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The Wise Woman By Soraya Saraswati – Holistic Naturopath and Spiritual Mentor


here is something special about being over 50. I always looked forward to this time in my life, feeling it would bring with it some form of magic, perhaps more wisdom and less parental responsibilities…more time to myself to smell the roses so to speak. I now realize around the age of 50 comes a very important ‘rite of passage’ for a woman, marked by the cessation of her menses. Menopause can bring many mixed feelings and sadly this last ‘blood rite’ of a woman (when she can finally

come back to herself) is often not only uncelebrated, it is often traumatic. Challenges of this time can be dealt with and overcome by adopting a healthy lifestyle, using natural medicines and relaxing more to honour her changing body. As a naturopath and spiritual mentor I enjoy assisting women through this transition period with the help of herbs, potions and helpful hints to make it more enjoyable. Talking about it often helps in itself. Traditionally menopausal women are highly respected and honoured wise ones, they are the grandmothers, the elders of a community. Having spent the innocence of childhood, the sweetness and passion of youth and the following fertile years of motherhood together with the sensuality and passion of sex in relationship, they have earned their place of respect. In our modern ‘sex’ and ‘sexy body’ obsessed society, this transition is often resisted, many striving to beat the illusive enemy of time, with chemical beauty treatments, nips, tucks, mature age IVF and surgery. This resistance to change can

only accentuate internal chaos and depression. ‘The Desiderata’, an ancient poem gives perfect counsel, “Take kindly the counsel of the years, gracefully surrendering the things of youth”. As an elder now myself, let me say we are beautiful, in fact perhaps more beautiful, more authentic, more appealing than ever before, and we can have fulfilling wonderful relationships and fulfilling work sharing our gifts with others. This is my experience of being a wiser woman in a gentler phase of my life with a wonderfully loving husband.

Holistic Bliss, March 2012

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