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Conscious Relationships Family Business with Soul – Gino De Pasquale Love, bliss and whole lot more…

Soraya and Terry


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MAY 2011 EDITION VOLUME 24 ISSN: 1836-8840

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follow your bliss! are and it’s the foundation from which relationships can flourish. It’s about totally accepting ALL parts of ourselves and so it’s a work in progress…. Soraya and Terry join us this month and we are delighted to share their beautiful story which is full of love and wisdom. It’s a breath of fresh air to meet a couple who have not only remained together; they have grown together in love. (See p4&5).



“Your Magazine With Soul”

Conscious Relationships Family Business with Soul – Gino De Pasquale Love, bliss and whole lot more…

Soraya and Terry




hh relationships…they can warm our hearts, make us feel alive and… then push all our buttons and turn our lives upside down. But is it the ‘relationship’ or even the other person that is doing all this or is it more about owning our own ‘stuff ’ and being conscious creators of our lives? I find relationships fascinating because they hold such an amazing potential for learning, growth and love to be shared. They can also be challenging (as the other person holds up the mirrors) and we tend to attract on the same level of differentiation (whether we like to admit it or not). How many of us ‘Look at our relationship with self ’ and have ‘Unconditional love of self ’? Sometimes it’s easier said than done (or experienced)…How often do we still compare ourselves with others, beat ourselves up for not having or achieving certain things or just judge ourselves for feeling those so called ‘bad’ feelings? Selflove is about remembering who we really

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Terry Oldfield & Soraya Music & Wisdom from the Heart For the complete Terry Oldfield Catalogue – music for the healing arts and relaxation Qualified Naturopath and Spiritual Mentor Soraya – 0400 520 624 • Holistic Bliss, October 2011

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oraya Saraswati and Terry Oldfield not only know a thing or two about keeping the magic alive in their relationship; they are the masters of ‘soul connection’ and have touched people’s lives all over the world. For the last five years, they have lived together on the Sunshine Coast, worked together and travelled the world, creating music and helping people on their healing journeys. Their lives have been enriched both individually and together as a couple due to their willingness to grow and evolve. When they speak, it’s like hearing one voice and their commitment and love for each other is palpable. In life, it’s not always about ‘what is thrown at you’ it’s more about how you react and deal with those situations.


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Soraya and Terry have faced nearly every sort of challenge a couple could endure. As a ‘blended family’ (Terry has five children and Soraya has four) it wasn’t always easy meeting the needs of nine children and dealing with the family’s multiple grieving processes after the loss of several family members. Soraya says she and Terry had to face their dark sides together. “Unless Terry and I had that absolute commitment, love and honour for each other- there’s no way we’d still be together.” These deep karmic experiences have only made them more committed to their own healing journeys and they remain dedicated to sharing their wisdom and creativity with others. The couple have just returned from a two month tour of Europe and the UK, where they

performed musically as well as conducted healing workshops. (Terry is an internationally acclaimed, self- taught musician and Soraya accompanies him musically and is a highly regarded naturopath, yoga teacher and facilitator). “To have a partner you can live with, travel with and work with and share your physical, emotional and spiritual life with for me is the ultimate. It’s very rare to find- we both feel blessed to have found each other. Every moment is precious,” she says. So how can relationships be healing? Terry reflects, it’s all very easy to meet somebody, fall in love and go through the romantic, honeymoon period but then we start to relax and let down all our facades (which we put up in order to impress the other person) and then somehow we start to see ourselves reflected in each other, and realise we are all very much the same underneath it all. Terry says it’s been a blessing to move through a range of emotions with Soraya in a safe and supported way and get to the bottom of deep issues. “Looping is when you keep repeating patterns or experiences and for a relationship to go to a deeper level, it needs to be able to transcend those loops. It’s almost like you build up a centrifugal force and break out of that looping pattern of behaviour but we need to feel supported and safe to do this,” he says. “It’s such a dream to reach a mature age and find a partner who is really willing to look deeply at themselves. We’ve both worked on ourselves individually and together in a supportive way since we’ve known each other. We are completely committed to the good, the bad and the ugly. We feel we have a soul connection that goes beyond the human idiosyncrasies,” says Soraya. But is ego a dirty word in relationships? Soraya comments, “We use the mind to jump over the mind – if we try and repress thoughts, they come back like an army. We need to accept the present and the reality. As soon as we accept that and shine the light on it and see it for what it

Holistic Bliss, October 2011

9/23/2011 9:29:31 AM

y r r e T d n a a y a r So is, it becomes disempowered. It’s the same with the ego- it’s a sneaky thing and it can be our friend or foe- and then you realise ‘Oh my God I’m playing a role and I’m disconnected from who I really am’.” She also says there are also a lot of myths about the ‘spiritual relationship’ and what it ‘should’ look like. She says, “A relationship is a RELATIONSHIP, we are here on earth, having an earthly experience and that includes the full gamut of human emotion. Resistance to presence or ‘what is’ creates chaos. If we are resisting what we are feeling, we are going against our intuition. If we are resisting what we are feeling we are going to create mental, physical, emotional or material chaos in our lives.” Terry says as humans, we try to feel good all the time and avoid pain. Sometimes we set up our lives to avoid feeling and healing and we set up patterns of behaviour and experience to protect ourselves. So we are depending on outside things to feel safe. This might include having a coffee in the morning or a beer at night or whatever. But he says actually being completely open to feeling bad or whatever feeling is present actually helps us to heal and move forward. What other things help to get through challenging times or reconnect? “We do singing, mantras and play music together- which connects us. Music; even singing helps keep the heart open and express emotion. We also take time out together in nature. As a couple, we’ve created a healthy lifestyle on every level. We are careful about what we eat. We always deal with health issues as naturally as possible. We juice every day, we support organic produce and we both love gardening; we’ve always got our hands out in the garden,” says Soraya. Terry and Soraya say, in a relationship it’s important to give each other space and remember the mantra, “This too shall pass.” Emotion is ‘energy in motion’ it will move on. Take time, sleep on it, let the emotion pass and don’t make decisions when you are emotional. Act from a calm place.

They believe many relationships break down because of acting on emotion rather than waiting until it’s passed. Terry also believes it’s important to have time out and to give ourselves what we need. “One of the things we do when we don’t feel so great is to have a ‘selfing’ day.” This involves really tuning into yourself and doing something you’d really like to do for a few hours or even a day (as well as observing thoughts such as, ‘this is selfish’). When they both come back from this time on their own, they feel inspired, refreshed and are far more productive and creative. Terry says they connect better as a couple and as an added bonus there are times when he has come back and written some of his best music in just half an hour.

“The ‘shoulds’ and ‘musts’ are selfimposed- we are buying into the conditioning of society. But we have a choice,” they both contend. It’s been a full year for the dynamic duo but they definitely know how to find balance and magic!! Terry’s recording studio was built this year at their new home and Soraya’s beautiful new ‘healing room’ was completed on their return from Europe and is ready for an ‘opening’. For more information on the latest announcements visit: and Photographs by: Kookaburra Photography Holistic Bliss, October 2011

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Romantic Moroccan Recipe for Two Ingredients (serves 2) 250g snapper fillets cubed 1 whole calamari tube sliced to rings (1cm) 8 tiger prawn cutlets 8 scallops (roe off ) Marinade 1 small brown onion diced 2 tomatoes grated 2 cloves garlic chopped ½ bunch coriander chopped ½ teaspoon cumin ½ teaspoon paprika ½ teaspoon ginger 1 pinch turmeric 1 pinch pepper Salt to taste 3 Table spoons light olive oil Prep time: 15-20 minutes Watch out for: Extremely important to keep the Tajine on low heat, to avoid cracking. Do not put in the oven. Trick of Trade: Can be cooked in frying pan, although the Tajine infuses all the flavours.

Method Place all raw seafood in medium mixing bowl and add the marinade followed by the grated tomato. Mix gently, until all ingredients are covered, and leave to marinate for at least 1 hour. Place medium (24cm) Tajine on very

low heat, for 3 minutes. Add olive oil to Tajine, and place the snapper at the base of Tajine. Position scallops, prawns and calamari on top and add all leftover sauce marinade to the Tajine, on top of the seafood. Cover with the Tajine lid, and leave to simmer for 30 – 35 minutes. Display on plate Garnish the Tajine with chopped coriander, roast capsicum strips and a wedge of lemon. Ideally served with steamed cous cous. Drinks to suit Light sweet or crisp white wines, although to enjoy the authentic Moroccan essence, make a pot of Moroccan Mint tea, which includes: Hot water in a pot. Add, fresh mint leaves, Chinese Gunpowder Green Tea, Lemon Verbena leaves and sugar/honey to taste. This recipe has been provided by Coral Tajine Restaurant in Cotton Tree.

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Holistic Bliss, October 2011

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Q&A with Robin Clayfield and Mark Healy


his month Holistic Bliss talks with Robin Clayfield and Mark Healy about the ingredients to a successful relationship. Not only do they experience bliss in their personal relationship, they also facilitate other couples’ journeys with their ‘Love Feast’ workshops. Q: What are some of the biggest challenges you see for couples in intimate relationships? Robin and Mark: A lot of couples have difficulties with trust, honesty and communicating clearly. When someone in the relationship is still attached to ‘someone else’ it’s difficult to be totally free in the relationship. Other distractions from self-awareness include: TV, addictions, busyness, emotional and mental ‘stuff ’. An absence of shared interests, values, dreams and understandings, not being ‘on the same page’ can also create conflict. A large percentage of relationships are built on physical attraction and miss out on all the other foundation elements. Q: What have you learnt about intimate relationships through your personal experiences and your work with others? Robin: Clear communication and

honesty builds trust which then supports all aspects of the relationship over time. Taking self-responsibility is important and both parties need to be willing to dive into and work on core wounds and ‘shadow’ parts of themselves. Making shared agreements, settings intentions, visioning and dreaming together gives a touch stone to always come back to for honouring, planning, respect and renewal. Mark: If a relationship is built on just physical intimacy then it doesn’t last. We need to drop our guards to allow for vulnerability and trust. This seems to create a space for honesty, compassion and love to enter. If we’re really clear in ourselves then we’ll attract what’s right for the next part of our journey. Having only one intimate relationship partner and having a commitment to be together builds trust to go deeper and stay the distance no matter what the challenges. This allows the relationship to evolve, be challenged, be supported and each person will grow at a faster rate than being on your own. Q: What is Bliss? Mark: Bliss is a state of Being – Doing nothing. Robin: When I’m in a place of

gratitude, celebrating and honouring myself, the gifts I receive, my situation, my family and my relationship, this land that I walk on, this perfect life, I’m in bliss. To be in this space, together with my partner, magnifies the vibration enormously. Bliss is snuggling up with my man, gently tired after a productive day, belly full of nutritious, home-grown food, giving thanks for a beautiful day, skin kissing skin as we dose off into the sweetness of dreams. Robin and Mark’s top tips: • Give more, give thanks more, give generously and freely • Honour and acknowledge oneself and each other regularly • Take ‘time out’ together • Dance, play, create, take walks together, hold each other in your hearts in special ways. • Love is a garden, tended with care.

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Holistic Bliss, October 2011

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Spice Up Your Life! By Vicki Taylor

By Sandy Forster


few years ago I discovered a simple but effective strategy to boost sales – increasing my price. Business owners often think “Won’t sales drop if my prices go up”? And the answer is possibly yes, UNLESS you let people know. Let me explain… the wholesale price of a DVD I was selling was increasing, so I had to increase the retail price to keep the same profit margin. However, instead of simply increasing the price, I made a big ‘occasion’ out of it. At the start of the month I emailed my database to let them know the price was going up soon, “so order now!” In the middle of the month I emailed again to remind them and at the end of the month I emailed to tell them this was their last chance before the price increase. A phenomenal thing happened from just 3 emails that month; I sold 1082 additional DVDs and bought in over $73,000 by simply letting people know the price was going up by $2.00! Many of my clients have used the ‘price is increasing’ strategy in their business and it ALWAYS results in a surge of sales. What can YOU increase to increase your profits?

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By Gwyn Williams


t truly starts with ourselves and at the ground level we need to be continually returning here to enhance our relationships with others. I remind myself and my students we are like trees; it is our inherent nature to serve and support others. Like the tree’s expanding canopy offering shade, a home, oxygen and inspiration for many… if it does not spend time sinking its deep tap roots into the earth, in time it will certainly topple. Likewise we need to allocate daily schedules for honest self-study and alignment with a higher source. Many great Mystics declare that meditation is the key. This deepening of relationship with our Higher Self, results in people being magnetised towards us for the peace and insight that naturally occurs in our company.



If you were to give yourself a mark out of ten according to your relationship with nature, what would it be? If you live in the city, sit in your car in traffic before arriving at work in an air-conditioned office, live off packaged food and spend most nights in front of your flat screen or Facebook, it would be lucky to be one out of ten. However, if you are lucky enough to live at the beach,watch the sunrise as you walk along the beach, grow your own vegies, refuse plastics and eat mainly simple organic food, you may be close to nine out of ten. Whatever the score I am sure we can all do better. The communion we have with nature is not only reflected in our vitality but also in the relationships we have with each other. Twice a year I join with 20 other students as we travel to a small remote fishing village on the East Coast of Bali where we practice bodywork, yoga, selfawareness and spend each day simply eating coconuts, cross-legged on bamboo mats living the ‘island way’. When we return back home many comment how their relationships with their family and friends is so much more enriched. I

remind them and myself, that this is usually short lived if we are not vigilant with the two practices mentioned above... allocating time for a daily practice of connecting to SELF and keeping communion with nature. A deeper communion with nature may be simplifying our life, being aware of what we eat and drink, as well as the ‘footprint’ we are placing on earth though the usage of resources. It is very easy to ‘fall asleep’ and resort back to old ways where the relationships become dotted with difficulties and we forget the potential of deep and meaningful relating. Each moment is like no other. Each relationship is like no other. Gwyn Williams shares his passions through teaching courses in Zenthai Shiatsu, (where Zen meets Oriental Medicine, Thai massage and osteopathic techniques) at Mt. Ninderry healing Centre on the Sunshine Coast and the Zenthai healing Retreat in Bali. Zenthai can now also be discovered through Gwyn’s new book “The Zen of Touch” to be ordered through the website


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Holistic Bliss, October 2011

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The Art of Conscious Relationships By Vanessa Bushell, Psychologist, Conscious Solutions


uccess in intimate relationships has enormously transformed over the last fifty years. Where once a successful relationship was about staying together or about physical security and childrearing, today the expectations of intimate relationships are about finding a soul mate, personal and relationship growth, and fulfilment on all levels of our being… physically, financially, emotionally, sexually and spiritually. No wonder the ideal mate is so hard to find and then our relationships are so hard to maintain. However challenging these generational shifts are in our relationships, the potential of actualising this dream drives us toward new horizons regardless of the emotional pain we may endure along the way. What appears to be emerging out of the chaos is ‘conscious relationships’. New meanings are being forged about concepts such as commitment, care, love, relationship satisfaction, respect and responsibility. But perhaps what is most significant about today’s relationships, is that we all have the choice to rise above and heal generational family patterns and

relationship dynamics in one life time. This has never before been an option. So what are conscious relationships really about? The first and most essential element of conscious relationships is ‘know thy self ’! Until we are consciously aware of our own emotional patterns and generational family issues, we cannot share ourselves in a conscious relationship. Instead, we tend to fall prey to unconscious patterns which end up sabotaging our relationships. Intimate relationships tend to be challenging because they bring up what we do not want to see. They literally bring out either the best or the worst of us. They ignite both love and fear. They trigger our deepest insecurities and support our greatest growth. Another aspect of conscious relationships is the awareness that no relationship is accidental, no matter how healthy or unhealthy it is. I am not saying we should stay in unhealthy relationships, but rather that the relationship we are in is a mirror of where we are at, both emotionally and in terms of our family

patterns. Unconsciously, our patterns attract, like a key in a key hole. If we want to shift an unhealthy relationship we need to work through our own issues rather than focussing on blaming our partner. If both people do this then real change in the quality of the relationship is possible. Intimate relationships tend to be challenging because they bring up what we do not want to see Without both people working towards healing their own wounds and family patterns and respecting their partner’s journey to heal their own, a conscious relationship will remain only a dream. Respect, compassion and shared understanding are three key ingredients to making these shifts possible. The potential is always there! Our choice is whether we pick up the mirror and look at ourselves. So while relationships today can be challenging, the potential is that we can discover within ourselves acceptance, love, compassion, real intimacy and connection.

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Relationships in the coming age…


ixty years ago, divorces were almost unheard of and it was all about “through thick and thin”. Today we rarely bother to marry and we tend to regard relationships as opportunities for experience, before moving on to the next. Neither paradigm is right or wrong in this free will universe. All that is happening is that the planetary logos, which could be explained as the template of consciousness under which humanity is operating, is in the early stages of a quantum shift, from: • A paradigm of evolution through striving for worthiness by adherence to moral codes laid down by authority figures; a paradigm based on judgment and beliefs, in which we sought out partners who would reinforce our illusion. To• A paradigm based on the awareness of the absolute perfection of our Divine Essence; an awareness that is arrived at by the unconditional love of whatever we

already physically and emotionally happen to be. This ‘paradigm’ is based on inner knowing. This is a mighty journey when we are battling to fit in with the thoughts and feelings of another human being, so let’s cut ourselves some slack here. The tried and false ways of our ancestors still pervade the prevailing human thought-form. As the saying goes, when you are not being like your father (or mother), you are being like your father. Most of us have worked hard on this one. What to do??? There’s another old saying that happens to be true: “The way in is the way out”… with a twist. Out of blissful ignorance, acting under the advice of the blind ones who have been guiding us through the Age of Darkness, we have created a massively intricate illusion that we have generally speaking, striven to make real. We now have the opportunity to see that our Divine Essence, which has no

Dr Sandeep Gupta MBBS FRACGP FACNEM You are invited to visit Dr Gupta’s new clinic in Buderim on the Sunshine Coast. Sande Gupta is a medical doctor trained in the latest Sandeep aand most innovative forms of holistic medicine. His approach is to look deeply into the underlying causes of illness and find a management plan which addresses all levels of health.

concept of judgment, is enthralled and in love with our complicated creation and patiently awaits for the physical us to do the same. Was this possible 60 years ago? For a select few, maybe… The New Age, for all its failings, has at least given us the dialogue to face this endgame of epic proportions. What role do relationships play? At this early stage, we still value them for sex and companionship. Within a relative blink, we will value them for the way they help reveal the infinite playground of our illusion; for the way they give us the opportunity to align with Divine Essence in the unconditional love of whatever already actually is. (Oh yes, and for unimaginably wonderful sex and companionship that arises from real and intimate honesty.) What if only one partner embraces this understanding? More on that another time… Anonymous

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Holistic Bliss, October 2011

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You Are What You Eat Our relationship with food is a reflection of our relationship with self By Jane Caulfield


e’ve all heard it said, you are what you eat. I agree and tend to take it one step further, believing our relationship with food is simply a reflection of our relationship with self. When people hear me say this, they often sound surprised. I remember a girlfriend responding, tongue in cheek, “That means I’m a cream puff ”, then adding with a look of surprise, “Oh my God, it’s true!” Jokes aside, when we start to investigate and reflect upon our behaviour with food, we begin to realise that how we treat our body is a combination of our core beliefs with a dash of habit on the side, and these manifest physiologically in the body. More simply put, our body reflects our behaviour and underlying beliefs. Beliefs are very powerful drivers. Being human means we often operate by default. Usually we are unconscious of our inner thoughts and narratives that

lead to our eating choices. These can lead to feelings of guilt (when it comes to binge eating or unhealthy food choices), feeling at a loss, and perhaps even wishing we were different (like a few sizes smaller). In our modern day lifestyle of overabundance and ease of accessibility, some of us may have learned to use food for purposes other than sustenance. Part of us believes that food can replace something else. So instead of food being a source of nourishment and joy that we share with others, food can become a source of comfort, numbing out, protection, even self punishment, validating beliefs of being alone, unworthy, different, separate, undeserving etc…. It is upon reflection of these beliefs that our freedom lies. The first step is awareness. It is through investigating our deeper thoughts that we uncover our beliefs and gain the opportunity to inquire into their validity. I remember

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uncovering a belief that I’d unconsciously formed after an unsuccessful and painful relationship. I decided that men could not be trusted and that I was better off alone because I obviously was unworthy of love. A dangerous belief that drove me to adopt food as my lover to fill an emptiness and provide protection. You see, the bigger I was, the safer I felt that a man would not make an advance on me. It was through awareness and investigation that I uncovered this belief and was able to see the folly of it. I was able to recognise it as it arose and, more importantly, I was able to forgive myself, let it go and create a new belief: that I was worthy of love both from another and from myself. Soon after, my choices and the way I treated my body changed to reflect what I believed about myself.

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Holistic Bliss, October 2011

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A Family Business with By Gino De Pasquale


y grandfather migrated from Italy to Australia in 1928. By boat of course…. and no doubt alongside thousands of other Italian migrants looking for a new start in a relatively barren country.

on to become Australia’s number one

When he arrived in Australia Frank De Pasquale quickly established himself as a fairly astute businessman. He imported many food based products from his home country, and ended up starting a mobile ‘delicatessen’ – which was very popular with the hungry home sick Italians!

achievement via the advertising slogan –

A few years later, Nonno as we all called him (which is Italian for grandfather) sold the fruit and veggie shop in the eastern suburbs of Sydney, and re-located the entire family to Brisbane. You see Nonno had a much grander vision….In 1948 he started a business and called it Nanda Spaghetti. The Nanda Spaghetti business went

To have soul………..some may say is to have a sense of identity.

selling pasta brands. In fact, Nanda became internationally recognised for being one of the world’s premium spaghetti brands. The marketing campaign marked this terrific “Nanda - The Australian Company who sold spaghetti to Italy”. I can certainly testify to how good a product our family produced. It was spectacular pasta; handmade and crafted with such passion by a team which at its peak, was well over 300 people. The whole team had a strong sense of OWNERSHIP and COMMONALITY which they shared everyday when they came to work. They arrived at the factory with smiles on their faces and ‘a spring in their step’; they were committed to ‘crafting the perfect pasta’. Nanda Spaghetti was a “Business with

Let’s face it; we’re all attracted to those who have a strong sense of self. A person who is determined and purposeful. Clear about who they are, and more importantly who they are not! Someone who has passion and vigour for what they stand for……… And someone who is not scared to dream and to challenge the status quo. Someone who we can believe in; a powerful communicator and ultimately someone we respect. Often you will find that people or businesses with soul have an innate quality to breathe NEW life into things……be it people, objects or events. They bring a sense of magic to the world and make the impossible seem possible. They project their dreams and aspirations out loud and actually believe in the journey which calls them. After 23 years as the founder and





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Holistic Bliss, October 2011

9/23/2011 9:34:45 AM

Heart and Soul CEO of an advertising agency – I have witnessed many ‘soul-less’ businesses. Companies too scared to believe that what they are doing can make a difference to the world. Almost like they don’t want to admit that they have some value to add!!! So they opt for merely ‘EXISTING’…….which is ‘soul-less’. The entire business becomes ‘humdrum’….. where days melt into weeks, and weeks melt into years……. So here are my quick tips to turn a business which lacks ‘soul’ into a business which can become the epicentre of people’s universes: 1. Identify what you can be the best in the world at – and own it. 2. Have a clear vision as to what the business is most passionate about – and stick to it. 3. Communicate and articulate that vision and passion with your internal team (family members) as regularly as you possibly can.

4. Don’t sell to them (Internal team) – nobody likes to be sold too……. be engaging with them in an authentic way – from the heart. And I promise you, if it’s authentic, it will be accepted, and embraced by all those that really care about you and your business. 5. Become a leader who sees the value in OPEN, TRANSPARENT relationships. Communicate from your heart. Tell your team and your customers how you feel about the business, what your plans are, what you are excited about, and what your concerns are. Open yourself up – and be prepared to show some vulnerability.

offering value to them. Discover what it is that your customers think is special about your business, and continue to focus and deliver on that – and be sure to discover the areas of your business which your

6. Always provide your team with positive recognition and rewards. Let them know you care, and that you appreciate their support, hard work, commitment and reward them accordingly.

customers feel you can improve on and/

7. Always seek your customers’ feedback. Stay in regular contact with

control to create whatever your heart

What’s so special about Organic? Certified Organic standards require the avoidance of harmful chemicals in all growing & wine making processes, resulting in our pure, delicious range of products free of side effects. Rosnay was the first Certified Organic vineyard in the Cowra Wine Region, now home to a growing number of organic vineyards and farms.

...truly delicious wines that show how exciting the Cowra Region can be for organic grape-growing. – Rob Geddes, MW

them, and make sure your business is

or introduce to make the experience more satisfying. 8. And lastly, don’t forget to have fun. Be thankful and grateful everyday – and always know that you have complete desires.

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9/23/2011 9:35:00 AM

Why Love Is Never A Waste Of Time


ver felt like you’ve wasted time in a relationship that didn’t go anywhere? I can assure you that your time has not been wasted. There are the obvious gifts such as finding out more about yourself than ever before. Discovering how you respond to certain situations, your likes and dislikes, and what you will and won’t tolerate are also valuable gifts. Your relationship also introduced you to new experiences, adventures, foods, ways of thinking about life, people and more. Here are 3 deeper hidden gifts 1. Clearing residual Soul Karma with your former lover Over the course of many lives, we interact with many souls, some of whom we become very fond of and who play a major part in our lives. Past life work often reveals the same “cast of characters” intertwined in various lifetimes, but in different roles. The ultimate goal of each Soul is to find the fastest path to Love. That is also the whole point to life. All relationships, whether with lovers, parents, children,


work colleagues or even your neighbour, are profound classrooms for the learning of Love. A relationship ended on a sour note becomes unfinished business that needs to be resolved. If there’s someone you really don’t want in your future lifetimes, find a way, in your own heart at least, to wrap up the relationship in a loving way. 2. Becoming aware of your own vulnerabilities and your lessons When you react in a non-loving way to anyone, there are lessons to be learned. That person becomes your Soul Teacher. Where you hurt, you need to heal. Take responsibility for your own pain and explore the origins of your vulnerability. All emotional pain revolves around • Not feeling loved, • Security, • Self-esteem and • Not feeling worthy Note your main triggers, and spend time healing that area. Take classes, get counseling, keep a journal, or read information on those topics. Remember, you will continue to feel

vulnerable if you expect others to address these four areas. If you’ve been carrying this burden for your lover, and you’re the one who’s exhausted, you should read some codependency literature. We tend to perceive brownie points in being a martyr. 3. Exposing your fantasies and illusions about relationships Still waiting for Prince or Princess Charming? We often unwittingly bring our fantasies into new relationships, then blame the other person for not living up to them. They may also be doing the same. Don’t waste your valuable time and energy in guilt or recriminations. Be grateful for the gifts from your “failed relationships”. Grab a journal, explore those gifts and start tying up the loose ends in your own heart. Based in Townsville, Marlowe Aster is a Spiritual Life Coach and the founder of The Sacred Feminine Leadership Institute.

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Me, Mf  I By Natalie Hennessey


he most important relationship we will ever have is the one we have with ourselves. Above all other relationships (except perhaps with God/ Spirit/The Divine), this is the one that has the most influence over how our life will unfold and evolve. How much we ‘love and respect’ ourselves will determine many of our decisions and experiences whether on a conscious or unconscious level. Think about it – when we are in a relationship with someone else there is an understanding that to make this relationship successful and sustainable there needs to be give and take, open communication, nurturing, caring, and common expectations. It requires a willingness to spend time, energy and love to ensure the relationship matures and endures. Without this commitment, a relationship quickly disintegrates into something hollow. Yet how many of us spend an equal amount of time, energy and love nurturing our relationship with self? How much intention and dedication have we devoted to keeping our selfrelationship on track?

This is not about ego, self-absorption or narcissism. This is about knowing, and expressing ourselves in a way that celebrates our uniqueness with joy. How balanced and healthy our relationship with Self is, creates a ripple effect to our children-family-friends-acquaintancecommunity-country-world. So if you feel you have been neglecting your inner being here are five tips to begin re-connecting to your wonderful self again. 1. Schedule in date nights for yourself – you deserve a little special treatment. It can be anything from a massage and lunch to a picnic in the park with a good book. 2. Spend time on your own – how will you truly know who you are if you never spend time with yourself? Leave the phone, computer and kids. Do some meditation, dreaming, dancing, art. 3. Forgive yourself – we all have things we aren’t proud of, that we regret. Often we are the ones that keep ourselves locked in the recriminations. Guilt and shame are wasted energy. They dull your ability to shine. Recognise the learning and move on.

4. Journal – Keep a track of your thoughts and dreams. When you allow yourself to outpour without censure, you get a wonderful glimpse of your own wisdom and journey. Like holding a conversation with a dear friend, your writing can offer you support and insight. 5. Feed your soul – What makes your soul sing? When was the last time you did something purely for the joy of it? We all have and need soul food – things that make us remember the child within and fuels our passion and imagination. Commit to feeding your soul on a regular basis. Rekindle the loving self and see your other relationships blossom as well. That way everyone gets to enjoy the amazing being you are!


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9/23/2011 9:37:25 AM

Creating Dream Relationships at Home By Victoria Millar-Wise, Award Winning Interior Designer


ome truly is where the heart is! Whether you live in a tent, caravan or house, your home is the one place on earth where you have complete sanctuary from the outside world. It is your safe haven for retreat, the place you seek refuge, relish relaxation and initiate regeneration of mind, body and soul.

So how do you create dream relationships? Establish positive intentions to find balanced and harmonious ways to create your dream sanctuary. Take yourself to a stunning place in nature and visualise yourself in your dream home. Consider the essential elements that support, uplift and nurture everyone living within your space. Men and women approach home design very differently, making the creation of a dream sanctuary often a contentious issue. Each has differing agendas, dreams, desires, and concerns. It is all about balancing the genuine needs of everyone. You both need to be heard in order to create a harmonious and balanced environment. A true


18.indd 1

sanctuary is one that is full of fun and laughter – not one of arguments over colour choices and furniture placement. By bringing balance and flow to your space that honours both you and your partner you summon positive feelings and a sense of true appreciation. There are many types of emotion you can invoke in your home, and it changes from room to room. Creating different emotional responses in your indoor and outdoor spaces make you feel met in many different ways. It is essential that you cater for everyone living in the home and all agree to love, honour and support each other’s desire for space, harmony in certain areas within your home. Start with a blank slate so that you can be as free and creative as possible. Old things will hold you back, cloud your vision, and create complexities. So be willing to let go of your old “stuff ’. A well thought out purposeful room certainly invokes positive emotions of warmth and nourishment. In a living room for instance elements like fireplaces, sensual

textiles and rich colours give vibrancy. Adding books, fur blankets, soft rugs and cosy chairs enhance this atmosphere. It is also necessary to have areas and rituals for you to express self- love and encourage loving connection authentically with your partner and loved ones. So be sure to create sacred spaces to invoke a sense of awe and holiness. Embrace symbols and treasures that stir your sense of sanctuary, like candles, oil burners or incense. Aim to ignite, excite, soothe or calm all your senses. Carefully select furnishings, aromas, music, images, textures, and entertainment that reflect the things you love. Having animals and plants in your home add life and spirit. After all, living things touch your heart and warm the soul. You’ll need to do some research and soul searching to determine what kinds of creatures’ best fit in with your family. So take your time to consider all of the above. You are then well on your way to creating a warm, loving and nurturing space for you and your family.

Holistic Bliss, October 2011

9/23/2011 9:37:48 AM

“Discovering the real you by working out what you ain’t” By Jacquie McIntyre, Manager at Yovela


s a human being here, walking and experiencing this gorgeous planet, one of the most important relationships you will ever have is your relationship with yourself. You are without a doubt an exceptional, extraordinary, all potential being. That is the truth of it. You were born to shine and be the best version of you. So how is that working out for you? “I want to find out who I am” is a plea I here almost daily in our practice. More importantly I ask people, “Who are you NOT”? From the moment your seed was planted in your mother’s womb, right to this very day, you have been collecting your experiences and storing them as memories. From your environment, parents, teachers, friends, society, media, world events, traumas you have collected and filtered experiences through your five senses; tasting them, feeling them, hearing, seeing and smelling them all; investing in them and believing in many of them.

People collect a smorgasbord of memories in a lifetime that collectively compound any health problems they have. These problems will eventually create health issues in a person who seemingly has no reason for getting sick at that point in their life. This sickness can be mental, physical or emotional and may have been triggered by something as simple as watching a movie that portrayed an event similar to a painful subconscious memory stored in their bodymind. You were born to shine and be the best version of you. So how is that working out for you? It’s from these experiences that you form belief systems. Once you consciously and more importantly subconsciously start to believe something about yourself, you start to form an identity or label around it. You believe who you think you are or who you have been told you are and thus your process of not shining brightly, not being your

full potential, inevitably leads to physical disharmony and imbalance, disease processes, fear and anxiety. Believing you are a failure, always having something go wrong, feeling inadequate, always getting sick, working hard for your money, accepting the idea that success is only for a selected few, are all just belief systems and labels that we give ourselves which profoundly affect our relationship with Self. It is just as easy to break through these limiting beliefs, as it is to accumulate them. So the process of finding your Self is more about shining a light on the labels we have given ourselves or taken on board and owned, and finding out who we are NOT! Without these limiting belief systems and the conflict they create, how would you love yourself and your body differently? Without fear, what would you achieve? What would your life look like? What would be your potential?


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9/23/2011 9:38:09 AM

Juice Fast in the Desert By Dr Gupta


n arrival, a Hispanic cab driver picks me up and asks me where we’re headed. “The Tree of Life” I tell him. He’s got a strong accent and an attitude. His cab looks like something out of an old Western movie. As I ride along the winding road to Patagonia Arizona, I think to myself, ‘I have never seen so many cactus trees in my life’ but I also start thinking about the four weeks ahead. I arrive at around three o’clock in the afternoon. It’s a remarkably simple place; red stone buildings set amongst the scenic Arizona desert. The weather in summer was hot, but dry. Thankfully, there was plenty of reverse osmosis water to go around, and a pool to cool off in. The next few weeks were a download of nutritional and lifestyle information which was nothing less than sensational. The experience of being among health and spiritual enthusiasts from all around the world, having the chance to do my first seven-day juice fast and detox program all set the scene for what was to be a life-changing experience.

The intensive four week program (a requirement of the Masters Program in “Raw & Living Food and Spiritual Nutrition” offered through the Tree of Life Rejuvenation Centre and the University of Integrated Science) was my first real contact with Dr. Gabriel Cousens and the start of an inspiring friendship. What impressed me the most about Dr. Cousens’ work is that he successfully integrates the most cutting edge nutritional information into a strong spiritual framework where the divine element within all beings is at the centre of a truly holistic model of health. What Dr. Cousens promotes is the idea that what we eat and how we live is not just about longevity, feeling great or looking good – it’s about using the physical body as an optimal vehicle for working towards spiritual liberation; something spoken about by the adepts of all spiritual traditions throughout the ages. Ultimately, we cannot separate the mind, body and soul; we cannot separate our connection with the physical body or

Dr Gabriel Cousens

our connection with the living planet – to do so both diminishes and depletes us, both individually and collectively. Dr. Cousens promotes the idea that both personal and planetary enlightenment is attainable, necessary and a responsibility that we can all actively participate in. He provides a rationale and practical model for how this can be achieved in his inspiring books titled ‘Spiritual Nutrition’ and ‘Conscious Eating’. Dr Gabriel Cousens will be speaking on the topic of ‘Spiritual Nutrition’ and the effects of food on mind, body and spirit in Brisbane on Thursday December 1st at 6.30pm. For further information or to purchase tickets to this event call Lotus Holistic Medicine on (07) 5352 3468 or visit

“Become a Certified Medical Intuitive Practitioner and discover what your body is saying.” Jean Sheehan

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Holistic Bliss, October 2011

9/23/2011 9:39:52 AM

Medical Intuition – Relationships – The Kidney By Jean Sheehan, Principal – Millennium Education


HAT IS YOUR BODY COMMUNICATING? Who would have thought when you are having relationship problems, it is actually connected with your kidneys! ‘The kidney’ on a physically level is an intricate filtration system. Metaphysically it is about: • fear • separation of pure/impure • paranoia • coping Many years ago, I had come to the realisation the relationship I was in was abusive on many levels. I felt a sense of freedom as I moved out on my own - so I thought. But the relationship was about to explode in my kidneys. My ex-partner stalked me, let down all four tyres on my car, made anonymous phone calls, and told friends I had given him AIDS. That is when I got a restraining order. But this did not stop him. I lived my life in a state of fear and paranoia and I was unable to discern what was ‘pure and what was impure’. When I received a phone call I

did not answer it and waited for it to go to message bank. I was sure someone was following me and could hear footsteps and noises in the night. I was in survival mode. At the same time I had pain in the right side of my back (where my kidney was). I was constantly dehydrated and my kidney worked over time-the fear was dehydrating me. I decided to look at my life and noticed that it wasn’t just my ex-partner that was ‘abusing’ me, I was actually abusing me too. The relationship I had with myself was mentally abusive. I did not realise I was an excellent nurse, was loved by family and friends and that I had so much to offer. So I changed my lifestyle; started drinking more water, eating lots of fruits and vegetables and regularly exercised. It was like I left the old me behind. As I commenced loving myself and seeing the greatness in myself, my ex-partner suddenly disappeared. As for my kidneys – I never felt paranoid or fearful like that again. I was able to discern what love was.

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Merely ‘coping’ was not an option anymore, as I lived life to the maximum and the relationships I attracted were based on love. I now ask you – how do you relate to things – in love or fear? Have you ever had kidney stones– (which are often a build-up of fear & paranoia)? What is your kidney telling you? For certified Medical Intuitive Courses and Sessions including Teacher Courses visit: 07 5641 4009

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Holistic Bliss, October 2011

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9/23/2011 9:49:32 AM

Blood – A Revealing River of Health


ssessment of blood allows for discovery of imbalances; that is why blood assessment is performed on a daily basis universally. Nowadays it is quite rare for an individual not to have had a blood test of some sort. Every day thousands of people are diagnosed with disorders through the use of specific blood tests. Having worked for many years as a laboratory technician in both diagnostic and research fields of Pathology I played a role in this process. My training gave me foundational knowledge of what healthy blood should look like microscopically; what the different types of cells are and what roles they play in the body. An adult has around 5 litres of blood circulating through their body – often it’s not healthy! Blood plays many vital roles. It needs to be clean and flowing freely. Most people do not even think about their blood unless of course the blood is revealed through injury! Our blood is working for us 24 / 7 to the best of its ability, for the length of our life –

amazing hey? When disturbances occur within our body, which manifest as symptoms, the first place we should look is at the blood. Changes can occur rapidly within the blood terrain and many are easily identifiable with a VISUAL assessment of a living blood sample. Assessing the blood visually not only highlights changes in the blood cells themselves but will also alert us to possible issues in other bodily systems. Every system that makes up our bodies works synergistically – each system affecting all others. Our amazing bodies do not develop disturbances or symptoms for no reason!! There will always be an underlying reason for health issues. As an example lowered Vitamin B12 and Iron levels cause change in the size of the red cells. Assessing the number of different white blood cells we can determine what the immune system is responding to. The five different types of white cell (each having very specific roles within our body) have a unique appearance and should be moving in a particular way.

Viewing aspects in the live sample that are different from a healthy blood picture allows us to determine the possible causation factors; add the dry blood assessment and we have more information. A combined total 90 minutes of microscopic observation is needed in order to fully assess both live and dry blood samples. During this time we comment on 80 plus aspects that give a solid basis for health clarity from which we discuss strategies for health improvement. Imagine all this valuable information at your fingertips which then allows you to transform your life. Next month – Finding the missing pieces in your health profile... For more information simply visit By Maria Waldock Founder – My Life Blood – 0421 210 136

Set yourself free from the burden of dieting and weight issues with Jane Caulfield, Journey Practitioner and Mindful Eating therapist and facilitator, who lost 40kgs through Mindful Eating. 22

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Holistic Bliss, October 2011

9/23/2011 9:49:59 AM

Internal Balance Brings Harmony to Relationships By Wendy Rosenfeldt


he success of our relationships depends on our state of wellbeing. How we feel determines the way we behave towards others. When we are tired, stressed or out of balance we don’t appreciate the people in our lives and are less tolerant of our loved ones. The Ayurvedic theory of doshas gives some insight into what we are attracted to in others and how our imbalances can affect how we relate. We can better understand why we may be snuggling under the doona in winter while our partner is opening the bedroom windows to get some fresh air or why we may wake up feeling chirpy at 6am while our partner isn’t awake until a coffee is made. No one dosha type is better than the others or easier to live with. Opposites can both attract us and annoy us but it is helpful to understand that they are two sides of the same coin. Understanding the basic tendencies and physiological makeup of ourselves and those around can foster tolerance and understanding that in turn can help us to be more thoughtful about other people’s needs.

Negative emotional traits are not more prevalent in any particular dosha rather they are an indication that the dosha is out of balance. How we react to a stressful situation is determined by the dosha that is aggravated. Negative qualities are not a necessary part of your natur but a sign that changes need to be made to bring yourself back to your ideal state. Vata natured people do well with a lifestyle of adequate rest and routine and a diet of warm, cooked foods. Over stimulation, lack of sleep, too much travel and raw foods can aggravate Vata causing insomnia, anxiety, bloating, constipation and indecisiveness. Pitta is balanced by regular meals, cooling foods, fresh fruit and a balanced life. Not eating at meal times, overwork, spicy food and alcohol can increase the fire of Pitta causing irritability, skin problems, excessive hunger and feeling over heated. Kapha predominant people feel best when they are exercising regularly, getting

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up early and eating a healthy diet including wholegrains and leafy greens. A sedentary lifestyle, excessive sleep, too much dairy and sweet food can create weight gain, lethargy and congestion in someone with a Kapha nature. Some simple diet and lifestyle changes can transform the anxious, insecure tendencies of a person with a Vata imbalance back to their natural state of flexibility and optimism. The angry outbursts and impatience of a Pitta imbalance can be replaced by focus and passion for life while the jealous, dependant qualities of a Kapha aggravated person can give way to the nurturing, caring characteristics of balanced Kapha. To improve the relationships in your life it is best to start with yourself. Wendy Rosenfeldt is available for Maharishi Ayurveda health consultations – Call Wendy 5499 9580 or check out

Through better Health and Wellbeing

Qualified Naturopath, Homeopath, Q Iridologist and Herb Herbalist, Spiritual piritual Healers Call Sandra Meehan on 0402047679 and Kate Grainger 0487870004 Flaxton Clinic 54786953

Maria Waldock (Dip.App.Sc. - Pathology) Founder of My Life Blood I P: 0421 210 136 I E: Holistic Bliss, October 2011

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9/23/2011 9:52:29 AM

Who taught you about intimate relationships? By Dr Kellie Yildirim


id anyone ever sit you down and help you understand the magical ingredients of your intimate relationships? In our culture we use the word LOVE for three separate and independent things. We tangle them up to the point of emotional confusion. Emerging out the other side of LOVE, wondering what was that???? I’d like to untangle LOVE for you…….. Its ingredients are; Romantic Infatuation, Universal Love & Sexual polarity. In our culture we use the word LOVE for three separate and independent things. We are all familiar with ROMANTIC INFATUATION, or that feeling of deep familiarity with someone special. It is a unique feeling that you may only experience once or twice in your life. It is very exclusive. It is the feeling of falling IN LOVE. Something about that person is special to you. It is the only aspect of these three

ingredients that is EXCLUSIVE in fact! It is very different to UNIVERSAL LOVE which is that feeling of openness toward someone. As opposed to closure. It is feeling free around them as opposed to being guarded and holding back. Love in this sense is universal in that you can feel it with anyone, a parent, child, friend, a lover, an animal or a pet. Love is not exclusive it is universal. Now think back to that feeling of sexual attraction!! That zing of energy you have felt around certain people. This is called SEXUAL POLARITY. Sexual polarity is the most misunderstood aspect of love because it is actually an energy! It is an arc of natural energy that forms between two people. Much like magnetic energy forms between the north and south pole. Sexual polarity is actually UNIVERSAL, it is NOT exclusive at all, which has confused our culture!! Sexual polarity is happening all the time, you don’t even have to know or even like the person. It is actually unconscious and based on masculine and feminine energy principles that exist in us all. Our lack of

understanding about this energy is what gets many sexually exclusive (monogamous) relationships in trouble!! It is natural to feel sexual polarity with people other than your partner, but what do you do with it?? Sexual polarity is the most misunderstood aspect of love because it is actually an energy! We can embrace this energy without acting on it. We can learn to use that energy yogically to bring more vitality to our bodies! It is actually a gift if we know what to do with it! Imagine teaching our younger generation these principles of intimate relationships before they started dabbling in relationships!! Imagine how empowered and sovereign they would become in their relationships. Dr Kellie is an author, chiropractor, life coach, healer and teacher of ancient spiritual practices.

At She Prana we teach you how to fully utilise this beautiful, powerful, natural energy source safely and with the highest personal integrity. Tapping into this natural energy source will enhance your personal experience of life, your creativity and your aliveness. Begin your Journey now! Contact Dr Kellie Yildirim- She Prana {e} {m} 0414 397 573 or visit to find out about upcoming workshops 24

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Holistic Bliss, October 2011

9/23/2011 9:52:56 AM

Tread lightly So this month’s theme is relationships! By Mr Green


elationships, from a green or ecological perspective could be expressed as a reflection on our relationship with our surrounds, that is, mankind and earth or human kind and nature. This column has often reflected on the way we, as humans, mistreat this earth, or at least treat our environment with little or no respect. But when I consider relationships, I wonder if I have missed the entire point of the debate. We wax on about how we mistreat the environment but should we be looking at the bigger picture. What is our relationship with the Earth? Some may say Mother Earth provides for us but where do we draw the line? Debating about whether to mine, develop or log a particular area, could be the small end of the argument and therefore possibly, myopic. Perhaps the real debate is: What is our

intended, effectual, relationship with this Earth of ours. Are we mere inhabitants like children or have we a say in what goes on? Where is the line drawn between allowing the Earth to provide for us e.g. provide food and shelter or using the Earth’s resources to better our lives i.e mining, farming. Is mining necessarily bad for the Earth and if so, is building homes, developments and farming equally as detrimental? To indulge in the argument that the Earth is to provide for our basic needs and not to be interfered with is to say that most of the population is not welcome. That is if we are mere hunters and gatherers, then the Earth’s population will have to be culled to fewer than one billion. What is enough, what is too much and what is fair? What sort of footprint am I, as an individual part of the whole human race, allowed to leave? Is it OK for me to

leave a footprint in the sand that will be gone through the coming high tide? Can I destroy a forest to build a city to house a million people? Can I mine for coal and oil and iron and bauxite? Who is to say where the balance is? You, me, politicians, miners, loggers, developers or environmentalists? Where is the debate about the big picture? What is the big picture? What is our relationship with the Earth and nature and ourselves and each other? Please don’t take this column out of context. I am not saying anything other than should we, as humans on this Earth, be looking deeper into our relationship rather than just bagging each other for having differing opinions? These are questions I think we all should be asking ourselves and each other. If you have an opinion you can write in to this column or visit our face book site. We’d love to hear from you!

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A picture says a thousand words This month’s reading:


eautiful little baby!! You will melt at the site of your baby, she is a ray of sunshine. Coming to make the world a brighter place, she is here to make people laugh and smile for no reason! The name she gives me is Amelia, so I don’t know if that is on your list or not. She tells me…. I like to sing and dance in the rain. I will enjoy the small pleasures and will explore. Not one to sit still as there is too much to learn through life. I will be so focused that I will block everything else out. I will live in my bubble. People of intellect intrigue me and I love to listen to learn and question their experiences and findings. I will waste hours with an ant farm, watching and learning their patterns of behaviour, as there must be relevance to humans. The animal kingdom needs more voices. May be I can help an endangered species; I will ask you for the strangest of pets. From cute and cuddly to spikey and crawly. I am healthy. I am happy and I feel all you feel. I enjoy your savoury foods. Even

though you feel hot, please do not eat or drink anything too cold, it makes it too cold in your body for me. We were once sisters that loved to play with our dolls and dance around. (The image shown to me was old English style clothing. The dolls were made of cloth. You had a cradle for them. You were spinning around together in the sun in a big field- dancing) We will do this again. You will dance like a big kid. Can I have a horse? Or a pig? Or a goat? I am looking forward to a simple, relaxed life. Where cares and concerns elude me. They are best for the Gods and Angels. Meditate with me I can answer your questions. Life is an adventure ready to have. This time I will learn to have the same fascination and compassion for people as I do the animals and nature. Be ready, we’ve got lots to learn. The crystal I used in the reading was Scolecite which is said to bring inner calmness. Your baby feels that way at the

moment. No emotional or physical needs, so very calm. The crystal is also related to the zodiac sign of the Capricorn. Natalie Hunter’s response: Wow thank you so much!! I cried!! I had a feeling it was a girl but we are finding out for sure in two weeks anyway. Amelia wasn’t on the list but it is a pretty name!! Lily is on the list however and it sort of sounds the same. I really feel that I will be really close with this baby, and it seem to be calm as you said, as I have been so calm throughout the pregnancy, even through a very stressful period. Looks like we may need to get a farm, if she wants a horse, pig or goat!! lol, that’s funny. Thank you so very much and I can’t wait to meet this little soul! Would you like to receive a message through one of your photos? Please send a recent photo to:

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Welcome to your forecast for October, in which we gratefully recover from the chaotic stars of September, and remember what win-win is all about. But then...sigh...the month of Scorpio begins. It’s not so bad if you know how to handle it. For survival tips, read on. October 1 to 12: This period of time builds on the energy of the new moon in Libra that graced the heavens back on September 27. Just in case you’ve forgotten, the themes back then were love, love and love – and they still are. All forms of love, in all shapes and sizes. Friendship, romance, familial bonding, and win-win business deals. Hopefully, that’s all going swimmingly for you – but any relationship that does not get thrashed out or smoothed out during early October will probably feel quite uncomfortable under the light of a powerful full moon in Aries on October 12. So is it too late, or too weird, or too complicated? Possibly not.

Here are some suggestions. (1) Forgive and forget (2) Send a gift (3) Be the first to say hi! We are all in this together, and right now it’s time to think like a Libran. They see the best in everyone. Sometimes that leads to trouble, but right now it leads to progress. October 24: the month of Scorpio begins. The sun, Mercury and Venus will all be travelling through Scorpio from now until November 2. Holy Hades! What should you do? You have two options. Get extra-intense about everything and everyone, or relax and remind yourself that having fun has nothing to do with making other people miserable. October 27: New moon in Scorpio. This new moon is even more intense. If you like your psyche to resemble a steamy Amazon jungle with a persecution complex, you might enjoy it. It’s also good for those who think a power play is a novel form of foreplay. But for those of you who like a drama-free life, it’s best to

under-estimate other people’s power to control you, manipulate you, or con you in any way. Stand firm. October 29: Jupiter aligns with Pluto. This is a wonderful combination of good fortune (Jupiter) and power (Pluto). For best results, think back to late 2007. What brilliant ideas alighted in your mind around then? What dreams did you hatch? What new directions inspired you? All these things are back on the agenda from October 29 through to March 2012. Admittedly, the world sometimes looks as if it wants to sunder your dreams rather than support them – but all is not what it seems. For people who practice magic, (which I guess we can loosely define as positive thinking + heart + courage + stubborn determination) wonderful results can occur from now to the end of this year and beyond. For a reading with Lyvea Rose, visit Lyvea also offers Creative Writing Coaching and Mentoring to emerging literary geniuses.

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The Human-Animal Bond By Eileen McLean


he more we use natural therapies, and experience the benefits for ourselves, the more we are willing to seek out natural alternatives for our animal companions. Modalities that are common for humans are having an increasingly more prominent role in veterinary medicine, with vets and animal practitioners utilising homeopathy, acupuncture, chiropractic treatments, Reiki, and traditional Chinese medicine. To further enhance the humananimal bond, animal communicators and intuitive animal healers are becoming more readily accepted, especially as we acknowledge that our pets have emotions too. Pets often need to process grief, anxiety, fear and loneliness, in similar ways to how we feel and process these emotions. Where a human can phone up a friend for a chat or seek out an holistic counsellor, animals are often left to their own devices. And this is where we may see adverse behaviours that are explained away as ‘naughtiness’ or ‘bad training’. In natural animal health care, a practitioner may use flower essences, energy

balancing, Dog Listening, essential oil therapy, Reiki or a change of diet, to promote optimal wellbeing. Diet is especially important for animals, as it is with humans. We all know that packaged, processed foods should be ‘sometimes foods’ and we know that fresh, natural, organic produce is best for our entire bodies, supporting health and mind. The same can be said for animals. Dry or canned, packaged and preserved, pet foods are not optimal diets for most animals. Dogs and cats, for example, are designed to eat raw foods. Cats should ideally eat 85-90% meat yet many domestic cats eat a diet heavy in dry food and grains. When selecting raw meats for our pets, it is important to think about where the meat is coming from. Take the time to consider organic, free range options for your family (and your pet). Devoted animal lover and organic pet food pioneer, Jenny Golsby says, “Our food is definitely one that has been created from a moral and ethical stand point, not to mention nutritious and delicious, using only free range meats

and never supporting factory farming”. When we think of the human-animal bond further we can easily list examples of how important pets are in people’s lives. One easy conversation starter is to ask about someone’s animal companions. You hear all about the dog, the cat, the bird, the horse, the fish, the mouse that has the most magnificent house, and the goat that thinks he’s a horse. Studies have shown time and time again that animals are therapeutic for the elderly or unwell, and there are many wonderful animal souls out there working in service for us every day. Guide dogs, police dogs and horses, search and rescue dogs, therapy horses and an everlasting list of amazing creatures giving humans great happiness just by sharing lives. Give thanks to your pets, they will appreciate it!

animal care “Complete Meal – Complete Health” WE DO NOT SUPPORT FACTORY FARMING Raw, Frozen “Complete Meal” and Bones for Cats and R Dogs. All Human Grade Ingredients, Certified Organic and Free Range Meats Only, Delicious, Nutritious and Balanced, Now available on the Sunshine Coast

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Holistic Classifieds EVENTS & BUSINESS


ENLIGHTENED GODDESSES BUSINESS NETWORK EVENTS NetConnect Seminar 5th October Mooloolaba, 9:30-4:30pm Are you serious about taking your business to the next level? Then you are ready to discover HOW! Join 6 dynamic speakers, enjoy a mini trade expo, networking opportunity, two course lunch and prizes! Book online www. RSVP NOW! tickets $149 CREATING PROFITABLE PARTNERSHIPS IN BUSINESS WORKSHOP 12th October Mooloolaba 9:30-4:30pm Discover the tools you need to create conscious joint ventures that will grow your business, build your profile and increase sales. Includes morning tea and workbook. Book online: events-details/?event_id=134 $97 RSVP 7th October GODDESSES@LUNCH 19th October Mooloolaba 11:45-2:30pm Join like minded women, create contacts that will grow your business and network authentically over a great lunch. Book online: events-details/?event_id=125 $40 RSVP 15th October TERRY OLDFIELD & SORAYA INVITE YOU TO CELEBRATE THE OPENING OF: Soraya’s Healing Room and Launch of “Healing Sound Journey” Album @ 32 Country Road, Palmwoods, Sunday November 6th 3pm-5:30pm. Enjoy afternoon tea, live music, ceremony and warm friendship. www.sorayasaraswati www.terryoldfield Ph. 0400 520 624

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SPIRITUAL CRYSTAL HEALINGS Available on the Sunshine Coast. Access Your Own Inner Knowing for healing, guidance and Growth. For more information about our Crystal Chakra Balance workshop. Contact Mark Crossland Ph: 0423 859 888 or email: CRYSTAL HEALING WORKSHOP Everything you ever wanted to know about Crystals and their amazing healing powers is covered by a qualified Crystal Therapist. From beginners to advanced you will learn which crystals to use, how, when and why. 2 day workshop Monday 21st & Tuesday 22nd November. or Phone Gabrielle (07) 5474 0531 DISCOVER YOUR SOUL’S PURPOSE TODAY Find out the secrets to discovering your heart’s desire and how contentment can be yours. Delve into the chakras like never before, discover the answers which have alluded you most your life! Take Time Out for Your-Self 76 William Street, Howard, Qld (07) 4129 0732


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Thanks to Holistic Bliss readers, 8 new outlets took up our offer. It’s great to find potential new places in Qld to stock a range of organic Rosnay wines. I must say the response to this advert has been amazing. Thankyou especially Vanessa! Sam Statham, Rosnay Organic Wines Holistic Bliss, October 2011

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Who is sharing with you this month?

Let Vanessa Finnigan (Holistic Bliss Magazine) and Natalie Delforce (Kookaburra Photography) help you to create videos that capture the real you and your passion in business so you can share it with the world! How do you add a little old Spice into your life?

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Holistic Bliss Directory KNOW THYSELF AS SOUL Sant Mat is a practical spiritual path based on meditation, ethical living, service to others & love for all creation. Entry is via a preparation program. Initial Consultation & Full panel Cholesterol test for $120 (Normally $150)

There is no charge at any stage. For more information...

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If you could make one simple choice to help heal the world

WOULD YOU? By selecting MOS’ premium quality skincare products you are not only choosing a cleaner, greener, more organic world but you are also helping to educate, nourish and protect children in less fortunate areas. We invite you to join us on our quest to heal the world ... your skin and the world’s children thank you for it. Montville Organic Skincare proudly supports Beautiful People 4 A Beautiful Planet We Invite You To Join Us On

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Holistic bliss October Edition  

Welcome to Holistic Bliss Magazine, the independent monthly magazine that gives you great information about natural health and holistic medi...

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