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‘Health and Fitness’ edition The Wray Organic Story Get Fit for Summer – Jen Forster Healthy Soul – Raelene Byrne

Lauren Burns



10/21/2011 10:41:22 AM

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MAY 2011 EDITION VOLUME 24 ISSN: 1836-8840

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Sue Joseph... changing the face ’ of ‘Daisy’s Place n The Rustic Cabi refurbishment

As featured in Holistic Bliss... Sue Joseph looks forward to welcoming you to Daisy’s Place! Come for a snack and a drink and linger over a leisurely lunch or delicious dinner.



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Also available for private functions.

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follow your bliss! Thank-you to everyone who supported our first HB garden party event!! Special thanks to Ainsley Moden for event managing, Roman Anthony for being our host with the most, Natalie Delforce for capturing the magic with photos and video and our inspiring speakers: Raelene Byrne, Robin Clayfield and Mark Healy. We look forward to sharing more events with you next year!

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‘Health and Fitness’ edition The Wray Organic Story Get Fit for Summer – Jen Forster Healthy Soul – Raelene Byrne

Lauren Burns




ost of us have heard about or joined Facebook and the other social media sites and let’s face it – they provide an amazing level of universal connection. BUT we also need to be really mindful of taking time out. So let’s peel ourselves off the chair, unglue our eyes from the computer screen, switch off our phone and get outdoors!!

Interestingly, health expert Don Tolman says most of us are ‘malilluminated’ from not getting outdoors regularly (and this doesn’t mean baking ourselves on the beach ‘lobster style’ either). When we don’t get out in the fresh air, move our bodies and consume mostly wholefoods, it can affect our mood, energy, motivation and our general level of wellness. So this month we talk about a number of perspectives connected with health and fitness. And the multi-talented, Olympic champ, naturopath, author and speaker, Lauren Burns joins us this month with her feisty spirit, and passion for health. See page 4 & 5 to hear her story and try out her bliss ball recipe – YUM!

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OUR COVER Lauren Burns, page 4 IMAGE: Steven Pam

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Terry Oldfield & Soraya Music & Wisdom from the Heart For the complete Terry Oldfield Catalogue – music for the healing arts and relaxation Qualified Naturopath and Spiritual Mentor Soraya – 0400 520 624 • Holistic Bliss, November 2011

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Lauren Burns:


auren Burns is one passionate and inspiring lady!!! She was the first Australian to win a gold medal in taekwondo at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney. And she did it as a vegetarian! Eleven years later and Lauren is a devoted mother of two, a naturopath, motivational speaker, an ambassador for World Vision and was delighted to launch her first vegetarian cookbook this year!! In fact, Lauren has been a vegetarian since she was three years old and has led a very interesting and often ‘unconventional’ life. Lauren recalls “I didn’t start taekwondo till I was 14 years old and I didn’t do any competitive sport at school before that. My dad (Ronnie) was a pop star and mum (Maggie) was a

dancer. It was quite an alternative upbringing and I went to an alternative school, Preshil, that didn’t believe in competitive sports. But then I just started taekwondo after my brother wanted to be a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle. It wasn’t a great passion to start with; it was just something I really enjoyed. But when I was 16, I went in my first competition and that’s when I developed some fire in the belly and that’s when the pilot light went on and it developed from there,” she says. Lauren explains taekwondo is unique, as it focuses on the mind, body and spirit more than other types of sports. Although Lauren’s training regime as an Olympic athlete no doubt raised a few eye brows (she was a dedicated vegetarian

Photo Steven Pam


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who consumed fresh organic produce and studied naturopathy part-time at Endeavour College while she was training). Lauren says while she’s not in athletic training mode right now, she does go to the gym, loves boxing and lifts weights and keeps active with her family. She says it’s important to have as much time with her children, as they are so little and she says it is wonderful to be able to share experiences with them and watch them grow. “I am lucky that my work allows me to be flexible and I can juggle the two. For example, when I was writing the book I was pregnant with Piper and happily obsessed with cooking, this is when I decided to put all my favourite recipes down on paper. This was a wonderful journey to share with my son Mac as he helped me cook, measure, test and cook again for each and every dish!” It’s not surprising that the name of Lauren’s new cookbook is called ‘From a Loving Home’!!! Lauren is also passionate about spending time with friends and feeling connected to local community. “We get out on foot a lot, take public transport or walk and I find this gives us time to slow down and engage more in our surroundings and with other people,” she says. Lauren explains in naturopathy, there is the principle of Biophelia (the love of life or living systems). Human beings have an innate connection with all that is alive and vital. This principle, along with ‘The Healing Power of Nature’, establishes, maintains and restores health. “This can refer to the innate ability for the body to heal itself and also for our relationship to the world around us. To fall asleep in the park on a warm sunny day, to watch the waves at the ocean and walk along the beach on a cold wintery morning or even to stroll around a suburban block and notice the spring flowers coming into bloom. These experiences can be more profound on our health and wellbeing than we realise.” Lauren explains that living holistically and sustainably means being true to yourself and not living beyond your

Holistic Bliss, November 2011

10/21/2011 11:28:31 AM

A Spirited Woman means. Her family has strong values around food in their house; they mostly eat organic produce and home cooked meals and they all sit at the table and eat together. “We try to eat local food and are part of a fresh milk and egg co-op that we get delivered direct from a wonderful organic farm. We mostly eat organic produce and the kids and I don’t eat meat. If I do buy meat, I try to buy organic or biodynamic meats from sustainable farms.” For the past 12 years Lauren has been a motivational speaker and has provided workshops to corporates, schools and community groups. She is now expanding to include wellness programs and vegetarian cooking courses and also has a few new books in the pipeline. “I have recently become an ambassador for the Organic Schools Garden Project (with Biological Farmers of Australia so I am very excited about promoting kids’ understanding about growing their own produce and learning about cooking. I think it is an important life skill for any human being and it also makes for a fun learning environment

Lauren’s top five health and fitness tips: • Drink lots of pure filtered or spring water. • Eat a rainbow diet of fresh fruit, vegetables, grains and legumes. Focus on variety. • Walk and practice incidental exercise (take the stairs not the elevator, park further away and walk).

Photo Ben Glezer

• Commit to a regular time to exercise or have a buddy to meet you somewhere so you will honour the commitment and not find an excuse. • Smile! Studies have shown there are many health benefits to smiling: longevity, boosts your immune system, stress relief, lowers blood pressure and it’s contagious and it makes you feel good! where many academic skills (reading, writing, maths, measurement) can be taught while the kids are preparing a meal.” It’s the simple things in life that mean the most to Lauren and her family. “We love scouring op-shops and markets for clothes, toys and treasures and try and be creative with the things we find. I believe living holistically also means doing

something that you really enjoy, whether it is taking a long hot bath, a walk in the park, gardening, knitting, or reading... Something that satisfies the soul. When we allow ourselves this time it is like a thirst is quenched and it recharges you on so many levels,” she says. For more information about Lauren’s projects visit:

Lauren’s Bliss Balls A delicious protein-packed snack, these

freshly squeezed juice of 1 orange

are excellent when you’re craving

about ¾ cup desiccated coconut

something sweet or for packed lunches. They are also a good option for little people who don’t yet have the teeth to chew nuts well but can tolerate them in their diet. Makes about 20 4 fresh dates, pitted 1 cup mixed nuts and seeds (sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, walnuts, almonds, cashews, pumpkin seeds) 1 tablespoon sultanas Photo Steven Pam

1 teaspoon pure cocoa powder

Put all the ingredients except the coconut in a food processor and blend to a smooth paste. Roll into small balls and coat in the coconut. Store in the fridge in an airtight container and eat within 5 days. Note: Bliss balls can be stored in the freezer and taken out to snack on as needed. Thaw them first! Variations Include 1 teaspoon tahini. Use carob powder instead of cocoa. Holistic Bliss, November 2011

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10/21/2011 10:49:12 AM

Wray of Hope! Interview: Deborah Wray, owner of Wray Organic


n 2005 Deborah Wray commenced the Wray Organic concept with her partner Gary Davis. They have now opened five stores in SE Queensland, under the Wray Organic Market & Cafe banner and their success continues to flourish. This month Holistic Bliss talks with Deborah Wray about her passion for organics. HB: What inspired you to create Wray Organic and where did your interest in health and organics come from? Deborah: My son became very ill at age sixteen. He had no energy. The doctor suggested he was allergic to certain additives and suggested he ‘eat organic where possible, particularly meat’. That was eleven years ago. It made me look at what was on labels in the supermarkets. The more I learnt, the less I bought. I had to shop all over the place: markets, health food shops etc. I was often disappointed with the quality of ‘organic’ fruit and vegetable on offer. At the markets there was no guarantees the produce was organic and at the health food stores the produce was often dying on the shelves.

Because of this, I wanted to create a one stop shop that offered clean, real chemical free food that was conveniently available every day at an affordable price. Food that was grown or packaged without the use of fertilisers, preservatives or genetically modified (GM ) ingredients. I wanted to offer quality, Australian produce, that you knew was organic because it was certified organic. At the markets there was no guarantees the produce was organic and at the health food stores the produce was often dying on the shelves. HB: What does organic food mean to you? Deborah: Healthy soil = healthy plant = healthy animal = healthy us....and by the way my son is now an extremely healthy 27 year old! HB: What are your top health tips? Deborah: Eat organic wherever possible. That’s it !!! Customers tell us


when they start eating our food they notice one or all of the following: • More energy • Eat less • Lose weight • Tastes better • Children are eating things they wouldn’t eat previously So much of what we eat is ‘dead’ food so it’s no wonder it doesn’t give us energy and we’re all getting sick. By eating organic you immediately eliminate highly processed foods as well. Over the next few years Deborah and her partner plan to open more Wray Organic stores and spread the organic magic so that wholesome food is easily available for everyone to enjoy! For more information visit:



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Holistic Bliss, November 2011

10/21/2011 11:31:45 AM

Holistic Bliss, November 2011

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10/21/2011 10:24:10 AM

Coconut Ceviche Recipe Ingredients: 2 fresh young drinking coconuts (available in supermarkets and fruit and vege shops) 1 diced tomato and 1 diced cucumber into small cubes ½ bunch fresh coriander chopped ½ red onion 1 /3 cup lime juice finely chop 1 garlic glove

Guacamole Recipe

½ jalapeno pepper 1 teaspoon Himalayan crystal salt Method: Open coconut top with a cleaver into an approximate opening of a 10cm square, pry open and pour coconut water into a container for another use or you can drink the coconut water for an excellent and refreshing source of electrolytes. You can watch a detailed version on how to open a coconut and make the noodles on With an ice cream scoop, scrape out the coconut meat in a circular movement making long pieces the width of the scoop and remove from coconut. Lay coconut pieces flat on cutting board and carefully cut into long thin strands like regular noodles, and place in bowl. Add the other ingredients above to the bowl of the fresh cut coconut and marinate for at least 1 hour.

Ingredients: 2 to 3 avocados 2 tablespoons of fresh chopped coriander 1½ tablespoons of lime or lemon juice ½ tsp Himalayan crystal salt 1 /3 tsp chopped jalapeno pepper Method: Mash guacamole ingredients together with a fork or a stick blender until smooth; adjust seasoning to your liking. Place fresh greens of your choice (I prefer red oak lettuce) on a plate and top with ceviche serve with fresh guacamole. This recipe was created by It’s Rawsome Café; a raw and living food cafe dedicated to expanding the healthy food choices of diners on the Sunshine coast. The café is completely vegan and raw food, serving organic and local ingredients and supporting local organic farmers. Located at 522 Petrie Creek Road in Rosemount, Just 5 minutes from Maroochydore and Nambour. Open Wednesday through Sunday for lunch 11:30am to 2:30pm and open Saturday till 9pm.

organic home and personal care products organic meats, dairy products and pantry needs the very freshest organic fruit and vegetables

Tajines I Oils I Spices Herbs I Gifts I Gourmet Foods Open 6 days a week Phone 5491 8870 Shop 4, ‘Monaco’ Lower Bulcock Street, Caloundra. 8

8.indd 1

Shop 12 Portwood Place Cnr Portwood & Oxley Ave, Redcliffe Open Mon to Fri 10am -7pm & Sat 10am - 4pm

Phone: 3283 3077

Holistic Bliss, November 2011

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Business with Soul tip:

By Vicki Taylor

By Sandy Forster


ow you treat your body can directly affect your business success. When you’re eating foods that are bad for you, drinking too much alcohol, smoking or taking drugs of any sort, the negative effects go way beyond the physical. It’s also impacting you emotionally and spiritually. On an energetic or vibrational level your connection with the Universe will not be as pure, and your manifesting abilities can be impaired. Years ago when my business had massive debts and little cash flow, I decided to raise my vibration through food, exercise, yoga, positive attitude and one of the most powerful practices of all, meditation. Soon I felt physically fabulous, but even more interesting, my brain had switched into over-drive, and I was downloading amazing ideas on a regular basis. As an entrepreneur, I implemented many of these inspired ideas and some of them made me tens of thousands, even millions of dollars. So start raising your vibration – and your success levels – today by treating your body as the temple it is. Prosperity & Success Mentor Sandy Forster can be found at


oriander is one of the oldest herbs in the world. It’s even mentioned in the bible and found in tombs of ancient pharaohs. It’s both an herb, (the leaves and root) and a spice (the seeds), so the whole plant can be eaten and it can be used in both savoury and sweet dishes think curries and apple crumble. Yum! The other common name for coriander is cilantro, which American’s fondly use. Coriander is an amalgamating spice

which means it mixes and balances well when ground and combined with almost any combination of spices and it’s almost impossible to use too much. It is used in cuisines all around the world but the leaves are used mostly in Asian, Indian, Middle Eastern and Mexican recipes, so should be added in the last five minutes of cooking to get the best flavour. It’s also great in fresh salads. Mmmmm!

Healthy, local, fresh spring water... Change to Montville Mist Spring Water for all your drinking and tank water requirements and taste the difference! Montville Mist Spring Water is a family business that has operated on the Sunshine Coast for nine years. Montville is located in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and is the perfect environment to capture pure mountain spring water.

Why drink chlorinated and fluoridated water? When you can choose quality spring water rich in natural minerals for less than $1 per litre? Free fortnightly delivery to your home or office, fluoride and chemical free! 600ml & 15 litre bottles – 10,000 litres bulk


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ered to your do

Total of $172.00






Delivering Gympie to Byron Bay, Call Peter today!

No job too big or too small! Mob: 0408 727 973 | Toll Free: 1800 001 102 93 Narrows Road Montville Qld 4560 Holistic Bliss, November 2011

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Amanda’s Organic Bliss!


ention the words Organic, Eco or Vegan and her eyes light up! But Amanda Tunney’s eyes also sparkle because she is a health conscious vegan and passionate about her work. Just two years ago the mother of three pioneered an organic skincare range called MOS (Montville Organic Skincare) and has touched the hearts of many. Previously, Amanda owned an IT business for ten years in the Northern Territory and then about four years ago, her husband was given a work transfer to Qld and so the whole family decided to relocate to the magical Sunshine Hinterlands. Montville is the perfect setting for her ‘work from home’ business…fresh mountain air, a long winding driveway lined with macadamia and avocado trees and a stunning old Queenslander where she creates her magic along with her


10.indd 1

dedicated team of co-workers. The decadently delicious range is made with certified organic ingredients and a lot of love. “We are very excited to be striking a chord in the hearts of so many people,” says Amanda. She was also excited to mention that eco model, Mandy Rootsey is now the new face of MOS (Mandy is the partner of David Rafter, and co-owner of Noosa based business, ‘Vegan Era’. Mandy has recovered from Hodgkin’s Lymphoma with a combination of natural and orthodox medical treatments). Amanda is very much a humanitarian at heart and is all about giving back to the community – and planet!! Not only has she studied aromatherapy and massage, she has a keen interest in naturopathy and is driven by a desire to educate people and provide healthy and effective solutions to a range of skin types and conditions. She believes it’s important to accept ourselves (even our smile lines) but she wants to help people nourish their skin from the ‘inside out’ through good nutrition and the ‘outside in’ with skin products that nourish and feed the skin. In fact, the skin is the largest organ of the body and many people are not aware that what you put on your skin goes into the bloodstream. Amanda was also conscious to create her nourishing range of products with a solid ethical foundation. The ingredients are not tested on animals, are fair trade and the whole range is now vegan. The products are well researched and go through stringent tests to become accredited. “Our products contain ingredients that have been used safely and

effectively for thousands of years. Gone are the days when ‘organic’ meant a compromise on quality,” she says. From quality control to impressing the business community, Amanda continues to shine her light in all areas. “To have reached the finals in the Sunshine Coast Excellence in Business Awards is thrilling! It’s the icing on the cake for us,” she says. With the media exposure of the Sunshine Coast Excellence in Business Awards, and the attention of several national publications, MOS will have plenty of opportunities to showcase themselves. “We will be revolutionising the way we conduct our business. We maintain high standards and continually strive to improve on them,” says Amanda. She believes choosing skincare that is focused on a global campaign for change is vital. MOS is a proud UNICEF Champion for Children Partner. By purchasing MOS products you are supporting UNICEF in their work to educate, nourish and protect the children of the world. “Saving the world doesn’t take a huge personal contribution. All it takes is simple choices, made one at a time. It’s easy to revolutionise, when it only comes down to what you put in your trolley. Let’s leave our children a legacy worth inheriting,” she says! MOS is a fully Australian owned, online business and products can be sent via the Australia-wide network of consultants or purchased through selected retail and specialist outlets. For more information visit: www.

Holistic Bliss, November 2011

10/21/2011 10:24:45 AM

I’ll start tomorrow… By Jen Forster


n the Twelfth Day of Christmas my true love gave to me… another social outing, one more glass of wine, a plate of cheese and crackers, a big block of chocolate and some new clothes that are now too tight for me… (Best sung to the tune of that beloved Christmas Carol… you get my drift…) Is anyone familiar with the ‘I’ll start tomorrows’ that seem to follow us around after 1st December and the extra ‘Christmas Calories’ that somehow attach themselves to our butt after 1st January every year? Don’t despair, you are not alone… Here are a few ideas that will get your ‘head space’ right before the silly season is upon us!!! Tip #1 Eat the chocolate or don’t eat it… decide. But don’t eat it because you ‘had’ to, so as not to offend your partner, friend, sister, Mum… Your life, your butt, your choice. Tip #2 With the days staying lighter for longer, why not head out for a walk after dinner (take the dog too). You will be less likely to have that late night treat,

especially after all the ‘good work’ you just put in on the walk. Tip #3 Make a decision and just do it. It might be some exercise, not eating the kids left overs, a piece of fruit with breakfast, no 5pm glass of wine, but whatever it is just make ‘one’ decision and follow it through. Not 10 decisions and do none! Tip #4 Don’t feel like a party pooper for saying ‘no’ when your friend insists you ‘have a drink’ at a party. Fill a wine glass with sparkling mineral water and those ‘well-meaning’ friends will not feel the need to ensure you are having a ‘good time’! Tip #5 I’ll say this one again… choose ONE thing from your ‘use-to-do’ routine (walk, jog, gym session, class, bike ride, swim etc) and just do it! You’ll be amazed at how this will inspire good habits again. You only have to spend a few minutes with Jen Forster, Creator of the Womens’ Fitness Culture, Goal Power Training to be touched by her passion and enthusiasm. It’s easy to see why she was recently awarded the honour of Sports

Business Woman of the Year by the Sunshine Coast Business Womens’ Network. Jen’s life experiences, fitness and coaching training, and sporting achievements at an elite level have been integral to her success. Another key difference is Jen’s fundamental understanding of the philosophy of change. With this knowledge she is encouraging and empowering women to transform their lives from the inside out. Check out some of Jen’s favourite tips and ideas to get your head in the game of LIFE!

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HEALTHY SOUL By Raelene Byrne


ealthy mind, healthy body is what we are aspiring to and what we are being told is important. For me, it is healthy soul, healthy life. We check off the lists for all the ingredients for a healthy physical life. We look at our diet, weight, exercise, stress levels and time management to find a balance or to work towards that ‘ideal’ in our lives. Many of us can maintain that for a while, yet there is still something missing. Our spirit, or the soul that lives within us, that watches us move through life, also needs attention. If the spirit is strong, the body is strong. Not only do we need to pay attention to what we see in the mirror, but we have to pay attention to the part of us that mirrors life back to us. Our soul holds all that we need in this world, knowledge, wisdom, truth, joy, peace, happiness and grace. To navigate our way into the soul, to find that part that is who we truly are, requires a bit of

awareness. Not quite as strenuous as pounding the pavement, not nearly as time consuming as a gym workout and even more delicious than a healthy gourmet meal. The quickest and most effective tool is our sacred breath. This amazing natural aspect that we use, often without any thought, can settle us and allow us to travel to the inner world of our lives. In ancient teachings, it is said that the breath is the bridge from the physical world to the spirit that we truly are. Just by slow, deep purposeful breathing, you can change the state of your emotions. With a few moments of silence, you are able to experience the stillness that you are and clarity about what is going on in your world. Setting time aside to reconnect with nature, not in a sweaty jog, or a powerwalk to the beat of an iPhone, but in the leisurely act of being surrounded by the beauty offered to us daily- is another way to feed your soul. Engaging in being true to who you are, getting to know what you are here for, being honest, exercising heartfelt

gratitude, offering yourself and your time in service will allow you to access the freedom that resides within. Each of these simple steps feeds our soul, rejuvenates your spirit and then pulses from you into your physical world. To ask yourself each morning, How can I be of service today? How I can be of support? Are other ways to engage in the nourishment of your soul, which creates a healthier life for you and those you interact with. To achieve greater benefits of healthy living, our spirit or soul has to be acknowledged. It has a language that is important, as it signals to us when things are out of balance in all areas of life, long before we physically feel the symptoms. Our responsibility is simply to create space to go within, listen, and then act. Set time aside each day, only a few minutes, to listen to your soul, to answer its messages, to connect into the heartbeat of your life and you will achieve more than a healthy body and mind, you will radiate a healthy, happy, peaceful life.


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Holistic Bliss, November 2011

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id you know that our bodies are made up of 80% water? And with summer on its way it’s the perfect time to think about the quality of water we drink. This month Holistic Bliss talks to Peter and Alli from Montville Mist about the benefits of spring water. Montville Mist is situated in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland, along the Narrows Road in Montville. It is a pristine environment, perfect to capture pure mountain spring water. The spring water is sourced from one of three naturally rising underground springs at Peter & Alli’s 17 acre property. The springs feed ‘The Narrows’ at Obi Obi Gorge National Park, one of the Sunshine Coast’s most natural attractions. The springwater is harvested as the water rises to the surface naturally and is gravity fed to the bottling facility. No chemicals or preservatives are added to the spring water giving people a choice, to enjoy the benefits of drinking fluoride free and chemical free water. “We believe spring water is essential for good health and it’s so important to know what you are drinking and where it

comes from. We feel every health conscious person should have a choice to drink chemical free water,” says Alli. Peter and Alli say their spring water provides a healthy alternative to sugary drinks as well as tap, filtered and tank water. With many serious health issues on the rise there is no better time to rethink what you are consuming. Consider that filters only deliver filtered tap water and the majority of them don’t remove the harsh chemicals. They are often not changed frequently enough, plus there is a cost to change them. Spring water is not only pure and good for you it doesn’t cost a lot. You can taste the difference of the naturally alkaline spring water which is packed full of essential minerals for optimum health. The typical analysis is also printed on all of the labels to make it easy to read the mineral content. “It is so rewarding delivering a product that is actually good for the health of our customers. Back in 2002 when we first visited the property and tasted the spring water we both felt the positive energy. We knew from that day

Are yo u tired of rea ding labels ? • ice cream • chocolates • lollies • mock meats • savoury delights • household cleaning products • pure Gaisha cosmetics • personal hygiene and much more...

on, we wanted to encourage others to make healthier lifestyle choices,” says Peter. Peter and Alli’s main focus is to offer great customer service and they are so proud to have such a quality product for all to enjoy, 100% Australian owned and operated. Montville Mist spring water services residential and commercial properties from Gympie to Byron Bay. For more information visit Email:

Come to The Green Edge where everything is vegan! Visit us online drop into our shop for delicious cake and coffee 1/191 Wardell Street, Enoggera P. 3855 5755

Holistic Bliss, November 2011

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or us small business owners who are ‘soul’ traders, we must realise that our business success is reliant

upon more than just the skills we have learned and accumulated throughout our lives and our careers. Rather, we must acknowledge that our success is dependent upon and reliant upon the relationships we have built with

ourselves, our product, our clients and our community. In these fast and ever changing times it is no longer just enough to stand behind our business name, sit in our office and wait for the clients to find us. We need to get out there and be the face of our business. To share ourselves with our community in a way that is authentic

and congruent to our values and the values of our business. We are lucky enough to be operating in a world of technology that connects us to our friends, family, clients and potential clients all over the world! Immediately! Now if you are like me and have been dragged kicking and screaming into the world of social media and resisted doing business by email and text messaging, then you know what I mean when I say, “who would have thought we would be doing business this way!” Networking has opened the door to a whole world of possibilities.

I once thought it would be impossible to create strong connections with others via a simple E message, limited to a certain number of characters. Photo Kookaburra Photography

What’s so special about Organic? Certified Organic standards require the avoidance of harmful chemicals in all growing & wine making processes, resulting in our pure, delicious range of products free of side effects. Rosnay was the first Certified Organic vineyard in the Cowra Wine Region, now home to a growing number of organic vineyards and farms.

...truly delicious wines that show how exciting the Cowra Region can be for organic grape-growing. – Rob Geddes, MW


14.indd 1

Now I understand that if you build a

Thanks to Holistic Bliss readers, the following new outlets responded to our advertisement. Please support them in undertaking the process of stocking a range of Rosnay organic wines: St Bernards Bottle Shop, North Tamborine; Purple Palate, Maleny and Brisbane; Chalk ‘n’ Cheese, Teneriffe; Joe’s Waterhole, Eumundi; Sonoma’s, Sandgate; Top Shelf Cellars, Nambour; The Wine Emporium, Brisbane or call 1300ROSNAY

Holistic Bliss, November 2011

10/21/2011 1:12:31 PM

strong presence for yourself, then others will feel that connection to you regardless of whether it is face to face or not.

the good old days and have realised that

Above all, your reputation is what matters to your clients. Do you deliver what you promise? Do you make them feel like they are important to you? Do you take the time to connect consciously with your clients at all times?

high customer service and care.

Now more than ever, clients are looking for that ‘intimate’ connection with their service providers, they don’t want to be a number, they want to matter and they want to feel like they are important.

authentic networking is changing the way

Times have changed since the ‘good’ old days of our parents and grandparents where you knew everyone in your town and everyone you did business with. Up until the last few years, business was completed anonymously, without a lot of human interaction and sometimes with an attitude of ‘next’. How wonderful to see that ‘businesses’ have swung back to

it is important that they take the time to connect with their clients and deliver

Networking has opened the door to a whole world of possibilities. Networking offers a platform where everyone is either a potential client or knows your ideal client. Effective and we do business, it is encouraging us to open our hearts and do business from a soul level. Networking builds a community of support and referral. Those businesses who take the time now to connect with and build relationships with their clients and offer consistent, high quality customer care, will be the winners- both financially and karmically. Natalie McIvor -Director The Enlightened Goddesses Business Network

Photo Alicia Alberley

Thank you for supporting our first HB event

– It was ‘Pure Bliss’ Special thanks to: Ainsley Moden, Roman Anthony and Natalie Delforce and our wonderful speakers: Raelene Byrne, Robin Clayfield and Mark Healy

We are looking forward to seeing you at the next one in 2012 Holistic Bliss, November 2011

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10/21/2011 1:18:06 PM



How cosmetics and makeup can affect your health


iving with an autoimmune disease that affects my looks and energy levels means I love wearing makeup to help me look and feel fantastic. Getting sick made me become more aware of the things that might be affecting my health, like the things I ate and drank. I was alarmed to discover that it’s not just what you eat that can affect your health, but also what you put onto your skin. After all, it makes sense. The skin is the body’s largest organ and can easily absorb chemicals (hence the nicotine patch and hormone creams). Therefore, the chemicals in the very makeup we use to look and feel great, may actually be affecting our health when they are absorbed into the bloodstream. What’s lurking in your makeup bag? Here are some nasties to watch out for: • Formaldehyde: Is a toxic, colourless gas that is a strong skin irritant and a carcinogen. Found in shampoos, mascara, cream (especially anti-aging creams), hair straightening formulations, face makeup and nail products. It’s known to cause eye, nose throat irritation, coughing, asthma attacks,

shortness of breath, nausea, vomiting, skin rashes, nose bleeds, headaches, dizziness, and severe weakening of the immune system. • Propylene / Butylene Glycol (PG): Is a petro-chemical solvent readily absorbed through the skin and scalp. Found in toothpaste, eye and face makeup, lipstick and some baby wipes. It accumulates in the heart, liver and kidneys, causing abnormalities and damage, and weakens the immune system. Damages cell membranes causing rashes, dry skin, contact dermatitis and surface damage to the skin. • Toluene: It’s a carcinogen and leads to adverse nervous system effects. Suspected as a trigger for asthma and one of the few chemicals that can cause asthma in a healthy person. Found in nail enamels, spray cans, hair gel, perfumes and fragrances, body sprays. • Paraben Preservatives or alkyl-phydroxybenzoates (methyl, propyl, butyl, and ethyl): Found in conditioners, hair styling gels, nail creams, foundations, concealers, mascara, facial masks, skin creams, and deodorants, sunscreen and

hair-colouring. These are a hormone disrupter, estrogenic (mimics natural estrogens that leads to cancer) and linked to breast cancer; skin rashes. • Bismuth Oxychloride: Found in some mineral foundations and makeup. It is a by-product of lead and copper refining. Can cause clogged pores, papules, pustules, whiteheads, extreme blackhead problems, itchiness, and irritation. • D&C and FD&C Colour Pigments: Found in eye, lip and face makeup and other body care products. They are synthetic colours made from coal tar and contain heavy metal salts that deposit toxins onto the skin, causing skin sensitivity, irritation and allergic reactions. Animal studies have shown almost all of them to be carcinogenic. They’ve also been linked to nervous system toxicity and reproductive system disruption. Liz Pohlmann is the Founder of www., a makeup company based in North Queensland that is dedicated to providing safer makeup for women.

Now You Can Have Gorgeous, Flawless Looking g Skin – Naturally!



Liselle Loose Mineral Powder Concealer & Foundation all-in-one with SPF25 transforms your skin instantly. Covers redness, evens skin tone and minimises fine lines! Enjoy 100% natural, vegan & cruelty free makeup that nourishes & protects your skin. No more nasty chemicals or irritating ingredients. It’s quick, it’s easy and it lasts all day. Try it for yourself and experience the difference today! Proudly Australian Made & Owned 16

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Discover the clothing and fashion that makes you shine with our Award-winning online Personalised Styling Program. Fashion recommendations tailored to your unique body & style Get 30% off! Use Coupon Code: HBNOV11

Phone: 0407 739 014 or visit

Holistic Bliss, November 2011

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Get Your Business in Shape! By Natalie Hennessey


ummer and the New Year are just around the corner and you want your business in top shape – looking sleek, streamlined and radiating health. However if we were to put your business through its paces would it pass with flying colours or be a prime candidate for business bootcamp? Does it have the stamina to survive the next year? It could be that you are achieving your ‘personal best’ right now in your business. If so, congratulations! If however there is room for improvement, then a new program is required. Here’s how you can get your business in shape: 1. What is my goal or vision? – We can get so busy in the ‘doing’ of our business, that our original vision seems like a dull memory. Make it your mantra. When you are slogging it out doing the ‘drills’ then keep your goal and vision in mind so you can do ‘one more set’. 2. Where am I now and where do I want to be? - Be realistic here. What is working? Is the distance between where you are and where you want to be a

hundred metre dash or a marathon? Do you need to set smaller goals to work toward your bigger vision? 3. What tools am I going to need to get me there? – Once your goals and vision are clear work out your ‘program of steps’ to move you forward. Do your research to find the perfect combination of ‘exercises’ that will propel you along and keep you on track. 4. What help do I need to enlist? – Whether it is an exercise regime or a business strategy it is much more fun and sustainable when you have supportive people with you. 5. How will I monitor and evaluate my progress? – Systemisation baby! It is vital that you are keeping an account of your progress. Effective and efficient record keeping lets you know just how well your business is going. 6. Am I committed and will I be consistent? – No-one can create the change for you. Everyday re-ignite your commitment to success. Endurance is the key. Know that each step you make is bringing you closer to your big vision. The time when you think it is all too hard

is usually the pivotal point just before acceleration. 7. Does my mindset support my vision? – If your goal is to become a champion in your field but your thoughts are in ‘the amateur league’, the journey is going to be a difficult one. Your thoughts are like the fuel to your actions – the coach in your mind. 8. How will I celebrate when I reach my goal? – Now if it was a personal fitness regime you might celebrate by splurging on a new outfit or going on a holiday, so why not celebrate when you reach your business goals too! Then with your program formulated, your support team assembled and your motivation high, you are ready for your business to look and operate at its dynamic and healthy best.

Brisbane‛s newest online store stocking natural, organic and eco-friendly baby products. Delivery from $5.

Conditions apply.

Ph: 0413 840 766

Holistic Bliss, November 2011

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10/21/2011 11:47:25 AM

Opportunity everywhere By Gino De Pasquale


ecently, I haven’t been as positive as I usually am. In fact, I’ve been giving myself a little bit of a hard time playing victim to what may be seen as a series of interesting changes which have taken place in my life. I’ve been replaying in my head all the decisions which I’ve been party to recently. Decisions which have meant some sleepless nights. Decisions which have created stress and anxiety about my children’s happiness. Decisions which have cost me some of my wealth. Decisions which have at stages compromised my own personal happiness. And finally decisions which have even eroded part of my sense of belief in ‘Gino’. As you can see I can be incredibly hard on myself at times. But if I’m being really HONEST there are times (more recently than ever before) when I just haven’t enjoyed being Gino – especially when I look back at how I handled certain circumstances, and how I behaved. You’re probably thinking, well if he doesn’t like being Gino, why the hell am I listening to him???? But please… stay with me for a little longer, because there may well be a very valuable lesson in this for all of us. What’s interesting is, once the child in me (the six year old as I love to call him) who likes to WALLOW in my past mistakes begins to feel exhausted and sees no more sense in making a mockery of certain decisions… my adult mind gets the chance to kick in. And that’s when things shift, and I usually start making sense of the lessons in my life. My adult mind is calm, wise and logical. My adult mind provides the clarity in my life which allows me to stay positive. 18

18.indd 1

My adult mind is in control and cautious about what has happened and optimistic about the amazing possibilities which lay ahead. This is the TIME when I stop judging…and start becoming more accepting of who I am. More accepting of the path I’ve taken and the journey I’m on. It’s empowering! Insightful! And very enlightening… So as an ‘emotionally mature adult’ I stop thinking poorly about what’s happened. I ACCEPT it for what it was and is, and focus on why it happened. And (most importantly) how it will make me a stronger person moving forward. The days that matter most, or should I say, create the opportunity to learn more, are the days when I wake up and am not so chirpy, or not that confident in how things are going to pan out. Or those days (and we all have them) when a continual stream of bad news seems to come at you like the driving rain on an old tin shed… never ending. These are the days when you need your ADULT mind to stand up and take pride in who you are. These are the days when you have to believe in yourself more than ever before. These are the days when you realise that the quality of your life may well be defined by how you deal with the poor situations, as opposed to how you celebrate the more joyous occasions. So if you accept life is going to be a series of ups and downs and you accept the quality of your journey and the measure of your success may well be how you manage yourself through the more difficult phases… you will approach the issues with a very different mindset; almost THANKFUL that difficult times/ circumstances are presenting themselves!!! They make you stronger, wiser, and much much clearer about what you want and what you don’t want. I was in a strategic business session with a client a month or so ago, and as is the case with me, the conversation turned towards our personal lives (which I am happy to share). This particular client was asking me about how I view ‘panic

attacks’ which he also suffered from. My reply was simple; I told him I see them as a blessing. An opportunity for me to understand that whatever I’m doing isn’t working for me. It’s an opportunity to reaccess, re-appraise and re-focus my attention on other solutions or alter the path I’m on. He rang me a few weeks ago and told me that he had never thought of his anxiety as an opportunity. And now that he does, he almost welcomes them and the anxiety has less significance in his life. He uses his level of anxiety as a beacon as to where he is with respect to living his life ‘on path’ or ‘off path’. Gino’s top tips: • Let’s agree that what has happened in the past has happened for a reason. • Let’s agree that while we have to learn and acknowledge the lesson (from the past) we don’t need to dwell on it and keep dragging it up in the future. • Let’s agree that it’s crucial to monitor your internal dialogue… to understand where the chatter is coming from. To acknowledge it but at the same time be cautious as to what its motives are. • Let’s agree that being an emotionally mature adult is the time to reflect on where you’ve been and what lessons you’ve learnt. Not when you’re reacting like a child!!! • Let’s agree that this ‘emotionally mature adult’ needs to be present, so you’ll need to find the time and space (daily) to connect with it and welcome its presence in your daily routine (usually via meditation and/or prayer). • Let’s agree that every day you make the decision to view the events which are happening in and around you, in whichever manner you choose. Either as an opportunity, or as a victim. • Let’s agree that life is full of opportunities and let’s experience the joy of living! Gino DePasquale is a business mentor and is the ‘authentic executive’ based in Brisbane. To contact Gino call 1300 086 847 or email:

Holistic Bliss, November 2011

10/21/2011 11:06:07 AM

Exotic suites EGYPTIAN DREAM

in Maleny


We welcome you to enjoy warm Mediterranean hospitality; mystical pampering and ultimate relaxation. Located within walking distance of the main street on a quiet hillside with views of the rolling Maleny hills. Hors D’oeuvres, fine chocolates, refreshments, spa gift pack, Mediterranean delicious breakfast made with chemical-free ingredients and much more. Our on-site clinic, Metafisica provides a range of unique relaxation, massage and natural therapies to restore balance and long-lasting health results.

Dalila is the owner and creator of Egyptian Dream Retreat. She is a highly qualified therapist and has extensive experience in a variety of healing modalities with many success stories from people who have benefited through her treatments. Dalila was born on the Portuguese Island of Madeira, close to North Africa. Madeira’s traditional healing knowledge passed on through generations of healers, have given Dalila a unique and holistic approach to her therapies. Her interest in the Egyptian Goddess Isis, the Indian Kundalini energy and mystical Tantra have resulted in a range of specialised treatments. Dalila also teaches massage and healing techniques and is also conducting a series of specialised workshops in 2012.

Gift vouchers & natural therapy treatments available

Sacred Couples & Singles Tantric & Kundalini Workshops 3 days & 3 nights Embraced & Protected by Goddess Isis Energy Re-uniting. Re-igniting. Re-inventing your Relationship Venue: Egyptian Dream Retreat Couples Retreat Dates: 9/3, 6/5, 6/7, 7/9 – 2012 Singles Retreat Dates: 6/4, 8/6, 17/8, 27/10 – 2012

Dalila: 0411 033 730 \ \

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10/21/2011 11:15:58 AM

Fruit Fuelled Fitness & Health By Kath Ford, Raw Health Educator & Director Samadhi Raw-Yoga Retreats

Female -53kg -165cm -31 years -Beach runs -Surfs -Teaches dance -Dynamic yoga 2 hours daily

-Bikes 60km plus weekly -15 bananas -6 mangos -Half a watermelon -20 dates -1 red papaya -Big bowl of greens and avocado


his is a day’s worth of food when you’re HCRV, High Carb Raw Vegan. Why would I possibly want to eat this much fruit? It’s simple. I want to play hard and live life to the fullest and be the best mother, friend, sister, daughter and partner I can be. It’s high energy food for a high energy lifestyle. The proof is in the results I see everyday after moving toward this lifestyle for over four years now from a cooked vegan and vegetarian diet. This way of life is what we are biologically designed for: fruit and exercise. Our digestive tract, physiology, taste and senses and natural preferences are all wired to be fruit eating. Don’t believe me? Take a look at our

closest relatives, primates, namely chimpanzees, with whom we share 99.4% of our DNA. Their diet consists of fruit and greens and these animals are free of degenerative diseases that we consider normal today (ever seen a monkey with chronic fatigue?). The best blueprint for optimum energy, fitness, strength and wellbeing is 80% of daily caloric intake from carbohydrates, less than 10% from protein and less than 10% from fat. I hear the athletes and men out there yelling, ‘What about protein? Won’t I lose my muscle?’ Not if you eat enough carbohydrates. Your body cannot utilise more than 10% protein a day. Consuming excess protein overloads your organs and the waste products of protein breakdown, cause a toxic acidic environment in the body and inflammation (e.g. arthritis, skin conditions, painful periods). ALL amino acids necessary to make a complete protein are found in plant sources. Even bodybuilders don’t need more than 10% protein a day to bulk up. Every cell in the human body is

fuelled by glucose. Complex carbohydrates (cooked starches) are converted to glucose to use for fuel, but the process is inefficient and causes nasty byproducts (e.g. gas and free radicals). Does eating this much fruit give you high blood sugar? No, if the digestion of the sugar is not impaired by fats it can be used immediately for energy in the body. Sugar in, sugar out – NO problems! What about too much fruit sugar causing diabetes or candida? No such thing as too much fruit sugar unless you are worried about too much energy. The problems arise if you eat fruits with lots of oils and fats. Then the sugar molecule is covered in fat and can’t be digested fully, causing partially digested unavailable sugar particles floating in the blood stream. Keep the fats and fruits separate. I know 60yr old fruit lovers that can run marathons, fruit eaters that win 24 marathon bike rides, and 100 mile runs, 70 yr olds that can walk on their hands, people that were obese now athletes doing HCRV. What’s your excuse? Go fruit yourself, have fun and get fit!!

Career Opportunities as: • Certified Medical Intuitive Courses • Accredited Medical Intuitive Teacher Courses • Psychic Children

Discover your full potential knowing anything is possible.

“be absolutely empowered” Receive FREE Medical Intuitive information to heal your life.

Jean Sheehan


w. e. p. 07 5641 4009 20

20.indd 1

• Cosmic As Ascension ion and Healing Ascension Lessons Le • Face to Face and DVD Medititation • CDs • Chakra Balances • Entity Removal • Emotional Balance • Universal Energy Healing • Crystal Healing • Body Dynamics (Combination of Bowen, Pressure Points, Cranial Sacral) ral) • Vega Testing

Qualified Naturopath, Homeopath, Q Iridologist and Herbalist, Herb Spiritual piritual Healers Call Sandra Meehan on 0402047679 and Kate Grainger 0487870004 Flaxton Clinic 54786953

Holistic Bliss, November 2011

10/21/2011 10:29:40 AM

The Body Is a Blueprint of the Internal Vibration By Jean Sheehan, Principal – Millennium Education


he body never lies! We can feel totally healthy and yet things are happening within our body. In Medical Intuitive terms, the BODY IS A BLUEPRINT FOR THE INTERNAL VIBRATION. The body is always communicating with you and sharing what is actually going on but sometimes we forget to look and listen. Each organ, endocrine and body part has a specific meaning, purpose and emotion related to it. When these are out of balance, disease and discomfort can commence. In living a healthy life, it is important to know you are the author of your life/ body/mind and your biography will become your biology. The true original meaning of health or HEAL-TH means ‘to make whole and complete like we were once created.’ It was Plato, an ancient Greek physician that said “The part of the body can never be well unless the whole is well.” There is a difference between ‘healing’ and ‘curing’ a person. To heal or make healthy is to make whole the entire person including mind, body and spirit –

looking at the person as a whole. To ‘cure’ means to eliminate or relieve immediate distress. A person is often cured of pain but not healthy as the whole picture has not been evaluated, observed and considered. Recently a client presented with breast cancer. She did not feel sick and had no idea about the diagnosis until she had a routine breast check. Once her husband found out, she noticed that he was going out more with his friends and not emotionally around for her. She chose not to express what she wanted which led her to feel resentful. This was a common feeling as she never spoke up and continually gave to others. Her selfworth was low and she had no selfrespect. She desperately wanted to be accepted. What she had described was the creation of breast cancer – resentment, neediness, lack of respect, non-acceptance. Her biography to herself had become her biology. And yet she thought she was healthy. Working with the whole – mind, body and spirit, this client was able to change her lifestyle to live life abundantly on all levels.

There are simple ways to listen to your body: 1. What brings pain? 2. What brings you discomfort? 3. Journal what your body is saying by asking it questions. 4. Listen with your heart to what you are craving. 5. What brings you the most joy? 6. Where do you feel a sense of peace? 7. Take notice of how you are feeling. And of course there is an abundance of information and resources to assist you. Certified Medical Intuitive Courses, Sessions and Accredited Teacher Level 07 56414009

IIntroduction to Shamanic Practice 10am to 2pm, Thursday 17 November 2011 About Roman: Roman has studied with shamans, spiritual teachers and healers globally and has been practicing and teaching shamanic practice for over two decades. Unique in his approach, Roman favours gentle practices and techniques that are aimed at dissolving fear to encourage growth and movement. He believes that the key to creating sustainable, successful outcomes is to use practices and techniques that are aligned with what you are trying to

create. For instance, if you want to create a peaceful, supportive environment you use peaceful, supportive techniques to create it. As the saying goes, “what you sow, is what you reap” This program is designed for those interested in personal growth and curious to find out what this shaman thing is all about. During the program Roman will outline the basic principles of shamanic practice, healing techniques and how easily they can be made part of and bring benefit to your life.

Venue: Sunshine Coast Cost: $95.00 Telephone: (07) 54 45 25 86 Holistic Bliss, November 2011

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10/21/2011 10:30:13 AM



ave you ever been to the doctor to investigate a symptom, had blood samples collected for pathology testing only to have the results come back ‘normal’? With this scenario (which is common by the way), it would appear on paper there is indeed nothing wrong with your blood tests; they are sitting within the ‘normal range’. But what is the ‘Normal Range’ reflecting? To begin with, your body is an absolute miracle in its functioning – your body is NOT stupid!! Your body knows what to do and exactly when to do it... and it will carry out what is needed in every moment to the very best of its ability with what it has. When we experience symptoms, it is our body’s way of communicating to us that something is out of balance. It is important to pay attention to these symptoms or signals and address them to regain our health and vitality. Something I have noticed since I began my pathology training in 1985 is

the changes that have occurred in the ‘Normal Ranges’ of many of the pathology tests used to determine a state of disease. I feel the changes in many of the pathology markers simply reflects the deteriorating health of our society – the ‘Normal Ranges’ being based on the average of an unhealthy population which is becoming more and more unhealthy as time goes on. As an example, one pathology marker often requested is the ESR (Erythrocyte Sedimentation Rate). This is a test to determine the presence of inflammation in a person’s body. Referring to my pathology texts printed in the ‘70’s the normal range for the ESR back then was 1 – 7 mm/hr which indicates no or low inflammation. The normal range used in some laboratories today is <15mm/hr, while others use <30mm/hr as their normal range. That’s a bit different wouldn’t you say? Whilst pathology readings may have changed over the years, the cellular functioning of the human body has not changed in any significant way. And nor has the visual interpretation of either the

Live or the Dry Blood Analysis changed since its inception. What these forms of analysis do reveal, are disturbances such as inflammation, occurring at a cellular level which may be falling through the cracks in other blood tests. When we experience symptoms, it is our body’s way of communicating to us that something is out of balance. Your health practitioner relies on information from pathology tests to determine if further steps need to be taken. What if further steps needed to be taken but it wasn’t clearly evident? Are YOU falling through the cracks? For more information simply visit: or call me directly to make an appointment. Next month – Cellular profiles revealed... Maria Waldock Founder – My Life Blood 0421 210 136

“A slice of Ireland on the Sunshine Coast Hinterland” • Traditional home cooked Celtic meals, Devonshire Tea with thick gooey jam or indulge yourself in one of our many home made sweets • Finest local and exotic imported teas and freshly ground organic and fair trade coffee • Authentic Irish interior and homely ambience • Live music every Sunday afternoon DROP IN FOR A CUP OF TEA AND SOME FRIENDLY CHAT

Special Offer for November:

2 for 1 Devonshire Tea deal (saving $8.95) 34 Mountain View Road Maleny

Phone (07) 5499 9426 email: 22

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Holistic Bliss, November 2011

10/21/2011 10:31:22 AM

Finding the source of positivity By Wendy Rosenfeldt


he power of positive thinking, visualising perfect health and manifesting abundance are becoming increasingly popular today. While good in theory, and seeming to follow the scientific logic of quantum physics, they have their limitations and their effectiveness depends on the circumstance and ability of the individual using them. Some people are better at controlling their minds and maintaining positivity and these are the ones that derive the most benefit from these manifesting techniques. However overriding stress, traumatic life experience and difficult circumstances can make it pretty hard to think positive, and it is when life is challenging that you most need the help these techniques promise. We know thought creates our reality but can we really control our thoughts? Even if we set out to ‘think positive’, how long can we keep this up throughout the day before we are sabotaged by our subconscious beliefs or stressful situations. “I am healthy, abundant and at one with the universe” is all very well

until we come up against a reality that reminds us otherwise. It is not to say that there is no value in intending to live a better life, it is just that projecting our thoughts and desires from the waking, conscious level of the mind is limited in its effectiveness. Life is different in different states of consciousness. In the dreaming state, we may fall from a plane or break a tooth but this does not actually affect our physical body. Although quantum physics reveals that we are all connected and that thought is the most powerful form of energy; in the normal waking state of awareness we are not experiencing this subatomic world. We experience ourselves as a solid object, separate to our surroundings. We may tell ourselves that we are one with the universe but are we really being honest with ourselves? Is this an all time living reality or does it go out the window when your computer plays up or you are stuck in traffic? Experiencing the level of life where everything is in its unified state is possible but it does not come about by

thinking about it. Thinking about it only reinforces that we are separate from ‘the it’ that we are thinking about. When you are in this unified state there is no thought, there is just Being. It is only when your mind comes out of this state that you realise that your awareness has been in a different state. The feelings of peacefulness and clarity stay but there is no need to try and think about the experience as you go about your day. Vedic knowledge gives the technique for the mind to settle down and experience complete unity with the source of life. Regular experience of this level of Being spontaneously brings about more positivity, greater connection between the mind and body and an expanded state of awareness. Wendy Rosenfeldt is a Teacher of Transcendental Meditation Ph 5499 9580 or check out

Through better Health and Wellbeing

At She Prana we teach you how to fully utilise this beautiful, powerful, natural energy source safely and with the highest personal integrity. Tapping into this natural energy source will enhance your personal experience of life, your creativity and your aliveness. Begin your Journey now! Contact Dr Kellie Yildirim- She Prana {e} {m} 0414 397 573 or visit to find out about upcoming workshops

Maria Waldock (Dip.App.Sc. - Pathology) Founder of My Life Blood I P: 0421 210 136 I E: Holistic Bliss, November 2011

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10/21/2011 11:51:38 AM

Keeps it Fresh! Master Chef Skye Craig


e all know about the power and popularity of You Tube. Well now you can see Skye Craig whip up a Mango smoothie while she’s having a yarn with the local green grocer in the latest video series via You Tube. ‘The Greengrocer and the Chef ’ is an innovative new series initiative from ‘Your Local Greengrocer’ created for YouTube (So that means you can keep up to date by watching the videos on your smart phone or computer). ‘Your Local Greengrocer’ is a venture undertaken by Sydney and Canberra retailers who want to promote the benefits of eating fresh and healthy. The project has grown out of the NSW Chamber of Fruit and Vegetables

(which is a not for profit organisation that represents and supports local independent wholesalers and businesses). The intent and vision behind the Chamber’s ‘Everybody’s Body Program’ is to advocate that everybody needs more fresh fruit and vegetables in their diet. The series seeks to educate consumers on what is fresh, in season and lets them know how easy it is to prepare simple and healthy meals. Skye Craig of Master Chef fame has been appointed as the ambassador and her expertise helps to promote cooking with whole foods in the series. Skye takes us on an adventure down to the local greengrocer for a download of information and of course to whip up something yummy and fresh. Members of the program believe that people watching the series will be encouraged and inspired to eat fresh, prepare more meals at home and shop at their local greengrocer. Not only does the green grocer restock shelves on a daily basis; fresh from the central markets, there is also the opportunity to connect with him on you

tube in the ‘virtual world’ and then hunt down your own local grocer in the real world too. Catch the latest series on You-Tube.

Did you know that the first cervical vertebra, the atlas, is out of alignment in most people? This circumstance leads to a variety of physical and psychological ailments and illnesses. Atlasprofilax is a neuromuscular technique that liberates the Atlas with only one application Accurately, Safely and Permanently. This powerful relocation immediately activates a self-healing and harmonising process. It is holistic in nature, promoting wellness and rejuvenation on all levels, mind, body and spirit. This method is nonmedical, non-chiropratic. One Treatment Can Be Life Changing. The Atlas supports your head and governs structural alignment. A misaligned Atlas causes restriction of the brain stem, spinal cord, cranial nerves and arteries. This limits our potential for wellbeing and creates tension, restricting the free flow of energy. When the Atlas is installed correctly, the body begins an unwinding process, releasing holding patterns and enabling the body to heal and regenerate.

To take a step towards your health and wellbeing, contact Barbara O’Malley Phone: 0438 094 292 24

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Holistic Bliss, November 2011

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o you want to live in a world where:

• You are happier because you are balanced • You are safer because there is less crime • You just know there is so much more love The time is right here before you, Embrace it! By simply being more creative you can help change the world! That time I am talking about is 11am on the 11-11-11. It’s not so far away. This time in our history will without a doubt, be a profound moment in time. It’s a time for change! Society, as you now know it, is left brain dominant? This is the only way you know how to survive. To be left brained means being logical, analytical and using symbols for everything. How could you live without them? Many of you are always in a hurry and you always have to be right (I have no doubt that you are right about something). Do you ever catch yourself being critical of yourself, or critical of others? You can thank your left brain for that one.

Your left brain is also your verbal centre (where all those words come from, even when you’re not talking, it’s hard to turn them off ) and of course, not surprisingly, is also where your stress is stored gripping at your head, holding your whole body tight. Locking you away from everyone and everything you love. Some of you were gifted already with the pleasure of being in touch with your right brain. Please continue to inspire others with your work. Think of your right brained friend who is using their right brain to their fullest potential? They’re happy right? But it can be so frustrating for you right brainers who are not being creative. You are trapped and need to be set free. It’s pretty unfair the left brainers get all the stimulation. Apparently a lot of your children who have been labelled with ADHD are in fact simply right brain dominant children who are trapped in a left brained dominant society. Your ‘Right Brain’ is your creative

centre, your play room. This is where you find your intuition; your saving grace. It is also your visual brain and where also your dreams come from. Without losing touch with your left brain, you have the power to be in touch with your right and vice versa. This will create balance. All you need to do is learn to be creative. It is creativity that will unlock your brain, release your stress and make you a happier person. At 11am on the 11-11-11 there will be a major shift in your way of thinking! A higher more creative society is here. You are happier, there is less crime and there is so much more love. Helen Joy is a Creative Coach with Right Brain Genius. She has been teaching people to realise their creative potential through unlocking the right side of their brain for eight years in Cairns and is travelling to Brisbane, the Sunshine and Gold Coasts in December to run Creative workshops.

For all maintainence and repairs Concrete repairs, carpentry, installations, roof repairs, advice. Save $$$. Let us help you to DIY. For an honest, reliable, professional service call now!

Ph:1300 764 647 No Jobs over $3,300 Servicing South East Queensland SMALL JOB SPECIALIST! Holistic Bliss, November 2011

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10/21/2011 11:06:37 AM

Tread lightly Pure and Eco for Bubs!


ew mother Prisita Prakash couldn’t be happier to launch her new online business, ‘Purely

Baby’. “There’s no doubt having a baby is a joyful experience, but it can also be overwhelming,” says Prisita. “I remember how my life had narrowed down to a constant round of feeding, changing nappies, and endless loads of washing. This meant I was trying to cram a whole day’s routine into a very small timeframe. Finding the time to go out to the shops with my son proved to be difficult and searching for good quality eco-friendly products became an

even bigger challenge, hence Purely Baby was born,” she says. “I want to help new mums, by providing an alternative solution to shopping centres, giving them more time to recover, relax and enjoy the precious moments of their new baby’s life. Your time should be used for more important tasks, that’s why I have streamlined your shopping process as much as possible. In fact, organising your regular supply of baby essentials is so easy; you could almost do it in your sleep! I stock a range eco-friendly disposable nappies and wipes, BPA free feeding solutions, bamboo linen as well as natural and organic products.” As a mum, Prisita understands how important it is for families to find affordable ways to shop. That’s why she’s kept delivery fees to a minimum. She has also personally tested the

baby products and has already chosen a favourite.“Weaning baby from the bottle can be difficult for both you and your child. As a conscious mum I was looking for a good quality, safe product that would make the process easier for us both,” says Prisita. “Thanks to the Happy Baby First Cup the transitioned from bottle to cup was super easy.” The soft spout is especially designed to encourage baby’s natural chewing development. Simply bite or squeeze spout to release fluid (as the valve is incorporated into the spout), so there are no separate valves to clean or lose. The First Cup is angled which means there’s no need for your child to strain their head when drinking and it has easy grip wide handles for little hands. For more information visit


Sacred & Sassy Women who are ready to ‘Be the Change’


Another approach Just Cloths NOW in Townsville find us on Facebook : “Just Cloths Townsville Distributor” for in home demo

Enviironmentally Conscious Microfibre cloths Environmentally or 26

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Monitor your breast health using state-of-the-art digital thermal imaging to detect subtle physiological changes. Painless – Non contact – No radiation – All ages Full Body scans available.

Oasis Arcade, Peregian Beach 5471 2288

Holistic Bliss, November 2011

10/21/2011 11:53:20 AM

Welcome to your stars for November. This

(Unless you were born between November

November 25 New moon in Sagittarius.

month, being real – as opposed to being

1961 and April 1962, in which case you are

Powerful and visionary, but Mars and Chiron

fake or being emotionally vacuous – is your

still frazzled about your entire life. Best to

both aggravate the new moon. This is like

number one life skill.

come see me personally.)

your Inner Warrior in one corner insulting

Nothing else is going to work, so get real

November 23 Month of Sagittarius begins.

and prosper. This is also true for romantic

Move over, Phoenix - the Centaur arrives.

relationships right now, with Venus and

Usually, Sagittarians get all smug and

Mercury in Sag after November 3. Do not sit

superior around birthday time, but for the

Stop obsessing about the details, and tuck

on the fence. Nothing’s going on there except

next month Saggies feel bonkers as Mercury

your Inner Child under a blanket on the

your commitment issues, and they are past

goes retrograde in Sag from November 24

sofa. He/she needs a cuddle. But who’s going

their use-by date.

to December 14. They cannot distinguish

to give the cuddles? Your Inner Zen Master,

November 11 Full moon in Taurus. What an

between their future potential and their

that’s who. Tantrums may be tempting, but

auspicious date – 11:11:11!

past bloopers. The same goes for Geminis,

tapping into your Inner Zen Master is way

Eleven is a ‘master number’ in numerology,

Pisceans and Virgos. If you are one, or you

better. He/she is calmer, more efficient,

and the sun and moon agree.

know one, be forgiving and focus on baby

and gets results. Also, other people can

This full moon says ‘It’s fine to feel fine.’ In

steps. Just one day at a time, please. You will

actually relax around you. And we all need

fact, it’s best to feel utterly adorable. From

thank me come January.

high quality company right now. As I said

this inner well of self-worth, good things

For all star signs, communications often go

will bubble up around you. Being stubborn

awry during Mercury retrograde periods,

(Taurus at its worst) is no way to do business

so double-check the venues, dates and

from now till November 27.

times of everything you do between now

To book a reading, visit www.

Chiron turns direct in Pisces today too,

and Christmas. If you are booking your To enquire about

meaning you’re slightly less wounded by

Christmas holidays now, be fastidious. Also,

Creative Writing Coaching, phone 0431 156

other people’s ridiculous behaviour – and

do not assume you know what anyone else

400, and you will receive a free copy of my

oh, how sweet this slight improvement feels.

wants, thinks or feels.

brand new eBook “EAT, WRITE, PROSPER”.

your Inner Child in the other corner, with the new moon shouting affirmations at both of you to try to get you to stop. Remedy?

at the very beginning, being real is your best seduction technique – not only in the bedroom, but in every area of your life.

5-WEEK EVENING COURSES 6pm to 8pm BRISBANE Tuesday evenings 13th December to 10th January

SUNSHINE COAST Wednesday evenings 14th December to 11th January

GOLD COAST Thursday evenings 15th December to 12th January


your p realise

h l th r o u g a i t n e t o

creative coaching

RIGHT BRAIN GENIUS • Reduce stress • Improve sleep • Lower your golf handicap • Enhance confidence • Great team building programs available • Plus so much more

Call Helen Joy on 0408 249 545 Holistic Bliss, November 2011

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Animal Inspiration…


wo women in Brisbane are living their dream. Eileen McLean, from natural animal healing business ‘Natural Animal Care’, and Jenny Golsby, from ethical pet food business ‘The Complete Pet Company’, are walking the walk and talking the talk when it comes to helping animals. Great friends and colleagues, Eileen and Jenny shared a little about each other with Holistic Bliss. Eileen McLean: Eileen has always had an affinity with animals. As soon as she left school she attended the University of Queensland studying animal sciences. Further studies led Eileen to her real passion, natural therapies, and in 2004 she started home based business Natural Animal Care promoting alternatives for animals. Due to Eileen’s gentle and caring nature and the wide range of healing modalities that she offers, she is able to

tune into and develop a relationship with the animal she is working with and provide assistance in the areas required. In recent months, due to an epiphany, Eileen set up an informative website animalethos. animalethos allows Eileen to express her concerns about animal welfare, while educating and inspiring her readers to make changes in the ways they treat animals. Jenny Golsby: Jenny grew up on a large property in NSW and spent many years travelling before moving to Brisbane. She started out in the pet industry as an RSPCA inspector, and then hydrobathing queen, before being inspired to make a difference in the pet food arena. As a dog washer she saw dogs with skin conditions and other chronic issues, where the common denominator was processed foods containing byproducts of factory farmed meats. Frustrated by unhealthy dogs, and the unethical treatment of animals, she started The Complete Pet Company. “We wanted to create the best raw, natural, free range, organic dog food on the market, and it began in my house, mixing

ingredients in the bath tub!” says Jenny. Eileen tells us, “Jenny Golsby is an inspiration!” With partner Graham, Jenny runs a completely ethical pet food business, producing and selling free range organic dog and cat food. She spends her days educating people on all aspects of animal welfare, as well as teaching dog owners how to understand canine language through her other passion, Dog Listening. The business has come a long way since then with a shop established in Keperra on Brisbane’s northside, stockists throughout Brisbane, and now available on the Sunshine Coast. Eileen and Jenny work beautifully together, united by their passions not only for animals, but for ethical and holistic approaches to pet care. They are currently working towards producing all natural pet products under the name Health4Paws. In the meantime, the combination of natural medicines and good organic, ethical nutrition produces healthy happy animals thanks to this fantastic team.

animal care “Complete Meal – Complete Health” WE DO NOT SUPPORT FACTORY FARMING Raw, Frozen “Complete Meal” and Bones for Cats and R Dogs. All Human Grade Ingredients, Certified Organic and Free Range Meats Only, Delicious, Nutritious and Balanced, Now available on the Sunshine Coast

• Natural Therapies for Animals • Energy Modalities and Readings • Animal Healing Workshops For more information call 07 3352 3108

COMPLETE CANINE COMMUNICATION “The Language of ALL Canines” DOG LISTENING IS NOT A TRAINING METHOD Are you looking for a non-confrontational and kind way to work with your dog whilst respecting the language it instinctively understands?

(07) 3855 3555 / 0414 575 727


28.indd 1


• Nutritional Supplements

• Essential Oil Therapies

Eileen McLean: 07 3352 3108 0404 085 768

• Homeopathic h Remedies

Jenny Golsby: 07 3855 3555 0414 575 727

Holistic Bliss, November 2011

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Holistic Classifieds EVENTS & BUSINESS


ENLIGHTENED GODDESSES BUSINESS NETWORK FINAL EVENTS FOR 2011 Goddesses@lunch 16th November Mooloolaba Guest Speaker Jodie McIver, Equis Group – “Getting Smart with your money” RSVP 10th November Book online Goddesses@brunch 24th November Peregian Springs Guest Speaker Janine Hall – Creator natural skin care range “More than Skin Deep” RSVP 20th November Members $35, non members $40 Book online TERRY OLDFIELD & SORAYA INVITE YOU TO CELEBRATE THE OPENING OF: Soraya’s Healing Room and Launch of “Healing Sound Journey” Album @ 32 Country Road, Palmwoods, Sunday November 6th 3pm-5:30pm. Enjoy afternoon tea, live music, ceremony and warm friendship. www.sorayasaraswati www.terryoldfield Phone: 0400 520 624

HEALTH & WELLBEING KUNLUN NEI GUNG (TM) Kunlun Nei Gung (TM) is an incredibly powerful system for personal power and spiritual evolution. Distilled and refined from ancient Taoist practices, Kunlun is now available to anyone seeking a greater sense of peace and contentment, or spiritual advancement, awakening and bliss. Upcoming courses: November – Peregian Beach, Qld December – Central Coast, NSW Enquiries: ph (07) 5482 2048


ARE YOU MAMMOGRAM CHALLENGED? Does radiation exposure and painful compression concern you? Infrared Thermal Imaging is a completely safe and non-invasive way to detect very early changes in body physiology over time. SUNSTATE THERMAL IMAGING conducts Clinics in Nambour, Brisbane, Hervey Bay, Rockhampton, Emerald. Phone: (07) 4125 1500 Web:

CRYSTAL HEALINGS Available on the Sunshine Coast. Access Your Own Inner Knowing for healing, guidance and Growth. For more information about our Crystal Chakra Balance workshop. Contact Mark Crossland Phone: 0423 859 888 or email:

RECLAIM YOUR SPACE!!... Do areas of your home/business/personal space seem eerie, uncomfortable, heavy, negative, spooky, or unpleasant to be in or around? Would you like to be cleared of these “stuck” energies once and for all?” For no fuss “Unwanted Energy” clearings, performed easily and effortlessly... Contact Jude Roche 0412 637 394 Creating Beautiful Places and Spaces

DISCOVER YOUR SOUL’S PURPOSE TODAY Find out the secrets to discovering your heart’s desire and how contentment can be yours. Delve into the chakras like never before, discover the answers which have alluded you most your life! Take Time Out for Your-Self 76 William Street, Howard, Qld (07) 4129 0732

LOTUS HOLISTIC MEDICINE (BUDERIM) Dr Sandeep Gupta is a trained medical practitioner and also practices nutritional and environmental medicine. His approach is to assist patients in creating a diet and lifestyle that support optimal health while searching for underlying causes of disease. Medicare rebates available. Phone: (07) 5352 3468 or visit ‘MONEY FOR NOTHING’ WITH MIND YOGA™ ! PRACTITIONER PACKAGE JUST $27: increase your avg $ sale! FUNDRAISING: with our online Fundraising Tool EFFORTLESS – online sales. Load our button and watch! ‘Be the Change to See the Change’. Proudly supporting kids on Youth Empowerment Workshops. FREE AUDIO HERE: Or call Corinna on 0417 719 957


At Little Acorn Books, our authors explore such topics as attachment parenting, gentle discipline, co-sleeping and home education. We also offer a beautiful range of inspirational picture books and CDs for children. Visit us today at, or call Juliette on 0400 153 844

This month I would like to say thanks! Thanks to you – the reader, who picks up a copy each month, stays open to new ideas and ways of living (plus your awesome feedback is so lovely)….Big thanks also to our loyal advertisers and inspired writers, this magazine wouldn’t operate if it wasn’t for you. And thank-you to everyone involved over the last two and a half years (the HB team) for your work, support and trust in the vision. Vanessa Finnigan, creator of Holistic Bliss Magazine Holistic Bliss, November 2011

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10/21/2011 12:51:25 PM

Who is sharing with you this month?

Let Vanessa Finnigan (Holistic Bliss Magazine) and Natalie Delforce (Kookaburra Photography) help you to create videos that capture the real you and your passion in business so you can share it with the world! A Crystal Workshop

• Enhance your marketing and social media presence with video and print media

Celebrate Good Times

• We take the hassle out and support you through the whole process • We take the fear of social media out of your marketing and help to authentically engage your target audience

A Picture Says a Thousand Words How to Weave – Creation, Connection, Healing

How to Heal Inside and Out

• Have your video advertised in Holistic Bliss Magazine with your individual QR (Quick Response) code What is Global Sharing Multimedia?

• Potential customers can easily use their Smart Phone Barcode Scanner to access your video immediately!

Scan our QR codes to see how easy it can be to share your business message with the world! M: 0422 538 335

30.indd 1 M: 0422 538 335

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Holistic Bliss Directory KNOW THYSELF AS SOUL

...We Are All Islands... Oceans Connect Us...

Sant Mat is a practical spiritual path based on meditation, ethical living, service to others & love for all creation. Entry is via a preparation program.

Luxury eco chic bamboo beach robes for the whole family Free postage on orders over $100

Buy online

There is no charge at any stage. For more information...

Or call 0401 156 534

Know Thyself As Soul Foundation is a not for profit association incorporated in NSW.

1800 462 193 or visit

Want a brand that’s unique to you? For a distinct logo and brand design that you can use on your website, business cards, flyers & social media, call today!

Organic Fair Trade Coffee Organic & Gluten Free Crystal Jewellery ½ Price Wholefoods, Skincare, Pre-loved Retro Goodies

Mon-Fri 8am - 4pm Sat 7am - 2pm Closed Sunday

07 5492 6417 0413 374 634

3 Conn St, Yandina Ph: 5446 8444

• Private PT Studio • Group Kayak Sessions • Group Outdoor Sessions • 8-12 Week Mind and Body Challenges • Self Development • Results Results Results • Healthy Happy Lifestyle

Phone: 0401 286 200

Experience a beautiful, rejuvenating Ka Huna Massage In a wonderful natural setting on the Sunshine Coast T: 07 5448 5748


Commercial/Business Law Conveyancing/Leases Employment Law Building & Construction Law Corporate Structure & Re-structures Asset Protection/Contracts Wills, Estates & Power of Attorney Property/Business Sales & Purchases Trade Marks, Copyright & IP Protection

5455 6870 31.indd 1


FOR MIND BODY, & SO UL Back, neck and spine health, Trim and tone abs, legs and arms, Deep peace and relaxation, Soul expression Samadhi Raw-Yoga Retreats, Nth Stradbroke Island, November 18-20 & December 30-Jan 2 Tuesday 5.30pm Point Cartwright Beach Thursday 6pm Kawana Family Centre, Iluka Ave Plus Ecstatic Yoga Dance nights

10/21/2011 11:16:31 AM

If you could make one simple choice to

HELP HEAL THE WORLD WOULD YOU? By selecting MOS premium quality skincare products you are not only choosing a cleaner, greener, more organic world but you are also helping to educate, nourish and protect children in less fortunate areas. We invite you to join us on our quest to heal the worldâ&#x20AC;Ś your skin and the worldâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s children will thank you for it. Beautiful People 4 A Beautiful Planet

Join the Revolution on

Phone 0438 965 390

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Holistic Bliss November 2011  

Volume 30 - November 2011

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