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The Sig ificance of Success! By Raelene Byrne


creating the life that you desire. Real, tangible and complete success comes from a mind that is joyful, a heart that is true with integrity and a spirit that knows its purpose. Success has become synonymous with fame and fortune, however, it really isn’t about what you have or your status in the world. In the constant striving for ‘external’ success, many have lost the pathway to the beauty of the heart success. The depth of wisdom and knowledge of the self brings comfort and leads us to create a life that pulses with success at personal levels; whether in the big world, or in the simple daily acts of service, care and support. That is the absolute measure of true success. It is time to exercise self-responsibility and own the fact that only you have put yourself in this place at this exact moment in time.. Whether that is a job you don’t enjoy, a health situation that is a challenge, an unhappy relationship or a lack of direction, there is one common denominator, and that is YOU. All these

ne seemingly small insignificant change you make towards creating a better life or understanding yourself aligns you to a life of great success. “The achievement of something desired, planned, or attempted” is the dictionary definition of success. If we use this as a general rule, each of us, no matter where we stand in life, is a perfect, unique expression of success. Whether you see your life as amazing and fulfilled or mundane, directionless and unhealthy, then that is a measure of success, as you have achieved something desired, planned or attempted! Your thoughts do INDEED create your world. Congratulations, for the life you have created successfully, for right now, all that you have thought, all the actions or lack of them, and all the processes that you have running through your mind, has created the life you are living right now. If you can create a life that you are not happy with, imagine what you could achieve if you put all your thoughts, beliefs and energy into having and

external factors and these inner feelings are all messages reflecting to you how you are using or not using, the powerful energy we all have access to, as a creative force in life. Blaming, finding excuses, and living with limitations are all methods that we have used to convince ourselves of our lack of success. It’s time to change how you see yourself and move into the space of achieving your true potential, supported by infinite possibilities. Achieving in the world is a reward for being who you are. Some say success comes with a hefty price, well maybe it does if you are seeing success as something outside of you. If your power is directed or being given away to things that are not in alignment with your spirit or heart, that is a costly price that will eventually affect much in your world. Being you and true to that, is the greatest success story available to anyone right now. Namaste Raelene Byrne

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