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By Raelene Byrne


hen I hear people say “I am not creative”, it feels like they are insulting themselves. They are already living such limitations and to keep affirming that they are not creative, in fact is quite demeaning towards self. From observing people I work with, each one who ‘believes’ they are not creative has huge health issues. There is a stuckness, stagnancy and lack of worth in many who keep telling themselves the same limiting lie. Every thought is creativity in action. Simply, from the moment we wake up and choose our clothing for the day, decide on the activities we are going to complete, cook a meal, write an email, arrange furniture, tidy up around the house…we are being creative. You are CREATING your world! Stop demeaning yourselves and embrace that life is creativity in action. This then leads to the opportunity to heal by taking self-responsibility for your life. Put simply, if your house is a disaster, then you put it in order, which allows

you to feel better. Healing has happened. Quietly sitting with an intention to create a bracelet, was a moment where I was invited into my inner world. Getting lost in the act of creating, I was in actual fact moving past the ‘logical mind’ and settling into the intuitive, unlimited part of me, where the clarity for something I was working through, was able to come to the surface easily and show me the way. That was a profound moment of healing for me. Existing as we do is a supreme act of creativity. We have been birthed through the universe, in a most powerful and graceful act of creation, to live on this earth. Every moment in our life, we have the opportunity to create, choose, change and commit to the next moment. We are the creators of our lives in all breaths, all thoughts and all actions. Healing for me is the embrace of awareness. Once we have awareness around anything, we then can move towards a greater understanding and then choose to release what no longer

serves, or allow it to make us stronger. Creativity is an important key on the road to healing. So many people are blocked, have no outlet, and their lives reflect the same. When you view your life, be honest. If it isn’t what you want, then change it!!! CREATE something different, do something different, think differently, act differently. Once you begin to act on this, your world undergoes a deep healing, which radiates to others. Only one small change, one new creation in your way of being, something as simple as dropping the words ‘might’, ‘should’ and ‘try’, will in effect transform so much in your life. This is expansion, growth and TRUE HEALING. Live your life as the powerful creator that you are, and feel the benefits of radiance, vitality and wellness permeate every aspect of your world.

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You’re More Creative Than You Think!

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