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“Your Magazine With Soul”

Beyond the Ageing Myth Timeless Radiance Nigella in the Kitchen?

Kim and Fleur


MARCH 2012 EDITION VOLUME 33 ISSN: 1836-8840

2/21/2012 4:08:09 PM

EXPERIENCE THE DIFFERENCE Sue Joseph, the owner of Daisy’s Place, has made an extraordinary transformation of the old Rustic Cabin, and with her team has created a unique and elegant space to enjoy your next dining experience.

NATHAN RUMBLE IS THE NEW HEAD CHEF He and his team have an abundance of experience, and an extreme passion for food, which really shows in the new autumn menu. He has kept some of Daisy’s favourites. • Fu Funky tea room • Private Pr dining room for eig eight • Stylish S air-conditioned d dining room, overlooking th the beautiful gardens fe featuring a waterfall and w waterscape feature • Casual alfresco dining on the deck – nestled in lush rainforest surrounds

T: 07 5494 5192 2859 Steve Irwin Way, Glenview (just off the highway onto Steve Irwin Way) 2.indd 1

2/24/2012 8:53:42 AM




OPEN ALL DAY FROM 8AM – 7 DAYS BREAKFAST – LUNCH – DINNER ALL DAY TAPAS – WOOD FIRED PIZZA – COFFEE and CAKE (Closed for dinner service from 5pm Monday and Tuesday nights)


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E: W: 2/24/2012 8:54:29 AM

follow your bliss! back the clock twenty or thirty years to do this? FREE CO COPY

Having said all of that… reflecting on time ticking away is not such a bad thing, if it can be a motivating influence which helps us look at our priorities and focus on what we wish to contribute and leave behind (age is no barrier), allowing our true selves to be realised. On the cover this month Kim and Fleur aka the Choccy Chics talk about their experiences after living and breathing a perspective that challenges the myths and helps women to feel and look great at the age they are and do it as naturally as possible. Thank-you all for your wonderful feedback from last month. We have been delighted with your calls and emails.


hen do you think women start to worry about their age or looks these days? Is it in their 40s, 50s, 60s? It would appear in our society women are starting ‘anti-ageing’ treatments now in their early 20s or even younger. A study conducted in 2009 found that 50% of three year old girls were worried about their appearance. What an interesting world we live in! The ‘Love the age you are’ edition – is about a lot of things but more than anything it’s about finding a place of balance to be ourselves. We don’t have to be perfect and blissed out all the time or swing to the other extreme and be on the fringes; wearing potato sacks and pretending we don’t have a body, surely there is a happy medium. What’s wrong with looking and feeling great but also acknowledging that we don’t have to turn

My life has changed in so many ways since putting that edition together!

“Your Magazine With Soul”

Beyond the Ageing Myth Timeless Radiance Nigella in the Kitchen?

Kim and Fleur



MARCH 2012 EDITION VOLUME 33 ISSN: 1836-8840

OUR COVER Kim and Fleur, page 8 IMAGES – FRONT COVER and PAGE 8-9: Kookaburra Photography

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Holistic Bliss, March 2012

2/21/2012 3:53:05 PM

Holistic Bliss, March 2012

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2/21/2012 3:53:39 PM

Baby Fennel, Orange, Celery and Nigella Salad

Nigella in the Kitchen? By Vicki Taylor

(serves 4 as a side)


igella is a small black seed that is often mistaken as black cumin, black sesame seed or wild onion seed. It is now grown extensively in the Middle East and India these days; however history suggests that it is actually native to Western Asia and Southern Europe. You may have seen these sprinkled on Turkish bread or Indian Naan breads as they complement carbohydrates very well. They don’t smell of anything really but have a sharp distinctive flavour, a little bit like carrot and onion mixed together. Nigella seeds are used extensively in Indian cooking and are an essential component of the popular Panch Phora spice blend which goes very well with carbohydrate root vegetables, especially potatoes and sweet potatoes. Many cooks suggest that eggplant and nigella seeds marry extremely well together but seeing as I’m not a big fan of eggplant, I’ll let you decide! Enjoy!

Salad 3 baby fennel bulbs, cored and thinly sliced 2 stick of celery, thinly sliced 1 carrot, grated ½ large red onion, thinly sliced ½ cup chopped coriander 1 orange, peeled, all membranes removed and chopped 1 tsp Nigella seeds, toasted Dressing 1 tbsp cold pressed Extra Virgin Olive oil 2 tsp lime juice 2 tsp runny honey Method: 1. Put all salad ingredients into a salad bowl 2. Make dressing and stir well 3. Tip dressing onto salad, season with salt and pepper and toss well. 4. Cover salad and place in fridge for 10 minutes prior to serving.

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Perfect for Weddings and Functions OPEN unday

sday-S Wedne and Dinner Lunch 6

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“Cairncross corner” 10 Mountain View Road, Maleny

Call now to make a booking Phone: (07) 5429 6537

Holistic Bliss, March 2012

2/21/2012 3:54:23 PM

Daisy’s is Bloomin’ Good!


e were delighted last year to feature Sue Joseph, owner/ creator of Daisy’s Place on the cover and what an incredible job she has done to breathe new life into the old ‘Rustic Cabin’. Even though Daisy’s Place has only been open for a few months, its presence has been felt in our community and it has brought a feeling of joy to our lives. As you walk through the classy timber and glass panelled doors, you enter a whole new world of style and luxury like nothing you’ve seen anywhere else on the coast! You’re greeted by happy smiling faces and your eyes have plenty of things to entice them in all directions: stunning chandeliers, polished wood floors, glamorous sequined bar, the mirror in the entrance with the embossed words ‘Eat, Drink, Enjoy’ is dramatic, then there are the funky black and white lounge suites and groovy accessories (you can tell Sue’s favourite colour is purple). The restaurant is full of contrasts! It’s nestled in lush rainforest surroundings, so you get the best of both worlds! When you are dining in opulence you can look

Food tastings available every weekend

vel at the out into nature and marvel amazing new waterscapee feature oice to and you also have the choice dine outside where theree is a more casual, alfresco feel. Then there is the ny choices: tasty food… There are so many wood fire pizzas (with gluten free bases available), old favourites (pumpkin soup and gourmet home-style pies) and hearty main meals, but everyone is catered for, even vegetarians and vegans. Oh and did I mention there is a whole cabinet of decadent cakes and desserts on display? March not only brings the change of season but also welcomes local chef Nathan Rumble to the Daisy’s Place team. He says he plans to add a funky twist to the 70s/ 80s retro style cuisine but he also says the bottom line is simplicity and taste. Nathan says the produce is fresh and sourced locally and some of the ingredients are grown in their very own organic garden out on the deck. Sue has ensured that people who visit have the best of the best – she has taste tested all the dishes and thought about

every sing gle detail down to the single Himalayan n sea salt on the tables. tables But it’s not just the aesthetics and the glorious food that leave you feeling inspired, there’s something deeper going on here; you actually leave feeling a bit different, a bit changed from the experience. Maybe it’s the love Sue has poured into this restaurant and the fact that she is there; always welcoming you with a smile! Editor’s pick: The vegetarian salad is substantial, fresh and bursting with flavour – Yum! For a decadent treat: Try the light and fluffy scones (which were Daisy’s original recipe) and the Lily Pilly Bloomin Tea (the flower opens up when infused in the hot water) Heaven!

Free spice sample and recipe with every purchase over an anging menu h c r e v e r ou Discover Byron Bay. om r f e e off C aromatic Bun journey!

Tajines | Oils | Spices Herbs | Gifts | Gourmet Foods

ve any Infused with lo

meal can be its

own food

Open 6 days a week Phone 5491 8870 Shop 4, ‘Monaco” Lower Bulcock Street, Caloundra Holistic Bliss, March 2012

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2/21/2012 3:54:53 PM

By Vanessa Finnigan

ome may say a ‘woman never reveals her true age!’ but I was fortunate enough to catch up with the gorgeous, natural beauty specialists Kim Morrison (43) and Fleur Whelligan (41) who revealed not only their age with grace, they shared their beauty secrets with a sparkle in their eyes. But why is it when we are kids we often want to be older and when we are adults we want to turn back the clock and look and feel younger? Kim and Fleur say women are bombarded with images on a daily basis from the media and community about ageing and beauty. With the advent of touch ups and Photoshop, the beauty industry has become a ‘false’ industry of smoke and mirrors. Kim says, “Beauty is often seen as a ‘youth thing’ – but we see beauty as wisdom and ageing with grace. Having a spark and energy about you is


8.indd 1

the best asset you can have.” Fleur adds, “Beauty is not just what we see in the mirror – it’s the simple things around us.” While they both love fashion, glamour and looking great they also believe when we are grateful and accept what we have (whatever age we are) we actually glow with vibrancy. A few years ago Kim and Fleur did a survey and asked a diverse range of people aged 5-95 years old what beauty is and here are some of the responses: “Beauty is someone that is kind from the heart.” Dorothy (95) “Beauty is rainbows shining through the sky.” Lauren (9) “Beauty is makeup.” Charlie (8) “Beauty is no makeup.” Lennox (8) “Beauty is being yourself but with a sparkle.” Mia, (6) Kim says, “If a six year old can get it, what happens during the transition from

childhood to adulthood? Where do we lose that perception that beauty is from the inside out?” As a result Kim and Fleur are passionate about reaching young men and women and dispelling beauty myths as well as educating them about the effectiveness of natural skin care. Each having two children of their own who are starting to be aware of their bodies (coming into adolescence), means it’s important to Kim and Fleur to be mums who are good role models. Kim says, “Are you constantly berating yourself and looking in the mirror and saying I’m old, I’m fat?” if so, this is the message you send to your children about body image, self-care and ageing. They say positive role modelling is just as important for our sons as it is for our daughters. Fleur believes, “when you are connected with yourself and feel okay in your own skin that’s what shows; because you are relaxed and can be your true self.” Kim says they meet so many women in their 70s who are stunning and have that spark! She notices that a sense of humour and ‘naughtiness’ really develop as you get older, as does a deeper level of intimacy in relationships. Fleur says, “We look at photos of ourselves that were taken years ago and sometimes we say, ‘we look younger now because we come from an holistic angle’ – we are not saying, ‘I wish I looked like I did when I was 20’ and we feel better in ourselves now.” They say it comes back to having the right mindset, taking time out to exercise, eating good food, being aware of what you put on your skin and having self-care time. Then you come to really appreciate your own beauty. But what about those bad hair days? Kim and Fleur are quick to say that they are not superwomen! They are just like everyone else – they have their moments but they’ve become good at acknowledging the gift of friendship and believe this can get you through anything. They also say they look for the gift in every situation even when things are ‘hideous’. And often they ask, ‘will we

Holistic Bliss, March 2012

2/21/2012 3:56:19 PM

look back and laugh at this in years to come? Their answer is usually yes! Kim says, “I don’t want to try and look like I’m younger, it’s more about refinement, grace and decorum. There are days where we don’t feel at our best – that’s when we call on our essential oils, meditate more, go for a run and catch up with good friends who can lift us up.” Kim says she uses mantras such as ‘every step I take I am connected to mother earth’ when she goes for runs and she also focuses on how blessed she is rather than attending a mental ‘pity party’. They admit to sometimes needing to play ‘good cop, bad cop’ when they work with other people. Kim says she may take the hard line by saying, “what’s the point of complaining – if you don’t like something, then do something about it!” Whereas Fleur often takes a gentle approach and focuses on ‘connectedness’ which means encouraging people to connect with all aspects of themselves including their body on a daily basis. “Be aware of what you do have and be grateful – that’s when we can move to a place of change,” says Fleur. Even though there were no chocolates in sight during our interview and no mention of the word… I did get a great insight into the ‘Choccy Chics’ and I can see why their approach to life, beauty and ageing is ‘like chocolate for women’.

Kim and Fleur were both born in New Zealand but now live on the Sunshine Coast. They are bestselling authors and key note speakers with 40 years of combined experience in aromatherapy, beauty and health. They met 17 years ago and have been close friends ever since and nearly three years ago they pioneered an organic skin care range called “Twenty8” More recently they have been taking groups on ‘self-care’ pilgrimages to India once a year.

Top five tips for ageing gracefully and being empowered: 1. Embrace a positive attitude 2. Get close to nature and create a chemical free environment including a natural beauty regime. 3. Exercise – e.g. yoga, go for a run on the beach or walk in nature 4. Change daily routines into rituals – turn a boring shower into an aromatic luxury experience by dropping some essential oils into a body brush in the shower, or have a spritzer with essential oils in your hand bag for those few minutes in between meetings

5. Daily body boost – This is a two minute full body massage you give to yourself everyday (Kim and Fleur haven’t missed a day since they started doing this routine in 1987). Using essential oils increases awareness and confidence and smell is linked to emotions which help you to connect with yourself. Not many people are aware of or even touch their body, so it’s great for practising self-awareness and self-acceptance. Holistic Bliss, March 2012

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2/21/2012 3:57:20 PM

How old are you in your heart and mind? By Jean Sheehan, Principal – Millennium Education


ge is one topic that is thought about, discussed and adjusted most in life. In history, age is a mark of time and a certain period such as the Bronze Age and now the Golden Age. I wonder if ‘loving the age you are’ is a reflection of feeling complete, whole and satisfied. What if we kept the child like qualities within us to live a life of acceptance, happiness and freedom? If you notice children up until the age of ten years old they are happy where they are and life is simple. There are no limiting beliefs like adults have such as ‘if only I had a better pension’ or ‘if I was younger I would have…’. Children love being themselves. So how can we bring that inner child back within us and love the age we are?


10.indd 1

Here are six easy steps: 1. As you climb in to bed at night review all the wonderful things that happened in the day (called gratitude)… Children will talk about the best part of their day. 2. Before you get out of bed visualise what you want to create for the day… Children get excited as they look forward to catching up with friends. 3. Plan your life for the year and make a Vision Board so you have a reminder of what you want… Children always have pictures around them that make them feel great. 4. Share your dreams and goals with like-minded souls who will inspire you… Children love sharing with friends and get excited the more they share their dreams. 5. Each day put on your favourite music that up lifts your heart! Sing as though no one is listening… Watch when children do this, they are in the zone and so focused on their task. 6. The best of all is your imagination to always see the best in everything… Children have a natural gift to see the

fulfilment of new adventures until ‘shown’ the negative. The key to ‘loving the age you are’ is knowing that age is an evolutionary step in self-discovery and awareness. We constantly have the opportunity to grow and see the magnificence in ourselves. In ancient cultures getting older meant tapping into greater wisdom and that is exactly what we achieve as we grow. Each day is filled with lessons. We then have the opportunity to discover our capabilities and self-realise what is achievable. By taking each moment as it comes and seeing the magnificence in ourselves, we open a doorway to selfacceptance on all levels. We are all perfect, we are just in different stages of remembering. Live your life in your heart with purpose, passion and with a vision, then age becomes irrelevant. Certified Medical Intuitive Courses, Sessions and Accredited Teacher Level 07 5641 4009

Holistic Bliss, March 2012

2/24/2012 8:49:29 AM

Beyond the Ageing Myth By Vanessa Bushell


n Western society ageing is often seen as something to avoid, eradicate or ignore. There are so many cosmetic, surgical and pharmaceutical solutions which claim to slow down ageing. The message is loud and clear… ageing is bad!!! However we all age, it is part of life! How we perceive the ageing process makes the fundamental difference to our experience of it. Elders in many non-Western cultures are seen as holding the wisdom of the culture and are supported in the community. Unlike in the West, their contribution in their community is perceived as valuable. In our culture there is a perception that if a person is not “productive” then they are not valuable. Both the feminine and masculine suffer from this limited view of value. Ageing Gracefully for the Feminine This begins with an inner selfperception that needs to be cultivated. To age gracefully is to build self-esteem and self-value from the inevitable changes

physically, mentally and emotionally. David Deida stated while twenty-year-old women may be physically beautiful, they do not hold the real beauty that a mature woman holds, when that woman has learnt to value and love themselves. This type of beauty is far more attractive than skin deep stereotypical beauty. I also read in a dating book, that the woman who does not spend hours doing her make-up but who is at ease with herself will attract men. The traditional Western beauty myth has distorted our lives so much that we reject ageing. So to age gracefully for the feminine is to embrace new concepts of outer beauty, and nurture an inner feltexperience of beauty and self-value. Ageing Gracefully for the Masculine Likewise, the Western aging concept for the masculine is just as devastating. The masculine within us all wants to give generously, be productive and succeed. Ageing is seen to threaten that selfconcept as it is far more difficult to find employment, maintain physical strength

and be respected. So to age gracefully for the masculine, we need to embrace new concepts of social respect for the knowledge and guidance of the older masculine, especially for young men. What is important for the masculine is to find purpose outside the socially constructed “financial provider” role and to receive appreciation for his higher purpose. Embracing healthy concepts of ageing for the feminine and masculine are vital for ourselves and our communities. The ageing process can be a graceful process of coming into wisdom, higher purpose and inner beauty that everyone benefits from. Vanessa Bushell, Conscious Solutions, Coolum Beach, Phone: 0424 507 101


Conscious Loving for Couples BYRON BAY


7th – 13th July 2012

Are you longing to connect more deeply while making love? Are you loving the intimacy in your relationship and would like to take it to another level? Or are you feeling like there is something missing? Whatever the circumstances, this retreat, described by some as “a coming home”, “a spiritual honeymoon”, and “a reawakening to love”, will be a special gift to your relationship. Couples feel the impact whether they have been together for three years or thirty years. *Please note: There is no nudity or demonstrations in this retreat

In this six day retreat a couple is given a completely new insight into sex, and its function in relationship. When the real truth about sex is clarified, sex becomes a potentially healing force and not a potentially disruptive one.

Full details and registrations, call Janet:

0428 726 849

Facilitated by Janet McGeever and Gene Thompson

or visit our website:


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2/21/2012 3:57:53 PM

The Enig a of Age By Raelene Byrne


he law of nature is that all things move in cycles. As humans we have the cycles of birth, childhood, puberty, parenting, the empty nest, retired and then finally the death of the body that has lived a life of cycles on this earthly plane. All living things move through the cycles of life with beginnings and endings. In our human way of thinking we mark these cycles and experiences with a system of numbers that celebrate the end and beginning of one transitional year into the next. The excitement of birthdays for the young, turn to denial as the years pass and we experience the cycles of ageing. Perceptions about ageing have always been a double edged sword. On one side we are told to ‘age gracefully’ accepting all the wrinkles, grey hairs, extra weight and the ‘soft bits’ that appear, as ‘medals of honour’ for a life that has been lived. Then on the other side, there is a belief

that we need to stay youthful, fit, flexed and firm and try to be, or appear, ‘younger’ than our years. Holding back the gifts of time, creating a ‘false’ appearance and wanting to stay eternally young, is a way of keeping us out of alignment with the soul of who we are. We then are attempting to be something that we are not. Our bodies do change and ‘age’, that is the bottom line and it is NORMAL, it is a cycle that we must experience in this life we have chosen for ourselves. However, the essence of who we are, tells us that our spirit is the part of us that is completely immortal, ageless, unlimited and infinite. Our spirit has seen the cycles of time for more eons than we can imagine, yet it is still ageless, ever present and represents the truth of who we are, always. To love the age you are whether 15 or 80 is to say you are loving who you are in all parts of life. The confidence that

HEALERS H EALERS FESTIVAL F ESTIVAL 2 2012 012 SUNDAY 18TH MARCH IN BRISBANE This will be an outdoor event and some of the wonderful healing therapies you can try on the day include: • Reiki • Body Talk • Shamanic Healings • Crystal Healings • Naturopathic Consultations • Flower Essences • Aromatherapy • Hypnotherapy • Counsellors • Massage Therapy • Animal Healing • Spiritual Healings

radiates from a person, who absolutely knows and loves who they are, surpasses any and all gimmicks, that can ‘supposedly’ hold back the hands of time. The spirit, the shining light of a person who is connected to their own inner world, beams in such a way that age is never an issue; that person’s age becomes an enigma. The truth about age is not the numbers we can claim, or the way we look, it is how we feel. That is the spirit communicating its language through our heart. Some days, I admit, I feel like I am 100, and on those days I make sure I take it easy, other days I feel like I am 18, and use that excess of energy in a creative and productive way. These are the cycles and this is the enigma. Age is all about how we feel. Raelene Byrne Namaste Photo Adori Studios


Some of the wonderful speakers on the day include: Brooke Hynch (Nakoda Healing Centre) – Offering advice and direction on all things Crystal! Elizabeth Mani – Psychic – with her guides Mary and Malachi, offering spot readings for the Audience Katherine Van Uden (5 Element Essences) – How to pick the correct remedy, using the 5 Element meditation and Mantra Cards Theresa Pedersen (Mystical Essence) – The Importance of Minerals in your diet and how they impact on your health


07 5479 6607

Cut out this Advert and bring it with you on the day to go into the prize draw Entry price is $2.00, with Healings starting from as little as $20.00.


For more information please contact Katherine on 0415 533 695


Let us help you reach your health goals for 2012 and beyond!


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07 5412 2829

Holistic Bliss, March 2012

2/21/2012 3:58:28 PM

The Wise Woman By Soraya Saraswati – Holistic Naturopath and Spiritual Mentor


here is something special about being over 50. I always looked forward to this time in my life, feeling it would bring with it some form of magic, perhaps more wisdom and less parental responsibilities…more time to myself to smell the roses so to speak. I now realize around the age of 50 comes a very important ‘rite of passage’ for a woman, marked by the cessation of her menses. Menopause can bring many mixed feelings and sadly this last ‘blood rite’ of a woman (when she can finally

come back to herself) is often not only uncelebrated, it is often traumatic. Challenges of this time can be dealt with and overcome by adopting a healthy lifestyle, using natural medicines and relaxing more to honour her changing body. As a naturopath and spiritual mentor I enjoy assisting women through this transition period with the help of herbs, potions and helpful hints to make it more enjoyable. Talking about it often helps in itself. Traditionally menopausal women are highly respected and honoured wise ones, they are the grandmothers, the elders of a community. Having spent the innocence of childhood, the sweetness and passion of youth and the following fertile years of motherhood together with the sensuality and passion of sex in relationship, they have earned their place of respect. In our modern ‘sex’ and ‘sexy body’ obsessed society, this transition is often resisted, many striving to beat the illusive enemy of time, with chemical beauty treatments, nips, tucks, mature age IVF and surgery. This resistance to change can

only accentuate internal chaos and depression. ‘The Desiderata’, an ancient poem gives perfect counsel, “Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth”. As an elder now myself, let me say we are beautiful, in fact perhaps more beautiful, more authentic, more appealing than ever before, and we can have fulfilling wonderful relationships and fulfilling work sharing our gifts with others. This is my experience of being a wiser woman in a gentler phase of my life with a wonderfully loving husband.

Holistic Bliss, March 2012

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2/21/2012 3:58:58 PM

Love, Sex and Menopause – Loving the age you are By Janet McGeever


enopause can be a time of huge change for a woman.

As menopause intensifies, women who have been so capable and successful in their career and mothering roles, can find themselves floundering in the uncharted waters of uncontrollable emotion. She can feel so tired that she becomes irritable like a bear guarding her lair. And the rising heat of hot flushes at night can make her suddenly fling the bedding off like she is slaying a dragon! It’s dramatic. It’s huge. It’s annoying… And the thing that women often miss is that it can also be an exciting time of discovering pure and untapped potential. One of the major challenges that women face in menopause is their desire for sex. While some women feel a distinct rise in their sexual desire and pleasure, others are just saying ‘Please! Leave me alone!’ – especially if she has been a ‘pleaser’ in this arena earlier in her life.

Further, due to hormones, the vaginal wall can thin and sex can become painful. I have heard women say that they have felt broken because of this and have just stopped making love. While it is important to honour her body’s message by not compromising sexually, her relationship with her man is often strained when she no longer feels like she wants to sexually connect… And at a time when she could really do with some loving support. Sadly,some relationships can actually fall away at this time, simply through sexual misunderstanding. But it doesn’t have to be this way. When men and women can find a new way to connect sexually, changing their navigation by just one degree, they can end up in a very different destination. For example, partners can take the load off the word ‘sex’ by changing it to ‘connect’ with love… Then let go of the ‘picture’ of sex being a certain way, and

open up to relax more. Another profound shift partners can make during menopause is to slow down their lovemaking, and be more conscious about letting go of any goals of making something happen. This will enable a woman’s body to really relax. When she has time to warm up – almost miraculously, lubrication is no longer a problem! (And just another little secret… this shift in orientation can also help men with erection issues. And then both are happy!) So if you’re experiencing menopause, don’t fight this wild change. Flow with it. Love the age you are in menopause – the ebbs and flows. Be willing to navigate waters that have previously been unknown and you will discover that your woman’s body is still VERY much alive! Janet McGeever is a Counsellor, Journey Practitioner, Art Therapist and Retreat facilitator

Radiant Light Yoga for Adults and Children Beginners, General, Restorative and Kids Yoga classes held at: Mapleton, Maleny Arts Retreat, Peregian Beach Community Centre BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL. See web for current class schedule. Not a class in your area? Email us to register your interest.

Crystal Light HealingTM Workshops and Healings Level 1, 2 and 3 CLH workshops held at various locations on the Sunshine Coast. Individual Crystal Light HealingTM and Reiki Session available by appointment. Please visit our website for information and dates for workshops, yoga classes and yoga healing retreat days. Bookings 0433 945 826 email

Contact Kaatheryn Morgan Tempest 14

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Holistic Bliss, March 2012

2/21/2012 4:20:45 PM

Age as a Journey! By Lynn Fallon


am fortunate with my work to spend time with a kaleidoscope of people of many ages. My day starts with a school run of about 20 minutes drive to a local primary school in the Hinterland. As the children board the bus there is much excitement and chatter; every day is a new adventure. Friendships are formed and girls sit together and talk, boys head down the back to get up to mischief, the harmless sort of course. It is a time of learning even on the bus, finding boundaries and gaining acceptance outside the safe space of home. For the little ones a familiar smiling face who will help them if things go wrong is a very important part of their day. The older students are quieter, taken up with their own thoughts or their iPods but willing to help out. When it comes to my weekends it is very busy, in our beautiful part of the world there are many weddings. Welldressed young people board the bus, emotions and expectations are high. Seeing friends and family, we realise we probably don’t do this often enough.

Beginning a commitment to be with the one you love brings many feelings. The Bride looks beautiful and the Groom looks nervous, they just want the day to be perfect. So much planning and effort and here it is… and then it is over. The party continues on the bus with singing and banter. It is fun to be on the edge of celebrations watching the happiness unfold and everyone enjoying their time together. Sometimes the stress can bring some tears and there is life now shared. I have learned something since becoming a bus driver – girls like to get together! Often I pick up a group of friends who have left the children with their husbands to have some ‘girl time’. Staying somewhere nice and heading out on a gourmet food and wine trail, what a way to go! It may be a birthday or a hen’s party or just something done once a year that’s special. My husband says to me if everyone on the bus is talking who is actually listening? We love our regulars, those groups who have interests shared; it may be the


Bonsai Club or the Family History Group, creative people on shopping trips and those who go to the theatre and galleries regularly. They are like minded friends who take time out to go to interesting places together. There is a comfort in spending time with friends you have known for a long time. Perhaps the closest to my heart are our war widows, those who have been through tougher times than I have known in my lifetime. I love to listen to their stories and the way the world has changed. Their strength to take on whatever life gives them is an inspiration. I look back in my mirror and think of the faces that form my day and know that no matter what your age is; life is a gift to be enjoyed.


Commencing Monday 2nd April Commencing Tuesday 10th April at Caloundra Christian College at Caloundra Christian College Please call Helen Joy for details or log onto for details BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL

your p realise

h l th r o u g a i t n e t o

creative coaching

RIGHT BRAIN GENIUS • Reduce stress • Improve sleep • Lower your golf handicap • Enhance confidence • Great team building programs available • Plus so much more

Call Helen Joy on 0408 249 545 Holistic Bliss, March 2012

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2/21/2012 3:59:23 PM

Breasts, Bras and Beauty!


his month Holistic Bliss talks with a satisfied Bodywise customer (who is also a health practitioner) about their experiences and thoughts on ageing, body shape and bras. HB: What are women’s main concerns when it comes to the way their bodies look and how does the Bodywise experience help with these concerns? Marilyne: I think most women are concerned with their ‘shape’ – wanting to look and feel ‘right’ no matter what they’re wearing - sometimes overlooking comfort in an attempt to do so. Bodywise bras have been beautifully designed to give most women a good shape, good support with absolute comfort and they look great. No riding up or constriction. HB: What are some of the physical/ emotional feelings experienced when being fitted for a bra or trying a bra on? Marilyne: My breasts are ‘too small/ too big/ not the right shape/ not firm/ I’m unattractive etc’. Considering how important breasts are on a consciousness level (nurturing, healing, nourishment sensuality sexuality respect, acceptance) – I think women can experience the

whole emotional range: anger, anxiety, grief, joy, sadness, fear. HB: How can/do women embrace ageing gracefully? (Women of all ages and stages of life) Marilyne: Accept who you are – understand and embrace your unique beauty. What goes on inside is the real you – this will be reflected in your eyes not your body. Love yourself first (including breasts!) Without unconditional love for yourself it’s not easy to love others. HB: What are the benefits of wire free bras? Marilyne: They’re so comfortable. So many women hate wearing bras because of the discomfort. It may also be worth considering the concern that underwire bras could be contributory to breast cancer because the wire sits on major meridian points. HB: Beauty myths vs personal body image vs media focus? Marilyne: What is beauty? Definitely more than skin deep! Human beings are tuned in to recognise physical beauty as it has a symmetry that we’re intuitively

aware of. A small minority of women and men conform to all our perceptions of physical beauty. We just need to appreciate and not compare. Even when we see someone that is physically beautiful, they may not actually feel attractive in themselves. Body image is in the mind… The media plays on our obsession with appearance and our insecurities and our belief systems about having the ‘right’ body shape. Holistic Bliss Editor’s Pick: I love the ‘Anita’ extreme sports bras. They are comfortable, super supportive and wire free. Unlike a lot of sports bra, they look good too! Bodywise Underwear started in 1994 in Sydney and moved to Victoria in 2007 and now provides women throughout the world with stylish, comfortable wire-free bras and underwear. You can visit the team face to face at their showroom in Woodend Victoria or receive an over the phone consultation anywhere in Australia or order online. Contact: 1300 66 17 66

Career Opportunities as: • Certified Medical Intuitive Courses • Accredited Medical Intuitive Teacher Courses • Psychic Children

Discover your full potential knowing anything is possible.

“be absolutely empowered” At She Prana we teach you how to fully utilise this beautiful, powerful, natural energy source safely and with the highest personal integrity. Tapping into this natural energy source will enhance your personal experience of life, your creativity and your aliveness. Begin your Journey now! Contact Dr Kellie Yildirim- She Prana {e} {m} 0414 397 573 or visit to find out about upcoming workshops 16

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Receive FREE Medical Intuitive information to heal your life.

Jean Sheehan Principal

w. e. p. 07 5641 4009

Holistic Bliss, March 2012

2/24/2012 8:50:01 AM

Timeless Radiance By Katya


n many of the world’s enlightened cultures, none are more revered than the elders. They have been bestowed with ‘the great gift of ageing’ – a unique wisdom that can only be extracted from decades of life experiences. In stark contrast, our culture is fixated on anti-ageing. It is a society where cosmetic procedures designed to artificially recreate extreme youth have become valued and necessary acquisitions. It is a society where we are simultaneously addicted to the habits and excesses of a lifestyle that makes premature ageing inevitable. This includes the endless consumption of processed, fat and sugarladen foods, soft drinks, alcohol, pharmaceutical drugs, late nights and chronic mental and emotional stresses. Ageing itself is not unhealthy – it is completely natural. However, it is the current way people age in our culture that fills us with dread and fear. Not only is the enormous value of accrued experience and wisdom disregarded, we have been taught to associate ageing with sickness, hopelessness and disease, not



with health, optimism and vitality. What we are really seeing is the result of how people have lived their lives and the misguided cultural beliefs around ageing that have shaped their destinies. There is no doubt what we put into our bodies either builds them up or prematurely breaks them down. And it is the thoughts we think, the emotions we don’t express, that have the ability to do the same. Long-held grief, anger, fear or loathing towards our self and others weaken and damage our cells, whereas loving acts of kindness, gratitude, compassion, non-judgment or acceptance cultivates an emotional honesty which delights and enlivens our cells. This in turn, accelerates the repair and rejuvenation process, generating feelings of joyful self-love, the foundation from which a timeless radiance and vitality spring forth. We build further on this foundation through eliminating toxic foods and drinks from our diet and by choosing to vastly increase our intake of the foods produced by nature, the foods intended for us to eat – richly colored, raw fruits

and vegetables. This activates powerful chemical changes to take place in the brain and body. Your body not only re-shapes itself, (no middle-age spread!), an exciting inner transformation occurs:- you recognize the value of your own gifts, passions and desires that long to be expressed:- you discover a powerful selfconfidence which arises from truly knowing and accepting yourself (no hot flushes!) From these firsthand experiences, your values and perspectives change. The possibility of growing older with good health and a youthful zest for life becomes anchored strongly into your now inner-directed belief system. No amount of wonder drugs or surgical procedures can possibly deliver the contentment, serenity and unshakeable self-worth, which is the treasure needed to take us with ease through our later years.

Raelene Byrne is a world renowned spiritual mentor and healer. Raelene is passionate about being the catalyst for change in your life.


• wire-free bras • sizes 10 to 30 • everyday comfort • maternity • sports •

Raelene specialises in:




comfort for women ... everyday

1300 66 17 66

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Energy Healing Spiritual Mentoring and Guidance Weekly meditations at Diddillibah Liquid Crystal Diagnosis and Prescription Spiritual Retreats and Workshops To book a consultation, please email or visit

PO Box 804, Woodend Vic 3442

• phone • mail order • internet • Holistic Bliss, March 2012

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2/21/2012 4:22:22 PM

Autumn Healing in Brisbane


hat do you get when you bring together talented healers and a whole lot of creative energy? A new and unique event in Brisbane called the Healers’ Festival. ‘The Healers’ Festival South East Queensland’ has brought together a large collaborative group of healers in a short amount of time with a common goal: to assist other new and upcoming practitioners and spread the word to the general public about the efficacy of natural healing. The festival will also be a platform for established healers who can be of service to people with a range of issues that can be treated in a caring environment using powerful healing methods. “We want to create a non-threatening space where people can come and see who and what healing options are available to them,” said Katherine Van Uden of the Healers’ Festival Committee. The festival will be held at the upper level of the Community Hall at Mount Gravatt Showgrounds. in Brisbane. This is home to the weekly Sunday Fresh Food Markets which attract upwards of 3,000

beautiful souls. No doubt many of these market goers will find their way to the festival on the 18th March. Sabine Lamotte, Naturopath and Crystal Therapist said, “I have come to realise that the general public often has no idea what to expect from a therapy or treatment and so many never approach healers as an effective strategy for dealing with their ongoing health issues”. This is where education is important and the festival has gathered plenty of talented practitioners from a variety of modalities who understand and appreciate the benefits of an holistic approach to wellness. Theresa Pedersen Herbalist and owner of Mystical Essences said, “as far as herbal treatments are concerned there is often conflicting information in the media and on-line.” and this provides her an excellent opportunity to offer people firsthand information at the festival. The line up on the day is amazing, here is a little sneak peek… Brooke Hynch will demonstrate the use of crystal healing bowls during the day, as well as offering healings. Elizabeth Mani will


provide spot readings for the audience with her guides Mary and Malachi and giving spiritual counseling, readings and healings. Susanne McAllister will be book signing and getting us all fit with her Nia Dance and Movement teaching, so bring a towel and a large bottle of water and prepare for a soulful day! Whether you’re a therapist, healer or visitor to the festival, be brave, step out, step up and experience something new. For more information contact 0415 533 695



BRISBANE April 28-29 Mercy Place - Bardon MEL Jun 2-3 • SYD June 16-17 • PER Mar 24-25 • ADE Jun 23-24

Details call Ian Spicer 0414 426 486 Psych-K’s a simple self- empowering process to change your beliefs that impact your life at a cellular level. Bruce Lipton Ph.D. Cellular Biologist, Author of The Biology Of Belief

Home delivery service

Certified supplier of certified organic meats: BEEF, LAMB, PORK, VEAL and CHICKEN

• Free of chemicals, pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics and growth promotants • Preservative and Gluten Free Sausages • Ham, Bacon and other smallgoods smoked on premises 6/354 Mons Road, Forest Glen 4556

(07) 5445 2912

Your beliefs determine your biological and behavioural reality 18

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Holistic Bliss, March 2012

2/24/2012 8:33:32 AM

Ageing Gracefully By Kama Frankling


hat exactly does it mean to age gracefully and how do we do that? Your perception of ageing gracefully depends on your culture, your role models, your upbringing and your perception of the world you live in. Let’s approach this from an individual point of view. How can you personally age gracefully in a manner that is comfortable for you? The trick is to find Awareness, Acceptance and Confidence at each stage of your life and in doing so, to fully embrace each age as a gift. Awareness – As we get older we often forget to revaluate our lives. We make decisions early in life then we forget to explore how we really feel at each new stage of our lives. We can find ourselves neglecting who we really want to be and pushing aside what really matters to us. Awareness is the key. Take some time once a year and evaluate these questions. What really matters to me at this time of my life? Am I doing what is important to me? What do I love doing? Who am I at this stage of my life?

Acceptance – Find a space of acceptance for the age you are. When we embrace our age we remain beautiful, radiant and youthful from the inside out. Resisting our age is a constant struggle; imagine what that struggle is doing to your mind, body and soul. Acceptance of your age does not mean thinking that you are now old and don’t have to try. Acceptance of your age means exploring the wisdom and beauty that comes with age and enhancing the wisdom and beauty in to a glowing vibrant you. Confidence – True confidence shines from the inside out. Sometimes we need a little help to find that confidence and that’s ok. Confidence can be found through Awareness and Acceptance, through self development and from learning life’s lessons. This can take time. While exploring all of the above it is also ok to find a bit of external confidence. Once you have asked yourself the Awareness questions and found some Acceptance of the age you are now, it is time to have a play. Yes I said play. Go to the hairdresser and get a cut that suits

how you feel today. Get your colours done, find an exercise regime that suits your lifestyle and go to some of those fun self development courses. Eventually the confidence will shine from within. Ageing gracefully is an ongoing process. We are forever changing. Awareness keeps you on your toes and prevents you from giving up. Acceptance allows you to flow more easily through each stage of your life. Confidence enables you to follow your dreams at any age.

Feng Shui Power Did you know that the first cervical vertebra, the atlas, is out of alignment in most people? This circumstance leads to a variety of physical and psychological ailments and illnesses. Atlasprofilax is a neuromuscular technique that liberates the Atlas with only one application accurately, safely and permanently. This powerful relocation immediately activates a self-healing and harmonising process. It is holistic in nature, promoting wellness and rejuvenation on all levels, mind, body and spirit. This method is nonmedical, non-chiropratic.

One Treatment Can Be Life Changing The Atlas supports your head and governs structural alignment. A misaligned Atlas causes restriction of the brain stem, spinal cord, cranial nerves and arteries. This limits our potential for wellbeing and creates tension, restricting the free flow of energy. When the Atlas is installed correctly, the body begins an unwinding process, releasing holding patterns and enabling the body to heal and regenerate.

To take a step towards your health and wellbeing, contact Ray Shapcott (atlasprof ) covering Brisbane North, Sunshine Coast and Hinterland – Phone 5429 5520, Mobile 0412 490 374

Empowering Your Life Potential – Healing Homes

REALISE THE POTENTIAL OF YOUR HOME OR BUSINESS What story does your home tell? Discover how to enhance and transform its energy qualities! Jeannine Stephens uses the Feng Shui Schools of FORM, COMPASS and FLYING STARS Analysing – • Your surrounding environment • The quality type of energy entering your home • How the energy flows and manifests Learn through a consultation or workshop what Feng Shui can do for you • Gain insight and knowledge • Enable transformation • Manifest opportunities • Invest in your health, wealth and relationships

AFSC Platinum Member

Consultant: Jeannine Stephens BSc. BEd. Cert IV Feng Shui | Phone: 0488 665 822 Holistic Bliss, March 2012

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2/24/2012 9:22:39 AM

High Five Enterprises – Businesses By Robin Clayfield


conomics has always been driven by ‘supply and demand’. You make something and if people buy it in enough quantities it gets made again, usually in greater quantities. Supporting ‘businesses with soul ‘not only supports them to offer their products and services, it has the potential to empower all involved in the transaction. Many of us choose to shop locally, shop organically, shop in accordance with our ethics and really live the catch-cry “Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is”. By shopping at big chain stores and with non-local businesses that have money making as their prime motivation, our money supports their ethics rather than what’s close to our heart. By supporting businesses with environmental, social and soul based ethics we enable them to continue, grow and thrive. This creates a continuing cycle of love, passion, creativity and good service as well as supporting a healthy mind, body and Spirit, for the patron as well as the business. The term Social Enterprise is becoming more commonly used by those

of us who run small businesses with environmental and/or social ethics as a basis for offering our gifts to the world. Win, Win, Win is how I’ve understood the concept. More and more we will see these ethical enterprises supported as our awakening culture really understands the power they have with their spending choices. We could expand this as a conscious movement to Win, Win, Win, Win, Win. The business wins, the customer wins, the planet wins, society wins and people’s soul and Spirit is cared for and empowered in the process. High 5 Enterprises!!! These days more businesses, banks, government departments and community organisations practise ‘Triple Bottom Line’ accounting which uses values and criteria to measure organisational success – economic, environmental and social. When I published my first book 16 years ago I chose to self-publish as it allowed me to honour my ethics which were (and still are) strongly based on Permaculture Ethics – Earth Care, People Care, Fair Share. I paid thousands of

Certified Organic Health Products • Colon Cleansing Kits • Internal Organ Cleansing Kits • Fully Organic Natural Health Support • Herbal Teas – singles and blends • Pure Essential Oils

Find me at Northey Street Organic Markets Windsor (Sundays 6am-10.30am) or online

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Call Roger on (07) 5443 2278 or 0437 730 688

The Tea & Tummy Man 20

20.indd 1

extra dollars to use 100% recycled paper (Earth Care), chose to pay for a ‘Sewn and Drawn’ cover so it wouldn’t fall apart (People Care) and printed ‘on-shore’ in my home state in Australia and used local artists even though this too cost more (Fair Share). Robin’s ‘High 5 Holistic Business’ (and personal) Check-List What criteria would we use for a ‘High 5 Enterprise’? Here are a few suggestions. If you run a business consider which of these you already incorporate well and which you could improve on. Also let’s all put on our consumer hat and consider which of these we consider important to keep in our hearts and minds when spending our money. The Key Questions: • Is it a Heart, Soul and ‘Healthy’ Ethics based business? • Does it demonstrate Soulful and Spiritual values, ethics, principles? • Does it practise Permaculture and/or Earthcare Ethics?

Learn how to diagnose yourself through the ancient Ayurvedic technique of Self Pulse Reading 6 week course in Maharishi Ayurveda Self Pulse Reading

Preventative: learn to detect imbalance

before it manifests into disease Healing: experience the healing benefits of enlivening your body’s innate intelligence Holistic: understand the secrets of balance through daily and seasonal routines Informative: detailed knowledge of the effects of food on each constitutional type

April 20th - May 25th on Fridays 10am - 2.45pm Place: Maleny Cost: $500 Contact Wendy Rosenfeldt ph 5499 9580

Holistic Bliss, March 2012

2/24/2012 8:23:06 AM

with Soul! • Does it look after the planet, support healthy people and support yourself and others to grow and prosper? • Does it make a positive difference in the world, your community and in your personal life? • Does it contribute to the solution not the problem? More specifically consider the following: • Does it feel good? • Love what you do ? • Work at what you are passionate about not what specifically makes money? • How does it feel after buying or offering the product or service days later? Does it still feel good? Environmental Principles? • Low impact and/or recycled packaging or minimal packaging • Recycling systems in place • Choosing natural products and ones that care for the earth • Using sustainable power sources and products • Using, designing or retrofitting to passive solar and healthy buildings (for shop based businesses) • Organics and Bio-dynamics

Does it support others in the process? • Trading, bartering, exchange opportunities • Win win win win win • Mentoring and Apprenticeship • Sharing the good stuff – free advice, samples, downloads Does it support Local Economies and Fair Trade? • Shop locally • Buy ethical and environmentally sound products • Support Heart and Soul Businesses • Choose not to shop at globalized chain stores • Hand made, home grown, ‘slow foods’ People Care Ethics • Does the business look after its people? • Fair wages, healthy conditions? • Gender equality, young, old people considered? • Health and fitness support? • Childcare, playground? Does it open your heart? • The service and the purchase • Are you smiling when you think about it?

Does it support you and/or your business to live and prosper with ease and grace? Add in other questions that you think of and enjoy the process of exploring and honouring a holistic heart and soul approach to business. Remember to acknowledge and celebrate where you’re already at. Robin Clayfield has run the Social Enterprise ‘Earthcare Education’ for over 20 years. Under this umbrella she publishes her books and resources, offers creative facilitation trainings and other courses and most recently ‘The Love Feast’ Retreat.

a conscious choice for complete wellbeing Leading provider for holistic healthcare on the Sunshine Coast

• Counselling • Kinesiology • Massage • Naturopathy

SPECIAL OFFER Initial Naturopathic Consultation (90 minutes – normally $200)



Phone today for an appointment Noosaville 5440

5711 33 Mary Street Peregian Beach 5471 2201 16/247 David Low Way

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Creating Conscious Connections in Business

Caloundra goddesses@lunch - Monday 5th March 2012 Speaker: Vickie Magic - Business Matters Magazine Venue: Tickets:

Rydges Oasis Hotel, Caloundra. 11.45am - 2.30pm $45 pp $35 members RSVP: 1/3/12

NetConnect Seminar - Thursday March 15th 2012 Venue:

4th Floor Restaurant, Mooloolaba


Jill Chivers, Carren Smith, Jodie Nolan, Jodie Taylor Paterson & Natalie McIvor


9.30am - 4.30pm. $109 pp $99 members RSVP: 10/3/12

Cooroy goddesses@lunch - Tuesday 27th March 2012 Speaker: Raelene Byrne - Medicine for Your Spirit Venue: Tickets:

Cooroy Hotel, Cooroy. 11.45am - 2.30pm $45 pp $35 members RSVP: 25/3/12

Coolum goddesses@brunch - Thursday 29th March 2012 Speaker: Helen Barber - 2B Creative Venue: Time:

Sandbar Beachfront Bistro, Coolum Surf Club. 10am - 1pm $45 pp $35 members RSVP: 27/3/12

Tel: 0402 462 804 Natalie McIvor Director Limited seats! Book TODAY at Proudly Sponsored by Holistic Bliss, March 2012

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2/24/2012 8:20:47 AM

Glow with Vibrancy! By By Diva Diaz


f you treated your lover the way you treat your body, would they still be around today? Do you ever get those days when you look in the mirror and wonder who is staring back at you? How did I get so old? When did my body change to look like this? How many of us wake up every morning and start the litany of

judgments on our body? This is too big, this is too small, this is too saggy, this is too wrinkly! How much of what you eat or drink during the day has to do with what you should and shouldn’t do, what fits into your new diet, or how many antioxidants you can cram into one meal that will magically reverse the ageing spell? I don’t know about you, but that seems like a lot of work to me. Well, what if we’re actually missing something here? What if there is an easier way to BE with your body? Notice I’m not saying ‘do’ but ‘BE’. How is it that some people tend to age dynamically and others appear to glow from the inside out even at 80? Genetics you might say, society, or even pollution? However, what if it were something totally different? If you project a thought, feeling or emotion at a cell, it changes its shape from spherical to elliptical. This is the beginning of dis-ease in the body since the less-than healthy cell affects the regeneration process. So if you can literally change the cells of your body by what you project at it, is there a way to undo this energetic damage?

The Access energetic facelift is a hands on body process that speaks to the energy of your cells, your body, and your entire being. This gentle and non-invasive process begins to unlock all of the places where you have stuck points of view, judgments and conclusions about your body, what it means to get old and to age. The energetic stamp of these on your body is lifted thus allowing your cells to return to their natural spherical state. It is in this state that your body has the capacity to heal instantly and maintain it’s healthy glow. People who have tried this method have not only reported that after 20 sessions the results appear to be permanent, like that of a facelift, but that they also feel a lot younger too. We’ve all had those days where we feel joyful, youthful, at peace and happy with the world and it shows all over our body. What if these days could become the norm? For more info:

Healthy, local, fresh spring water... F30 Litres Change to Montville Mist Spring Water for all your drinking and tank water requirements and taste the difference! Montville Mist Spring Water is a family business that has operated on the Sunshine Coast for nine years. Montville is located in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland and is the perfect environment to capture pure mountain spring water.

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Holistic Bliss, March 2012

2/21/2012 4:02:11 PM

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2/21/2012 4:03:53 PM

Birthing with ease and grace By Katrina Zaslavsky


e live in a scared society when it comes to birth. One woman after another confessed to me on separate occasions over the holiday season that they were simply ‘terrified’ of giving birth. Such an emotive word can only come from a deep dark place and is sadly a sign of the times. Unresolved, this mindset can only lead to more interventions, surgeries and preventable trauma for new mothers and only perpetuate the cycle of fear, control and over-medicalisation of birth that we face today. This begs the question, how did something so beautiful and light at its essence become so ugly and dark? When I shared with these women I had my girls naturally and drug free (not to brag but to normalise birth and spread positive messages) their eyes widened with sheer amazement. I may as well have said I had flown to the moon or spotted

aliens – it would have elicited a similar response. Yet this is what we have been designed for and have been doing since the beginning of time! So when did natural birthing become so rare, alien and even heroic? Just the other day, a US paper declared the largest baby ever born, “What’s more amazing is that Asher is “au naturale” – meaning no surgery and no drugs… not even an epidural… Natural delivery carries risks for the mother, but Kendall took it in her stride and is doing very well.” What about the risks of drugs and surgery? There is a fabulous acronym; FEAR is simply false evidence appearing real. So where did this fear or false evidence come from? We build our beliefs on the building blocks of all we have experienced and the meaning we give it. For instance, if all we have experienced of birth is what our mother told us or what we have seen in Hollywood movies (a frantic woman rushed in a wheelchair like a patient or

emergency waiting to happen) then it’s no wonder we are afraid! Where is the beauty, miracle or spirituality of birth? It’s been swept aside and forgotten under a pile of negativity, gossip and misconceptions. The problem is only perpetuated when a friend spots the bump and offers every horror story she has ever heard and builds up the bank of fear in the pregnant woman’s mind. The media plays right into this fear too. If these fears are not addressed by the time the baby is ripe and ready to greet the world, this may impact on her experience. Our thoughts create our reality. Dig deep. Every thought begins with a belief so I challenge you to answer this question Birth is… What are you thinking about? Katrina Zaslavsky is currently on tour with her new book, A Modern Woman’s Guide to a Natural Empowering Birth and passionately empowers women around the world to rediscover their inner birth goddess!

BE YOUR POTENTIAL! Specialising in The BodyTalk System, Body Therapies, Massage and Reflexology What’s your current experience? • Chronic Pain • Arthritis • Emotional Disorders • Learning Disorders • Endocrine Disorders • Chronic Fatigue • Depression • Anxiety • Headaches • Phobias • Allergies • Viruses • Stress • Infections • Back Pain • Extensive well-being products and creative programs

Call (07) 5482 8881 now to book an appointment Helping make your wish for a better life become your reality!

26 Barter Street, Gympie Op Open 9.00am till late w.yove 24

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Holistic Bliss, March 2012

2/21/2012 4:04:23 PM


elcome to your stars for March,

March 12: Mercury retrograde till April 4.

really does mean bigger and better. The

in which you find yourself

Oh dear, here we go again.

slow pace of January is well and truly over, I

hanging from the pinnacle of

the Equinox. You may feel dizzy - but the view is superb from here, don’t you think? March 8: Full moon in Virgo. The sun is

Mercury retrograde sends everyone flying to their electronic devices to send you emails

March 20: Autumn Equinox. A brand new

asking why you haven’t answered their latest

zodiac year begins with the month of Aries.

request for:

This is a powerful moment and the message

still in Pisces as March begins, so happy birthday to all my regular Piscean readers and don’t forget that your life purpose is

assure you.

here is that life is a gift. So open it. The

1) positive reinforcement

greatest challenge this year for those on the

2) that book they lent you three years ago, or

unconditional love. I know this isn’t always

Path of the Heart is simply to relax and allow ourselves to receive. This is a faster way to

as easy as you would like. You tend to shy

3) the Mystic Formula for 2012. There is

away from anything ‘difficult’, so I’m sending

no antidote, unfortunately; all you can do

you an Angel of Courage to guide your path.

is answer as efficiently as possible. Also, tie

March 23: New Moon in Aries conjunct with

Meanwhile, I’m sending the rest of you a P.A

your car-keys to a cowbell because this is

Uranus the Excitable: It’s time to learn how

who looks like an Angel and washes you feet,

the time they go missing and stuff up your

to relax AND move up through the gears at

sending you into such a state of bliss that you

schedule completely. Also, ask people what

the same time. It’s the year of the Dragon, so

will never need to go to yoga again. Well,

they mean instead of assuming you know

do not dwell on the tedious stuff. Dragon’s

maybe you’ll go anyway, seeing as these vibes

them backwards.


also brings wonderful stars for socialising

March 13: Jupiter and Pluto make everything Please visit my brand

and romance, so don’t forget to boogie on

easy. This is a fantastic combination of

new website for all the details about my first

down to your favourite location for full-

planets for business, prosperity and projects

(funny) book about the stars.

moon gazing. In a nutshell, forget booze and

that make your heart sing. Do not hold

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covert sugar hits; this month it’s time for nice

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Qualified Naturopath, Homeopath, Iridologist and Herbalist, Spiritual Healers Call Sandra Meehan on 0402 047 679 and Kate Grainger 0487 870 004 Flaxton Clinic 5478 6953 Holistic Bliss, March 2012

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Thinking about a pet? Give a senior a second chance By Amanda Quick, RSPCA Qld


f you have recently been thinking about adopting an animal companion in to your life but the thought of having to wrangle a lively, untrained puppy or kitten is making you feel physically tired, consider the abounding benefits of adopting an older, ‘senior’ pet. Firstly, let’s dispel the myth that older animals have been surrendered to shelters purely because they are badly behaved or have personality issues. In fact, the majority of older pets are surrendered because of ‘owner’ issues – moving house, a new baby, perhaps a separation or financial trouble. Older pets have proved to be loving, loyal companions that are unfortunately the victim of their owners’ circumstances. Do you know the old saying, ‘you

can’t teach an old dog new tricks’? When it comes to, well, an old dog, this saying is actually false. Compared to a puppy, a senior dog is more likely to already know all his/her manners and be more receptive to learning new tricks and commands from their owners, seeing as they’ve already lived through their boisterous stage. The same is true for a cat – instead of shredding your couch, a senior cat is more interested in curling up next to you and relaxing. And you’ll have a better night’s sleep. (No midnight pounces on your head!) Their personality has fully flowered as well, meaning that what you see is what you get. You can instantly recognise a connection with an older pet that may not be so obvious with a kitten or puppy whose personalities are yet to develop. More often than not you will experience a stronger bond with a senior pet, too. They seem to know that you’ve

given them a second chance at a good life and they love you all the more for it. It’s not just the pet’s well being that improves, but yours. Statistics have shown that people who have companion animals in their lives do live longer. What’s more, you’re a down right hero – by adopting a senior pet you reduce the rate of euthanasia in Australia and reduce the market for inhumanely sourced animals, through such practises as puppy factories and backyard breeding. Senior pets still have so much life to live and so much love to give. If you are interested in opening your home to someone, contact the RSPCA or visit your local RSPCA Adoption Centre. www. The RSPCA Million Paws walk is on the 20th May and raises money to help assist caring for more than 18,000 dogs that the Animal Care Centres receive each year.

Only holistic clinic in inner Brisbane

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Conventional Medicine & Integrative Alternatives Vaccinations & antibody titre testing • Advanced dentistry Desexing • Acupuncture • Nutrition advice Behavioural counselling Remedial musculoskeletal therapies • Chinese & Western herbal therapies and MORE

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07 3122 1997 Greenslopes Mall


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Holistic Bliss, March 2012

2/24/2012 8:51:17 AM

Learning from animals about ageing By Jenny Golsby


iving with animals and working with dogs has taught me so much about how I reflect on my life. Every day I am alive is a day I must live to the highest potential, as tomorrow is a new day and yesterday is gone for ever! My age is just a number and it should never define who I am or how I feel but ageing has definitely made me more aware of the things I have unwittingly taken for granted during my younger years. As I age, I am aware I must take care of my health and I am no longer able to do the things I used to. Sleep and nutrition are far more important

than I used to realise and with age comes maturity, at least I would hope I have matured – just a little! Do animals see age as we do? For animals, survival and reproduction are of most importance. To them much of what happened yesterday, and what may happen next week or next month is unimportant. Living in the ‘now’ is imperative to survival. With age comes wisdom and experience but unlike us, an animal’s ego never gets in the way. Recently my little dog Snookums turned 14 years of age. It seemed like only yesterday he came into my life, just eight weeks old. I began to think about the past 14 years and how much we had grown individually and together. One of the most fulfilling things for me is the knowledge that throughout those 14 years Snookums has been provided for in every way important to his survival. That care will continue until it is time for him to pass over. Snookums has

now entered the final phase in his life. He’s a little greyer around the face, his little legs don’t move as fast and games don’t last as long, his tolerance to the younger members of the canine family is not as high, he doesn’t eat as much and he enjoys the comfort of his soft, snug bed. Even though Snookums is now a senior dog, he doesn’t look at his reflection in the water bowl, or feel concerned about how much he has aged, nor does he lament about his younger days. His life is about living today! Snookums loves the age he is, and he is healthy, happy and protected. Loving the age I am is about understanding my body, staying connected to the earth, sharing it with all living things, and not getting caught up in numbers.

THE COMPLETE PET COMPANY “Complete Meal – Complete Health” WE DO NOT SUPPORT FACTORY FARMING Raw, Frozen “Complete Meal” and Bones for Cats and Dogs. All Human Grade Ingredients, Certified Organic and Free Range Meats Only, Delicious, Nutritious and Balanced Now available on the Sunshine Coast

animal care • Natural Therapies for Animals • Energy Modalities and Readings • Animal Healing Workshops For more information call 07 3352 3108


DOG LISTENING IS NOT A TRAINING METHOD Are you looking for a non-confrontational and kind way to work with your dog whilst respecting the language it instinctively understands?

(07) 3855 3555 / 0414 575 727

The Complete Pet Company & Natural Animal Care present

4TH MARCH – JENNY GOLSBY DOG LISTENING WORKSHOP 1ST APRIL – JEN GALLAGHER ESSENTIAL OILS WORKSHOP • Essential Oils • Flower Essences • Homeopathy • Dog Listening • Reiki • Herbal Medicine Contact Jenny 3855 3555 or Eileen 3352 3108 for more details about these inspiring classes Holistic Bliss, March 2012

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By Dr Kellie Yildirim


ould you like to reactivate that spark in your relationship? Or learn how to keep it going? For years and years? Maintaining sexual attractiveness in long term relationships is an ART. All too often we become familiar with each other, we lose our mystery and neutralise ourselves. Sexual attraction is MAGNETIC ENERGY in dynamic play. Sexual energy, like all types of natural energy, forms between two opposite poles. Just like magnetic energy forms between the north and south pole or the two opposite ends of a magnet, or electrical energy forms between the positive and negative electrode of a battery. The opposite poles of sexual energy are our inner masculine and inner feminine aspects. In our attempt to personally grow and evolve in our modern culture we can inadvertently neutralise these aspects of our selves. Women have developed more masculine traits of having direction in their own lives and not relying on a man to lead them. She can be very decisive,

rule the roost so to speak and run the show. Women are becoming great leaders in their own right. And men have been embracing their own feminine aspects by surrendering into their feelings, expressing their creativity and being “hearts on” in the home and family relationships. Men have become more nurturing, caring and sensitive. And this is great. This is the evolution we have wanted. Equally empowered and equally empathetic men and women – This is awesome growth!!!! As individuals in our culture we are becoming more balanced and whole; owning and embracing our own personal attributes of inner masculine and inner feminine. This however can temporarily lead to ‘neutralising’ our sexual attractiveness with each other. Neutralising the spark!!! Why??? If both partners come home from work holding onto their masculine aspects of making decisions and leading, they will not experience the magic of sexual attraction together. They will clash, argue and fight, they will be in a

Nia is for everyBody and everyAge choosing pleasure as the path toward physical, mental and emotional health. Nia Technique blends Healing, Dance and Martial Arts into a low impact routine with space for self-expression to uplifting music from around the world. Be a part of the growing Nia Sunshine Coast community! Susanne 0432 849 388 or call 0414 397 573 for upcoming workshops in 2012.


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battle to lead, and the zing will fizzle. Or if they both are floating in their feelings neither of them will lead anything, nothing will get done and very soon frustration sets in and the spark will be gone. So how can we be ‘whole and balanced’, ‘powerful and empathetic’ and still enjoy the magnetic energy of sexual attraction? Well the next step in our sexual evolution is to consciously take the responsibility of learning the dynamics of sexual energy and how to artfully and playfully interact within our relationships so that we keep that spark, keep that zing alive!!! And why??? Because when we are sexually attractive and in the flow of sexual polarity with our partner, it adds energy, vibrancy and vitality to ourselves and our partners. It is the elixir of life and youthfulness of spirit!! At She Prana we teach and enlighten you in the “ART of Sexual Polarity”.


Natural Health and Tools for Life

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Holistic Bliss, March 2012

2/21/2012 4:29:50 PM

How do you start the day? By Wendy Rosenfeldt


hich Ayurvedic dosha do you relate to?

Vata wakes up and starts worrying about the day. “Now I need to reply to some emails before I leave this morning, I should have done them last night… and then fit a walk in before I go to work but I’m worried that I will be late for work again, I don’t think my boss likes me, maybe I should change my job, maybe I should go travelling, maybe I should have a baby… I just can’t make up my mind”. Vata jumps up and has a shower. Looking at herself she thinks, “I don’t look well, maybe I am sick, maybe I have cancer… I should get a check up”. She jumps out of the shower, dries herself quickly and hurriedly dresses. She rushes into the kitchen, makes a cup of tea and runs back to her bedroom realising that she has forgotten to put on her skirt. Then seeing the time she rushes out the door forgetting her tea and starts a speedy walk. Pitta wakes up in the morning, gets up and has a shower, reciting her positive affirmations, “I am perfect, I am

wonderful…”, Dries herself thoroughly, wiping between each toe, then dresses in an immaculate outfit and walks into the kitchen. She prepares a fresh juice, puts some toast on and wipes up a tiny crumb from last night’s dinner, fuming about her partners poor domestic habits. The toast burns, she curses under her breath “someone else must have turned up the dial too high!” “Why is everyone so incompetent,” she thinks. She makes more toast, then eats her breakfast chewing each mouthful 30 times, sits for 5 minutes to allow her food to digest, then goes for a walk. Kapha is woken up by her loud alarm. She rolls over presses snooze then goes back to sleep. Five minutes later she is awoken again by the alarm. She tries to press snooze again but in her lethargic state rolls over and falls out of bed. Kapha rubs her eyes and heads dreamily for the bathroom. She gets into the shower and starts washing her hair, daydreaming about the cute guy at work. “I wonder if he likes me but what would he see in me, I really should go on a diet… but I can never

stick to it, it”” she sighs, sighs keeps washing herself and half an hour later gets out of the shower. She dries herself methodically and slowly gets dressed. She goes into the kitchen, makes a strong coffee and contemplates her plan to eat less and exercise more. She eats a couple of pieces of toast, has another coffee and resolves to start the morning walk and diet tomorrow. Are you airy Vata, precise Pitta or dreamy Kapha? Do you exhibit the light changeable qualities of Vata as balanced enthusiasm or out of balance worry? Does your Pitta precision, useful in organising, tend towards frustration and intolerance? Does your stable Kapha nature ensure stability or are you feeling stuck in a rut? For consultations and seminars call Wendy Rosenfeldt phone 5499 9580

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Holistic Classifieds SPIRITUAL




Higher Visions is a spiritual/Holistic Community network. We provide a place for other like-minded souls to come together to learn, grow, share and to self-develop. We offer : • Monthly casual lunches – varied subjects/ speakers • Evening gatherings with guest speakers – varied subjects. • Workshops for adults & kids – A diverse range • Unique events – Mind Body & Soul Expos + more

North Stradbroke Island “Connect with the ocean of energy and mother earth to find natural balance and inner bliss” Flow Yoga, meditation, vibrant raw vegan meals, raw health mentoring, beach house accom, nature walks and bushfoods, ecstatic dance, music, mantra and more! Laura Di Mambro 0400 673 563

March 23-25, May 11-13, Sept 14 -16


KUNLUN NEI GUNG (TM) Kunlun Nei Gung (TM) is an incredibly powerful system for personal power and spiritual evolution. Distilled and refined from ancient Taoist practices, Kunlun is now available to anyone seeking a greater sense of peace and contentment, or spiritual advancement, awakening and bliss. For 2012 workshop enquiries:

Phone: (07) 5482 2048 INTUITION PLUS-REIKI ENERGY HEALINGS Gently removing blockages and restoring balance in your mind, body and soul. Feel relaxed, calm, centred and grounded. Are you ready to move forward on your path? Mention the word ”magical” when booking and receive a FREE reading. $60 p/hr

Vikki Speller 0417 643 435* Join Intuition Plus on Facebook*

HEALTH & WELLBEING LOTUS HOLISTIC MEDICINE (BUDERIM) Experienced naturopath Heidi Merika from Melbourne has joined our practice and is available for consultations. Heidi has a special interest in the fields of paediatrics, lactation and plant based nutrition. Health fund rebates are available as are after hours consultations.

Inspirational Business Women’s Network Mackay was created to fill the need expressed by Mackay business women in the corporate and middle management arenas for a networking event that would provide them with professional development and inspiration through networking with like-minded leaders in their field.

For further information phone: Bronwyn 0438 892 855

SPIRITUAL SOUL PURPOSE CLASSES Delving deeply into healing chakras, unravelling mistruths, discovering precious answers for life, the correct tools and vibrational thinking, making life a purer journey, soul purpose can be discovered and contentment can be yours. Take Time Out for Your-Self.

76 William Street, Howard, Qld Phone: (07) 4129 0732

MUMS AND BUBS SERVICES BOOK LAUNCH NATURAL EMPOWERING BIRTH A Modern Woman’s Guide to a Natural Empowering Birth: inspiring birth stories, expert tips, insights to reclaim your birth power and overcome your fears in a modern world. Afterword by Dr Sarah Buckley. CELEBRATE! Sat 3rd March Sacred Mist VIC & Yin Health, Sunshine Coast 21st, 24th March

SUNSHINE COAST ACCOMMODATION SUNSHINE BEACH-NOOSA Charming Double Room in Queenslander style house large decks tropical gardens sea breezes close to Beach/National Park/Aquatic centre/Cafes. Stay with Clinical Aromatherapist Therapeutic Massage Practitioner. Relax Revive in peaceful environment $40pn single $60pn couple; week 1 night free. Longer term stays negotiable.

Phone: 0401 156 889/07 5474 8465

SUNSHINE BEACH HOLIDAY ACCOMMODATION ‘BILLYS BEACH CHATEAU’ Come relax and enjoy a 3 bedroom self contained apartment including swimming pool and airconditioning. Large verandah with a quiet leafy outlook, close to beach and shops. Check it out at: or Phone: Liz 0421 007 733

Phone: (07) 5352 3468 or visit

I get excited about who’s going to feature on the cover of Holistic Bliss magazine each month. I treasure my time curled up on the couch (with no interruptions!) reading it from cover to cover. It’s a magazine full of wisdom and it’s made with lots of love! Measuring the success from advertising in HB magazine has been easy. Readers tell me when they come into the shop that they have read my column or seen my advertisement, so I know it works! From Vicki Taylor owner of Red Hot Chilli Pepper Shop 4 ‘Monaco’ Lower Bulcock Street, Caloundra. (07) 5491-8870 30

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Holistic Bliss, March 2012

2/21/2012 4:06:43 PM

Holistic Bliss Directory Bali Retreat


Sant Mat is a practical spiritual path based on meditation, ethical living, service to others & love for all creation. Entry is via a preparation program.

31st March to 5th April 2012 Facilitator SONYA BLANCO

Creating a Conscious Lifestyle Transformational Holiday Enquiries 0413 866 962

Spirit Path Healing

shiatsu crystal therapies

There is no charge at any stage. For more information... 1800 462 193 or visit Know Thyself As Soul Foundation is a not for profit association incorporated in NSW.

Want a brand that’s unique to you?

Mark Crossland (Dip. Shiatsu)

m: 0423 859 888 e:

An attainable miracle awaits YOU.

For a distinct logo and brand design that you can use on your website, business cards, flyers & social media, call today!

Discover how you can learn to connect to the energy that creates All That Is.

07 5492 6417 0413 374 634

LIVE the life you dream of.

• Private PT Studio • Group Kayak Sessions • Group Outdoor Sessions • 8-12 Week Mind and Body Challenges • Self Development • Results Results Results • Healthy Happy Lifestyle

Phone: 0401 286 200

ThetaHealing® ... Call 54 22 95 95 to arrange your free introductory session/night Courses and individual appointments: Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and Gold Coast.

Ka Huna Massage Yoga Classes In a beautiful natural setting on the Sunshine Coast T: 07 5448 5748

Commercial/Business Law Conveyancing/Leases Employment Law Building & Construction Law Corporate Structure & Re-structures Asset Protection/Contracts Wills, Estates & Power of Attorney Property/Business Sales & Purchases Trade Marks, Copyright & IP Protection

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If you could make one simple choice to

HELP HEAL THE WORLD WOULD YOU? By selecting MOS premium quality skincare products you are not only choosing a cleaner, greener, more organic world but you are also helping to educate, nourish and protect children in less fortunate areas. We invite you to join us on our quest to heal the world‌ your skin and the world’s children will thank you for it. Beautiful People 4 A Beautiful Planet

Join the Revolution on

Phone 0438 965 390

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