irwin of Wholefoods’ with her own goddess magic of course, is passionate, bubbly, quirky, entertaining whilst wearing her heart on her sleeve, and she is determined to create a healthier, happier world, empowering people to be the best version of themselves. Winding back the clock… Lola was working as a DJ in her late teens in Melbourne, living the party life which left her feeling unhappy and unhealthy. One day she decided she wanted to look good in a bikini and embarked on a summer detox which turned her life 360. After detoxing, she had more energy, her physical health improved 12

12.indd 1

and this inspired Lola to delve deeper, move to the Gold Coast and complete a Bachelor of Health Science, majoring in Nutritional Medicine through ‘Endeavour College of Natural Health’. It wasn’t long before she started making home videos about wholefoods and living a happy lifestyle. And those You Tube videos captured the attention of TV land, offering her more and more chat show appearances and her effervescence and ‘high wholefoods IQ’ has captured the hearts and minds of the general public. At the age of 30, Lola has written six books with many more in the pipeline. I recently spoke with her after she had returned from an amazing American sojourn, launching “The Happy Cookbook” (previously released in Australia) and working up a media frenzy while over there. She shared all

the amazing experiences including the people she met, holistic food hubs she discovered, she even got to wear her sharky pyjamas for a slumber party podcast and met a rattle snake at the Joshua Tree. It was obvious she was eager to return and has plans to visit Los Angeles regularly over the next few years. And the adventures don’t stop for her here in Australia either. Twelve weeks ago she opened a wholefoods café with entrepreneur Salvatore Malatesta in Melbourne called ‘Happy Place’ which has had rave reviews and they are excited to launch their second café soon. She also released her latest book, “The Happy Life” in January this year. It’s a full life for Lola, but it hasn’t always been a bed of roses. She very candidly shared some of the challenges

| SEPTEMBER 2016 | Holistic Bliss

19/08/2016 8:52:08 AM

o th c w a L a b in re th d h tr y n e in si p in y

L a F lo A w w



The Joy of Being Lola... Star sign: Virgo. Favourite spring time activity: Yoga and walking outdoors.

time. More recently I was in an underground cave called a cenote in Mexico on a shoot with my photographer which was amazing.

Favourite spiritual practice: Pulling an angel card, or using a crystal and What’s one thing people may not know about you? I am a ‘goober’ asking myself what is my goal for and a nerd and people may not today. see that side of me. I’m also very Favourite spring dish: Crispy quirky, all my socks have patterns salmon with smashed avocado. of fruit on them; I have watermelon, Favourite crystal: Labradorite banana tops and more. which is connected with goals and What do you do to get through dreams. the challenging times? Believe Who has inspired you? Steve Irwin in myself. When I’m having a bad and my dad are my heroes. day I will watch a Steve Irwin Most memorable moment: documentary as I love his passion Skydiving a year ago for the first and enthusiasm.

Lola’s Top ‘Spring into Action’ tips

1 of being in the spotlight, including the backlash late last year from the controversial title of her four-week online weight loss program called, ‘Stop Being a Fat Bitch’. In her heart of hearts, Lola’s intention was to motivate and assist women to lose weight having been there herself (after losing 20 kilos in 20 weeks with her 20/20 wholefoods regime). Lola said she was grateful for the experience as she learnt a lot about dealing with negative comments, how to have her own back and discovered some true friends in the process. She said, “If you don’t believe in yourself you have nothing.” Wise words from a down-toearth being, thank-you Lola Berry, after interviewing you, it brought the spirited side of me out too and inspired me to pop into the ‘Happy Place’ when I am in Melbourne! Happy Birthday month to you! LOLA BERRY is an Australian TV nutritionist, author and yoga teacher. For more information about Lola visit: lolaberry.com And for more information about the college where Lola studied visit: www.endeavour.edu.au

Getting outdoors into the sunshine releases serotonin in the body and makes you feel happy. Being more active doesn’t have to be about going to the gym, you can find organic ways to get active outdoors.



Clean up your diet, change to wholefoods and get some good rest and sleep. Allow yourself to go through a rebirth, put yourself first and do something to nurture yourself. Find out what’s right for you.


If you keep wondering what it is you’d like to do in life, find out what things you do that ‘make time stop’ and do more of these things and this will help you find your flow. Go by how it feels rather than if it’s the ‘right or wrong path’. Holistic Bliss | SEPTEMBER 2016 |

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WORDS JEAN SHEEHAN, Principal – Millennium Education


hat a delicious season Spring is! You can feel it in the air and the energy of people seems to be alive and new. This is a divine time for birthing – new ideas, new lifestyle or a new job. It is time to nurture these concepts. Your body will assist you to manifest this. Ask your body now and tell it what you want so you can spring in to life for what you want in these new beginnings. All you need say is: Dear body, thank you for being my vehicle for me to see my potential and know I can create anything. I now ask specific body parts to help me manifest my heart’s desires. To my… • ANKLE – make a decision without feeling selfish, take a next step forward. • THYROID – all activities are based around you as your own best friend to you. • LIVER – organise and plan activities for you that will empower you. • GALL BLADDER – stop procrastinating and no people pleasing. • HEART – what is your heart’s desires? • EARS – give me the understanding of what I need to do.

• EYES – let me see what is the truth. • KIDNEYS – assist me to build a relationship with myself knowing I can overcome FEAR. • HANDS – I am open to receive abundance and love on this new journey. • KNEES – let me know I have free will and the strength to accept the new. • HIPS – I accept this new identity of springing in to my new life. • ADRENALS – thank you for keeping me motivated. Now you have asked your body to assist you, it is time to take action. Write your goals down, make a vision board, share with friends and family so that they can help you. Clean out your cupboard and allow for new things to come in. You may even like to have a three-day juice cleanse. Personally, I like to have ‘purify’ essence which cleans out the body in a gentle but powerful way, then I feel ready for the new to come in. Commence an exercise routine to get things moving in the body especially the lymphatic system which is your sewage and connected with stress/guilt. This needs to be fluid and free from guilt so as you have your

IN THE new

new beginnings you are consciously vibrant. And most of all, be open to receive. With the month of September, you want to spring in to life and new beginnings. Lastly, know that what you want, wants you. The universe is excited to assist you with your heart’s desires so SPRING in to action for you, as you deserve it. For Medical Intuitive courses or to learn about empowering your child contact JEAN SHEEHAN. AbsoluteEmpowerment.com

Jean Sheehan Internationally Recognised & Award Winning

Medical Intuitive

Sept 10-11

Awakened Children

Sept 17

Tips to Manifesting Money (Sunshine Coast)

Nov 20-27

Medical Intuition

(Sunshine Coast)

Dec 13-22

Empowering Techniques

(Noumea )

March 19-26 Medical Intuition

(Sunshine Coast)


w. AbsoluteEmpowerment.com e. Bookings@AbsoluteEmpowerment.com p. 07 5641 4009


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authentic SELVES

uthenticity is about being real and deeply honest with ourselves. It is taking full responsibility for our thoughts, belief patterns, emotional reactions and communication. Authenticity is about a vibration that you are, which means you cannot fake it till you make it. Stepping onto the journey of personal growth – can be like stepping into the unknown and most are happy if they can understand what makes them tick. Whereas the desire to be authentic requires deep transformation. Our emotions can be scary, however, to know ourselves on a deep and intimate level is very empowering. When we own every aspect of self and get real, willing to transform deep core wounds that sabotage dreams, it brings great freedom. Although each story may have a unique blend of ingredients, it does come down to some very basic

emotional reaction. This is the quickest route to authenticness. In this balanced state it is easier to feel more joy and love for self and others. The moment we attempt to deny how we feel in any given situation, we are in fact lying to ourselves and out of integrity. It is not honouring the other person or our authentic selves. My programs identify what is really going on at a deeper level without the need to go into the story. The four-minute process releases it before it imbeds into the subconscious mind. Regular use rewires the brain and creates new neutral pathways to success. Simple, fast and effective. Authenticness is the ‘new black’ for thriving in the new economy.

components. Each one desires to be loved, accepted and to live the dream. Each is doing the very best, yet in private moments, many believe they are not worthy, good enough, or the person they intrinsically aspire to BE. The journey of authenticity is about creation, via our own creative thought. As we are challenged to move deeper into our hearts and clear layers of wounding that has held us prisoner and sabotaged dreams, we begin to tap into our pure creative energy. Pure creative energy comes from deep within the core of our hearts. When we are challenged, stressed or in pain and anger, it is because we have moved out of our heart space. We have moved into imbalance and easily slip into blame, judgment and intolerance of self and others. Our attention is caught by some action of another and we get caught in the story. Stop the story! Ask, “how do I feel about this?” … and transform the

Spend Time Getting to the Cause… Lucinda Barry, ND provides comprehensive assessment with an easy to follow path to wellness • Integrative Naturopath with 20+ years’ experience • Specialising in Brain Health, Fatigue and Detoxification CLINICS IN PEREGIAN BEACH AND DOONAN

JAN-MARIE, author of several books, is the creator of the Freedom to BE program and the Money LOVES me programs. livingbrilliantly.com.au



As created by Diana Richardson author of the book and movie


Where Mindfulness meets Making Love Transform your relationship Nurture your love


Do you feel a calling to a larger purpose in life?

Inspire your life

9th - 15th October Sunshine Coast, Qld * Please note: There is no nudity or demonstrations in this retreat

This retreat, described by some as “a coming home”, “a spiritual honeymoon”, “a reawakening to love”, is a special gift to your relationship. Couples feel the impact whether they have been together for three years or thirty years.

Rose Alchemy melds Reiki and Seichim into one magically potent system of energy training.

Presented by

Janet McGeever and Gene Thompson


Dr Cris Henderson, ‘Rose Alchemist’

Phone: 0424 949 742 | E: crishendo1@bigpond.com

www.roseresonance.com | www.roseseichim.com


For full details and registrations, call Janet: or visit our website:

0428 726 849

www.makingloveretreat.com.au Holistic Bliss | SEPTEMBER 2016 |

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seeds for our LIVES



sail down Tamborine Mountain’s lush green valleys, passing a nursery sign, “It’s time to plant our seeds for spring”. I smile and breathe deeply, aware that we’re constantly planting seeds for our lives… every thought, word, action or inaction is sowing and planting seeds for our future. As a sensitive energy healer of 28 years, I’m passionate about reminding every client of our soul given right to CHOOSE our emotional responses in every given moment – love/fear, judgment/ acceptance, attachment/surrender… What seeds will we be planting for our lives in time for spring? PLANT HOPE… In the eye of the storm, there is always the one who holds the vision even when all around is in chaos, let this be you for those around you, who are feeling the need to fall. Close your eyes, go deep within, pray for guidance, let your words sew hope in their hearts, and nurture real

just in time for

strength of spirit in them when they are about to fall… if necessary, pray, meditate and visualise with them, hold their hands, their heads, their hearts. Nurture them through their internal dialogues of fear into the realm of new possibilities… a gorgeous rich harvest will arise soon enough as their heart stops racing, the clouds clear, the chaos begins to shift… and a clear breath can be taken. Let them know they are not alone, that your prayers and love are with them. Shower them with your faith. PLANT HONESTY… Oh the flowers’ honesty produces... have you not seen them flower all around you even when the soil is weak with fear, lies and shame… surely you have seen how honesty opens hearts and beautiful dreams are set free to flourish. This may be the hardest seed to find and the most expensive as it can cause great change as it takes root and grows. Oh the tears

4 steps to effectively deal with burn-out, depression, anxiety and lack of self-esteem and increase overall happiness and satisfaction in life. Mindfulness integrated Cognitive Behaviour (MiCBT) is an evidence based modality – with scientific backing – which will allow you to successfully deal with a broad range of life situations. To be Mindful means to be aware of what is happening to you, without being caught up in any of it. Once you master the easy-to-learn MiCBT techniques you will know how to control your thoughts and thought processes. This puts you in the driver seat of your personal and professional life. One-on-one and small group MiCBT sessions are available. Contact Marc now for a free 45-minute strategy session.

“Acceptance of present experience with awareness” is key. Phone Marc on 0417 062 506 E: marc@simplifyinglife.com.au

www.simplifyinglife.com.au 16

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that are wept, both joyous and hurtful, yet always healing… let the tears fall upon and nurture the seeds of honesty everywhere in your world. Like a wild dandelion, let your seeds of honesty spread far and free. PLANT JOY... Do we not all rush to the side of the one who plants and cultivates joy in our world? We’re lifted to giddy heights of gratitude, bliss and harmony where joy blooms. Drudgery and tears are forgotten or at least a distant memory. We must remember to PLAN for joyful moments every day – picnics, lying in the sun, a swim in the ocean, lifting our face to sunrise/sunsets. Planning a life doing what we love is one of our most vital seeds to plant. Learn more about LYZA’S events and sessions or download your free copy of “Seven Secrets to Overcoming Overwhelm” at LyzaSaintAmbrosena.com.au


WE TEACH HUNDREDS TO HEAL THOUSANDS IKON are Australia’s leading, specialist provider of therapeutic and human services training. At IKON you’ll gain more than a nationally recognised qualification, you’ll gain a rewarding career where you make a positive difference in your life and the lives of others.

Register to attend our Open Day SA 15th Oct | QLD 5th Nov VIC 19th Nov | WA 14th Jan Nationally Recognised VET Qualifications; Diplomas, Advanced Diplomas and Graduate Diplomas Higher Education Bachelor Degrees Counselling & Psychotherapy | Kinesiology | Hypnotherapy Community Services | Art Therapy | Dramatherapy Brisbane | Adelaide | Perth | Melbourne ikoninstitute.edu.au (08) 8350 9753 (National Office) info@ikoninstitute.com.au RTO 40263 TEQSA PRV14055

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THINKING stinking?



hat if you were to wake up every day in a messy space? What if there was old stuff lying around everywhere; cobwebs hanging everywhere; dusty things spread all over the place. And what if your only strategy to deal with this was to cover everything up with a sheet or blanket, and shove it into one or two corners of your room a bit more, so it’s not constantly in your way. Would you like it? Would it make you feel great? Most likely not. The stuff probably still gets in your way; and you’d feel pretty low about it. Funnily enough, that is what we often do with the “stuff” of our mind: our thinking. We tend to collect more and more thoughts that just hang around. They’re old, musty, and are actually getting in the way of our normal functioning. We cover them up by “blanket thoughts”, or by other “strategies” like drinking, smoking, gambling and other distractions.

On the whole, this often leaves us in a state of mental messiness, which leads to messy feelings. Those messy thoughts and feelings in turn can easily lead to messy actions, and the three of them together are major causes of anxiety and depression. One in five Australians (that is roughly 5 million people!) every year suffer from a form of mental illness, feeling trapped by their thoughts, feelings and actions. By now, it’s fairly common knowledge that our brain is a neuroplastic entity. This means that our brain is capable of changing quite dramatically, and isn’t this fixed apparatus we once thought it was. This also means that old, dusty, not very effective and often damaging thoughts can be changed. We can clean our world up from the inside out, and start feeling and behaving more optimistically and positively. Applying mindfulness skills and engaging in Mindfulness integrated Cognitive Behaviour Therapy is a

powerful way to clean your brain up, and create room for more balanced thinking. This will inevitably lead to better emotions and more honouring and effective behaviour. In short: anxiety and depression will be dealt with in a powerful way! Putting our thoughts under the microscope and examining them thoroughly is highly effective. Our brains hold so much potential and power. They are like a racing car engine; having them run on the wrong fuel and oil, however, will not allow you to bring that potential out. We need to clean out the engine and change the fuel and lubrication, which is what mindfulness skills can help you with. Depression and anxiety can become a thing of the past once we become courageous enough to observe our own thoughts and choose to change them. Spring will be the perfect time to start this process. Mindfully. simplifyinglife.com.au


Chloe Manier of Praxis Therapy is now operating out of the Montville Day Spa Chloe welcomes all of her existing clients and prospective new clients to experience her wonderful skills in this Blissful environment.


A complimentary 30-minute Far Infrared Sauna for your partner when you book your own 30-minute session – Value $25

Phone 0456 173 389



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oodbye winter, hello spring. Farewell warm comforting layers, greetings voluminous new blobs of flesh! Wait, what?? There’s nothing like the beautiful emergence of a new season and the potential change it brings. Spring is often synonymous with positive changes, and frequently the catalyst for improved lifestyle adjustments. Spring detoxes have inadvertently become part of our vernacular, as we shake off the winter cobwebs and embrace the new seasonal offerings. The goal of losing weight often features heavily in the proposed lifestyle overhaul, particularly when winter has resulted in more food and hibernation than the average grizzly bear. The transition from a slothful winter, to a beach bod summer can be fraught with much fear and trepidation. The desire for change is now overshadowed by irrational desperation. Welcome the plethora of crash diets to the podium. Again. The motivation to lose weight at the


start of any diet is usually very high. The eye is fixed firmly on the slim prize, and the unappealing methodology employed hasn’t yet been properly experienced. The motivation to continue the diet after a few weeks or less however, is often not so high. But why? The goal hasn’t been reached yet. What’s happened to that unshakeable willpower that kept your desperate head out of the cookie jar on day 1? Why do you no longer care that your winter body will be joining you on your summer vacation? Diets are a perfect example of how resistant humans are to change. Every decision and action we make starts in our brain. Well-worn neural pathways within our brains form the basis of all the habits and patterns we follow. They function like well-oiled machinery, with little fuss and resistance. These pathways don’t happen overnight, taking consistency and repetition to form. Trying to bulldoze a new pathway overnight is a common recipe for failure.

Attempting to incorporate new habits and patterns that you don’t enjoy, or intend to maintain long term makes the task even more unlikely. Most diets demand changes that the average (sane) person would never embrace long term. Unpalatable food, social suicide, cumbersome rules… The crumbly foundations for the new pathways are therefore unlikely to stick. Making a positive lifestyle change such as weight loss can never be a quick fix. You’ll always be outsmarted by your impervious brain. Change takes time. Our brains need time to lay down the new infrastructure. The positive reward receptors need to be stroked every time we achieve the small steps towards our long term changes. None of this can happen when we engage in unenjoyable methods that lack longevity. Spring may have sprung, but why rush the butterfly from its cocoon? To buy a copy of FIONA’S book go to: imperfectlyhealthy.org

Raelene Byrne

Medicine for your Spirit

LABYRINTH OF LIFE PROGRAM There is purpose to all in our lives, we have only to remember that and move forward. Like walking a labyrinth, you are on a path and no matter how far you wander from the centre, you are always walking yourself HOME.

Everything you need to know you already have within. I invite you with all that I am, to join me on the Labyrinth of Life walk for 6 months. ANNOUNCING THE INTERVIEW SERIES : The Business of Spirit and The Spirit of Business Showcasing the world of spirit and business walking and working together; some inspiring speakers to offer their stories, information, tips and processes for all those in the ‘awakening’ times on planet earth. Consultations via skype and 6 & 12 month soul overviews

www.raelenebyrne.com 18

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Natural Grace & Co

Natural Grace and Co was launched on 2nd May this year by Shelley McKinnon. Shelley was looking for something to sink her teeth into after arriving on the Sunshine Coast in November 2014. She had previously run her own interior design company in New Zealand but that type of work was no longer making her heart sing. With the encouragement of her sister-in law, Shelley found the courage to launch her very own clothing label. Shelley desired to make a difference and touch people in some way, creating women’s apparel to suit the coastal lifestyle. The Natural Grace and Co vision is for women to feel beautiful in what they are wearing, knowing that it is natural to remain graceful in all stages of life. Each item is lovingly created and made by Shelley from her cute little beach shack at Dicky Beach in Queensland.

“embrace your natural grace”… stunning, beach inspired, timeless elegance, clothes made with natural cotton and linen, for women of all ages priced under $100 per item Phone: 0450 040 495 Email: shelleyannmckinnon@gmail.com Facebook/Natural Grace and Co

Ceinie is a gifted healing practitioner based on the Sunshine Coast and travels the world sharing her wisdom and supporting individuals and businesses. Her Facebook site ‘Health from the Heart’ is a source of inspiration for people all around the world. Ceinie is often involved in many ‘pay it forward’ projects and this page was her way of supporting Shelley’s amazing business. facebook.com/healthfromtheheart

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ver 108 billion people have been born on Earth. Yet only six percent of us are alive today. So you are a miracle. You also have a team of Spirit helpers, whom you can trust with your life. As a numerologist and palm reader, I analyse people for a living. Some folks spring into action faster than others. These people have smooth knuckles, flexible fingers and bendy (Hitchhiker) thumbs, giving them an intuitive, ‘inspirational’ nature. Other people, like me, have knuckles so big you can almost see them from space, and stiff fingers and thumbs, showing a cautious, ‘perspirational’ approach. The remainder have average knuckles, i.e. a balance between action and thought. Where ‘smooth’ types should trust their first instincts, ‘knuckley’ types need time to make decisions. It’s like the hare versus the tortoise. No wonder I used to work in marine turtle conservation. They were the only animals slow enough for me to catch!

Shop 2/71 Russell St. West End, Brisbane Ph: (07) 3846 4608

Tues-Fri 10am-5pm; Sat 11am-4pm 20

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108 BILLION miracle

So, how does a scientist change mental religions to become a psychic blogger? Well, by denying their abilities until they’re hit by a series of wake-up calls. After a breakup on 11.11.11, I began hearing voices and seeing numbers. Over time I collected enough photos and stories to ‘prove’ that I wasn’t crazy. Now, despite my knuckles, I’ve learned to follow Spirit’s cue, especially when I see prompts like 11:11 (all is one / The Source Code). These are a reminder to retrieve your ‘innervoicemails’, via meditation and heart connection. Last week I was seeing signs, and knew that something was up. While driving to the shops, I felt a sudden urge to see my friend Butterfly in hospital. So I went to the Gold Coast with baby in tow. Sadly, that was the last day my friend was fully conscious before she passed away. Shortly afterwards, a kookaburra (her favourite bird) visited me for 40

minutes, letting me pet it and answering to the name Butterfly (a video is on my blog). This was a shock, but also an incredible blessing. Butterfly and I had a strong psychic connection, as I am a Master 11 and she was a Master 33 lifepath in numerology (see my site to find your lifepath). As I type this, it’s 11.33pm. If you want more love in life, then it’s time to marry your inner voice, instead of divorcing it. That’s the ultimate soulmate relationship. You’ll feel like James Bond, with an earpiece telling you what’s next. Spirit is everywhere, always looking out for you. Will your life be a series of crises, or a suite of miracles? It all depends on whether you listen to your (Higher) self. My journey proves that even sceptics can become psychic, with enough help. sarahyip.com

Books Jewellery Gifts 163 Boundary St. West End, Brisbane Ph: 3844 1887

Tues-Fri 10am-5.30pm; Sat & Sun 10am-4pm

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t is wise to learn to be the observer of ourselves. In other words, we need to observe ourselves as an actor on the stage of life, watching the act without any hint of criticism, yet taking notice of what works for us, and what does not work at all. It is important to do this without any form of criticism, simply because self-criticism does not work either. And we are very selfcritical. In fact, most of our subconscious thoughts hover around how we are not good enough, remaining constantly negative. It is only when we are more conscious that our thoughts become more positive and uplifting. Many people entertain the idea that it is our difficult situations that cause us stress, but this is not true. In a greater reality there is nothing outside Self. I do not mean nothing outside the physical body/personality, but nothing


outside the immortal spiritual Being that we truly are. In effect, this means that no matter what situation we are in, we created it. In every moment of our lives we are creating the content and direction of every moment of our lives. By this I mean that our every thought, the content of our emotions, our beliefs and attachments, and our daily focus are the creative factor of our lives. I am indicating that it is the inner unaware you who creates the difficult situations, not some outside agency that is out to get you. When you become aware that you are the creative factor of your life, then you will realise that a stressful person creates difficult situations‌ and so it continues for very many people. Seriously, a stressful person is highly unlikely to create harmonious situations! Life does not work that way. A calm and peaceful person creates situations

that are easily moved through, or easily dealt with. It all comes down to self. This is where self-observation comes in. When you see, and accept, that you are the person creating disorder around you and in your life, you can quit blaming other people and move into a pattern of behaviour that works for you, without creating the stressful situations. We cannot correct this destructive life cycle in other people, but we can bring it to an end within ourselves. By observing what works for our benefit in our everyday life, and by observing what works to make us stressed and tired in daily life, we are able to make the inner changes for our overall wellbeing. This spring make a positive leap in your life by accepting responsibility for yourself and all the situations of your life. michaelroads.com

Diploma of Ayurveda SUNSHINE COAST Discover Ayurvedic philosophy, theory and practical/clinical practices at this insightful course. Learn essential classical Ayurvedic knowledge in small classes at the Ayurveda College. This course is suitable if you are seeking to work in an Ayurvedic clinic as a consultant or therapist, provide Ayurvedic lifestyle advice and therapies in addition to your existing practice, or to assist family and friends. Classical Ayurvedic therapies, therapeutic yoga, Ayurvedic cooking, making of Ayurvedic oils, decoctions, Ghritams, Chooranas. Nationally recognised Diploma of Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation. (HTL52615, RTO No: 31161) START: September 2016. DURATION: 76 weeks. TRAINING: Tuesdays & Thursdays 9am – 4pm. LOCATION: Noosaville.

For info contact Heidi or Joe 07 5455 5050 / yourlifeinbalance.com.au Holistic Bliss | SEPTEMBER 2016 |

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springtime REFLECTIONS



t is dawn and I hobble up the hill, my knees crackling and creaking under the strain of 30 years as a builder, and take a place on the deck overlooking the vista of the few remaining misty mornings of winter, the seven Glass House sisters stealthfully peer through the white foaming cloak to greet the new day while Bindy, the Border Collie, pretends to hunt in the dewy damp grass getting covered in mud and the early season’s burs and pegs, scaring little quails from their little quail breakfasts. I sit and watch and ponder on what I achieved this cool relaxing winter in the Sunshine State; last winter I started building a little house, not on a prairie, but in the foot hills. This winter I finished building that same house! What an achievement! What a year! This reflection is quite normal for me; you

see I don’t do the New Year thing, first of January is in the middle of summer in Queensland, hot, wet and busy. No, I do my reflecting at the change of the only two seasons we have here – hot and wet or not hot and wet. And so it goes, my reflection; and what of the next year? I allow a little fear seep into my thoughts about the future months, the arthritis, you know, it slows me down. It started in my knees and moved up, up through my hips, then my elbows and now, having used them to build a house, my shoulders – poor me, what will I do now, what will become of the crippled builder? Is it an illusion; is it all in my head? Yep, it’s both those things and not. The arthritis is real enough but my reaction is my own doing, is in my head and my processes. So, I look in and see the pain, but then again I look

out and see the misty mountains, I see life, love, joy, the future, the spring. I look out and I see Jean-Dominique Bauby who, at 42 suffered a major stroke and could only move his left eye – nothing else. Jean-Dominique wrote a book, a best seller from a hospital bed with one eye sewn shut and the other blinking to dictate the book – one letter at a time. I see Kurt Fearnley who traversed the rugged Kakoda trail with no legs. I look out and see my reflection in the waters of the still dark pond, I see a young man standing straight and smiling and looking to the future, a new season. Hell, I’m waking the dog and walking down the hill, not for just any reason, for a specific purpose; so I can walk back up the hill again, while I can, while it is still fun and with a SPRING!

Empowering You to Be Who You Really Are

Michael Roads Spiritual Teacher


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Stepping Between Realities is a thought-provoking read that expands the mind and opens the heart, taking the reader across the vastness of dimensions, consciousness and our infinite human potential. ISBN 0985604867 AVAILABLE THROUGH FISHPOND $21 / free shipping / 294 pages

A day-by-day book of uncommon wisdom offering profound inspirational perspectives for every day living. Insights of a Modern Mystic will enable you to pierce the illusions of life, consciously connecting you with Truth. And Truth, whether realised or not, is the very foundation of your Being. ISBN 1942497121 AVAILABLE THROUGH FISHPOND $24 / free shipping / 394 pages


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LIFE changed


About the Access Bars®

nonAccess Bars® is a gentle, es on us foc t invasive technique tha when , ich 32 points on the head wh ort an eff less gently touched, trigger of both electro-magnetic release ges. cka blo l physical and menta a Sometimes compared to ere wh gy, olo technique like reflex se in ea rel r points of the feet trigge the s of different areas and organ relate to s int po rs® body, Access Ba ney, mo as ch areas of your life su , lity control, creativity, sexua aling and ageing, sadness, joy, he ching the communication, and tou healing d an ge points allows chan to occur in those areas. ts for A Bars session usually las s ces pro 60-90 minutes and is a oneyou can undertake as a ily da or ly ek we off, monthly, experience.


rowing up I thought I had to be a bloke, watch football and drink beer. In reality, I was very far from living the dream. Every morning when I woke up I’d go through a routine I called The Morning Meltdown: #1 judge myself, #2 make myself wrong, #3 think about everything that made me unhappy, #4 why could I not get anything right? And so on. It was not a fun place to live in. Six years ago I was miserable and on the verge of wanting to end it all. I was in an unhappy relationship, living with my then four-year-old son in a room in my mother’s house and felt unfilled in my work as a tradie. It wasn’t until I’d had enough and thought of ending it all, that I saw a tiny ad in the paper that said, “All of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory. Call Mel.” I had nothing left to lose so I called Mel and tried out a body process called the Access Bars®. Afterwards, I sobbed for an hour-and-a-half and

“spilled my guts”. I then went out to my car and smiled, it was actually the first time since I was six years old. I began to feel a huge sense of peace. If it wasn’t for the Access Bars®, I don’t think I would be around any more. I got so excited about the Bars I now teach it to others. The more I learned Access, the more I chose the life I really wanted. I am now in a happy relationship; she is a wonderful mother to my son. I own a house and get to travel the world facilitating classes. Who would have thought a tradie from the Sunshine Coast could end up working as the CFO of the Australian business? Growing up I thought I had to be an Aussie bloke. I was always trying to fit in. Now I realise I don’t have to do that. Now, I can be me. BRENDON WATT will be facilitating a 5 Days to Change your Life class in Sydney from 3rd-7th November with his partner Simone Milasas. accessjoyofbusiness.com/5dayclass

Holistic Bliss | SEPTEMBER 2016 |

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19/08/2016 9:12:51 AM






ou know spring has arrived when you get that first seductive waft of jasmine on a gentle warm breeze, you have magpies divebombing you when you are walking about, and you get that urgency to clean everything up in your house and life. Your inner reset button is switched on! For me, the real celebration of spring is the Equinox, a time where the earth, in her 365-day twirl around the sun, has a universal reset moment. The equinox is about balance, as there is equal amounts of light and dark in the day, and something ancient within us connected to the cycle of life awakens into action. Do you have a reset action or activity that allows you the time and space to recalibrate to your personal ‘reset’ button? Utilising your reset button is much like using ‘control, alt and delete’ on your computer; it gives you space and a reboot on all levels of you. This isn’t about a five-minute

exercise, this is time immersed in something that you LOVE, an action that brings a smile to your heart; a sense of wellness and peace. My reset is walking on the beach, barefoot and rock hopping. No matter what is happening, if I feel the energy of depletion creeping in, or a sense of ‘I have SO MUCH to do today’, I head to the beach. For others it is a dance class, going to the bush or being in a new environment. The movement is what shifts the stagnation and helps to clear the ‘mundane stuckness’ of winter. When you decide to be the most important thing in your life, you then deserve time to reset your life for the day or week ahead, so follow through with doing something that you KNOW fills your soul. Your reset then becomes your ‘go to’ action. All it requires is time. But what if you feel you have no time? ASK for time to be bent so you can fit in a reset. It

is as simple as taking a breath at heart centre, feeling in tune with your inner expansive world then commanding, “I choose to create time to reset myself, I ask for time to bend so I can still fulfil all my obligations.” Then magic happens… Things fall into place. You are enlisting the help of the universe, the infinite intelligence, or whatever you call this mystery that we are supported by to bend time, to clear the way, to align things so you can achieve your moments of reset. After all, you are the creator of your life, you deserve to reset, and then you will be more productive, more in flow and you find those balance moments. You cannot think about it, you just have to trust and see how it all flows. Reset is a powerful tool, don’t underestimate the nourishing, supportive, empowering energy that keeps getting reignited within you, every time you choose to reboot your life. raelenebyrne.com


INTERNATIONAL READERS & WRITERS FESTIVAL September 9th-11th Three nights and two days in seven venues at Coolum Beach • International, national and regional authors, poets, slam poets, bush poets, singer-songwriters, comic-book authors, journalists, photographers, publishers, surfers and storytellers • Panel discussions and author presentations • Writing, publishing, illustration and songwriting workshops • Artisan Festival Stalls including bush foods, coastal care, surfing culture, Aboriginal art and craft and much more

Follow us on Social Media: sunshinecoastwritersfestival @enjoySCIRWF @sunshinecoastwritersfestival

For further information and tickets please visit:

sunshinecoastreadersandwritersfestival.com 24

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Cloth, reusable pads for menstruation and incontinence using natural fibres

Phone: 0416 213 210 Email: info@rad-pads.com Web: www.rad-pads.com

Caring for ourselves and our environment Mention this ad for a gift with purchase

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19/08/2016 11:58:57 AM




here is a new energy in the air when Spring arrives. Bright blossom colours, new scents, baby lambs, a feeling of optimism and the urge to get outdoors after hibernating through the colder months. Spring is also the ideal time to de-clutter, clean out and start afresh. Our sense of smell is teased with the arrival of exquisite flowers coming into bloom and one of the most beautiful aromas and essential oils to use at this time of year is neroli. Neroli comes from the blossom of the bitter orange tree. Far from being bitter though, the orange flower has a beautiful, sweet, floral bouquet. It is thought to have been named after the Princess of Nerola, in Italy who loved using it as her signature perfume. This light refreshing oil is a wonderful mood elevator. It is considered one of the most effective sedative and anti-depressant essential oils. In fact neroli is considered the ‘Rescue Remedy (Bach flower therapy) of aromatherapy so is particularly


26.indd 1

helpful in alleviating shock, stress and anxiety. When restlessness and insomnia are an issue, blending neroli with a few drops of lavender, orange and magnesium salts in a bath can be the ideal relaxant. Emotional stress and tension can also be relieved by its tranquilising effect on the nervous system. Neroli is known to help strengthen the respiratory tract and can help alleviate muscular spasms by promoting an increase in circulation. This could be particularly helpful for heart palpitations and irregular blood pressure. It is also ideal in relieving chronic diarrhoea especially when caused by nervous tension. Neroli may be one of the most effective oils to help balance menopausal and pre-menstrual tension symptoms like irritability and frustration especially in a massage blend or spritzer with cypress and geranium. This combination may be especially helpful when feeling emotional, volatile and


teary. Whenever you have a lack in self-worth or feelings of not being good enough then this would definitely be the oil to vaporise and diffuse. This beautiful flower has been used throughout history as a bridal head-dress as it is said to symbolise purity and strengthening of the heart. Together with lavender, bergamot and other citrus oils, it is one of the classic ingredients used in eau de cologne. Neroli has amazing therapeutic qualities so can be used in a compress to help reduce fevers and fight illness. It can also address broken capillaries and is one of the most effective oils for scar repair, stretch marks, inflamed and sensitive skin. Neroli helps to promote relaxation, joy, peace and reassurance. It is also the most beautiful oil for strengthening commitment, for new beginnings, new dreams and a desire to start afresh – all with a ‘spring’ in your step of course! twenty8.com

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19/08/2016 9:15:12 AM






t’s spring time, the season for planting and watching new things grow. Looking at the seeds we plant in our minds, are like the tiny seeds we plant in the ground; they are small and grow to become beautiful and bountiful. However, if we are not conscious and nurturing of what we plant in our minds, we may find what we are manifesting is not servicing our soul’s divinity. As we spring clean our houses of all the old things we no longer need, and dust the cobwebs that have settled, we can do the same with our spiritual practices. What cobwebs have you allowed to settle in your being that are now holding you back from moving forward to your divinity? It’s not just about removing those items, once we’ve acknowledged them we then need to remove the old and replace it with something more beautiful and more aligning to our soul’s needs for the new seasons. Planting the seeds

of abundance, love, trust and light takes a little work. Here are some of the things you can do to purge and revive the space in your minds as well as your home: • Look at your sacred space and remove those articles you no longer use – make way for new things, chances are you can gift some of those things you no longer use to someone who will really enjoy them. Toss out old candle stubs and replace, put some daffodils in the room and refresh the area with open windows and some lovely white sage. • Dust off your talk with others and your self-talk – have you begun to develop negative self-talk; it creeps in when you’re not focused on your spiritual self. Create some new positive affirmations to remind yourself to always be kind and supportive to yourself and others. Check if you’ve noticed yourself saying negative things (gossiping) about friends, neighbours, work colleagues and family. Remember that a kind word is like a Spring day!! • Cleanse your heart along with

An integrative approach to helping you achieve balance in your body, mind, and life

your room – is there someone you need to forgive or is there something you need to forgive yourself for? Clear out any emotions that do not align with your soul’s divinity. • Change your routine – out with the old, in with the new – go to a new group and inspire yourself with new people, new ideas and some wonderful sharing of experiences and knowledge. • Treat your body like the temple it is – enjoy a lovely massage, have a facial, book a Reiki session or perhaps go and have a chakra balance and healing session. Imagine that this is your way of removing the dust and cobwebs to reveal a beautiful fresh spring you – your true self glowing and embracing this new season!! When we sow our spring seeds and allow love to burst into our being, we will find harmony, beauty and abundance will grow from our seeds. Embrace the changes spring brings – enjoy!! naturainstitute.com.au


WEIGHT LOSS WORKSHOP DATE: Saturday, 1st October from 9am-12 noon AT: Sandstone Point Community Hall COST: $60 INCLUDES A WEIGHT LOSS HYPNOSIS SESSION

Cathy Rodwell MEd (Guidance & Counselling) Clinics at Bribie Island, Morayfield and Forest Glen


Book Now – Ph 0432 924 966 or email: cathyswell@gmail.com • Anxiety – generalised and acute • Habits – smoking, drugs and alcohol • Weight loss and mindful eating • ConďŹ dence, self-esteem and personal development • Emotional release • Fears, worry and phobias

Glenn Chandler, Dip. C.H., Principal Therapist Rachel Kennedy, Dip. C.H., Practice Manager Carol Moore, Dip. C.H., Hypnotherapist

PHONE ( ) First Floor, 510 South Pine Road, Everton Park, QLD To learn more visit: www.brisbanehypnosis.com.au 28

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energy BACK?



love spring, it brings with it the promise of new things and new energy. It feels like everything has been resting and now turned to coming out and showing itself again. Our bodies given the right circumstances, will run wildly towards wellness and energy because that is where we naturally want to be. To spring into action we require energy. Are you feeling like you would like some more energy? Here are some simple ways to get more: • A gentle cleanse • An activity that brings you joy • Eating wholesome fresh food, slowly and mindfully • Resting, napping • Exercising • Walking on the earth with no shoes • Sleeping • Magnesium (Mag Baths work well too) • Spending time with people who inspire you

• Practising acts of kindness • Meditating I like to start this time of the year with a gentle cleanse that enables my body to recalibrate and let go of the old making room for the new. The plan… Wake up with hot water and a squeeze of lemon, followed by a vegetable juice and herbal tea. Lunch is a wholesome salad with some protein in the form of chicken, lamb or fish. Dinner is a vegetable soup or bone broth. For a snack in-between meals I have a small handful of raw almonds or a piece of fruit. It’s not a lot of food, but that is because it gives the body a chance to cleanse and renew its vital energy, giving it the time to heal and repair. Part of a cleanse can also involve the use a few magic potions from my dispensary to help with the healing process. Things like: probiotics, slippery

elm, Vitamin C, St Mary’s Thistle and many others. Another important tool I use is a skin brush. This stimulates my lymphatic system and helps remove toxins. I love the after skin tingling it gives me, like my cells have been woken from their slumber. We can take an holistic approach to springing into action by including a few mindful activities to inspire your soul. I personally like gardening and journalling, but thought this year I may try some art too. Whatever gives you joy, do it! If you have a health issue, you may need some guidance with your cleanse, so contacting a naturopath can assist and inspire you back to health! There are so many awesome ways to activate yourself, just go for it and enjoy! LUCINDA BARRY is an Integrative Naturopath with over 20 years’ experience.

MAROOCHYDORE Sunshine Colonics Health & Wellness Centre Monday and Thursday


Healing at Lavender Tuesday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday

Holistic Bliss | SEPTEMBER 2016 |

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19/08/2016 10:20:08 AM

Sunshine Coast’s first international writers’ festival has something for everyone


he Sunshine Coast’s first-ever international writers’ festival launches at Coolum from September 9 to 11 with three nights, two days and seven venues offering a smorgasbord of entertainment. Sunshine Coast International Readers and Writers Festival founder and director Wendy O’Hanlon said the jam-packed program of presentations, discussions, workshops, surf films, artisan stalls and songwriters covers a rich layer of genres. “As well as our amazing traditional authors and children’s writers and illustrators, we have slam poets, bush poets, Dreamtime Stories, Gubbi Gubbi language workshops, comic book authors, the world-premiere of the surf film Legacy, two nights of singer-songwriting entertainment, environmental discussions, a dune planting with Coolum and North Shore Coast Care, media discussions with acclaimed photographers and journalists, and guest authors from Asia and Europe,” Ms O’Hanlon said. “For emerging writers we have a dedicated Publishers’ Marquee in Jack Morgan Park where publishers will be on


30.indd 1

hand to talk with and present two days of workshops. For the comic book writers we have the Sunshine Coast’s own Daniel O’Callaghan and Jessica Gibson from Ardent Comics who will not only be talking about their fast-paced careers, but will be presenting a two-hour intensive workshop. “For those passionate about the environment, we have Professor Ian Lowe, whose latest book, The Lucky Country? – Re-inventing Australia, has seen him on a busy Australian tour; Australia’s voice of endangered animals, Jan Latta, from Sydney who has travelled to the world’s most remote regions to document the plight of endangered animals; Coolum and North Shore Coast Care president Leigh Warneminde will discuss the group’s passion in safeguarding our coastal area as will Bunya Bunya Aboriginal Corporation’s Kerry Jones and more. “Our festival celebrates our rich Aboriginal heritage and we have organised Lyndon Davis to open our festival with the Gubbi Gubbi Dancers, share this region’s Dreamtime Stories and host the first-ever Gubbi Gubbi language

workshop. Lyndon’s sister Bridgette Chilly will present Women’s Dreamtime Stories and craft demonstrations and will also be in conversation with Victorian scientist and author of The Memory Code, Lynne Kelly who has linked indigenous songlines to Stone Henge. Special guest is 80-year-old Aboriginal poet and storyteller Uncle Herb Wharton from Cunnamulla. “Our international guests include Ubud Writers & Readers Festival founder Janet DeNeefe who will officially open our festival, ‘Passport’ poet Antoine Cassar from Malta, Indonesian writers and poets Tia Setiadi, Ahmad Fuadi and Mark Heyward, and slam poet Tah Riq Amawi from Jordan. “And for the surfers, we have a surfing history panel led by author Phil Jarratt, the Coolum Boardriders’ Surf Clip films and the world premiere of surf film Legacy,” she said. Tickets are available online now at sunshinecoastreadersandwritersfestival.com

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• A broad range of natural and part polished crystals and stones • Semi-precious gemstone animal carvings and other sculptures • Specialising in crystal/stone skull carvings in the human form (also alien, dragon and raven styles) • High end statement carvings • Original skull artwork CUSTOM ORDERS WELCOMED



For further information please visit:

www.sweetnessskullsandlight.com or contact 0413 673 855

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19/08/2016 10:21:57 AM


MARKETS – a celebration of health and WELLBEING


he iconic Original Eumundi Markets have health and wellbeing as their focus as they host WELLNESS MONTH throughout the month of September. Market Operations Manager Jan Ammitzboll says the popular event has been running for the last nine years and offers free wellness activities and entertainment for market visitors every Saturday in September. “Wellness Month is an opportunity to focus on your mind, body and soul, with a spotlight on nourishing foods, natural products, therapies and active lifestyle choices,” Jan says. The 2016 event will take place in the ‘Wellness Hub’ on the second Terrace of the Original Eumundi Markets, with musician hosts Lee Hardisty, Andrea Kirwin and Kate Barzdo sharing their good vibes and soothing sounds. Visitors are invited to take part in free one-hour yoga classes at 8am each Saturday morning. The program includes Zen Thai Yoga Flow with Kari Martin, Traditional Yoga Flow with Rashida Cottrell, and Vinyasa Yoga with Donna

Thordarson. Participants are encouraged to wear something comfortable, and bring along a yoga mat or towel and water. The program includes health talks and live cooking demonstrations by naturopath and herbalist Dominique Liv Kamal (Spring Detox Therapies and Herbal Pain Relief); Jay Mulder (Ayurvedic Lifestyle Choices); the ‘Two Old Ducks’ Annette Long and Jennifer Hill (Healthy Picnic Lunchboxes); local organic producer Michael Joyce (Cooking with Tempeh and Turmeric); Bernie Duffy (pH Water and Why It’s Important), Eric Jaffres (Make Your Own Kimchi and Sauerkraut); astrologer Chirone Shakti (Understanding Your Loved Ones with the Stars) and healer Diana Hunter (The Power of Intuitive Healing). Other one-hour workshops will include NRG Yoga with Erin Ashley; ‘Get Fit for Life’ with the Muso Foli Dance Troupe; Singing and Chanting with Kate Barzdo and Acro Yoga with Dave Currie. In addition, market visitors can follow the WELLNESS TRAIL of 40+ health and wellness stalls throughout the market. Discover eco products and services

AWAKENING THE ILLUMINATED HEART Worldwide Workshop by ELENA BURTON Presented through Drunvalo Melchizedek’s School of Remembering©

23 - 26 September 2016, Dubai, Emirates 28 September - 2 October 2016, Delhi, India 5 - 8 October 2016, Tel Aviv, Israel 13 - 16 October 2016, Prague, Czech Republic 3 - 6 November 2016, Sunshine Coast, Australia This 4-day intensive and transformative workshop combines scientific knowledge and ancient spiritual wisdom with practical experiences. The workshop takes you through different exercises and practices, giving you the tools to shift your awareness from the polarized brain to the purity and unity of your heart. You will find your way into your heart and discover a world as real as the outer world, but more ancient and primal. You will experience an important activation of the pineal gland. You will also activate your Mer-Ka-Ba (your personal energy field) through the heart and remember how to create a new reality in Unity Consciousness from your heart as opposed to from your mind.

Assisting you to locate healing, integration & inner peace


Specialising in loss, grief, trauma and bereavement

at Maleny or a mobile service to you (Sunshine Coast and Hinterland)

PHONE 0413 962 899

monika@reconnectionscounselling.com www.reconnectionscounselling.com




RE-BIRTHING. ATTRACT LOVE, ABUNDANCE, BALANCE, REALIGN Clear karmic/physical/mind pain cell memories

Certified Teacher in Drunvalo Melchizedek’s School of Remembering© elenaconnection@gmail.com www.ExploreYourself.info

Life Path, Divine Soul, Heart Purpose Readings

All intent begins in your heart!

32.indd 1

For detailed class/workshop times visit: eumundimarkets.com.au

For information please contact

Elena on 044 82 000 99


including: healing foods, herbal medicines, essential oils, candles, incense, natural soaps and skincare, homoeopathy, naturopathy, and massage. Make a purchase from stalls on the trail and you’ll go in the draw to win a wellness hamper filled with health and wellness products and vouchers from the Original Eumundi Markets valued at $500+. The hamper will be drawn at the end of the month.


Book your appointment today

Dalila 0411 033 730

www.metafisica.com.au \\ www.facebook.com/metafisica1

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Infinite Connection The

Events that inspire, educate and celebrate www.theinfiniteconnection.com.au

Phone Cameron 0414 714 948

BURLEIGH Infinite Connection Gathering

CARRARA Infinite Connection Gathering

Saturday, September 24 6.30pm

Saturday, September 10 6.30pm

Murray Kyle: Murray Kyle’s contagious inspiring music touches all who hear him. We’re privileged to have him here, from the heart. Bring dancing shoes.

Sarah Hopkins: Nationally acclaimed composer and musician, Sarah will offer “Healing Music for the Soul”. Bring blankets to lie on.

Sacred Women’s Events

The Developing Man with Cameron Monley

with Lyza Saint Ambrosena Gathering Heart-Centred Women to Re-Awaken, Nurture and Inspire each other.

Connecting Men to their own Wisdom, Strength and Truth.

Lyza Saint Ambrosena



Spiritual Development Retreat Day – “The Gift” WHERE: Gold Coast, September 11th

Channelling Divine Guidance

WHERE: Gold Coast, September 25th

Spiritual Development Retreat Day – “The Gift” WHERE: Maleny, October 16th

Sacred Women’s Circle

WHERE: Gold Coast, Regular Gatherings

Personal Healing Sessions

WHERE: Gold Coast or Distance


“Seven Secrets to Overcoming Overwhelm” AT www.LyzaSaintAmbrosena.com.au

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19/08/2016 10:23:08 AM

COMMUNITY SPIRIT: Interview with

Ceinie Grudnoff


Vanessa: What is your heartfelt mission with ‘Health from the Heart’? Ceinie: My heartfelt mission is to empower others through positive change no matter how small or big to encourage others to live a rich and fulfilling life. We also help embrace and grow businesses that truly operate from the heart. Our page was created to share positivity, hope, compassion, understanding and world peace for everyone that visits. We now have 58 thousand likers from all over the world and a global admin team that works tirelessly and with great passion 24/7. I believe that by ‘paying it forward’ the world becomes a better place, where we learn to care about each other wherever we may be in our journey on this planet, with nothing to gain but peace, love and happiness for all. If only everyone knew how powerful we are as individuals. Your every thought forms your life, so we encourage people

to choose the good ones. Our reactions determine our lives and outcomes. We believe the words we speak are the actions we take. So let us all lift each other up by words of empowerment. Vanessa: You have been working with Shelley McKinnon creator of Natural Grace and Co, how did you both meet? Ceinie: We met through Shelley’s sister Ros who was also my work colleague. The more I looked at the clothing range, the more I realised who I was, it was my style. I could see that Shelley operated from deep within her heart and we had a huge connection simply from this common bond. We have since developed a deep friendship and are embarking on projects together that will spread the word of ‘Health from the Heart’ even further. Vanessa: What makes your heart sing most? Ceinie: To truly see people doing

Maggy Mae peace, harmony & balance

We are an eclectic store located in beautiful vibrant Eumundi, where we offer an ever growing range of beautiful crystals, pure cruelty and palm oil free soaps and candles guaranteed to enlighten and soothe the soul.

“Smile, breathe and go slowly.” – Thich Nhat Hahn Shop 2, 77 Memorial Drive EUMUNDI Queensland

Tel: 0413 196 862 Email: maggymae15@gmail.com

www.maggymae.com.au 34

34.indd 1

and living a life they love and in turn being able to help others to do the same. To show people they are valued and cared about is what makes my heart sing. The message we spread is the most valuable commodity we have. This has a “knock-on” effect… and trust me it’s all good. facebook.com/healthfromtheheart/

Women’s Wisdom Living From Your Own Awareness! You will learn how you can love all of who you are and value you more than ever before! WORKSHOP DATES Sydney September 17/18 Byron Bay October 15/16 Noosa November 12/13 If you would love to host a WW workshop in your area please contact us at info@julesoneill.com

Love Who You Are!


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19/08/2016 10:23:42 AM


Tantric APPROACH to



am passionate about assisting women to move through menopause with ease and grace. I watched my own beautiful mum, who led a very purposeful and vital life, ‘lose her juice’ and disconnect from herself, then her relationship with my father. He stood by helplessly, doing the best he could with the little knowledge he had around the change of life, as my mum’s vibrant health and well-being deteriorated. As a very succulent, dynamic woman of a certain age, I have experienced first hand the challenges and gifts that menopause has offered me. Menopause is a powerful initiation into the wisdom of being a woman. At this reflective time in your life, you deserve to be cherished and celebrated. You deserve the joy of time, ease, flow, spaciousness, and aliveness and an empowering toolkit full of guidance, embodiment practices, knowledge, and the support of other women to navigate this sometimes challenging and magnificent mid-life journey home to you.


Menopause is not exclusive to women in their fifties and beyond, it can effect women of all ages and stages: pre- and peri-menopausal women; young women who have experienced medical menopause or early menopause; women going through surgical menopause and ‘natural’ menopause; as well as postmenopausal women. I have spent the last ten years exploring, embracing and teaching Traditional Tantra and Taoist feminine vitality practices, which were absolutely vital through my own menopause transition. I was motivated to maintain my aliveness, connection to my sensuality and continue to enjoy intimacy and wholehearted communication with my husband, as we move from our fifties to our sixties and beyond. There are some wonderful strategies for self-love to navigate the physical changes in your body for women who wish to look at Tantra and Tao practices for feminine vitality and wellbeing.



Women’s Tantra of Menopause Workshop

Papimi has been used over the last 20+ years in Europe in cancer clinics and doctors’ surgeries and is recognised as a medical device. Papimi is on the TGA register in Australia. Certificate for Inclusion of a Medical Device ARTG No. 138828 Medical Device Class IIa and well researched. $55,000 ono.



My work with women includes: • Understanding the sacred hormone transition • Exploring connection to the wisdom of the body • Claiming your sensuality and pleasure • Having a healthy boundary around when to say ‘yes’ and when to say ‘no’ • Nurturing your radiance from the inside out • Letting go of the grief of what you could have birthed, but didn’t, in your life • Claiming your power as a wise woman I believe a woman who is totally at home in her body, who knows her pathway to pleasure and is comfortable with her desires, is a force to be reckoned with. Our sexuality is changing. Menopause can be a time of expansion rather than contraction of our sexual energy – it can be a time to redefine what it means to be a positive sexual, wise and sensual woman living a vibrant and abundant life.

We are also offering a PER (Pulsed Energy Replenisher) machine for sale with 3 months warranty. The PER in the US is affiliated with many Pro Sport Chiropractors and Pro Teams in Baseball and Football where the PER is used for faster recovery time and to eliminate injuries. $19,900 ono with 3 months warranty.

Palmwoods PEMF offers the sale of new smaller PEMF devices (made in USA). We also service and maintain all PEMF devices.

Further information www.palmwoodspemf.com or call David or Cristine on (07) 5478 9607 or 0402 979 062

Menopause is a powerful initiation into the wisdom of being woman. At this reflective time in your life, you deserve to be cherished and celebrated. You deserve the joy of time, ease, flow, spaciousness, and aliveness with an empowering toolkit full of guidance. IN OUR TIME TOGETHER YOU WILL LEARN, REFLECT AND CREATE: • Strategies for self love to navigate the physical changes in your body • Make peace with the younger woman within • Tantra breathe techniques to feel more alive and in your body • Understanding the sacred hormone transition • Learn about menopause and Kundalini • Understanding the Tantra alchemy of menopause • Nurture your radiance from the inside out

DATE: Sunday 2nd October TIME: 10am till 5pm VENUE: 1118 Dandenong Road, Carnegie CONTACT: 0439 876 765 INVESTMENT: $197** **Your investment also includes membership in the Wildly Feminine Community private Facebook group.


www.heartradiantwomen.com/events/womens-tantramenopause-workshop/ Holistic Bliss | SEPTEMBER 2016 |

35.indd 1


19/08/2016 12:07:08 PM








ou may have stopped at this article from the title alone and thought to yourself “she must be mad!” Autism is a gift! It might seem like I am mad and some days it can feel like it, but I can assure you I’m not. One thing I can say with confidence is I am autistic. So are both my children. For parents undergoing the diagnostic process with their children, it can seem like a minefield, and life ahead can seem uncertain and a little scary. Know that you have choice, and follow what’s truly in the best interests of your child and what will work for your family. Ask questions, don’t be shy. It doesn’t matter if they sound silly in your head, ask them anyway. What I have learnt during all of my experiences is the biggest gift of Autism, apart from my children, has been the gaining of a different perspective. Here are the tools I’ve used to help create a thriving life for my children and me, which have really contributed to changing my perspective:

1. You are not alone. Use your voice and ask for help when you are feeling overwhelmed. 2. There is nothing, absolutely nothing wrong with you as a parent/ parents. You are not faulty; it is not your fault. Your children are brilliant! 3. Surround yourself with people who have your back. Those wonderful people who are in allowance of all of you and your choices. 4. It’s ok to walk away from people who are not adding value to your family. 5. Trust in you! You know what you know! Please acknowledge that you got this! 6. Be kind. To you, your spouse, and your children. It’s not personal. Your child/children love you. 7. You are important. You are a priority. You matter. 8. Gratitude. Acknowledge what a phenomenal person you are and be grateful for all of it. This can take practice, it’s worth it. All of it is worth it!

The gift of autism has been in acknowledging all of our differences are a contribution to the world. It hasn’t been so much about all the things we can’t do; it’s about all the things we can do. It may not look like everyone else and that’s ok. Your life as a parent may not look like the picture you had in your head, maybe you didn’t have a picture, maybe you had expectations instead. Either way, you now have an opportunity to create something different. What if you could mix up the jigsaw pieces everyday to create something new and magical? What gifts could you uncover in raising your brilliantly beautiful autistic child? HEATHER BELL is based in Melbourne and offers Access Consciousness sessions. For more info go to: heathernaomibell.com

Would you like to work with me? Access Consciousness Bars® Facilitator Author Coach Visionary Consultant Autism from a Different Perspective

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– the

nurturing CITY




6RXO /

olistic Bliss comes to Melbourne where I forged my profile and pioneering work over the last ten years. At first commuting every second week until 2013 when I relocated here after fifteen years in sunny Brisbane, this city holds a place in my heart that I shall attempt to describe. As far as the realms of healing go, I have always found the energy of Melbourne to be warm and nurturing despite the sometimes, random weather it is famous for. Even when the weather is crappy, it is still good here. If it is grey, cold and raining, there are fireplaces in many venues and heaters everywhere to keep us cosy. The place is well designed for the weather. And when the sun comes out so do all the people, the energy created is nothing short of uplifting as the people begin buzzing, appearing from their cosy homes to soak up the sunshine. It is a social city, boasting with what seems an unlimited array of places and


events to entertain or share time with friends. You can devour incredible food, with endless choice and often flawless service, no matter what your foodie preference. Sporting events abound for a flurry of loyal, passionate fans made possible by an efficient and reliable public transport system, in fact there are never-ending events happening around town, from marathons to music and food festivals. I often leave my home office, computer in hand seeking an inspirational place in a gorgeous coffee shop or cafe to work from. There is nothing like changing the energy of my surroundings to start my creative stream flowing. My heart expands at the recall of my many clients, the tonnes of courses hosted and the inception and implementation of my SoulLife™ Psychology Diploma in 2015 which all transpired here in Melbourne. On a first world issue appreciation note, fashion in Melbourne is damn

fine; I can dress for seasons, like wearing boots (in Queensland there are only a few days a year where the weather accommodates such a treat). It also lacks the Queensland humidity, which of course is counteracted by divine blue skies, and stunning beaches which can be used year round. To sum up Melbourne, I find the people who inhabit this city are warm and friendly, there is culture everywhere and it has stunning old buildings, modern architecture, street art and beautiful places to continually inspire. It has a European feel, which I adore. Welcome with open arms to Melbourne Holistic Bliss Magazine, we want you here! TONI REILLY developed SoulLife™ Psychology, an intuitive approach encompassing unique methods, techniques and philosophies she devised to deal with emotional, physical and mental health to instil breakthrough healing that works. tonireillyinstitute.com

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This month’s


yoga pose

Each pose is designed to help you feel calmer, more flexible and less stressed.


SEATED FORWARD BENDS Sanskrit name – Upavistha Konasana Seated forward bends are extremely relaxing especially when you’re half in the water, you can totally relax into the pose and let go and surrender. Benefits: Helps detox the kidneys, stretches the insides and backs of the legs, stimulates the abdominal organs, strengthens the spine, calms the brain, releases groins CAMEL POSE Sanskrit name – Ustrasana Camel pose is a pretty deep back bend, so if you have lower back issues you should check first before you do this pose. Never do camel pose without warming up first. It’s a great chest and heart opener and a fantastic stretch for your whole body, it also improves your posture. Camel pose is great for the mornings as it’s a high energy pose and helps combat fatigue. Never do camel pose unless you have warmed up your body. As a beginner, you may not get your hands to your feet, so you could just put your hands on your lower back to start. SARAH-ROSE SELLARS is Mrs Australia World 2015, Coconut Groove Ambassador, Charity Ambassador and Founder of Yogaverse. facebook.com/Sarahrosesellarsmakeupandhair instagram.com/sarahrosesellarsmaq/

Weight loss is science. Not diet gimmickry. Diets have a 5% success rate yet continue in popularity. Insanity? Learn how to take control of your own weight without another unsuccessful diet. Your body will love you for it!

Not Another Bloody Diet! book available online Visit: www.imperfectlyhealthy.org for details For further information contact: Fiona 0431 632 563 Email: fiona_davis@imperfectlyhealthy.org 38

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How would

you feel if you knew

you were going to

LIVE TO 100?



oes that excite and inspire you, or scare and intimidate you? What image do you have of a centenarian? Is it one of vibrancy, energy, health or frailty, vulnerability and dependency? Famous comedian and Centenarian, George Burns once said, “If I knew I was going to live this long, I would’ve taken better care of myself.” We have the innate potential to live a vibrantly long life and with advances in modern medicine it’s predicted that we will soon have more 100-yearolds than ever before. The paradox, however, is that we are getting sicker. We are experiencing more heart disease, more obesity, more cancer,

more metabolic diseases, poorer mental health and an ever increasing incidence of autoimmune diseases. The health and lifestyle choices we make each and every day will either promote optimal wellbeing or deter from it. How we choose to eat, to move and to think, will significantly and drastically influence our health potential both now and in the future. Dr Bruce Lipton, former medical professor, research scientist and author of “The Biology of Belief” reveals through the science of epigenetics, that our genes and DNA do not control our biology, as initially once thought, but rather the environment of those genes will determine their

expression and our subsequent health. To achieve optimal health potential there are fundamental human requirements, through nutrition, movement, thought and the brain-body connection. The power is in our hands and our individual choices, to create a healthy, joyful and long life. If you’re interested in learning and implementing strategies to help you fulfil your genetic potential for health, we invite you to join DR CARMEN ATKINSON (chiropractor, coach and ultra-distance athlete) for an inspiring evening of sharing and insight. If you want to not only add years to your life, but life to your years, the time to spring into action is NOW! hendreychiropractic.com.au

An even� of Vi�ant Heal�y Liv� Vibrant Healthy Living Workshop WEDNESDAY 21ST SEPTEMBER – 6.00pm-7.30pm Join Wellness experts for an evening of insight and inspiration. Learn about the 4 fundamental pillars of health and the action you can take to live a Vibrantly Healthy Lifestyle.

Dr Carmen Atkinson

All guests will receive a healthy dinner and a welcome pack, including a copy of “Vision for Vitality – Your 13-week Program for Vibrant Healthy Living”.

Please call us on (07) 5437 7222 to book your seat as numbers are limited! Alexandra Gray

13/5 Innovation Parkway (Level 1) Kawana Waters


Phone (07) 543 77 222

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alancing our inner masculine and feminine energies is important as they largely influence our life and relationships. Whilst we may typically think that the source of energy for a male is the masculine energy and the source energy for a female is the feminine energy, your energy field is a fusion of the divine masculine and feminine spirit. Many energetic blocks are hidden aspects that lead back to a lack of, or imbalance between these energies. To explore your inner relationship with the masculine and feminine and the balance of the energies within you, you need to look at how you originally perceived these divine energies through those that were around you in your early years, such as your parents. Our early experiences with males and females largely influence our inner programming around gender-specific behaviours and roles. Therefore, they are the greatest influence over how we personally identify and connect with the divine masculine and feminine energies within. These experiences and


perceptions determine our personal attitude towards our own and the other gender. Here are some common examples of how our inner masculine and feminine energies are lacking and become unbalanced due to earlier influencers such as our parents: • Absent fathers – if you had a physically or emotionally missing father, the missing masculine energy will make it difficult to develop a trusting, loving, and secure inner connection with your own masculinity if you are male; (and vice versa if you are female and had an absent mother). As a result of this single-sided upbringing, you are likely to fantasise about the absent energy, leading to an idealised, and often unobtainable version of a man or woman. This blocks you in your love life, as you have an unreal expectation of yourself and the other gender. • Controlling mothers – you may have had an overbearing, hyper-critical or controlling mother. In this case, you would have experienced femininity

as controlling, never satisfied and maybe manipulating. This then makes it hard for you to embrace your inner femininity (vice versa in the case of a controlling father). If you are a female, you may rebel against your feminine energy by favouring your masculine, or reject your femininity altogether. Some women may connect love with control and repeat their mother’s patterns. Generally men will respond to this by trying to comply out of fear and develop people-pleasing and co-dependent patterns; or repress their anger; developing mistrust and resentment towards the feminine. We can all build our own balanced connection with masculinity and femininity, free of parental programs. To do this, we must seek to actively connect to our most pure inner masculine and feminine energies – ones that are from the divine source – not the males and females we have tied these energies to. unlockyourloveblocks.com


Transform your emotions, fears and Your Life!

“Guiding intuitives, empaths and sensitives in love and romance”



Learn how to use your intuition to navigate finding the right lover, or improve your relationships Unlock Your Love Blocks Workshop October 2016

Experience more inner peace, self confidence, joy, freedom and well-being! CHLOE MANIER Certified Professional Regression Therapist, Clinical Hypnotherapist, Reiki Master, Reconnective Healing® and Reconnection Practitioner

BOOK A SESSION TODAY Phone: 0417 754 242 Email: praxistherapy@outlook.com Website: www.praxistherapy.com.au 40

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Healing with the Ancestors Workshop September 2016 Woman’s Activation Circles September 2016


www.unlockyourloveblocks.com or email the office: office@highvibrationcity.com

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SPRING in their step! WITH JEAN SHEEHAN, Principal – Millennium Education

Millennium Children


hildren have this innate ability to have spring in their life and take action and do what makes them feel good. Some children’s SPRING is more bouncier and alive than others and they can be called ADD, etc. I love working with these children as they are gifted and it is about assisting them to find their place in the world. It is with great heart I share this story as the new generation needs to be seen for their brilliance and we can spring into action and empower them with all the possibilities. One seven-year-old boy saw me for a Medical Intuitive session. He had no life, no bounce and no action. His Mum had brought Barney in to see me as he used to be such a delightful child who was alive and since starting school he became FLAT. Barney did not fit into the school system, seemed to have poor social skills and was slow at reading, writing and mathematics. At school he did not participate. After a two-year review and assessment, the teachers asked Mum

to have Barney assessed by a doctor and had encouraged her to put him on Ritalin medication. This broke Mum’s heart. Her ex-husband agreed with the doctor and put him on the medication. However, there was no improvement, if anything, Barney became more ‘dead’, lifeless, had sleep problems, stomach ache and anxiety. Mum was beside herself and did not know what to do as she felt she had lost her boy. It was time for mum to spring in to action. She and I worked on a health plan to help Barney be the best he could be. Because of her pain watching her son, this made Mum feel inspired and passionate about helping others too. The

Naturopath Yoga Teacher Intuitive Healer Leanda Weynton N.D., M.H. • Naturopathic Consultations • Liquid Herbal Dispensary • Iridology • Allergy and Mineral Testing • Yoga Classes and Workshops • Health and Yoga Retreats • Medical Intuitive Body Readings • Reiki and Chakra Balancing www.thehealthyguru.com.au

Three months later, Barney saw me and he was back to his alive self. He was talking about what he was good at rather than focusing on what he was not good at, which he had learnt from the teachers. He was restless and did not sit still but we utilised this energy in to practice so he could learn in the best way for him. His comments were not of this world and he is such an old soul. And yes, he stopped taking Ritalin and took herbs to empower him. Children are our teachers and they will assist us to spring in to action. That is their gift to us. Thank you to the Millennium Children®. For Medical Intuitive courses or to learn about empowering your child contact JEAN SHEEHAN. AbsoluteEmpowerment.com

Cat Edwards Spiritual Teacher, Coach & Mentor Clairvoyant/Medium J.P. (Qual.) & Civil Celebrant • Private Readings by appointment (in-person or over Skype) • Spiritual Events • Guest Appearances • Workshops • Tea Leaf Reading Days

Dinner with Insights Monthly Event – Join Cat for dinner and a night of deep spiritual insights as she teaches you how to connect with your helpers in spirit: your Spirit Guides and Angels.

The Divine Child Workshop Build on your relationships with your Divine helpers in Spirit. Gain experience in the subtle and higher vibration energies. Understand the signs and signals from your guides. Receive messages from spirit brought through by Cat.

Phone Craig 0488 44 22 83

Phone (07) 5439 0097

Health products & therapies

health plan looked at food, affirmations, self-talk, social skills, essences, crystals and educating the teachers and her exhusband. I had never seen Mum so full of life. Innately Barney’s situation has created a life force for his Mum which in turn created life force for him.

Health products & therapies


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to communicate to your CHILDREN



compared to the size of their tongue. It’s your tongue that likes the junk food and your body loves the whole food that mother earth grows. A little bit of junk food is great for your tongue; a lot of natural whole grown food is great for your body. Keep it in this proportion and all will be well. 2. “INSPIRE ME! SHOW ME WHO YOU ARE!” This was and still is a great thing to say when children are lost in who they are or in feeling they have to live up to a conditioned standard that either we as parents or society have enforced. They know who they are. I have said this to each of my children many times when they are lost or seeking approval and don’t really need to. Many times after one of these chats, they come back the next day sharing something really inspiring about themselves and a personal awareness they have had

arenting is something I am very passionate about. This month I was inspired to write and share some of my favourite things I have been consistent in saying to my children over the last 18 years that have shown great results. Consistency with no attachment is the key with these tips. 1. “FEED YOUR BODY AS WELL AS YOUR TONGUE.” Ahhh the food conflicts! Everyone has a point of view of what is right and wrong. One thing that has been a great tool I have said to my children, over a long period of time, was to feed their body as well as their tongue. AND in that proportion! Junk food is so challenging to avoid and a waste of time telling a young soul that something that tastes so good is not good. I used to think that must be a very confusing message. I explained to my children that their body was really big in size





Millennium Children


for parents, teachers and carers Sept 10-11

Awakened Children

Sept 17

Tips to Manifesting Money (Sunshine Coast)

Nov 20-27

Medical Intuition

(Sunshine Coast)

Dec 13-22

Empowering Techniques

(Noumea )

(Sunshine Coast)

Energy & Wellbeing Expo SATURDAY, 1ST OCTOBER 2016 9am-4pm

GYMPIE: Gympie Civic Centre, 32 Mellor Street • Psychic Readings • Energy Healings • New Business Launches • Crystals and Cards

w. AbsoluteEmpowerment.com e. info@AbsoluteEmpowerment.com p. 07 5641 4009

• Massage • Reiki • Essential Oils • Aura Photos



Internationally Recognised & Award Winning Medical Intuitive

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March 19-26 Medical Intuition


about who they are. It’s extremely uplifting hearing these. 3. “RIGHT NOW – YOUR JOB IS TO PLAY, MUMMY’S JOB IS TO…” Loved using this one! It helped dissolve the ‘mother guilt’ that can really get in the way of women following and living a creative life as well as being a mother. Giving yourself time to still be you is so important. Martyr creates martyr and creative creates creative. When I wanted to have that creative space, I said to my children – ‘your job is to play, mummy’s job is to… write this article, or cook our dinner, or talk to dad/friend, or to teach a workshop etc’. It really helped, in an uplifting way, creating a positive boundary so I could give to myself without feeling I had to get away to do this, or send them away. Enjoy your month gorgeous souls.

• Interesting People • Tasty Terrific Food available • Lucky Door Prizes • ATM and so much more…


Stalls still available

Pre-book your readings with Di Woodstock on 0419 224 628

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relationship STRONGER


1. MAKE TIME It is hard to feel close to someone if we don’t feel valued or important to them. We feel most valued when others make time for us and make us the priority. Yes, we have to work to pay the bills but is the larger mortgage for the bigger house in the better street really more important than a close friendship with our partner? Make regular one-on-one time to be alone together. Try regular weekly dates – as a minimum. Make your time together precious, and a top priority even – and especially – if you are parents. Get a regular babysitter – paid or a relative – to make it happen. 2. TALK AND LISTEN We can’t feel close to someone we don’t talk and listen to. This works best face-to-face; not using texting, not on the phone, and not by emails, though these can get us by in short bursts. We feel closest by being physically next to each other so we can read each other’s body language; how we move,

smile, frown, or react. We all like others to hear and appreciate our story; to validate our experience and ‘get’ where we are coming from. 3. SHARE COMMONALITY Focus on someone’s differences and we make them a potential threat, or enemy. Only look to see what we have in common and we make each other friends. The more we can share what we have in common, the closer the friendship – and hence relationship – can be. This doesn’t mean we have to like all the same things, just focus on sharing what we do both like and agree on. 4. MAKE FUN-TIME We are going to want to be with the person who we feel good being around. Having fun together feels great and makes us want to be around each other more, and be closer. Don’t neglect this opportunity to bond intimately. Every week set aside time to do something fun together. It could be games in the bedroom, or splashing each other on

the beach. Make sure it happens – ensure it’s a promise you keep. 5. SHARE SECRETS/BUILD TRUST Sharing secrets means you are working as a team to keep something between you that no one else will ever know. How important, trusted, and special must we be if someone is prepared to share their most trusted secrets? The deeper the secret and the more secrets you share the closer you can become. If they validate this trust by never betraying it then we can share ‘anything’ with each other and further increase our close bond. 6. RESPECT, NOTICE, AND SUPPORT We are closest with people who neither try to dominate us or act like our inferior; those we respect. We can notice someone with a touch, or just say hi if they are in the room. Never give the ‘silent’ treatment or ignore them – ever! We seek to be with those who support our dreams and ambitions. winfriedsedhoff.com

• 5 Yoga halls


29-30 OCT 2016

• Master classes and workshops with some of Australia’s most experienced teachers • Indoor and outdoor exhibitor stalls • Delicious, healthy food and drinks • Live blissful music performances

At Lake Kawana Community Centre, Bokarina, Sunshine Coast, Qld TICKETS Earlybird until 12th Sept:

1 day $65 \\ 2 days $120

• Free entry to exhibitor stall areas • Dance, massage, ayurveda and more…

After Earlybird:

1 day $75 \\ 2 days $135 At the door:

1 day $85 \\ 2 days $150 Tickets and further information available at

www.yogafest.com.au or phone 0404 0505 01 Holistic Bliss | SEPTEMBER 2016 |

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The rise of TEENS choosing




he cruelty free movement has been in motion for several years now, aiding in the fight for animal rights. However, a shift in the market has seen millennials beginning to scrutinise their cosmetics, focusing on animal cruelty and welfare. The once niche market of cruelty free cosmetics and beauty products is becoming increasingly mainstream with teenagers demanding cruelty free alternatives. The spike in popularity has seen many companies jump on board – unfortunately, not for the right reasons. Mainstream brands are beginning to use labels such as ‘vegan’, ‘organic’ and ‘cruelty free’, regardless if they are true or not, in order to appeal to the market. Due to the rise in false marketing claims and fake BS, the younger demographic are taking it upon themselves to research and understand which companies are ethical and truly cruelty free. 19-year-old student Ginny says, “now that I’ve become

more aware of animal testing, I do my research and I specifically look for products that are 100% cruelty free.” Social media has seen a huge growth in the topic too, with the use of hashtags and trends in order to gain more attention. Teenagers operate blogs and Instagram pages specifically designed to educate one another and hashtags such as #beautybullshit, #lookdeeper #bewareofBS continue to trend. At Eco Tan, we strongly believe that animals should not be tested on or harmed to make a product suitable for us to use. Our Certified Organic tanning and body care range is proudly 100% cruelty free and vegan. Our products contain no animal derivatives or GMOs. We pride ourselves on our accreditations and certifications because they represent the core morals of our company. You will find the Choose Cruelty Free logo on all our products, which means our products have been 100% certified as cruelty free. The little

white bunny is the only way to know if a product is truly cruelty free or not. A lot of younger consumers really do care about whether their cosmetics have been tested on animals and now search for the cruelty free logo on their beauty products. Due to the availability in today’s market of alternate, humane and high quality alternatives, this trend has sky-rocketed. In the industry today, beauty products that resonate well with consumers are those which offer several functions at the same time. Eco Tan continues to grow at a rapid rate as our “greener” and “healthier” products are made with only natural and certified organic ingredients, are free from harsh chemicals and synthetics and do not use animal testing. Our message for teenage consumers is: check labels, read ingredients and do your research. Try Eco Tan’s Certified Organic cruelty free range at: ecotan.com.au


Psychic Development

Kids 7-11 years 19-22 September | $320 16 years to Adult 21-24 November | $660 4 fun filled days including: Connect with Guardian Angels and Power Animals, make your own Talking Stick (kids), Past Life Regression (Adults), ThetaHealing® Healing Technique, Feeling and Belief Work, Readings and Drumming Meditations, Automated Writing, Practice Telekinesis PLUS MORE!

Talitha Talarek

ThetaHealing® Master & Certificate of Science

T: 0432 207 738 E: info@evolvewitheta.com 8/77 Redcliffe Parade, Redcliffe

www.evolvewitheta.com 44

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1 2

Keep the temperature of your child’s room around 18-21°C.

Various studies have shown that children with a clean, neat bedroom will have better quality sleep. Keep baby’s cot or your child’s bed tidy and ensure that you make all beds on a daily basis.


If possible, a bedroom should be a single purpose room. Your child should know that his or her bedroom is for sleep time.


Light alters sleep patterns so it is best to use a block-out blind or block-out curtains. Fly Babee blocks out 97% of light which is why babies sleep so well in their prams when Fly Babee is popped onto the pram.


Sleep is controlled by the hormone melatonin – released at night and reduced by light entering photoreceptors in our eyes. Avoid harsh or direct light. Fly Babee blocks out 97% of light and is UPF 50+. A great block-out

cover with sun protection to use when your baby or toddler needs to sleep away from their cot or bed. A good mattress makes a baby feel cozier and it will support growing bones and makes for safe sleeping. Be sure to choose a firm cot mattress made specifically for babies. A soft mattress can lead to suffocation and raise the risk of SIDS. Fly Babee is a safe alternative sleep cover to use when out and about, instead of using a cotton cover. Use high quality, cotton sheets in the cot and bed. Don’t allow your child to have many toys in their bed. It stimulates their imagination and can be a SIDS risk for babies. If your baby or child sleeps with a comforter, that is all they should go to sleep with…


7 8

CHERYL FINGLESON is Fly Babee’s resident Sleep Coach. thesleepcoach.com.au

Dental care for your total wellbeing! We are holistic dentists because we recommend the treatment that will be right for your body. It means that in everything we do we consider the impact of it on your body and use only materials and procedures accordingly. For example, when we are removing amalgam we use a rubber dam, high speed suction and an IQair air purifier so you don’t swallow any of the material or breathe in any of the mercury vapour. It’s the dentistry for you if you care about your total wellbeing. Shop 1/ 13 Garnet Street Cooroy QLD 4563 P H O N E : ( 0 7 ) 54 47 76 6 9 www.wattlestdental.com.au Follow us on Facebook

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19/08/2016 10:32:24 AM

Integrative Medical Review:



have had a few facials in my time with many beauticians telling me what was wrong with my skin and the long list of products I needed. Recently I had an experience at Ibuki Health which was a breath of fresh air. From the moment I walked through the doors, the team was so warm and friendly with helpful information to share. The team invited me to experience a phyto treatment which involved massaging active herbs into my skin allowing them to slowly release their phyto active vitamins, minerals and vital trace elements over 24 hours. Leigh was my phyto practitioner and there was not an ounce of judgement directed at me or my skin throughout the session. As a result, my whole body relaxed and I enjoyed the infusions of what felt like a zillion amazing herbs dancing with my skin. While the herbs were soaking in, with some light gauze over my face to deepen the effects, I received the most sublime neck, shoulder and hand massage. What a

treat when I was on deadline with our September edition!!! The phyto treatment is actually a gentler version of the Dr Spiller herbal facial peel, but I found the results were noticeable after just an hour. Leigh handed me a mirror at the end of the session and my skin glowed, looked refreshed and it felt like I had a spring skin clean! When I walked out of the treatment room, I felt like I was floating and I was pleased to finally meet holistic doctors Dr Carlos Sanchez and Dr Vivienne Taylor (pictured in this photo with me and the Ibuki team). Ibuki Health is an amazing, very popular integrative centre in Noosa offering cutting edge integrative medicine consults, hyperbaric oxygen chamber sessions, acupuncture, traditional Chinese herbal medicine, dietitian consults and

detoxification treatments plus a wide range of skin treatments and products, with decades of experience supporting their work. I was so thrilled that the manager, Anne invited me to visit the centre and experience this miraculous skin experience. And after the treatment my partner Rod had some tapas waiting for us at a gorgeous place within walking distance to Ibuki, which was so magical. It is a day I will never forget and worth the four-hour return trip from our country home. And 24 hours after my session (without having it as a goal), my skin looks quite youthful, which is quite astonishing! Thank-you all. J





Health & Lifestyle Education Program using therapeutic-grade essential oils Only two intakes each year – ENROL NOW! More than just a course on essential oils this dynamic, 16-modular online program will teach you the importance of self-care using the healing and medicinal powers of plants. Taught by Kim Morrison, one of Australia’s most renowned Aromatherapists, you will receive:

BEFORE AND AFTER 1 TREATMENT Our gift to you! Enjoy a complimentary discovery facial and comprehensive skin analysis with our Dermal Skin Therapist. Available for a limited time only – BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL.

Book now at Ibuki Health & Wellness PHONE 5447 5679

www.ibukihealth.com 46

46.indd 1

 modules on essential oils, chemical-free living, nutrition, movement, mindset and relationships  direct access, coaching and mentoring from Kim and her qualified team  videos, live webinars and one-on-one support for maximum learning  the full range of Twenty8 chemical-free skincare and essential oils valued at over $1500  personal and entrepreneurial development bonus modules and gifts  AND an inspirational 4 day face-to-face training and graduation weekend on the Sunshine Coast

For more information email hle@twenty8.com or ph 07 5493 4400

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Books, DVDs, . . . s a c i t s i l o H CDs and more... BOOK:


The Fall and Rise of Women

Doin’ Time

AUTHOR Dr Winfried Sedhoff

AUTHOR Rachel Porter

It’s 2016, so why are women still treated as second class citizens? That’s the question asked by Dr Winfried Sedhoff in his new book, The Fall and Rise of Women. Dr Sedhoff says that unrealistic expectations thrust upon women to be everything to everyone all at once – mothers, workers, parents, and carers – has created a plethora of issues and leaves many unable to reach their true selves. The Fall and Rise of Women shows how to regain your transformational power, improve your life, and help change the world.

In the new book, Doin’ Time, author and general manager of Whitelion, Rachel Porter, shares the personal stories of nine Australian men from troubled backgrounds who got offered a second chance – and grabbed it. Facing up to their past, they’ve overcome the odds to become valued members of the community, with many of them now working with vulnerable young people as mentors, welfare officers, motivational speakers and community leaders. Doin’ Time is an important and powerful read that shows why we should always give people a second chance.

RRP: $25.00 To purchase the book go to: www.winfriedsedhoff.com

RRP: $29.99 To purchase the book go to: www.rockpoolpublishing.com.au

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‘Is it time for something new?’ Sunday, Oct 30th includes afternoon tea

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How amazing would it be if you could learn how to control your thoughts and hear your intuition? You can… when you ‘take your power back’ and trust this voice, the sky is the limit! Gain: Confidence to back your decisions A calm and clear mind Access to the magic of intuition A deeper connection and understanding of your spiritual self Do not wait for another ‘I wish I had listened to myself ’ moment! Developing your intuition is the foundation to your psychic abilities. Join or register your interest for the ‘Take Your Power Back’ Program and build your intuitive psychic self today:

Lynda Louise Burke www.lyndalouiseburke.com Email: lynda@lyndalouiseburke.com

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The parent/child relationship through the way of the mare WORDS ALANE MILLIONS


hen we observe the way of the mare and how she interacts with her foal, we can glean many skills to enhance our own relationships with our children and our families. The mare teaches us how to naturally and intuitively parent, to do so takes heroic measures of courage. Her most important task is to keep her foal safe at all costs, if need be, she will bravely fight off predators to protect her young. She can discern when to conserve energy for true emergencies. Keeping her offspring safe involves a couple of different aspects. First the physical safety of the young foal is addressed. Secondly, the foal’s emotional safety. The foal is learning everything it needs to know about life from its mother; how she reacts or responds to the world, is how the foal will either react or respond. A well-balanced, emotionallyagile mare will teach her foal to feel the emotions, get the message behind the emotions, change something in response to the emotion and then go back to doing what she loves to do; graze or

whatever it is that fills her cup or bucket. It is of the utmost importance to the wellbeing of the mare. As the foal grows and becomes more independent, how the mare sets boundaries with the foal is extremely important. Too soft of a boundary can mean the foal can have spoiled behavior and thus have problems fitting into the herd. Too strong or strict boundaries can result in the foal becoming frustrated and angry and possibly become the herd bully. When boundaries are implemented with love and consistency, the foal can relax within the set parameters. As the foal grows and naturally starts to disengage from mum, the aware mare will observe from a comfortable distance, trusting the process that the rest of the herd will support in the implementing of gentle boundaries. These can be enforced with a mere look or toss of the head, there is no shaming or blaming happening. She teaches us that when we chose to take a step back from a situation and take a deep cleansing breath, we get out of our reactive brain and into our rational thinking brain. This is a place where our heart opens up and we are

able to respond with kindness, empathy and compassion. The way of the herd is like the supportive community where everyone is involved with raising the children, where the children learn from example and treat one another with empathy. The herd members know that you do not know anyone else’s story unless you have walked a mile in their hooves. leadingthewayinternational.com


Animal health is related to the consciousness of the animal owner In fact approximately 80% of animal illness is related to the consciousness of the owner. ALL illnesses are due to levels of consciousness below the 200 level Arthritis: Fear Level 100 Allergies: Grief Level 75 Cancer: Grief Level 75 Parasites: Guilt Level 30

• Change your life and build your confidence whilst interacting and having fun with horses • Women of all ages and children welcome • No horse riding involved – get to know these marvellous beings on the ground • You will be surprised at what you will learn about yourself in a couple of hours • Enjoy a fun game of Walking football with the horses


Location: Narangba

CONTACT DAVINA 0438 59 89 95

Fractal acupuncture, sound files and the TC device can change levels of consciousness. To experience these changes of consciousness –


www.garrybright.com.au 42 Maple Street COOROY Qld 4563 48

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PH 5447 7877

Holistic Veterinary Clinic • NATURAL NUTRITION • HOMEOPATHY • CHINESE AND WESTERN HERBAL MEDICINE • ACUPUNCTURE • MODIFIED VACCINE PROTOCOLS Visit Dr Henry Stephenson and Dr Renee O’Duhring today and start your pet’s journey on their Path to Wellness.

338 Mons Road, Forest Glen Q Phone 07 5476 7674


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Profile of an Holistic Vet


laine Cebuliak (m) BVSc , born in California 1958, spent her early years in Hawaii but attended Miami High on the Gold Coast and later completed veterinary training at UQ in 1981. Throughout her internship at a veterinary hospital, Dr Cebuliak practised with large farm animals for the first time where she discovered a lack of emphasis on essentials such as dermatology and dentistry and fostered an increasing interest in holistic modalities and behavioural, nutritional and herbal medicines. Following graduation, Elaine specialised in dentistry of all species including larger farm animals but mainly cats and dogs. Elaine Cebuliak now runs a Veterinary Integrative Care Clinic and Advanced Veterinary Dentistry Clinic at the Greenslopes Shopping Mall where dentistry is the largest focus with 85% of the fluffy patients suffering periodontal disease. Elaine and colleagues founded the holistic special interest group; Integrative Veterinarians Australia (IVA) to promote and foster the use of holistic therapies including: acupuncture, remedial massage, and herbal medicine. But, like so many other holistic ventures, it has

been met with much skepticism from mainstream veterinarian professionals and the Australian Veterinary Association (AVA). Elaine’s other interests include naturopathy, essential oils and nutritional medicine and she has a growing cohort of human patients who seek her advice regarding their own wellbeing. Hence, she attained qualifications as a herbalist, nutritionist and naturopath to provide treatment and advice for her human patients at Morkare Holistic Practice nearby. Elaine has personal experience with ovarian and cervical cancer and facial basal cell carcinomas and attributes the regression and cure of these aggressive cancers to the holistic medicine she practises. She teaches the principle that integrative therapies, including nutritional care, are the basis of health and require some vigilance, as carcinogenic toxins are almost unavoidable in today’s environment. Elaine enjoys travelling and volunteering and teaches small animal dentistry all over the third world including the Sanjay Gandhi Animal Care Centre in New Delhi, Udayana University in Bali, and in Sri Lanka. She was invited to be a teaching assistant

to the Chi Institute of Acupuncture and helped deliver the very first Indonesian Veterinary group of Acupuncture studies in July this year. Elaine co-founded ‘Vets Beyond Borders’, has sponsored several students to graduation and has written and published a book on grief for children called, ‘Sam’s Shadow’ and another called ‘The Bali Starling that Could’. Elaine enjoys stand-up paddle-boarding and surfing with her dog as well as scuba diving. She is married to Bryan Cebuliak, a general practitioner and they have two grown-up children: Ben, a Town Planner recently married, while daughter Zoe is pursuing a career in the circus as a stilt walker. Pets are Miggles, a Border Collie, and Dan Kat, their Tuxedo cat. animalwellness.com.au

NEW! STEM CELL THERAPY We are now offering cutting-edge Stem Cell Therapy which offers amazing relief for dogs suffering from Osteoarthritis.

Quality, Expertise and Value Call and book now for September appointments

Surgery, Vaccinations, Acupuncture, Check-ups and more Pensioner Discount 20% off services

Ph: 3324 2291

Greenslopes Shopping Centre Shop B6, 700 Logan Road (next to Queensland Transport)

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Holistic Classifieds SPIRITUAL




Your trusted source for Spiritual, Wellness and Personal Development Events, Services and Products

Energy Healing Session

Spiritual Events & Directory is a promotional platform for practitioners wanting a niche savvy asset to market their events, services and products.

www.spiritualeventsdirectory Facebook/spiritualeventsdirectory Instagram/spiritualeventsdirectory

WELLNESS TALKS AND COURSES Come and listen, share and participate. Different topics and speakers every week. Every Tuesday evening – arrive 6:45 for a 7pm start. $15 cash at door. Upstairs at Aminya Academy, Marcoola

Phone: Kathryn 0417 619 147 www.wellnesstalksandcourses.com.au Email: kathryn@ wellnesstalksandcourses.com.au

Be a part of a magazine that makes a


Includes; Reiki, Chakra Balance, Aura Cleanse, Crystal Bowls, Essential Oils and Channelled Guidance.

Guided Meditation & Intuition Class Mondays 7pm-8.30pm

Workshops Reiki Level I, II & Master Chakras and Energy BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL

Phone: Vikki 0417 643 435 Facebook: Intuition Plus Email: intuitionplus444@gmail.com www.spiritualhealingsunshinecoast.com



Let’s explore the possibilities expressed in your hands. Discover how your strengths contribute to your life purpose. What do you need to do to move forward? Distance Readings and Palmistry Parties available from the Internet Reflect Radio’s The Celtic Mystic. Holistic Healing, Access Bars®, Reiki and Herbalife.

Contact Caithe to find out more Phone: 5496 6249. Wamuran, Qld celticai.com.au www.facebook.com/CelticaiStudio

SINGING GROUPS FOR WOMEN Experience the gift of women singing together in delight-full harmony in these beautiful singing sessions designed especially for women. DIVA VOCI Wednesday evenings 7pm-8.30pm Maroochydore DOLCE DIVA Monday mornings 9.30am-11am Landsborough New members welcome

Call Emma Creed for more information Phone: 0438 619 518 All women welcome!




As Spring is around the corner, it’s a wonderful time to renew our energy. A session of Reiki Healing will help you to LET GO of the old, by balancing your CHAKRAS. RAISE YOUR VIBRATIONS, and tap into the FERTILITY and VIGOUR of SPRING. Connect with BODY-MIND-SPIRIT.

For appointment Phone: Gabi Fahey 0412 963 157 “Member of Reiki Australia”

Where Earth on



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Holistic Bliss Directory THE DHARMA BUMS BOOMER STRESS TOUR If you need to ride off into the sunset… Let it be a journey of discovery and renewal! Creating the perfect impression

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Your SPIRIT is your truth Connect with your SPIRIT through Holographic Kinetics and have the life you deserve

JULIE STOWER Holographic Kinetics - Massage - Kinesiology

(07) 5432 8812 Shop 5, 870 Beerburrum Road Elimbah Qld 4516

• Engage with others experiencing stress/anxiety/depression • Lift your awareness and assess priorities with help from a qualified facilitator


SEPTEMBER ½ DAY WORKSHOPS, TALK AND RETREAT with • Talk and Tea: Spiritual and psychic development, 10th • ½ day Workshops: on Sound, Crystals, Colours, Psychic and Spiritual Development, 10th &14th • 4-Week ONLINE Spiritual and Psychic Development Program: Starts 6th & 8th • Weekend Retreat Maleny: 12 & 13 November Consultations on Skype & in person

Phone: 0403 249 840 www.traceyrhodes.com

Healthy Body, Soul & Life

Business Directory A NEW Health, Fitness, Food, Beauty and Fashion BUSINESS DIRECTORY promoting Queensland businesses that cater to help gain A HEALTHY BODY, SOUL AND LIFE!

IF YOU WOULD LIKE YOUR BUSINESS LISTED Phone: Kerrie on 0415 365 554 or email: enquiries@gethealthywithus.com.au /gethealthywithusaustralia www.gethealthywithus.com.au

Oceanic Health Jayne Bealey I-ACT Certified Instructor

Colon Hydrotherapy Buderim Phone: 0417 098 032 Email: colonichealth@icloud.com Web: www.colonichealth.com.au Introducing:

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Keeping the Sunshine Coast Moving

Lynda Louise Burke



- Psychic / Medium - Counsellor - Mindfulness Meditation - The Psychic Couch - ‘Take Your Power Back’ Program

Australian Academy of Spirit Silver Member 2016

OPEN: Mon-Sat, 7am-4pm

PHONE: 0447 165 366

Ben: 0439 850 980

healthconcepts2@gmail.com www.health-concepts.com.au

get healthy with us


HB Be seen in

Birtwill Street, COOLUM BEACH www.newearthcafe.com.au


Let us promote you and your business in the physical magazine, online magazine, our social media sites and website, with a local, national and international ever-growing audience.

Adverts start at $99+gst per month for a 12-month booking

Please call 1800 543 351

natural therapies & wellness centre • Massage • Acupuncture • Reiki • Naturopathy • Bowen Therapy • Reflexology • Ear Candling • Waxing and Tinting • Facials • Pedicures • Kinesiology PRIVATE HEALTH REBATES

Shop 11,12-18 Discovery Dr, North Lakes

Phone (07) 3482 2549 www.zen-chi.net.au Holistic Bliss | SEPTEMBER 2016 |

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Book Yo


Are you: Fatigued? Unmotivated? Moody?


Stressed? Anxious? Unhappy?

ASSESSM ENT When yo u Mentio n Holistic Bliss

These could all be signs of hormonal imbalance, genetic predisposition (MTHFR, Pyroluria), nutrient deficiency, psychological trauma, biochemical imabalance, heavy metal toxicity and the list of possible causes goes on. You are unique, so your investigative and treatment plan should be too.

Why choose us? 01

Pathology Testing

We take the guesswork out and accurate pathology testing. This assists in finding the cause.


Shared Health Care

We work alongside many Medical Practitioners and other Professionals as part of our shared health care model. Ensuring you receieve superior care.


Satisfaction Guaranteed

If after your first treatment consultation, you are not happy with either your treatment plan or our service, and you let us know within 7 days we will refund your consultation money!

www.integratedwellnessclinic.com.au HEALTH FUND AND MEDICARE REBATES MAY APPLY

Consultations available in person, by phone or Skype Suzi Le Fanue Founder-Naturopath

07 5458 4800

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