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‘What Sings To Your Being?’





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Follow your bliss!


ovember is often called ‘Movember’ awareness month for men and the tradition is to wear or grow a mo in remembrance. We choose to focus on men’s wellbeing in a slightly different way and I am thrilled with the amazing men contributing to this edition. We are also welcoming more and more male readers each month to Holistic Bliss and as always many of these articles will be of interest to both men and women. This month we challenge the myths… yes real men can choose to eat quiche and quinoa… real men do cry, being vulnerable is not about being weak or fragile, it’s a way of living where you are being authentically you and a great gift to the planet. I’m sure you will find many other myths to challenge for yourself as you tune in and read this edition.

So many people read this magazine from cover to cover. You can also see which articles ‘call you’ and when you read an article if it feels light, or you get goose bumps, tingles, have a light bulb moment, tears of realisation and more, then the messages and information contained is probably true for you or there for you to investigate further. This information may be new, a reminder, or even an indication to make contact with the person who wrote the article and other people part of this edition. We are here for each other, we can work together and we can balance our male and female energies within ourselves. As we have said before, what works for one person, may not work for another. Sometimes what we find helpful at one point in time, won’t be required at a later point, so this magazine embraces people having choice and seeing what works in any given moment. Cover Story: Renowned healer Raelene Byrne talks with Meditation Change Agent, Tom Cronin this month and see page 12-13 for this special story.

‘What Sings To Your Being?’


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Beauty Reviews




Tom Cronin




OUR COVER Tom Cronin, pages 12-13 PHOTO: T ESSA TRAN

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7 20 FOOD FOR THE SOUL 6 Three Cheese and Baby Spinach Tart by Luisa Toaldo 7 Fruity Spring Salad by Lucy Walter 8 Buckwheat Pancakes 10 Vegan Lasagna by David Rafter COVER STORY 12-13 Tom Cronin Man on a meditating mission MEN’S WELLBEING 14 But aren’t colonics just for girls? by Joel Grace 15 Is there a male menopause? by Suzi Le Fanue 16 From grumpy to great by Jean Sheehan 17 The song of a happy, healthy life by Brett Gadenne 18 What is life teaching me now? by Lee Finkelstein 19 Allowing men to be gentlemen 20 Man’s greatest health package by Cameron Stirling 21 The science of getting to know your body by Wayne Pina Roozemond 22 Selenite swords enhance healing and divine connection by Tom Ledder 24 More than macho

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you suffer with ‘Satellite Dish Do Syndrome’? by Shauna Teaken Part 4: Interview with Don Tolman – the planet by Andrew Dudek Uncover your best through Lifebook by Dr David Hendrey The scent of a man… Defrag your ‘inner hard drive’! by Cathy Rodwell What is hunter gatherer syndrome? by Wendy Mulder

Daily emotional awareness from the universe – on tap! by Jules O’Neill Galaxy Girl with Grace Hart 33 34 Q&A with Michelle Lightworker

35 Be-ing your own ‘guru’! by Lis Blake 36-37 Mayan Alchemy: Navigating with your heart by Elohisa K’Inan Diary of a Seeker 38 40 4 things you need to know about live blood analysis by Emily Banks Insights for November by Rosie Barker 41 RELATIONSHIPS, PARENTING AND KIDS Real men don’t cry! by Jean Sheehan 42 Your words of wisdom 43 ECO, ORGANIC, BEAUTY AND STYLE Profile of an essential oil – Vetiver – 44 Vetiveria Zizanoides by Kim Morrison Holistic beauty reviews 45 with Sarah-rose Sellars 46

HOLISTIC AS… Books and more

NATURAL ANIMAL CARE A special day for pets and their 47 owners! 48-49 Acupuncture: Does it work? by Dr Elaine Cebuliak

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Three Cheese and Baby Spinach Tart RECIPE LUISA TOALDO


ant to entertain in style with ease? Use dishes that can go from oven to table to reduce serving anxiety, bring a homemade element to the meal and best of all, reduce washing up! This fresh spring tart is an easy and delicious element to add to any group gathering or portion and freeze for later if dining solo. How does it get any better than that?? Ingredients: Shortcrust pastry 270g plain flour 125g salted butter chilled and cut into small cubes 1 egg yolk Splash cold water Filling: 500g baby spinach 200g fresh ricotta 100g fetta 50g parmesan 3 shallots finely sliced ½ brown onion finely chopped 3 cloves garlic finely chopped

5 eggs Pinch nutmeg Pinch salt and pepper To make pastry: • In food processor place butter and flour and blend until resembles fine bread crumbs • Add egg yolk and water and mix until just combined • Roll into ball, do not over knead, cover with cling film and rest in fridge for 20 minutes • Lightly flour the bench and roll out to 3mm pastry to fit pie dish • Grease pie dish and place pastry over, cut to fit • Line with greaseproof paper and fill with either pie weights or raw rice and blind bake for 10 minutes • Remove paper and rice and shell is ready to fill • Store bought pastry is able to be used as well – for more tips and tricks on making pastry check out my blog on inmyownkitchen.com/ recipes


2 D 5 ISC

To make filling: • Sauté onion in oil or butter over medium heat until softened • Add garlic and cook until soft • Add baby spinach and stir until just wilted • Transfer to bowl • In separate bowl combine eggs and ricotta, mix until smooth and incorporated • Add parmesan and fetta, season and add shallots • Add spinach mix and combine • Spoon into par-baked pie crust • Bake at 150 degrees for 25-30 minutes until just set • Allow to stand for 5 minutes before serving For garnish, roast baby Roma tomatoes still on the vine whilst cooking the tart for a rustic burst of colour. This tart is gorgeous on its own or some grilled chicken or lamb would be a perfect meaty upgrade. inmyownkitchen.com

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Fruity Spring Salad RECIPE LUCY WALTER


t the Raw Food Institute of Australia, we challenge our Raw Vegan Chef students to take trips to their local farmers’ markets and then create simple, tasty, beautifully presented foods, full of goodness with readily available, local ingredients. Food shouldn’t just taste good and it shouldn’t just be good for you. To be a true conscious consumer, eating Natural Foods is about our health, the planet’s health and compassion for all sentient beings. This salad is ideal if you live in the tropics or subtropics like we do. These ingredients can be sourced from your local farmers’ markets or fresh from the garden! It is light, balanced and so refreshing for this time of year…

Ingredients: 2 mangoes 1 avocado 1 head broccoli 1 small Spanish onion 1 grated carrot Large handful of salad greens, (preferably straight from the garden)

¼ cup shredded coriander 1 tsp lime juice 2 pinches sea salt ¼ cup local olive oil 2 tbsp apple cider vinegar 1 tbsp seeded mustard (this can be bought at farmers’ markets or made at home) Method: Chop mango and avocado into chunks. Grate carrot and finely dice onion and then place in a bowl and mix gently. Place olive oil, apple cider vinegar, sea salt, lime juice and seeded mustard in a jar and shake to blend. Chop broccoli into small florets and place in a bowl and coat with dressing, massage to marinate and soften for a few minutes. Add marinated broccoli to the other salad ingredients and drizzle dressing over and serve. You can add home “grown” sprouts to offer even more nutrition and flavour. therawfoodinstituteofaustralia.com

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ur your p way throu gh ro (no m atter cedure ho or com w lengthy plex).

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Buckwheat Pancakes COOK TIME: 45 minutes SERVES: 4 persons Ingredients: 1 cup buckwheat flour 1-2 tbsp Morlife chia seeds 1 tbsp Morlife maca powder 1 tsp baking powder 1 tsp cinnamon 1 tsp natural vanilla flavour 1 ripe banana 2 / 3 cup almond milk Pinch of salt Coconut oil, for the pan

Added condiments: 1 cup raspberries ½ cup coconut yoghurt Method: In a mixing bowl, puree the banana, almond milk and natural vanilla flavour. In a separate larger sized mixing bowl, mix the dry ingredients together, plus Morlife maca powder and chia seeds. Add the banana/milk mixture into the dry ingredients and stir until combined.

Heat the coconut oil in a pan over medium-heat. Using a spatula, gently scoop the batter into the pan. Bubbles should form in the batter (approx after 1 minute), then flip over to the other side and allow to cook for another minute. Ensure that the centre is cooked before removing, if not, reduce the heat and allow to cook longer. Serve immediately with berries and yoghurt. Enjoy! morlife.com

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Morlife Chia Puddings keep you fuller for longer, give you energy and satisfy that sweet tooth… ensuring you don’t reach for those high sugar desserts! Chia Pudding is made of chia seeds – an Omega-3 rich superfood which contains ‘good fatty acids’, is high in dietary fibre (21% of your RDI) and protein (7.6g per serve). Each variety contains coconut powder and the digestive enzyme Bromelain to boost your nutrient absorption. Available in three different varieties including: Spiced Apple, Coconut Cacao and Coconut Mango.

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Ingredients: 2 tbsp olive oil 1½ cups chopped onion 1 capsicum 10 mushrooms 3 tsp minced garlic 3 cans stewed tomatoes 1 / 3 cup tomato paste ½ cup chopped fresh basil ½ cup chopped parsley 1 tsp salt 1 tsp ground black pepper 1 package lasagna sheets (Orgran) 2 cups TVP (Textured Vegetable Protein) White Sauce: 3 tbsp vegan butter (Nuttlex) 1 / 3 cup plain flour 2 cups soy milk Method: Make the sauce: In a large, heavy saucepan, over medium heat, heat the olive oil. Place the onions in the saucepan and saute them until they are soft, about 5 minutes. Add the garlic; cook 5 minutes more.

Place the tomatoes, tomato paste, basil and parsley in the saucepan. Stir well, turn the heat to low and let the sauce simmer covered for 1 hour. Add the salt and pepper. While the sauce is cooking bring a large kettle of salted water to a boil. Boil the lasagna noodles for 9 minutes, then drain and rinse well. Preheat the oven to 400°F (200°C). Place the TVP in a large bowl, add hot water and allow to sit for 5 minutes. In a fry pan, saute the capsicum first, then add mushrooms and TVP. Add the garlic, basil and parsley. Add the salt and pepper. Turn off heat, and allow to sit. White sauce: In a bowl, add the butter and the flour. Turn on heat and with a whisk, begin to stir over a hot heat. The butter and flour will combine to form a solid ball. Take

off heat, add the soy milk, replace on heat and mix well. The sauce texture is to be pretty thick. Assemble the lasagna: Spread 1 cup of the tomato sauce in the bottom of a 9x13 inch casserole pan. Arrange a single layer of lasagna sheets, sprinkle one-third of the TVP mixture over the sheets. Add a layer white sauce. Repeat until you finish off with a layer of white sauce, add some Vegan cheese on top – and you are ready to bake baby! veganera.com

Michelle Lightworker

Crash course in Enlightenment Enlightenment Evening 6-8.30pm – $30 per session 26 November

Enlightenment Weekend 5 and 6 December – $450

Bookings essential: 0433 831 946 lightworkerreflections.com 10

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DID YOU KNOW, 3 OUT OF 4 CHILDREN HAVE CROWDED TEETH AND INCORRECT DEVELOPING JAWS? These problems can be seen from as early as 5 years of age. Modern research has shown that crowded teeth, incorrect jaw development and other orthodontic problems are not caused by big teeth in small jaws or hereditary factors. Mouth breathing, tongue thrusting, reverse swallowing and thumb sucking (known as incorrect myofunctional habits) are the real causes. Allergies, asthma and an open mouth posture also contribute to incorrect jaw development. Growing up, most of us have had one or more of these myofunctional problems, which may have been the cause of incorrect dental and facial development. Just getting braces, with or without extractions, does not address the underlying causes of crooked teeth. This is why once the braces are removed, the teeth usually crowd up again, unless poor oral habits are corrected. This is why treatment with braces alone commonly results in the need for life-long retainers. This is done through the use of a series of removable dental appliances that are worn for just 1-2 hours each day and overnight while sleeping. Daily use of myobrace combined with regular activities (to improve breathing, muscle function and tongue posture) results in straight teeth and improved function, leading to optimal facial development and healthier smile.

• Develop good facial growth in kids • Reduce the likelihood of sleep apnoea when kids are older • Correct and improve nasal breathing • Correct tongue position • Prevent braces, extractions or surgeries in most cases


Dr Wei Shen

• Helps to protect dentists, dental staff and patients from airborne infections • Helps to implement infection control measures by controlling airborne bacteria, viruses and drill aerosols • Removes unpleasant odours • Filters toxic mercury vapour • Reduces exposure to disinfectant compounds • Controls airborne allergens


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We have cerec machine that can place porcelain fillings/ crowns in one day. The porcelain fillings are more bio-compatible and last longer than your normal resin plastic fillings. At Wattle Street Dental, we are happy to work with your naturopath to make sure you have all your amalgam removed safely.

Mention Holistic Bliss when booking to get a FREE consult about amalgam removal. /Kids Teeth Matter at Wattle Street Dental

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te p p a

ri m th a w se st

Tom n i n o r C

st le in n p w a w n c c

b c th re w th S


e u se th c h h



or a moment, contemplate the impact of one billion people sitting in stillness across the planet. Do you believe this is possible? Let me assure you that this plan is in the amazing hands of a dedicated man who is walking his talk, and doing all he can to accelerate the potential of this idea into reality.

This vision sings to me, gives me incredible feelings of hope, faith and trust that humanity already has the answers for their own wellness, already have the ability for consciousness change that impacts the bigger picture for all of life and can now take the steps with guidance to take responsibility for LIFE. How can this become a reality? Well

it means that people have to ‘show up’ for themselves which means they show up for the planet and the consciousness shift that is gaining momentum across the globe. How do we start this change within ourselves to amplify towards one billion people, knowing that once we reach the first billion, the rest of the world will follow?

m c g c p st

d h th si o th


12.indd 1

10/21/2015 6:35:31 AM

Enter Tom Cronin, meditation teacher, life mentor, speaker, writer and producer with this vast directive to return people to the core of who they truly are… stillness. Tom’s story is a wonderful phoenix rising from the ashes scenario. Spending many years in the finance world, moving through the ranks with efficiency, he is a fast learner with a drive to achieve, which was disguising and fuelling the sense of some ‘emptiness’ that he was still to recognise, still to connect to. Life distractions, addictions, as Tom stated, the ‘Wolf of Wall Street” lifestyle, led to the downward spiral towards incredible stress which resulted in a nervous breakdown. Like others, when plummeting towards a breakdown, wracked in chaos and confusion, we do ask ourselves, what is the point of life, what am I doing, and for some who do not reach for help, the end of the pain can sometimes be permanent as they check out of life. As with many people letting the busy-ness of life run them, Tom had to completely break down in order to break through. While he was investigating and researching drugs, alcohol, and other ways to fill the empty beast, he realised that his soul didn’t; feel quite right. Something was missing. We are all looking for a higher experience, whether we consciously understand that, or not. What we are seeking will either be unsustainable via the use of drugs, alcohol, addictions, or it can be sustainable, taking responsibility, having awareness, seeking truth, happiness, and love. Tom said when you hit a crisis point you either deteriorate or you evolve. His choice, to evolve led him to meditation which led to fulfilment, which calmed him, and which fed his soul and gave meaning to a life that was out of control, by reconnecting him to that place within where peace, silence and stillness are always calling us. Meditation, not only was the flotation device that saved his soul, mind and heart, it has driven Tom to show others the incredible benefits from practising the simplicity of application and the miracle of lives changing, just by reconnecting to the essence of who they truly are. After years of intense study overseas and applying his personal practise to


his daily life, Tom is now a sought-after meditation teacher who is embarking on GREAT vision that will encourage one billion people to sit in stillness. To prove his conviction and commitment to this, he has recently left a corporate career in order to bring his vision into reality. Stillness in Tom’s definition is the absence of mental and physical movement. The journey of meditation takes you from seeker to finder, from out of control to peace, from stressed to calm, from empty to full. Learning how to meditate alters lives and we see more and more successful people saying that it is the ONE thing they do regularly. Finding that space and time for self is paramount in life today. We MUST give back to our inner world. Stress is directing our lives, and we never really get in front of it due to the lifestyles we have created and the distractions we give importance to. Many of us wake up stressed and there is never enough rest to balance the stress levels. It is said that four hours of rest to the whole body can be delivered with a 20-minute meditative state. The biggest excuse, to not engage in meditation is the time factor. And many people say, “I just don’t have time”. Let’s just shift that awareness right now with this amazing reality check from Tom. Break your 24-hour day into 20-minute blocks, which means you have 72 blocks of time. Can you find two blocks of time out of that 72, where you can practise sitting in meditation? That leaves 70 more blocks of time in your day. So simple. The reasoning for 20-minute blocks of time is the research has proven that there are many

scientific benefits from chemical changes in the body. Stress is reduced, sleep is improved, state of health improves, feeling less pressure, calmer, clearer and more importantly you are giving time to yourself, finding fulfilment which impacts the bigger energy field we are connected to and through. There are three levels of meditators, those who practise daily and those who are sporadic and beginners. The only way to reap the many benefits for sitting in stillness is to practise, practise, practise. For those sporadic meditators, there is a three-step formula: 1. ACCESS STILLNESS. To achieve this you use a mantra, or stillness sound that is what Tom teaches. 2. REGULARITY OF PRACTISE. You don’t go to the gym to work on your biceps now and again and expect to have amazing results. 3. REWRITE YOUR BLUEPRINT, UPGRADE. Tom travels to many places and offers inspiring talks, videos and online courses to help people make meditation a part of daily life and a habit like brushing your teeth. The Stillness Project is to unite people across the globe with powerful intentions of peace, harmony and fulfilment. Staying confused, disconnected, unhappy and stressed is a soul’s scream to go within and to find that part of you that is steady, calm, still and knowing. “Be dynamic in the world and maximise life to the fullest.” – Tom Cronin stillnessproject.com To contact the writer RAELENE BYRNE go to: raelenebyrne.com Holistic Bliss | NOVEMBER 2015 |

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et’s break down the mystery surrounding colonics for men. How big is the tube? Let’s face it, unfortunately there’s a taboo with a lot of men about putting things in their backside, even when it comes to their health. This silly taboo stops a lot of guys from getting a prostate exam, and similarly stops many guys from having colonics. So fellas, you’ll be glad to hear the tubes we use are only pencil-thin. Look down at your hand. Our tubes are thinner than your little finger. You’ll barely feel it at all, there’s nothing to fear! You don’t insert the tube, do you? Haha relax guys, this one is a relic from old types of ‘closed’ colon hydrotherapy, where the therapist would put you on your side and insert a rather large tube into your bottom. In my clinic, we use the latest ‘opensystem’ colonic technology which allows you to very comfortably self-insert your tube. When looking for a colonic clinic, be sure to ask if the tubes are

Colonics just for Girls? pencil-thin or not if this is important to you, because many places around the country still use closed-system colonics. How far do you have to insert it? Trust me, no-one ever says it’s inserted too far. Nearly everybody worries that the tube isn’t in far enough! You only insert the pencil-thin tube about 1-1.5 inches, so the tube sits just inside your bottom. And all the tube does is deliver warm filtered water into your colon so that you can release all the accumulated waste sitting inside you. That’s worth it, don’t you think? But aren’t colonics just for girls? This one always makes me laugh. Of course colonics aren’t just for girls! We’ve all got a colon, don’t we? You might be surprised to learn that approximately 40% of my clients are men. If anything, colonics are even more important for men. Most guys tend to eat more meat than women, and meat is notorious for taking much longer to work its way through our digestive system.

Imagine your intestines are like a highway: meat is that big oversized truck driving slow in the fast lane. Everything behind it wants to pass, but the meat truck just slows down all the traffic. Whereas fruit only takes 4-12 hours to work its way through your system, meat can take 2-4 days or even longer. Anything that sits in your colon for longer than 24 hours is just going to start recirculating toxins through your body, making you feel like, well, crap. Why do guys get colonics? Men get treatment for similar reasons to women. They may want a detox, a kick-start to a healthy eating regime, or a pre-season tune-up. Or they may have problems with bloating, their bowels in general, or their skin. Don’t let a bit of fear or embarrassment stop you from putting your health first. JOEL GRACE is the owner of Sunshine Colonics Health & Wellness Centre sunshinecolonics.com.au

Integrative approach to health

Ibuki Health & Wellness offers a refreshing approach to your health, combining conventional and complementary medicines to increase your quality of life. Dr Vivienne Taylor offers comprehensive assessments for both men, women and children with special interests in hormones, anti-ageing, nutrition, lifestyle management and longevity. Dr Sanchez complements the Ibuki Team with his expertise in nutritional medicine, bio-identical hormone therapy, IV therapy treatment, obesity, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune and management of chronic diseases.


Phone 5447 5679

www.ibukihealth.com 14

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Is there a

Male Menopause? WORDS SUZI LE FANUE, Nutritionist, Medical Herbalist and Naturopath


n The Western Journal of Medicine, an article was centred around the debate on whether or not ‘manopause’ really exists. If the term ‘manopause’ is real, the symptoms could be crankiness, irritability, poor libido, lowered fertility, fatigue, unexplained weight gain, depression and low motivation. Does any of this sound familiar? Perhaps it is not widely recognised because men do not suffer with the evident hot flushes like women? The sad truth with manopause is that society expects men to ‘harden up’ and hide their emotions, which only makes the problem worse. At the age of about 40 the levels of testosterone and DHEA in men usually start to decline, and this continues for decades. The decrease of testosterone, classically considered the ‘man hormone’, is associated with a reduction of leydig cells in the testes. The rate of decrease is different for each person. For any person of this age experiencing any of the mentioned symptoms I would highly encourage hormone testing. DHEA has been dubbed the ‘youth hormone’. A precursor of hormones it too, like testosterone, naturally decreases with age. A paper published in the Biological Psychiatry Journal reported that DHEA may have an antidepressant effect. This suggests that a decline in DHEA may

increase feelings of depression, anxiety and poor motivation; symptoms that you will clinically see in those with low DHEA. This area of hormone imbalance and depression is an interesting field of research that is still emerging. What about stress and anxiety? Stress causes your body to release a hormone called cortisol as part of the fight or flight response. When this happens it can cause your hormones to go out of balance, including testosterone and DHEA. If there are any secondary inflammatory conditions, such as allergies, arthritis, asthma or digestive issues, then they also need to be addressed as they can influence cortisol levels. So what should you do? Firstly, I would encourage having hormone testing to actually establish if these are out of balance and other pathology testing that may give clues as to why you feel the way you do. Secondly, I would be addressing any other inflammatory conditions and thirdly I would be seeking advice on ways to assist stress reduction, such as nutritional medicine. Men do not need to just toughen up, as there may be therapies that can assist you in living a happy life! integratedwellnessclinic.com.au

HEA LTHIER WATER for a HEALTHIER LIFE 8-Stage Tap Water Purification & Mineralisation

Does your drinking water still contain chemicals, bacteria and fluoride? Water Filter System

www.annsation.com Holistic Bliss | NOVEMBER 2015 |

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10/21/2015 7:57:07 AM



Grumpy to Great WORDS JEAN SHEEHAN, Principal – Millennium Education


rom my 20 years of Medical Intuition and 15 years of Nursing, I have found generally speaking men are more concerned with the basics such as: paying the bills, looking after their family and trying to get finances in order. The concept of ‘Men’s Wellness’ will be looked at when they retire. That is when the body and mind step in and say, “WAKE UP – we are not aligned to a healthy way and need you to look at your life”. Collin had come for a Medical Intuitive session as he was not feeling ‘right’ and had been referred by his wife. He had put on 25kg in 12 months, smoked, only drank Coke and lived life in survival mode. His wife said he was continually ‘grumpy’ and unhappy and when she asked what was wrong he would snap at her and say ‘nothing’. Collin’s eating pattern was irregular as he travelled for work and the food was unhealthy take-away. He never had time for himself and every morning he dreaded waking up as the day was filled

with activities he did not want to do. He had not been to the doctor for five years. I requested a specific urine and blood test as I had a feeling he had Pyroluria – a biochemical imbalance involving an abnormality in hemoglobin synthesis caused by emotional stress and ‘leaky gut syndrome’. As he was under stress, I wanted to check his zinc, magnesium and B6. Sure enough he was diagnosed with this. His lifestyle was ‘leaking’ and he was not synthesizing due to stress. These emotional aspects led me to look in to his liver which metaphysically is about planning, processing, anger and empowerment. He was angry that life was not the way he planned and the foods he ate were to comfort his mind. His body was screaming at him saying ‘you are not caring for yourself’. His body desperately needed attention before chronic disease was diagnosed. He was miserable at work, home and within himself, as he just wanted time to potter in the garden, watch TV in the evenings and go for family picnics. It




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was time for a lifestyle change and that included: change of diet, routines where he put his health first, downtime from work and all survival activities, which allowed him to plan life around what he wanted. Three months later, after diet changes, supplementations and meditation, Collin came to see me and had lost 19kg and was much happier. His wife had said he was ‘complete’ and so much calmer. So when your body is in pain – STOP and LISTEN, as it is saying it’s not well! Why wait until it is broken, when you can service it all the time!

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Happy, Healthy Life

am a professional musician for the act Dubarray. When I was asked to write this article by Vanessa it was a great way to examine why I have made the decisions in my life for better wellbeing. It’s a great way to share some experiences for other people to hopefully gain some knowledge about what I have learnt. Some of the most important changes and paths that I have chosen have come down to three very important factors: passion, food and exercise. Get on top of these three things and you will fuel the mind, body and spirit. I live a very busy and ever changing lifestyle being a touring musician, which is sometimes hard to adapt routine. I am very fortunate to have such a health savvy wife who is always on top of what we both eat. Travelling has also expanded my consciousness about what’s really going on in the food

industry so about four years ago I made the decision to adapt a more vegan/ vegetarian lifestyle for both ethical and health reasons. Given the society we live in on the Sunshine Coast, we are blessed to have the choice to eat organic and drink clean fresh water (and I’m not talking about the fluoridated, chlorinated tap water!). Research and awareness is the key to what makes your body thrive at its highest potential. Clean food is clean fuel and essentially results in a clean mind, body and inevitably a balanced spirit. One thing I am very grateful for is being able to live my passion as a career. This has not come without other sacrifices, but being grateful for what you have and living for your passion is definitely a key element in true happiness. Without question, both Kate and I feel we have been healthier and happier (individually and in our

relationship) since pursuing our passion and being more in alignment with our deeper purpose. Music isn’t my only passion either; I feed the appetite of my soul with yoga, basketball, surfing and anything that connects me with nature. I find getting back into the body helps relieve stress, gets me “out of my head” and creates endorphins to stimulate the mind and get the creative juices flowing. It’s easy to get caught in a rut of depressive thoughts and feel overwhelmed with life’s challenges which can spiral into something much more damaging to the spirit, so I believe the key to keeping on top of it is by ensuring you don’t neglect the importance of healthy lifestyle choices and just as importantly – find what YOU feel ignites your spirit as a unique individual to thrive. dubarray.com

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What is

Life Teaching Me Now?



ife is a very special gift. Maybe my attitude seems a little naïve, but just like all of us, I need to find the best way for me to secure personal happiness and love. Whilst there are many and varied ‘struggles’ that both men and women face today, there is always a silver lining, a chance to find greater love and understanding. I find that life is a mirror, showing me so many spiritual lessons. Others in my life present me with views with which I do not agree. Inevitably though, if I allow them to have these views, I can distil some golden truths and wisdom from them. For many men, families provide fertile ground for this spiritual growth. Today men are faced with greater and more varied challenges. Unlike the rigid and confined roles of the past, men are now expected to be all things, strong but compassionate, insightful but shrewd, truthful, but clever and empathetic but worldly. Not an easy ask. In today’s complex society, relationships within and outside families

provide many opportunities to explore our inner and outer selves, our inner guidance and our understanding of our true nature. Now, without any doubt, I recognise that I am Soul, not simply a body with a soul, but fundamentally Soul having an experience in the physical realm. But why here? Ever wondered why you have chosen your current family? For many years I wondered, “What do I have to learn from my family?” The answers finally came after I tried the spiritual techniques taught by Eckankar. The answers brought greater love and understanding into my life. I watch my adult children grow as they face life’s challenges. They sometimes ask for assistance. Like any parent all I really want for them is love and happiness. I feel that I can share with them the spiritual techniques I have learned. I don’t give specific advice, I am confident in the knowledge that these techniques will help them gain the spiritual wisdom they need.

These ancient spiritual techniques offered by Eckankar have stood the test of time and are now available here in South East Queensland. You are warmly invited to attend any of the events held in your area. It could help you awaken the love and wisdom that is already in your heart. As Harold Klemp, the Spiritual Leader of Eckankar said in The Spiritual Life (p58): The greatest thing we can possibly gain from this life is the ability to love, and to love greatly. For more information on Eckankar visit: eckankar.org


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SELF-CARE FOR HEALTH PRACTITIONERS Is helping others your passion and soul purpose? Are you constantly giving to others? Does it leave you feeling drained, overwhelmed and confused? Kinesiology is a holistic approach to balance your mind, body and soul by clearing your neuro-emotional pathways, chakra energy centres and the structure of your body. It will leave you feeling inspired, relaxed and reignite your passion.

• Are you prone to burnout, fatigue, anxiety? • Do you find it hard to confidently express your truth? • Are you held back by your beliefs and experiences? • Do you over-think and carry your worries on your shoulders? My gift is to guide you on a sacred ‘journey within’ to access your inner wisdom, understand your body and emotions and release built-up stress. I will support you to reconnect to your authentic self and realign you to your purpose so you can make a unique difference to those that seek your services.

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Allowing Men to be Gentlemen T

his year, we released a book called ‘The Gentleman’s Club’. It is based on a men’s only series of telecalls where we got together with a group of awesome and courageous men to speak freely about being a man in this reality. Some of the men in the group were married. Once the series was done, each of the women who were married to the men got in touch and said “thank you so much for doing these classes. I’ve got back the man that I fell in love with.” What is different about Access and what does it invite men to that other male-oriented programs and classes perhaps do not? Firstly, we invite men to give up selfjudgment or looking for the ‘problems’ in favour of empowering them to see their value as men and gentlemen. Being a gentleman isn’t just about good

manners. Being a true gentleman is not just about how you treat women, either. It is the regard a man has for himself, and for every person he comes into contact with, male and female. A true gentleman does not judge, but opens the door to possibilities for each and every person he touches. Secondly, we ask men to acknowledge the kindness and gentleness they are capable of that this reality would rather destroy. Men are supposed to be rough and ready, but do those kind of expectations actually give men a choice about how to be in the world? What if men could allow themselves to receive the level of kindness and caring they had? What else would be possible? Thirdly, we talk about vulnerability as a strength – it is not about crying and talking about feelings, but rather it is where you are like the open wound,


That’s the sound of the door closing on your problems


That’s the sound of the door opening to infinite possibilities. Right now, I invite you to perceive the energy of the life you are choosing. Are you willing to create and receive it? Here are some choices I have created for you Join me for FREE regular teleseminars

~ Choosing Greater Possibilities ~ ~ Galaxy Girl (psychic insights calls) ~

Grace Hart ChoosingGreater.com 0466 266 943

having no barriers to anyone or anything. With no barriers, could men and women ever be against each other as the “opposite” sex, or would they have to see the gift of difference they are that can create greater together? Would men be able to fight and be cannon fodder for war if they were stepping into the potency of the kindness and caring that they truly have available? Being a man is not about becoming a SNAG (Sensitive New Age Guy) or the ultimate macho-man. Being a man is about having the freedom to choose what works for you – to be able to be fully present in any relationship, and not give up or give away who you are for anyone or anything. To find a local Access facilitator or to join an online global class go to: accessconsciousness.com


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Man’s greatest WORDS CAMERON STIRLING, Naturopath


K Barry, it’s time to get to know who your prostate’s real friends and enemies are. As we get older our prostates tend to enlarge and this makes us need to pee more but less effectively. Prostate cancer is the most common cancer in men and you’ll see that a lot of stuff we eat, do, absorb and don’t do, contributes to that. That means there’s a lot we can do to prevent it. The ENEMIES Oestrogen is one of the main ones. Oestrogen? Yes it’s normal for us to have some. There’s a chain reaction here. Modern wheat stimulates insulin which causes tummy fat which generates excess oestrogen which causes prostate growth. Other things like inactivity and high GI carbs also contribute to tummy fat. Good news about pasta later! Xeno-oestrogens mimic oestrogen’s effects and contribute to breast and prostate cancer. They include insecticides (residues in food), BPA (plastics), parabens and phthalates


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Health Package

(skincare products), and PCBs (industrial). Excessive omega-6 oils like grapeseed oil and margarine promote inflammation and drive cancer. Avoid cheap fish oil supplements, they can contain PCBs and mercury. Lots of chargrilled meat cooked over high heat will give you toxic doses of HCAs and PAHs. The prostate is in a circulatory backwater and extended periods of sitting reduce circulation and lymph drainage even further. Emotions can regulate genetic expression and stagnating emotions like resentment, held-in anger, grief, fear, can lead to cancerous genetic changes. Your FRIENDS Express yourself! Try Emotional Freedom Technique to defuse negative emotions and stress. Exercise! Any movement is good – walking, swimming, surfing. If you do it outdoors and get some vitamin D from the sun, even better. Rebounding is very good for lymph drainage. Two minutes is equivalent to 22 minutes walking.

Zinc, found in red meats, dark poultry meat, seeds and nuts, is the number one prostate mineral. White spots on nails, stretch marks and poor sense of taste can indicate a deficiency. Three Brazil nuts a day will give you a cancer-protective dose of selenium. You can also get it from other nuts, sunflower seeds and mushrooms. Eat lots of vegetables cooked with olive oil, garlic and tomato paste. Pasta is made from a type of wheat that doesn’t stimulate insulin and weight gain. Fettuccini has the lowest GI. Sulforaphane, in broccoli, its sprouts, and cauliflower, switches on genes that protect cells from cancerous changes and which up-regulate detoxification mechanisms. So overall, lose the bread and therefore the oestrogen factory around the middle and the man-boobs, get moving, go sunny Mediterranean and organic, think zinc, eat your ‘trees’, tap into EFT and go nuts in Brazil! sunshinehealth.net.au

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The science of getting to WORDS WAYNE PINA ROOZEMOND

Know your Body


very body tells a story, what’s yours? Mainstream medicine works on treating the system to make you feel better but doesn’t work on the cause of the problem. For example, if you have a headache you reach for a headache tablet to get rid of your headache, but if you could get rid of the reason for the headache then you would never need that tablet again. Our bodies are an electrical subsystem and like all good electrical systems if they are not earthed properly they won’t work well, as you will get a build-up of static electricity. Within energy there are positive and negative ions, so if you think of the positive ions as acid and the negative ions as alkaline, then we live in a society that is very acidic, so we need a find and get a balance (or to be earthed in the electrical way) to work properly. The way we live our life is very full of positive ions, from the electricity all around us, our mobile phones,

computers, cars, all of these are energy transmitters. So to balance out our electrical subsystem we need to earth it, so as to create a balance we must connect with the earth so as to get rid of our excessive positive ions and balance out our electrical subsystem. Too many positive ions can cause the brain to go erratic and cause static leading to unruly behaviour. For those who have watched “World’s Strictest Parents” you will notice they send the kids out into the country, where they can ground themselves. The same occurred after the Cronulla Riots when Father Ted took the ring leaders out into the bush for a week and there they were changed. Negative ions include: Thunderstorms, waves crashing, etc. Plants grow better and stronger with negative ions and you can help your garden grow by placing a copper wire around the garden on star spikes and have it terminate at each star picket in

an anti-clockwise direction. This creates a negative ion field around the garden. Negative ions can have some interesting effects, for example surfers’ waves create negative ions, so surfers end up very relaxed and laid back. Exercise also creates a great deal of negative ions, which is why some people become addicted to the gym. When you live near the sea or at least breaking water, you will notice you have a dusty household, that is because negative ions grab hold of dust particles and make them too heavy to stay floating in the air, (good way of getting rid of dust in the air). For those that don’t live near the sea and want more negative ions in their life, get a negative ion generator. Alternatively, go outside, find some grass, take your shoes off and ground. WAYNE PINA ROOZEMOND is the owner of Pathways Holistic Centre. Visit: pathwaysholistic.com.au

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healing Selenite Swords enhance and divine connection WORDS TOM LEDDER


ne of the most powerful stones available to alternative health practitioners today is selenite. Working with selenite is especially powerful with opening up the higher level chakras, including the 6th chakra (third eye) and crown. It enhances connection to the soul star chakra or the 8th chakra. This is where spiritual energy and divine love actually enter the physical plane, and filter down into the crown chakra for distribution throughout the body. This is why selenite is so powerful in helping users access the Divine mind and angelic realm. Selenite is also a powerful energy transformer. Due to its very high vibration, selenite can be used to cleanse negative energy from other crystals. It’s also able to “hold” information – meaning, it can be programmed to hold mantras and take on the power of other stones. It isn’t even necessary to cleanse the stones after use, as the stone does all the work. It’s the ideal stone for healers of all modalities, as it helps clear them – and magnifies the direction and intent of healing. Tom Ledder says, “My mission is

to teach energy workers how to use the ‘swords of light’ to pour high frequency light into the physical bodies that energetically transmutes negative energy and health issues. If you can heal completely on an energetic level, problems on the physical plane can be healed. These swords open up and balance chakras, clear energy bodies, stimulate meridians, magnify intentions and dynamically increase the power of any healing modality.” Why are Ledder’s ‘Swords of Light’ so powerful? In addition to hand-working each sword into various styles and shapes for clients, Ledder fully takes advantage of the crystal’s high vibration and ability to magnify whatever is placed on it. Each sword has over 100 additional power crystals and minerals that are crushed into a fine powder and epoxied onto the handle. In addition he places a 1ml bottle of sacred water from 30 locations around the world including: the Ganges River in India, Lake Manasarovar at Mt Kailash in Tibet, the spring at Lourdes in France, a sacred river in the Sierra

Regression Therapy and Hypnosis Training Programs

Nevada de Santa Marta mountains of Columbia, Lake Titicaca plus the shamanic plant medicines of Peru. This alchemy of energetic ingredients creates a very tangible feeling that almost every person can feel. Feeling the unseen energy is a very exciting experience. In addition to larger selenite swords, Ledder also creates acupressure light swords of various sizes that stimulate meridians and energy centres of the body to create a concentrated narrow beam of healing. Currently the “swords of light” are being used throughout Europe, the United States, Canada, Mexico, Peru, Chile, and Brazil in South America, Australia, New Zealand, India and Japan. Ledder has taught several classes using the selenite swords in Japan over the last few years, with another trip planned for later this year. He also teaches classes in the USA, Australia and Japan throughout the year. TOM LEDDER is in Australia this month. Visit: seleniteswords.com

Mobile: 0408 517 796 Mention this ad for a gift with purchase


Using a simple, non-invasive, natural method, say good-bye to them!

Two, Four and Six Day Certificate Courses in: Hypnosis, Past Life Regression, and Between Lives Regression, Trainings will be held on the Sunshine Coast, and in Brisbane, Sydney and Melbourne, beginning in February 2016. Visit www.pastliferegressionhypnosis.com.au for full course outlines, or contact Tony Collins to reserve your place, at: International Institute for

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Underlying allergies are the cause of most major health disorders. There is hardly any human disease where allergic factors are not involved.

Do you suffer from allergies?

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More than Macho W

hen discussing well-being, people usually refer to two components: lack of negative emotions and presence of positive emotions. It means being healthy, safe and happy. It means having one’s values, thoughts, emotions and behaviours aligned. What are the challenges that impact a man’s well-being? There are some gender differences that may impact well-being, especially in areas such as health. Young men are three times more likely to commit suicide than young women, even though mental illness is more prevalent for the female population. Furthermore, men live, on average, seven years less than women and are more prone to the most fatal conditions, such as heart disease and diabetes and are more likely to cause accidents. What does it mean to be a man? It is challenging to find your own identity as a man, given the fact that gender roles have changed dramatically. Most likely, our father’s roles were not the same as ours. What does it mean to

be a good man? A good employee? A good boss? A good husband? A good father? A man’s well-being may be affected by this since proving one’s masculinity may lead to strenuous or dangerous behaviours: reckless driving, decreased focus on one’s health, working even when sick or tired, disregarding safety and impulsivity. There is a lot of pressure on men to align with their gender roles. Furthermore, there seems to be an unwritten rule in the male population that it is forbidden to appear weak, which represents the main area of vulnerability for the male population. As a man, you’re required to appear strong and powerful. Plenty of communication problems may arise in men’s relationships because of this, since men are not usually taught how to express their emotions in a healthy and assertive way, which may damage their relationships, leading to dissatisfaction both at work and in their personal lives. How to redefine your masculinity? In order to regain balance over

your masculinity, certain myths must be busted. Vulnerability doesn’t equate with weakness, it equates with courage. Being in the difficult situation of asking for a raise, or to tell your lover that her actions have hurt you in some way means stepping out of your comfort zone, being authentic and in tune with your needs. It means setting healthy boundaries and knowing how to ask for what you want. It means staying away from distractions and learning how to say no, in order to pursue your goals peacefully. What you need to do is to define your values and make a commitment of living your life in accordance to them. Everybody appreciates integrity and knowing your values clearly is the first step in this process. Learn to create positive change and help others with a qualification in Counselling, Art Therapy, Youth Work or Kinesiology. To discover more, register at ikoninstitute.com.au to attend our Open Days in Brisbane October 24, Perth November 7, Adelaide November 21.

Enjoy the beautiful, relaxing energy in the shop, where locals and visitors have been coming since 1995. Spiritual Books Crystals Jewellery Psychic Readings Oracle and Angel Cards Tarot Cards Essential Oils Incense

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Do you suffer with

‘Satellite Dish Syndrome’? WORDS SHAUNA TEAKEN


f you’ve ever walked into a room full of people and immediately sensed the ‘vibe’; or spent time with a friend who pours out their troubles and leaves feeling better while you feel awful; or wake up on a Monday morning and find yourself depressed and hating the thought of going to work – then you may have ‘Satellite Dish Syndrome’, aka ‘Being Aware’. Like a big psychic sponge, you are picking up on the thoughts, feelings and emotions of literally thousands of people around you everyday. That can be very tiring indeed! It can also be impacting your health, money flows and relationships. So how to turn that to your advantage to have more – fun, money, love or ‘space’…? Tune your dish to a different channel!

One way is to ‘tune in’ to match the vibration of trees, flowers and the earth – immediately relaxing, refreshing and nurturing. Just think of a tree. There, you just changed channels. Go outside and be around trees, even better! Trouble is, we tend to stick on the same old channels and use what is actually a talent for communication against ourselves by becoming satellite dishes for other people’s woes and then believing that they are ours! The really exciting thing about making this connection – that you may be just very, very aware and not wrong – is that it’s just a short step to turning that seeming ‘weakness’ into your greatest talent. Firstly, you can begin to develop clear communication with your own lovely body – which knows exactly what

it requires to look and feel youthful, healthy and happy. That’s pretty amazing. You can use your awareness to ‘know’ which house to buy or rent; to find amazing bargains that no one else seems to see; to grow plants easily and abundantly; to pull money when it’s required; to contribute to the earth; assist healing others and much more. What about being able to communicate with animals, entities, and nature spirits? Creating a business? There’s no limit to the fun and ease of opening up to your awareness. So, what if everything you think is wrong with you, or that you ‘suck’ at, is actually one of your talents that you could be using to change anything and everything you’d like to change? Not sure what your talent is? Contact SHAUNA at shaunasisland.com

AMINYA – Leading the Way MAKE YOUR TRAINING COUNT Government Accredited training – RTO 40815

Follow your dreams to a career in Natural Health OPEN DAY

21st November, 10am-2.30pm 922-926 David Low Way, Marcoola

Complimentary refreshments and mini treatments



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ere is Don’s pronounced prophecy for Planetary Peace – our very own Great Southern Land will formally usher, and host, the People’s Peaceful Planetary Revolution! It’s official! And here’s why… “Australia has such wonderful actors, artists, musicians, and you have so many more of the people who really embrace nature.” “Australia is so precious,” gushes Don. “And when you abbreviate Australia, it’s no accident that ‘Au’, is the chemical symbol for something else precious: gold!” “Ancient and modern scholars,” Don carefully explains, “all teach that we are moving into a new experience. From a planetary viewpoint, this thing happens only once every 26 thousand years...” The conversation heats up; Don’s eyes are lighting up like brilliant beacons of compassion and joy. “I was lecturing in France last year about all this (the Aquarian age) and the very next day, in the papers, they reported that a hot air balloon had collected seeds and microorganisms never before seen! “These ‘wandering seeds’ (plants) are coming to Mother Earth (Gaia) from our solar winds, and they’re right on time! Today we are moving into the Age of Aquarius, which, as a planet, we know, through ancient teachings, and sun dials, we

officially enter on the 26th of January, 2020. “Now, it’s no accident that date, just happens to be… Australia Day! When I had people here telling me that, it just blew me away!” Don has been in awe ruminating on the spiritual analogies, and their synchronisation with Australia for quite some time now. “In Australia, there is a gigantic movement of embracing the principles of health, of standing in nature, and not being bullied by government policies… I am absolutely convinced that Australia will be the 100th Monkey Effect. “Each continent has a specific power and purpose. But just like the seven wonders, the seven seas, the seven days, the seven colours of the rainbow, the seven octave notes, the ancients knew… that when PanGaia broke up into seven continents, there was a very specific purpose for the humans living on each continent. “‘Aquarius’ means ‘more fluid’ and that which represents greater understanding, commonality, peace and harmony. And so with Australia, when you go ‘down under’, and look back up at it, it looks just like a human heart! “And ‘2020’… means perfect vision! And so it is with your country. It was in Australia, the ancients taught, where the hearts and minds of the people would lift, and people would embrace being holistic, pure, and getting rid of wars… “Boy”, sighs Don, with vintage grin and glistening eyes, “I so love your country…”


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Bestthrough Lifebook

e all want and deserve an amazing life, in ALL areas. Our health and fitness, our spiritual, emotional and intellectual life, our relationships, careers and finances, and our ultimate life purpose. This however does not actualise for everyone. Some of us have set goals and completed a vision board. These are fantastic tools. However there is a far deeper, more profound tool now available: A Lifebook. The primary purpose of Lifebook is for you to live your very best life. This process is unique because your quality of life is accurately measured and recorded. The sophisticated online “Quality of Life-LQ assessment tool” measures your current quality of life in all 12 areas and gives you an overall score. The Lifebook process has proven thousands of times to improve people’s Quality of Life-LQ

in a specific, measurable and predicable manner. Lifebook started as a single page of goals for Jon Butcher. This evolved into a few pages, then into a beautiful 120page leather-bound book. This Lifebook contained pictures, quotes, deep beliefs, visions and strategies for Jon. It fundamentally changed his thinking, actions and way of life. It helped manifest his dreams in all areas of life. After sharing this process with a few close friends, like Nathaniel Brandon and Dr Patrick Gentempo, the response was amazing. His friends convinced Jon to bring this profound tool to the world. Nine years ago, almost as a secret underground movement, Lifebook was born. Up until this year, to create your own Lifebook, you needed to fly to Chicago. Fortunately we no longer need to travel to Chicago, as the Lifebook

design session is available right here on the Sunshine Coast. You take your laptop, participate in a three-day intense exploration of yourself. You explore all 12 areas of your life – your dreams, visions, beliefs and create strategies to achieve your very best life. At the end of the immersion process you emerge with an amazing 120- to 150-page, leather-bound book of your future self. This is not the end but just the beginning, as you begin to live with a new found clarity on yourself, what matters and equally important, what no longer serves you. As you become deeply conscious of who you are, your unique gifts and talents, you begin to act in accordance with your highest values and purpose. Learn more at: mylifebook.com/url/drdavid

CLEANSE • DETOX • HYDRATE • ENERGISE • RENEW Feeling tired and sluggish? Tummy troubles getting you down? Hayfever and allergies acting up? Let us help you eliminate your waste, reduce your toxic overload and regain the good health you deserve. Colon Hydrotherapy can assist with:

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• Constipation • Irritable Bowel Syndrome • Bloating and Indigestion • Headaches / Migraines • Bad skin / Acne • Sinus and Allergies • Candida • Anxiety • Fatigue

Joel Grace

Certified Colon Hydrotherapist


Phone 07 5326 3537 | www.sunshinecolonics.com.au Holistic Bliss | NOVEMBER 2015 |

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The Scent of a Man… T

he pleasing aroma of essential oils are not just the domain of women and children, but can be enjoyed just as much by the manliest of men, both for their fragrance, and their powerful healing properties. At Aminya Natural Therapies Academy, Marcoola, our students explore a wide variety of traditional aromatic applications, learning to choose, formulate and blend oils that will benefit the client, based on their individual needs. For a more masculine blend, your Aromatherapist will carefully select essential oils that will benefit your condition, always taking into consideration your personal preferences, likes and dislikes. Here are 10 of our favourite essential oils for men. We’ve made a woody, spicy, leafy and citrus selection! • Sandalwood – deep and woody, antifungal, antidepressant and calming. • Frankincense – a powerful antiseptic, beneficial for the respiratory, digestion and nervous systems.

• Cedarwood – a softer woody fragrance than Sandalwood, wonderfully sedating and excellent for acne and oily skin conditions. • Ginger – spicy and warming, with a definite zing! It’s energising, great for aches and pains, and can even aid libido! • Tea Tree – first aid in a bottle. Great for insect bites and stings, cuts and abrasions, widely used for bacterial, viral and fungal infections. • Lime – a fresh and zesty antioxidant and antibacterial, and can even stop bleeding! • Black Pepper – wonderfully relaxing for sore and tight muscles. • Lavender – although a floral, it can be blended with other oils to enhance its relaxing effects. Use for headaches, insomnia, depression and anxiety. • Rosemary – known for its brain boosting power (rosemary for remembrance), it is also reputed as beneficial for hair loss, pain relief and respiratory conditions.

Take a Soul Journey and find the freedom to love!



Workshop with Rebecca-Lee 20-22 November 2015 Noosa, Queensland, Australia

Yearning for a relationship with someone who is in the same place as you in their spiritual awakening? Not sure how you can find that person or move your current relationship to that next level?

• Bergamot – another citrus, its unique properties make it simultaneously stimulant and relaxing, dependent on the needs of the user. It makes an excellent deodorant and air freshener. Oils can be used singularly, or together. The synergistic effect of essential oils is even more powerful when they are combined. They can be safely vaporised in an electronic or candle burner, blended with vegetable oil (2 drops of essential oil per ml) and applied to the skin, or added to the bath. Aminya Natural Therapies Academy is on a mission to bridge the gap between the fields of orthodox medicine, complementary modalities and aromatherapy. If you would like to learn more about the science of aromatherapy, Aminya Natural Therapies Academy offers Government Accredited training at its Head Office in Marcoola, with 6 campus locations across Australia. Certificate to Advanced Diploma. Visit: aminyaacademy.com.au

The Amazing


from Russia

SHUNGITE – The Healing Stone “This stone possesses amazing cleansing and healing properties”. M. Polevaya, Author.

Shungite cures, purifies, heals, protects, restores your health and even stimulates growth in your systems, and can be used in agriculture.

Buy 1 workshop ticket – receive another ticket half price ($325)

Shungite is – • a natural antioxidant that can increase human immunity • an absorbent, purifying air and water • a catalyst which ensures decomposition of organic substances • a carrier of wide range of microelements and biologically active substances • a protector shielding you from electromagnetic fields (EMF) Available for purchase – Pendants, Tumbled Stones, Pyramids, Spheres, Eggs, Bracelets, Water Purifying Stones and More… Ask for a Catalogue

BOOK NOW! Limited spaces available.

Contact: Richard Giles on 5435 0158


For more information on workshop & personal sessions visit:

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Email: ricgiles@powerup.com.au

See my “Shungite Australia” page on Facebook Richard is also available to do Feng Shui assessments of your home and business and to do Astrological readings for your Life Events.

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Naturopathy Feng Shui Consultations Reflexology Maori Reiki Healing Celtic Healing Counselling Massage Clairvoyant Medium Workshops

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Defrag your

I ‘ nner Hard Drive’!



re men more stressed than women? Good question… men certainly deal differently with stress and anxiety than women and it’s harder for them to recognise they’re in trouble – it’s something that doesn’t come up in small talk like it does in women’s circles. The other thing is they’ve often been taught it’s not cool to show emotions, it’s like admitting weakness. We can only hope for attitudinal change as mental health issues become more accepted and talked about. Many men I’ve helped say things like “I used to think people going on stress leave were making excuses until it got to me too!” The reality is that both men and women have similar struggles. What is really going on in our culture today? • We are being disconnected energetically from our body; the very part of us that allows emotions to be processed. Our main energy centres, or chakras have an important job where that’s concerned. With all the electronic devices in our environment, our energy

along with constant brain chatter is locked in a big bubble around our head. • There’s no time to think of being centred, calm or grounded. Rushing from place to place multi-tasking, we become absorbed in the past with should haves and would haves, or in the future where we fear the worst. • Multi-tasking is considered evidence of job competence. When we can’t switch it off, we become open to the effect of hyper vigilance. The fight, flight or freeze reaction from our primitive brain overtakes our lives and all of a sudden the red traffic light turns into a fierce animal! Our primitive genes respond with protection and PANIC! People who have experienced a panic episode know how life-threatening this subconscious trigger can feel. • We are treated like consumers. It doesn’t matter who we are or what we care about – now it’s more about how much money we make for somebody else or what we buy, and we are easily replaced. • We can work as hard as we like

to be respected and feel a sense of selfworth yet often the honest workers are stepped on and over in the race for prestige and power. There always seems to be enough people out there to sell their souls for money. • Mass consciousness is having a devastating effect on our health and happiness. It’s difficult to make a conscious decision not to listen to all of the negative clap trap, and to be decisive about what is healthy to put into our mouths. Whose advice should we take on when we are fed up with being chained to the rat wheel? S.I.T. (Self Improvement Training) is an invaluable tool that includes favourite techniques I love to teach to free my clients from their old thinking patterns. With experience in integrative counselling, I help change the programs that are running in the 90% of our minds – the subconscious. Unless we “defrag and update” our program – nothing changes! mindlinkhypnotherapy.com.au

Body Consciousness Intensive Workshop (BCI)

BCI will assist you to opening up and being all of YOU!! This workshop will allow you to identify the negative core beliefs and patterns and programs that prevent you from choosing a path that is truly representative of YOU! It gives you the ability to tap into your intuitive higher self to gather answers and directions about what is happening in times of overwhelm and confusion. You will discover your inner courage to clear negative belief systems and make choices that inspire you to follow what excites your heart and live a life you love.

June 2015 Dates & Prices – Sunshine Coast, QLD

BCI Level 1 – 5th-7th Dec BCI Level 2 – 8th-10th Dec BCI Level 3 – 11th-13th Dec

Change your Beliefds,! Change your Worl

Please note that the information, tools and techniques learnt in BCI Levels 1, 2 and 3 can be shared with family and friends, however is not to be used professionally in any form. BC offers a specialised BC facilitator program and if interested please talk to us!

Call Circle Wellness Clinic to book: 5471 2201 Or Email: info@bodyconsciousness.com.au www.bodyconsciousness.com.au


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What is

Hunter Gatherer Syndrome?


Wendy: What is Hunter Gatherer Syndrome in your view and how much is that way of operating still current for men in our society? Barry: The Stone Age people went out and got the food and if they didn’t get the food they died. In our male society if you get sick then you are weak. If you are on the dole you feel like you are useless. If you don’t have enough money then you are a loser. Trees are strong and upright and when the wind blows they bend, otherwise they will snap or get snapped. Wendy: So you’ve got to be upright and hold it all in and how much does that lock you up? Barry: Our society is quite vicious from the point of view that a man has to be head of the house and head of the family and everything is put on you

as a man. That is handed down from generation to generation. The jobs that I have been trained in had the philosophy that you work to make a living and survive, you are the head of the family and you have to work hard. It was instilled. This is the way it is and this is the way it’s done. So for a long time I never really questioned this at all. Wendy: What has assisted you to experience something different? Barry: I realise now by asking questions, I am able to be different and I can adapt and I have choice. When I start to feel ‘not good enough’, I realise that’s just a lie and I don’t make it real. For a long time I didn’t feel I could choose anything else because I bought the lie that I wasn’t good enough. It’s only now at 62, I see the value of being kind to myself and I allow

myself to adapt and change. Allowance has been a really important tool for my confidence to gradually come to the surface and I don’t judge myself for the choices I make. If you weren’t choosing struggle or pain, what would you choose? What have you decided is and defined as your role? And is it working for you? What were you told was not possible to change that you know you can change? What would it take to recognise when you are being that and then choose it more often? WENDY offers one-on-one sessions for men in all areas of relationships, grief, wellbeing and career focus. kindnesswithgrief.com Mobile: 0431 170 710 Email: swmulder@bigpond.net.au

UPCOMING COURSES Pathways Holistic Health Celtic Reiki I & II, Celtic Reiki Master, Self Healing Awareness I & II • Celtic Reiki I & II – Sunday Nov 8 (9am-1pm) • Celtic Reiki Master – Sunday Nov 22 (9am-1pm) • Self Healing Awareness Course 1 – Sunday Nov 15 (9am-5pm) • Self Healing Awareness Course 2 – Sunday Nov 29 (9am-5pm) WHERE: Unit 7, 25 Premier Circuit, Warana COST: Reiki – $125 per course Self Healing Awareness – $150 per course

Phone 0415 800 888 or wayne@pathwaysholistic.com.au Holistic Bliss | NOVEMBER 2015 |

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Daily Emotional Awareness from the universe – on tap!



o you believe in universal synchronicity? Like put it out there and get something back? Ask a question and receive some guidance – a sign? I do! And chances are if you are reading this you do as well. There are so many ways to get divine guidance from the universe. Different card sets, great books with tips, meditating, dreams, intuitive messages, email newsletters and other amazing souls. One of the things I love doing best is co-creating awareness with others. When something is on my mind, wobbling me, or I have a question – having an emotion and action to focus on, is very helpful. I have done this for my children, friends and clients regularly for some time now and have loved giving in this way – they too have loved receiving in this way. When I give talks or present in workshops – collectively gathering the energy and muscle testing an emotion

and action to focus on, as well as an emotion to avoid falling into and a reactive behaviour to be aware of – for the entire group – is profound and has amazing results. Even though it’s the one emotion, it has a different meaning for everyone and their individual situation. So where is this leading? Now every day on the Body Consciousness Facebook page, there will be a collective emotion to focus on, an action to take, an emotion to avoid feeling and a reactive behaviour to be aware of. The idea is if you have a personal issue: such as your relationship, parenting, home, work, health, family, money, opening up, communicating something etc, or you have a question you are pondering, a meeting to go to, a family gathering coming up, a project to finish, a function or activity of any sort – you can tune into the page for emotional awareness and an action to take.


MASSAGE with Penne

Before you look at the page – ask your question or think about the situation you are about to go into or need direction on. Then click on the Facebook page and have a look at what the daily emotional awareness is. Take what you need from it and add it to your intuition. The awareness on the Body Consciousness page will be energetically tuning in to anyone and everyone who will be looking at the page each day and collectively gathering the energy. The emotional awareness will mean something different for each person who looks it up. Why not try it now? Think of where you may want some emotional awareness from the universe – jump onto Facebook, type in Body Consciousness and you will find it on the home page. Have a read and see how it helps. Enjoy and remember that this will be on our page every day. bodyconsciousness.com.au


CHIROPRACTIC EXAM with Dr David Hendrey

Find out if we can help you: • Less aches and pains • Greater sense of wellbeing • Less stress • Reduce headaches • Safe for all ages

30 mins


45 mins


60 mins




13/5 Innovation Parkway (Level 1) KAWANA WATERS


Ph (07) 543 77 222 32

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re you buying the lie that there is something wrong? Have you forgotten your greatness? You are a gift, a miracle, magic in motion and you were born to change the world! Wake up my friends from the slumber and seduction of planet problems for there is a planet of possibilities waiting to play! I’m here to awaken you to the magic and alchemy you are… when you start to live, function and create from that space, you can change… anything… and the life you desire will show up… like magic. Are you willing to wake up… to know something greater is now possible, are you willing to be that greatness… no matter who around you sleeps? Dear Galaxy Girl, I’m tired all the time, the doctors cannot find anything wrong with me. I procrastinate and nothing is changing. Can you point me in the right direction? Hi M of Brisbane, Right now, get the energy of the life you are desiring, if you were choosing

for you… feel it… perceive it, awesome! Now follow that energy. Ask… if I choose this does it match the energy of the life I am choosing… if I say or do this, does it match the energy of the life I am choosing. If it does, awesome go ahead and do or create that. If it doesn’t, don’t do or create that. Work this muscle, start to have your own back and only follow the energy of the life you are choosing. If you follow the energy of the life you are choosing, then that is what’s going to start to show up. If you only focus on your “problems” rather than possibilities, then that’s what will actualise. Have you bought the lie you procrastinate and are tired all the time? That’s an interesting choice… what else could you choose…? What if every thought was a choice… right now you are using your magic to create “procrastination and tiredness” awesome… what else is possible? What is greater than that that you

could choose? If you were creating your life, if you were choosing the things that brought you fun or joy and matched the energy of the life you are choosing, would you procrastinate, would you feel tired…? What is the value of choosing to define you as tired and a procrastinator? Does having that thought match the energy of the life you are choosing? What if everything was changeable… even your tiredness…? Science has proven that 99.9999% of everything is just space appearing solid… what if your problems were the same? Just space appearing real, unchangeable and solid… until now… Watch the tiredness and procrastination disappear, BAM! Just like magic… and BAM… the life you are choosing will show up by magic… If you lived on planet possibilities what could you choose? – Galaxy Girl. Email your questions to: askgalaxygirl@gmail.com

4 steps to effectively deal with burn-out, depression, anxiety and lack of self-esteem and increase overall happiness and satisfaction in life. Mindfulness integrated Cognitive Behaviour (MiCBT) is an evidence based modality – with scientific backing – which will allow you to successfully deal with a broad range of life situations. To be Mindful means to be aware of what is happening to you, without being caught up in any of it. Once you master the easy-to-learn MiCBT techniques you will know how to control your thoughts and thought processes. This puts you in the driver seat of your personal and professional life. One-on-one and small group MiCBT sessions are available. Contact Marc now for a free 45-minute strategy session.

“Acceptance of present experience with awareness” is key. Phone Marc on 0417 062 506 | Email: marc@simplifyinglife.com.au

www.simplifyinglife.com.au Holistic Bliss | NOVEMBER 2015 |

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and workshops 6-week Weaving Circles November-December Coil Weave morning 14 Nov One-day workshop 28 Nov Twist Weave workshop 6 Dec PNG Weave and Coconut Oil Making Workshop 15 Nov

Q: When I am enmeshed in a situation and feeling anxious and unable to think straight, what would you recommend as a way to quickly draw on a resource/s that would bring clarity so that I can then see the bigger picture and action accordingly? I ask this particular question because I am often so caught up in my feelings and emotions during a disagreement or even listening to others in a disagreement that I find it very difficult to remember how to be a Lightworker. – Sue Pluck A: Thanks for asking Sue! This one is such a common one and we can call on the principle of Responsibility to help us gain clarity. This principle assists us to hold only that which Spirit is guiding us to hold for ourselves. When we commence feeling contaminated, it is usually because we have lost sight of what that is. Do this exercise next time you feel bombarded by the energetics of others: 1. First take a step back and breathe. Let the person know you need a time-out to get clear so that you are non-reactive. (In this way you are taking responsibility for yourself and keeping it real that you are indeed human.) 2. Next scan your body whilst asking Spirit, what is mine? What is not mine? (This ensures that you are inviting higher insight and awareness into your body.) 3. Ask Spirit to remove any energetic invasion that you have taken on. (You are

An unforgettable opportunity to touch hearts, to deepen in discovery and connection and to transcend barriers through the common language of basket weaving.

~ Aboriginal Australian cultural weaving adventures ~ African weaving and wildlife safaris ~ Papua New Guinea village experience

now releasing that which is blurring your vision.) 4. Ask Spirit to clear your own emotional reactions and take some deep breaths to do this. If needed, do some inner child reparenting. (Again, taking responsibility for yourself.) 5. Now ask Spirit what you need to do next. It could be that you do nothing but listen to the other person. It could be that more letting go is in order. It could be that you need to apologise. It could be that you need to integrate an aspect of your psyche. 6. Take action and follow through with your guidance. (Ultimate responsibility is taking action.) These steps will assist you to bring you back into balance, heal the relationship with yourself and others. I find keeping clear daily such a must. It’s not an option for me not to. The clearer we are everyday, the more we realise when we are not clear. Even after an interaction with someone, we may feel the ‘energetic wash’ of their intentions. Sometimes the best thing to do Sue, is to take a time-out. However, for long term Lightworkers, prevention is the best medicine. If you would like to ask MICHELLE LIGHTWORKER a question, please submit your questions to lightworkerreflections@gmail.com

• Beat Depression • Experience Inner Peace • Enjoy Love and Acceptance of Self and Others • Eliminate Guilt, Shame, Resentments and Regrets • Experience True Joy and Happiness • Free your Karmic Debt • Unlock Hidden Talents and Potential • Alleviate and Heal Chronic Illness • Overcome Phobias • Beat Addictions • Resolve Relationship Issues

Book an appointment with Lynette King Past Life Regression Therapist

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Soul Connect Healing

Assisting you to locate healing, integration & inner peace


at Montville or a mobile service to you (Sunshine Coast and Hinterland)

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Be-ing your own ‘Guru’! WORDS LIS BLAKE


o you believe you can be ‘your own guru’? Unsure of what ‘guru’ means? The Merriam/ Webster dictionary defines the word as meaning ‘a person who has a lot of experience in/or knowledge about a particular subject’. There’s an old saying – ‘when the student is ready, the teacher will appear’ and for over 35 years I’ve met extraordinary ones, too many to mention here. I am so appreciative of having all of them in my life because I am very aware that each person has played a huge part in bringing me to where I am in my spiritual awareness ‘now’. So what does ‘guru’ mean to you? Might it mean depending on someone other than yourself to find out ‘what works for you’? How are you suddenly able to focus on yourself and become the one with the information? I do feel in the beginning of ‘our

search’ that it’s natural to ‘look outside’ to gain all the knowledge we can regarding a given subject. There comes a ‘time’ when we realise that maybe – just maybe – we can focus inside of ourselves and realise that all the answers we’ve been chasing out there – we have within. We hear this so often to ‘look within’ but how many really do? What stops us? How do we do it? My aim with this article (and during the November workshop) is to explain and show you that it is possible – in fact easy to get in touch with your own ‘guru’ – your own intuitive self. By utilising the new energy Earth is experiencing, we can ‘be’ in constant contact with guidance. Some of us may feel this as ‘intuition’ or as a connection with our higher self and even – through the latter – bring in knowledge and wisdom from higher energies. What would you like to experience? The next ‘Walking in Two Worlds! Easily?’ Workshop on 28th November

will be exploring some of the reasons why we might find it difficult to access our own answers. And most importantly we will learn practical ways to empower ourselves so we can become our own source of information – ‘be’ our own guru! This workshop is also an early ‘Conscious Christmas Celebration’ and it would be great to see the past workshop participants join us on this festive occasion. It’s wonderfully exciting and up-lifting being surrounded by people who think similarly and who understand each other! LIS BLAKE is the owner of ‘Skills For Living For Life’ and ‘Keys to Self Mastery’ and has worked for over 30 years as a Counsellor on the Sunshine Coast. She is holding workshops helping people through earth’s energy shift. News of her latest workshop is at: keystoselfmastery.com/self-masteryworkshops/

Are you ready to unlock the secrets of your destiny path? Discover the hidden meaning of your Mayan Solar and Lunar Sign Learn how to navigate life with more direction and focus Become aware of the emotional and mental blocks that have kept you from experiencing your true potential Activate your Mayan Galactic Signature Become Empowered to LIVE according to your True Divine Blue Print

MAYAN ASTROLOGY READINGS Mobile: 0422 100 688 Skype Readings Available www.soulsounds.com.au

Clear Insight Personal Mayan Charts Accurate Readings Mayan Calendar Guidance Workshops/Seminars Activation of Your Mayan Galactic Signature


Elohisa K’Inan

White Jaguar Woman Ix-Chel Holistic Bliss | NOVEMBER 2015 |

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10/21/2015 5:37:00 PM

of the Long Count of 5125 years. They were accurate in mapping the Evolution of Humanity, and they did this by observing that time is not linear but rather cyclical and that there are smaller, and greater cycles that have been affecting consciousness on earth for millions of years. 21st December 2012 brought an unprecedented occurrence of great cosmic alignments and therefore its effect initiated shifts at all levels for humanity.



fter December 21st 2012, many misinterpreted the Mayan prediction because it did not result in some major catastrophic event, as something that had no relevance to our personal lives. However, what really happened on 21/12/12 is far from over and far more significant than most people realise.

Its significance and effect is touching our lives on a very personal level, and much of what we are experiencing at the moment as accelerated and intense times is in fact directly linked to this very important and auspicious event for earth and humanity. The Mayans were great Mathematicians, Astrologers, Astronomers and also time travellers. Their ability was not in predicting the end of the world, but rather the end


With the ending of the Long Count of 5125 years cycle of evolution (that by the very nature of its completion propelled humanity to a higher level of consciousness), there were another three major Cosmic Alignments that occurred around the same time. The 26,000 years cycle relating to the Precession of Equinoxes, a 104,000 year cycle (4 x 26,000) and a 225 million year cycle that saw the Milky Way Galaxy complete it’s cycle around the Central Sun which the Maya call Hunab Ku also known as the Central Star Alcione. The most important aspect of this shift is that during this time of acceleration we are being called to align with the higher aspects of our being that is Unconditional Love and ‘Compass-IOn’. What we are all experiencing as we navigate these challenging times is that everything that no longer serves the new matrix in-print of Higher Consciousness



Room available for health professional


ealth Solutions with

Finding your way to wellness!


Bowen Therapy Herbal Medicine Hypnotherapy/NLP Scenar Therapy Massage Therapy Psychology Naturopathy Podiatry

PEYTRAH FISCHER – LITIOS OCEANIA Mobile: 0414 948 154 | www.LitiosOceania.com

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67 Channon Street, Gympie www.sunshinehealth.net.au


• Light Body Readings • Light Surgery with Metatron • House, Space and Land Clearings • Personal Spiritual Coaching • Meditations, Seminars and Lectures • Litios Light Crystals to raise your vibration


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Live better. Clean better. To find out how your home can be cleaner, safer and healthier contact your local ENJOpreneur Peta Horne on 0414 613 000. FREE GIFT when you mention Holistic Bliss.

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is ‘e o a e h su in g

k h e in th p T is w fa e







is coming to the surface and being ‘exposed’ for clearing or healing. The old outmoded social, religious, monetary, and leadership systems are being exposed because the new seed within humanity’s consciousness at large has super seeded the old imprint of nonintegrity, deceit, competitiveness, and greed. These old systems have been kept in place by fear, which has been humanity’s encodement till 2012. This encodement has been also part of our internal system or personal program that have held us hostage to our own personal suffering brought on by fear. The way this suffering manifests primarily is through personal dramas triggered within relationships firstly to self, then families, partners, children and also our environment that includes work. This important time of transition and

initiation concerns us all, whether we are conscious of it or not, and is helping us emerge into a new way of being. If we ally ourselves with the necessary tools that will help us navigate with clarity and also awaken us to more effective ways to understand what is really going on and then what to do, it will assure us an easier transition. The process of awakening is one of first dismantling all that is not real or illusion within us, and without this conscious process of dismantling and re-emerging, suffering will amplify. The reason for this is because energetically we are expanding and therefore holding on to lower and denser vibration will result with feeling restricted which inevitably brings about pain and suffering. The best way to navigate these challenging times, is to align with a compass that points us in the right direction by ‘sensing’ . This Inner compass or ‘Compass-I-On’ is the Heart Intelligence, that teamed with the genuine intention to heal our own personal wounds, is a powerful navigating and healing tool. Our human vehicle is for the most part an accumulation of memory, everything that we eat, do, and interact with has an effect on this vehicle and the memory that is held all the way down to cellular memory is for the most part the ‘navigating commander’.


This store house for ancient traumas and conditioning will not allow us to experience unconditional and selfless love until we apply the 4 Rs that are: re-define, re-direct, re-order and re-align from inside out. When applying the 4 Rs becomes our priority, then self-healing and emerging into higher consciousness will become not just a possibility but a reality. One of the old encodements of social system keeping most of humanity still imprisoned in fear is the Gregorian Calendar, that with its old programming of ‘time is money’ and irregular system of measuring time, has created a distortion in the way most navigate their daily lives. It has stripped humanity for over 500 years of the ability to feel connected to what is more natural within themselves and also nature. It has omitted one of the most sacred miraculous occurrences, which is the subtle language of synchronicity, without this important connection blossoming, our highest potential of ‘time is art’ is stifled. Reconnecting to the Mayan Count of Days, through the Tzolkin and Activating one’s own Galactic Signature is a way to redefine time, redirect our energy, reorder our minds and emotions, and realign to the Synchronic Order of Natural Time Frequency and therefore to infinite abundance and joy. soulsounds.com.au


e u

Performing at


6 Beddington Road, Doonan

Saturday December 19th – 6pm $15 Entry

‘Ebb & Flow’ available at

www.cdbaby.com/dubarray or www.dubarray.com /dubarray

‘Come feed your soul and enjoy an evening of ambient world/electro/soul grooves over dinner time at a divine location.’


OPEN: Mon-Sat, 7am-4pm Ben: 0439 850 980

Birtwill Street, COOLUM BEACH www.newearthcafe.com.au Holistic Bliss | NOVEMBER 2015 |

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10/21/2015 6:35:47 PM

Diary of a


can then incorporate some of ‘nature’s bounty’ into a dish we cook for our loved ones. Just recently I included tomatoes and zucchinis from the garden and made a great Mediterranean dish with basil pesto. It was music to our senses as home-grown cooked meals always seem to be packed with so much more flavour and nourishment… We can learn so much from nature in so many ways; nature doesn’t have judgements or expectations…



would like to share some of my bliss, this time from my very own veggie patch at home. The whole process, right from the moment of selecting the organic seeds from the pretty coloured packets and then watching veggies grow in the rich organic soil is magic to me.

I love the energising, interactive way of being in the garden… so much space and the plants become like babies to look after and protect (maybe I feel that way because I don’t have small children). And then of course watching them grow until we can harvest their abundant gifts, selecting from all the colours of the rainbow is a great joy. The gifts keep on giving when we

The zucchini flower here pictured in this photo doesn’t think, “Oh I won’t grow too tall or make my brilliant yellow flower stand out too much because the other plants will feel bad, or someone will try to chop me down to size. It just grows and is being the energy of, ‘here I am in all my glory’, what a gift to us all. There is a harmony and synergy with the plants, sun, the earth and the organisms; there is a sense of oneness at those times. Nature has so much to gift to us and it’s easy to remember our true nature when we step outdoors, soak up some rays of sun, watch the miracles of nature grow and feel mother earth in our hands. Let’s bloom in all our glory too just like nature does without apologising for or second guessing ourselves. Let’s really live, blossom and share our gifts with the planet.

Would you like to guide and teach meditation?

Certificate in Guiding and Teaching Meditation • Includes meditation for adults, children and individual special needs • Perfect for teachers, counsellors and natural health practitioners • High individual and group support via online learning • This course qualifies you for insurance and membership of IICT • Full time (4 months) or at your pace (up to 12 months)

Call Lisa 03 9807 4889 Download a prospectus at

www.holisticstudies.com.au 38

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| NOVEMBER 2015 | Holistic Bliss

10/21/2015 5:40:38 PM

For all the latest news, events, recipes and Vanessa’s blog post or to read the magazine online visit:


BRISBANE BASIC WORKSHOPS 28th-29th November 13th-14th February MERCY PLACE, BARDON

Holistic Bliss | NOVEMBER 2015 |

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10/21/2015 5:41:23 PM

4 things you need to know about

Live Blood Analysis



ive Blood Analysis has been around for quite a few years now, and after becoming an accredited practitioner, I realised why so many people have misconceptions about exactly what this service can offer. In live blood analysis, a trained practitioner will take a tiny drop of blood and put it on a glass slide to view under a microscope. They are able to identify different signs in the blood that may reveal underlying causes of ill health. There are two different teachings of live blood analysis. The Hemaview teaching trumps the old teaching, as it follows the principles of haematology (study of the blood) used in modern medicine. I know live blood analysis is on the Quack-watch, but after doing intensive training in the subject and spending thousands upon thousands of dollars to implement it into my clinic, I wanted to set the record straight.

Shop 2/71 Russell St. West End, Brisbane Ph: (07) 3846 4608

Tues-Fri 10am-5pm; Sat 11am-4pm 40

40.indd 1

1. Practitioners that use outdated theories may talk about being able to see fluctuations in the pH of your blood. They may show you “rouleux”, which looks like a bunch of coins stacked together, to reflect “acidity” in your blood. Your body works extremely hard to keep your blood at a neutral pH. If it were to become acidic, trust me, you would be close to death. 2. Rouleux, the stacked-up coin effect, is not that common. It is a sign of intense inflammation, and if a practitioner shows you that your blood is full of this, the chances are they are not in the correct area of the blood sample. This is a trick often used to scare people into treatment plans. 3. Other fallacies practitioners may incorporate from the old methods of live blood analysis include the presence of visible parasites, up to 100 x the size of any red blood cell. A red blood cell is the biggest thing that will appear on a

blood sample. The presence of parasites can only be interpreted from the activity of your immune system, which can be determined by an accredited Hemaview practitioner. 4. Though bacteria can be seen in a blood sample, a trained practitioner will never place any weight on its presence. We can never determine if it is there from poor sample preparation or not, so will always depend on immune system activity to identify bacterial infection. As a practitioner, I am extremely passionate about informing the public of the benefits and education that is behind live blood analysis. Treatment accuracy and efficiency are amongst some of the amazing advantages of seeing a trained and qualified live blood analyst. To avoid the quackery, always look for an accredited Hemaview practitioner. landsboroughwellness.com.au

Books Jewellery Gifts 163 Boundary St. West End, Brisbane Ph: 3844 1887

Tues-Fri 10am-5.30pm; Sat & Sun 10am-4pm

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Insights for November WORDS ROSIE BARKER


he current energy pushes an initiation towards you. What does that mean? This is a time of facing a significant challenge, growing through the experience, and coming out the other side permanently wiser than ever before. What is this significant challenge? Usually this is an issue that has been hanging around the edges of our lives. We have been trying to ignore it or push it back over a period of time, knowing that some day we may actually have to do something about it. During this time, we can no longer ignore it and the issue comes to a head. We MUST look at it. It requires our attention NOW. The question then is: • Can we fix it by taking control? OR • Can we fix it by relinquishing control?

To find the answer to this sit quietly and contemplate the issue. Consider all the aspects of the issue – positive and negative – leave no stone unturned. Ponder your actions or lack of actions that may have affected the issue. Here is the answer! Did you miss it? Ponder! Give yourself some serious thinking time. Meditate on the issue. Ask for guidance. See the issue from all sides. Did I make a mistake? Why has this failed? Is there something about me that caused this to fail? To be humble enough to see that we may well have contributed to the situation or issue that is giving such a negative feeling or outcome at the moment. Why do I feel this way? What could I be doing differently? Recognise we have a different “shopping list” as to what would make us happy. Sometimes the answer does not seem obvious because we are so caught

up in the issue and that is why it is important to give ourselves some time to think about it, to see from all angles. We cannot solve everything alone. Ask for Guidance and Inspiration and you shall receive. Spend time pondering and watch for the coincidences that occur throughout the day. Coincidence is one way Spirit helps. Energy follows thought. After pondering and understanding our motives, gain wisdom, use this wisdom, work in the Light, and trust the Universe to show a positive way to move forward that fulfils on an emotional and spiritual level. Keep thoughts positive and a firm eye on a positive future. From reflecting in this way we may realise that the answer to a problem comes only when a new focus of attention is achieved, a new perspective established. landsboroughwellness.com.au

DISCOVER how the SCIENTIFIC BREAKTHROUGH in NATURAL WEIGHT LOSS can provide you with an unprecedented and truly unique opportunity… Lose Weight without Craving, Boost Energy up to 225% – Increased Mental Clarity.

MAKES YOUR BODY BURN FAT. Experience how our Patented KEYTONE Product can turn your Body into a FATBURNING MACHINE IN JUST HOURS! Are you looking for a flexible, ethical and truly rewarding way to create extra income? The time may be NOW to explore the WORLD’S FIRST PATENTED 10-DAY BODY RESET SYSTEM. With heart disease, obesity and other chronic health conditions running rampant, this product is possibly the most important Wellness Product of our time. See for yourself at: www.tinyurl.com/wellnesswarrior This business venture could be your answer to a truly healthier future… personally and financially… 0487 973 167 Holistic Bliss | NOVEMBER 2015 |

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Real Men don’t Cry! WITH JEAN SHEEHAN, Principal – Millennium Education

Millennium Children

REAL MEN DON’T CRY.” Do you know how many times I have heard men say this or that it was said to them? So what happens to young boys and teenage boys when they don’t cry and think that it is more ‘macho’ and manly to hold back their emotions? Let me introduce Chaitanya, a 16-year-old Indian boy who presented with headaches that prevented him from going to school and engaging in life. Chaitanya’s family expected a lot of him academically and felt pressure to receive high results to become an engineer, doctor or solicitor. At the same time Chaitanya was experiencing being bullied at school for his studious ways and he did not tell his parents. He felt pressured from home and at school, and emotionally this was too much for him to handle. He had been taught by his extended family and culture that you must not cry in times of hardship or difficulties. But the emotional pain for him



needed to be released and it was being created as ‘violent headaches’. During the Medical Intuitive session, I could see within the cranial bones he was holding on to his pain to make his parents happy and was trying to protect himself from feeling hurt by the other boys’ torment. The anger, frustration and grief emotions were now being directed as headaches and prevented him from being able to study, function and socialise. Subconsciously Chaitanya’s body was assisting him to stay away from the pain. For boys and men the gift of being able to cry, express their pain or share their feelings, allows them to be at optimum health and live without disease. Men’s wellness commences at such a young age. There is no difference whether a child is a girl or boy, they both require acceptance and holistic health guidance to live a life where they feel free to express themselves. Of course that includes guidelines of socially acceptable



Millennium Children

behaviour and healthy boundaries. Boys need to be able to understand that it is okay to cry and show their emotions. After a few phone Medical Intuitive sessions Chaitanya’s parents were made aware of how he was feeling. They were given life skills and suggestions of how best to empower him at home and towards his school work. The school was contacted and the bully situation was rectified immediately. He was also given magnesium oil daily as his body did not deal with pain and his adrenal glands were working on fight/flight which depleted his magnesium levels. Within one month, he was back at school and enjoying life like he did as a small boy. REAL MEN DO CRY as when Chaitanya’s dad saw his son get better, he was so relieved and allowed himself the gift of showing his emotions too. For Medical Intuitive sessions and courses or to learn about empowering your child contact JEAN SHEEHAN. AbsoluteEmpowerment.com

The Difference that is Making A Difference.


for parents, teachers and carers COURSES: Nov 21-22 Millennium Calendar (Sunshine Coast) Feb 14-15

Medical Intuition I (Sunshine Coast)

Feb 16-17

Medical Intuition II (Sunshine Coast)

Feb 18-19

Medical Intuition III (Sunshine Coast)

Feb 20-21

Medical Intuition IV (Sunshine Coast)

w. AbsoluteEmpowerment.com e. info@AbsoluteEmpowerment.com p. 07 5641 4009 withJean


Internationally Recognised & Award Winning Medical Intuitive 42

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Consultations and Courses


Talitha Talarek

ThetaHealing® Master & Certificate of Science

T: 0432 207 738 E: info@evolvewitheta.com


| NOVEMBER 2015 | Holistic Bliss

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WorOdFs sdom Wi I love that children are happy to teach me to see the world as they do. I note there is no judgement there, so it is all easy to listen to. It is also with fun and mischief which suits me just fine. – Marie Alice Turton, Sunshine Coast Hinterlands

Turn around… breathe… count to 10 (hehe). Or in the words of Steven Covey: Try not to be reactive, however more proactive… I say this to myself when my 5-year-old is being challenging. I try to be mindful of leading by example. – Amy Joy Marais, Brisbane

Don’t stress because EVERYTHING is a phase. Good, bad or indifferent there’s no point stressing because just as you get used to something it will change. From sleeping and eating patterns to passions, dislikes and quirks. When you realise it’s a phase then it’s suddenly easier to let go and/or deal with. When you let go, it’s easier to be in the moment. Our children are sent to teach us lessons in that which we’ve refused to deal with in life this far. When kids push your b uttons you can’t be mad at them. They are helping you by holding up a mirror on behalf of the universe so you can see. – Maryanne Kuppens-Goodman, Kawana Island

If you can do your best to make sure that your child KNOWS they are loved and FEELS loved and supported and that they are PERFECT just the way they are – they will be set for life. Be mindful of the subconscious messages we send them in our looks, words and deeds. A child’s mind is completely malleable and we are the potter! – Naveen Light, Caloundra

Do you have words of wisdom or comments you would like to share? Email us at: ed@holisticblissmagazine.com

freespiritedmama is your online ethical supermarket we specialise in hand-picked natural, organic, fair trade and eco-friendly products for families freespiritedmama will work with your family to make sure that you are getting the safest, most effective and best quality household supplies to ensure your peace of mind. we stock everything from baby products to pantry items to cleaning goods and much more.

w: www.freespiritedmama.com | e: freespiritedmama@email.com | p: 1300 771 712 Holistic Bliss | NOVEMBER 2015 |

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Profile of an essential oil – WORDS KIM MORRISON


f there is one way to describe the exquisite virtues of Vetiver it would be a very grounding oil. Extracted from the root it has a very deep, smoky and earthy aroma much like Sandalwood and Patchouli. Not everyone is drawn to Vetiver at first but as it grows on you, some describe it as the scent of Mother Earth. Vetiver is a base note often used in earthy and oriental perfumes as the fixative. It blends beautifully with many oils in particular frankincense, geranium, jasmine, lemon, lavender, orange, rose and ylang ylang. It is used in skincare cosmetics and body moisturisers, room fresheners, soaps, oils and as a flavouring agent in beverages, sorbets and food stuffs. Throughout history the roots, when dried, have been interwoven with floor matting and window coverings to give a warm fragrance and to deter insects. It is also used to thatch roofs of earthen houses and mattresses.

Vetiver – Vetiveria Zizanoides It is considered an emblem of vitality and has aphrodisiac qualities. Considering most sexual problems are more about the psychology of the brain than the physiology, this oil has been found to help with a loss of libido and impotence. Using it in a vaporizer with oils of ylang ylang, patchouli and orange could well bring a whole lot more fun and adventure to the bedroom! Vetiver is considered a classic oil for exhaustion whether it is caused by physical, mental or emotional burnout. It can help soothe feelings of anger, irritability and hysteria. Due to its grounding and centering qualities it can be used with lavender, neroli and frankincense to help reduce levels of stress and tension. It is a wonderful oil to help treat PMS or any sense of lack of purpose or not being good enough. And is known to be especially helpful during menopause due to its balancing

effect on hormone secretion. Vetiver is antiseptic, an immune-stimulant, anti-spasmodic and is anti-parasitic. It may also help with muscular aches and pains, arthritis and rheumatism, especially when blended with oils like eucalyptus, geranium and lavender. In skincare, Vetiver is considered deeply nourishing and regenerating. It is excellent to add a drop to your moisturizer for dry, dehydrated or flaky skin and wonderful to help prevent premature ageing and cracked heels. Its cicatrisant properties make it excellent for treating stretch marks and toning the skin. Vetiver is known as the oil of abundance. If you are trying to sell a home use it in a vaporizer with a citrus and floral oil for a positive result. If you are looking for more love, wealth and better health then make sure a daily drop of Vetiver is a part of your daily rituals! twenty8.com

Health & Lifestyle Education Program using therapeutic-grade essential oils Next Intake Now Open! A dynamic, 16-week modular program where one of Australia’s most respected Aromatherapists Kim Morrison will teach you how to incorporate essential oils into your daily life with confidence, knowledge and passion – plus you will receive:  direct access, support and mentoring from Kim and her qualified team  intimate class sizes for maximum learning  the full range of Twenty8 chemical-free skincare and essential oils valued at over $1500  personal and business development bonus modules and gifts  AND an intense 3-day face-to-face training and graduation ceremony

For more information email hle@twenty8.com or phone 07 5493 4400 44

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Dimensionally Divine


offers you the opportunity to experience the incredible Tesla's Starhenge Phone Vicki Bryce on 0409 488 742


| NOVEMBER 2015 | Holistic Bliss

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HOLISTIC REVIEWS ose Sellars with Sarah-r

Eco Tan Face Tan Water Certified Organic $29.95 www.ecotan.com.au I’ve long been such a huge fan of Eco Tan’s products, so I’m especially excited about their new Eco Tan Face Water! It’s not only beautifully refreshing when applied to the face, it smells divine (no yucky “fake tan” smells here!) Of course, being certified organic this product also allows me to feel completely safe whenever it’s on my face! It’s that natural glow that builds gradually… and no “orange” skin tones! I’ve now been asked twice since I’ve been applying this brilliant product for just a few days, if I’ve been to the beach! Wow! That’s an amazing tanning product. It’s also full of Vitamin C, and has anti-acne and anti-ageing properties as well. “My perfect product.”

Erica Brooke Neroli and Vanilla Cream Deodorant $15 www.ericabrooke.com.au Being such a sensitive person to some products, I have constantly struggled to find a deodorant that doesn’t inflame my skin or send me into sneezing fits. With Erica Brooke I am thrilled to say ‘it works’ just as well as any other deodorant, is easy to apply (because it’s a crème), lasts longer (because you can take small portions), doesn’t stain clothes, smells incredible, and is 100% natural. I just love that there are no nasties in there and I know that what I am putting on my body is totally safe and so beneficial!

Be Genki Sensual Body Oil $39 www.benaturallyou.com I just love that Be Genki is both balancing, and smells so refreshing at the same time! It’s organic, and that mix of aromatherapy and the use of essential oils calms the body and soul. As soon as the bottle is opened, the smell of essential oils fills the room. Application is just oh-so-smooth, and the skin is left to do what it does best… breathe. Leaves skin feeling fresh, smooth and hydrated.

instant pain relief, reduce stress & detox call us now! 07 5539 5476 Earn an additional $80,000 - $100,000 per year! Placing your client in the Vibrosaun before and or after holistic treatments, will make your work a dream. It also allows you to work on more than one client at a time, effectively increasing your ability to earn.

Email: sales@vibrosaun.com.au www.vibrosaun.com.au

Imagine a sauna massage machine that can... √ Relieves Arthritis Pain √ Alleviates Back Pain √ Helps to Reduce Stress √ Helps with Weight Loss Holistic Bliss | NOVEMBER 2015 |

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10/21/2015 8:13:11 AM

Books, DVDs, . . . s a c i t s i l o H CDs and more... BOOK:


White Fella Awakening

The Healthy Coconut Recipe Book – Your Complete Guide to the Ultimate Superfood

by Ian M. Johnson The true story of a young man’s search for answers. Travelling across the globe searching for a sign he finds Australian Aboriginal ancestors who turn his life upside down and make him look at himself to help find peace. A journey through coincidence, omens and signs from the animal kingdom takes him to new possibilities and a new reverance for the Natural world, it helps him to understand himself and the Karmic lessons he needs to face. A beautiful account of one man’s journey to spiritual understanding and life meaning. Review by Ecclectica Esoteric Books & Curiosities, West End Brisbane.

by Jenni Madison Jenni is a leading expert on the health and beauty benefits of coconut, and founder of premium coconut oil brand, Coconut Magic. The book shares information, tips, advice and over 100 plant-based recipes to help guide readers to a healthier lifestyle. Jenni has been running Coconut Magic for 4.5 years, since discovering coconut oil while living in Thailand and suffering with chronic digestive ailments. “Coconut oil cured my own health problems and this made me want to share it with the world by creating a quality, natural product and educating audiences about its benefits. Although many people have heard it’s important to include coconut oil in their diet, they don’t know why they should or even how to begin eating it. I decided to write a book that explained everything, from how to use coconut oil in the kitchen, in the bathroom and even in the bedroom!” said Jenni. The book also looks at how coconut oil fits in with diets, including paleo, vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, lactose intolerant, and the scientific reasons why coconut oil is a healthy fat that can improve overall health. RRP $39.95. Available from: www.coconutmagic.com – worldwide shipping is available.



Are you confused about health care? Are you tired of just treating the symptoms of your illness? Are you looking for a way off the antibiotic merry-go-round? Are you looking for a safe medicine that can complement your current medication?

Homœopathy is the answer Phone Tim and Organon Homœopathy on 0412 960 970 or visit organon.net.au Skype and home visits are available. Private health fund rebates available.

Mention this ad and receive your initial 90-minute consultation for a standard consultation rate.


46.indd 1

DID YOU KNOW WE OFFER MULTI-MEDIA PACKAGES REACHING LOCAL, NATIONAL AND INTERNATIONAL READERS? • Advertise in the physical magazine and online magazine • Email campaigns that go out to our mailing list (booked out for 2015 but taking bookings now for January 2016 onwards) • Social media posts to our interactive audience • Blog posts on our website • Ask us also about how to become a member

Wouldn’t you like your advertising dollars to go further?

PHONE: 1800 543 351

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10/22/2015 11:53:33 AM


A special day for pets and their owners!


he Natural Vets is a dedicated holistic veterinary practice right here on the Sunshine Coast at the Kunara complex. They will be hosting an Open Day on Saturday November 28th from midday to 4pm. This is the perfect opportunity to learn more about the holistic veterinary approach to pet health care, and what makes holistic vets different. Why would you seek holistic veterinary care for your pet? The holistic approach is a proactive one, seeking to educate you about what you can do to ensure your pet’s health journey, and provides effective healing tools to support you along the path. Rather than treating a symptom only to have your pet return for the same problem a month later, The Natural Vets seek to uncover the root cause of a problem and maintain a lasting state of health.

The clinic is a full-service veterinary practice equipped with two consulting rooms, an imaging room, treatment and critical care area, dedicated sterile surgery, monitored recovery area, diagnostic laboratory, separate dog and cat wards for hospitalised patients, a large dog kennel, and an outdoor exercise and convalescence run. These standard veterinary services are offered in a carefully designed healing space supported by holistic veterinary therapies. Homeopathy, acupuncture, and Chinese and Western herbal medicine are all gentle yet powerful healing modalities that are seamlessly integrated into your pet’s health care. They also strive to make consultations and interventions as stressfree as possible for your pet. If your pet has had a stressful experience at a vet

in the past, you may find they are more relaxed in the warm and welcoming arms of The Natural Vets. If you are curious to learn more, head along to the Open Day. You will be able to tour the practice, speak directly with the staff, and discover more about the Path to Wellness. Dr Henry will be speaking at 1pm about natural therapies, and Dr Renee will follow with a discussion about the importance of feeding your pets a natural diet. There will be a number of other local practitioners speaking on the day about the services they offer that can also support your pet’s health journey, as well as a few surprise attractions for all the family, including furred and non-furred kids. Pets on leashes are welcome to attend. thenaturalvets.com.au

KK’S HOLISTIC VETERINARY SERVICE Dr. Kaori Kanemitsu BVSc, CVCH, CVA (獣医師金光香―西洋&東洋獣医学の免 許取得) Specialises in: Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine including Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Food Therapy, Tui-na (Medical Massage) HOUSE CALLS AVAILABLE BASED ON THE SUNSHINE COAST

(no extra house call charge within 15km of Noosa)

Email: drkk@sunshinecoastvet.com.au

PHONE: 0401 373 603 (日本語でも相談受け付けます。症例により スカイプ診断可能。)

NOOSA 9am-4pm Monday to Saturday Skype Consultations available

www.sunshinecoastvet.com.au /KK’s Holistic Veterinary Service

“It matters not whether medicine is old or new, so long as it brings about a cure. It matters not whether theories are Eastern or Western, so long as they prove to be true.” – Jen Hsou Lin, DVM Holistic Bliss | NOVEMBER 2015 |

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10/21/2015 6:44:48 AM


Acupuncture: Does it work? WORDS DR ELAINE CEBULIAK


n 1997, the US National Institutes of Health issued a consensus statement recognising acupuncture as a treatment for pain following dental surgery and nausea induced by surgical drugs and chemotherapy. It also believed that acupuncture might be useful in treating asthma, headaches, addiction and the debilitating muscle pain and fatigue associated with fibromyalgia. Acupuncture is not yet mainstream, but more and more people do seem to be getting the point. Acupuncture originated in China at least 2500 years ago. It’s based on the theory that vital energy or “qi” flows along 14 meridians connecting organs and vital systems in the body. According to this theory, imbalances in the opposing aspects of yin (feminine, cool, receptive) and yang (masculine, warm, dominant) disrupt the flow of qi and cause illness. Today, traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) often combines acupuncture with herbs, exercise and lifestyle changes to restore the balance between yin and yang, and therefore the healthy flow

of qi. Practitioners carefully observe, palpate and question each patient/or owner of the pet, and then apply hairfine needles and sometimes heat (called moxibustion) and even essential oils to specific therapeutic points along the meridians. For example, an acupuncturist might treat hypothyroidism; a condition characterised by low levels of thyroid hormone and symptoms including hair loss, constipation and feeling cold and sluggish, as a yang deficiency. The prescription might include applying acupuncture to two primary points on the back and four more on the front of the body, and burning an herb called moxa at the end of the needles to stimulate yang’s warming energy. Dr Tong Joo Gan, an anaesthesiologist who also trained in TCM, is investigating acupuncture’s effects on people who experience pain following surgery. Gan and his colleagues at Duke University Medical Center found that patients who receive acupuncture before and during surgery have less pain afterward and need fewer painkillers than those who receive only

Scientific Trials have confirmed effective use of One Needle Acupuncture resolving allergies in 42.8% of cases in a single treatment. Same treatment in the use of controlling Cancer with a single treatment. Is it not time to try some very special medicine to help your pets?

pain medication. Their findings are based on an analysis of 15 randomised controlled trials. “Using less morphine reduces all the nasty side effects of opioids, including nausea and vomiting, itchiness, drowsiness and urinary retention,” says Gan, who reported the team’s findings at the American Society for Anesthesiology’s 2007 conference. He adds that these side effects can slow healing and lengthen hospital stays. DOES ACUPUNCTURE HURT? Typically not. Unlike large and hollow hypodermic needles, acupuncture needles, made of stainless steel, are as fine as a human hair and solid. The most common sensations are a gentle tap or tingling. HOW MUCH DOES IT COST? The first session includes a consultation which can take upwards from 30 minutes. This session costs approximately $145. Our clinic provides remedial massage using essential oils as required, a therapeutic TENS (transcutaneous electro nerve stimulation) type of machine, Chinese


green Naturopathy for your animals

Qualifi ed Anima Naturo l path

Non-toxic, drug-free healing for dogs, cats and horses Phone 07 5449 1453 • www.greenpet.com.au 244 Verrierdale Road VERRIERDALE Qld 4562

For more information please call us today or visit www.maplestreetvet.com.au/trial/ Holistic Veterinary Clinic

42 Maple Street COOROY Qld 4563 www.maplestreetvet.com.au

PHONE 5447 7877 48

48.indd 1

• NATURAL NUTRITION • HOMEOPATHY • CHINESE AND WESTERN HERBAL MEDICINE • ACUPUNCTURE • MODIFIED VACCINE PROTOCOLS Visit Dr Henry Stephenson and Dr Renee O’Duhring today and start your pet’s journey on their Path to Wellness.

338 Mons Road, Forest Glen Q Phone 07 5476 7674


| NOVEMBER 2015 | Holistic Bliss

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a su a w (a o o 3 a R c in d c c $ re


p th a d n d to




and western herb and nutritional supplements including dietary advice, and we give the client homework which might include a laser unit hire (approximately $25/week depending on the unit). Each repeat visit depends on what is warranted – generally 3-6 treatments are required, and this averages to about $70 a session. Regular weekly visits for severe arthritis conditions tend to run at $50. We may introduce Stem Cells at some point if the degenerative joint disease is particularly causing loss of joint cartilage. Additional cost of acupuncture needles is generally $5-15 depending on how many are required. WHAT HAPPENS AT A SESSION? An acupuncturist will examine the patient, often checking various pulses, the colour and texture of skin, hair coat, and tongue, and other medical history, diet and previous injury criteria. The number of needles used depends on the diagnosis, but can range from one or two to more than 30.

(moxibustion) and often prescribe additional herbs and diet changes as part of an overall plan.

We, as Chinese medicine practitioners may also apply heat

That depends on the condition and response, but treatment typically includes



several sessions once a week. The goal, is not to keep patients coming forever, but to enable the patient to perform and function at a level where they can enjoy life. In many cases this means your dog can start to jump up on the sofa again! animalwellness.com.au

NEW! STEM CELL THERAPY We are now offering cutting-edge Stem Cell Therapy which offers amazing relief for dogs suffering from Osteoarthritis.

Quality, Expertise and Value Call and book now for November appointments

PAWs Nurse

Ph: 3324 2291

(Available for Pensioners of Animal Wellness) Vet Nurse comes to you for only $25

Pensioner Discount

Greenslopes Shopping Centre Shop B6, 700 Logan Road (next to Queensland Transport)


20% off services

Holistic Bliss | NOVEMBER 2015 |

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10/21/2015 12:16:26 PM

Holistic Classifieds SPIRITUAL




Do you have an event or services you would like to promote? Do you require brand specialists to mastermind your campaigns? At Spiritual Events & Directory we cater for all budgets and event types and go the extra mile to identify your needs and what you want to achieve from your campaign(s). Contact us today and we’ll be only too happy to discuss our packages with you.

Energy Healing Session

Phone: Sarah Watkins 0423 402 715 promote@SpiritualEventsDirectory.com spiritualeventsdirectory.com

PSYCHIC MEDIUM AND HEALER Angelena has worked with her spiritual guides and angels for most of her life as a psychic medium and healer. Her depth of connection and compassion ensures that the messages have the highest truth and integrity. She is recognised for her accurate predictions and insightful readings.

Angelena White Psychic Medium and Healer Please contact: 0403 953 983

HEALTH & WELLBEING INDULGE YOUR SENSES AND AWAKEN YOUR SPIRIT AT L’ABUNDANCE A delightfully eclectic collection of clothing, gifts and homewares featuring inspirations and affirmations, singing bowls, aromatherapy, salt lamps, oracle cards, meditation and mantra CDs, books, amber, silver and crystal jewellery and local artistry.

Find us on facebook or at 1 / 1500 Brisbane Valley Highway, Fernvale Phone: 0416 076 245

1.5 hours – Reiki, Chakra Balance, Aura Cleanse, Crystal Bowls, Essential Oils, Channelled Guidance and Psychic Reading.

Workshops Reiki Level I Reiki Level II Chakras and Energy Children’s Magical Journey BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL

Phone: Vikki 0417 643 435 Facebook: Intuition Plus Email: intuitionplus444@gmail.com spiritualhealingsunshinecoast.com

HEALTH & WELLBEING BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD Let’s explore the possibilities expressed in your hands. Discover how your strengths contribute to your life purpose. What do you need to do to move forward? Distance Readings and Palmistry Parties available from the Internet Reflect Radio’s The Celtic Mystic. Holistic Healing, Access Bars®, Reiki and Herbalife.

Contact Caithe to find out more Phone: 5496 6249. Wamuran, Qld celticai.com.au facebook.com/CelticaiStudio

SINGING GROUPS FOR WOMEN Experience the gift of women singing together in delight-full harmony in these beautiful singing sessions designed especially for women. DIVA VOCI Wednesday evenings 7pm-8.30pm Maroochydore DOLCE DIVA Monday mornings 9.30am-11am Landsborough New members welcome

Call Emma Creed for more information Phone: 0438 619 518 All women welcome!

REIKI Let harmony and balance bring you towards positive change. Experience a session of Reiki to reconnect with the highest source of pure love and light, as balance is re-established through your chakras. Peaceful space, soothing music and candlelight. Monday to Friday 10am-2pm BY APPOINTMENT ONLY IN ASHGROVE

Phone: Gabi 0412 963 157

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Holistic Bliss Directory NATURAL HEALTH AND BEAUTY Treatments for men and women: Facials, Waxing, Tinting, Hand and Feet Treats, Kahuna, Swedish and Hot Stone Massage, Kinesiology, Reiki, Reflexology and Access BARS®

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eyond Rejuvenation Beauty



At the end of our program, you’ll have created the single most powerful personal development tool in the world: your very own Lifebook. Authored by you and for you, it’s a tangible, crystal-clear representation of your ideal life that you’ll cherish forever. As you grow and accomplish your goals, you’ll continue to update and expand your Lifebook to keep it current, relevant and inspirational. For more information phone 543 77 222


Functional approach using blood tests, nutrition, herbs and homeopathics to get you feeling better FAST.

& Wellness for men & women

562 South Pine Road, Everton Park, Brisbane

(07) 3162 8411 | beyondrejuv.com.au BY APPOINTMENT ONLY TUESDAY TO SATURDAY

Your own personal life manual.

Thyroid and Adrenal Speciality Bio-Identical Hormone Referrals

MAGNESIUM Oil & Bath Salts

For the relief of muscular aches, pain, cramping and post exercise soreness UNSCENTED & ALL NATURAL



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Treating the cause not the symptoms PHONE 07 5438 2119 www.caloundrahealthhub.com (Book online) Caloundra Health Hub 4/70 Bulcock Street, Caloundra (down the alley next to Gloria Jeans)

Body Bliss Massage NATUROPATHIC HERBAL DISPENSARY Organic and local hand-made herbal medicines and body products What bliss would you choose for your body? Kahuna Massage ~ Access Bars ~ Energy Healing Sessions available Noosa to Coolum and fortnightly in New Farm, Brisbane

www.BodyBlissMassageNoosa.com scott@bodyblissmassagenoosa.com

0434 245 706 ~ Scott Murray

MALENY CLINIC and FREE CLINICS AT EUMUNDI MARKETS Phone 0409 765 033 www.medicineroom.net

natural therapies & wellness centre • Massage • Acupuncture • Reiki • Naturopathy • Bowen Therapy • Reflexology • Ear Candling • Waxing and Tinting • Facials • Pedicures • Kinesiology PRIVATE HEALTH REBATES

Shop 11,12-18 Discovery Dr, North Lakes

Phone (07) 3482 2549 www.zen-chi.net.au

New Smoothie Bar Open Now Organic and Natural Supermarket Are you healthy on the inside? • Organic and Speak to one of our natural products friendly staff to see how you can improve your • Large range of bulk bins health and benefit from a change in diet. We provide • Naturopath/ quality whole foods with Nutritionist in store exceptional service. OPEN 7 DAYS 5 Burns Street BUDDINA

Phone 5444 5552

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Are you stressed, fatigued and unmotivated? Could you solve your happiness puzzle with these missing puzzle pieces? Could it be bacteria? Researchers at McMaster University have supportive evidence that bacteria residing in the gut influence brain chemistry and behaviour. When there was a change in the gut flora of the test subjects increased anxiety and behaviour change was noted. For years these bacterias have been seen to be harmless, but the negative impact of specific strains of bacteria on the brain are documented. Pathogenic bacteria have the potential to cause havoc on your digestive system and indirectly may cause Serotonin to drop. Serotonin is your happy, relaxing neurotransmitter. Not many people are aware that it is predominantly made in the gut. Functional bacteria (the good guys) are often overlooked, they assist in breaking down your food and keeping your gut healthy.

Is it in your DNA? MTHFR is a very important enzyme that is needed for detoxification, methylation, SAMe and glutathione production. But for some the gene may be dysfunctional. Considering SAMe is imperative for good sleep and mood and glutathione is important for energy production, we want sufficient levels of both. Clinically we see MTHFR gene mutations frequently and with this mutation there may be a greater chance of developing depression, anxiety, chronic fatigue, migraines or insomnia just to name a few.

Do you have the condition pyroluria? A very strange word, I know, maybe that is why so many people haven’t heard of it? Pyroluria is a genetically determined metabolic condition. If you have this condition your demand for certain nutrients (particularly B6 and zinc) is high. These two nutrients are essential for neurotransmitter production, such as serotonin and dopamine. Pyrolurics are more likely to suffer with depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, autism, alcoholism, strong fatigue, temper outbursts, IBS, joint pain, memory loss, or low stress tolerance.

What about your nutrient absorption? Most people who come to the clinic eat a Boo k yo fairly good diet, some exceptional! But ur they still feel unhealthy. Many triggers such as stress, food intolerances, bacterial overgrowth and hormone imbalance may result in poor nutrient absorption, so no matter Con how clean your diet is you may not sult a be getting the full reward until it is pho tions in n pe e or corrected. Clinically there is testing Sky rson, pe to determine the extent of damage to the gut lining.




For selected services you may be eligible for private health fund and Medicare rebates.

Suzi Le Fanue BSc (Biomedical) Founder & Naturopath

PHONE 5458 4800


Our team of Naturopaths work alongside your GP to give you the best possible outcome.

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