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MotherDaughter Connection FEATURE

Navigating Through

Uncertainty IMMUNITY AND Antiviral HERBS



SANDRA MEEHAN & REBECCA BOWDEN Connecting is Out of This World


MAY 2020

Volume 123 ISSN: 1836-8840

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From the Creator of HBM...


elcome to Holistic Bliss which is now 100% online!!! For many of us, it feels like we are co-creating a whole new world, and our unique and combined energy has never been more of a contribution than now. Maybe you are on social media more during this partial or full lockdown (depending on where in the world you are reading this) and you have experienced the initial shock and disbelief, the fear and uncertainty, the sadness for people and families affected by the virus and business people closing their doors or downsizing. Maybe you have noticed the anger and asked why is all this happening? And if you read a conspiracy theory or two, that may also fuel the fire. The last few months have felt like experiencing a hundred years of living and have you noticed how many different points of views are being expressed? All the more reason to turn within and check in and see what is now true for us… and as we all have quiet time, massive healing is taking place on a collective level as well as with our beautiful Mother Earth. It’s a bit like spring has sprung in Autumn here in Australia with so many dragonfly and butterfly clusters and the Earth breathes a sigh of relief as our collective footprint lightens. Actually Mother Nature (as well as my own beautiful mum) was an inspiration for

putting our ‘mother-daughter connection’ feature together this month. How can our connection with Mother Earth assist our relationships with family right now? Even if you don’t have a backyard, you can send invisible threads down into the Earth letting go of all your concerns, frustrations and worries so it can be dissipated and drawing up new energy from the Earth so it flows through your whole body. And next time you communicate with a family member how can that energy assist with connection? Many of our contributors (including our two gorgeous cover girls, mother/ daughter dynamic duo Sandra Meehan and Rebecca Bowden), share a bit about their past and present connection with their mother for May… the month that society celebrates Mother’s Day.


Free copY

MotherDaughter Connection FEatURE

navigating Through



new leaDers FOR thE new worlD

iMMunitY AND antiViral HerBs

SANDRA MEEHAN & REBECCA BOWDEN connecting is out of this world

HB giVeawaY VALUED AT $2000 dEtaiLS P35

MaY 2020

Volume 123 ISSN: 1836-8840




Sandra Meehan & Rebecca Bowden, p20-21 PHOTO: Annie noon, Fotoforce photography

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| MAY 2020 | Holistic Bliss




22 Food for the Soul 06 Sweet Potato Crackers Julie-Anne Outhwaite


Flipping your reaction to Coronavirus





r's Day

Cinnamon and Rhubarb Cake Lee Holmes


Immunity boosting and antiviral herbs





What to do when you don’t have seeds or seedlings


12 What are you focusing on right now? SANDY FORSTER


Family of financial females KATH ORMAN


When a substitute mother was required Cathy Domoney


What did your mother gift you?

Cover Story 20-21 Sandra Meehan and Rebecca Bowden: Connecting is Out of This World krishna everson

17 18



A lifeline in a sea of uncertainty


you have body shame? Do What are you teaching your teen?




What are you nurturing, creating, birthing? JULIE ELLSON

Arriving peacefully into our world 31

Honour our female lineage JANET McGEEVER

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daughters are like My my left and right brain HELEN JOY


Profile of a Crystal: Black Tourmaline Charlie Lally


From barely surviving, to absolutely thriving!

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Global crisis from an holistic GP’s perspective dr CARLOS SANCHEZ

Natural Animal Care 46-47 Is your animal an ambassador to raise your awareness? VIV ADCOCK


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Look after your hands (like they look after you) JESSICA BOOTH

25-28 Enlightened Changemakers

Homeopathy and mastitis




Mother’s Day Gift Guide


Holistic Bliss Giveaway

22 What can a mum teach her daughter?


Michell Mercer


36 The power in those moments that bring you to your knees!






16 Turning heartbreak into possibilities

Mother healing and manifesting REBECCA-LEE

Morag Gamble

Holistic Business



DIRECTORY Holistic Bliss | MAY 2020 |


food for the soul

Sweet Potato Crackers Recipe Julie-Anne Outhwaite

Ingredients: 2 cups sweet potato blanched ⅔ cup rolled oats ½ cup almond meal 2 eggs 1 clove garlic 2 tbsp fresh rosemary, chopped 1 tbsp Himalayan pink salt 1 tbsp flaxseed or coconut oil Method: Process all ingredients in a food

processor until a loose dough or thick batter forms. Spread 3-5mm thick on baking paper. Score lines if you want a more consistent size. Dehydrate or bake for 12 hours at 60°C, until dry to touch. Break into crackers. Store in air-tight containers in your pantry. www.heybodywisdom.com

Have you downloaded the


We are offering free community clinics via phone and online Tuesday to Saturday. Visit our online shop for Herbal Hand Sanitisers 50ml $10 each and our gorgeous locally made organic herbal body products.


All offerings will be delivered by post due to current restrictions.



om www.holisticblissmagazine.c



| MAY 2020 | Holistic Bliss

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food for the soul

Flipping your reaction to Coronavirus WORDS JOEL GRACE


e’re certainly living in unprecedented times right now. Luckily, I’ve got solutions for some of your Coronavirus crisis gut-health concerns! Problem: My anxiety is playing up. How you’re probably dealing with it: Comfort eating. Better solutions: Diaphragmatic breathing, daily routine, probiotics. In uncertain times as we get more stressed, the transmission of our serotonin decreases. Comfort eating makes sense because we get an immediate serotonin boost, which elevates our mood. However, this relief is only temporary, so we get caught in a vicious comfort-eating cycle. The good news is you can take back control in a number of ways. Diaphragmatic breathing, or ‘yoga breathing’, is a deep-breathing technique designed to increase oxygen flow and has calming effects on your nervous system. Instead of filling your chest with air when you inhale, fill the space behind your navel first. Doing this technique daily promotes anxiety-

reducing properties to calm stress levels. Taking a good-quality probiotic can also provide serotonin-boosting results, given approximately 85% of serotonin is produced in your gut. Additionally, if you’re following advice to remain at home, sticking to a structured daily routine can help you feel like you have more control over your situation and appease anxious feelings. Problem: I’m feeling constipated and bloated. How you’re probably dealing with it: Ignoring it. Better solutions: Keep a food diary, stay hydrated, eat a consistent diet. Many of us are suddenly finding we have a lot of spare time on our hands. So now is the perfect time to keep a food diary to pinpoint the food group(s) that may be triggering your symptoms. Different foods can present different symptoms that may not be immediate, so you may need to look back 48-72 hours to determine why you’re bloated and constipated today. My best tip to keep things moving is water. If you’re glued to the news coverage and not

going to the gym, you’re probably drinking less water than usual. It’s also likely you’re eating different foods at different times of the day than your body is used to. Look to these reasons as the likely culprit causing your symptoms. Problem: I can’t get a colonic. How you’re probably dealing with it: Freaking out. Better solution: Home enemas. Colonic clinics were just one of many businesses required to temporarily cease operation under mandatory Coronavirus regulations. Many people use colonics as an integral part of their wellness routine. The good news is that home enemas can provide effective benefits in the interim. A water enema will clear the lower 20% portion of your colon, and give you the confidence to continue your cleansing regimen – albeit on a smaller scale – until you’re able to resume treatment. Enema kits are available via our website and can also be found in online health stores. www.sunshinecolonics.com.au

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Collapse or RISE! THE HUMAN REINVENTION FORMULA IS THE GUIDE TO A COMPLETE UPGRADE AT A CELLULAR LEVEL Your business, lifestyle, relationships and energy can be upgraded in times like this! YOU ARE NOT ALONE!

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To meet Mia and discuss your pathway forward, BOOK your 30-minute complimentary session at www.miamunro.com Holistic Bliss | MAY 2020 |


food for the soul

Cinnamon and Rhubarb Cake RECIPE Lee Holmes


hile most rhubarb recipes call for large amounts of refined white sugar, this recipe uses coconut sugar and spices to add sweetness and tastes just as good, if not better, than its unhealthy counterparts. It’s the healthy answer to your sweet tooth cravings that won’t leave you feeling guilty and bloated. Serve this warm straight from the oven with a generous dollop of chilled yoghurt or whip up a batch of coconut cream. If you whip it up from chilled it’s easier and if left in the fridge, the thicker and creamier it becomes as the healthy saturated fats congeal. You can even use electric beaters to whip chilled coconut cream into soft peaks that form a whipped cream consistency. Adding warming spices, such as cinnamon and nutmeg, enriches these delicious flavours and truly brings this dish to life. Adding a pinch of sea salt to your sweet recipes acts to further draw out the tastes. Not only is this dish incredibly nutritious, bursting with healthy fats and antioxidants, it’s also extremely


| MAY 2020 | Holistic Bliss

versatile. If you want to impress the pants off your friends and family, then serve this after your home-cooked meal. It tastes so devilishly naughty that no one will believe it’s made from nothing but natural, wholefood ingredients. SERVES 6-8 Ingredients: 60g (2¼oz) unsalted butter or ghee, softened 1 tsp grated lemon zest 225g (8oz/1½ cups) coconut sugar 2 eggs 200g (7oz/2 cups) almond meal ½ tsp gluten-free baking powder 1 tsp bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) 1 tsp ground cinnamon ½ tsp freshly grated nutmeg ¼ tsp sea salt 125ml (4fl.oz/½ cup) coconut cream 250g (9oz/2 cups) chopped rhubarb (see tip) Method: Preheat the oven to 170°C (325°F). Grease an 18cm (7 inch) round cake tin or a 9 x 30cm (3½ x 12 inch) loaf (bar)

tin. In a large bowl, beat the butter, lemon zest, coconut sugar and eggs until creamy. Fold in the almond meal, baking powder, bicarbonate of soda, cinnamon, nutmeg, salt and coconut cream. Gently fold in the rhubarb. Spoon the mixture into the prepared tin and bake for 45-55 minutes, until the cake springs back when pressed in the centre. Cool in the tin for 10 minutes, then turn out onto a wire rack to cool completely. Supercharged Tips: If using a loaf tin, you can lay the rhubarb, unchopped, on top of the cake, rather than stirring it through the cake, with warmed honey or rice malt syrup for a lovely glazed finish. www.superchargedfood.com


food for the soul

Immunity boosting


antiviral herbs


Cat’s Claw Herbally, Cat’s Claw is used as an antiviral and also to boost immunity. It’s an herb that is used for HIV and also very strong viral infections like mosquito born viruses. Research shows that Cat’s Claw is a powerful herb to work on broad spectrum microbes in the body. Andrographis This king of bitters works on the liver and helps pull viruses out of the blood too. Andrograhis is powerful as it targets the liver and helps the liver clean out all illnesses. It is also a string herb for the lungs and works on clearing and cleaning the lungs of infections. Elderberry Berries This is a powerful antiviral herb and has been used for cross species infections such as swine flu. Elderberry berries are a specific antiviral antioxidant combination that help strengthen the body and also work against viruses.

Ganoderma Mushroom Reishi mushroom is one of the strongest ways to boost your immunity and protect your liver and body from viral infections. Take a daily dose of mushrooms and you will be protected from many viral exposures. They say 1000 days of Reishi mushroom will totally transform your immune system into a powerhouse! Astragalus root Astragalus helps make immune cells and increase your immunity. This herb is really good for everyone and helps as a preventative. It’s one of the best immunity boosting herbs. Echinacea Root We love echinacea root for its immunity boosting and protective properties. Echinacea also is antimicrobial and antiviral. It’s a great herb to protect and prevent viral infections and also help clear them. Ok, enough herbs… I could write all

day about how awesome herbs are and why they are here to protect you now. Let us know if you want us to make you a super powerful immunity boosting herbal blend. Connect with us and we are happy to make you an herbal blend. At this time look after yourself and treat your body with extra love and care. Rest up and take good measures to protect yourself. We offer a 15-minute free chatline for advice and we can formulate and send you herbs asap! Click on our ‘BOOK’ button on our website for your personal online consultation. This is a new service and we post your herbs free of freight when you have a one-hour online video consult with me. Podcast Project Wellness with me: https://open.spotify.com/show/ 5chvtDn3cYEIFdAoWDeBI5 www.medicineroom.com.au

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n only

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the be st

will d



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food for the soul

What to do when

you don't have seeds or seedlings

Words Morag Gamble


re you loving the chance to finally get into your garden and start (or expand) your veggie patch? In this sudden slowdown, it makes so much sense to permaculture your garden and produce your own home-grown food. You can taste the difference, you know it’s chemical free and because it’s fresh, it is more nutrient dense – just what we need to stay healthy and well. And we can grow surplus to share with family and neighbours. Unfortunately, everyone has been thinking the same and most of the stores have already run out of seeds and seedlings. What do you do now? Don’t worry. Take a quick look around your pantry, in your fridge, or on the grocery shelves and you will find lots of things to plant to make a thriving garden. Here’s a few ideas to get you started. Lentil Sprouts In just a few short days you can grow fabulous sprouts from dried lentils.

Soak your lentils overnight, rinse them, then place in a wide mouth jar covered with cheesecloth. Rinse them off twice a day and they’ll be ready to eat in about three days. Super simple! Do the same with beans, mung beans, buckwheat, quinoa, chickpeas, and more. Chia Microgreens Did you know you can grow your chia seeds? In a week you’ll be harvesting nutritious chia microgreens to use as a salad green. Sprinkle the seeds onto a tray of potting mix and mist morning and night. Start a new tray every few days to keep your supply going. Tomatoes Select a healthy-looking ripe tomato in the store. Take a slice that is full of seeds and plant it in your garden bed, or a pot, gently covered with potting mix or compost. Keep it moist and soon a number of seedlings will grow and you can spread these around your garden. You’ll have your own tomato


A Tale of a Spiritual Adventurer

Join well-known speaker, writer and medium Linda Willow Roberts on a magical journey of self-discovery as she moves from crippling selfdoubt to complete trust in the spiritual world. With her trademark humour and infectious ability to seize every moment, Linda shares how she journeyed into an unknown future filled with magical mysteries, fairy tales, and enchanting history.

I am a Manifestor Magical Oracle Cards Linda has used 31 years of spiritual and life experiences as a visionary to bring these unique and magical cards to fruition. These simple-to-use cards are easy to interpret and you will be partnering with Spirit to complete the jigsaw puzzle that is your life. Live on purpose, choose your destiny!

www.facebook.com/Willowswayoflife To purchase the book and cards visit:

www.lindawillowroberts.com 10

| MAY 2020 | Holistic Bliss

supply starting in just 40-50 days. They will most likely turn out to be delicious cherry tomatoes – the stronger, wilder cousin of the hybrid tomatoes usually available in the stores. Beans Simply plant dried beans directly into your garden with a trellis and you’ll be eating beans in two months. Potatoes Have you got some sprouting potatoes? Plant them in a wellcomposted and mulched garden bed or pot, and in 3-4 months you’ll be tasting your own amazing spuds. You’ll get around 10 potatoes from each potato planted. Spring Onions Plant the bottoms of your spring onions into a pot or the garden and very quickly they’ll grow back. Just keep chopping the tops for an ongoing supply. Happy gardening! www.moraggamble.com

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07 5496 9133 • bassettbarks.com.au Mt Beerwah Road, Glass House Mountains Queensland


What are you

focusing on right now?



verything in our world is vibrating, including our thoughts. And you attract to yourself whatever you give your attention and energy to, whether wanted or unwanted. I remember telling my kids, “What you focus on is what becomes your reality”. I was in my stage of attracting money, but it was flowing out just as fast. My daughter would say, “Blah blah blah. We don’t need a lecture about that spiritual stuff, it doesn’t work anyway, we’ve still got no money.” And that was the truth. We were still struggling financially, even though I was saying my affirmations and visualising what I desired. But the problem was, I was also seeing bills and feeling my solar plexus tighten. I was experiencing fear about where the money would come from, that I would never have enough, that I would be struggling forever. I remember when my daughter was around 12 and wanted to go to her school dance. She came to me the day before it and said, “Mum, I need some

new shorts for the dance”. I was having a really tragic week financially and I was heading towards my usual panic mode around money. So the conversation went a little like this: “Can you buy me my shorts and shoes, I really need them?” “Darling, I don’t have the money right now.” “You never buy me anything; I have to have them!” “Darling, I said I don’t have the money.” “Can’t you just put it on your credit card?” But, the credit card was maxed, and by this time I was starting to freak out. Unfortunately, anger was winning, and the picture was not pretty: “I don’t have the money to pay all our bills, I’ve got to try and pay the phone bill before they cut it off. We just don’t have the money. Don’t you understand? WE DON’T HAVE ANY MONEY!!!!” She looked me squarely in the eye with the wisdom of her 12 years and said,

“Well if that’s how you FEEL whenever you think about money, the Universe is NEVER going to make us rich.” I felt like I’d been punched in the stomach, and in that moment I could see why I was still struggling financially. I was attaching my strongest emotions to exactly what I didn’t want – no money. My emotional outburst was not about having money, it was about NOT having money. So ‘not having money’ was the dominant vibration or energy I was sending out into the Universe day after day. And the Universe was picking up my ‘not having money’ order and giving it straight back to me. So if you’re not where you want to be financially, you may be doing the same thing – repelling prosperity by your thoughts. But the exciting thing is, by changing your thoughts, it’s possible to begin attracting more money and prosperity into your life, starting immediately. www.WildlyWealthy.com

JUNE 13 & 14


AUGUST 22 & 23




NOVEMBER 14 & 15


Sunshine Coast


| MAY 2020 | Holistic Bliss

AUGUST 1 & 2




OCT 31 & NOV 1






Family of

Financial Females

WORDS KATH ORMAN, Senior Financial Planner


sn’t it amazing when you hear your words come out of your daughter’s mouth and you realise what you have passed on to the next generation? In quiet reflection, I think about the qualities that have been passed on from my mother and my grandmother. A love of reading and the power of the written word. Growing up on a dairy farm, I saw my mother work so very hard. I remember seeing her carrying a newborn calf on her back, when she herself was heavily pregnant with my sister. A love of family, sharing meals and celebrating life has been passed on from generation to generation. I was so overwhelmed when my daughter was born, as I held this tiny person in my arms with the words running through my mind “I’m a mother.” It’s such a responsibility to guide a little human on the correct pathway in life. I am truly blessed to have an amazing relationship with my daughter Shelley. She was so determined at age three she would

become a dancer and an actress. She never waivered in this resolve and the saying, “she believed she could – so she did” comes to mind. Shelley is now 29 and a professional dancer, choreographer and actress performing in many places around the world. I remember when she was in Bollywood in India, and through the power of technology, would ring me when she was shopping, asking if she should buy the blue or green dress. It was seeing her determination which gave me the additional resolve to start my own business when she was only ten and her brother six. Now by a strange quirk of fate, both my children are doing project work for me at my financial planning company. Shelley has a head for business, and it has been great to be able to delegate projects to her. I don’t want to leave my son out here, as his scene of order, diligence and discipline is perfect for his current role in the business. Many of my female clients who

have taken responsibility for handling their financial situation, now feel empowered, and have asked me to teach their daughters as well, to pass the knowledge on to the next generation. Often many women leave the responsibility of their financial wellbeing to their partner. Sadly, when death or divorce happens unexpectedly, they are bewildered, overwhelmed and lost. There have been countless times when caring daughters have come in seeking assistance for mums. At the end of the joint appointment, the daughters make a second appointment for themselves, as they realise their own situation needs attention as well. Financial wellbeing is just one of the gifts that needs to be passed on from generation to generation. Goals & Dreams Financial Planning Pty Ltd is an authorised representative of Charter Financial Planning Limited AFSL 234665. If you would like to know more email: kath.orman@goalsanddreams.com.au or phone: (07) 3350 9595

Holistic Bliss | MAY 2020 |



When a

substitute mother was required



y daughter was having some difficulties online and in person with one of her female classmates. This continued on-and-off for a few months and I approached the school several times to bring it to their attention; each time it was dealt with. When it happened yet again, I made an appointment to see the school counsellor. During the meeting, my agenda caused confusion. Instead of asking for the girl in question to be punished, I asked what sort of support she was receiving from the school. I explained that it was my observation that these repeated incidents of negative and challenging behaviours suggested that something was amiss in the girl’s world. What was she struggling with? What was going on in her world for her to be behaving like this? Why was she so unhappy that she was lashing out in this way? What she needed was extra care,

attention and support, and as I was aware that she had no mother at home, I took it upon myself to intervene and be her voice. I asked the school to step in and support her. That day I was her substitute mother. Doing this taught my own daughter to look beyond the behaviour of others and develop empathy and compassion for the possible reasons why a person might be acting that way. Are they scared? Lonely? Stressed? Hurting in some way? It doesn’t condone the bad behaviour of others, nor should it. However, it does enable us to communicate with them from where they are, which will in turn have a higher chance of a successful resolution. We are all looking for connection, acceptance and belonging. As John Harrigan so eloquently states, “People need loving the most when they deserve it the least.” But don’t we all deserve love? Isn’t that our birthright? Do we

always need to demonstrate perfection in order to receive love? Is love even worth it if it doesn’t test our limits on occasion? I believe that we need to strive to base all our interactions from a place of love. Is that an easy thing to do? No. But the payoffs, both personally and globally, are so worth it. Five years has passed since the day of that meeting and do you know what happened to that lost, young, confused female student? She ended up coming to live with us! She is now the eldest of six and a valued member of our family. I am so proud of all my girls, what they have overcome, the strength of character they demonstrate, their determination and ambition. I am absolutely blessed to be a mother to them all. It’s funny how life turns out. www.cathydomoney.com

Let Cathy Domoney Assist You and Your Family

The Positive Mindset For Kids Series: Empowering young people one story at a time.

The Sonrise Babies’ Home Series: All sales go directly to the babies in the orphanage in Uganda.

The Manifesting Mindset Formula: Create the life of your dreams using four powerful processes. The Manifesting Mindset Coaching Academy: Get certified to teach Cathy’s methods and create a freedom-based online business enriching the lives of others. Empower Your Tween / Teen: An online program for parents to work through with their young ones developing a mindset preprogrammed for success.

To book into Cathy’s programs visit: www.cathydomoney.com Or email: cathydomoney@gmail.com 14

| MAY 2020 | Holistic Bliss



What did your

mother gift you?

WORDS Jean Sheehan


ast year one of my clients had her first baby. I watched her absolutely blossom and sparkle with her pregnancy. Yes, there were a few days where she felt unwell. Overall, she was healthy and happy. She knew she was having a baby girl. There were things she was worried about relating to her daughter growing up. She did not want her daughter to have the appearance, stories and stresses she had. The mother had grown up with worrying about how she looked, how she could be loved, and whether she was good enough. She wanted to clear this so that her baby daughter did not come into the world doing the same things, as it consumed her. These effects came through her body as skin problems and being sensitive to smells. So much so, she could not go out to places, as smells would trigger her to cough all the time. Her lungs were reacting to her grief of feeling ugly. Each morning she would wake up and focus on her skin and how bad it was. She even mentioned how, when she slept, she had creases in her chest. She

tried to stop the creases by wearing a bra to bed. She then would pick on herself for how bad her skin looked and never see the true beauty of herself within. During her session I asked about her mum and what she did. You see, as children, we learn sublimely and watch

Join 5-time Amazon bestselling author and award-winning Medical Intuitive, Jean Sheehan at one of her transformational events. You may like to purchase her Medical Intuitive Oracle Cards – the only type in the world. www.MillenniumEducation.com



se EW lea N k Re

The Inside Hustle. A Mystical Misfit’s Travel Adventure Into The Unknown



and mimic our parents. Her mum at her age had a facelift and was always worried about how she would look. The key for this new mother-daughter relationship was to be the example of what is possible. Instead of looking at all the bad things, it is about looking at how amazing she was and is. By doing this she would instantly clear patterning within her which then filtered to her baby. And to be honest these new Millennium Children® are changing old ways of being instantly. When the mother shines her brilliance, the daughter will know what to do for herself, as she has had the best role model – her mum. In fact this applies to any childparent relationship, partnership, work colleagues and total strangers. Today be the example of what is possible. You are amazing – just look in the mirror.

J OA N NA WA L D E N Thought-provoking wisdom for the now moment delivered with fierce authenticity, honesty and humour. It’s a transformational travel adventure taking you on a wild ride, which is as entertaining as it is enlightening. Unlocking your right brain through learning how to draw is akin to active meditation, mindfulness and overall brain fitness and has been known to improve stress levels, anxiety, depression, fear, doubt and limiting beliefs. It is also an awesome thing to do whilst in isolation and even better with a whole family joining in.

Are you ready to unlock the truth of who you really are?

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s daughters, we all have a mother. And like anything human, the experiences of both mother and daughter can be as varied as the broad spectrum of emotions we all know. As a single mother, I have raised two beautiful daughters who are both now young adults. This close bond can be a spiritual experience, in many ways a joyful communion with ease and oneness. Yet, it is also the ground on which much growth happens. Our three musketeers adventure has not been all sunshine and roses. Although I am fortunate to have been born with a different perspective than many, which allowed us to have the unique mother-daughter experiences we share, we are still continuously presented with what appears as outside influences to create our spiritual growth. What we must remember during the situations that arise to perhaps challenge us as mothers or daughters, is that what presents itself is always


| MAY 2020 | Holistic Bliss

arriving for our spiritual growth. These can be deeply held silent judgments that are brought up and released so we can become more aware. Everything is a reflection of what is within ourselves. This does not mean any abuse is okay. We must always remove ourselves from an abusive situation. However, it does allow us to resolve issues that can be seen as impossible, tragic and heartbreaking. Mothers and daughters can experience an intensity that is, in many ways, seen to be unique. I prefer to shine light on the truth that we all share this communion with everyone. We are continuously making only two choices: to believe we are all separate or believe we’re all one. In this world, the only remaining freedom is the freedom of choice. It’s always between these two choices. Once we accept this truth, when these challenging situations arise, we can choose the correct thought; that is, how we wish to be spoken to, or how

we prefer to be respected. From this perspective, we can avoid projecting our buried judgments onto others that show up to allow the release of incorrect choices buried deep within. Let miracles replace all grievances. This thought has allowed a communion with my daughters to be one with far more ease during the teenage years, which could have been more tumultuous. We experience a miracle every time we act from inspired action. When we remember with the correct choice, we are all one. Novelist Kristin Cashore wrote, “By allowing your mother to protect you, you gave her a gift”. What if we all can remember to choose love? If we each choose to forgive alongside our mothers or our daughters, to experience more peace within, we can all experience more peace in this outside world. For more information about Tatiana’s work visit: www.powertube.com.au www.frequencyacademy.com.au



Homeopathy and mastitis WORDS SARAH KOTTMANN


astitis occurs typically when a milk duct becomes blocked. The milk builds up and blocks the duct, then the nearby tissue becomes inflamed. This can then cause symptoms such as breast pain, swelling, warmth, fever and chills. It can feel like you have the flu with body aches and pain, but local pain is also in the breast. A red streak may also be visible on the breast. It’s best to try and prevent mastitis from occurring. You can do this by: • Ensuring the baby is attached correctly • Ensuring the breast is fully drained • Breastfeeding as often as the baby wants to feed

• Wearing the correct bra, one that is loose • Expressing to drain breasts fully, if needed • Alternating breasts when feeding • Relaxing while you supply to help the breast milk flow • Resting as much as you can In homeopathy, we look at the symptom picture of the person and match it with the symptom picture of the remedy to trigger a healing response. This is what we call ‘like curse like’. By doing so, the body can heal naturally. Homeopathy has been around for over 200 years and is used worldwide by millions of people for many ailments and conditions. In some parts of the

world, it is part of the medical health care system. Homeopathic preparations come from natural sources, such as plants and minerals. Because they are so gentle, the preparations can be used alongside conventional medicine and in all stages of life. When I support mothers with recurring mastitis, I also recommend supporting the baby at the same time, as recurring mastitis often involves both mother and child. Mother and child are so profoundly connected that it is essential to treat both. Homeopathy supports a mother during a mastitis flare-up as well as helping reduce mastitis recurrence. www.northlakeshomeopathy.com.au

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Arriving peacefully

into our




t was 1990, I was living in the bush on a community, and my friend Jenny and I, with our kids – two of hers, two of mine – decided we were ready for a sea-change, and lucky for us, Byron Bay was the nearest beach. It was still a little hippy town then but was about to explode into the tourist mecca it is today. I was in a relationship at the time but we weren’t living together, and then surprise!!! I found out I was pregnant. We decided to explore having a natural home birth and it turns out we were in the right place. Byron was home birth city. There was a pregnancy group, a parenting group and a midwife smorgasbord to choose from. We found the perfect person for us (Debbie), we then relaxed and enjoyed the next few months. As ‘B day’ approached, we converted the family room into our very own birthing suite. The huge tub was delivered (more like a mini pool) and we began to work out the logistics of filling it and more importantly emptying it. My labour started at 10.30pm. We were watching a video called, ‘Driving

Miss Daisy’; it was nearly the end of the movie so I didn’t say anything until I was sure it was the real deal. We began filling the tub and by the time there was enough water in it, I was well and truly ready to get in. Oh… blessed relief. The water was so soothing and took away the slight panic I was starting to feel as I remembered how intense it is to give birth, mmm, a bit late to back out now. Debbie arrived as I was rolling around in the water like a dolphin. I’d watched a video of how they give birth and rock their body side to side to help the baby move down the birth canal. I thought if it worked for them, I was going to give it a go. At about 5am, I moved into the second stage of labour, my partner was in the water with me now. The kids wanted to be there for the birth, so we woke them just before it happened and they all came in to watch. This proved to be very effective birth control during the teenage years. Soon the baby’s head was crowning, I reached down and felt it, I was

bursting with every emotion possible, in total awe, I knew it wouldn’t be long until I would be holding my baby. Pushing, panting, resting, over and over. It was such an intense experience, I felt like I was in a bubble that no one could enter; my body knew exactly what to do and was doing it. I reached down and helped my baby into the world. Born into the water, no bright lights, no noise, the silence is beautiful. I was slowly coming back into being aware of my surroundings when Debbie asked me if I wanted to get my baby – she was just floating around in the water (babies are born with the reflex that prevents them from breathing when they are born into water). I reached down and lifted her up to my breast and she took her first breath, a little sigh, so soft, so sweet, so very content. Giving birth at home, in water, was one of the most empowering and amazing experiences of my life. And it allowed my baby to enter the world lovingly and peacefully. www.relaxrelaterejuvenate.com

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Mother healing




manifesting in our life. We want them to be happy because the more they are happy, the more likely we are to survive. So, as beautiful, loving and innocent children, we often ‘take on’ our mother’s energies. We hold her anger, fear or pain in the hope that she will feel better and more able to be present with us and love us. We say to her, ‘I will hold your illness, pain, pattern of bad relationships or similar, so you can continue to look after me (even if it is the bare minimum)’. Unless you work on the level of the soul and look at your energetic frequency, you may never know these pains and patterns, and the ‘stuff’ you are holding onto that is interfering with your life today. I often come across these old co-dependent mother contracts in my work with clients in Unlock Your Love Blocks. These energies serve as the blueprint to many current and past relationships. The dynamic or deal you made

he relationship with our mother(s) is the most important relationship we have, especially in the early years of our life. Our mothers care for all our needs when we are little, and without this care, we would not survive. So what happens when there are disruptions to this love from our mother? What happens when she feeds us, but is emotionally unavailable to us? Perhaps she is sick or has a mental illness. Perhaps she is an addict or her mind, heart and soul is consumed with an old trauma that has not been resolved, leaving her not fully present or available enough to give us her all. As children, we go into many energetic, co-dependent agreements with our parents in order to survive. These agreements happen on the level of the soul, and shape our energetic frequency; thus, what we vibrate, we attract. We also are very loyal to our parents (or other caregivers) early on

with your mother to survive and make it through can interfere with our ability to create relationships free from the pain we picked up in childhood. It also sets us up for more co-dependent relationships with others. It almost can feel like you are always trading off, settling, putting up with and sometimes even selling your soul, just to feel safe, but never truly experiencing the deep connection you yearn for. This mother stuff blocks our ability to manifest because our original capacity and experience to receive was from our mothers. If this process was disrupted, it’s difficult for us to receive life and receive from life. We can’t receive the best from life or the best from others until we resolve these old agreements and clear this energy connected with our mother(s). Contact me if you wish to know more. www.highvibrationcity.com



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As big believers that a healthy mouth goes hand-in-hand with a healthy life, we are committed to providing holistic dentistry that suits your needs and lifestyles.

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& n a h e e M a r Sand n e d w o B a c c e b e R



s we celebrate Mother’s Day month, we are also witnessing a time of healing for Mother Earth. As our planet heals, so can we. This month we caught up with motherdaughter duo Sandra Meehan and Rebecca Bowden, global leaders in women’s empowerment, lightworkers, and spiritual entrepreneurs. Sandra and Rebecca co-founded The PowerFULL You, where they provide transformational products and programs, merging the physical and spiritual realms. I have known of Sandra’s healing work for around 10 years, but I first came across their work together as a team


| MAY 2020 | Holistic Bliss

some 12 months ago after they launched their live light language broadcasts on Facebook. Utilising channelled codes of light images, combined with Rebecca’s gift of light language, they shared messages with viewers who tuned into the program. These codes also adorn the world’s first codes of light yoga mat, which is being distributed across the globe.

as mother and daughter. Like most relationships, it has been quite a journey to arrive where they are today.

It’s been a whirlwind year for the pair. Sandra and Rebecca have further developed The PowerFULL You offerings while supporting individuals and other global changemakers, and their business has grown exponentially.

Sandra had a challenging childhood as an adoptee, and a difficult upbringing left her yearning for a daughter of her own. But when Rebecca was small, Sandra mothered the only way she knew how due to the baggage she carried from her own experience. “I was a bit of a tough-love mother. Because that’s how I was sort of mothered. I came down so hard on Rebecca because I expected more from her as she was the oldest, but what I actually was doing was pushing her away.”

But it hasn’t always been smooth sailing. They’ve had their share of life’s challenges, both as individuals, and

This led to a period of estrangement when Rebecca did not talk to Sandra at all. But during that time, a great deal www.holisticblissmagazine.com

of healing took place. Sandra explains, “I had to heal myself and my own baggage around self-love and self-worth, then be able to open up and have that connection. I did it because I wanted a relationship with her. The three years when Rebecca wouldn’t talk to me, I never gave up. I’d pick the phone up every day. I rang her, and she wouldn’t talk to me. That’s okay. As the adult, I’d played the bigger role as a mother, and it was my responsibility to build that connection.” After Sandra’s business partner passed away, a window opened for mother and daughter to reconnect. Although they were still emotionally distant at the time, Rebecca moved back to Queensland with a desire to pursue a relationship with her mother. It was then, when Rebecca attended one of Sandra’s meditation events, that her gift of channelling light codes and subsequently

light language was activated. Trust and honesty became the foundation of their relationship moving forward. They began to realise it was important to back each other. The pair believe they have a past lives history together, and that this life is part of a soul contract. Sandra explains, “We know there’s a contract that we’ve come here to do as two souls as mother and daughter. And we’ve never been able to get to the point where we are now. And that’s what makes it special. It comes down to trust. I didn’t trust Rebecca, she didn’t trust me. I’d always let her down. She’d let me down. And I think where it came to, if I’m actually honest, is it came to the point where she could trust me.” Rebecca recognises that her mother’s journey is no reflection of who she is as a person and they each have their own journey. “It’s being able to have that pure adult relationship with somebody who is a mentor and a mother, as well as a mentor and best friend. Having that adult conversation, being able to talk to somebody who knows you so well that you can talk about anything. And having no judgment and no bias around what’s actually being talked about, as well as helping you to understand things in other ways, woman to woman.” Both agree it is honesty that makes the mother-daughter relationship so special, and looking beyond the ‘mother’ and ‘daughter’ labels that carry so much expectation, to being more about an adult relationship between two women. Rebecca says, “Just knowing that whatever happens in that relationship, you are enough. If your mother doesn’t want to change, it’s up to you to go, okay, I’m enough, which I am. That’s who she is.” Sandra adds, “We search for a mother’s approval because it’s not there, but a mother sometimes can’t give it to us because they never had it and we always want something from outside ourselves. I guess for us, the greatest thing we did for our business moving forward was to heal this mother-daughter wound and to stop it, because now we’re both rock-solid in who we are as individuals.” Healing their relationship has meant they can be honest with each other without expectation. Rebecca explains, “We’ve learned to trust each other and ask the raw and real questions between the two of us and not be afraid to hear


what the other person actually has to say about it.” Sandra adds, “and even if Rebecca never wanted to have a relationship with me, it was worth doing my stuff because my journey is my journey. But what we’ve done now that we’ve healed whatever it is that we’ve healed between us, no other female in our lineage will ever come into this planet with the baggage we both came in with. My desire for every woman on this planet would be to have the relationship that we have together. I didn’t have that with my own mother, but that’s okay because that’s her stuff. And the moment I let go of wanting to have that relationship, it opened up the opportunity for me to then nurture my own relationship with my own daughter.” Rebecca concludes, “I would say have a look at your own values around stuff like your own self-worth, self-love and self-confidence. If we can clear that, whatever somebody else does, even if it’s your mother or another woman, you have that power within yourself to say, okay, I am not that, this doesn’t fit me anymore.” As 2020 continues to unfold in new and unexpected ways, Sandra and Rebecca have more work to do and are getting on with doing it. Rebecca continues to host her weekly light language broadcasts with some creative projects in the pipeline, and Sandra is rolling out a series of The PowerFULL You programs. There is no stopping this dynamic duo. Stay tuned for the next chapter. www.thepowerfullyou.com Holistic Bliss | MAY 2020 |



What can a mum

teach her daughter?



n this article, I’m sharing my viewpoint from perspectives: both personal and professional. Personally, I have raised two daughters and can clearly see the good and the not-sogood in my choices. Professionally I have helped many thousands of women, both mothers and daughters. Women share a common theme, whether they’re a mum or a daughter. Things like feeling they’re not enough, relationship stress, insecurity with their bodies, cluttered minds and worrisome thinking, lack of emotional control, consumerism, sexual issues, addictions and boredom, just to name a few. And, it doesn’t matter whether these women were raised in traditional families, separated families, wealth or poverty, consciously or unconsciously. So how does a daughter grow into a woman who feels she is enough? One who loves her body, values her mind, confidently expresses her creativity, enjoys sexual pleasure, is in a happy relationship, has a fun life and cares for the home.

I have a solution that’s simple, but not easy. Although it takes years to master and lots of personal growth initially, each step is fulfilling and will leave you feeling that you have done, and are doing, the best you can. Eliminate that dreaded mum guilt. And it’s never too late to start and receive profound results. Start with the home. Begin to set solid rhythms. Instead of focusing on working as a necessity, make setting a rhythm your ‘job’. 1. Set a rhythm for caring and loving the home. For the cleaning, washing, sorting, decluttering, admin and gardening. For example, Mondays can be for cleaning and admin, Thursdays for laundry and shopping. 2. Set a rhythm for loving your body each day. Practise yoga to nourish your nervous system, balance your emotions and strengthen your immune system. Keep your core strong, your body fit and toned. Meditate to nurture your mind. Feed your body foods that keep it healthy and full of vitality.

3. Take time to be in nature, both night and day. Grow your own food where you can. Fill your home with plants that you love growing and things you enjoy looking at. 4. Learn to live simply and naturally. This way, you can easily afford to work less and pay for your self-care with ease. 5. Express your creativity in ways you love and with things you believe add value to your community, regardless of whether it makes money. 6. Choose a man you love who sees the value in living life this way. Each day, contribute to your relationship and feel grateful for it. Make sure he’s inspired by how much you value yourself, your home and your life. He will love providing for this. 7. Maintain a spiritual practice, personal growth and lots of downtime. Living life this way will raise women who love who they are. I believe it will transform our world. www.julesoneill.com

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Healing Kinesiology Heal subconscious programming, clear energetic blocks


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A lifeline in a

sea of uncertainty



n my early 40s, I would never have guessed I would find myself living and working with my mother fulltime. It was a big change, but once the decision was made, we simply got on with it. For me, family involves a special type of relationship between people, and then there’s the motherdaughter relationship, which is even more unique. Following my separation from a long-term partner a couple of years ago, I found myself facing living alone yet unable to live independently, with a business I wasn’t close to managing myself. There are probably few people and relationships that could withstand one person just dropping everything and coming to another’s aid with little information on how that will impact them, and without too much fuss. Such action is even more extraordinary when it is known at the outset that the change is likely to be permanent. Having moved out of home when

I was 17, I have developed my own way of doing things. The transition to a mother and daughter living and working together arrangement was not all smooth sailing! All healthy relationships can, at some time, be challenging. I now live with my youngest sister as well as my mother, and we live and work together as a team. Accordingly, Sweetness Skulls and Light has transitioned from a one-woman show to a family affair. I have always required assistance, but the move to a family business was something different entirely. Being able to describe what it is that makes family bonds special is not always straightforward. Existing in a presumptive state of support, strength and commitment irrespective of the circumstances, can definitely make you temporarily undervalue and under-appreciate what you have. I say ‘temporarily’ because of course in a time of crisis, the ‘support, strength and commitment irrespective of the

circumstances’ that you so reflexively rely on, is brought to the forefront and it is obvious. Sweetness Skulls and Light – a crystal carving business both in-store and online, in what some would describe as the ‘luxury’ retail product arena – continues amid these very difficult times. The Australian bushfires resulted in a significant downturn in tourist travel to the Byron Bay region, which was closely followed by the previously unimaginable COVID-19 pandemic impacts. The resulting effects on the retail sphere were not something we had allowed for in the business plan. But what I can say with certainty is that we are the best-equipped team to navigate these extremely unusual and challenging times. That is the nature of the mother-daughter relationship. We are in this together, and in a world of uncertainty, that sort of foundation is priceless. www.sweetnessskullsandlight.com

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Download the free HU app Copyright© 2020 ECKANKAR. All rights reserved. The terms ECKANKAR, ECK, EK, MAHANTA, SOUL TRAVEL and VAIRAGI, among others are trademarks of ECKANKAR. Holistic Bliss | MAY 2020 |



Do you have body shame? What are you teaching

your teen?



f you are a mother of a teenage girl, the words sex and your daughter’s name don’t go well in the same sentence. But what if I were to tell you that attitudes towards sex and sexual behaviour in the future can be influenced by attitudes towards your menstrual cycle now? As a woman who made some questionable decisions throughout my life, I certainly want my daughter to have a better foundation for her decisions during this very important part of life. A study published in 2010 in the Journal of Sex Research found that there was a direct link between the shame women feel surrounding their periods and genitalia in general, and the ability to speak up for what they want in the bedroom. Women surveyed for the study who reported feeling shame about their periods, also reported that they were less likely to tell their sex partners what they wanted. They were even less likely to speak up about the use of

condoms or birth control, leading them to engage in risky sexual behaviour. This was compared to women who were more comfortable with their periods. Those women reported having more satisfying sex and being unafraid to tell partners what they enjoy in the bedroom. The study also found a link between being ashamed or embarrassed of periods and general body shame. Rachel grew up in a home where she didn’t ever talk about periods. “It wasn’t the sort of thing I would talk to mum about, the only thing I ‘knew’ about my menstrual cycle was, ‘it wasn’t a good thing’.” Over the years, Rachel’s shame for her cycle expanded to her body image, leaving her with generally low self-esteem. “For most of my late teens and early adulthood, I found I was embarrassed about my body and when with a partner, I didn’t feel confident to say what I really wanted, putting myself in situations I would have rather not been in. If I thought having more

Body Harmony

with Suzannah Tulloch-Facer

Mind Body Spirit Healer & Advanced Theta Practitioner REMOTE DISTANCE SESSIONS • Do you experience insomnia or sleep disruption • Are you feeling stuck or lack motivation • Are you having more arguments and emotional outbursts due to confinement?

confidence around my cycle would help me as a younger person, I would have really liked to know this.” So, what can you do as a mum? Tip 1. Let’s talk about it! Discuss our periods, don’t cringe, don’t flinch, just talk about it and make it normal. Don’t be afraid of making the guys in your social circle uncomfortable, make it okay to be talked about no matter what the situation is. Tip 2. Teach your daughter that her body’s normal functions are nothing to be ashamed of. Save them the stress and discomfort that has followed women for so many generations over what is, in reality, a relatively simple thing. Tip 3. Don’t let menstrual shame live in your home. There is no need to feel negative about yourself or your body, make a safe space at home for your daughter to speak about her menstrual cycle. www.emgoddess.com.au


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It started with a

search for happiness



Haven’t we gotten ourselves into an interesting place; our world is changing rapidly every single day. How are you dealing with it all? Are you falling into fear or into freedom? I know it sounds like an odd word to use, freedom, and yet I also know that falling into freedom is what will help you and me to create the world that we have been asking for since our very first awakening experiences. Remember back then when you first awakened and started to become aware of and search for the ‘something more’ that you knew was missing from your life and within the world?

’d been living the same groundhog day for years, questioning if there was anything more out there for me when a friend told me that “happiness is a choice”. I decided to find out for myself. I read every book I could on ‘being happy’ and the one thing they all had in common was the advice to meditate daily. So I did, even though I couldn’t do it properly and did not have the time. Meditating led me to my next moment of awakening – when I heard a voice speak to me from deep within. “We are all that is, all that was and all that ever will be.” That inner voice whispered to me in my daily meditation for weeks before I decided to get curious and find out where it was coming from and what its purpose was… leading first to becoming a direct voice channel and then onto more and more awakenings into myself. Taking me on a personal journey from where I had been living in un-self-love and separation, to where I now live in unconditional love and oneness with it all. Thirteen years of my personal journey from separation to oneness, from which I now stand stronger and more powerful than ever before, knowing that what

showed up as that whispered inner voice, was my connection to and remembering of my sovereignty, my oneness and our ability to create the world anew when the time came. Each leading to this moment in time that we now find ourselves in as a collective humanity. I feel a sense of peace standing here. This is what I was born for. This is what that deep inner voice that I am now one with has been training me for all this time. I have no doubt that you too were born for this time – this shift from humanity as it was, to humanity as it will be, from disempowered to ultimate power over self. Now is the time to be the change you have been asking to see in the world. Stand with me and share your message of hope and truth. If you’d like to share your awakening story with me, I’d love to hear from you. Join me on my Facebook page. Join Anne weekly for the Giving A Voice to the Power Within live online show on Facebook at: /AnneAlecksonSoulSpeaker Transcend your limitations so you can be, do and have it all, on your own terms. www.AnneAleckson.com Email: info@annealeckson.com

I remember it vividly and I remember every awakening since then and the many dark nights of the soul I dragged myself through in order to be right here, right now. Today, I’d like to share some of that journey with you.

Anne x

Holistic Bliss | MAY 2020 |


Enlightened Changemakers Be the Change

Simon Connell

Michell Mercer

Holistic Pulsing | Voice Dialogue | Intuitive Healer Michell helps you release emotional and physical trauma from your body, mind and spirit. Her NEW online Holistic Pulsing course offers deep relaxation, self-transformation and is a journey to becoming your own healer. Email: michell@relaxrelaterejuvenate.com www.relaxrelaterejuvenate.com /RelaxRelateRejuvenate

Rocio Belinda Mendez – Filmagination Creative and Conscious Video Production Rocio is an intuitive video creator, specialising in bespoke storytelling for purposeful brands. A one-person crew delivering ‘on brand’ content creation, supporting conscious businesses and visionaries. Phone: 0404 521 824 Email: rocio@filmagination.com.au www.filmagination.com.au /filmagination.au @filmagination.au 26

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Teacher of Me, Myself and I Teaching young people 7+ to develop self-mastery of their emotions, energy and thoughts, enabling them to face any challenges and develop confidence in their life. Phone: 0423 496 423 Email: lk@creativegenerations.com.au www.creativegenerations.com.au /LKTommi

Trish Rock

Transformation Catalyst | Intuitive Psychic Trish helps you connect with your soul’s vision, find freedom and purpose again with ease, grace and flow, to live YOUR most authentic and empowered life. Email: trish@trishrock.com www.TrishRock.com /TrishRockAbundance /TrishRock /in/trishrock www.holisticblissmagazine.com

Ayesha Hilton

Mentor for Conscious and Soul-Driven Business Women Known as the Journal Lover, Ayesha has experienced powerful transformations through journalling and she wants to share that with you. Visit her website to receive 2 FREE journals created by Ayesha – Chakra Journal & Oracle Cards Journal. Email: ayesha@ayeshahilton.com www.ayeshahilton.com/bliss /ayeshahiltonpage @ayesha_hilton

Juli May

Luxury Bodywork Ease anxiety by releasing blocks/locks, stepping into your intuitive flow. Unravel physical tension, restoring your complete, natural breath rhythm, within the functional motion of your being. Phone: 0406 569 446 www.maiawellbeing.wordpress.com @maiawellbeing

Vicki O’Connor

Anna Edwards

Intuitive Coaching, Akashic Records, Chanelling, Light Language Intuitive coaching and spiritual guidance at the intersection of life and business. Clarify your purpose, accelerate growth, heal and clear obstacles in your path. Email: info@annaedwards.com.au www.annaedwards.com.au /annaedwards.com.au @anna_maree_edwards

Rebecca Smith & Mea Czerepak BE Kind Revolution Transforming the world through acts of kindness and compassion, one heartbeat at a time. Join the revolution and BE the change you wish to see! Phone: 0413 421 693 Email: connect@bekindrevolution.life www.bekindrevolution.life /Be Kind Revolution @BeKindRevolution

Seven Ladies Empowerment Vicki’s mission is to help women re-awaken to their inner power and wisdom; realise their worth, honour themselves, feel seen, heard and united with the sisterhood to bring about the change this world needs – one woman at a time.” Phone: 0422 314 378 Email: sevenladies1@outlook.com www.sevenladiesempowerment.com /SevenLadies1 @sevenladiesempowerment Holistic Bliss | MAY 2020 |




Trish Rock

Trish Rock is a Transformation Catalyst, facilitating dynamic transformation – helping CAREER WOMEN live an authentic and empowered life. The unique 5-step process she teaches in The Dynamic Transformation program, INTERRUPTS your current story and shows you an aligned way to step into living your best life. Guiding her clients as they transform into the personality that IS the character in their new movie, Trish has seen lives change virtually overnight and says: “when we live a more authentic vibration, we become aligned with our purpose and truth, and therefore our joy and abundance.”

Anna Edwards

An intuitive coach and channel, Anna works at the junction of business, spiritual growth, and soul purpose and is passionate about supporting her clients through rapid change and expansion. She mixes practical, actionable business strategy with energetic work. As a psychic, channel and healer, Anna uses the Akashic Records and Light Language to align you with your soul-level purpose and to move forward with clarity. With the energy shifting rapidly now, Anna shares that “the easiest way to stay on path is to remain centred in the now, connect with your intuitive feminine flow and allow that to expedite your journey. “During periods of change, embrace your uniqueness and


| MAY 2020 | Holistic Bliss

Trish’s greatest wish for us all is the message of self-love, empowerment and belief. She wants you to truly know this in your heart, your cells and your mind: “You are magnificent, you are enough. You always have been and always will be.” As an Enlightened Changemaker, Trish stays present to the magic and wonder of life in every moment, leading the way for others to see the magic all around them, and within. “Doing the inner work with more grace and ease, allows others to also see it is possible for them, and with the new perception of that, the seemingly impossible becomes possible.”

remember that your vibration speaks louder than words when you are promoting your business. Self-care is essential for maintaining a high vibration.” She recommends that you be mindful of the effects of fear and grief on your energy body as they can have a significant impact on your expansion, contraction, and the flow of money. As an Enlightened Changemaker, Anna would like to see everyone in the world living a life that is in full alignment with their soul’s purpose, free of fear and limitations, embodying their divine self.




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What are you

nurturing, creating, birthing?



ou’re either from a certain generation or you’re the daughter of it. The mothers, grandmothers, aunts – all daughters – the women who have passed on their influence down through the genetic line to you via your upbringing – this has been shaped by what’s gone before. Subconscious programming becomes your beliefs and how you view and interact with life. Generations of women experiencing life have lived them so differently, haven’t they? It’s meant different directions, choices, compromises, either with or without a sense of empowerment. You might be able to view the women that have gone before you with appreciation. It seems the world is ready – to defy the old conventions, the clichés are being thrown aside, the ‘glass ceilings’, accepted norms – the experience of women is becoming more empowered to express themselves, to go for what they want. There are no ‘permissions’ needed anymore. Think of the archetypal roles we

women go through in life: birth ~ nurturing ~ growth ~ creation ~ intuition. Whatever that means for you and your life, you may be using the same energies. What are you nurturing, creating, birthing? Are you creating your experience? Do you feel connected to your path in life? These are the questions that hopefully you’ve been taught to ask of yourself. It’s about nurturing yourself to unfold. We have all experienced the same – albeit different versions – of subconscious programming. The stereotypes from a society at the time that didn’t ‘allow’ a woman to do what she wanted to do. Opportunities never given. All those suppressed visions of life potentially never fulfilled! I think when you can view yourself on your individual path, you can then appreciate the perspective of what past generations have gone through. So with what’s been passed down to you, subconsciously or consciously – you’ve either been taught to settle for what comes to you, or break the

mould! I was lucky to have a mother who encouraged me to be whatever I wanted to be! But unless you have no subconscious limitations causing conflicts within, it’s not an automatic thing. To be empowered, is to learn to trust yourself and develop your individuality. Creating yourself is a continual exercise – to connect to your power, to discover your uniqueness. It’s clearing the programming of gender roles, the freedom to ‘be’, embodying a strong sense of self. This is why I particularly work with women; to bring about more balance, not only to women, but to the shared experience of women; how we support each other through our shared journeys, to acknowledge we are all connected. Paths are rarely individual – they intersect and influence all around us. Evolve the stereotypes passed on! Connect to your empowered self. And thank the women that have gone before you. www.healingkinesiology.com.au

the “feel good” festival Discover SA’s Leading Health & Wellbeing Festival • Wellbeing Products • Food and Drinks • Free Workshops • Come and Try Classes • Kids’ Activities

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Saturday 5 & Sunday 6 December 2020 – 10am-5pm Plus Twilight Market and Music in Garden 5pm-8pm Saturday

Partridge House, 38 Partridge Street, Glenelg For more info: www.enlightenadelaide.com.au www.facebook.com/enlightenadelaide Proudly supported by

Shara Sanctuary & Retreat

Centre for Health & Wellbeing


| MAY 2020 | Holistic Bliss




Honour our female lineage Words JANET McGEEVER


t is said that within the womb of an unborn girl are all the eggs she will ever carry, some 20 million, which is more than she’ll ever need in one lifetime. This means that while innocently developing as a foetus in her mother’s womb, a girl child already holds the potential for her future children and her mother’s future grandchildren within her own womb; life begetting life, begetting life. Thus, three generations simultaneously exist over the 40 weeks of gestation: the mother, the unborn child, and the unfertilised eggs of the future generation. The modern study of epigenetics now tells us that it is not only genes that determine our tendencies, but also external and environmental factors. So whatever your grandmother carried in her experience of life has a considerable influence on you, your tendencies, your unconscious cell memories and the like.

And if you want to take this further, she also held her own grandmother’s, as well as her mother’s genetics and tendencies. We cannot escape the influence of our ancestors. As women, we are infinitely connected to our female lineage. It is said in family constellations that we inherit up to seven generations of our ancestors’ cell memories. We are inherently connected through our DNA to their lives, their hardship, their environments and, consequently, to their suffering, grief, sadness and loss. This is something to think about. Contemplate your grandmother’s or your great-grandmother’s life. Where she lived, how she lived. How has this connection influenced you? We can fall into focusing on the suffering that has been passed along, but what about the resilience, bravery, power, courage, love and inspiration that we can take from those women who lived before us?

Draw on them and their positive qualities to take you forward. They experienced hardship, many experienced war. They know what it’s like to have their whole world turned upside down. In this current time, if you are having difficulty finding your inner compass, sit quietly for a while. Energetically call on these women for inspiration and know that they lived through things we may have never even thought of and yet, they survived and perhaps even thrived. And know that the one thing the fabric of this world is made of is love. Love is inscribed into every cell of your being, and this vital life-giving thread has been passed down the generations. Janet is co-author of Tantric Sex and Menopause, co-presenter of The Making Love Retreat in Australia and creator of Womantime, Ancient Wisdom for the Modern Day Woman. www.janetmcgeever.com

“IT’S PITCH PERFECT TIME!” We are publishing more articles on our popular website: www.holisticblissmagazine.com and invite you to email us your unique article pitches that are educational and non-promotional. Please send to: ed@holisticblissmagazine.com And if you don’t know how to pitch, book a 70-minute Zoom (one-one-one Masterclass) with editor, publisher, founder of Holistic Bliss, published writer and holistic coach, Vanessa Finnigan. EMAIL FOR SESSION COSTS AND BOOKING TIMES

Would you like to be published in a range of magazines and other online global platforms? Vanessa has had articles published in: Cosmopolitan magazine, Wellbeing magazine, MX News, NZ Fitness, Healthy Options NZ, Rainbow News NZ, Living Now, Insight, Diabetic Living, Nova, Green Lifestyle magazine and more recently Thrive Global and Inspiring Lives Magazine in Barnes and Nobles in the USA. Holistic Bliss | MAY 2020 |





are like my

left and right brain



t’s a true blessing to be gifted with two beautiful daughters, both now grown into beautiful women and so different from each other. I feel blessed because we have an honest and beautiful connection. Sadly, the connection I had with my own mother just didn’t exist. I grew up in a poor and abusive family with an older sister and three younger brothers. My mother, who married three times, seemed to have nervous breakdown after nervous breakdown. It felt as if she didn’t have enough love for all of us. Growing up with violence makes you think twice about having a big family yourself. So, I imagined I would only ever have one child. Funny how life takes you where you least expect it. My first daughter, Emmagen, was a dream baby, and I never had to worry about her. She was always happy, content and easy to please. I remember

my friends saying, “You wait until she turns two, then you’ll know about it”. Know what? She was just lovely. Even to this day, I never worry about her. She’s married to a great guy, they’ve bought a house, and they both have great jobs. But Louise was coming into this world no matter what I thought I wanted. I am so grateful she did, because she teaches me so much. She is my butterfly. She created the balance I didn’t know I needed to find. Louise is so different to her older sister. She has been one challenge after another. At the age of 17 months, Louise drowned in our pool in Cairns. Fortunately, I had recently done a first aid course and was able to save her life. The guilt I felt for leaving the gate open was life-shattering, and painting seemed the only thing that helped ease the pain. Each painting represented

one of the ‘Kids Alive – Do The Five’ scenarios. I joined the Kids Alive committee, and my paintings were used in their promotional material. We handed out pool safety information packs at shopping centres throughout Cairns to thousands of people. I’m sure I’m not alone in having two daughters (or even sons) that are like chalk and cheese. Funnily, I see a lot of me in each of my daughters: one the corporate, the other the hippy. I could even describe them as my left and right brain. Emmagen is more the left analytical, logical and practical girl, while Louise is more right-brained, creative, intuitive and spiritual. Helen recently published her first book, Coffee Stains for Balanced Brains, which is based on lesson eight of her empowering training course Right Brain Genius. To learn more, visit: www.rightbraingenius.com.au

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Profile of a Crystal:

Black Tourmaline WORDS Charlie Lally


lack Tourmaline is also a powerful grounding stone, electrical in nature, providing a connection between Earth and the human spirit. Its supportive energy aligns the energy centres of the body and channels healing light throughout the system. Black Tourmaline also aids in the removal of negative energies within a person or space. Black Tourmaline is a stone that cleanses, purifies and forms a protective shield around the emotional body of negative thoughts, anxieties, anger or feelings of unworthiness. It banishes feelings of being a victim and attracts inspiration, compassion and prosperity. A powerful mental healer that releases tension and removes blockages. It balances, harmonises, and protects all of the chakras.


From barely surviving,

to absolutely thriving! WORDS Geeta Powani

The transformational journey of a mother and daughter’s journey to overcome eczema (requiring hospitalisation) to now living steroid and antibiotic free.


y daughter, Mia was disappearing before my eyes. Her eczema not only required two periods of hospitalisation, 12 months of light therapy, daily bleach baths, regular antibiotics and up to 10 tubes of steroid cream a month… but her eczema symptoms continued to spiral out of control, with no reprieve in sight (the doctors were recommending long-term immune suppressant medication to manage her symptoms). I felt completely helpless and lost in a medical system not knowing what to do or where to go. I felt sick in the pit of my stomach. The pain in my heart seeing my child’s pain consumed my every waking breath. The light in my daughter’s eyes was fading fast. When faced with commencing even more medication, I had decided enough was enough! It was time to reclaim my daughter’s and my life! With this surge of energy (like a lioness protecting her cub), I was guided to the right people who helped me heal Mia’s gut and calm the inflammation in her body. During this time, I also tuned in to the wisdom used for hundreds of years in my Indian heritage (Ayurveda) to blend topical eczema creams as we slowly started weening off steroid creams. I remember my dad grew a neem

plant, and I would take the leaves and make oil blends to see what worked best on Mia’s eczema. For the first time, I felt empowered, alive and filled with excitement that what I was creating was not only clean and gentle but it was also effective in helping calm Mia’s skin. Not only did Mia’s eczema start to improve before our eyes, her laughter returned back in our home. Why hadn’t I thought of this before? Did my greatest pain crack me open to create the path for these beautiful products to be born? Maybe. To be honest, I feel complete gratitude for our journey (as painful as it was). I am very positive and empowered with how I approach my family’s health. Mia has transformed from extreme eczema to now living antibiotics or steroid creams free for the last 3.5 years – she is absolutely thriving! Today, she simply uses the skin care products that I have developed for her. The journey which has been filled with light, love, courage and unshakeable commitment to help my daughter, has now evolved into being of service to other children suffering from eczema with our range of products. www.mymias.com

Holistic Bliss | MAY 2020 |




hard truth about motherhood



hat a tricky, complicated relationship this one is. A minefield of emotions arises with every interaction. Recently, one of my girls suffered her first heartbreak. What I wasn’t expecting was the absolute agony of my own heart, breaking for her. I’m pretty sure I handled it badly. Everything I said was wrong on every level, and for the first time in my life, I doubted my ability to read situations and my own child. I felt utterly disconnected and useless. The interesting thing about motherdaughter relationships is that they are


| MAY 2020 | Holistic Bliss

forever changing as the child gets older. So, as a mother, we have to be aware and change or create our boundaries accordingly. It’s such a minefield. I’m always apologising to my daughters if I feel I have let them down in any way. I catch myself sounding like my own mother and realising my relationship with her is like a wave on a graph. It also changes as we age. I’m aware of unresolved resentment from my childhood triggering me when I’m around her. She really is the sweetest, kindest and most gentle person I know, and to be honest, for whatever deep-

seated reason, I’m ashamed that at times I’m not so kind back. If I’m 100% honest, I also mother my daughters differently. They are polar opposites, so I have to adapt my words, actions or reactions to get the best outcome for them. I feel like I’m always worried they aren’t happy. As a society, we put hugely unrealistic expectations on always being happy. I figure if I teach my daughters the value of gratitude, that’s half my job done. www.ecotan.com.au


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power in those moments that bring you to your knees!



ave you ever experienced a moment when it’s hard to breathe or fathom the change that has occurred? You have lost someone or something that helped you stand strong. You feel like the carpet has been ripped out from under you. You feel shaky and uncertain… As humans, we can all relate to this on some level. No one is exempt. This is life, and the adventure is navigating through it – ideally graciously, but often fiercely with a lack of confidence and vision. In 2018, I was given a gift of such great trauma that I had no choice other than to go to parts of my soul I had never experienced before. It was painful and devastating, yet liberating and profound. So how does a human who’s been hurt and experienced such loss and pain rise to a new level of happiness, joy and love?


| MAY 2020 | Holistic Bliss

When we commit to our humanness, we take on a challenge to look beyond stories and delusions. We choose to rip the plaster off the pain and see it for what it brings us. And this takes great courage. I call this ‘unpacking’ the truth, and it’s part of the first stage of the Human Reinvention Formula! It is where profound expansion begins, but be aware that this is the part in which so many humans refuse to engage. If you knew that the most painful moments in life would be the fuel to reach new heights in your life or business, would you sign up for the RESET and REINVENTION? So, where do you start? Step A – Be brutally honest (with kindness to self) about what the pain really is. Where does it stem from? What stories have you signed up for around it? Name it, admit the truth to yourself

around it, and trust that all will be revealed. Step B – What restrictions have you put in place that may or may not be true? Step C – What do you need MOST right now to allow you to release the attachment to the story so the truth can come through? This is just a start. You can read about the deeper stages in my book under Activation: Unpack, Disrupt and Upgrade! There is always an opportunity for empowerment on the other side of a challenge or pain … it is in your hands! The Human Reinvention Formula is the work of Mia Munro, a woman who has lived many lives in 45 years, travelled globally and now resides on the Sunshine Coast. An author, human transformational expert and ethical visionary, Mia’s mission is to support the activation, collaboration and expansion of human beings. www.miamunro.com



• A broad range of natural and part polished crystals and stones • Semi-precious gemstone animal carvings and other sculptures • Specialising in crystal/stone skull carvings in the human form (also alien, dragon and raven styles) • High end statement carvings • Original skull artwork



Look after your hands

(like they look after you)

Words Jessica Booth


riting, carrying, typing, driving, creating, cleaning, achieving – day after day after day. Ever thought how your eight fingers, two opposable thumbs and palms work tirelessly without complaining? Opening and closing up to 25 million times in our lives, our hands are also essential communicators when it comes to expressing ourselves with others, secret detectives when it comes to understanding the world around us, and integral to every loving act. From the unifying power of touch and lifting heavy loads, to threading cotton through the tiniest eye of a needle and producing world-changing music and art – our hands are exceptional and integral. Yet we can easily take our miracle mitts for granted and often overlook and neglect them. Stress, work and even the weather can all affect our hands and therefore how the rest of us feels, meaning they can hold tension we never knew was there. Hand massage benefits go way

beyond just making our hands feel deeply relaxed. Throughout history, civilisations have worked on hands, feet and ears to improve general body health and wellbeing. Thanks to the reflexology points in the hands having a direct link to our muscles, organs and nerves, hand massage is now known to potentially reduce anxiety, clear energetic channels, boost mood, improve sleep and even reduce headaches. And what’s more, you can learn to do it yourself with our seven easy steps: 1. Warm your hand and arm muscles with a warmed towel (or a bath or shower); 2. Warm some drops of Equilibrium between your palms, taking time to breathe in the scent as you centre yourself and take a moment to appreciate all that your hands do for you; 3. Apply your warmed Equilibrium to your hands and arms using soft strokes of one palm – up to your elbows or shoulders and down on each arm

three times to further warm up the muscles (it is sometimes easier to do this with one hand resting on a table as the other hand strokes up and down); 4. Lovingly cup your hand around your forearm just above your wrist, with your thumb underneath. Squeeze and work your way slowly up to your elbow and back down again, repeat three times on each arm; 5. Start to move your thumb and fingers up and down your forearm and hand, as you press in a circular or back-and-forth motion with moderate pressure three times on each arm; 6. Press your thumb in a circular motion with moderate pressure all around the back of your hand and then your palm. Continue pressure with your thumb along both sides of each finger. Use your thumb to massage the area between your thumb and forefinger; 7. Put your hands in your lap, let their weight drop, close your eyes breathe for a few moments as you give thanks for all the work they do. www.aura-soma.com



Pure Australian Native Perfumes made from Rare & Precious plants and flowers

No pthalates

www.trnp.com.au 38

| MAY 2020 | Holistic Bliss




here’s a lot of anxiety and fear around, so I’m going to take you through Conscious Rest. I used to call it Constructive Rest but felt the word ‘constructive’ was too linear and solid to express the natural, nurturing flow of the body’s healing energy. Conscious Rest is when a person is guided into a relaxed state while the mind stays active. It is a hypnagogic state – the threshold between alpha and beta waves – the knife-edge where the body sleeps while the mind is lucid. I’ve been practising and teaching Conscious Rest for many years, observing the same response across the board, with the body and mind returning to a calm, measured state. It’s here we can sense the reality of our humanity. Personally, I feel spaciousness and lightness within and around me. This is the natural state in which we develop an awareness of the energetic

axis that will spontaneously move both our physical and spiritual systems back into balance. To know ourself is to know our human form. How does it work? What do I do that creates discomfort? How can I learn what I need to flourish? What is this body capable of; therefore, what am I capable of? Lie comfortably on the floor in a quiet, uninterrupted space. Place your feet flat on the floor, hip-socket width apart so your knees are facing the ceiling. Tie a yoga belt around the top of your thighs to support the weight of your tired legs. Make sure your head and neck are supported. Rest the weight back into the support and soften your lips. Place an eye pillow over your eyes and lay your arms where they can comfortably rest their weight – on the floor at your side, out from your shoulders or on your body.


The Eden Method

Feel the shape of your feet, pelvis, back and back of head resting on the floor. Have an image of your body lying in this position. Sense the feeling of how the air comes into your body and how it feels as it leaves. Have no preconceived notions of how it should be. It is what it is, and you simply sense and acknowledge it. Feel the places in your body that are moved by your breath. Notice how your body moves as you inhale and how it moves as you exhale. Allow that movement to take place. Sense the feeling of the different parts of your body as you scan yourself from feet to head. Focus especially on your bones, your spine and ribs, and how they breathe. Stay in this state for at least 20 minutes. Lay on your side before you slowly sit up. Peace. www.kahunamist.com

Integrative approach to health


Join Elizabeth Caruana, Eden Energy Medicine Advanced Practitioner (EEM-AP) and Eden Method Level 1: Fundamentals Teacher

Dr Vivienne Taylor offers comprehensive assessments for both men, women and children with special interests in hormones, anti-ageing, nutrition, lifestyle management and longevity.

June 13-14 – Live Online Introduction to Energy Medicine Weekend June 15 – Live Online A Focus on Women’s Hormone Health Online Eden Energy Medicine Sessions ‘Energy Medicine puts your health and wellbeing into your own hands.’ – Donna Eden

Ibuki Regenerative Medicine offers a refreshing approach to your health, combining conventional and complementary medicines to increase your quality of life.

Sage Life

Dr Sanchez complements the Ibuki Team with his expertise in nutritional medicine, IV therapy treatment, obesity, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune and management of chronic diseases. Telehealth & Telephone consultations now available. Practitioner prescribed supplements and our skin care range of products can be ordered and posted for your convenience.

Empower | Evolve | Thrive FOR BOOKINGS CALL

71/6 Quamby Place, Noosa Heads

+61 405 665 853

Phone 5447 5679

www.sagelife.com.au /em.sagelife

regenerative medicine

www.ibukihealth.com Holistic Bliss | MAY 2020 |


Eden Method case study:

Relieving chronic pain naturally

Words Elizabeth Caruana


client with chronic shoulder/ neck pain for over 10 years booked in for a series of sessions and had been seeing a health professional regularly for the pain. After intake, sessions always began with testing her basic energies. Donna Eden, founder of the Eden Method and world-renowned teacher and healer, states, “when your basic energies are off, you lose your power!” We use ‘energy testing’, a very gentle technique to assess whether energy is flowing in regular patterns in the energy system being tested. My client tested for ‘homolateral energies’ which simply means, her energies were not crossing over well. When a person’s energies are in the homolateral state, the person only has access to less than 50% of their available energies. It’s like running a car that uses $100 worth of petrol each day, on just $50 of petrol. In the homolateral state the person can experience brain

fog, lethargy, depression, and have difficulty healing. Pain further isolates a person and without full access to their energies, healing from pain or illness can be difficult. The wonderful news with the Eden Method is that after a session, the practitioner will ‘prescribe’ a tailored self-care plan, with simple exercises to further re-pattern core energies that tested as not being in flow and harmony. In a session, we form a partnership with our clients and it is quite different to what clients are used to with Western Medicine. My client committed to doing the correction exercise several times each day, along with pain reducing techniques as we worked together. I would track and balance the energies that were revealed as needing attention during the session, and worked by layering pain techniques. My client would continue to support the repatterning by completing her tailored self-care daily between sessions.

In subsequent sessions the energies that were assigned with self-care were assessed to see if the repatterning was holding and they were. This client felt a major release from her pain during a chakra clear on her third session, and her pain was completely relieved. In the years since, her pain has only returned on the odd occasion, and she managed it herself by returning to the pain techniques she had been taught during her sessions. It is not typical that clients have such profound healing from chronic pain in just three sessions. I attribute the unique Eden Method of consistent ‘Energy Tracking’, working with multiple energy systems, plus my client’s diligence to assigned self-care, and understanding the relationship between pain and emotions, as major factors in the rapid release of her chronic pain. www.sagelife.com.au

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i dh bo

d an

e m


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Global crisis

holistic GP 's perspective

from an



t’s an unprecedented time for everyone living in the current world. And it makes one reflect on many areas of life. Some people work very hard to earn money and buy things like big houses, fancy cars and the latest gadgets. But now, the pandemic is making them rethink. Unfortunately, the Coronavirus is taking the lives of a lot of people, and money cannot guarantee your protection against this terrible disease. Even prime ministers and members of royal families can contract the virus. I deal with all walks of life in my profession. I treat every person with the same enthusiasm, trying to prevent disease. There’s been a lot in the media about trying to reduce the number of people getting infected with the social distancing and self-isolation practices.

Talking to my family in Spain, where the army is on the streets arresting people who are ignoring the national lockdown, the cases are still going up and up. It is a sci-fi movie made into reality. Famous people are dying despite being very wealthy. Nothing much has been said about how people can prepare or prevent getting infected. There’s a lot of anxiety from the bombardment of questionable daily news. This is stressing people, with a detrimental effect on their immune system. People are running to the supermarket stocking up on nutrientdeprived foods like pasta and rice, things that get metabolised into glucose, elevating the blood sugar levels and causing immunosuppression. They also may be running to stock up on alcohol,

just in case they go into lockdown, when this will make them more susceptible to infection, but not much is said about this. My take on it is that unfortunately the world cannot continue at this rate of consumerism, where the environment is being poisoned, and there are negative effects on people’s health. Too many are just focused on themselves and making lots of money. Without health we have nothing, and there are a lot of ways of promoting it with lifestyle changes that are cheap and effective. We should learn from this hard lesson given to us by nature right now. And value life for its essentials and know that every living being should have the right to live a healthy life. www.ibukihealth.com

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Living Greens combines alfalfa, wheat grass and green barley leaf to provide a superfood rich in enzymes, chlorophyll, vitamins, minerals and amino acids. The powder can be mixed with water or smoothies and consumed daily. It helps with nutritional support, alkalising the body and boosting the immune system.

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Is your animal an ambassador to raise WORDS VIV ADCOCK


e are all navigating an unprecedented time of change. Our ability to relax through major transitions is being challenged on a deeply personal level. Does our emotional state affect our pets and can they play a part in easing us through those moments or days when our own survival instinct is triggered? Animals communicate and function telepathically and energetically. When we become stressed our adrenalin levels

peak, sending out an energetic distress signal. Have you noticed your pet’s response to your voice tone or mood for instance? I have heard many people say that their pet is sensitive. I ask them “are they sensitive or highly aware of something?” In the animal kingdom, a stressed animal is sensed on the airwaves by any opportunistic predator, which can threaten the safety of the herd or pack. I recall watching my young horse

being introduced to the concept of going into a horse trailer. Her survival instincts were being triggered, she was unsure and reactive as she did her best to side-step and avoid putting her foot on the ramp. As her energy escalated upwards, I noticed four swallows, seemingly flying in a formation about three metres above her. She calmed down, and the birds disappeared. As she was encouraged to take steps inside the float (which can initially be scary for a horse) her reaction heightened again and the swallows came back, flying over her. Were they contributing to dispersing her stress? Some of our pets are healing animals, meaning they have the ability to calm, change and sometimes take on our emotional and physical issues (think of the Calming Goat on the movie Ferdinand!) If you have an anxious animal – is it actually the animal’s natural state to be anxious or has it taken on the anxiety from a situation, environment or one of its two legged pack members? What if the anxiety was a signal, not a problem as we so often conclude? Could the

Holisti c Pet Products FAMILY OWNED BUSINESS

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• Certified Organic • 100% Natural • Plant-Based Ingredients • Australian made and owned • Approved by veterinarians and naturopaths, developed by an animal nutritionist.

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your awareness?

animal’s aim be to dissipate the energy and raise awareness for the owner and contribute to changing something? You could practise asking your animal questions to expand your awareness of what is going on for them. Questions can open up energetic communication, as

the animal perceives you reaching into their world. What awareness are you giving me? Can you make it clear so I can get it? Is this yours or someone else’s? Can you dissipate this with ease? Also practise BEING with your pets.

Consciously connect with them as a being and learn to receive from them. VIV ADCOCK is a Talk to the Animals Facilitator. Email: info@vivadcock.com www.vivadcock.com


We’ve discovered how to map the mind and hence can resolve allergies and behavioural problems, because it’s all in the mind.


Natural treatment, diagnosis and treatment costs less than a standard allergy test RESULTS ARE IMMEDIATE AND EFFECTIVE

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Garry Bright BVSc (PRET) Lic Ac – Veterinary Surgeon, Acupuncturist

42 Maple Street COOROY Qld 4563

www.maplestreetvet.com.au | 5447 7877 App: Sound Files – www.garrybright.com.au/app Holistic Bliss | MAY 2020 |


Dental decoding

as a tool for


Words Dr Maria Giles


eeth are fascinating, unique structures and what I find most interesting about them, is they can tell us a lot more than just how good we are at brushing and flossing (and how often we do it). The concept of psychogenealogy was founded by Professor Carl Jung who was the first person to identify connections between a person and their ancestors beyond the standard family tree. We already know that teeth can provide a snapshot of our overall health and well-being, but this concept looks at using teeth to identify the suffering of our ancestors. Within psychogeneaology is the practice of dental decoding, which is a powerful tool for self-knowledge. It’s believed that the emotional and physical stresses and trauma of our ancestors are manifested in our teeth. This can be seen in the position and shape of the teeth and their roots, as well as the bite and dental arch. These

aspects can reveal how a person has expressed the emotional distress of their family tree. So, what does the practice of dental decoding look like when you visit the dentist? This process isn’t just your standard check-up and clean. Dental decoding involves looking deeper into the physical structure and alignment of teeth within the mouth. The most ideal way to do this is to take a 180-degree x-ray of the jaw. These x-rays are usually taken before orthodontic treatment, wisdom teeth extractions, or major cosmetic repairs, and are usually valid for five to 10 years from when they were taken. From this, dentists with experience in psychogeneaology can analyse the structure and placement of each tooth to identify relevant events and information. Dental decoding can be beneficial to patients, as it can help improve the success of treatment. It is

not guaranteed, but it helps with understanding why situations occur and potentially preventing them from happening. If dental decoding is something you are interested in learning more about, give the team at Face Value Dental a call to schedule a consultation appointment with me. Dr Maria Giles qualified in 2000 in Colombia and passed the Australia Dental Council examinations in 2006, allowing her full recognition in Australia. Before coming to Australia, she was practising as a general practitioner in her home country of Colombia, and now enjoys all aspects of dentistry, particularly holistic dentistry. Maria speaks Spanish and is more than happy to treat those from the Spanishspeaking community. Outside of work, she enjoys keeping fit and healthy and learning mindfulness, meditation, and aromatherapy. Maria is constantly working to introduce new holistic approaches to her life and dental practices. www.facevaluedental.com

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The Inside Hustle. A Mystical Misfit’s Travel Adventure Into The Unknown

Feels Like Heaven

AUTHOR Joanna Walden The Inside Hustle shakes off the ordinary for the extraordinary, delivering thought-provoking wisdom for the now moment with fierce authenticity, honesty and humour. Living through 9/11 in New York, Joanna experienced a moment of clarity which propelled a search for her true divine self. She hikes the Camino de Santiago, climbs Mount Kilimanjaro, imbibes plant medicine, consults energy healers and visits sacred sites in a comedy of errors searching for purpose and truth. It’s a transformational travel adventure taking you on a wild ride, which is as entertaining as it is enlightening. Are you ready to unlock the truth of who you really are?

RRP: Paperback $34.99, eBook $14.99. Purchase via Amazon, iBooks or www.joannawalden.com



ARTISTS Dubarray Dubarray have returned with another uplifting, soulful and euphoric groovebased funk track which combines the atmospheric ethereal synths and vocals which Dubarray are well known for with a powerful rolling groove-based undertow. ‘Feels like Heaven’ was inspired by the band’s journey with ‘Breath Work’ and the euphoric state of bliss it brings when layers are shed from the cells through the invitation of Prana into the body. The track brings influences like ‘Massive Attack’, ‘Faithless’ and other 90s-inspired bands into a unique modern Dubarray flavour. This is a track to get you moving.

RRP: $2.00. To purchase the track go to: www.dubarray.bandcamp.com/track/feels-like-heaven Available also on Spotify.

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Celebrate your Words KRISHNA EVERSON


e entered 2020 filled with excitement and anticipation, and almost overnight this changed. For many of us fear and overwhelm is present, as well as anger, defiance, and depression as our civil liberties are tampered with, by forces beyond our control, and our safety nets removed. At this time I want to encourage you with all my heart. YOU WERE BORN FOR SUCH A TIME AS THIS! Each of us has a role to play in the healing of the planet and our community. It doesn’t have to be world domination, and maybe small by comparison, but equally important. Your role matters. I invite you to hold out your hand and visualise a collection of seeds in your palm. These are seeds that you already hold within you! Some of which have already been planted. Before COVID-19 you were destined for great things, and you still are. THIS HAS NOT CHANGED! As

nurturing ever-changing nature

your awareness of what you already hold expands, invite what’s possible FOR THIS MOMENT in. EVERYTHING IS POSSIBLE! We live in a world filled with manmade constructs that are crumbling away. It is a time of great change. Change that many of us, have been asking for. As I reflect on this mother-daughter edition of the magazine, I acknowledge our nurturing nature. We have always been NURTURERS! We can take something small, inconsequential, seemingly benign, and incubate it into something magical, astounding and magnificent! It is our divine nature to do this. As the world navigates this historical period for humanity together, we can take one step at a time toward a new reality. One that we create! Whatever happens, you have got this! You can do it! What can you create in a different way? What’s been in your heart for a

long time that you now have space to manifest? What new reality is possible? What can you imagine into being? No matter what is happening around us CHANGE IS INEVITABLE! It always has been, aside from our physical death, change is the only thing we can be certain of. EMBRACE CHANGE! So, what do all the shifts mean for you? What does it look like in your world? Do you have a new routine? Is your family life different than before? Are you pursuing new projects? Have new possibilities for vocations opened for you? Does your life have new meaning? Take the time to nurture these new possibilities. This is only temporary. Expand into possibility rather than contract into fear. Reach out to your community. Check in with those who need it. Support the vulnerable around you. Do your part. But don’t give up. NOW IS THE TIME TO RISE UP! You already know this. Feel it deeply within.

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STEM CELLS HELP WITH SLEEP, BONE DENSITY, REBUILDING CARTILAGE AND ORGANS Stem Enhance ULTRA – the only clinically proven and patented product in history that triggers the release of our own stem cells. • ANTI-AGEING IS NOW A REALITY • PROMOTES POSITIVE MIND and MOOD I am 69 and now have no more brain fog, sore joints, bleeding gums, don’t wear glasses and miraculously play tennis 4 times a week.

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Repair and Regenerate your Body 50

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The Amazing


from Russia

SHUNGITE – The Healing Stone “This stone possesses amazing cleansing and healing properties”. M. Polevaya, Author.

Shungite cures, purifies, heals, protects, restores your health and even stimulates growth in your systems, and can be used in agriculture.

Shungite is – • a natural antioxidant that can increase human immunity • an absorbent, purifying air and water • a catalyst which ensures decomposition of organic substances • a carrier of wide range of microelements and biologically active substances • a protector shielding you from electromagnetic fields (EMF) Available for purchase – Pendants, Tumbled Stones, Pyramids, Spheres, Eggs, Bracelets, Water Purifying Stones and More… Ask for a Catalogue

Contact: Richard Giles on 07-5435 0158 Email: ricgiles@powerup.com.au

See my “Shungite Australia” page on Facebook Richard is also available to do Feng Shui assessments of your home and business and to do Astrological readings for your Life Events. Holistic Bliss | MAY 2020 |


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Celebrate your nurturing ever-changing nature

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Dental decoding as a tool for self-knowledge

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Is your animal an ambassador to raise your awareness?

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Do you have body shame? What are you teaching your teen?

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A lifeline in a sea of uncertainty

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Sandra Meehan & Rebecca Bowden: Connecting is out of this world

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Mother healing and manifesting

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Turning heartbreak into possibilities

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When a substitute mother was required

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Family of Financial Females

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What are you focusing on right now?

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What to do when you don't have seeds or seedlings

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Immunity boosting and antiviral herbs

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Cinnamon and Rhubarb Cake

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Flipping your reaction to Coronavirus

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Sweet Potato Crackers

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