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From the Creator of HBM...



columnist in our magazine and introduced to us by Positive Prime pioneer Kim Serafini. Troy has so much to share this month about the new technologies and how they can support men (and women) to have optimal health and well-being. And what an amazing target they have of raising the mental health of 2 billion people by 2050. Please read and share his story on pages 20-21 and enjoy this edition and collective energy.

Men's Health
















Volume 129 ISSN: 1836-8840




Troy Haines, p20-21 EDITOR / PUBLISHER:

Vanessa Finnigan Phone 0422 538 335 EDITORIAL ENQUIRIES:


n previous years, whilst sitting down to write my editor’s note for a men’s edition, I remember the #Metoo movement was dominant on social media and men’s wellbeing appeared to not be an easy topic of conversation. Now at this time, many conversations are focused on the virus, the elections and the world economy and state of affairs. Mental health for men (and women) should be a priority right now, particularly with the rates of anxiety, depression and suicide. We have an amazing range of practitioners, products and services available to support men through this magazine and I would love to see this edition shared far and wide and more people having access to holistic support. Our November or Mo-vember cover man, is award winning entrepreneur and change leader Troy Haines! He has been a




Very Important Contributor


WE ARE TAKING PLACES FOR 2021 Wouldn’t you like more readers to see you and hear your passion for your unique work so they can connect with you and experience what you are offering? Please see page 42 for more details.




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FOOD FOR THE SOUL 06 Salmon Fish Cakes with Mixed Herb Salad JEN MURRANT


What does your gut bacteria actually do? JOEL GRACE


Banana Mousse Ice-Cream Bars TABITHA LEE



Pink Pitaya Tart BEK MUGRIDGE


Gardening for well-being MORAG GAMBLE


Are you really failing? JEAN SHEEHAN

13 From suffering to success 14



Life is more than working hard to pay bills!

20-21 Troy Haines: The Future of Business and Well-being


15 Emotional happiness within men… 16


Self-trust in wobbly times


The era of the lone wolf

24 How to create a conscious relationship



Why aren’t men encouraged to do self-care? ABBEY BENVEGNU



25-28 Enlightened Changemakers 30

New technology for a new world

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22 Holistic Gifts: Shop early and easily!




n integrative medical approach A to men’s health

38-39 Being mindfully angry RUSSELL STURGESS



Support your loved one under stress with a potent technique ELIZABETH CARUANA


42 43

Men, sex and midlife The gift of the divine masculine JOHNITA FRANCIS


Men’s health – are you proactive or reactive? SAMANTHA ASHLEY


What was a catalyst for my change? RICHARD AYOUB

Time for an EMR spring clean? MARIE SLOCOMBE

Lose the lockdown kilos and still take the family on holiday DR LIZ ISENRING



Male empaths in the “men’s” world REBECCA-LEE



Are dogs truly man’s best friend? VIV ADCOCK


Secret men’s business! DR ELAINE CEBULIAK

46 47

HOLISTIC AS… Books and more DIRECTORY Holistic Bliss | NOVEMBER 2020 |

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Salmon Fish Cakes with Mixed Herb Salad RECIPE JEN MURRANT

SERVES 2 Ingredients: 1 tbsp olive oil 6 shallots, chopped 1 tbsp fresh grated ginger 1 tsp chilli flakes 2 tbsp lime juice 250g salmon (wild caught or organically farmed) 1 cup mashed potato 2 tbsp buckwheat flour 1 tbsp dukkah SALAD: 100g organic mixed leaves, chopped

½ cup mixed fresh herbs (chervil, dill, mint) 1 tbsp lime juice ½ tbsp olive oil 2 baby cucumbers, chopped Method: Gently heat ½ tbsp olive oil in heavy based pan. Sauté shallots for 5 minutes. Add ginger, chilli flakes and lime juice. Increase heat, place salmon fillet (skin down) in the pan and cook for a minute or so. Turn, remove skin. Cover with shallot and ginger mix, reduce heat, cover and cook a further 5 minutes.

Beautiful organic food, home delivered.

Mix potato through the cooked salmon and shallot mix. Form into patties. Toss in buckwheat flour and dukkah. Heat remaining ½ tbsp olive oil on medium heat. Pan fry patties for approximately 1 minute each side, or until lightly golden. To prepare salad, place all ingredients in a bowl, toss well. Serve with extra chopped chervil and dill, lime wedges, avocado, extra dukkah and/or finger lime (optional). /healthyluxe www.healthyluxe.com.au

Inner Shyne Natural Beauty

100% Organic Home Delivery Service. Delivering to Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sunshine Coast, Toowoomba and surrounds.

Brisbane’s award-winning organic home delivery service, with guaranteed quality, great prices and an unrivalled range of certified organic fruit, vegetables, meat and groceries.

www.freshorganics.com.au www.facebook.com/freshorganicsqld 6

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Go Ahead, Pamper Yourself! Facials, full body waxing, airbrushed make-up, massage, manicures, pedicures and foot care services.

Phone Tina 0438 159 707

• Skin Care Products available • Natural Spray Tans by Eco Tan • Aromatherapy BOOK Treatments


29 Railway Street, Stanthorpe Qld

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What does your

gut bacteria actually do?



e all know by now that taking a probiotic supplement and eating fermented food helps add friendly bacteria to your gut. But have you ever stopped to think why this is so important? One of the reasons your gut health plays such an important role in your overall health has to do with the 100 trillion bacteria that line your intestines. The latest research suggests our gut bacteria strongly influences a wide variety of functions in our body, that up until now we’ve taken for granted. Let’s look at some of the more surprising things your gut bacteria are responsible for. Your gut bacteria creates B Vitamins Feeling that 3pm slump in energy and need an instant boost? You may not be hungry; instead, you may be lacking the beneficial bacteria that create B vitamins in your gut. The B vitamins used by our body can come from food sources, or they can be produced by gut bacteria and absorbed via the colon. In fact, many strains

of bacteria that are common in the colon are known to synthesise several vitamins for use in the body. The B vitamins produced in your colon are known to be a source of energy and nutrition for both you and your microbiome. Your gut bacteria creates Serotonin Ever wondered why we feel strong emotions in our gut? Approximately 95% of one of our ‘happy’ hormones, Serotonin, is created in the gut – even though it is ultimately utilised in your brain! In fact, every known class of brain neurotransmitter can be found in your gut. This is one reason the gut is referred to as your ‘second brain’ because it often feels the emotions we think. Another reason for the second brain moniker is that your gut has a nervous system all of its own, known as the enteric nervous system. If we cut the nerve that connects your brain and gut, the vagus nerve, your digestive system can still work independently of your primary brain.

Your gut bacteria protects your Immune System Your gut is continuously exposed to both beneficial and pathogenic microorganisms. The foods we eat, the surfaces we touch, and the air we breathe all contain good and bad organisms that ultimately end up in our digestive system. As a result, your intestinal immune system needs to maintain a healthy balance between active and suppressive immune responses. And given it’s considered that your gut houses roughly 70% of your immune system, this is a very important balance to achieve. Thankfully, the overgrowth of bad bacteria in your colon is inhibited by the presence of armies of beneficial bacteria, which fight with them for nutrition and crowd out the bad guys. The good bacteria then go on to produce antibodies to pathogenic organisms, furthering the development of strong immunity. www.sunshinecolonics.com.au

Holistic Bliss | NOVEMBER 2020 |

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Banana Mousse Ice-Cream Bars RECIPE TABITHA LEE

GLUTEN/GRAIN FREE, PROCESSED SUGAR FREE, NUTRIENT DENSE Ingredients: 1 large overripe banana, at room temp 1 tbsp raw honey 2 tbsp almond or peanut butter 1 tsp vanilla ¼-½ tsp sea salt ½ cup full fat coconut cream (Ayam is a wonderful brand) ½ cup melted cacao butter ½ cup melted coconut oil Method: Line a 10cm x 16cm container with baking paper ensuring it is up on the sides to make easy to pull out once set.

Place the over-ripe banana, honey, nut butter, vanilla, salt and coconut cream into your Vitamix/Thermomix blender and blend until very smooth and creamy. You can use another blender here but has to be high powered to get a fluffy, smooth consistency. Slowly melt cacao butter over low heat in a small saucepan while stirring. Measure out half a cup. If you have melted slightly too much you can reset for another time to use. Add the half cup melted cacao butter back into the saucepan along with the half cup melted coconut oil. Add the butter and oil to the blender



and blend further more until smooth and combined well. Pour into your lined container. Place into the fridge overnight or for 24 hours for flavours to mature. Pull out the slice and cut into your bars. I find I like to cut into 6 bars but if you want bigger slices or smaller slices do what feels right for you. Once cut into the bars, I like to press chopped nuts on the top and melt my homemade raw chocolate and drizzle over the top. You can use any chocolate here you like. Loving Earth or Pana are lovely brands of organic chocolate. www.tabithaeatsharelove.com/recipes

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Payment plans available.

• Effective ways to communicate with each other • Intimate exercises to create intimacy • How to awaken your body and open your heart • Increase your sexual energy • Restore your passion for each other

Pay via credit card deposit to Pauline Ryeland, BSB 638 060, Account 15165493 Please put your name in the reference and email us too.

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Prettiest pink to brighten any day. Ingredients: FILLING 2 cups (300g) strawberries 1½ cups (160g) raw cashews 1 cup (250g) canned coconut cream ½ cup (200ml) any light-coloured sweetener, such as rice malt syrup or maple syrup ½ cup (100g) cacao butter, melted (or coconut oil but the tart will have a more prominent coconut taste) ¼ cup (35g) Being Co. pink pitaya powder CRUST 1 cup (160g) sunflower seeds 1 cup (100g) desiccated coconut ⅓ cup (135ml) any light-coloured sweetener, such as rice malt syrup or maple syrup ¼ cup (25g) cocoa or raw cacao powder 2 tsp (20ml) light-tasting vegetable oil, such as sunflower or rapeseed

Method: Preheat oven to 160°C. Place strawberries in a small pot over high heat. Roughly mash berries with the back of a fork until some of the liquid comes out. Boil for 5 minutes then reduce to medium heat. Remove from heat when the strawberries have almost completely broken down and there is only around 1 cup (220g) of strawberries. For the crust, add the coconut and sunflower seeds to a food processor. Process for 1 minute or until everything forms fine crumbs. Add the rest of the ingredients and process until combined Line the bottom of a rectangular tart tin (I used one that was 13x36cm). Firmly press the chocolate mixture against the bottom and sides of tin. Bake for 15 minutes in the oven. Set aside to cool. For the filling, add the strawberry puree and rest of the ingredients in a high

powered blender. Blend until as smooth as possible. When the tart crust has cooled to the touch, pour the strawberry mixture into the tart tin. Set aside in the fridge for at least 4 hours or until set. Blurb: Pitaya powder comes from the fruit of a cactus, it isn’t just beautiful it is known to be high in vitamins, fibre, rich in antioxidants, omega 3 and 6. It’s also low in calories, tastes super sweet and simply, the prettiest pink powder ever; one of the incredible ingredients that Queensland-based company Being Co. co-founded by Amelia McFadden, uses in their simple and colourful, plantbased superfood powders. Amelia lives by the motto, ‘Healthy Living, Happy Being.’ www.beingco.com.au/products/naturalpink-pitaya-powder The range can be found on Instagram at: /being_co/

keen to get clean? STAY HEALTHY THIS SPRING Colonics are the most effective way to holistically detox, cleanse and hydrate your body. COLON HYDROTHERAPY CAN ASSIST WITH:

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Constipation • Irritable Bowel Syndrome • Weight Loss Bloating and Indigestion • Fatigue • Headaches / Migraines Sinus and Allergies • Bad Skin / Acne • Psoriasis / Eczema Candida • Anxiety • PMS and Hormonal Imbalances

JOEL GRACE Owner / Certified Colon Hydrotherapist

3/82 Parker St, Maroochydore Q 4558

Phone (07) 5326 3537 joel@sunshinecolonics.com.au www.sunshinecolonics.com.au /sunshinecolonicsau Holistic Bliss | NOVEMBER 2020 |

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Gardening for well-being WORDS MORAG GAMBLE


dible gardens are lifeboats in times of crisis. So given all that is happening in the world right now, it is no wonder we are seeing a renaissance of the humble kitchen garden, backyard chickens, neighbourhood trading of homegrown produce and a growing interest in permaculture. So many men and women have lost their jobs or become under-employed during the lockdown and found themselves home-based far more than they are used to. This has contributed to growing levels of anxiety and depression. Gardening is helping people through, just like we’ve seen in generations before. My granddad found great solace in his veggie garden when he returned from WWII, and he continued to grow for the rest of his life. Every time we visited he’d proudly take us to his little backyard to show us his tomatoes and beans – and we’d never go home empty-handed. I have strong

memories from a young age of the newspaper-wrapped parcels he’d hand my mum as we were leaving. We loved it – his tomatoes were so juicy delicious! As wonderful as it is, gardens are not just about growing food. They are places to be physically productive, purposeful and focused – making, building, growing and problem-solving. I’m sure that’s what my granddad did. Even just getting our hands in the earth has such a positive impact on our peace of mind. During the pandemic, we have become even more a nation of food growers. Gardening has helped with food security, staying socially connected, feeling hopeful and keeping calm – providing an outlet and a lifeboat in insecure times. In a recent study about edible gardening during the pandemic*, over 70% of survey respondents said that gardening had significantly improved their mental health, and an incredible 19% said it was essential to them for

food security and wellbeing – ‘a sanity saver’. Over 98% said they are going to continue gardening. Gardening helps us redirect anxiety about the future into focused action and strengthens our personal resilience. The future may be uncertain, but in our food gardens, we can create a real sense of security and feel like we have some control over what happens in our lives. This matters. In a garden you can be yourself too – relax and take time to think. You can design and experiment, meet your needs and those of your family, and create an abundance that can be gifted to friends and neighbours. In every city and town, there is abundant space for growing food – backyard, front yard, balcony – and if you don’t have space at your place, join or form a community garden. *Pandemic Gardening Survey, Sustain Australia. www.ourpermaculturelife.com

The Healing Mirror Podcast Conversations with Inspired Souls



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• Free Online Non-dual Global Satsang • Music Songs and Mantras for Peace • Non-dual Spiritual Clarity Sessions

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ENJOY THE FRUITS OF YOUR GARDEN THIS SPRING… Queensland’s largest landscaping and potting mix supply company located at the foot of the Glass House Mountains on the Sunshine Coast. Bassett Barks is one of the Sunshine Coast’s best kept secrets. 100 acres sitting amongst the beautiful mountains – we manufacture all our products here on site. Everyone is welcome to come and visit – we supply to the public. We also supply to the Wholesale Growing Nurseries, Landscape Supply Yards, Schools, Parks – we even supply products to Hong Kong, Dubai, Sydney, as far as Cairns, Singapore and even Papua New Guinea. We enjoy people coming to visit with their trailer or truck, or with just a phone call we will also arrange delivery.



07 5496 9133 • bassettbarks.com.au Mt Beerwah Road, Glass House Mountains Queensland

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10/10/2020 12:44:07 PM


really failing?

Are you WORDS Jean Sheehan


ne of the most common diseases I see in men and have been asked to be a keynote speaker about is the ‘Failing Male Syndrome’. I call it a syndrome as it is a condition characterised by a set of associated symptoms. The symptoms are feeling useless and hopeless, with no purpose. I can give you loads of reasons why this occurs but for now the most important fact is to recognise it and then apply easy and effective tips to support boys, teenagers and men.

wake transitions. So what are you awake to? And what are you asleep to?

There is a powerful part of the brain called the Reticular Activating System or RAS. I first learnt about this filter and conscious mind when I was suicidal at 26 years of age. It was perfect as I integrated this information with my nursing and got profound results, not just for me but my patients and then my medical intuitive clients. This part of the brain (in the brain stem) filters information. It’s all about interpretation and perception. It’s also known as a set of connected nuclei in the brains of vertebrates that is responsible for regulating wakefulness and sleep-

If a male is focused on being hopeless, his RAS will look for all the reasons why he is a failure and search the memory as to other occasions he has been a failure. The mind and body react accordingly and feel low and like a failure. The same would apply if the male searched for all the reasons he is a success. Quite often the male is not failing, it is his perception only. When it comes to the RAS, you decided what is truth, fact and your perception. One of the ways to support this syndrome, is to commence focussing on all the success. Make a list each day focussing on your success and acknowledging yourself. This awakens the mind to what can now be a new story and truth. The next step to support this new journey is to be aware of words that are used. It is important to only have words that are emotive such as, ‘want, choose, will, and can’. By deleting words from your vocabulary such as, ‘have to, must,

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should, ought’, this opens the RAS even more to the possibilities and living your best life. Lastly, it is knowing that there is so much help out there and knowing there is no such thing as failure, only continuing to take the next steps. Join 5-time Amazon bestselling author and award-winning Medical Intuitive, Jean Sheehan at one of her transformational events. You may like to purchase her Medical Intuitive Oracle Cards – the only type in the world. www.MillenniumEducation.com



PROTECTION We are proud to introduce the Pozitron Plus range: • Scientifically and medically developed • Pozitron Plus is the recipient of Europe’s highest award • Best protection by neutralising harmful radiation and geopathic stress • Promotes feel-good energy • Affordable, light and easily transportable anywhere

HEALTH IS A GIFT See our full and unique range (including Dog Collars) by visiting:



| NOVEMBER 2020 | Holistic Bliss

www.biohealthhealing.com www.holisticblissmagazine.com



suffering to success



s someone who grew up with an acute sense of suffering, I know what it’s like to move through the ebbs and flows of suffering. For me at times, I felt expansive and in those times I could see where I was going, but then at other times, something would inevitably trigger a mental shift within and the mind would take hold and draw me down into a place of suffering. Unresolved emotional trauma that we experienced, but hadn’t effectively processed (because it’s not something most of us are taught, right?!), which results in that emotional trauma being stored in the cells of the body. It’s when a thought or incident triggers that wound that the trauma releases energy into our body, taking over our attention and our consciousness. I felt that sense of suffering until around 35 (I’m now 43). It hurts and can drive all sorts of behaviour that’s unsupportive to our well-being. If you’re someone who experiences any sense of what I am talking about then my

compassion, heart and love goes out to you. I wonder at this point how others experience suffering? For me the suffering was so acute that my #1 goal in life (until 2012) was to move beyond it… to move beyond suffering! To that end, I am a success in this lifetime. Our beliefs shape our reality. What do you believe that contributes to your suffering or not? Here are some of my key beliefs which helped guide me out of suffering: • Remembering who I am. I’m an energetic being, here having a human experience. • When broken down, everything is energy. Energy can’t be created nor destroyed, it can only change forms, so effectively nothing is ever truly lost. • That energy has an intelligence, I call it consciousness… it can be seen all around us in nature. I am that! I am an expression of consciousness, not separate, but connected as energy. I am that, we all are that!

• In this form we are the latest biological technology evolved on this planet, having a human experience. You/I get to have this experience so that consciousness can experience/learn through this expression of itself/ourself. What a gift! • In the infinite time since the big bang (and beyond) this human experience is such a speck of time and soon enough I’ll (we will) drop this form and return back to the intelligence that created everything… so why would I suffer through this experience?! • I am that… I am not the mind… in this human form I have access to a mind and I have access to a body. The constant stream of thinking, mental stories, emotions that is the mind, is a tool to master and use to shape our 3-dimensional reality. • Daily meditation gives me the SPACE from the mind so as to practise mastery of it. I have much more to learn here. www.iamconnected.com

Getting Started with Bio and Consciousness Hacking Using wearable technology to optimise day-to-day wellbeing and performance. moving out of stress and overwhelm into flow and brain coherence balanced circadian rhythm mental wellbeing and acuity memory consolidation

enhanced productivity, clarity and insight effective rest and recovery focus and health strong immune function

BOOK your FREE Discovery Session with Troy Now Register here: consult.iamconnected.com | Troy Haines Chief Consciousness Hacker www.iAMconnected.com Holistic Bliss | NOVEMBER 2020 |

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12/10/2020 6:47:07 AM


Life is more than

working hard to pay bills!



bouncing baby boy is born. His adoring parents are in awe of this tiny little person as they lovingly hold him in their arms. He has 10 fingers and 10 toes and is absolutely perfect! What will his journey in life hold? Will he: • Have a happy disposition, an enquiring mind and a love of life? • Nurture his body with food that nourishes and keeps him healthy? • Exercise his body, mind and soul to be the best man he can be? • Find work that he loves to do and is passionate about, which also rewards him financially? • Follow a path and achieve his goals and dreams and enjoy the journey? • Find a loving, supportive partner to share his life and have children of his own? • Have a strong network of friends who will be there to share the good times and the challenges? • Travel this beautiful world of ours and experience all that he can?

I am sure you will agree that these are all the things we wish for the life of the tiny newborn baby (male or female). Sadly, sometimes the reality is different. As our topic for this month is men’s health, I have focused on a baby boy’s life. The fabric of life is like a big jigsaw puzzle, and sometimes we have many of the pieces in place, while others are missing. Sometimes, there is too much focus on certain areas at the expense of others. Imagine our baby boy is now a grown man with a family, a busy life, a demanding job and not enough time to do all the things he wants to do. He is working so hard to pay the bills that he misses time on the beach with the kids, date nights with his life partner, and catching up with friends. There never seems to be enough money to take the family on holidays or enough time to keep his body healthy. Does this sound familiar? If so, it’s time to do a stocktake on where you are and where you want to be? The

With an impressive career spanning 28+ years, talented and accurate psychic medium Johnita Francis stepped away from reading and began focusing on teaching others spiritual development and paranormal phenomenon. Johnita has remarkable skills in accessing all 8 clairs and a wealth of channelled knowledge and now uses her experiences to Mo�vate and Empower listeners to expand upon their intui�ve abili�es. An advocate for the evolu�on of self, delivering thought-provoking videos in the straight forward, no-�me-for-nonsense manner Johnita Francis is fast becoming renowned for.

first step on the journey is to make the DECISION to change. You cannot change yesterday, but you can make a choice to enjoy today and all your tomorrows. Be honest with yourself. Sit down and take some time to write a list of what is working in your life and what you would like to change. It may seem overwhelming at first, but this is an exercise I do with my clients and it is wonderful to witness their growth, sense of achievement and enjoyment as they start to make a difference in their own life. Just visualise the jigsaw puzzle of your life. Take away the pieces that are not working and replace them. Imagine adding the missing pieces to create the life you want to enjoy. KATH ORMAN is a Senior Financial Planner of her company Goals & Dreams Financial Planning Pty Ltd, which is an authorised representative of Charter Financial Planning Limited AFSL 234665. If you would like to know more email: kath.orman@goalsanddreams.com.au or phone: (07) 3350 9595.

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| APRIL 2020 | Holistic Bliss

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Emotional happiness WORDS JULES O’NEILL


hroughout my career, I’ve been privileged to see the inner world of many different types of men. Just as women have light collective qualities, so do men – even if they don’t know it! Back in 2013, I had the inspiration to share the collective qualities in picture quotes on my Facebook page. I believe they’re in every man. They may be hard to see in some men due to ‘stuff’ in the way. You may need to dig deep, perhaps change your own perspective, but they’re there. If you are a man reading this, my intention is to warm your heart and make you smile. If you are a woman reading this, show a man you know. It just might make his day! 1. Men, your smile brings so much joy to the world. It truly does. It can soothe women and children so much. Take time today to give a big warm, connected smile to the people in your home. Watch the vibe skyrocket. 2. The nurturing kindness of a man is his beauty. Whether you’re doing

within men ...

the work around the home, building a business that contributes, thinking of how to make things easy for everyone, connecting with your children or sharing with others how much they mean to you – it’s appreciated. 3. Men can easily balance out the most challenging situations – trust them! So easy and simple. Share your practical problems with them and see for yourself. 4. Open up men, you have so much to offer the world in how amazing you are. The more you vulnerably share with those you love, the more Earth smiles. 5. Men inspire fun and adventure in our lives. So much! Whether it’s through sport, acting, romance or business. There are many inspiring men in these fields. 6. Men have the ability to bring laughter and play into a space. Trust yourself! Whether it’s building a blanket fort, being a ‘home’ comedian or planning a getaway. 7. Men, even when she turns away,

hold her close, she will come back. Most women find it hard to be honest when they desire space. So instead, we can complain, defend or create drama. Give her freedom, and after a while, she will miss that heart of yours and come back. 8. Inside every man is a gentleman. YES!! I truly believe this. 9. Men have the ability to unlock the ‘yumminess’ in women. Men, ask your body to use its wisdom to do this with all the ladies lucky enough to experience the magic of your touch. Whether it’s ‘ooh la la’ lovemaking or warm friendship, your unique touch is magic! 10. Men, when you notice the individual expression of a woman, let her know – she will love that. Use words rather than thoughts. 11. Men, show the woman you love a mixture of romance and unique adventure – she will love that. Use your creative imagination and get wild with us. www.julesoneill.com


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Self-trust in

wobbly times



ow often does life present us with challenges that require to fully surrender to self-trust? What teaches us to trust ourselves in that moment? Opportunities out of the blue, forks in the road, choices that don’t seem ‘rational’ or ‘logical’. These situations come along and all too often we revert back to our programming. What is ‘safe’? What is expected? If you’re always worried about ‘toeing the line’, are you ever actually being your true self? You’re always on alert – whether it’s conscious or subconscious. The trust muscle is rarely exercised! Trust issues can stem from being let down, by the actions of others, but also we can unknowingly create our own – by our own expectations, the fear of repeating past ‘mistakes’ that develop into self-doubting. You feel you need to

question yourself. Can I trust myself not to do that again? Trust ‘betrayed’ can be hard to overcome. I think building trust comes with continual ‘proof’. Everything is a choice – you can be dictated by external forces or follow your own path. It’s our perception of self, our capabilities, and the boundaries we build up around ourselves that stop us allowing self-trust. Don’t we humans like to know, if only just a little bit, some sort of guarantee of an outcome?! Or do we blindly have faith and belief that everything will flow and work out, however things unfold? Do you believe in your capability to adapt with how things work out, your place within your life, yourself, your self-confidence? I think it’s easier to trust yourself if you believe you’re in control of your own direction and destiny. You’re

responsible for most of what happens to you. Ultimately it’s up to you to point yourself in the right direction. Do you allow self-trust? Do you feel it’s safe to trust you? What if you trusted you were here to embody entirely your own flow? Doing exactly what you’re meant to, and also having each and every version of you building on the last – lessons, learnings and experiences. What if you never felt the need to doubt your journey and saw it as an unfolding? How empowering it is to trust! It’s something that gives back to you as you give to it. I think it allows much more freedom for you to trust others. Like much of life, it’s an ongoing process of surrender. Trust the universe not only has your back, but has your feet, and your heart! www.HealingKinesiology.com.au

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Joanne Luxton

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The era of the

lone wolf



f knowing someone has your back as you enter the ‘unknown’ would you take the first step? No one has it all figured out on this journey we call LIFE, yet why do men still try to ‘trudge and grind’ through it like the lone wolf, feeling as though the weight of the world needs to be carried on his shoulders alone? Is it because words like ‘help, support, advice, mentors, coaches’… have meant that you’re broken or less of a man if you speak about your concerns? That the words ‘retreat’ and ‘surrender’ stand for defeated, NOT going within oneself? I invite you to ask yourself, your mates/brothers and/or men in your life these questions. Is it because you’re afraid that others will abandon you if they know about your past? Is it because you never had a ‘father figure’, (nor he, your father, for that matter) lead you into the unknown? Is it because each time your heart has felt pain you made the ‘amour and walls’ more impenetrable?

Is it because of fear that if you go into the ‘unknown’ you’re scared of what you’ll find… meaning that you may lose your ‘identity’ that you worked so hard to create? Or is it because you feel like you’ll be banished, outcast from your friends and/or family and rejected because the unknown may change you? Leaving you feeling unloved, not belonging and alone?… Isn’t that a lone wolf? Well bro, I was a HUGE f###, yes, to all of these four years ago. And I also had very low self-worth, belief and confidence due to the weight I was carrying from the questionable actions I had undertaken in the past. Even heavier was the shame and guilt I suppressed. Though on the outside it looked like I was crushing life; supervisor running a $140 million project, beautiful partner, heaps of mates, fit… yet so unfulfilled. This all changed when I had men have my back, and right by my side to step into the unknown – BECAUSE

what I came to realise is that… it wasn’t the load that was weighing me down… it was the way I was carrying it ON MY OWN. How did I get to the mindset to step off the edge? It took rock bottom, back against the wall, back door burnt for me to grit my teeth and finally say to myself … F### THIS, there has to be another way… so I went searching. Want to go far… you go in a pack. Brother this is your invitation to take the step, that your head is stopping YET your heart is yearning for. COURAGE ISN’T THE ABSENCE OF FEAR. And you don’t need to be ‘in a hole of despair’ to improve, better yourself or grow as a man. THIS SIR, for myself is a daily practice now. What’s the best thing that could happen when you leave the precipice? BLASE GRINNER is a Transformational Coach, Men’s Group Innovator, Speaker and Retreat Facilitator. www.blasegrinner.com /blasegrinner

Holistic Bliss | NOVEMBER 2020 |

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Why aren't

men encouraged

to do




en’s health is a topic that resonates a lot with me, and as a woman, that may seem a little strange. “Why are you so interested in men’s health when you’re a woman? Shouldn’t you care about women’s health?” Men’s health is important to me because if a man is unhealthy – physically or mentally – it affects everyone around him. For me, health is health. And we are all in this together. Women are told to #selfcare and #loveyourself all day every day, whereas men aren’t. But gone are the days of men needing to ‘hold it together’ for the sake of appearing tough. The more in touch a man is with his feelings these days, the more appealing he is. What’s needed now is men and women sitting in a circle together. What’s needed now are brothers, sisters, mothers and fathers showing

up for each other so we can live in harmony, planting the light in new generations. This is so all the beautiful children can be born into a world where they are safe to be themselves, to play and to imagine. We must remember the ancient ways and consciously relate with each other with the eyes of God. No more suffering. No more depression. No more suicides. Just love. Suicide is the leading cause of death for Australians aged 15-44 years, and 75% of those who take their own lives are male. Men’s work is the catalyst for healing throughout our communities, and as a woman, I feel the importance in my role to help cultivate that safety for men. Men’s groups are created to lay those foundations so that every day we can nurture men to heal parts of themselves so they can rise to be the protector of the feminine. From this space, the female can flourish in her magic.

It’s a balancing act. A dance between the two; an ever-flowing ebb and flow of infinity. So what can we do about it: 1. Look at the men in your life and look at your relationship with them. Can you bring some harmony to them? 2. Become a safe space for men to explore and express. 3. Ask the men in your life how they are right now. Men aren’t wired to talk about their feelings openly. All their lives they’ve been brought up with the mantra ‘men don’t cry’, so they think showing any sign of feelings is a weakness. It’s up to you to open the door and give them permission to speak freely. It may not happen straight away – they may feel awkward for doing it – but the more you ask them how they’re really feeling, the easier it will be for them to open up. www.abbeybenvegnu.com

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New technology for a new world


hen Swiss Physio Catherine Godward was contacted about Healy, she was excited but also a little sceptical, she decided to give it a try, given the 14-day money-back guarantee – nothing to lose. She didn’t have any ailments at the time, so started using it on anyone she knew that had discomfort, and even remotely, the results were quite incredible. Healy is the world’s first App-based wearable Quantum Healing Device created by Marcus Schmieke, a German Quantum Physicist – it analyses and measures the user’s individual frequency via a Quantum Sensor and delivers customised frequency programs to realign the cells, regain emotional balance and bring the energy centres or chakras back into balance, vitality and overall well-being. Healy can be used on people, pets and more – making it a great device to have at home to support the body, mind and spirit.

Frequencies for your Life

Thousands of testimonials available in the various groups are growing daily. Catherine shared her excitement with her friend Catherine (Swan) who had been doing energy bodywork for years and felt she would be open to the opportunity. Soon after a gardening injury damaged her achilles heel, there she sat, unable to walk. Using the Healy many times a day with specific programs, she believes it definitely accelerated the healing process and pain was quickly reduced. Some people need just one session to feel a change, others need a few treatments over a period of time to notice a significant difference (depending on what is going on in their lives). There are four editions of Healy, the hardware is the same but program packages is the main difference. The top edition ‘Resonance’ is handsfree and has the ability to vibrate distant treatments with the frequencies

delivered into the quantum auric field. This can be for individual people or groups, great for practitioners and coaches who have clients globally. All editions have accessories including wristband electrodes that deliver the microcurrent on the physical body level; tingling can sometimes be felt. Dr Carolyn McMakin is one of the many professionals on the Healy Medical Board, who has produced videos speaking about Healy with Sport (ATP) and also health. Links are available on the website below. DISCLAIMER: In the USA and Europe, Healy is a microcurrent medical device for relief of acute, chronic and arthritis pain and muscle soreness. Whilst scientific research underlies Healy technology, it does not claim to cure, treat, mitigate, diagnose or prevent disease, but rather to support energetic balance and enhance recovery, vitality and well-being. www.harmonizedhealthandwealth.com

• Analyses the imbalances on all levels – physical, mental, emotional • Balances and supports your body and assists recovery • Recommends specific programs for you and your pets

Connect with Catherine Swan on 0402 122 926 www.harmonizedhealthandwealth.com/healy Holistic Bliss | NOVEMBER 2020 |

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su w c

is u so su h is b

T a b

th n to


Troy Haines L to R: Henry Boulton, Kim Serafini, Troy Haines

A p p Y



hat would you do, if your inner voice whispered, “Your mission, should you choose to accept it, is to serve the planet and thereafter initiate world-wide transformation.”? Queensland-based humanitarian, truth seeker, writer, entrepreneur and multi-faceted business leader, is one such extraordinary individual who heard the call, grabbed it, and took on the ‘mission’ head on with both hands. Today, Troy is a white-hot trailblazer in the utterly stupendous, stunning human potential program, Transformative Technology. Transformative Technology may 20

20.indd 1

well be one of the boldest, most exciting, emergent, ambitious and all encompassing paradigm shifters currently on the face of the planet. Under the banner of Transformative Technology Academy (TTA), Troy heads up the planet’s ‘chapter’ lead for Queensland. Preceded by a lifetime of deep immersion in ancient meditation practices (particularly Zen) inspiring and helping hundreds of entrepreneurs throughout Australia, winning multiple awards and recognition for achievements in the startup, innovation and ecosystem development sectors, Troy is the embodiment and essence of TTA. Troy, who also founded theSPACE,

T p d T m te e th

an incubator for entrepreneurs, instinctively understands the power inherent in synergistically embracing the heart and the head. “I grew up with a sense of suffering, even though I had a relatively good life,” he explains. “My suffering left me confused and overwhelmed by the world… but this is what led me on a path of learning who I was and how to end the suffering in my life.” Inevitably, Troy’s ‘satori’ moment compelled him to tantalisingly consider embracing ‘the ancient technologies’ (such as meditation) in concert with an array of modern technologies that

| NOVEMBER 2020 | Holistic Bliss


| APRIL 2020 | Holistic Bliss

www.holisticblissmagazine.com 10/10/2020 12:58:58 PM

n a c th m h h u

h se sn m c e n e e (f D sy c sm E w b



support and treat, for example, brain wave states, or our crucially vital sleep cycles. Troy explains further, “Technology is a blessing or a curse. We all see the underlying evils, for instance, within social media… therefore we should support only technologies that serve humanity, so that our use of technology is solely determined by what makes us best evolve as humans.” Make no mistake – Transformative Technology is a deep, fearless dive into a myriad of riveting possibilities and breakthrough outcomes. When asked how he would sum up the entire movement in a sentence, Troy nails it: “Fundamentally, we are bringing together science and spirituality!” Wow, that’s the kind of language Holistic Bliss readers instantly appreciate! So, what more specifically is Transformative Technology? Simply put, and as per their sumptuously detailed volume of online information, Transformative Technologies are ‘… medically and scientifically validated technologies that support mental health, emotional well-being and human thriving.’ Is TTA a ‘movement’? Is it emergent? And is it pulsating with the incredible potential to unleash unimaginable planetary healing and transformation? Yes, yes, and yes! It’s also quite the exhilarating ride navigating TTA’s website, online links, articles, videos and references. One can literally be left breathless pondering the future possibilities, the existing milestones and the overarching beautiful hope for humanity. In this sense, TTA is hands-down in a league of its own and unquestionably ahead of its time. There is simply insufficient space here to itemise all the technologies and services TTA embraces, but here’s a tiny snippet: AI and robotics (for behaviour, mood and learning, etc), networks and computing systems (for behaviour and emotion tracking, etc), medicine and neuroscience (for brain research, neuroenhancement, happiness engineering, etc), biotechnology and bioinformatics (for brain and gut, depression and DNA, etc), energy and environmental systems (for mentally and supportive cities, offices and homes via light, sound, smell, power, etc), blockchain and digital EMR for psychological data (for tracking wellness and well-being, incentivising behaviour change).

In short, TTA is the most expansive, magnified program of its kind; and a turbocharged networking organisation on steroids. Participants, entrepreneurs and investors include (and are granted access to) medical doctors, scientists, psychologists, psychotherapists, researchers, the latest cutting-edge technologies and peer reviewed material, literature and products. Troy has real insight and knowledge about TTA’s commitment to synergistically supporting mental health, well-being and humanity. In the context of the COVID-19 era, Troy knows there will invariably be misinformation followed by mistrust. “This is a perfect opportunity to go into the stillness… to get a greater sense of our intuition, and in the stillness navigate within a world so full of dread and distrust. “At TTA, we help people access these realms, and shift their point of view to actually becoming an observer. It is literally entering another dimension… and provides humanity with a greater sense of knowing.” Troy speaks with animated compassion, intellect, clarity, humility and the benefit of his profound life experiences. “Pain in all its forms can be a beautiful motivator.” He explains how and why TTA is the perfect entity and program for individuals from literally all walks of life. “Anybody who has an interest in building, applying themselves and looking to elevate their human performance and potential is the perfect member.” Again on the subject of epidemics, Troy argues that “… a bigger epidemic, for example, than COVID-19 is the sleep (or lack thereof) epidemic. Ultimately, consciousness is the big DOMINO. Consciousness is an energy with intelligence. It is all around us in nature. I am that… and we all are that!” The TTA includes a no fee/no equity program. There are a staggering 11 technology categories from artificial intelligence to neurotech. “We represent the largest global community of innovators and entrepreneurs who are using tech for expanding joy and possibility.” Finally, another revelation and passion Troy shared was the importance of appreciating the five key brain wave states and how we daily move from state to state from our peak activity cycle to our sleep cycle.


TTA has the modalities and technologies and techniques to teach participants how to consciously bring themselves in and out of certain states, whilst setting up their day and work place in such a way so they can expertly ride through the flows for maximum attainment of best outcomes. Transformative Technologies is one mighty melting pot. Entrepreneurs, researchers, scientists and practitioners and all interested parties are encouraged to apply. As Troy has confirmed, “We are leveraging tech for mental health, well-being and joy.” Specifically, that includes: preventative healing, up-skilling for the future, stress, anxiety and depression reduction, sleep enhancement, developing self-awareness, resilience, social skills and happiness, embodiment of purpose, self-actualisation, expanded mental and emotional cognition… and that’s just scratching the surface. The magnitude of this extraordinary movement is a testament of what can be achieved when the heart and brain are utilised in tandem; when science is used to support, not jettison, spirituality, when the two spheres of the brain are intertwined. And when purpose is placed ahead of materialism and profit. Troy Haines embodies all of these dreams, ideals and lofty, principled pursuits. Despite appearances… our world is definitely changing. For the better! Transformative Technologies and the likes of Troy Haines are seeing to that. Will you enter this brave, bold, beautiful world, and unlock your incredible, magnificent desires and possibilities? www.iamconnected.com Holistic Bliss | NOVEMBER 2020 |

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10/10/2020 12:59:46 PM

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10/10/2020 1:02:23 PM


How to create a

conscious relationship



conscious relationship comes from a space of nurture and support which inspires and encourages the other to grow as an individual and as a couple; where you can let go of expectations, judgment and demand and come from a place of kindness and gratitude. It allows you to be able to discuss the heavy topics, with each person taking ownership of their role. It’s about taking responsibility for your own issues and taking action to work out how to move through it, heal it and be truly vulnerable with each other. When you can do that, then you grow and evolve as an individual to be the best version of you and then your relationship can grow and deepen as well. By being together, it creates more in your life in every way. When you are present and connected to yourself, it allows you to do the same with your partner and this is what starts to create a deeper intimate connection with each other. When you let go of demand and replace it with appreciation

and honouring of each other, the relationship blossoms. This allows for deeper intimacy. When you reach this place, everything changes and expands and your sexual connection can go to a whole other level as well. PAULINE RYELAND, Intimacy Whisperer®, Sex, Libido, Relationship Coach and Educator. www.paulineryeland.com

Kean says: The world needs conscious men. A conscious man is aware of himself as soul. A conscious man seeks challenge, growth and becomes deeply interested in his partner, family, and the world. When a man is present, he will form deep, meaningful relationships that work. Couples that consciously connect, are catalysts for real purpose and real change in the world. When a conscious couple connect, evolution always occurs. There are many challenges associated with conscious coupling, as you both have an opinion and nobody plays games, but the growth and success arrived at through the open

respect and negotiation of a conscious relationship is empowering. Couples who negotiate openly throughout challenges become stronger, deeper and more intimate, especially in areas like sexual intimacy. Men who understand that their power lies as much in vulnerability as hardness will thrive in the 21st Century. Men who are open to their partners’ viewpoints as much as their own will thrive and empower their whole families. We must be aware that old male role models got us this far and to make life work in the 21C we must be even more balanced. Even more evolved. A man who is enrolled in conscious connection with himself, extends a fuller connection to his partner, with a level of sexual intimacy and potency to match. The decision to make ‘conscious connection’ one’s primary focus in life, creates a deeper, richer connection that everyone can see, touch, and feel. KEAN BUCKLEY is a leader, speaker and facilitator in men’s health and well-being. www.zeroplusnine.com


Embrace the Moment


Reiki Master – Practitioner & Trainer, Art & Sandplay Therapist, Health Coach, SoulCollage® Facilitator De-Stress and Clarify Your Inner Wisdom

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Preventative Men’s Health Tips WORDS ANNE ALECKSON


As a spiritual teacher who most often works with women, when the men’s health theme rolls around each year I don’t often know what to write about. Unfortunately, this year my contribution to the conversation is obvious, having recently had a close family member receive a diagnosis of bowel cancer. He is only 33 and one of the healthiest and fittest people I know. We have all been completely blindsided by this because he has always been and continues to look very, very healthy. So, my message here and in my column this month is an urging to men… particularly young men to please see a medical professional if you notice any of the symptoms of bowel cancer. Find a list of symptoms at: www.bowelcanceraustralia.org/ symptoms

Anne x

espite rarely needing to see a medical professional, as soon as he noticed symptoms that he had never experienced before, he immediately booked to see his doctor. I’m told this is most unusual for the majority of men who will often ignore the symptoms and never find the time to visit their GP. Early detection now means that after a bout of chemo, to treat the spread to his liver and a small bowel operation, he should be back on track and moving on with his life… as a healthy, young father. His medical team have advised that bowel cancer in a young man may be a condition that carries from father to son, and his sons will need to start testing by the time they reach their 20s. DID YOU KNOW? • Bowel cancer incidence rates among young people are increasing both in Australia and internationally. • There has been a 186% increase in bowel cancer cases in adolescents and young adults (15-24 years) over the past three decades. • Bowel cancer is the most common cause of cancer death for those aged 25-29, while bowel cancer and brain cancer are responsible for the greatest number of cancer deaths for those aged 30-34. • 15,352 Australians are diagnosed with bowel cancer each year, 1531 (10%) of whom are under the age of 50. Let’s look at dis-ease through the 5-step framework that I developed and work through with clients around health, emotional and all other issues.

Reclaim – Hurt, trauma and damage created as a by-product of living life cause a tearing away of aspects of soul and self so when we reclaim these parts of self and become whole by healing the trauma, we repair the physical manifestation of those hurts through emotional healing. Activate – When we activate the super-conscious mind we open the connection to our ‘inner healer’ and intuitively know what is required when it comes to our own healing and even better, prevention of disease. Create – Remembering that ‘everything that happens is a reflection or projection of what I think and believe I know about me and everything else (including cancer and health) I can do the inner work of changing my beliefs and thoughts which have created my reality. Master – Becoming the master over my personal energy frequency allows me to rise above and see the higher or bigger picture, allowing me to choose to ‘learn my lesson’ and no longer require the physical manifestation of dis-ease in my body. Embody – Recognising my connection to all that is, which leaves nothing out, I walk gently through life embodied of the frequency of the perfection that I already am (dis-ease cannot exist within perfection). ANNE ALECKSON chases away inner monsters to reveal your true genius, through her Ultimate Power framework, energy frequency healing and channelling All-That-Is. /AnneAlecksonSoulSpeaker www.AnneAleckson.com Email: info@annealeckson.com

Holistic Bliss | NOVEMBER 2020 |

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Enlightened Changemakers

LK Tommi

The Resilience Tutor Teaching young people 7+ years to develop resilience by being connected to their emotions, energy and thoughts, enabling them to face any challenges and develop confidence in their life. Phone: 0423 496 423 E: creativegenerationsfoundation@gmail.com www.thetommiconnection.com.au /LKTommi

Vicki O’Connor

Seven Ladies Empowerment Vicki helps women in midlife, who feel overwhelmed and unappreciated, to reconnect with their inner power, transform their relationships, increase self confidence and sense of well-being to create the life they desire and deserve. Email: sevenladies1@outlook.com www.sevenladiesempowerment.com /SevenLadies1 @sevenladiesempowerment 26

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Trish Rock

Trusted Intuitive Guide for Aware Women seeking their Light and Purpose Trish helps give you assurity and calm and remove the overwhelm in the discovery of self. She helps you boost your confidence through interpreting your needs to create more freedom, joy and prosperity. Email: trish@trishrock.com www.TrishRock.com /TrishRockAbundance /TrishRock /in/trishrock

Rebecca Smith

Yintopia – Utopia for Women! Your portal for all things feminine. Yintopia is a safe haven for women to connect to community and share their passions, pains and power. Come join us, your voice counts. Phone: 0413 421 693 Email: yintopia.enquiries@gmail.com /Yintopia @yintopia4women

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Michell Mercer

Holistic Pulsing | Voice Dialogue | Intuitive Healer Michell helps you release emotional and physical trauma from your body, mind and spirit. Her NEW online Holistic Pulsing course offers deep relaxation, self-transformation and is a journey to becoming your own healer. Email: michell@relaxrelaterejuvenate.com www.relaxrelaterejuvenate.com /RelaxRelateRejuvenate

Anna Edwards

Intuitive Coaching, Akashic Records, Chanelling, Light Language Intuitive coaching and spiritual guidance at the intersection of life and business. Clarify your purpose, accelerate growth, heal and clear obstacles in your path. Email: info@annaedwards.com.au www.annaedwards.com.au /annaedwards.com.au @anna_maree_edwards

Simon Connell

Soul-Mind Essences First developed 30 years ago, these Vibrational Essences have always created next level impact in your life. Now more potent than ever in 2020. Phone: 0421 178 911 Email: simonconnellnow@yahoo.com.au www.soulmindessences.com.au /simonconnellnow

Juli May

Luxury Bodywork Ease anxiety by releasing blocks/locks, stepping into your intuitive flow. Unravel physical tension, restoring your complete, natural breath rhythm, within the functional motion of your being. Phone: 0406 569 446 www.maiawellbeing.wordpress.com @maiawellbeing Holistic Bliss | NOVEMBER 2020 |

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Prevention is better than cure WORDS SIMON CONNELL


ealth is nowadays spoken in terms of men’s and women’s health as if the two are different. What is agreed to be the meaning of health is a soundness of both mind and body promoting a state of happiness. Some descriptions even include prosperity. Prosperity being understood as “to look forward with hope”. So health isn’t a gender specific thing, but there are different nutritional needs for men and women. Quality nutrition is not only necessary for good physical wellbeing, but mental and emotional health also. There is not a sensation in the body induced by an action of mind that does not involve vitamins, minerals, hormones and proteins. The beating of the human heart is maintained by the mineral potassium, salt helps the retention of water in the body, calcium strengthens bones and teeth, feelings of stress promote the release of adrenaline,


28.indd 1

norepinephrine and cortisol. Our lives are chemically related in thought, feeling and action. But thought and feelings also need to be expressed. To hold onto negative thoughts and feelings has negative results mentally, emotionally and physically. In one area of health women are in front of men – lifespan. Women are more likely to live between 3 to 3½ years longer than males. What are women doing differently, and if men do it, will they benefit? Interestingly, in adolescence females tend to mature about three years earlier than males. Is this gap in emotional intelligence the difference. Females have a greater tendency to express emotions, which means more than anything else that they acknowledge how they are feeling and are likely to confide in someone about it. The link between emotion and

subconscious belief patterns and illness is undeniable. I’ve had enough experience to know this to be true. Personally I’m of the view that prevention is better than cure, and if you have to treat, use what works. What works for me is Flower Essences. The breadth and depth of their application is vast. Nature’s mind, restoring the balance of our minds, naturally. By removing unhelpful beliefs and emotion I now have the use of a oncepainful and weakened injured shoulder that plagued me for many years. Flower Essences are my remedy. Everyone can benefit from their use. SIMON CONNELL is the creator of Soul Mind Essences, providing next level impact in your life in 2020 and beyond. www.soulmindessences.com.au /simonconnellnow Phone: 0421 178 911

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Would You Like to Have



THEN ENERGETIC MASTERY ESSENTIALS IS FOR YOU! Everything is energy, including your reality.

Discover how to become the master of your energy and create ANYTHING in 2021. Discover what energy you can be in any moment to create what you truly desire, even if it seems impossible!

Join us for this FREE virtual Masterclass November 14/15, 2020 with Cory Michelle, Energetic Mastery Coach Register here: https://www.unicornceohq.com/em-register-1 Holistic Bliss | NOVEMBER 2020 |

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integrated medical approach to men's health



would like to bring into perspective my own personal experience, both as a person and as well as a doctor of men’s health. It is assumed that when we get older, we start declining in our physical and mental health. Interestingly enough, as I am approaching nearly 50, I have to say I feel in the prime of my life. It is by this age that when you make the right changes in your lifestyle, you can potentiate your qualities. Men tend to neglect their bodies, which in turn, affects their minds. It is sad to see people developing metabolic syndrome, the prediabetic state, with one of their first warning signs being erectile dysfunction. This can be a red flag as an indicator of cardiovascular health. Again, we cannot separate the body and the mind. Men tend to increase their drinking habits, and depression sets in. They feel their zest for life is gone. But this can be

completely reversed. I encourage them to surround themselves with people who are going to challenge them physically and mentally. As there tends to be a healthy competitive mindset, this can be the spark to keep you going and mature as well as a vintage wine!! I strongly recommend a book by Steve Biddulph called Manhood. I read this 21 years ago when I first arrived in Australia. It is important to spend time with other men, fathers and sons, doing men’s business, creating an adequate role model. This is seen in every traditional culture. Humans are social beings, and this interaction is essential for our health. Unfortunately in current times, the viral pandemic has tampered with this interaction and is having an even more serious impact than the virus. Getting out in nature, going hiking, cooking and chatting around a fire with

GLENN CHANDLER Dip. C.H., Clinical Hypnotherapist, Ericksonian Psychotherapist


www.brisbanehypnosis.com.au/book-online OR CALL (07) 3354 4555 First Floor, 510 South Pine Road, Everton Park, QLD 30

30.indd 1

other men, and talking about life can be extremely invigorating and therapeutic, without the need of drugs to make you feel better. Recently I was involved in a Bushcraft and Survival Skills workshop, learning how to make fire with sticks, building a shelter, filtering water and doing a sweat lodge, to name a few. I could feel the buzz of every person after three days of living in the most basic conditions. Nowadays, the connection with the earth seems foreign to many people. I believe it is this discontinuity that creates a sense of loss of identity and purpose in life that makes us age prematurely. Keep stimulated and challenge yourself to get you out of your comfort zone if you want to stay feeling as young and vibrant as you were in your youth. www.ibukihealth.com

Experience a Unique Way of Transforming Your Life Spiritual Awareness Sessions: Identify challenging emotional drivers using strategies, psychotherapy and the birth blueprint (natal chart), discover your soul’s purpose. Learn Astrology for Beginners ‘Amplitude’ – A Spiritual Awareness Program: With meditations, workbooks and private coaching. Beginners, ‘Understand your Paradigms’ Course: 15 minutes to change. Energy Body Work and Theta Healing available www.thequantumbp.com the_quantum_blueprint /quantumblueprint (public page) /thequantumbp (private group of 28,000 members)

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Support your loved one under stress with a potent technique WORDS ELIZABETH CARUANA


n this challenging world, we find ourselves with increased stress. This changes the way we interact with each other, and both women and men are finding the journey has impacted their level of joy, vitality and health. In the energy body, a system called Triple Warmer is responsible for our survival. It governs the fight-flight-freeze response and the ‘search and destroy’ component of our immune system. I like to think of this energy as ‘Thor’ who is both a protector of those he loves and also a warrior, commanding his troops to protect his world – your body! This ‘Thor’ energy is always on alert, scanning the environment, recruiting energy from meridians and other energy systems when ‘he’ perceives a threat. For many people today – especially men – this system is in overdrive and over-vigilance, as fathers and providers are under increasing challenges to take care of their families.

In men particularly, their Yang energy can become overburdened and affect their mood, vitality and sense of being ‘provider’. With Triple Warmer or ‘Thor’ in overdrive, this can activate the fight-flight-freeze response even more than usual. When Triple Warmer perceives a threat, it recruits energy from the spleen meridian first, which also governs the immune system and healthy spleen energy is critically important for good health. In this situation, there are increased stress hormones in the blood system and a depleted immune system. A very simple way to help calm down Triple Warmer and take ‘Thor’ off alert and over-vigilance, is to hold points on the forehead affectionately known as the ‘OMG’ points. Simply by placing one hand over the forehead and one hand at the back of the head level with the eyes, with a very light touch, you can quickly support a loved one under stress.

Within about three to five minutes, you will have helped calm the nervous system, supported clear thinking, and communicated with the primitive back brain that Triple Warmer governs. Lost oxygen, cerebrospinal fluid and blood return to the advanced thinking part of the brain as the fight-flight-freeze response calms. It reduces feelings of panic and fear as the hand at the back of the head covers special emotional stress points. What a gift to someone under stress! No need for words, just hold these points and know you are doing something incredibly supportive and healing. It is a gift that keeps giving as this hold can be used at any stressful time to build resilience to stress triggers. Another empowering, potent, easy to learn Eden Method technique! www.sagelife.com.au

GETTING YOU BACK TO FEELING LIKE YOU AGAIN Special interest in women and children’s health, pain relief, fertility support, muscular skeletal issues and stress. We integrate Japanese acupuncture, moxibustion, massage and cupping, Chinese patent herbs and supplements to achieve and work towards wellness. CALL FOR AN APPOINTMENT WITH SOULQI TEAM

Soulqi Acupuncture and Massage



Ph: 07 5439 0094 Mob: 0432 644 184

www.soulqi.com.au Shop 5/68 Simpson St BEERWAH, Qld


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Men, sex and midlife WORDS JANET McGEEVER


t can be uncommon to find men in a counselling room, unless his partner has dragged him there or, he has become so devastated by loss of a relationship, he simply doesn’t know where to turn. As women approach menopause, this can be a profoundly confusing time for their male partners, with her experiencing hormonal challenges – such as mood swings, loss of libido, sleep deficiency, anger, anxiety, just to name a few. A man is left floundering as to what to do and how to connect with her. It can feel like a minefield to him. No matter which way he steps, he may be triggering something! Sometimes she retreats from him. And this can bring up profound grief, rejection, and often depression. It’s often a time that women are starting to speak their mind, or feel hopeless, and don’t want to make love anymore. It’s

sad that this is often when things fall apart. But there is hope. Here are a couple of my tips for men. Firstly, stop trying to make her better. She doesn’t need your solutions. She just wants you to be there and hear her out if she needs to speak. The best thing to do, is be present – that is, sit facing her directly, watch her with your eyes, gently, without being distracted by phone or TV, be receptive – yes, nod, acknowledging that you ‘hear’ her. And give her a hug. It’s pretty simple. The less you say is usually better! Unless she asks for your opinion. Secondly, educate yourself about Tantra. When it comes to menopause, slow mindful lovemaking is more conducive for her body. And you will love it too. She may not feel sexual desire. This does not mean that she doesn’t want intimacy. She often does, just not the way it has been. She needs longer to ‘warm up’, a more sensitive, non-goal-orientated approach and

Your Voice Matters! Join spiritual leader KIM LORRAINE and be part of her new project, ‘Voice of the Field’

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Kim Lorraine Russell


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Healing Kinesiology




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JANET is an intimacy specialist, speaker and author. She is co-author of Tantric Sex and Menopause, presenter of The Making Love Retreat in Australia and creator of Womantime – Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Day Woman. www.janetmcgeever.com


Providing an opportunity for everyone to find the light within and be the voice of your own field...


relaxation to open up. Melting hugs with no agenda. Thirdly, watch your own emotions and feelings. Seek some support to work through your feelings so that you are genuine and ‘clean’ in your communication. She may already be feeling overwhelmed by life, children, parents who need care, etc. Any pressure for sex can be felt, even subtly. Being resentful and angry or going into your cave will only push her away. Stay ‘present’. Share that you want to connect with her. And reassure her it’s not about sex. Because it actually isn’t, even though your body may be telling you that! This is actually about love and connection.



Healing Kinesiology

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The gift of the

divine masculine



remember a female colleague saying to me in 2012, “You have a man brain”. Now I love the divine masculine, so I took it immediately as a compliment even though I knew she was being derogative. She was referring to my ability to resolve and move on; not get caught in the emotion of something. Yes I feel it, I understand it, then I apply intelligent emotion to it and move on. I have had lesson upon lesson this lifetime, experience upon experience, and not all of these moments have been cherished. If I allowed myself to get caught up in emotion consumption, I would be in a permanent white jacket or six feet under. Which brings me back to the divine masculine; if it were not for my man brain – my ability to not get caught in the emotion but understand it and then

move on – I would not be sitting here right now writing this. Ever heard the saying, if you can’t work something out walk away, get distracted and come back to it? I have used this mantra for many many moons. If I cannot work out a solution, I will walk away. I work on my motorcycle, I completely get distracted by something, anything other than what my mind is working on. My mind will continue to look for a solution, but it is not consumed by the issue, it is consumed by the distraction. This effectively moves me from being in ‘it’, to being outside ‘it’, and this is where I find the solution. The divine masculine always walks away, gets distracted and essentially buys thinking time. We know men do this, we have seen it. They go do something when we really, really need to talk, for example. The divine

masculine processes differently. The divine feminine processes file upon file upon gigabytes of emotions; whereas the divine masculine processes logically. The divine feminine faces an issue and immediately feels; the divine masculine faces an issue and immediately thinks. It is no secret that we need both to function really well, but we do not need a 50/50 blend of the two to be whole. I work predominately in the masculine, and I love it. I am a solutions expert, and I tap into the spirit world to get the solution. I encourage you to pull out your divine masculine for Men’s Health Month and see where your best balance point sits. And have fun with it – spirituality is not a race nor a competition; it is an individual journey. Blessings xx www.insightsbyjohnita.com



Elevate your Destiny


Women of Truth International /YinAltihea is a worldwide campaign born from Cyprus to develop the professional and personal growth of women ready to lead. 28 SEPTEMBER-20 DECEMBER: Learn specialised growth strategies and the spiritual side of business branding marketing strategies in masterclasses by these experts.

28 NOVEMBER: Health experts reveal the reason why women get sick and how to get better.

Creator of Women of Truth International and Clinical Psychologist, HELENIQ ARGYROU has created progressive international conferences and interviewed female leaders from around the globe! This year a range of masterclasses is offered from thought leaders!

2 DECEMBER-2 APRIL 2021: Integrate Body and Mind, and discover where spirit meets science in health and well being masterclasses. FROM SEPTEMBER TO MARCH: Affordable ongoing training is available for professional women to build more solid careers and powerful


VISIT: https://heleniqa.com/inner-circle/ FOR MORE INFORMATION EMAIL: womenoftruthx@gmail.com Holistic Bliss | NOVEMBER 2020 |

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Holistic Businesses WICCID ACADEMY OF WITCHCRAFT AND MAGICK Online Rituals and Magickal Tuition teaching you the secrets of wholistic witchcraft – wisdom for all levels.

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TERESSA DE FISK – TRANSFORMATION COACH Supporting soul-driven health leaders to create an impactful life and brand through mindset, life and business coaching.

Phone: 0433 740 516 www.teressafisk.com 34

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SERVING YOU ONLINE All of life comes to us with Ease, Joy and Glory® Access Bars, Founda�on, private one-on-one facilita�on and Symphony Sessions – Sydney and online.

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dh bo

n ia

e dm

Connecting with your soul to allow clarity for you to choose the change you seek. Surrendering to your return to love.

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Men’s health – are you

proactive or reactive?



or years men have been forced by society to fit into the stereotypical ‘man box’. They have been taught there are certain things real men must be: economically and physically strong, tough, brave, family providers. And from a young age, told to ‘man up’, ‘suck it up’ or stop acting ‘like a girl’ whenever they display any kind of emotion. They are told there are certain things men should not be, like kind, nurturing and tender. It is this restrictive view society offers of what it means to be a man that causes confusion and depression, increasing stress levels, changes in brain chemistry and hormonal imbalances (yes these don’t just happen to women). In our modern society, we are slowly but surely becoming more in tune and sensitive to men’s emotional needs, which also leads into how men view their mental and physical health. As men’s bodies change over the years, it is important for them to seek


36.indd 1

out and obtain new knowledge and solutions towards health and wellness; to be in tune with their bodies. This proactive view will help men achieve optimal health, no matter what stage of life they are in, instead of the archaic stereotypical reactive attitude to physical and mental health that has been so prevalent in men in society previously. Prevention and early detection of underlying health conditions when it pertains to men’s health are often neglected compared to the strategies women put in place for self-care and health and wellness responsibilities. Compared to women, men are quite often more likely to lead less healthy lifestyles – including smoking, drinking alcohol, eating poorly and lack of exercise – and less likely to seek medical, mental and emotional health solutions or support. Additionally, men are more likely to put off routine medical check-ups. Good men’s health begins with

putting in place strategies to become well and stay well. Try to focus on finding a life balance that works for you. You can start creating and maintaining a healthy lifestyle by reducing and managing your stress levels, cutting back on alcohol and drugs, making healthier food choices, drinking more water, exercising regularly and recognising the signs and symptoms of anxiety, depression and suicide and taking action early to address these issues. It’s also important to recognise that these changes take time, and any setbacks are normal. Don’t give up when things don’t go to plan. Most importantly, remember men and women are entitled to feel things equally. Try to get in touch with and accept how you feel. Talk to other men, family and friends and embrace all that it is to be a man, not just the things society tells men they should be. www.greenvalleybowentherapy.com.au

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What was a

catalyst for my change?



n 2013, being the Director of Saka Water Australia, I decided to create an Alkaline World community; a portal for sharing and informing people about the amazing health benefits of living a healthy alkaline lifestyle. After several years of promoting Saka Water and educating people on living an alkaline lifestyle, I was blown away by the many benefits people were getting and humbled by the amount of positive testimonials I received on a daily basis. Now I am excited to share my knowledge and wisdom through Alkaline World, whose mission is to supply the best nature-made alkaline health products while sharing the alkaline message throughout the community. My team and I proudly research and offer award-winning premium health and wellness products, such as Saka natural alkaline water, Kuvings cold press juicers, hydrogen and alkaline water systems, Don and Tyler Tolman products, Natural Superfoods’

biggest range of Zeolite products, Prana On premium vegan proteins and superfoods range, and many other lifechanging products. WHEN LIFE HANDS YOU LEMONS… I have been actively involved in the wellness industry since the late 1980s; however, it wasn’t until the year 2000, when my wife started having serious kidney problems, to the point of failure, that my real knowledge began. With a young family of three boys who needed their mother more than anything, I wasn’t about to let them or my wife down and so, unbeknownst to me, my quest began. Weeks became months, and months turned into years. Not only did my wife’s health improve dramatically through natural remedies, but the fire in my belly was well and truly lit and I knew I needed to share the information I had gathered with as many people as I could. KNOWLEDGE BECOMES WISDOM… I discovered the importance of ‘proper hydration’ and that water is key

to every living thing – human, animal, fish, bird, tree, plant and flower – which led to the beginning of Saka Water in Australia, the best natural alkaline water on the planet. I have been blessed to have helped thousands of people with their health challenges through Saka Water Australia and now, as the founding director of Alkaline World, I am excited to share my knowledge and wisdom through the Alkaline World community. MAKING LEMONADE… It’s funny when life is on the line and you get an opportunity to ‘get real’. For me, that blessing came through my beautiful wife, who was the catalyst for my understanding of how important an alkaline lifestyle is. An alkaline lifestyle is embracing all aspects of life: the water we drink, the food we eat and the life we live. I am passionate about helping you live an alkaline lifestyle and I look forward to being of service. www.alkalineworld.com.au

New You!


Special Inc Hydrafacial, LED and skin care product

Transform your skin and enjoy $195 the benefits of a HYDRAFACIAL™ and the power of an LED TREATMENT THE BEST SKIN OF YOUR LIFE Decongests, hydrates and protects the skin, offering immediate results. No down time. No discomfort. 71/6 Quamby Place NOOSA HEADS

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13/10/2020 3:18:32 PM


d to

a L 1 th

fa a a is a o se th th p b b 2 w

Being Mindfully Angry


n the late 80s, I studied Attitudinal Healing in the USA with Dr Gerry Jampolsky (Tiburon Ca.) and Dr Susan Trout (Washington DC). Attitudinal Healing was cheekily referred to as A Course in Miracles for Dummies. It profoundly changed my life. One of the key differences was its ability to


temper my anger, once I really understood what it was all about. It’s being reported that domestic violence has exponentially increased during COVID-19. For all of us, ‘shutdown’ has meant that there have been less avenues for distraction, which means that our

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| APRIL 2020 | Holistic Bliss

www.holisticblissmagazine.com 12/10/2020 11:39:31 AM

p o se b c c e re h se li u

demons have come home to roost, so as to speak. Anger is one of those demons. I learnt four important things about anger when studying Attitudinal Healing. Let me share those insights. 1. If someone is not extending love, then it’s a call for help. That’s the bottom line. Anger is in fact a call for help. Often times, when we are in the position of not feeling good about ourselves, our only way to survive is to project guilt onto someone else, and then get angry at them. That’s the only way we can manage to have any sense that we are ok. Of course, none of this is a conscious strategy. Additionally, this strategy for getting relief from our pain and suffering isn’t sustainable and by repeating it regularly, it eventually becomes a habit. 2. We are never angry for the reason we think we are. There is an expanded rationale to the projection approach to anger. A client of mine came to me after having been severely bashed by another guy off the back of my client’s angry outburst. My client was angry with life. Family, work colleagues and neighbours were often exposed to his anger. It turns out that his reason for being angry stemmed from his childhood narrative. He had been sexually abused as a child and lived his life with the expectation that life was unfair (to put it mildly) and that’s how it

has turned up his whole life. Given that is his constant perceived reality, it was no wonder that he was angry. He would say that he has been ‘F’d by people his whole life. I was only the third person he had spoken to about his childhood trauma. 3. You can’t change what you can’t see. Research has revealed that for the majority of us, we function through life habitually, 95% of the time. In other words we live on automatic pilot almost all of the time. As the adage says, “if you always do what you have always done, you will get what you have always got.” So for change to happen, you first have to become aware of your current reality, and with guidance appreciate why you might be in that position. Awareness includes two other aspects. What would your life look like if you felt really good about yourself, if you were no longer defined by your childhood narrative? And then finally, what feeling would I need to identify with and what changes in my behaviour would make it possible for me to replace my anger with kindness both for myself and for others? 4. You can choose kindness instead of this. This is about being mindful. The beauty about the last aspect, becoming more aware, is that it gives you choices. Living habitually means you are without

choices. Mindfulness means living in such a way that you can stop at any moment and remember that there is a choice to be kinder to yourself, to others and to the planet. This however, does not place an expectation on you to act kindly. Other than to stop and recall that you have a choice, you are encouraged to then follow the path of least resistance. So here is how this works. You are presented with a situation that habitually sees the anger building in you. In that moment, instead of becoming angry you STOP, and remind yourself you have a choice to be kinder. You could take a moment to recall why you are angry and if you chose kindness how this moment could be different. You might even consider the strategy that you worked out that might make kindness a possibility. Then, if you are still inclined to be angry, be angry. Chances are you will do it with more awareness. If you repeat this sufficiently, there is a tipping point where instead of choosing to be angry, you choose to be kind, to yourself and others. By doing this you are programming a new, kinder habit. It won’t happen overnight, but with persistence, it will happen. My angry client is now my mindful client. He now naturally chooses kindness as his approach to life. His angry habit has been sustainably replaced with a kindness habit. www.russellsturgess.com.au

Sweetness Skulls & Light THE MOST AMAZING CRYSTALS THIS SIDE OF MARS • A broad range of natural and part polished crystals and stones • Semi-precious gemstone animal carvings and other sculptures • Specialising in crystal/stone skull carvings in the human form (also alien, dragon and raven styles) • High end statement carvings • Original skull artwork


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Male empaths in a



riting about the male empath this month seems particularly important and, in all honesty, well overdue. It’s not that I like segregating us all and making one group of people special or more important than the other. It’s just like anything else; different groups of people can experience things differently. The male empath often feels an extra sense of heaviness, particularly in the workplace (although I acknowledge this is not the experience of all male empaths). Whether you’re a FIFO, chippy, brickie, in the workshop, office or somewhere else, the male empath often has a whole other layer of challenges. There is an expectation among many men and in many work environments for men to perform, speak, interact and behave in certain ways. In some of the most toxic male environments, our men can be thought of as some kind of ‘pussy’ for showing an overwhelm of feelings or their emotional side. What does that mean for male

“men's" world

empaths? Empaths are tuned into the emotional world. Many guys don’t like to admit or claim themselves as an empath because feelings are usually the domain of the feminine. Even though we are all made up of masculine and feminine energies, it can be difficult for some blokes to claim this feminine side of themselves. This leaves them lost, angry or turning to some sort of addiction to deal with the influx of emotional energies (both theirs and what they have absorbed). Many guys won’t talk about what they are feeling. To clear the emotion, it has to be expressed or at the very least recognised. Energetically, for the feeling or overwhelm of emotion to clear, they will need to process it verbally. It doesn’t need to be processed verbally, but for the empath and/or novice this is often the best way. The next challenge is feeling all the unexpressed emotions of the men that surround them – all the undertones, ‘vibes’ and energy of everything that’s not being said. This can make any empath feel like they are going crazy if

they’re not trained in understanding their empath gift. For a guy, this is amplified because their very nature is to feel they ‘should’ be solving the problem. Over the years, my heart has been drawn to the plight of the male empath, having had many close personal and family relationships with empath males, and consults with empath male clients. I can offer you the following tips: • Constantly clear your energy field. • If you cannot talk about the feeling, recognise it. Give it a label and notice the energy of that emotion and where it is in your body. Breathe into it with the intention for it to dissolve. • Learn how to protect your energy field so you don’t absorb so much. • Know yourself deeply so you can begin to instantly recognise an energy that’s not yours. If you need to work on how to understand your empath gifts and better use them to navigate your working world, please contact me. www.rebecca-lee.com

Brisbane Bowen Therapist

Jazzy Melhop

BOWEN THERAPY PRACTITIONER AND INSTRUCTOR CLASSES STARTING SOON Bowen Therapy may help with the following ailments: • Sciatica • Back Pain • Knee Issues • Sports Injury

• Pelvic Pain • Anxiety • Depression • Trauma • Asthma

• Migraines • Insomnia • Dizziness • Sinusitis • Arthritis

• Shoulder Pain • RSI and CTS • Renewed Energy


Phone 0411 170 945 Email: jazzy.melhop@gmail.com

www.communitybowen.com.au 40

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20% off any item from the Living Range on your first order. Body Guard Immune Support

Body Guard combines eight incredible herbs with immune and energy boosting properties. This powerful mixture is designed to provide a broad range benefits for total health, longevity and vitality. Ingredients include pineapple core powder, bacopa, withania, St Mary’s thistle, astragalus, Siberian ginseng, slippery elm, licorice root and whole stevia leaf.

2 5 0g $46.00

Bee Pollen

Nature’s Superfood The human body is made up of 22 essential elements. Bee pollen is the only food that includes every one of them. Perfectly balanced to feed your cells, bee pollen can re-energise and rejuvenate your life. Great for sprinkling over fruit, smoothies, desserts, yoghurt and salad.

4 0 0 g $56.00

Living Greens Nutritional Support

Living Greens combines alfalfa, wheat grass and green barley leaf to provide a superfood rich in enzymes, chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The powder can be mixed with water or smoothies and consumed daily. It helps with nutritional support, alkalising the body and boosting the immune system.

2 00g $23.00

Stock up on superfoods with 20% off any item from the Living Range on your first order and free shipping on orders over $200* Enter the code HOLISTIC20 at the checkout. Visit


Health Retreat & Health Shop NOOSA HINTERLAND

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Time for an

EMR spring clean?



t this time of year, with winter well and truly behind us and long summer days just around the corner, many of us take the opportunity to give our homes a good spring clean. Along with cleaning those dusty, hard-to-reach spots and ensuring our home is free of mould and other toxins, it’s the perfect time to deal with another invisible nasty: electromagnetic radiation (EMR). There is much research to show that prolonged exposure to EMR emitted by WiFi routers, mobile phone towers, smart meters, wireless technologies and household appliances can be detrimental to our health. Indeed, many people are extremely sensitive to the increasing amount of EMR in our environment, so it is important to reduce our everyday exposure to it and the best place to start is in our own homes. A good first step for an EMF spring clean is to measure the current levels

of EMR in our home, particularly those areas in which we spend the most time. EMR is measured using an RF meter and is measured in µW/m². The Australian College of Environmental Sciences recommends <10µW/m² for living spaces and <5µW/m² for sleeping areas. The next step is to identify the sources of EMR in the home. The most obvious emitters in our homes are WiFi routers, smart meters and smart devices but there are also some unexpected sources of EMR to be aware of, such as baby monitors, cordless phones, smart fridges and even LED light bulbs. Once the source of EMR has been identified, we can consider ways to either increase our distance from it or ways to reduce its use. For example, if the bed is against the opposite side of the wall from a smart meter or a high emitting appliance, can the bedroom furniture be re-arranged to increase distance from the source of EMR? Can the WiFi router

be relocated away from the main living areas of the home? A great tip to reduce the amount of EMR exposure from a WiFi router is to turn it off when it’s not in use, particularly in the evenings to safeguard our sleep. An EMR spring clean is also the ideal opportunity to consider swapping out WiFi for hard-wired ethernet cables on computers, printers and other wireless tech. Finally, an EMR spring clean is a great time to clear out any tech from sleeping spaces and set up a landing site away from bedrooms where phones and other smart devices can be stored and charged on airplane mode overnight. For those in the habit of using a phone as an alarm clock, now is the perfect time to purchase a good old fashioned, non-EMR emitting, alarm clock instead. Happy spring cleaning! For more information on EMR and how to reduce your exposure visit: www.earthingoz.com.au

Very Important Contributor



WE ARE TAKING PLACES FOR 2021. Wouldn’t you like more readers to see you and hear your passion for your unique work so they can connect with you and experience what you are offering? WHAT THIS 12 MONTHS INCLUDES: • A 10-12 minute live Facebook video interview and monthly article on our website where you can talk about one of 4 things: 1. The magazine’s theme for the month; or 2. A hot topic or seasonal topic; or 3. Share a latest product, service or event; or


4. An interview about why you created your business and your vision and what brings you joy in the work you offer.



Holistic Bliss contributor rate: $100+gst per month for 12 months. Non-HB contributors: $150+gst per month for 12 months.



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Lose the lockdown kilos

and still take the

family on holiday



uring challenging times you may feel that you need to choose between health and pleasure but what if you can do both? Men have unique nutritional requirements which depend on age, health and activity levels. While some men are health conscious, many are focused on work and supporting the family. Unfortunately, it’s often the shock of a medical diagnosis that motivates some men to focus more on their health. When I ask men what motivated them to seek out my nutrition support I’m often told it’s when they can’t do up their belt or are having problems bending over to tie up their shoe laces! Some key men’s health recommendations include to eat regularly (every couple of hours) and enjoy real food. This includes having plenty of vegetables, legumes like 3 bean mix, wholegrain cereal like oats, and fruit including berries. Moderate amounts of meat, fish, poultry, eggs and dairy (or alternatives if vegan) should

be eaten. It’s also healthy to include moderate amounts of good oils found in extra virgin olive oil, avocados, nuts seeds, salmon and algae. Cut down on coffee and alcohol and aim to have water as the main drink, and: • Have healthy meals and snacks on hand and stop eating before you are full. • Enjoy meals with others, and not in front of the TV or other devices. • Limit take away and aim for healthier options and try entrée serve sizes when dining out. • If you drink alcohol, limit to a few days a week with no more than 2 standard drinks in one sitting. As a substitute for alcohol and coffee try low sugar drinks, kombucha, herbal teas, ginger and lemon in hot water, iced water with berries and fruit. • Be active with the family and friends most days. If you are looking for mindset, nutrition and exercise support, without the wasted time and injuries, check out my new program with international Body Transformation Specialist,

Master Trainer Rance Hayes. Worried about how you can manage the gym fee, enjoy healthy food nutrition and take the family on holiday? Worry no more, at LINC Nutrition we’ve got you covered. Receive 12 weeks of online mindset, nutrition and exercise videos, join an online community of likeminded people and have the opportunity to ask me and Master Trainer Rance your nutrition and fitness questions. To support our mission of transforming 1 million lives we are also offering a free family holiday for the first 60 people to join. SYNERGY is a mind, body and life transformation. Click now to join for $US497 and access your free holiday (includes 4 nights’ accommodation for a family of 2 adults and 2 children in a variety of settings, valued at $1000 – no timeshare or sales talks) – www.synergy.holidaypromotion.com.au Dr Liz is a Nutritionist, Dietitian & Wellness Consultant & Director of LINC Nutrition. Email: DrLiz@lincnutrition.com.au Phone: 0434 635 090 www.drliznutrition.com.au



The Eden Method

H E A LT H A N D W E L L N E S S We l c o m e To A N e w Yo u !

Join Elizabeth Caruana, Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner and Authorised Eden Method Teacher to unwrap the many gifts of this beautiful, healing modality.

Looking for a deep dive into natural health and self-care? The Eden Method Level 1: Fundamentals, year-long program commences on March 25, 2021. Our beautiful retreat space is surrounded by natural rainforest at Mapleton, Qld in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland. ‘Energy Medicine puts your health and wellbeing into your own hands.’ – Donna Eden

Empower | Evolve | Thrive


+61 405 665 853

www.sagelife.com.au /em.sagelife


Bowen Therapy Pregnancy Massage Relaxation Massage Hot Stone Massage

Bowen Therapy is a safe, holistic physical therapy effective for: • Back and Neck Pain • Headaches • Shoulder Pain • Sports Injuries • Sciatica • Stress and Anxiety • Relaxation • Arthritis • Increases performance in sport and exercise


WANT TO LEARN BOWEN THERAPY? Email or phone for more details on our next class intake.

P: 0475 840 541 | E: greenvalleybowen@yahoo.com.au Miami Business Centre, 2190 Gold Coast Hwy, Miami, Gold Coast

www.greenvalleybowentherapy.com.au Holistic Bliss | NOVEMBER 2020 |

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Are dogs truly man’s best friend? WORDS VIV ADCOCK


have an un-doggy male friend who recently went through a marriage breakdown. At the exact same time, a stray dog found its way into his life. My friend was distraught, angry and confused, and though he never admitted it, he was deeply depressed. He retreated into his cave and became a recluse, shutting himself away and rejecting anyone who reached out to him. Having the dog to consider and care for, he would drive into town once a week to buy food for the dog, at the same time neglecting feeding himself. During the next few months, the stray dog never left his side, sensing his new master’s pain. My friend recently described those months to me. He recalled spending agonising days of loathing himself, blaming his wife for everything and then hating himself for blaming her. Days of internal fighting rolled into weeks of hopelessness and despair. The dog stayed in close proximity, laying close by but not under his feet. He didn’t expect anything from my friend or annoy him for anything; he only desired to be there with him. The dog totally

allowed for wherever his master was at – energetically, mentally and emotionally – no matter what. As time went on, the pain subsided, and my friend reached out to me. The dog became quite a talking point as I knew my friend was not an animal person, yet this dog had found his way into my friend’s heart and life at the time he required it most. He hadn’t even given the dog a name so he wouldn’t become attached. They had created a companionship that went way beyond words. For me, the dog’s gifting and contribution of kindness were palpable. I introduced my friend to the fact that some animals are healing animals. They have a sense and instinctively know where we are at. A lot of people don’t know how to be with someone who is in pain; it can be confronting and uncomfortable for them. Often these well-meaning people unknowingly and unintentionally add to a person’s healing journey with their need to focus on the ‘problem’, fix something or create comfort as a temporary distraction. To have an animal or someone that can just be whatever is required is one of the greatest gifts. This is a space that

facilitates energetic shifts that are way beyond cognitive explanation or any length of processing or conversation. The nourishment of having physical touch with an animal can deeply soothe the nervous system and, for people who do not connect with traditional forms of therapy or talking to a close friend, animals can provide a uniquely magical transformation. www.vivadcock.com




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Phone 0418 456 498 infin8.viv@gmail.com

Holisti c Pet Products

Surgery, Cancer Care, Modified Vaccinations, Herbal Medicine, DENTAL CHECK-UP Acupuncture, Tues-Thur – Save up to $80 Remedial/Rehab, BOOK NOW Advanced Dentistry, Phone: (07) 3393 1359 Titre Test and more 1016 Stanley Street East, East Brisbane Pensioner/COVID www.animalwellness.com.au Discount

FAMILY OWNED BUSINESS Natural, organic and chemicalfree options, supporting Australian-made.


Visit: 13 Mary River Road, Cooroy, Qld Ph: 07 5447 7342

20% OFF services 44



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Secret men’s business! WORDS DR ELAINE CEBULIAK


have a beef about men. They are secretive about their health concerns, DO NOT make regular appointments with their GPs, and ignore their health issues. It is the same with male owners of male dogs, especially those dogs with entire testicles! I have diagnosed and treated/supported several patients and species with various testicular and prostate cancers. As I have medical degrees and advanced diplomas in veterinary medicine and surgery, as well as human naturopathy, nutritional medicine and herbal medicine, so I have a unique perspective on how to help these patients. I was able to help my friend Dr Ross Perry a couple of years ago – he was literally dying of metastatic prostate cancer. Here is a link to his journey that you are free to watch and share: https://youtu.be/jnq0zq7H7No. The anticancer advice is applicable to many, as is checking for elevated PSA and hopefully picking up any problems at an early stage. My son also had a cancer journey. He had testicular cancer that had already metastasised by the time they got around to doing an ultrasound of his testicle. A

simple palpation of both testicles may have helped prevent the metastatic spread. This was eventually diagnosed after the couple had been married for three years and were attending fertility clinics – the doctors never thought to palpate his testes. This is a gross error on the side of the fertility clinic. We are pleased that he has managed the treatment very well and now has a lovely little daughter, our very first granddaughter. As a veterinarian, that is one of the first things I would have done if a stud bull was not producing offspring. Feel the left testicle and compare it to the right testicle, they should feel equally spongy with no ‘marbles’ or hard spots in there. Seriously, veterinarians are so much better at getting to the point – MEN DO NOT PAY ATTENTION to their health enough! So men, now go and feel your testicles, and also get a PSA level test. If it starts to creep up, add in some of the anticancer regimes Dr Ross Perry speaks about. Also men: DO NOT PLACE YOUR ‘SMART’ PHONE IN YOUR FRONT (OR BACK) POCKET! Get a man bag. Don’t have your phone on you at all.

If you own a male dog, see your vet to have them examine the prostate and testicles (if they still have them). Remember, for dogs, castration will eliminate the problem of testicular cancer and may help prevent prostate cancer. Stay healthy and safe, women need you alive and healthy, because who is going to take the garbage out on Tuesday nights if you die? Seriously, be well. Eat your veges, stress less, avoid too much alcohol and avoid lawn chemicals. www.animalwellness.com.au

ALLERGIES ARE ABOUT DIAGNOSIS Energe�c repulsion of substances are effec�vely the body repelling the ‘Foreign Object’, this includes intolerances to allergies. It is complex.

A SIMPLE ENERGY TEST can manage the problem

HOLISTIC VET CLINIC • Natural Nutrition • Homeopathy • Cancer Treatment • Chinese and Western Herbal Medicine • Acupuncture

Garry Bright BVSc (PRET) Lic Ac – Veterinary Surgeon, Acupuncturist

42 Maple Street COOROY Qld 4563

www.maplestreetvet.com.au | 5447 7877 App: Sound Files – www.garrybright.com.au/app

• Modified Vaccine Protocols • Advanced Dentistry

(07) 5476 7674 WWW.THENATURALVETS.COM. AU Holistic Bliss | NOVEMBER 2020 |

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10/10/2020 1:28:43 PM

Books, DVDs, . . . s a c i t s i l o H CDs and more... BOOK: Unhindered, The Seven Essential Practices for Overcoming Insecurity AUTHOR Jaemin Frazer Not many people would admit to being insecure, yet it’s a problem impacting all of us. Whether you’re unemployed or a CEO, insecurity is a universal problem and is often hidden within life’s problems, showing up as pain in your health, finances, work, and relationships. If you don’t find a way to face up and overcome it, it can ruin your life. But it doesn’t have to. In the new book Unhindered, renowned life coach, TedX speaker and author Jaemin Frazer provides a practical guide to overcoming insecurity – for good. Drawing on over 10 years’ client experience and well over 10,000 coaching hours, the founder of the Insecurity Project, provides a proven framework for solving the insecurity problem, rather than simply masking or managing it. By following Jaemin’s 7 essential practices which show exactly how to overcome insecurity, readers are empowered with the tools needed to show up at your best when it matters most, unhindered by self-doubt, fear and limiting beliefs. Accessibly written and backed with research and case studies, Unhindered is the definitive guide to solving the insecurity problem in your life.

RRP: $29.95. To purchase the book go to: www.jaeminfrazer.com

BOOK: How To Break Up With Friends AUTHOR Dr Hannah Korrel Sydney-based author and Neuropsychologist, Dr Hannah Korrel provides a no-BS, essential guide for anyone devoting their precious time and energy into maintaining friendships with toxic friends. Using activities, truth bombs, and real-life examples, Dr Korrel helps readers learn how to: • Identify the bad friends in your life • Understand what true friendship should look like • Learn how to attract the best people • Become the best friend you can be yourself • Understand the value of self-worth Provocative, funny, and brutally honest, How To Break Up With Friends is an essential read for those looking to get rid of toxic friendships and reinvest in the ones that really matter.

RRP: $24.99 (Impact Press). To purchase the book go to: www.hannahkorrel.com

BOOK: Add Value AUTHOR Mark Carter Discover your values, find your worth, gain fulfilment in your personal and professional life. What do you really value? The impact of COVID-19 has forced many of us to re-evaluate what really matters, yet we often only think about it in times of trouble. Without a complete sense of our value, we are unprepared and unskilled to manage the challenges of today and tomorrow. So, what if you could bring more value to your relationships, your work and your life? In the new book, Add Value, leadership development specialist and author Mark Carter takes a deep dive into the meaning of value – a concept we throw around but is at the heart of every decision and action we take and ultimately determines our effectiveness and impact in the world. Carter provides readers with a unique framework to help you tap into your core values, live and work authentically in the modern world and connect honestly and authentically with others.

RRP: $27.95 (Wiley). To purchase the book go to: www.markcarter.com.au 46

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Holistic Bliss Directory www.earthingoz.com.au | 1300 832 326

Phone (07) 5455 6870 Our aim is to provide you service when you need it, in an environment you can trust.

Discover the health


benefits of EARTHING

Legal advice on estate planning and management, family, property, commercial, contract and IP Matters.






View our range of indoor earthing products, anti-radiation phone cases, Blushield EMF protection and much more.

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Member of the International Psychic Assoc, and IICT Professional Member. Holistic Bliss | NOVEMBER 2020 |

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Looking for a TREE-CHANGE?


5 MINUTES FROM KILCOY, 15 MINUTES FROM WOODFORD, 50 MINUTES FROM BRISBANE OR THE SUNSHINE COAST Lots to look at, lots to enjoy, lots to be grateful for in your own rural paradise! Tenanted at $450/week, this comfortable home has been constructed with love and forethought – ready for the discerning buyer to facilitate stage 2 (two beds, living and downstairs bath) turning this already comfortable home into a massive 5 bedroom, 2 bathroom multi-level, multi-living domicile with massive verandahs around 3 sides; not even counting the two bed, bathroom and kitchen in the sealed shed just metres away.

• Miles and miles of big sky and big views, just under 10 acres of well-grassed undulating pasture, dam and fully fenced. • Quiet sealed road frontage with underground power and phone. • Rainwater tanks provide fresh, clean drinking water, while the spring fed dam ensures year-round water supply. • Fully serviced quaint historical town less than 4km away with all services including primary and secondary schools, shopping, banks, hospital and medical, along with police and the two vintage pubs with fantastic food and entertainment. • Niche post-modern cafes and restaurants and great all-year round fishing and water sports at nearby Lake Somerset, just a 10-minute drive.

CALL: 0411 333 617 / 0422 538 335

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