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eclectic mix


O F N E W Y O R K G L A M O U R & U R BA N S O P H I S T I C AT I O N Daisy’s Place provides an elegant and sophisticated alfresco dining experience within a flirtatious interior of luxury and style. Explore a delicious full menu of traditional recipes while relaxing within the tranquil outdoor and water landscaped gardens.

2859 Steve Irwin Way, Glenview (Just Off The Highway Onto Steve Irwin Way)

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Stunning new food menu ranging from breads, starters, entrees, mains, pizzas and desserts… • Wood fired pizza menu • New extensive beverage list • Best coffee • Wonderful scones, cakes all day, everyday • Some real treats


Email: reservations@daisysplace.com.au


Bookings essential please call 07 5494 5192 during opening hours

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Follow your bliss!

approaches we haven’t covered but I like to think we have touched on enough information to give people choice and an opportunity to tune in and see what resonates with them. The holistic way of life includes contribution from so many areas (including the medical model). And I believe we are drawn to people, books or even a method/treatment at the right time, when our soul is calling out.


arlier in the year our columnist Soraya told me about Anita Moorjani’s book, ‘Dying to be Me’ and I was blown away when I heard her story and transformational near death experience. Something shifted within and it made me reflect on what is possible for myself, others and the planet. So it’s a great honour to have Anita on our cover this month and share her incredible insights (see page 14-15). We also have some amazing articles this month on matters close to the heart; there are stories about recovery, breast care, the feminine energy, well-being and also grief and loss. It is by no means a comprehensive coverage, there are many stories still to be told and many different

It takes incredible courage to share a story that leaves you vulnerable and open. I am in awe of the people in this magazine who do just that and in the process give us all permission to do the same. What if we could be gentle with ourselves and each other…even just for the month of October?…can we hold the space for each other?

“Your Magazine With Soul”


The call of the



Faith Wild NATURAL




Food for the Soul



Anita Moorjani


Time to Live


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holistic dental care at noosa junction

At JD Dental, we believe that dental health is just a component of your all over well-being. We would like to help you find the answer to better health. By sharing our knowledge - from amalgam fillings (metal) and root canal treated teeth, to the perfect mix of a healthy diet and lifestyle tailored specifically for you. Find the balance and feel great!

Dr Alex Dietz - Dental Surgeon


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16 Sunshine Beach Road, Noosa Junction (above surf-shop) P 07 5449 2460 E info@noosajunctiondental.com.au www.noosajunctiondental.com.au

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28 Stress Less this Spring by Natasha Patten

6 Berbere by Vicki Taylor

30 The Emotional Landscape of Intimacy: A Woman’s Perspective by Vanessa Bushell

Traditional Kitchari by Jay Mulder 7 Review by Alicia Aberley

31 The Secret to Feminine Vitality by Janet McGeever

8-9 The What and Why of Fibre by Sarah Clarke 10 Chia Pudding by The Nutrition Guru and the Chef 11  Mexican Style Stuffed Peppers by Joanna Rushton 12 Overcoming Fear and Chasing Your Dreams by Lisa Wiedrich COVER STORY 14-15  Anita Moorjani: Time to Live

12 40

32 Wire Free Comfort

What is Powertube?

33 Grief and Loss with Ease by Wendy Mulder 34 Stress and the Mind, Body, Spirit Connection by Dr David Hendrey 35 Wise Woman by Gai O’Brien FASHION, BEAUTY, HAIR AND STYLE 36 Bare and Beauty-Full 38 The Luxury of Silk Without the Cruelty by Amanda Rootsey

What is Your Breast Saying? 16  by Jean Sheehan 17 What if Kindness and Awareness are the Keys?

39 7 Reasons to Visit a Natural Hair and Beauty Salon with Maureen Buckett

18 The Call of the Feminine Energy by Raelene Byrne


20-21 Faith in Herself by Vanessa Finnigan

40-41 Walking Tall by Davina O’Brien-Herbert  in Animals 42-43 Cancer by Dr Gary Bright

22 Body Beautiful by Mary-Lou Stephens 24-25 What Could Be Behind Breast Cancer? by Jules O’Neill

44 Group Support Through Loss by Emma Malthouse

26 Look after Your Pearly Whites Holistically

45 Beyond Grief Lies Truth by Soraya

27 Use Your Brain to Self Heal by Jule Fuller





Are you eating a good diet but still feeling like it isn’t doing what you would hope for? Are you absorbing the nutrients from your food? Food sensitivities do not have to cause constipation, loose bowels or bloating. When we do the blood testing that confirms the food sensitivity the person will often say they were lethargic, foggy and unmotivated, possibly experiencing headaches too. Food sensitivities may ‘silently’ irritate the gut lining and cause you to not absorb your nutrients. Bacterial overgrowth. A condition known as small intestinal dysbiosis (or SIBO) is characterised by too much bad bacteria and not enough good bacteria. Some bacterias help with the breakdown of carbohydrate, some fibres. Others help with breaking down proteins. When the balance of good:bad is not right the result could be excess gas, bloating, changes in bowel movement, fatigue but also a decrease in nutrient absorption. Emotional imabalance is probably one of the biggest contributors in nutrient deficiency. This causes your body

to release cortisol, a hormone that will result in a decrease in digestive function. Some of you may get an ulcer in the mouth, a cold sore, changes in bowel movements, more hair falling out or a little infectious bug when you are stressed. These are all signs that your demand for nutrients is high. Clinically there are tests that you can do to confirm if a person has increased intestinal membrane permeability. This can confirm if you are absorbing your nutrients properly or not.

Book your





Suzi Le Fanue BSc (Bmed) Naturopath & Nutritionist

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Traditional Kitchari RECIPE JAY MULDER – Eumundi Medicine Man





erbere is a complex mix of spices that comes from north African countries like Ethiopia, Somalia and Eritrea. There are many different recipes to this blend, depending on the creator but the main spices used are chilli, fenugreek, ajowan, black pepper, cardamom, cumin and nutmeg. Traditionally, Berbere is used to season both meat and vegetable slow cooked casseroles. Chickpeas are popular as they keep their form well. But like any spice blend I always tell people to experiment. You can make a paste using Berbere with a little olive oil to flavour different dishes like roast chooks, meatballs and adding to stir-frys. Garlic can be added to the paste and you can use as a marinade for any meat. Or try just sprinkling some over some vegies before roasting. In fact use this all purpose spice blend to add warmth and depth to any dish.


ou will be pleased to know that a combination of two grains is a perfect or complete protein which is accepted by advanced nutritional science. “Kitchari” is an ayurvedic stew combining organic brown rice and split mung dahl. A great one pot wonder that the whole family can enjoy. Kitchari is great any time of year but especially good during change of season when our digestive ability may be compromised. It’s also an excellent food to aid recovery from illness, for strength and general health.


(serves 4)

Ingredients: ½ cup organic brown rice ½ cup split mung dahl 1 tsp turmeric powder 1 cup of mixed vegetables (pumpkin, cauliflower) 1 tbsp ghee 1 tsp black mustard seeds 1½ tsp cumin seeds 1 inch fresh grated ginger 1 dried red chilli (optional) ½ tsp hing Ayurvedic rock salt (to taste)

Method: Mix the grain together and wash under running water until water runs clear. Put grain into a pot and cover with 5-6 times the amount of water. Add turmeric and vegetables to the water and bring to the boil, allow to cook over a medium flame for 30 minutes, stirring when needed. In another small pot start to warm the ghee on a low flame. Add the black mustard seeds (wait for them to pop) then add the cumin seeds, fresh grated ginger, dried chilli and lastly the hing. Turn off the heat once all of the spices have been gently stir fried, being very careful not to burn the hing. Simply pour the spice infused ghee into the cooked grain mix and add ayurvedic salt to taste. eumundimedicineman.com.au


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Open 6 days a week Open days a8870 week Phone75491 Phone 5491 8870 Shop 4, ‘Monaco’ Shop 4, ‘Monaco” Lower Bulcock Street, Caloundra.

Bulcock Street, Caloundra

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omegrown is a cozy and charming petit café located in the hinterland, right in the heart of Palmwoods. Away from the hustle and bustle, it has built quite the reputation for itself. A place where locals and tourists alike come to enjoy real food, great coffee, and Australian made products. As I happily enjoyed my afternoon soaking in the beauty that is Homegrown, a number of locals came in smiling and chatting to owner Sarah. There was no mistaking the sense of community that has been created. Greeted with that instant feeling of home, I settled in and took in my surroundings. As the afternoon passed I fell in love with this magical little space. Love hearts and fresh flowers were scattered throughout. A chalkboard menu with flavoursome dishes hung above the counter. I loved the map on the wall with the little paper tabs pinned to the areas showing where the local produce comes from. And it was so lovely for Sarah to sit down, share some lunch, and have a chat with me. I have to say that I have never


REVIEW ALICIA ABERLEY – Food, Words and Wine

experienced a pasta dish quite like Tucked the mouth watering; delicate pillows away from of hand made spinach and ricotta sight is ‘The ravioli, laced with sage butter and fresh Pantry’ – full parmesan. The texture and flavours of locally were a masterpiece of perfection. Petit sourced flowers shared the plate with my meal. fruits and vegetables and healthy and Passionate about limiting waste, the whole food essentials. And ‘The Shed’ salad greens and herbs came from a where you can buy clothing, books and vegetable garden out the back. I was gifts. This is also Homegrown’s new surprised when Sarah took me for coffee and roasting and retail premises. a walk through ‘The Lane’ to find a Their delicious coffee is sourced from stunning area where you an estate in Sarah’s homeland can pull up a chair and HOMEG enjoy the magical garden of Zimbabwe. A farm in the R 4/6 Ma OWN outdoor seating area. I Crake Valley that focuses in S PALMW treet was whisked blissfully on social responsibility and OODS Phone 0 away into another 458 27 sustainability. 0 Open: T world. ues-Fri 368 On a Friday night ‘The 8-4pm, Sat 8-2 pm, Fri Lane’ is opened and these e v ening 5.30-8.3 0pm three businesses get together to spoil visitors with a varied and ever changing menu of Mexican, Moroccan, and other International Cuisine – made from local ingredients of course!!! My next Friday night adventure… A story for some other time… foodwordswine.com

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se v th in –

what and why?

WORDS SARAH CLARKE – Owner of Natural Earth Health Products


ou may often hear about the importance and fuss over fibre for our marvellous machines… but what is it and why the fuss? Sometimes the basics need to be explained – so may I shed some light for you? A variety of definitions of fibre exist. In an attempt to develop one definition of fibre that everyone can use, the Food and Nutrition Board assembled a panel that came up with the following definitions: • Dietary fibre consists of nondigestible carbohydrates and lignin that are intrinsic and intact in plants. This includes plant non-starch polysaccharides (for example, cellulose, pectin, gums, hemicellulose, and fibres contained in oat and wheat bran), oligosaccharides, lignin, and some resistant starch. • Functional fibre consists of isolated, non-digestible carbohydrates that have beneficial physiological effects in humans. This includes non-digestible plant (for example, resistant starch, pectin, and gums), chitin, chitosan, or commercially produced (for example,

resistant starch, polydextrose, inulin, and indigestible dextrins) carbohydrates. • Total fibre is the sum of dietary fibre and functional fibre. You may also hear fibre referred to as bulk or roughage. Call it what you want, just know that fibre is an important part of a healthy diet and can have many health benefits. It can help prevent heart disease, weight gain and some cancers and it can also improve digestive health. It is said to have a positive impact on cholesterol absorption and assists in the modulation of blood glucose-assisting in the treatment and prevention of Type 2 Diabetes. This difference can be seen among the two categories that fibre is divided into: soluble and insoluble. Each type of fibre helps your body in different ways. It’s important to eat a variety of fibrecontaining foods. • Soluble fibre can be digested by your body. It dissolves in water to form a gel-like substance. Sources of soluble fibre are: oats, legumes (beans, peas, root vegetables), apples, bananas,


d is c b fa a p a o b g la o a

berries, barley, some vegetables, and psyllium. It is helpful in providing fuel for bacteria and encouraging a healthy micro flora in the gut.

th fi lo y

• Insoluble fibre can’t be digested. It passes through your gut without being broken down. Insoluble fibre help keep your bowels healthy and helps prevent digestive problems. Increasing the movement of material through your digestive tract and increases your stool bulk. Helping to prevent and treat constipation. Sources of insoluble fibre are: whole wheat foods, bran, nuts,

‘The Shop That Is Not A Shop’


• Consultations • Ayurvedic Medicines • Spices and Teas • Books


Eumundi Markets OPEN: 7am-1pm Saturday


OPEN: 9am-5pm Mon-Fri, 9am-2pm Saturday 1/10 Main Street, Palmwoods Ph 5478 8893

• Everything is gluten free • High quality, all natural seasonings and flavours



organic produce, grocery, products for body and soul

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11 Coral Street, Maleny • Phone 5435 2233

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g fe lo e

D re to o

seeds, and the skin of some fruits and vegetables. It’s important to also increase the intake of water with a diet high in insoluble fibre or you can get constipated – and you don’t want that! It was originally thought that fibre didn’t produce energy for the body, but it is now known that some fibres (soluble) can be fermented in the large intestine by gut bacteria, producing short chain fatty acids and gases. The fatty acids are absorbed into the blood stream and do provide a small amount of energy. The amount of gas produced depends also on the type of fibre eaten and the gut bacteria that is present (give the good guys more real estate)! Adaption by the large intestine and gut bacteria gradually occurs and symptoms decrease i.e: wind and slight discomfort. Did you know that by adding fibre to any meal, lowers the GI of your meal! You also gain greater satiety – feeling fuller for longer and sustained energy levels. The Australian Dietary Guidelines recommend that adults are to eat at least five servings of vegetables per day and two

serves of fruit. Do you think we pass? In 2007-08, more than 90% of Australian adults did not eat enough vegetables. Almost 50% did not eat enough fruit! Perhaps if more people understood the health benefits and potential protective advantages that can be obtained from adding more fibre into their diets daily, more people would! For this indicator, daily fruit and vegetable consumption is used to estimate fibre intake. According to a National Nutrition survey conducted in 1995 by the ABS, most of our fibre intake (80%)came from cereal products, cereal-based products, fruit and vegetables. The major sources of dietary fibre were: regular breads

and rolls for all ages; and potatoes for adolescents. Potatoes contributed a moderate amount to intake by children and adults. Other foods that contributed a moderate amount to dietary fibre intake were some fruit, single source breakfast cereals, mixed source breakfast cereals and mixed dishes where cereals are the major ingredient. It would be wonderful to see the figures show more people gaining the lion’s share of fibre intake from functional foods… a fresh piece of seasonal fruit, munching on crunchy vegetables as a snack or enjoying nutrient dense seed and nut mixes. Keeping the bowels moving regularly is so important for our bodies – I once heard someone describe your digestive tract as a railway line with trains passing along regularly. If a train misses a scheduled stop, passengers cannot get on or off as they intended. Meetings may be missed, friends and families might not get to see each other and parcels are not delivered… The journey food takes along your digestive tract does not contain any stages that can be skipped without detrimental effects… so bulk up, push on and don’t hold back!! naturalearthhealthproducts.com.au

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9/18/2013 4:27:01 PM

A Little About Chia


hia seeds are very high in fibre, protein and iron as well as antioxidants. So, they keep our bowel healthy, can lower our cholesterol, maintain our blood sugar levels, fill us up and give us energy. They also contain Omega 3 oils which are essential for keeping skin healthy, reducing inflammation and protecting our heart from heart disease. 1 tablespoon of chia contains approx 6 grams of fibre which is the equivalent of 4 slices of multi grain bread. When the recommended amount of fibre intake per day is 25 grams (females) and 30 grams (males), a tablespoon of chia added to the diet is a fabulous way to reach that target. This pudding contains LOTS of chia so this recipe contains many serves.


Chia Pudding Ingredients: • ½ cup chia seeds • 1 cup your choice of milk (dairy, oat, nut) • ¼ cup cocoa powder • 2 tbsp honey, rapidura or coconut sugar • ¼ cup sultanas (optional)

Method: • Place all ingredients in a bowl, jar or container and stir to combine. • Place in fridge so that chia and sultanas can absorb the liquid. • After about 30 minutes, the pudding should be ready. If it is too thick, simply add more water or milk until it reaches the consistency you desire. thenutritionguruandthechef.wordpress.com


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Cath Manuel

“Inspiring people around the world to live a sustainable life, from the ground up”

“Soil to Supper” is a specialist service that creates and maintains beautiful, organic gardens. We offer Consultations, SCAN THIS Garden Coaching and Sustainable CODE TO VISIT Garden Services to keep your SOIL TO SUPPER garden highly productive and WEBSITE looking beautiful and apply organic garden practices to everything we do.

Visit www.soiltosupper.com.au for more info or phone Cath Manuel on 0408 060 997

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Mexican Style Stuffed Peppers RECIPE JOANNA RUSHTON

Ingredients: 4 peppers (different colours) 2 tbsp olive oil 1 cup of chopped onions 6 tbsp chopped fresh parsley 2 garlic cloves (chopped) 1 tbsp sweet paprika 2 small red hot chillies (seeded and chopped) 1 tsp Celtic sea salt 1 tsp ground black pepper 2 cups of chopped tomatoes 2 cups of stock (any kind is fine) 2 cups mixed quinoa Jo’s tips: Always make sure you soak your quinoa to neutralise the phytic acid making the nutrients more bio available to the body. Method: Soak quinoa overnight in water or until sprouted. When sprouted, drain and place in saucepan and just cover with stock (approx 2 cups). Bring to simmer

and cook until all stock is absorbed. Heat oil in a large sauté pan over medium heat. Add onions, garlic, paprika, chilli, salt, and pepper. Sauté until onions have softened. Add the chopped tomatoes, parsley and quinoa. The consistency should be moist but not running with liquid. Cut off the top (½ inch) of peppers and reserve. Scoop seeds from cavities. Brush the outside of the peppers with a little oil. Fill pepper cavities with quinoa mixture. Stand filled peppers on a baking tray and put the tops back on. Bake on 150° Celsius until peppers are tender (about 25 minutes). Serve with your choice of salad. From ‘Rocket Fuel On A Budget’ by JOANNA RUSHTON energycoachinginstitute.com


Lacking Balance & Vitality?

Re-Energise with Lisa

Lisa Wiedrich is a Certified Holistic Health & Wellness Coach and Qualified Chef Lisa has coached high performing professionals in her corporate work and now offers her Individualised Holistic Health Coaching Programs to bring balance, health and vitality to you, enabling you to reach your own individual life goals. Would you like to: • Set and accomplish goals in a way that is empowering and exciting • Work to achieve and maintain your ideal weight • Understand and reduce your cravings • Increase your energy levels

• Feel GREAT in your body • Learn about new foods and how you can easily incorporate them • Improve your personal relationships • Discover the confidence to CREATE THE LIFE YOU WANT

CONTACT LISA NOW FOR A FREE INITIAL HEALTH HISTORY CONSULTATION 12-Day REAL FOOD Mind, Body and Spirit Detox launching soon, so make sure you follow us on FB, sign up for the Newsletter or visit the website for more details lisa@soulfoodjourney.com www.soulfoodjourney.com

Mobile: 0450 377 735

SoulFood Journey also offers: • Meditation Classes • Cooking for Health and Fun Workshops • Corporate Wellness Workshops • Pantry Overhauls

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Overcoming Fear

and chasing your dreams



f you’re familiar with my blogs, you’ll know I often write about facing fears. Why? Because facing our fears can be one of the most powerful ways of propelling us on our journey. It’s outright liberating. As we face and overcome each one, we come to realise our power. We come to realise that the things holding us back, in effect, our fears, aren’t as scary as we thought. And we wonder why we let them hold us back for so long. They can stop us from chasing our visions and being fulfilled on a level we only dream about. Each time you face one and

Sunshine Dental Care




Dr Lilian Kluge

Shop 3, Plaza Central 31-33 Plaza Parade MAROOCHYDORE 4558

Phone 5475 4866


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overcome it, you move closer to your dreams. You step further into your own power and you begin to have more and more self belief. Belief that you can actually achieve what you want in life. As I’ve looked back over the years, I came to understand why I didn’t stay in my chefing career. I was terrified. I began to wonder if I could ever be as good as The Roux Brothers (yep, I’m clearly 40+), and I let that take over completely. I once landed a role at a good Melbourne French Restaurant but I turned my back and walked away. I had no idea back then that it was due to fear. Fear of not living up to my own expectations. Ugh!!! If only I had known then what I know now hey!? So now, I’m sitting here at my desk, six weeks into self employment. Yep, for the second time in just under two years, I’ve given up the corporate life to chase my own dreams. First time was a trial run I think and didn’t stick. Clearly I had

to give it another go just to make sure! And everyday I woke up and pretty much dreaded each working day. Until I had to hear my body screaming at me to stop! So, I sucked it up, listened and jumped yet again. Am I scared? Hell yeah!! Having two children to feed on my own and not knowing when and where the next dollar comes from is completely terrifying. And there’s still the mind chatter of comparing myself to others and wondering if I’m good enough… but now, I just tell it to SHUT UP and I get on with it anyway. But if you ask me how I feel?! I’m more relaxed than I thought I would be and spending time in my office feels good now. I truly feel FREE!!! I’m chasing my dreams and I’m helping people along the way in what I do… How cool is that!? “The real risk is in doing nothing” – Denis Waitley

“We get most of our patients through word of mouth” SAFE AMALGAM REMOVAL

Because we believe passionately in Holistic Health, we practise the safest possible ways to remove Amalgam. We are fully equipped for Safe Amalgam Removal with AIR PURIFICATION, and work in a strict protocol considering your health first. The Air Purification System has high efficiency filters which remove mercury vapours, disinfectants and organic aerosols.

“CEREC” CROWNS (completed in one visit!) Here at Sunshine Dental Care we have the very latest technology, offering “CEREC” crowns. This is a porcelain crown which is prepared, milled and inserted all in one single visit – saving the patient the need to wait two weeks (requiring two visits) to receive their treatment.

ilable: Also Ava try or entis Sleep D n… You t sedatio h deep h ig il w T wit ur eyes close yo and sleep your n e relaxatio your procedur h g ou way thr ter how lengthy at m o (n lex). or comp

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9/18/2013 4:40:19 PM

Cover Story

! e v i L o t T ime




n 2006 Anita had a massive awakening which changed her life forever. After being diagnosed with lymphoma (lymphatic cancer) and suffering for four years, the cancer eventually spread so dynamically through her body; she went into a coma and was rushed to hospital given only a few hours to live! What her


14.indd 1

doctors and family didn’t realise as she was lying comatose in bed, was that she was aware of everything!…she experienced pure bliss. And in this space of grace, she received total clarity about her true essence and full insight about the creation of her cancer…she realised she was dying to be her true self! But she decided it wasn’t her time to go…she could see the possibilities for change on the planet and so she made the choice to return and live a full life…a life free of limitations and worry and a few weeks later she was discharged from hospital totally free of cancer. But do we have to have a near death experience to discover the bliss

of who we really are? Anita tours the world sharing her story and explaining we can have a full and joyful life by being our true selves right now. It is an honour to share Anita’s current views and way of being this month. Here is the communication we shared: Vanessa: How do you view cancer, fear, death and life now? Anita: I see the fear of cancer as being greater than cancer itself. Everyone fears cancer, and so our focus on cancer is huge! And this just perpetuates the fear! I would like to see a world where our focus is on health and wellbeing, and where instead of spending millions (or billions) of dollars on cancer awareness, we instead spend that money on health awareness, and teach people what it means to be healthy. What does it look like? Feel like? What do we need to do to attain health? Most people don’t have a clue!! That’s because no one teaches us these things. They are all too busy looking for cancer! Regarding death, I don’t fear death any more. I used to fear death, and I used to fear life. But losing my fear of death has made me lose my fear of life. Death has taught me how to live. Vanessa: How would you describe the way you live now? Anita: My travel schedule has become really hectic, and there are some days when I wake up in the morning in a hotel, and forget which city/town I’m in. The only consistency in my life is my wonderful husband Danny, who is always beside me in the bed wherever in the world I wake up. But even though my life has sped up, I just love how things are unfolding! Since I travel so much, I eat a lot more protein than I am used to eating. I get cravings for protein – and I know that it’s my body’s way of telling me that I need fuel to keep me going because my life is more demanding than it used to be. I’ve never felt I’ve needed this much protein before. I normally prefer a diet that is closer to a vegetarian diet (although not 100% vegetarian) but when I started this new life of

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9/18/2013 4:42:08 PM

tr p to so a su – d a b sa a p w m o th a a h c h

a n w p c




travelling and speaking and being fully present in different time zones, I started to feel very tired quickly. At first, I asked some nutritionists for advice, and I was advised to just add a whole bunch of supplements and smoothies to my diet – and I tried it for a while, but that just didn’t work for me! I still felt so lethargic all the time. So I decided to sit with my body and ask it what it needed, and I saw images of grilled salmon, eggs, fish and chicken – just endless images of protein based foods! It was like my body was starved of protein! And once I asked my body, I couldn’t get the images out of my mind! So I immediately went to the kitchen and boiled some eggs, and after eating them, noticed a difference almost immediately. And since then, I have increased the protein in my meals considerably, and I am finding that I have boundless energy to keep on going! This information didn’t come from any book. I just listen to what my body needs, and I place no judgment on what it chooses. Most people have preconceived notions on what is considered a ‘good’ diet, or ‘bad’ diet, based on what we learn and read, and we have judgments

about them, and we make our choices based on our judgments. Get rid of all these judgments. Love and trust yourself, and tune in! Vanessa: What does an ‘holistic lifestyle’ mean to you? Anita: To me, an ‘holistic lifestyle’ means first and foremost, honouring who you are, and allowing yourself to be you fully. It means loving and valuing yourself, and who you are, and not needing to dilute yourself, or make yourself small, or shrink back because you think you are not good enough. It means allowing your light to shine as brightly as possible. That is first and foremost, to me, in being ‘whole’ or living a holistic lifestyle. Everything else, including diet and exercise comes from that basis. If you don’t have that aspect down pat, like most people, you will be searching externally all the time for the best diet, the best exercise regime, etc., and all of these will be short lived, when you realise that they don’t fit with your lifestyle. When you love yourself and value yourself, you will choose the best diet for your body and lifestyle by listening to your body. Vanessa: When people see you and how you are ‘being’, what do you think they learn about being themselves authentically? What does truly being ‘you’ mean? Anita: It means knowing and trusting that you are a good person inside, and not feeling that you have to work really hard at being ‘good’ or ‘getting things right’. Many of us work really hard at pleasing others, or trying to get things right. This just sends you the message that you are not good enough as you are, and you have to work at it – which is not true!! So being yourself means not worrying about what other people think of you. It means doing things because you want to do them, or feel like doing them or because they bring you joy, instead of doing things because you want people to like you and accept you, or because you want to ‘fit in’.



Healing from cancer has really empowered me the most. To know that my body was capable of doing that – of reversing cancer from such a late stage – feels very empowering.

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Realising the truth of who I (we) really are! Having a book published without even pursuing a publisher and having it hit the New York Times Bestseller list was really amazing for me!


Seeing my life unfold in all its little ways empowers me to continue to trust.


I trust that all I have to do is be myself, and allow my life to unfold in the way that is best for me.

Vanessa: How do you see your life unfolding over the next few years? What projects will you be involved with? Anita: I would love to be involved with people who are in medicine and inspire them to change the way the medical community views illness and health. I would also love to be involved with people who are in education, and change the way we educate our children to view themselves. Children need to know that they are loved for who they are, and they are meant to be unique, and shine their light. They are not supposed to conform, and they are not supposed to compete with each other. If children learned to collaborate instead of compete all the time, we would have a very different world. If I could reform the whole education system, I would! ANITA MOORJANI is a gift to humanity and she continues to inspire people all over the world to remember the magnificence of who they really are. For more information visit: anitamoorjani.com Anita will also be appearing at the Uplift Festival in December in Byron Bay. Holistic Bliss | OCTOBER 2013 |

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9/18/2013 4:43:08 PM

What is Your

Breast Saying?

WORDS JEAN SHEEHAN, Principal – Millennium Education


ach and every body part has a consciousness. When a body part ‘forgets’ its role, it becomes diseased and ‘talks’ to the person to make them aware of the internal vibration. The consciousness of the breast has many aspects that, if not aligned, can create breast cancer. Disrespect: Cancer can be related to disrespect and a girl never feeling noticed. This belief can be carried through to any relationships she has as an adult. If the breast cancer is on the left side, it relates to females/mothers/ women. If it is on the right side, it relates to men/father/males. Nourish: When a woman becomes a mother she ensures her family is nourished in mind, body and spirit before she is. Soul nourishment is important to learn to love yourself unconditionally. To nourish the soul, connect with people who enhance your life and feed your soul with love. Nurture: Life is about nurturing ourselves, no matter what we have

experienced in childhood or any other time in our past. The difference is that there is no blame on anyone else for how you are, as we are all responsible for our own thoughts, actions, beliefs and results. There are no failures, only results. Acceptance: Acceptance is being able to be one with all and receive approval. The main concept is whether you can accept yourself for what you have or have not done, said, and thought. It does not matter what others think of you; ultimately it comes down to what you think of yourself. Sensuality: Many young girls confuse sensuality with having sex, rather than a close intimate relationship with themselves as a woman and then with a partner depending on age, development and other factors. Sometimes, in the desperation to feel loved and accepted, a woman may use her body as an object and therefore may not feel sensual. Sexuality: Quite often it is an aspect of one’s need for closeness, caring and touch. On a subconscious level,

some women deny their own desires and beliefs about wanting to be close to someone. This desire is to be close and feel cared for. A human way of expressing this is through sex. Neediness: Neediness comes from feeling alone and isolated. They do not realise their own potential and what they can achieve as interdependent people. If unresolved they can create breast cancer as a way of feeling loved and to ensure their partners do not leave them. Resentment: The body locks resentment into the nipple chakra. It is grievance and anger at someone or something. It happens when we blame someone or something and refuse to release that blame. The healing aspect is to forgive. If you want more understanding of what is happening in your body, email JEAN SHEEHAN and she will answer on the meaning of disease and body consciousness. AbsoluteEmpowerment.com


comfort for women

Conscious Loving for Couples 10 th - 16 th Nov Sunshine Coast, Qld



Finding Love Again In this six day retreat a couple is given a completely new insight into sex, and its function in relationship. When the real truth about sex is clarified, sex becomes a potentially healing force and not a potentially disruptive one.


* Please note: There is no nudity or demonstrations in this retreat

This retreat, described by some as “a coming home”, “a spiritual honeymoon”, “a reawakening to love”, is a special gift to your relationship. Couples feel the impact whether they have been together for three years or thirty years.

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After 6 successful years the owners of Bodywise Underwear are looking towards retirement and pursuing other interests. Are you an entrepreneur? Perhaps you are looking for a lifestyle change, have a passion for customer service and are willing to invest your enthusiasm in the business to continue ‘supporting’ our loyal customers who appreciate comfort and well-being. This substantial online/bricks & mortar business, with large customer database, could be relocated anywhere, including as an add-on to an existing business, an inner-city boutique or as a homebased or regional business. If this well-established brand (since 1994) interests you, please contact our broker: Peter Whitelaw, 0411 107 039, peter@peterwhitelaw.com.au


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Presented by


For full details and registrations, call Janet: or visit our website:

0428 726 849


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Kindness and Awareness be the Keys? Could


ave you noticed how much attention breasts receive? Most men don’t appear to care too much about the size and shape of them. They just love any opportunity to enjoy them. Women on the other hand can have a lot of conflict about their bosoms. If you are a female do you hear yourself comparing, hiding, obsessing or judging your breasts? Do you wish they were perkier, bigger, smaller and not the centre of attention to roving eyes? Have you wrestled with “I have a brain and there’s more to me than my chest” or “what’s appropriate to wear”? Daily judgment erodes the sense of self and happiness, potentially creating dis-ease. A client who as a developing teen had been cruelly teased by her father regarding her breasts being small was seeking some peace with her body image. Despite being a beautiful and successful woman, she struggled with

her the image she had of her size 10 and associated insecurities. She opted to have breast implants (three times larger). The surgeon told her that her breasts were full of cysts but he told her not to worry and that he could still do the operation. She chose to go ahead, praying this was the answer to ease her agony. It wasn’t. And she is now dealing with more complications from the surgery and her sense of wellbeing. Is the missing link to health in what we hold onto and make significant? Science tells us that if we yell at a plant it dies. If it receives care and encouragement it thrives. What if many years of self-loathing and hatred of her body created the cysts? Could it be that the intensity of unkindness and imposing of judgment creates dis-ease anywhere in the body? How can we change this? What if you were more aware of how you are treating yourself?

W ia NE tral us A to

What if you chose to be at ease with your body, exactly as it is? Would you be willing, right now, to hold yourself gently and acknowledge everything your body has done for you today? Say “Thank you body for putting up with me I am so grateful for all you be!” Your body has its own consciousness – it is asking you to listen! Could dis-ease be the body’s way of expanding our awareness? Ask your body questions and become aware of what it is showing you, like – “How does it get any better than this?” and “Body, what do you require to change this?” What if you could access a space of peace and relaxation that transforms any judgment, and allow your body to thrive instead of shrivel up and die. If it works with plants, why not try it with your body? accessconsciousness.com

Medical Intuitive Retreat

9 - 14 November 2013

“The Leading Name in the Field of Advanced Frequency-TENS-Therapy-Techniques” Used by many alternative practitioners, dentists and doctors around the globe for pain therapy, health care, combatting infection and cleansing


Join Inventor and Manufacturer MARTIN FRISCHKNECHT as he launches his revolutionary device on his FIRST TOUR OF AUSTRALIA • SYDNEY • MELBOURNE • CANBERRA • BRISBANE • GOLD COAST • SUNSHINE COAST • TOWNSVILLE TGA registered medical device (No. 1406560)

DON’T MISS THIS EVENT IN OCTOBER! For enquiries or to register contact

Inner Glow Health Products – (07) 5449 0600 rasunah@spiderweb.com.au | www.powertube.whitelighten.com.au

Successful Healing Business

16 - 17 November 2013

What is Your Body Telling You? Jean Sheehan is an internationally recognised medical intuitive

Discover your full potential knowing anything is possible. Jean Sheehan


w. AbsoluteEmpowerment.com e. Bookings@AbsoluteEmpowerment.com p. 07 5641 4009 Holistic Bliss | OCTOBER 2013 |

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s the divine feminine energy started its rise on this earth early in this century, the numbers of diagnosed breast cancers have risen dramatically across the globe. It seems like an epidemic is sweeping the earth. For thousands of years, women and the divine feminine have been suppressed, oppressed, repressed, devalued, abused, killed and objectified. With each generation that has existed, the ‘beliefs’ about women of the times, has been ingrained into every action, thought, pattern and behaviour. As the centuries have passed, these beliefs have become so firmly entrenched in the fabric of life and into our DNA, that women have ‘behaved’ in the ways expected by society. As each generation passed, more oppression was carved into the women which was passed on to the next generation. So my question is – what if this ‘epidemic’ of breast cancer, is in fact, an energetic cleansing, a breaking away and through these deep rooted beliefs that have governed the feminine energy until this time in evolution? A way to make women look at their choices, their attitudes, and their inherited patterns of belief. In the last 40 years, there has been a higher percentage of women standing up for themselves, creating their lives and drastically changing beliefs of who they are and what they are capable of. The contraceptive pill gave women sexual freedom, but has it also altered the physicality of the endocrine system, to create a physical imbalance, that if

ESS IS THE IN S U B IF T A H W F LI VING? O E R U T N E V D A Order your book now in soft cover, audio, ebook. Get the first two chapters free at: accessjoyofbusiness.com

Two-day class in Mooloolaba – with Simone Milasas – 12-13 December, 2013

For details call Shennan 0410 471 724 18

18.indd 1

triggered by emotional issues, spills over into the tumours of discontent? All disease has an emotional and spiritual seed that MUST be addressed. Cancer research especially for breast cancer has been happening for at least four decades, billions of dollars have been raised. My concern is that with all the money spent on medical research; we basically still have 3 options available radiotherapy, surgery and chemotherapy. Yes the methods may have been tweaked, and refined, but they are the only medical options after decades of research!! Dr Bruce Lipton, a leader in epigenetics, states passionately that our genes are NOT our biology. In fact, new science is proving that our environment, thinking and feelings create the genetic codes that are played out in life. If you can create an illness, you can heal it. Change a belief, you change your genes. In the alternative world the responsibility of self is the healing pathway. Finding the emotional cause, and healing that core belief while supported by changes in diet, NURTURING self, being not doing, putting yourself first, fresh air, meditation….all wonderful ways for creating the foundations for self healing. In today’s world, women have the power to choose their healing journey. Whether they combine to the two roads, choose one over the other, it is a personal choice. What I do know is that the divine feminine energy is calling us to heal the old patterns of belief around women. medicineforyourspirit.com

• Holism • Meditation • Religion • Philosophy • Science • Astrology • Yoga • Psychology • Vegetarianism • Mysticism

Present this advert to Brisbane Lodge for a 10% DISCOUNT on one book purchase or library membership The Theosophical Society welcomes people from all religions or from none, who are interested in the search for Truth as realised by the great saints and sages. The possibility for realising this Truth is present in every one of us through both psychological and spiritual transformation.

Public Meetings at Brisbane Lodge 7.30pm Fridays

BRISBANE THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY 355 Wickham Terrace – Phone (07) 3839 1453

Also at Toowoomba, Warwick, Buderim, Noosa, Atherton and Interstate BROWSE OUR SMALL BOOKSHOP OR JOIN OUR UNIQUE AND COMPREHENSIVE LIBRARY

More info at www.theosophyqld.org.au

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VIBRANT Caloundra

• Chiropractic (Dr Simon Morgan) • Naturopath • Weight Loss Coaching • Massage • Yoga • Meditation • TRX

www.Wellsure.com.au | Ph (07) 5438 2008 | 2 Park Place CALOUNDRA


• Corrective Chiropractic (Dr David Hendrey) • Naturopath • Massage • Rehab Studio

www.hendreychiropractic.com.au | Ph (07) 543 77 222

13/5 Innovation Parkway (Level 1) KAWANA WATERS

LIVING Maroochydore

• Corrective Chiropractic (Dr Eric Slead) • Paediatric and Family Wellness • Digital Imaging • Rehab Studio

www.premierchiropractic.com.au | Ph (07) 5408 4224 | 506/5 Emporio Place MAROOCHYDORE

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Faith in Herself!



You have to have an open heart and an open mind to heal,” says Faith. As the old adage goes, ‘many roads lead to Rome’ and what works for one person may not work for another. This month Faith shares what worked for her, but there isn’t one approach or a single cookbook method that is guaranteed to work for everyone. Winding back the clock two years

to when a traumatic biopsy confirmed Faith had breast cancer, she remembers collapsing from the pain as they hit a nerve. The following day she started to fall apart emotionally and remembers shaking like a leaf all day as she watched a movie with her partner. She also had a lumpectomy which she says created more suffering and the only follow-up solution that was presented to Faith was to have surgery to cut out most of her breast, lymph nodes and the nerves along her arm. Radiation was also suggested. She was scheduled for urgent surgery but something within her changed… she had an epiphany and decided to sit in front of her computer and do some research. This was a turning point for Faith, as she began to find information that gave her hope but this was against what the hospital was recommending. “I gave myself three months to find out more about breast cancer and become more knowledgeable. I researched day and night until I felt really comfortable that I could heal myself.” She felt empowered as she commenced her healing, deciding “I can’t do this half baked; I have to throw myself into it with a lot of belief and passion and cover every single aspect of my life from waking up in the morning to sleeping at night. I had to look at every second

A collective of experienced teachers offering multiple classes each day for all levels, ages & abilities. Massage, Bodywork & Yoga Therapy Private & Group classes For class times & events visit: www.yogacircle.com.au or call Vivianne 0400 749 392

Yoga • Massage • Events • Retreats 20

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o a

m h B to c w sh c a b th to

p re b o a h p b

a h o (w a o c a m



of my day and rearrange my whole life around the healing process.” After a few months of undertaking many different healing approaches Faith had an MRI which revealed no change. But she was determined and continued to work harder on her healing. She changed nearly everything that wasn’t working in her life and the next MRI she had a year later revealed she was completely clear of breast cancer. Faith also believes thermal imaging should be one of the first lines of diagnosis and that it is great as a preventative screening tool. “You have to be sceptical and positive at the same time. The more research you do the more inspired you become. You have to have the support of loved ones because it can get difficult at times and you have to have a sense of humour. I was inspired by the wonderful people I met along the way and them being positive.” Faith detoxed her body on all levels and worked with a naturopath and an holistic doctor. She also changed to organics, consumed a ketogenic diet (which included raw food) and cut out alcohol, which had been a big part of her life. Faith used kinesiology and cleared a lot of emotional blocks, looked at how she handled stress, and started meditating and doing yoga or some form

That’s what living is all about; it’s about being in the now. And being able to appreciate the little things. When you do that, wonderful things start happening and things come to you when you open up. of exercise every single day. She also said laughter became a part of her way of life. “That’s what living is all about; it’s about being in the now. And being able to appreciate the little things. When you do that, wonderful things start happening and things come to you when you open up. That’s the great gift of cancer – you appreciate things, are grateful and you love the little things. You love looking at your dog and having them look back at you rather than getting cranky about all the little things in your day. You learn patience and stop getting upset over everything. And if you do get stressed, you watch yourself and say, ‘Right, I’m going to go and meditate’.” Animals and music were also an important part of Faith’s recovery. “I was surrounded by dogs all the time. I have been a dog behaviourist for the last 20 years, I love helping – that brings me joy.” She went and rescued a greyhound during her healing program and this was a gift that brought her so much happiness. This connection has also

deepened her work with other animals. Faith’s 84-year-old mum was sceptical at first about her daughter’s healing regime but she has seen the massive changes and supports her 100%. Faith says there is no point spending a lot of energy trying to convince people, you just have to lead by example. Faith has so much inspiration to share but most of all she wants to let people know, “You don’t need to be scared and you don’t need to ‘fight’ this. Sit down and learn about your diagnosis; what it is and why you got it and how you can address these areas to stay well. It’s up to you. Keep asking questions and see what feels right for you. If you are going to use natural methods you don’t just do one protocol, you might do 5 or 6. Just focussing on diet is not enough. Comprehensive information is available and don’t go into it with a ‘battle’ mentality… It’s about replacing the old ways that don’t work with a beautiful life.”

Effective pain relief Help for hormonal issues Song Hi works on the whole body to treat pain in a particular area. She can sense where pain originates and uses Reiki and NST (a type of Bowen Therapy) to release tension and blockages. Hormonal Bowen Therapy can relieve fertility issues, menopausal symptoms, period pain, bedwetting, pregnancy issues, endometriosis, prostate and libido problems.

Song Hi Lee Dip RM AAMT Health Fund Rebates

Our team is on your side

67 Channon Street, Gympie. Ph 07 5483 7688 Email: sunshinehealth@bigpond.com www.sunshinehealth.net.au Holistic Bliss | OCTOBER 2013 |

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Body Beautiful O


kay, I’m just going to be honest here. I would love to have smaller breasts. And if I’m going to be really honest, I might like to have none at all. I spent my early teens in denial and refused to wear a bra. They weren’t breasts, it was just puppy fat. I remember some older girls at school, after I’d just competed in the school athletics carnival, telling me it really was time I got a bra. I felt humiliated. The first thing I do when I get home is take my bra off. But then if anyone comes to the door I have to put it back on. Those girls at school were right. I look unseemly without one. I’ve never liked my breasts. They are unwelcome visitors who came for a visit and refused to leave. An acquaintance of mine had breast cancer. She had both breasts removed. Completely. She proudly lifted her shirt and showed me the scar. It wrapped around her rib cage. She loved being free of her breasts. She felt liberated. I twanged with jealousy. How I wished to be rid of these things I lug around with me constantly. Perhaps I could get breast cancer too. Or, as in the case of Angelina Jolie, just have the threat of breast cancer. That was enough for her to toss her breasts in the bin. I’ve researched breast reduction surgery and know someone who’s had it done. Another woman who proudly lifted her shirt to show me her scars. Her only regret was she didn’t do it sooner. While

UPCOMING EVENTS Wednesday Catch-Up!! Join us at 7.30pm on Wednesdays during October to connect, converse and get to know the crew! Enjoy a coffee at Mooshka’s in Sunshine Beach whilst experiencing the magic and awareness of a judgement free space!

connecting men with purpose Are you a man who understands that there has to be more to life than just going through the motions? Would you like to find other men to connect to that are on the same journey of discovery? This exciting new men’s group meet monthly to learn, discuss and be inspired about life, the universe and everthing in between!

For more information about upcoming events find us on facebook or meetup www.facebook.com/theconsciousman.com.au meetup at The Conscious Man - Sunshine Coast Phone Lyell Reck on 0468 926 828 or email lyell@theconsciousman.com.au 22

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some women bemoan the fact that their breasts are like poached eggs sitting flat on their chests and others pay for silicone and saline to be stitched under their skin, I sigh at the marks my bra leaves on my shoulders. Dents imprinted in my flesh from hauling the weight of my breasts around. So why haven’t I had the surgery? Sure it’s expensive but I’ve been told it’s worth it. I haven’t had the surgery because I live in hope and belief. Hope that one day I will be able to forgive my body and myself. Belief that one day I will stop judging my body and my breasts. I would like any decision I make about my body to come from a place of love, especially a decision that involves a scalpel. It might take a while because I’ve been my body’s harshest critic since I was eight. My default position is dismay and dislike. Until I can swing that position around to one of acceptance, forgiveness and love I am loath to let anyone, no matter how skilled a surgeon, take a knife to my chest. Perhaps I already have more self esteem than I realise. Perhaps I’m already on the path to believing that I am loved and lovely as I am and that I and my breasts are beautiful. MARY-LOU STEPHENS’ memoir Sex, Drugs and Meditation is available through Pan Macmillan. maryloustephens.com.au

Body Consciousness


Tools that create a life of freedom and choice

Discover You and Your Wisdom! Gai O’Brien has been involved with Body Consciousness work – over 10 years’ experience

Bringing Clarity, Direction and Awareness into your decision making process

Clinic available at Noosaville ALL AGE GROUPS

Please call: 0413 425 153

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Get Your

Head Out of the Sand and Create Your Life! Have you decided that it’s easier to bury your head in the sand than it is to create the life you know is possible? • If you could BE anything…what would you choose?

Join Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer, creators of Access Consciousness, for an evening workshop exploring what’s truly possible when you’re willing to get out of the sandbox of everyone else’s reality and create your own.

29th November 2013 at Noosa (7pm) No prerequisites. Cost: $125


• If you could CREATE anything…what would you choose? • And, if you’re not choosing that now…then what the hell are you doing?

Is it time to get your head out of the sand and create YOUR life? If not now…when?

All of life comes to me with Ease, Joy and Glory®

For more information contact Shennan 0410 471 724 or visit www.accessconsciousness.com/createyourlife

9/19/2013 4:03:54 PM

What Could Be Behind



or many years I have seen clients struggle with this type of cancer. Often bully diseases like cancers require lots of things to heal them. Diet, eastern medicine, western medicine, exercise, LOVE and lots of hope! I have seen ladies heal breast cancer many times, especially in the early days of finding out. I have seen and helped many die with it too. However in facilitating a lot of this, I have lots to share about what’s going on behind the scenes. Something like breast cancer affects lots of people in many ways for quite some time. Can people fight it alone with awareness? At this point I feel it is very challenging. There have been many signs before this. It is a bully of a disease. So many times I hear people say things to me like, I cannot say ‘this or that’ to my partner, mother, father, etc. They are scared of being judged, hurting someone, rocking the boat, creating conflict etc. However facing the outside bullies of judgment is actually easier than facing the fight of cancer; an inside bully! Nothing is too hard to say and address. NOTHING! What you cannot say or admit on the outside possibly will appear somewhere on the inside. I have seen two main destructive patterns and programs in this area. In this article I have included just one due to size. Will everyone with breast cancer relate? Maybe, maybe not! However the pattern is very consistent so I am sharing what I have seen in many women. If you relate to what I am about to share does

Your herbal medicine supplier • HAPPY • HEALTHY • HORNY • HERBAL TEAS • • HIPPY • PARTY HERBS • GIFTS • CLOTHING •


07 5479 6607


07 5412 2829 24

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9/18/2013 4:53:38 PM

it C to –

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fo th sh is


d I

it mean you will get breast cancer – NO! Can YOU benefit from what I am about to share if you become aware it’s in YOU – YES! Many women actually suppress their sexual desire. Our society says if a woman admits she loves lots of sex with different men or lots of playful variety from her chosen one, she could be called names like a slut, a tart, loose, immoral, wicked, sinful, hard to satisfy etc. Some women have never even explored this as being possible. It may be okay if she is young, exploring, without a solid partner. Or okay to those who know her and do not judge her; her confidants. However all of a sudden when she marries or commits to a man she loves and chooses to share her life with or even just a large length of time, she needs to feel automatically satisfied sexually here! Is it true that one man will be enough for her every week, year after year? Will that be enough to satisfy her? Could she admit it if it was not? If lovemaking is basically the same way or style each

time, year after year, will she love it? Could she admit she doesn’t? Would she be received? Would she do something about it, confidently? Could she give herself permission to desire lots of men and only choose one? Could monogamy be a creation of hers, a choice rather than an obligation? Could she say to her partner she is a bit bored sexually, could he try something new? And can she say she actually needs that a lot so she does not get bored? Can she easily mention that she cannot orgasm because he doesn’t really know how to please her body and create desire in her? Desire that drives her insane with pleasure? With her whole body! Could she say that even if she has been with him for 10 years or more, and said nothing until now? Can she mention that she would love it if he looked at the reasons as to why sex is over too quick? She actually needs time, space, zillions of kisses all over her and for him to love and adore her body as if she was his goddess.

Something like breast cancer affects lots of people in many ways for quite some time. Can people fight it alone with awareness? At this point I feel it is very challenging.


Show me one woman who loves the same ONE pair of shoes for 10, 20, and 30 years or more. Show me one woman who loves the same furnishings in her home for 10, 20, 30 years. Or what about the same dress, underwear, hairstyle? Show me the women who are actually honest to their partners about how much they spend on their clothes, their skin product, and their make up… Admit you love variety ladies and being attractive. Give yourself permission to do this. Explore ways that you and your partner can create together so that it’s different every time. AND men, this is achievable. Explore her sexually. Explore new and different love making techniques. Learn how to turn her body on. Address the sexual issues if they are there. Whether they are yours or hers. So much pleasure and magic lie behind all these issues for both people. Begin today by identifying where YOUR outside bullies are. Face them. Open up! Be willing to communicate without blame and with hope and trust (just like people do when they find out they have cancer). Do it now! Trust that the whole universe will support you here. It will! Don’t let them grow slightly inside you. Ask your body to help you with supportive communication, love and compassion. bodyconsciousness.com.au

Holistic Bliss | OCTOBER 2013 |

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9/18/2013 4:54:17 PM

Look after your

Pearly Whites




fter many years working as a dentist, Dr Kluge noticed changes in her health and started having terrible migraines. After investigating many different approaches to treat her migraines, Dr Kluge realised that she would need to change her way of working in dentistry. This meant creating a healthier environment and using the best treatment options available for her patients. So after much research she made significant changes in her work practice, and since 2011 has been working holistically in conjunction with other healthcare practitioners.

Today at Sunshine Dental Care, Dr Kluge (with nineteen years of experience) provides the best care, including: • Strict protocols for safe amalgam removal. This consists of rubber dam isolation, cutting amalgam in blocks with new burs to facilitate removal, copious flushing with water, constant high suction and the use of a special Swiss-made air purifier to capture drill aerosols, mercury vapour and common dental office contaminants such as bacteria and viruses. A detoxification program is recommended prior to amalgam removal. Dr Kluge provides some information regarding a diet program and works together with a naturopath for the detoxification process. • Bio-compatible materials such as porcelain or composite are used. Dr Kluge is often updating her skills through continuous education and has

invested in the latest 3D dentistry to benefit patients with the acquisition of a CAD/CAM (Computer-Aided Design/ Computer-Aided Manufacturing). This machine uses an oral camera to capture digital images, and the software helps to produce the restoration and transfer it to an in-house milling unit, which will provide ceramic restorations (inlays/ onlays) and crowns in a single-visit appointment. This amazing technology is accurate and long lasting. • Educational information and advanced levels of care for our environment are provided. Dr Kluge believes that you should not need to add any more toxins to your body when you are already exposed to so many on a daily basis. Our health and wellbeing may not change overnight, but if we start looking after our oral health care now we can help prevent future problems. For more information phone: 5475 4866.

Are You Treating Your Body Like a Temple? • Would you like a solution to that uncomfortable bloated feeling? • Do you suffer from that griping crippling pain of having IBS? • Are you feeling like you don’t empty completely when you have been to the toilet – the feeling of being blocked?

INTRODUCTORY OFFER: 3 colon hydrotherapy treatments for the price of 2, $249 – usually $348 SAVING OF $99 Contact Katrina Drew NUTRITIONIST / COLON HYDROTHERAPIST

Integrative Health brisbane

…modern bowel therapies

Phone 3862 8574 or 0400 283 574

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Use Your Brain to Self Heal WORDS JULE FULLER


ost of us have heard stories of how people have healed themselves by using their mind or brain power. Whilst this is not new what is intriguing is why some people can achieve this and others can’t. Without getting into a long explanation of how your brain works it is suffice to say that at the heart of your brain’s operating system is your thinking. Your brain directs your body through the process of your conscious and unconscious thoughts. Added to this neuroscientists are now reporting that between 95-97% of what you think and do is controlled by your unconscious thought process. So if thought is the engine that drives your brain and your brain controls and directs your body then it is safe to assume that the reason some people heal and others don’t has to do with their deep seated thoughts or beliefs. Now I say deep seated because everyone wants to heal at a conscious level but the reality is that your brain

operates primarily at an unconscious level. Therefore the real question is how do you access and change your subconscious thinking so that you can self-heal? One way to do this is to create a brain wave state that accelerates the process of changing your thinking at an unconscious level. This brain wave state is known as the theta and can be replicated by using the process of guided visualisations. In one case example I recorded a self-healing guided visualisation for a friend’s father who was told by doctors he may never be able to walk again, take care of himself and would probably have some permanent brain damage. In a matter of days after he started listening to the guided visualisation he went from bed ridden – to getting up and walking with an aide – to all of a sudden walking unassisted. His outlook became very positive and he couldn’t wait to get better and finally come home. The doctors were amazed at how

quickly he had regained strength and the tremors in his left side were almost unnoticeable. Within a week of listening to the visualisation he was back home. In another example a 74-yearold woman who was receiving chemotherapy after having a mastectomy had been suffering insomnia for about 4 months. She reported that on the first night of listening to a guided visualisation aimed at promoting sleep she slept all the way through from 9pm to 5am the next morning. She awoke feeling refreshed and in her words fantastic. Needless to say she was ecstatic. She now looks forward to going to bed and listening to the visualisation. There is so much that science cannot explain about the brain but there is more and more evidence that by using the right brain tools we have the ability to not be a victim of ill health and take back responsibly for our own healing. thinkology.com.au

Local Psychologist Specialises in Mindfulness! Call right now and mention this Ad to qualify for one of 5 Bulk Billing Spaces*. Get first-class professional help for little or no cost. We specialise in friendly, proven help for stress, anxiety, or depression. Or simply assisting anyone seeking to live with greater awareness, acceptance, and skill. Who are we? Cameron Aggs (B.A. Hons., M. Clin. Psych) is an internationally published author in Mindfulness, and the developer of the ‘Meditations for a Busy World CD. He also runs regular  Mindfulness in Daily Life and ‘Learn to Meditate’ Classes  Mindful Parenting Courses  Individual and Couples Psychotherapy Dr. Lucy Coyne – Clinical Eating Disorders Dr. Danielle McCarthy – Children and Adolescents

To discuss your needs call (07) 5451 1575

Scan this QR code to download our FREE STRESS-BUSTER APP *To qualify for up to 6 Bulk Billing sessions you need to first see your GP. Call us to discuss.

Be Mindful

Mindful Therapy Psychology Services

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Stress Less this spring WORDS NATASHA PATTEN


n the modern western world, we are really good at running ourselves ragged! We each have our own way of wearing ourselves out – multiple jobs, overcommitted children, pressure and anxiety from work deadlines, intrinsic and extrinsic drives to increase productivity, stress from unfinished emotional business, deep inner cravings to ‘keep up with the Jones’’, a desire to compete and conform and that human instinct to do more and have more keeps us in a state of heightened anxiety. By doing this we essentially generate – STRESS. We’re really good at being BUSY!! What we’re not good at is relaxing. We generally aren’t skilled at cultivating deep states of inner calm and peace. In the modern western world of overloaded schedules and continual flogging of oneself to do more, we tend to accumulate a sleep-debt that rarely gets fully re-paid. Rest is one of the body’s most potent resources to accelerate healing.

When we are resting, the body can give over its energies to maintenance and repair. In meditation, the body enters a state of restfulness much deeper than sleep, and it does so very quickly. Science is telling us that many sicknesses and diseases are largely due to STRESS. Science is also showing us that implementing practices like yoga and meditation to cultivate inner calm into our lives, is highly correlative of combating the impact of stress and generating a greater sense of overall wellbeing. This 3000 year old tradition is now regarded as a holistic approach to health. Yoga is a mind-body practice that combines stretching exercises, controlled breathing and relaxation. Yoga can help reduce stress, lower blood pressure and improve heart function. A regular practice of yoga can promote strength, endurance, flexibility and cultivate characteristics of friendliness, compassion, and greater will-power, while deepening a sense of calmness and well-being. The practice of yoga produces a physiological

Did you know that the first cervical vertebra, the atlas, is out of alignment in most people? This circumstance leads to a variety of physical and psychological ailments and illnesses. Atlasprofilax is a neuromuscular technique that liberates the Atlas with only one application accurately, safely and permanently. This powerful relocation immediately activates a self-healing and harmonising process. It is holistic in nature, promoting wellness and rejuvenation on all levels, mind, body and spirit. This method is nonmedical, non-chiropratic.

One Treatment Can Be Life Changing The Atlas supports your head and governs structural alignment. A misaligned Atlas causes restriction of the brain stem, spinal cord, cranial nerves and arteries. This limits our potential for wellbeing and creates tension, restricting the free flow of energy. When the Atlas is installed correctly, the body begins an unwinding process, releasing holding patterns and enabling the body to heal and regenerate.

To take a step towards your health and wellbeing, contact Ray Shapcott (atlasprof ) covering Brisbane North, Sunshine Coast and Hinterland – Phone 5429 5520, Mobile 0412 490 374

www.atlasprofilaxaustralia.com.au 28

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state opposite to that of the flightor-fight stress response and with that interruption in the stress response, a sense of balance and unity between the mind and body can be achieved. With practice, we can literally re-wire the nervous system and learn to develop innate strategies for dealing with life’s challenges with calm. The great thing about yoga and meditation is that almost anyone can do it; you only need to find the right style for you! Importantly, we must resist the tendency to deny ourselves rest, and ALLOW ourselves the opportunity to experience this. Not put it off. Use this wonderful spring energy for betterment of self that will flow through all facets of your life including your loved ones. Give yourself Permission. Are you committed to positive change in your life? Do you accept the challenge to give some love and attention back to yourself? Give yourself the gift of yoga and meditation. wellsure.com.au

Soul Purpose Mastery INDIA RETREAT November 2013 Treat yourself to a musical, magical healing balm on the Coast in Kerala with Terry Oldfield & Soraya

Ph 0400 520 624 • Soul Purpose Mastery - Living Love: 2 Day Intensive: Awaken to your Soul Purpose through conscious heart connected intelligence. October 24th & 25th in Palmwoods • Music Mantra and Meditation Evening October 19th 7pm Noosa Junction

www.sorayasaraswati.com www.terryoldfield.com

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12th-15th DECEMBER BYRON BAY You are invited to join us in co-creating a new paradigm with evolutionary leaders, scientists, visionary activists, indigenous elders, musicians and poets in a 4-day celebration of conscious evolution.







(only Australian show) and many more.

Other highlights include: Conscious Film Festival, Yoga & Dance Workshops, Kids Village, Global Food and Crafts Village and much more. Live webcast all weekend. For more info and ticket details please visit :

www.upliftfestival.com 29.indd 1

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The Emotional Landscape of Intimacy A Woman’s Perspective WORDS VANESSA BUSHELL


here is often a lack of understanding of how emotion and intimacy are intrinsically connected for women. The feminine is about the world of interpersonal connection, embodying material creation and embracing the landscape of emotion. While the rational and logical mental arena is the realm of the masculine, the feminine dances in rhythms that echo weather patterns, the ocean or seasons. Unfortunately as women, we have all too often lost connection with our emotional selves and by default leave ourselves open to violation, both sexually and emotionally. The Importance of Emotion. We live in a culture that often misunderstands, judges and medicates emotion. This is particularly difficult for the feminine aspect of ourselves as she is a fundamentally an emotional being. When we suppress our emotions we tend to become unwell and continue to leave ourselves in harmful situations. This is because our emotions hold wisdom and information. They are like our guidance mechanism system or a

GPS. When we distort our emotions, we render our emotional GPSs obsolete and then become lost in the overwhelm of emotional noise or a numbed out emotional desert. Honouring emotion is central to cultivating wellness for the feminine. The more we learn to acknowledge, validate, listen to and learn from the wisdom of our emotions, the stronger the feminine becomes. These processes apply to all aspects of the feminine, including sexuality. Feminine Sexuality. It is easy for the emotional needs of the feminine to be ignored in the face of masculine physical and mental sexual drives. Yet for the feminine, emotional needs of the heart and interpersonal connection before physical sexual acts are vital. Without this self-recognition, we violate ourselves sexually in our relationship with the masculine. Even if men do not understand the emotional need for connection, safety and security for us to trust and open to sexual connection, the feminine must understand this about herself. This knowledge is not often

supported in our society or culture. An Unfortunate Culture. In a culture where the masculine is generally prioritised and understood above the feminine, emotional wisdom becomes a lost art. Exponential profits, productivity, efficiency and rationality are all masculine gifts. The feeling world and interpersonal dance of the feminine is a best secondary, at worse irrelevant. This is why it is so important as women to rediscover and validate our feminine natures. Given our current culture, we need to reconnect with the art of emotional wisdom and re-embrace the powerful ancient archetypes of the feminine. Embracing the feminine in intimacy is all about reconnecting with our emotional selves and honouring who we are. This process is vital sexually, interpersonally and for our own physical and mental wellbeing. Learning from and respecting the wisdom behind our emotions empowers us as women in every aspect of our lives and in our intimate connections. conscioussolutions.com.au

John of God

Crystal Light Bed The Crystal Bed combines pure quartz crystal energy, light therapy and spiritual doctors to heal us on all levels of our being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Benefits of the Crystal Light Bed: • Manifest your desires! • Chakra and energy balancing • Assist physical ailments, such as cancer, hormone imbalance and pre/post surgical healing • Mental health issues, such as stress and anxiety • Emotional obstacles • Spiritual healing and development • Freedom in all areas of life

19 Coral Street MALENY Book on-line www.malenyholistichealth.com.au Crystal Bed Custodians, Tanya Kurzbock and David Anderson


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Phone (07) 54 999 476 or 0418 496 574

email crystalbed@malenyholistichealth.com.au Like our Facebook page to stay connected – facebook.com/crystallightbedtherapy

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The Secret to

Feminine Vitality



think the first time I truly became aware of my breasts from the inside was when I began breastfeeding my first child at the age of 24. Unbeknown to me, I was being initiated into a phase of womanhood that at the time was simply a practical and healthy choice for my child. Little did I realise the true pleasure I’d receive from this nurturing and nourishing experience of feeding life force through my body to him. No matter how busy I was, or how I was feeling, I’d finally relax when I fed him. It was like I was home again. The same when my daughter came along when I was even more appreciative of this divine devotion of mother to child. Now, almost thirty years on, it’s all falling into place, as I understand the vast significance of the breasts to a woman to her health and sensual vitality. For many women, breasts are too small, too big, too floppy, too this, too

that. For some they do not have any and feel a loss of their womanhood through breast removal. If that’s been your journey, my heart goes out to you and something I do want to reassure you of, is that this vital energy, this life force is still present with or without the breast. Just like a limb can be felt when it has been amputated, the breasts that have been removed can be palpably felt if a woman takes the time to be still and opens herself to their inner energy. Women with breast removal have shared this in our retreats. Our inherited sexual conditioning of genital focused, speedy sex means that the tender touch and love that a woman’s body and breasts need to truly relax and open up, are often left out of the picture for a woman. She comes to think she has a sexual problem, which can be incredibly disheartening. When a woman takes time to feel her breasts from the inside, to hold them gently from underneath and touch

Live life pain free!

with tenderness, a subtle tingling is felt inside and a resonance begins to awaken in her womb and genitals. Then she can come to know this life force is within her own body, no matter what age she is. One woman, a birth educator and midwife had a light bulb moment when I shared this in a talk. “That’s what we tell women to do to help the baby come down! I never thought about it applying to lovemaking!” A great healing practice for a woman’s body and psyche, to awaken her inner sensual, sensitivity, is to take 20 minutes to lie down morning and evening and bring awareness to her heart, breasts and nipples. Over time, sensitivity will return to her body and there will be no doubt in her mind of her own feminine vitality. JANET McGEEVER recently spoke at TEDx Noosa and runs workshops and retreats for women and couples on the Sunshine Coast. theconsciousheart.com

NATURAL PAIN RELIEF that may assist the following conditions: • Neck and back pain • Tendonitis • Fractures • Fatigue • Injuries of carpal bones • Limited range of motion • Arthritis • Post-operative recovery


• Meniscus of knees • Cervical syndromes • Headaches and migraines • Muscle and joint stiffness • Swelling and oedema • Sports injuries • Allergies

Contact Joke Chadwick – Pain Relief Specialist

Phone: 3359 5630 | 0412 988 843 Email: jokechadwick@optusnet.com.au

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What is Powertube? Advanced Frequency-TENS-Therapy

Wire Free Comfort


re you a woman who likes comfort, dislikes firm garments, yet always puts yourself last when it comes to under wear? For most women a bra is an essential foundation garment and if worn correctly should flatter and compliment our outer wear, body stiletto and overall external appearance. Quite often we become less physically active and gain weight during winter and we are more aware of our bodies, and interestingly, it is an ill-fitting bra that causes women the greatest dis-comfort! Our Bodywise slogan is a good analogy…‘like slippers in a world of stillettos’! When your shoes are too tight and pinch or are too loose and slop around both are uncomfortable to wear! The same applies with bras! Too firm and they are uncomfortable, dig in and restrict our movement, showing every bulge and pouch of skin… cups too small and our cups runneth over! Too loose they ride up at the back and front, breasts slip out at the base of the cup often requiring re-adjustment of the breasts within the cups or tugging the bra back down, a constant source of frustration! A snug, well-fitting wire free bra enables us to feel and look good everyday. For more information visit: bodywise.com.au


owertube is the brainchild of Swiss Engineer and Inventor Martin Frischknecht, who has revolutionised the whole concept of healing by working with frequencies. Unlike other devices such as Zappers which are designed to destroy viruses in the body, the Powertube homogenises the molecular cell structure of blood via three frequencies. This improves the internal environment, reinforcing the immune system so the body is able to fight against morbid bacteria, viruses etc, and assist with improved energy levels. Powertube is used by integrative practitioners, dentists and doctors around the globe for pain relief, infection, cleansing of the body and optimising general health.

About the Inventor: Led by his determination to find a natural cure for his epilepsy and acute rheumatism Martin Frischknecht started to investigate the impact of frequencies to the human organism and by building on the work of Dr. Hulda Clark’s zapper technique he developed his first marketable device “The Fri Zap” in 1998. Further experiments led to the development of “Quick Zap” in 2000 and the release of his latest and most powerful device the “Powertube”. Powertube is a registered Medical Device (Aus. TGA No. 140656). Free Seminar with MARTIN FRISCHKNECHT powertube.whitelighten.com.au/events

raelene byrne

Medicine for your Spirit

the catalyst for change Freedom Quest Retreats

Raelene Byrne is an Internationally respected spiritual guide and mastery mentor and Director of Medicine for your Spirit – Australia

IN 2014 TO SEDONA, MT SHASTA, PERU, SUMATRA Supportive Mentoring System

Highly Intuitive and spiritual with clear information on next steps and future goals (via skype and phone).

One-Day and Half-Day Retreats

Sunshine Coast. Consists of ceremonies, rituals, personal meditation, Tree of Life reading and some deep insights from the wisdom of nature Meditation Events.

Stay tuned for a Beautiful ebook about to be released, and webinars that will support and inform you.

www.medicineforyourspirit.com 32

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Ease with Grief



n the last few years I have known many people who have died – close family, best friends and of course people that I have cared for as a registered nurse. And yet I have a space and an ease with it that few people have. When I talk about grief, I have a sense of lightness. I don’t feel like crying. I have created a space with grief and dying that is different to what most people choose. That space comes from being willing to allow the person to choose what they are choosing and not to be in judgement of it. I have a sense that death is a choice – whether it is a cognitive choice for the person dying or not. So I don’t have this energy of superiority that I know what can fix them. I am willing to allow them to choose. If they ask me a question, fantastic. I’m willing to hear what they are willing to receive. If they don’t ask me a question then I allow them to be with the diagnosis they have. When you don’t have a point of

view about illness or dying being wrong, you can’t stick the person into any space that limits their choices. So this is the thing when people are in a difficult situation, and the people around them are grieving. We can stick them with our point of view, or we can ask: “What is the contribution I can be when someone is diagnosed with a serious illness or something bad happens in their life? Would I like to choose grief, trauma and drama or the potential for a totally different space?” What I’ve found is the more that you can actually BE, just being willing to be who you be, the more space you will create for the person dying or going through a challenging time. Be willing to stay in the space of who you be. Be willing to be present with yourself. Be an interesting point of view. Be an interesting point of view with what the people around you are choosing. Be there for them. What if you are the rock in the stream and you’re just being you? A lot of people lose perspective of who

they be around grief or if they’ve been through a separation or whatever it is. So if you can be the rock in the stream and allow everything to flow around you while you still be you, you won’t get lost in it. I’m not saying that the tears are not going to come, that the sadness is not going to come. If you don’t get lost in the emotions, you can still be there for the person, and still there for yourself. You will find your way into a space of ease and peace much faster. WENDY MULDER is an Access Consciousness® Facilitator, a Registered Nurse and Grief Therapist. She is the author of ‘Learning From Grief’. Visit: kindnesswithgrief.com

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Mind, Body, Spirit

ur mind, body and spirit are intimately connected and can not be separated. When they are all in sync and working harmoniously, we experience true health, wellness and happiness. Unfortunately stress is a common problem which is growing year by year. In 2012 a global wellness study noted that stress is one of the major workplace risks. Health practitioners have known for years that prolonged stress will not only affect our mind and body but also our spirit. In the classic chicken or egg scenario, researchers have discovered that physical pain such as back pain and headaches lead to stress, and that stress leads to back pain and headaches (Journal of Clin epidemiol 2003). A recent study also showed stress affecting 27% of workers (Med Lav 2008). Unfortunately this is a growing trend. Our lifestyles are growing busier and busier. This pace of life will always make us more susceptible to the damaging

What if your

effects of stress. Adrenaline and cortisol are released to enable a perfect, normal response to stress: • Our heart rate goes up • We breathe faster • Our blood pressure increases • Fatty acids are released into the blood to give us more energy • Our immune system is temporarily reduced •Our digestive system is temporarily reduced • And our reproductive system is also temporarily reduced. Sadly for many people this elevated ‘stress response’ is not temporary. This leads to devastating effects on not only our body, but also our minds. Depression and anxiety are more common in people with high stress levels. This also robs us of our spirit and joy of life. To address the issue we have a range of choices: we can work with our mind, our body or our spirit to trigger healing and the journey back to wellness. Great options for mind work

body being and

could be

Connection is to have a chat with a friend and if required seek professional help with a counsellor, psychologist or kinesiologist. Our spirit can be nurtured through meditation, yoga, tai chi or prayer. The excellent choices we have for body work and stress are massage or exercise. One of the less known but very powerful is chiropractic care. In a recent study of 747 people chiropractic care was shown to improve a person’s ability to handle stress by 34%. This is an incredible result. The reason why chiropractic works so well is due to the fact that the nerve system is the master system of the body which controls and co-ordinates our body’s response to stress. By releasing tension in the spinal system, the tension in our nerve system is reduced significantly. Stress is part of life and if we can be proactive with dealing with the effects, we will lead a much healthier, happier life – bringing harmony into our mind, body and spirit. hendreychiropractic.com.au

nurtured relaxed and

every day of the week?

Indulge in this gentle hands on head body process that at worst will leave you feeling like you’ve had a great massage and at best will change your life.

To find a Facilitator to receive this life changing treatment or to learn the Bars for yourself go to bars.accessconsciousness.com


All of life comes to me with Ease, Joy and Glory® accessconsciousness.com


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here are so many places where we can enjoy the art of being an amazing woman. The most important physical and spiritual location for us to let our feminine energy rein, expand and to give us direction in life, is the home. If we become balanced and organised within ourselves at home, then it becomes the basis to our identity, our self-worth, self-esteem and our source of energy to move in our chosen direction. But before we develop these themes, we need to create a basis to our discussion – what is feminine energy? There are so many aspects of being feminine that greater definition provides awareness and a great sense of direction. If we know what it is, then we can be more knowing about how to engage with it. To assist us to define our femininity, let’s create some conceptual boundaries to set the scene. 1. Our first boundary is to focus on the importance of being an individual. We are a person first and after that we




then become an integral feminine part of a partnership or group. 2. Our second boundary is to conceptually understand our path/ purpose. Then determine where we currently are along that journey. How else can we continue or regain the most beneficial direction, if we do not know where we are heading? Within that context it is so much easier to define femininity, which is such an integral part of all of our lives. 3. Our third boundary to focus our thoughts on is to accept that we are not just a physical form. Sometimes this form can be distracting, but it is a minor element of who we are and what we can achieve. A large portion of femininity is energy. So as a person, with direction, knowing, intuition and predominantly an energy source, how can we define and use our special woman’s wisdom? Let’s continue to ponder the broader concepts of energy and come back to this later because it will assist us to define our topic.

In the meantime, we can reflect on how our background and upbringing can affect our energy. We all know some men who carry more female energy than some women. So clearly our femininity is a state of a different awareness relative to our own balance of female/male energy. Does this mean that our femininity is a choice of our own different awareness? If so, how often is this choice made within a conscious decision-making process? If we observe where we choose to be the most feminine that must assist us in seeking a definition. If it is a conscious choice to be guided by our feminine energy, where do we use it the most? Is it in our relationships with our selves, our family, our partners, our children, in business, or with friends? Or do we use it in all of these activities in different ways for each connection? Now we have a more confined context to define femininity.


Beauty Therapist

to spread true beauty

ARE YOU WILD ABOUT HOLISTIC BEAUTY AND NATURAL, ORGANIC SKIN CARE? Does the sound of meditation chimes and the smell of incense sound like a dream? Do you want to work with a ‘beauty toolbox’ that contains self-love, affirmations, gratitude, body awareness, energy-balancing, organic products, energy-imbuement and the breath, rather than ‘anti-ageing’ cosmetics, micro-dermabrasions, invasive procedures and trying ‘to fix’ what ain’t broke? Then you may have stumbled upon the job opportunity of a lifetime. If you want to be a part of a creative holistic environment that will bring out your best, you may be exactly who we’re looking for.

Shop 6, 11 Samford Road ALDERLEY Phone (07) 3352 5998 For further information visit www.baretherapies.com.au or contact Jen at info@baretherapies.com.au Salon phone 07 3352 5998

Please send us your resume and tell us why you’re perfect to join us Holistic Bliss | OCTOBER 2013 |

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ennifer West bought ‘Bare Therapies’ in 2009 with a vision to change the face of beauty and the way women feel about their own sense of being beautiful. Jennifer’s firm belief that the overwhelming stresses of modern life, are taking a toll on the beauty, health and happiness of far too many women…and Botox and fillers are not the answer! We live in a ‘microwave society’ that expects instant results. Many women feel pressure to stay looking young, at any cost, and it seems that some within the beauty industry are capitalising on this fear and insecurity. “A number of clients tell us that a trip to a beauty salon where they are bombarded with a long list of ‘faults’ that need correcting, can be soul destroying rather than soul enriching,” Jennifer says. Coupled with a growing number of technologies, women are offered a plethora of anti-ageing, fat reducing,


36.indd 1

wrinkle smoothing, and face-lifting ‘miracle’ treatments that feed their belief that they are not good enough just as they are. Bare Therapies’ approach draws on Jennifer’s training in beauty therapy and kinesiology and is based on a ‘back to bare basics’ philosophy and believes everyone is ‘beauty-full’, just as they are. “We bring back balance and entice women’s inner beauty to radiate outwards by offering treatments that help connect women to their inner self and make them feel beautiful in their own bare skin, naturally,” says Jennifer. “Mainstream beauty treatments are focused on the external, but our treatments nourish inner beauty as well as outer beauty, so the impact is longer lasting radiance,” she says. Bare Therapies’ treatments are like no other beauty treatment as they take people on an inner journey which can be quite transformative; even life changing. Bare Therapies believes a facial treatment can literally prepare

you to ‘face the world’ and its many demands. The focus of Bare Therapies’ treatments is on you; not on the product or technology. The secret is its unique energybalancing approach to facial and body treatments that work to balance the whole body. It’s like an ‘energy-up tune’ for your body (similar concept to tuning up your car to keep it running smoothly). It’s the same effect as when you return from a relaxing holiday with stress replaced by glowing radiance. “Our approach is subtle and holistic and doesn’t focus purely on the skin. Sure the skin is important but a facial treatment is much more than skin deep; it is a whole body experience”. Unique elements of treatments include helping clients to stop, breathe and be present in the moment. “We create a calmness and peacefulness to really help clients bring their true beauty out.” For more info visit baretherapies.com.au or email info@baretherapies.com.au

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A Formal


Shop 1/15 Samford Road, ALDERLEY QLD (opp Alderley Arms Hotel)

P: 07 3352 7772

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The luxury of silk without the cruelty with Amanda Rootsey It takes approximately 2600 silkworms to produce just one pound of silk. However, there are alternatives! You can still have the gorgeous feel of silk, without the death of these little creatures. Peace Silks


ilk is a sensuous fabric, long revered for its luxurious feel and drape, and used in all sorts of garments, from lingerie to wedding dresses. Unfortunately, the process involved in creating silk is not so beautiful. “With time and patience, the mulberry leaf becomes a silk gown,” Chinese proverb. The most common silk is produced by a Chinese silkworm, the Bombyx mori, which has been bred and domesticated over thousands of years. After four weeks of munching on mulberry leaves, the silkworms spin a cocoon of silk fiber. They are then boiled, heated or steamed to kill the silkworm so that the silk can be reeled in one continuous strand.

There are a variety of peace silks available, which actually allow the silkworm to emerge from their cocoon before collecting the cocoon and spinning it in to silk. Most peace silks also come from the Chinese Bombyx mori but there are also ‘wild’ silks such as Eri silk or Tussah silk, where the silkworms are raised outdoors and their discarded cocoons are gathered. These options still involve farming the silkworms in some way and may not be as sustainable or as practical as they first appear. Michael Cook, a sericulturist (producer of raw silk) points out that if all of the silkworms survive then they will each lay between 200 and 1000 eggs. “It’s just not possible to feed so many,” he says.

Relax. Renew. Revive. YOGA + MEDITATION + CONSCIOUS EATING WEEKEND RETREAT 11th-13th October, 2013 Glass House Mountains, Qld Prices from $400 BOOK NOW! Nurture your body, mind and spirit

INSPIRATIONAL YOGA AND MEDITATION CLASSES WITH NATASHA PATTEN 2 nights accommodation in award-winning Eco-lodge, in-house chef; GF-vegetarian, gourmet food


Health. Vitality. Joy. 38

38.indd 1

ph.0432 991 279

Embrace your

Plant-based Alternatives An even better alternative, is a plant-based fabric known as BembergModal. It is produced from the inside lining of the organic cotton boll and a reconstituted cellulose fibre derived from the Beech tree. According to Alice Jones, one of the owners of Sunshine Coast eco-fashion label, Sinerji, “it is as strong as silk, has a beautiful drape and it feels, well…silky!” Bemberg-Modal is easy to launder as well, which is an important factor when it comes to sustainable living. Most of our fashion carbon footprint actually occurs in the after care of garments. So save a silkworm (or thousands!) today by choosing plant-based alternatives such as Bemberg-Modal. AMANDA ROOTSEY is the Director of SHINE From Within, teaching wellness and confidence to teenage girls. For more information visit shinefromwithin.com.au She is also an Eco-Model (amandarootsey.com.au) and the co-founder of Vegan Era (veganera.com)


True Beauty this Spring




Energise your skin from the inside out! For just $99

A 60-MINUTE EXPERIENCE THAT WILL HEAL AND RESTORE YOUR MIND, BODY, SKIN AND SPIRIT! Includes: • Present moment meditation tea ceremony • A luxurious Blush of First Love certified organic facial treatment • A gentle energy aura cleanse using our energy wands • A grounding hot towel infusion and acupressure point foot massage • Tension-relieving scalp massage

Shop 6, 11 Samford Road ALDERLEY Phone (07) 3352 5998 Email info@baretherapies.com.au Website www.baretherapies.com.au Find us on facebook – baretherapies Follow us on Instagram @baretherapies

Our mission is to help you feel great in your own bare skin, naturally

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Reasons to Visit a Natural Hair and Beauty Salon

INTERVIEW WITH MAUREEN BUCKETT – Owner/Operator Totally Natural Hair Salon


re you looking for a hair and beauty salon that cares about your needs and delivers a quality, stylish service with reduced chemicals? This month we spoke with owner/operator Maureen Buckett of ‘Totally Natural Hair Salon’ in Caloundra. Her salon includes six hairdressers and four seniors (three have been hairdressing for over 25 years) as well as talented younger stylists. Here are seven reasons Maureen says to choose a natural hair and beauty salon: 1. All natural products… many of the problems today come from chemicals that are included in our food, our general environment and our personal care products. The average person has touched roughly 100 chemicals before they even walk out their front door each morning… That is why we use toxic free, natural and organic products. This also includes herbal colours that give you 100% coverage of grey, shampoos, styling

products and even skin care and makeup. 2. Experience… we have over 100 years combined experience in the hairdressing industry so you can be assured that you are in good hands. We excel in colour; from natural to funky fashion. Curl; from spiral to body and even just root lift. Sick of flat or frizzy hair? We can help! Classic to high fashion hair cuts that suit your face shape, profile and hair type… And we do all the finishing touches: from straightened to curls for weddings, formals or casual wear. We also do extensions; straight or curly. We do makeup with natural products that look and feel amazing and also a range of beauty services plus ear piercing…and gel and shellac nails.. 3. Problem solvers…we love solving the “unfixable” problems. 4. We like to go to work and have fun while still fulfilling our clients’ desire for beautiful hair. 5. Our clients love the relaxed and friendly atmosphere that we create and




Experience the difference with our Ear Candles Ask us about our promotional wholesale opportunities

• Personal Development Training • Professional Model Training • Holistic Environment

Class sizes strictly limited – BOOK NOW! W: www.shinefromwithin.com.au Phone: 0430 035 740

ARTG No. 214020

Shop 3 / 8 Ormuz Avenue, Caloundra Qld 4551 PHONE 5491 8399 www.totallynaturalhair.com

you will too… Our salon is modern with TV, stainless steel, and large charcoal tiles. Many plants and lots of smiles and laughs are a part of the décor. 6. We guarantee our services. If you’re not happy we will do everything we can to make it right at our cost… any complaint is taken with the seriousness it deserves, because… 7. Your happiness with our service is our ultimate goal… We listen to what you want and what you know about your hair and combine that with our professional skill to create the exact result that you are looking for.

Ear Candles by Danielle

w. earcandlesbydanielle.com.au m. 0404 250 689 facebook.com/EarCandlesByDanielle Holistic Bliss | OCTOBER 2013 |

39.indd 1


9/18/2013 5:13:11 PM

a fe p a is y w S v lo a y S y th q a It st



alking. Most of us do it every day to varying degrees. Some people do a lot of walking. Others don’t enjoy it and walk as little as possible. Do you consider walking a gift for which you give gratitude? Where is

your attention when you walk? Are you present in the now? Or are you distracted thinking about yesterday, tomorrow and later on? Just for fun, do these two exercises. First practise walking with your shoulders

hunched and looking at the ground. How do you feel about yourself? Usually I am distracted and not very alert when I have that sort of posture. Then walk with your shoulders back, head held high and stride it out like you know where you

Natural Vet on the Sunshine Coast • All the diagnostic and surgical facilities of a normal vet clinic • Emergency 24-hour service • Herbs, acupuncture and natural diets • Monthly health plan – unlimited consults, preventative meds posted to you – from $21 cat; $50 dog

Phone 5447 7877 • 0435 565 908 (24hrs) 42 Maple Street COOROY Qld 4563



40.indd 1

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9/18/2013 5:13:56 PM

in a h th th T a S

y I h d

So how do you develop your confidence and your intuition? I find that working with horses has done lots for my confidence. are going. Does this make a difference? I feel good about myself when I walk with purpose. A great side benefit is that I also become alert to my surroundings. It is very important to always be aware of your surroundings, especially if you are walking anywhere that is at all deserted. Studies show that attackers look for victims. When you are walking tall and looking confident, you do not present as an easy target. This is especially true if you are also listening to your intuition. Say you are walking through a park and you suddenly get a ‘bad’ feeling and think that you should get out of there quickly. Don’t dismiss your feelings. They are there as a guide. Get out of there. It is far better to be safe than to be a statistic. They are brilliant coaches and very intuitive. When I am with them, I learn about life skills as well as riding. There have been times when I have thought that my mare, Doll, was dawdling over the walk from the stables to the paddock. Then came the flash of awareness. I am the one dawdling and distracted. She is just taking her cue from me. So I

straighten up my shoulders, lift my head and walk to the paddock with a purpose. Doll will then walk tall and stately beside me. It has not always been smooth sailing with Doll and I. One time she got a fright when I was taking off her saddle. She accidentally pushed me into a fence, jumped on a wheelbarrow and ended up hurting herself on one of the other fences. All of this happened in the blink of an eye. Whilst both Doll and I suffered very little physical damage, the mental and emotional trauma was huge. I had trusted Doll to keep me safe and she hadn’t. I also hadn’t trusted my intuition, which had told me to move the wheelbarrow before taking off the saddle. The wheelbarrow had been in the yard with Doll many times before, all without accident. ‘Why should this time be any different?’ I argued to myself, leaving the wheelbarrow in the middle of the yard. Famous last words. Horses are herd animals who look for a strong, confident leader. After this incident my confidence was in tatters. I kept getting flashbacks that would see me

cringing and curling up. This would in turn set off Doll’s anxiety. Paradoxically, whilst it was horses that caused me to lose my confidence, it was also horses that helped me to rebuild my confidence. Doll was suffering too. To help her and to build a better relationship with her, I needed to become a strong, confident leader. I learnt that instead of crumbling, as I wanted to do, I had to walk tall – to become aware and walk like a leader. This took practice. The more I did it, the more my confidence grew and the easier it became. Then I found that it had greater application than with Doll. My confidence was growing in me and I was ‘walking tall’ in other areas of my life. I began to speak up in situations where I would have kept resentfully silent in the past. I was motivated to learn to ‘walk tall’ and become a confident leader to help Doll. What happened was that I learnt to be a confident leader for me. They say that when you are ready the teacher appears. Doll and our other horses are marvellous teachers. They have taught me to go beyond where I thought I could. I am grateful to, and for them. To contact Davina please email: davina@thepetenergytherapy.com

NEW! STEM CELL THERAPY We are now offering cuttingedge Stem Cell Therapy which offers amazing relief for dogs suffering from Osteoarthritis.

You will save up to

50% OFF

the normal cost if you book in with us Call and book now for October appointments

PAWs Nurse

(Available for Pensioners of Animal Wellness) Vet Nurse comes to you for only $25

Pensioner Discount

Ph: 3324 2291

Greenslopes Shopping Centre Shop B6, 700 Logan Road (next to Queensland Transport)


20% off services

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9/19/2013 4:32:19 PM

d so tr

I h w re im • •




he energy of the word ‘cancer’ holds so much darkness and despair, with its culmination being the end of life. This is the reality many see when faced with such a diagnosis.

needs to protect the vulnerable.

Any new treatments for cancer are looked upon with suspicion as people who find themselves with this diagnosis are vulnerable – they will do anything to rid themselves of the illness. Society

However as a clinician, it is one’s calling to find ways to overcome any condition, and even though cancer can have bleak outcomes, new ways to

Bring out the Angel in your dog!

Any dog, any age, any problem, any time, and in your home. Once only fee with ongoing free support for your dog’s whole life. Written guarantee. Natural techniques, no harsh methods. Obedience and behavioural issues, puppy training. Since 1989.


y a

g o n n a

SIMPLE, DIRECT c a l l ®



1800 067 710 42

42.indd 1


| OCTOBER 2013 | Holistic Bliss

9/18/2013 5:15:13 PM

Any new treatments for cancer are looked upon with suspicion as people who find themselves with this diagnosis are vulnerable – they will do anything to rid themselves of the illness.

deal with treating cancer should still be sought. These methods should then be trialled to see if they really do work. So it is with a little trepidation that I enter this workplace saying I believe I have something that may assist. Much work has been done on cancer. The relevant current understandings that are important in my treatments are that: • Genetic mutations occur all the time. • A functioning immune system cleans up the mutations. • Carcinogens may include pathogens from a viral, bacterial or fungal origin that create the mutations. • Cancer cells consume huge amounts of energy in the form of glucose. • A cycle develops in the liver to create more glucose, which uses up more energy than is produced. • In this energy-depleted cycle, the immune system is compromised and the cancer multiplies freely.

• Genetic mutations occur in greater frequency in energy-depleted situations. Thus, the way I have been treating my patients is: 1. Diagnosing the energetic weakness of the immune system and addressing that issue with diet, herbs and acupuncture. 2. Diagnosing the resonant energy of the cancer, e.g. 275Hz bladder cancer. 3. Laser treatment of the affected area with harmonics of the diagnosed resonant energy, e.g. 53 625Hz. Essentially the treatment does two things: 1. Enhances the immune system – strengthens the system, identifies the cancer. 2. Energises the affected tissue so that further mutations do not occur.

Kawana Waters Veterinary Surgery

‘P ut their paws in good hands’

I have found that treatment needs to be done at least three times per week for six weeks and extends out to monthly checks over two years. A bladder cancer patient I am currently treating was diagnosed by surgical biopsy and, within eight treatments, is currently free of clinical symptoms, no longer has a palpable bladder tumour and is gaining weight. More patients are required to see if this really works! Please call Maple Street Vet on 5447 7877. GARRY BRIGHT BVSc (PRET) Lic Ac Originally from Zimbabwe, Garry went to school in Zimbabwe and University in South Africa. Garry has worked in first opinion, second opinion, charity and emergency small animal clinics. Garry also owned his own horse clinic. Garry is a qualified Veterinary Surgeon as well as an Acupuncturist and Patent Herbalist. The progression to using natural methods has been a long slow learning process and he looks forward to the many challenges ahead. If Garry is not at work he will be found on an Aikido mat, tractor, at the Rural Fire Brigade or inventing away to save the world or perhaps even hugging a tree or two.

Walking Tall half day ‘playshop’ • Women of all ages welcome

We aim to help with long term healing and cure using Homeopathy, Herbal Medicines and Acupuncture

• Change your life and build your confidence whilst interacting and having fun with horses

Wurtulla Shopping Village Nicklin Way, Wurtulla QLD 4575

• No horse riding involved – get to know these marvellous beings on the ground

Phone (07) 5493 1144


• You will be surprised at what you will learn about yourself in a couple of hours • Enjoy a fun game of football with the horses at the end of the ‘playshop’

Location: Burpengary Dates: Once a month

CONTACT DAVINA ON 0438 59 89 95 Holistic Bliss | OCTOBER 2013 |

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9/19/2013 4:33:19 PM

Group Support Through Loss



his time seven years ago, I never have imagined my journey through life would lead me to the path I am walking today. August 2006 my world shattered when my baby Julian, was born silently into this world. As a healthy young mother, understanding and accepting my child was stillborn, was the most challenging thing I have ever gone through. My arms were aching and my heart hurt. The emotions that followed were like a rollercoaster, of pain, guilt, anger, fear, bitterness and most of all tiredness. It felt like I was standing still while the world kept moving. I questioned, how I would ever heal from this? Struggling with my grief, I came across a group that I had never heard of named SANDS. SANDS, offers support to families that have experienced the death of a baby during pregnancy or the newborn period. I suppose it is not the type of group that anyone would

want to be a part of, but there I was. Feeling very nervous I drove to Gympie for my first SANDS meeting. We all shared the common ground that we had experienced the death of baby. Talking to other women, enabled me to feel human again, and helped me to understand that what I was feeling and going through was normal within the realm of grief. Eventually, I started a support group here on the Sunshine Coast, in doing this, I gained strength. These days, my wounds no longer run as deep however the scar still remains. SANDS has evolved into a group that not only supports bereaved families, but advocates and educates communities on the magnitude of grief a family goes through when the death of a baby occurs. The death of a baby can often be a taboo subject and many grieve in silence. There are many amongst us who are walking wounded. It needs to be understood that a baby

does not have to have lived or breathed for a family to form a love and bond for that child. Last year I organised an event for the Sunshine Coast, commemorating October 15th, International Pregnancy and Infant Loss Awareness day. A ceremony was held, followed by a walk through the Maroochy Botanic Gardens. Close to 150 people attended this event. From families whose baby died many years ago, to families whose grief was very recent and raw. This day reaffirmed the imperativeness to support these families and raise awareness. It was a powerful day of honouring and healing. Our second Walk to Remember will be held again on October 13th and I invite everyone to unify as a community to walk the precious steps our babies could not. I hope that together we find strength. sandsqld.com

Vibrational Essences for those seeking the next steps in Natural Healing and Self-Discovery also

Living Light Rainbow Essences Gem & Colour Combination Essences

Wholesale prices available for Practitioners – info@livinglight.com Looking for a distributor in Australia, please email rachel@luminesce or SKYPE LivingLightEssences

0011+1+519-823-2288 • www.livinglight.com 44

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Beyond Grief Lies Truth WORDS SORAYA SARASWATI – Soul Purpose Mastery – Living Love


n this human paradigm it is sometimes hard to remember we are a soul having a human experience. Here in ‘Earth School’ our main soul learning is to understand how to live from the heart through emotional connections to family, friends and ultimately the whole of humanity as extensions of the self. When we look at the evolution of humanity on this planet with its history of war, greed and horror, this truth is often hard to see. We often use the term ‘we are one’ yet can we conceive the immensity of this statement? That there is a divine aspect of you that is the same in me. If I hurt myself I am causing pain to the whole and if I hurt you I am harming myself. Through connecting to our soul, listening and heeding the whisperings of the heart, through which our soul speaks to us, we will find freedom and joy through embracing love and truth. Walking under the stars at night always reminds me of how small I am in

this immense universe yet without me this universe would not exist. We are all significant in the intricate web of life, each of us beautiful and perfect. Contrary to popular belief, each of us is given the perfect situation for our own soul learning. Whether a drunk, punk, soldier or monk, opportunities, often in disguise, will arise in life to prompt us to question life and seek truth. At this time in our Earth’s history, we are being offered greater freedom to choose to walk in beauty, honoring ourselves, others and the earth herself. It is time to shake off old outdated belief and value systems that have been based on fear, judgement and separation. It is time to question. Often the stories we have told ourselves, based on our limited beliefs and perceptions, are untrue and certainly not supportive of raising our level of consciousness towards the highest vibration of love. In a society supporting an unloving system of human values there is a way

to go before we can make a global shift. This makes it a great challenge for sensitive souls who often become stuck in shame, guilt, fear, grief and despair. Now is the time to muster the courage to raise ourselves up. After the suicide death of my son in a hospital that had promised to keep him safe at a vulnerable time in his life my world tumbled into a swirling spiral of grief, pain and loss. I questioned everything during this time of deep sadness and soul searching to find my peace with the circumstances around his death. Through full realisation that we are each given what we need on a soul level to evolve, I am so grateful to my son for his life and love. Through my acceptance of his passing, and the understanding of our souls’ journey beyond the physical, I now love and value my life more than ever before. sorayasaraswati.com

Mobile: 0408 517 796

DREADING HAYFEVER AND ALLERGIES? FEELING RUN DOWN? Would you like to see a happier and healthier you this Spring? Then Mystical Essence Can Help! We are a TRULY holistic practice, focusing on the entire being – Mind, Body and Spirit!


Contact: Theresa Pedersen on 0402 097 271 to discuss your health requirements, and organise your first appointment

Private Health Fund rebates apply to some of our therapies

Home and Health Feng Shui Assessments with RICHARD GILES Feng Shui Practitioner, Geomancer and Astrologer • Have your home assessed • Check your office environment • Find the negative Earth Energies affecting your property • Explore Richard’s new book – ‘Your Personal Guide to Feng Shui’

Contact: Richard on 5435 0158 Email: ricgiles@powerup.com.au Web: www.richardgiles.info

Holistic Bliss | OCTOBER 2013 |

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9/18/2013 5:28:29 PM


Holistic Modalities: Massage, Shamanic Healers, Inner Child Therapy, Reflexology, Readings, Holistic Chiropractor, Egyptian Oil Healer/ Reader, Meditation Classes, Guest Speaker Evenings, Alternative Lending Library. Holistic, Natural and Spiritual Products: Crystals, Oils, CDs, Clothing, Jewellery.

Phone: (08) 9529 2888 Email: azuremystique@westnet.net.au 9A Rockingham Beach Road, Rockingham, WA


Then book in today for an Aroma charka balance back, hand and foot zone treatment harnessing the therapeutic power of 100 % pure essential oils, 55 minutes for $65 on Monday, Wednesday, Thursday and Fridays from 9am to 4pm and Saturday 9am to 12 noon.

Call Debbie Bingley 0410 076 223

Also Offering Access Bars, and Reiki by appointment.


Need healing? Connect with the universal energy of God’s healing power. Learn from a woman who did just that and was healed of a 5-year illness. Her 4-CD teaching series outlines God’s covenant of healing and how you can make it your own.

Visit: GodsHealingTruth.org


Voice of the goddess A singing group for women Experience the gift of women singing together in delight-full harmony in these beautiful singing sessions designed especially for women. Wednesday evenings 7pm-9pm Maroochydore

Call Emma Creed for more information Phone: 0438 619 518 All women welcome!


Nude Food Organics is for sale! Established for over nine years, it is one of the oldest and largest organic stores on the Coast. Consistent turnover and great profits – it’s a must see. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to own one of the best organic stores on the Coast.

Call Louise 0435 789 278


Integrative wellness centre where Eastern and Western Medicine Meet. Our services include: Acupuncture, Beauty Treatments and Waxing, Bowen Therapy, Chiropractic, Counselling, Homeopath, Integrative GPs, Intuitive Health Coaching, Kinesiology, Massage, Flower Essence Healing Therapy, Naturopath, Occupational Therapy, Yoga and Dance Classes, a large range of health and wellbeing products and MORE! Specialising in women and family health.

Suite 1B, Ground Floor, The Edge East, 10 Lake Kawana Blvd, BIRTINYA Phone: (07) 5438 8387 yinhealth.com


With Maryke Channelled Soul Light Language & Toning Tuesday 1st October – 6.45-7.45pm at Peregian – $10

Phone: 0400 673 563 highervisions.com.au


With Jean Sheehan Tuesday 15th October– 10.30am-12 noon at Coolum Surf Club – $10

Phone: 0400 673 563 highervisions.com.au


20th October - Pendulum Workshop

Phone: 0417 643 435 spiritualhealingsunshinecoast.com


A fun-filled, informative weekend to rejuvenate mind, body and soul. $300 includes all meals, accommodation + 6 FUNshops. Camp Duckadang, Linville, Qld 8th-10th November, 2013 Book early to avoid missing this empowering retreat.

Phone: Caithe at Celticai Studio with your enquiries (07) 5496 6249 celticai.com.au/lorcai-retreat


With Jules O’Neill Monday 11th November Career and Purpose – Love What You Do!

Phone: 0449 220 855 bodyconsciousness.com.au



Phone: 0449 220 855 bodyconsciousness.com.au

Phone: 0417 643 435 Join me on Facebook spiritualhealingsunshinecoast.com

With Jules O’Neill Monday 14th October Friendships and Connections – Fun and Play!

30th November – Magical Mapping – Vision Board Workshop

CAN’T FIND A COPY OF HOLISTIC BLISS? Why not subscribe for just $33 you will receive a 12-month subscription (11 editions) and a copy will be posted to you!!!

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Holistic Bliss Directory KNOW THYSELF AS SOUL Sant Mat is a practical spiritual path based on meditation, ethical living, service to others & love for all creation. Entry is via a preparation program.

Creating the perfect impression

For all your printing requirements Telephone 07 3865 4433 www.printworks.net.au

There is no charge at any stage. For more information... 1800 462 193 or visit www.santmat.net.au Know Thyself As Soul Foundation is a not for profit association incorporated in NSW.

Wellness Clinic

Counselling and Natural Therapies • Psychology, Hypnosis and NLP • Organic Skin and Body Therapy • Reiki and Remedial Massage • Body Consciousness • Naturopathy and Nutrition 16/247 David Low Way, Peregian Beach Phone today for an appointment

07 5471 2201 • www.circlewellness.com.au


Are you a sassy entrepreneur?


Intuitive design and print services for your logo, website, business cards, flyers, banners, signage & facebook pages... just to name a few!

Call: 0413 374 634

• Psychic Medium • Angelic Reiki • Beauty and Massage • Salt Lamps • Crystals and Giftware

jeanne@sassybranding.com www.sassybranding.com

Shop 2/14 Beerburrum St, Dicky Beach

Phone 0449 792 690

Oceana Massage  Kahuna

 Lomi Lomi  Deep Tissue

Want to bring back the spark in your relationships?


   




f of

s fir


Experienced massage therapist combines styles to offer a whole body massage to relax the mind,body & soul.

Mount Coolum Phone 0423 945 062 www.facebook.com/radiantlightmassage

Initial Session

$99 Save $51

Reflexology In Caloundra

with Courtney

Would you like to connect with you and your body?

Courtney Alexander Crook

Discover Tantric Sex with integrity?

Diploma of Reflexology Reiki Master

Loving you and open up to the flow of life…

PHILIP MILLROY Relationship/Sexuality Coach & Educator Sunshine Coast/Brisbane

0419 171 664 • www.realfeelings.net

R.A.oA., A.A.M.T., B.A.A.

Mobile: 0401 512 466 Phone: (07) 54 919 507 EVERY SUNDAY MORNING AT THE BULCOCK ST, CALOUNDRA MARKETS “SOAP OPERA (NATURAL SOAPS) AND REFLEXOLOGY” e: oceanview88@bigpond.com Rebates may apply

Sense of Spirit Where magick starts and the veils to the Spirit World part!

Psychic & Mediumship Readings Reiki & Spiritual Healings Meditation & Spiritual Development Yoga & much more Shop 1, 1371 Logan Road Mt Gravatt Central www.senseofspirit.com.au

0419 762 504 Holistic Bliss | OCTOBER 2013 |

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Join the team, Work together, Feel supported! New Summer Offers available online

Giftof ove L Menu


Contact us: info@solttherapy.com.au www.solttherapy.com.au 48.indd 1

9/18/2013 5:31:05 PM

Profile for Vanessa Finnigan

Holistic bliss oct vol 51  

Holistic bliss oct vol 51  

Profile for nessfinn