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Try Joyful Resting! East or West?


Jay Mulder

Out of the Box Health Care

JULY 2014 EDITION VOLUME 59 ISSN: 1836-8840


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a tranquil


OF INDULGENCE AND URBAN SOPHISTICATION Daisy’s Place provides an elegant and sophisticated dining experience within an interior of luxury and style. Explore a delicious menu of traditional and modern cuisine while relaxing within the tranquil outdoor and water landscaped gardens.

2859 Steve Irwin Way, Glenview (Just Off The Highway Onto Steve Irwin Way)

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Stunning new food menu ranging from breads, starters, entrées, mains and desserts… • New extensive beverage list • Best coffee anywhere • Exquisite desserts • Public Wi-Fi and private dining room available


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Follow your bliss!


bout ten years ago I meditated fulltime for three months overseas. While I did receive a lot of peace in myself, I also had the realisation that if I stayed on meditating long-term, I was avoiding creating my life. So I decided to travel and accepted a job as an English teacher with children in Taiwan. When I first arrived the children were very timid but quite quickly became enthusiastic and energetic (and learnt quite a lot of English). We developed an appreciation of each other. At the time I was also fascinated by traditional Chinese medicine and all the ancient healing methods but I found it difficult to find many local practitioners in Taiwan who used the traditional methods, perhaps this was due to various tensions over there at the time. In getting to know the locals, I developed an impression that many wanted to be and look like a Westerner (Caucasian). They didn’t seem to be interested in teaching me

any Mandarin; they only wanted to learn English and were disappointed I had an Australian accent rather than an American one. Many women wore jumpers to cover their arms when they went out riding on their scooters because they were trying to lighten their skin and a lot of the cosmetics seemed to market the skin bleaching products, with many Taiwanese women having an unnatural white glow. These memories have stayed with me and while they are not a comprehensive picture of modern day Asia or the East overall, I couldn’t help but reflect on these impressions when putting together our feature this month on ‘east meets west and ancient meets modern’. How can countries (including ours) honour their ancient traditions and also add to them and honour their own unique modern wisdom and resources?

“Your Magazine With Soul”



Super Spice


Try Joyful Resting! East or West?


Jay Mulder

Out of the Box Health Care

JULY 2014 EDITION VOLUME 59 ISSN: 1836-8840



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At JD Dental, we believe that dental health is just a component of your all over well-being. We would like to help you find the answer to better health. By sharing our knowledge - from amalgam fillings (metal) and root canal treated teeth, to the perfect mix of a healthy diet and lifestyle tailored specifically for you. Find the balance and feel great!

Dr Alex Dietz - Dental Surgeon


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16 Sunshine Beach Road, Noosa Junction (above surf-shop) P 07 5449 2460 E

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8 FOOD FOR THE SOUL 6 Chicken and Fresh Turmeric Soup by Quirky Cooking 7 Lemongrass Minced Beef by Vicki Taylor 8 Adding the Super into your Food! by Kelly Smith 10 The Power of Antioxidants by Shannon Flavell 12 Ancient Gold Super Spice by Belinda Reynolds 13 Whole Foods, Herbs and Hormones by Leanne Vickery COVER STORY 14-15  Jay Mulder Out of the Box Health Care EAST MEETS WEST, ANCIENT MEETS MODERN


16 Sustainability Through Empathy and Compassion by Amanda Stone 17 The Metaphysics of Understanding by Dr Pee Tek Chan 18  East or West – Is it Simply a Point of View? by Pepa Prabha Demasson 19 The Key to Unlocking the Quantum Universe by Wendy Rosenfeldt 20 Wisdom Within You by Raelene Byrne 22 Feminine Emotions and Ancient History by Vanessa Bushell 23 My Journey with Orthodox and Complementary Medicine by Tim Fraser MOVE YOUR BODY

26 Get Free from the Pain in your Neck by Dr David Hendrey


27 Past Life Regression Experience by Toni Reilly

28 Make Time to Save Time by Michelle Lightworker 29 A New Therapy on the Coast! by Richard Giakoumis 30 Are you Sabotaging ‘Your Roar’? by Pia Hughes 31 Unbounded Creativity! by Heather Barker 32 Crystals and the New Earth by Kellie Green 33 My Journey by Alicia Aberley HOLISTIC KIDS AND PARENTS

34-35 Millennium Children with Jean Sheehan 36 Real Life Family Holistic Healing by Dr Jeffrey B Mathews 37 Butterflies Don’t Bump into Each Other by Amrita Hobbs MINDFULNESS AND CONTEMPLATION

38-39 So You Think You Can’t Meditate. Try Joyful Resting. by Mary-Lou Stephens 40-41 Bringing Mindfulness back into the Daily Grind by Dr Cassandra Osborne FASHION, STYLE AND HOLISTIC BEAUTY 42 We are all Totally Unique, Especially when it Comes to Weight Loss by Jade Sultana 44 Detox Your Skincare Range by Janine Hall 46 HOLISTIC AS Books and more… NATURAL ANIMAL CARE 47 How Horses Assist us to Heal by Veronica Garrett 48-49 East Meets West with Animal Therapy by Dr Elaine Cebuliak

Access Consciousness Bookstore Would you Teach a Fish to Climb a Tree?


by Anne Maxwell, LCSW, Gary M. Douglas and Dr. Dain Heer A Different Take on Kids with ADD, ADHD, OCD, and Autism. People tend to function from the point of view that there is something wrong with these children because they don’t learn the way the rest of us do. The reality is that they pick things up in a totally different manner. We need to step up and find out how they learn, not try to teach them using methods that might have worked for us but definitely don’t work for them. What if they could be seen as who they are, not as who they aren’t? What could that change?


Joy of Business

by Simone Milasas What if BUSINESS is the ADVENTURE of LIVING? What if BUSINESS was JOYFUL and FUN? What if it was so much more than you ever perceived possible? If you were creating your business from the JOY of it – what would you choose? What would you change? What would you choose if you knew you could not fail? Business is JOY, it’s creation, it’s generative. It can be the adventure of LIVING. Australia’s Simone Milasas is a dynamic business leader with a difference. She is the worldwide co-ordinator of Access Consciousness®, the founder of Good Vibes For You, and the creative spark that ignited The Joy of Business ( Available as an audio download

$25 or in paperback $35

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All of life comes to me with Ease & Joy & Glory® Holistic Bliss | JULY 2014 |

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Chicken & Fresh Turmeric Soup RECIPE QUIRKY COOKING

(Thermomix version) 1. Mince garlic and fresh turmeric on speed 7 for 3 seconds: 2-4 cloves of garlic 1 ‘finger’ of fresh turmeric, halved 2. Add onion and chop at speed 5 for 3 seconds: 1 brown onion, halved 3. Add butter/ghee/oil and saute for 3 minutes at 100°C, speed 1: 40g butter/ghee or olive oil

4. Add and chop on speed 5 for 5 seconds: 1 vine-ripened tomato, halved Large handful of celery leaves Few sprigs of fresh thyme Scrape bowl down. 5. Insert butterfly. Add remaining ingredients, arranging chicken legs around butterfly, and making sure water doesn’t go above the 2 litre mark on the bowl: 800g chicken legs (about 6 or 7 chicken legs) 80g quinoa or brown rice 3 tbsp chicken stock paste 600g water (or until it reaches the 2 litre mark 6. Cook at 100°C for 30 minutes (quinoa) or 40 minutes (brown rice) on reverse blade, speed soft. For more information on QUIRKY COOKING please visit:

COOKING CLASSES Persian 12th July Moroccan 9th August

SPICE BLENDING CLASSES 26th July and 23rd August

now open

Tajines | Artisan Salts | Herbs Spices | Gifts | Gourmet Foods Open 7 days a week

PHONE 5491 8870 Shop 4, “Monaco” 92 Bulcock Street Caloundra 6

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“organic vegetarian goodness” 5/8 Ormuz Avenue, Caloundra Phone 07 5438 1647 Follow our story:


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Lemongrass Minced Beef RECIPE VICKI TAYLOR, Queen of Spice

Serves 4

Lemongrass This tall tropical grass has leaves and stalks that have a distinct fresh lemon aroma. It’s really only the roots and lower end of the stalk that is used, usually pounded and used whole or cut into thin slices in cooking. The upper leaves don’t need to be wasted and can be cut, infused with ginger, some hot water and used as a refreshing tea. As a spice, fresh lemongrass is loved for its robust flavour and is used a lot in Asian cuisines, especially Thai, Malaysian and Indonesian. It also comes in a ground form and you can easily substitute one stalk of fresh lemongrass with one teaspoon of lemongrass powder. Lemongrass can be added to any savoury dishes containing meat, poultry and seafood and it marries really well with coconut which is probably why it is used a lot in so many international cuisines throughout Asia.

• Certified organic produce • Locally owned • Friendly service YOUR ORGANIC SUPERMARKET • Competitive prices • Huge range DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR • Using local growers • Order online • Quality guaranteed

Ingredients: 500g lean minced beef 2 onions, diced 2 garlic cloves, diced 2 tsp chilli jam 1 tsp ground lemongrass powder 4 tbsp of a good quality fish sauce 1 tbsp brown sugar Salt and pepper for seasoning A squeeze of lemon juice 3 spring onions, sliced Basmati rice, to serve Freshly chopped coriander Method: Cook the rice according to instructions. Brown minced beef



Good for nature Good for you

Also at Kawana Farmers Market

P: 5444 8001 W:

in pan and make sure it is all separated. Add chopped onion, garlic cloves and cook a bit further. Add chilli jam and lemongrass powder and cook until the onion is soft. Season with salt and pepper. Meanwhile, make a sauce with fish sauce, brown sugar and lemon juice. Add the sauce to the minced beef, along with 3 sliced spring onions, and heat through thoroughly. Serve with the rice and sprinkle the fresh chopped coriander on top.


Your herbal medicine supplier • HAPPY • HEALTHY • HORNY • HERBAL TEAS • • HIPPY • PARTY HERBS • GIFTS • CLOTHING •

Organic Grocer, Holistic Health & Wellness

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Phone: (07) 5457 0000


07 5479 6607


New number 5447 2928 Holistic Bliss | JULY 2014 |

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FOOD FOR THE SOUL There is no doubt that the world is craving more information on health, nutrition and energetic healing. There was once a time when medicinal herbs and crystal healing was strange and alternative. Times are changing, so much so, we now have an Emporium in Maroochydore offering all of this to the public and being received with an open heart and open mind! My growing passion for raw food and raw desserts is proving that the only limitation is our minds! Raw desserts are certainly not to be mistaken for a gluten and sugar-laden dessert that is going to knock you on the couch for three hours after consuming! Raw desserts are alive, nutrient-dense and absolutely delicious. Being a Herbalist, A Liquid Crystal practitioner and a Superfood specialist, I see a great opportunity to add all of my favourite things into a raw dessert leaving my customers feeling healthy, whole, happy and most of all guilt-free from enjoying all the amazing things our earth and technology has to offer. Here is my Raw Superfood dessert recipe that you can make in the comfort of your own home. All you need is a high speed blender and a freezer to set it in. Use as much local and organic ingredients as possible.

Adding the Super into your Food! WORDS KELLY SMITH

Base: 1½ cups almonds 10 plump medjool dates Filling: 2 cups soaked cashews ½ cup agave nectar or coconut nectar 2 cups mixed berries ¾ cup Naluka coconut cream 1 tsp vanilla bean paste 3 tbsp ‘GLOW’ (a superfood blend available from Earthly Wonders Emporium) 1 cup coconut oil (melted) Directions: Add almonds and grind into nut meal. Slowly add pitted medjool dates and blend together until you get a clumpy and sticky consistency. In a small spring-form pan press your base evenly and set aside. Add to the blender all your filling ingredients and turn your blender onto high speed until your mixture is smooth and creamy. Now add the

Integrative approach to health Ibuki Health & Wellness offers a refreshing approach to your health, combining conventional and complementary medicines to increase your quality of life.

coconut oil and blend again insuring the coconut oil is thoroughly blended through. Add your filling to your cake pan and fill evenly. Place your superfood cheesecake into the freezer for at least 6 hours. Once set, decorate with goji berries, cacao nibs, coconut flakes or whatever you like that brings joy to your creative flair! You can now enjoy a healthy, nutritious and filling dessert without guilt! You can find this dessert ready to go down at Earthly Wonders Emporium where they are also made with The Liquid Crystals. The Liquid Crystals are an Australian healing modality which offer healing on an energetic level.


a Special Treat… Find the cause!

Dr Vivienne Taylor offers comprehensive assessments for both men, women and children with special interests in hormones, anti-ageing, nutrition, lifestyle management and longevity. Dr Sanchez complements the Ibuki Team with his expertise in nutritional medicine, bio-identical hormone therapy, IV therapy treatment, obesity, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune and management of chronic diseases.

ASK US ABOUT OUR WITHOUT SURGER FACELIFT Y 71/6 Quamby Place, Noosa Heads • 5447 5679 8

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EUMUNDI MEDICINE MAN Eumundi Markets OPEN: 7am-1pm Sat

THE AYURVEDIC HERB SHOP OPEN: 9am-5pm Mon-Fri, 9am-2pm Sat 1/10 Main St, Palmwoods Ph 5478 8893

‘The Shop That Is Not A Shop’

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be balanced… Elanra® the world's only* frequency modulated Ioniser that produces small breathable negative ions of Oxygen. These ions of Oxygen are absorbed into your body through your lungs to naturally enhance your immune system and restore your health. The way nature intended. With no drugs.

Negative Ions of Oxygen… Nature intended to keep your hormones balanced to their natural level and strengthen your immune system. However, due to pollutants and our modern environment, the atmospheric Oxygen is overloaded with positively charged ions, which alter this balance, causing fatigue, irritability and respiratory ailments plus more (Sulman F.G., Israel) leaving the air depleted of the healthy negatively charged ions of Oxygen, which you need to breathe easy, stay healthy and help your metabolism (Krueger A.P. United States) heal you. So turn on your revolutionary Elanra® today whilst you sleep. Nature's balance is then restored, and so are you. We are so confident we guarantee it**.

CALL NOW: 1800 352 672 *The Elanra is patented. Designed and manufactured in Australia **Ask about our money back guarantee. Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your healthcare professional.

…experience the difference -

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The Power of Antioxidants WORDS SHANNON FLAVELL, Morlife Naturopath


veryone aims to live a longer, fuller, more vibrant life. Yet the ticket that almost guarantees our success in this quest is often overlooked. If you were granted the ability to protect every cell in your body from disease and death, would you snap it up without hesitation? Each day you have the power to dramatically enhance how you feel while increasing your lifespan – this power comes in the pure form of antioxidants. Antioxidants are molecules that protect our cells from damaging free radicals. Free radicals are impossible to avoid. They are unstable molecules produced internally from metabolism and externally by factors including UV light, radiation, infections, medications, heavy metals, pollution and synthetic chemicals, to name a few. Without sufficient antioxidant intake, free radical production escalates, causing one of the primary triggers of disease – oxidative stress. Oxidative damage is commonly linked to conditions such as diabetes, heart disease and cancer. What’s more, your liver can become overloaded and damaged and may struggle to carry out its job of detoxification.


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It’s not all bad news though! Nature has equipped us with the best defence to overcome this battle with free radicals – the power of antioxidants in fruit, vegetables, nuts/seeds and whole grains. Antioxidants are molecules that reduce or inhibit damage by free radicals thereby preventing oxidative stress. They work by neutralising free radicals through the donation of one of their electrons. This makes the free radicals no longer harmful. Fortunately we have some of the highest sources of antioxidants at our fingertips, such as blueberries, pomegranate, strawberries, cherries, raspberries and super foods like acai and goji berries. With so many delicious, antioxidant-rich food sources available, there are plenty of ways we can boost our intake of these life-saving molecules and enjoy the benefits of antioxidant enriched wellness. Antioxidants are truly the elixir of life. They assist in the prevention of disease, in recharging our cells with vitality and strength and by helping us to live longer, happier lives!

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Ancient Gold Super Spice WORDS BELINDA REYNOLDS, Nutritionist & Dietitian


he ancient spice, turmeric, has been a superfood for centuries and is making its way into the western world with evidence-based science proving it to be one of the most beneficial natural sources of antioxidant and anti-inflammatory support. Turmeric, a source of curcumin, has been consumed as a dietary spice, and for medicinal purposes, for thousands of years in Asian countries. Although traditionally recognised as useful against infections, more recent research has revealed its antiinflammatory and antioxidant benefits. Interestingly, turmeric was patented by the Americans in the 1990s as a treatment to help heal wounds, however, the patent was revoked after a challenge from India, based on the importance of the spice to the Indian diet. Turmeric is one of the most researched spices in the world, with more than 4000 scientific studies and articles supporting its positive influences on health. Traditionally known to have poor absorbency into the body, turmeric is best consumed in combination

with other foods such as those containing oil and pepper to increase its bioavailability, and subsequent beneficial effects. Curcumin, the active compound within turmeric, has been shown to be one of the most profound antiinflammatory agents we know of today. It has demonstrated the ability to inhibit many inflammatory mediators in the body, including those known to contribute to systemic, vascular and joint inflammation and pain. New to the Australian market is a superior source of curcumin, called Theracurmin. A unique manufacturing process enables Theracurmin to be absorbed 27 times more efficiently when compared to regular curcumin. This enhanced bioavailability allows individuals to achieve greater benefits from the spice, including its antiinflammatory and powerful antioxidant functions. As a result, members of the population can tap into the true medicinal potential of curcumin, for symptomatic relief from a range of inflammatory conditions, including

arthritis. Inflammation of the joints associated with arthritis can be debilitating, and a therapeutic supplement could have a significant impact on the 3.85 million Australians currently suffering from the disease, and 7 million sufferers predicted by 2050. Theracurmin has been shown to down-regulate inflammatory mediators, reduce joint inflammation associated with arthritis, provide antioxidant support, prevent the oxidation of LDL cholesterol, support the maintenance of healthy digestive function, and emulsify fats in the digestive tract. For more health articles, go to Speak to your healthcare practitioner for more information about joint inflammation. Make sure to always read the label and use only as directed. If symptoms persist, see your healthcare practitioner.

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Whole Foods, Herbs and Hormones WORDS LEANNE VICKERY, Naturopath and Herbalist


ormone imbalances are becoming increasingly common problems in our world today. By understanding how different therapies work, what options are available in both conventional and traditional medicine, you can make an informed decision on how to improve your condition. The hormonal (endocrine) system is a truly amazing part of the human body. It is made of glands that secrete chemical messengers called ‘hormones’ into the bloodstream or surrounding tissues. Together with the nervous system and the immune system, the endocrine system helps the body to cope with different events and stresses. Along with these glands, several organs are vital to your endocrine system. They produce, store and excrete hormones to maintain the proper function of your body. A smallest disruption in the body can lead to an endocrine disorder and these are usually grouped into two categories: • Endocrine disease that results when a gland produces too much or too little of a hormone, called a hormone imbalance

• Endocrine disease due to the development of lesions (such as nodules or tumors) in the endocrine system, which may or may not affect hormone levels Conventional medicine may use hormone therapy to treat certain conditions by replacing the deficient hormone thereby reducing the patient’s symptoms. Although most of the drugs prescribed today have roots in the plant world, the chemical structure of the compound has been changed to specialise and heighten its actions. It then becomes a potent medication. Many people have benefited greatly from medication for hormone therapy but for others there can be a wide range of adverse side effects. An example of this is the treatment of endometriosis. In this condition hormone therapy works on the principle that endometriosis is lessened during pregnancy or by menopause. Therefore, the aim of drug therapy is to put patients into a hormonal state of pseudo-pregnancy or pseudomenopause. Side effects that patients may sometimes experience relate to these conditions.

The naturopathic approach would first look for the underlying cause of the problem. As we are all individuals, it stands to reason that what may work for one person may not work for another. By looking at an individual’s whole health picture, getting to the bottom of what is causing the condition, is a key component of natural therapy. Saliva testing is a common way to assess hormone status. According to the World Health Organisation it is the preferred way to assess hormone balance. Phytotherapy (the use of medicinal plants to heal and restore balance) can be used in either the whole food form (nutritional therapy) or in the form of extracts and supplements (herbal medicine and naturopathy). Plants hold amazing healing properties and more and more research is being conducted around how plants can act to naturally balance hormones. With a healthy lifestyle as the foundation, and with the guidance of a fully qualified health professional, using plants as food and medicine you can gently reverse hormone imbalance.

Water Filter System Creating Healthy, Alkaline Drinking Water

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A m a y t h a h o

d fo w a fi a b A a p c tr a




remember meeting Jay at the Woodford Folk Festival about four years ago and he impressed me with his knowledge and the joy with which he delivered the information was quite contagious. He has this way of giving 14

14.indd 1

you a mini health reading on the spot after just talking with you for ten minutes, and he knows things about you without you having to say very much. It was great to connect with Jay again this month and hear about his journey with

Ayurveda and how it continues to make his heart sing. Back in the 80s Jay became very sick from what he described as a ‘lot of turmoil in life’. He had previously worked in the fashion industry and then

| JULY 2014 | Holistic Bliss

6/16/2014 4:25:32 PM

h p to m th ti H w b su V y ty te c b ‘e ‘g to

re d th h a h th fr


Ayurvedic medicine is more than just sipping a cup of chai or brushing your teeth with herbal toothpaste… it’s an holistic way of life… and one which doesn’t have to be complicated or expensive.

developed chronic fatigue…so his search for information began and he consulted with many natural health practitioners and general practitioners but didn’t find what he was looking for. Then Jay asked the question, “ How can I get better?” And that’s when he discovered Ayurvedic medicine and he hasn’t taken a foot off this path ever since. Jay has practised for 15 years, teaches at two colleges on the Sunshine Coast and travels to India twice a year for recreation and further professional development. Jay studied Ayurveda and built his health back using these ancient principles. Initially he travelled to India to learn the essence of Ayurvedic medicine from Indian doctors because the information in Australia at the time was not particularly insightful. He said, “Western Ayurvedic books were simplistic, illogical and a good beginning”. For example, there is no such thing as a ‘dosha diet’ (for Kapha, Vata and Pitta) in Ayurveda and finding your body type and treating that body type also does not exist in the traditional teachings, yet these are the two main components of Western books. Jay also believes that we need to learn about the ‘energies of life’ rather than just trying to ‘get healthy’ and we need to learn how to treat our ‘digestive fire’ in our culture. Jay’s personal road to health recovery was also very much about dispelling many ‘health myths’. The very things he was originally told by other health practitioners to avoid (wheat, milk and sugar) were actually the things that helped to heal his body. But Jay qualified this by saying, he sourced his own local fresh milk, the wheat was produced from

his own mill and mixed with millet and back to simplistic holism. The Western buckwheat and the type of sugar he used mind needs to be flexible and seize the was jaggery taken in a balanced way. moment.” Jay continues to use Ayurvedic principles Jay’s ability to bring the ancient and every day in his own personal life: he modern together and teach principles rises early, writes, uses mantras, oils the that ‘are out of the box’ makes the body, takes herbs, enjoys nourishing Eumundi Medicine Man approach foods and living a joyful life. such a refreshing gift in the community and his team of practitioners work at a But we are each unique and what heart based, community oriented level. works for one person may not work Whilst the clinic moved a few years for another. Jay said the medicines in ago to Palmwoods, it hasn’t taken Jay his clinic are all incredible; they can all and the team very long to establish a give you health and they can all make potent presence and they have seen you sick. “There’s a swirling mass of much change in people’s health during dualities that are forever changing and that time. People have come along from we need to know what’s appropriate and all backgrounds and ages with a range at a particular time and place and for of health concerns and ailments and a particular individual, under variable more and more people are realising the circumstances and not be rigid and benefits of developing great lifestyle dogmatic…” practices to prevent illness. Jay helps people come out of polarity One of Jay’s great joys in life of the ‘right and wrong and good and is watching people, “reduce their bad’ way of eating and living by tailoring ignorance and increase their knowledge treatments to suit the individual. The – knowledge that is not in a square box,” secret of Ayurveda is, “Nothing is good he said, “the greatest gift you can give and nothing is bad, it all depends on someone is a change in consciousness many variables and the most important and then that ushers in health.” of which is your digestion,” he said. Jay’s new book, “Ayurveda: in search Many people think that Ayurvedic of the science of life” will be released medicine takes an ‘anti-raw food’ stance in December at the Woodford Folk but that’s not true. “I love a salad myself. Festival and I look forward to once again But the point is raw food is only as good chatting with Jay, picking up a copy as your digestion, so if your digestion is of his book and experiencing a shift in good and you have prepared the raw consciousness. food correctly, raw food is magic for you For more information about blended with digestives such as vinegars THE EUMUNDI MEDICINE MAN TEAM visit: but we need to balance all things,” he said. I asked Jay how we can bring the Western and Eastern ways, the modern and the ancient together. He replied with a quote from one of his teachers, “The West is a blind man and India is lame.” The ou d eat when y n a – ls a West has the resources e m • Don’t skip but we are ignorant are hungry and countries like India pen hich can dam (w have the knowledge s k n ri d ld • Avoid co but not the same e fire’) resources. We’ve become your ‘digestiv oil a materialistic culture black sesame h it w y d o b • Oil the and people can’t buy s tritious food u n g in health. He said we can st ta l • Eat beautifu aids work together and utilise s as digestive e ic sp e v li d ancient philosophies and ad t ones and principles that owers not ho sh rm a w e v • Ha work. “It’s about going

stions Jay’s Sugge for Winter

Holistic Bliss | JULY 2014 |

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6/16/2014 4:26:26 PM


Sustainability through Empathy and Compassion WORDS AMANDA STONE, Psychologist


icture this: the full auditorium waiting expectantly for the speaker. My stomach had those little flutters of excitement and anticipation. Participants quietly met new friends in the next seats, sharing names, professions and distance travelled. Would I get to ‘touch the cloak’ (a biblical tradition) of the speaker, Matthieu Ricard PhD (a Buddhist monk, author, researcher and humanitarian) whom I have admired for fifteen years? Over the course of the day I acquired new information, inspiration and life-changing concepts. Given my own work, academic study, and research, I was well-equipped to take advantage of both the neurobiological aspects and the utility of Matthieu’s message. For me the most salient, practical points concerned the role of altruism applied to the challenge presented by climate change; lovingkindness and compassion as the components of altruism; and the function of empathy.

Previously loving-kindness, compassion and empathy were thought to activate a particular area of the brain but through recent research it was found that empathy activated a different network from altruism. Empathy was found to be associated with pain, distress and negative emotions whereas altruism and its components of lovingkindness and compassion activated the area of the brain associated with positive emotions. The implication was that empathy provided an alert to the suffering of other living beings, but rather than staying with that feeling, we can switch to loving-kindness and compassion thus facilitating a productive, positive experience rather than continued distress with negative affective states and eventual burnout. For me that translates into sending blessings and the power of prayer as the very best option when confronted with the pain of another. This is consistent with Christian faith: a phrase from The Lord’s Prayer is, ‘Your kingdom come, Your will be done,’ which encapsulates

what God wants for us; His will is for all the living to have peace, well-being and happiness. For those who are service providers in caring professions, burnout is an occupational hazard, and it is sound reasoning to employ loving-kindness and compassion (with blessings and prayer), as antidotes to empathic fatigue. Regarding the living planet, empathic alert and distress is acutely felt when considering and seeing sights such as the slaughtering of cattle and whales, chicken factories, and the loss of species of plants and animals due to climate change or other human calamities Listening to that alert can promote within each of us altruistic actions. Matthieu conveyed these concepts and so much more. So I did not have to ‘touch his cloak’ to receive many enlightening gifts but a prized commemorative treat was the photo I had taken standing next to him. The planet and I prayerfully thank you.

Tim Fraser 1300 387 063 - 0410 102 751

TRANSPERSONAL ARTS THERAPY Using the arts to create and respond to life ~ by connecting with the space flowing in between the two ~ For more information phone Marnie 0477 626 861 Email: 16

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The Metaphysics of WORDS DR PEE TEK CHAN


here are many levels of understanding. As our insight develops through experience, we may notice our past understandings turn out to be misunderstandings or misinterpretations. So how do we develop real understanding and make significant change to our sense of ‘reality’? Understanding is influenced by many views and filtering from past referencing and prejudices, including culture, religion, superstition and scientific information. Intellectually, we may assume that if we think enough about a particular notion, for example “I am patient and loving” we become that. The statement “I think, therefore I am”, has created a misunderstanding about how we function. We can expand our understanding beyond intellectual/rational thinking, by merging our cognition with the energetic field of sense perception. These senses are well utilised by animals and insects and even at micro-cellular levels within our bodies. Expanding our field of sensitive intelligence that


goes beyond the five senses into a finer field of conscious awareness is literally sensational. Awareness is like a field of transparent, empty, brightness. Awareness is a state of beingness or non-doing. Awareness cannot know itself, except through conscious movement. Consciousness arises through movement. Conscious movement gives rise to new conscious awareness, awakening us to our larger self. The good news is we inhabit an amazing human body of sense perception and many levels of finer consciousness. Movement gives rise to inner seeing and knowing through reflective consciousness. This is a living, evolving knowingness. Knowledge is mind-based, while knowingness is a living, moving field of brightness or intelligence that goes beyond fixated understanding of reality. Understanding is literally and metaphysically UNDER-STANDING, that is, under our ground of standing or our stance in life. To understand higher

transcendental knowledge, one has to fully embody knowingness through our conscious body and drop beyond our feet. Potentially, if we follow the pull of gravity, we can continue to deepen and drop through to the centre of earth, sun, the centre of the galaxy, the Black Hole and beyond towards ‘Source’… Consider this potential, that the instant your physical centre of gravity is consciously aligned following the pull of gravity all the way to ‘Source’, you may be ‘Touching the Fingertip of GOD!’. Through conscious movement meditation, we can practise deepening, dropping in and letting go of the past, allowing us to powerfully shift our consciousness to new depths of insight, inspiration and profound self-realisation. Understanding is now experienced as ‘it is making sense’. This is being true to what we know. DR CHAN works in Brisbane as a medical doctor, counsellor, healer, Chinese herbalist, acupuncturist, meditation teacher and author. Visit:

Holistic Bliss | JULY 2014 |

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6/16/2014 4:27:52 PM


East or West –

Is it simply a point of view?



t seems more and more these days westerners are questioning our culture and our ways of functioning. It may be the Ashram in India or the Spiritual Retreat to Bali. Whatever it is, the search for different possibilities seems imminent for many at some level. For me, I had been searching for something outside of myself to give me meaning until recently. I took myself to church at the age of 7, joined an Indian cult in the 70s and looking back, one constant is that I took on the truth of others rather than trusting my own knowing. You see, in our pursuit for something greater, we seem to be forgetting one vital element to creating our lives and that is: our point of view creates our reality. Whether it be western or eastern or a combination of all that is available, what works for you ultimately depends on how you perceive it. If you

consider that consciousness includes everything and judges nothing, then the repulsion of western ways in favour of eastern traditions is in itself creating separation. We are here on this planet as one. Therefore, how can we possibly create the world we desire to live in with such duality and rejection of what is in existence, when it exists simply because of our points of view? If we stayed out of the wrongness of western ways, what could be created instead? Money is power and control in the west however; if you stop and listen to the whispers of change, you will begin to see that this way of being is no longer serving humanity and it is beginning to shift. As many of us become conscious co-creators we are becoming more aware that we are all one and that we can create consciously without the need for power. The more conscious we become, the more consciously we will create our lives and those who still


Can address the deep-seated causes of Depression, Pain, Addictions, Weight issues or any Chronic Health issue. Our experience shows it can help with children’s Behavioural issues and Autism Spectrum Disorder. Kinesiology works by freeing up blocked Life Energy to be available for Healing and Living.


Kylie Sheaffe & Leanne Marshall KINESIOLOGISTS

Our team is on your side

67 Channon Street, Gympie. Ph 07 5483 7688 Email: 18

18.indd 1

choose to function from power will lose their grip on control, allowing for more conscious creation to occur. Remember that whatever philosophies you choose to embody and however you choose to live your life, do it because it’s true for you, not because you are rejecting another way. By doing so, you remain in allowance for all that is, allowing for greater possibilities for all of us. PEPA is the director at Conscious BE at ‘The Place’ in Maleny. She is a woman in search of a conscious revolution, and spent years in holistic education, becoming a co-founder of the Ananda Marga River School at Maleny. Having travelled to India and spent time immersed in Eastern Culture, Pepa has experienced first-hand the extremes of rejection of the Western culture for Eastern ideals and has now settled in a peaceful knowing that so much more is possible when you simply be YOU in whatever you choose.

Successful Healing Business 16 & 17 August 2014 (Melbourne)

Medical Intuition

15 - 20 November 2014 (Sunshine Coast)

What is Your Body Telling You? Jean Sheehan is an internationally recognised medical intuitive

Discover your full potential knowing anything is possible.

Jean Sheehan


w. e. p. 07 5641 4009

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The key to unlocking the WORDS WENDY ROSENFELDT


Quantum Universe


astern knowledge has long understood that everything in the Universe is intimately connected. With the advent of quantum physics, western science has also arrived at the same conclusion but it is a conceptual reality rather than a living one. Quantum physics has discovered that thought is the most powerful form of energy but this breakthrough remains largely unusable. Laws of nature are different at different levels of existence. At the surface level of life we experience objects as separate, solid entities. In the quantum mechanical realm, everything is fluctuations of particles. Knowing that at the subtlest level of life, everything is made up of waves of probability doesn’t translate into greater freedom from gravity. Knowing that there is a possibility I might fall up in the air doesn’t stop me from hurting myself if I jump off a cliff. All possibilities exist but how do we access the potential of this quantum breakthrough? Vedic knowledge, originating

thousands of years ago in India, provides the secret to delving into these abstract levels of nature’s functioning so we can use this latent power of all possibilities. Transcending is the technique to experience these subtler levels of life. The ancient Vedic technique of Transcendental Meditation allows the mind to fathom all the different levels of life, from the surface level, to the molecular, atomic and subatomic levels of the unified field. Instead of just knowing that these levels exist, the process of transcending offers us the experience of it. When the mind transcends all experience of the manifest universe, it experiences a state described as unbounded awareness where the mind is no longer bound by thought. It is a state of complete freedom, bliss and unity. While an extremely attractive experience in itself, the real benefit is that when we come out of meditation we carry this experience into our daily life. Perception of the unity of life penetrates all aspects of our existence.


Conscious Loving for Couples

12th-18th October

WENDY ROSENFELDT is a teacher of Transcendental Meditation and a Maharishi Ayurvedic Practitioner. Visit: or

Do you have a successful Holistic Practitioner inside you… waiting to come out? LET US HELP YOU SET THEM FREE!

Sunshine Coast, Qld

If you have ever wanted to:

Return to Love

• Help others find and live their life purpose

In this six day retreat a couple is given a completely new insight into sex, and its function in relationship. When the real truth about sex is clarified, sex becomes a potentially healing force and not a potentially disruptive one.

• Use Past Life Regression

This retreat, described by some as “a coming home”, “a spiritual honeymoon”, “a reawakening to love”, is a special gift to your relationship. Couples feel the impact whether they have been together for three years or thirty years. Presented by


For full details and registrations, call Janet:



• Be an Intuitive Counsellor

* Please note: There is no nudity or demonstrations in this retreat

or visit our website:

We see eternity in a grain of sand. By accessing the level of life where everything is connected, we experience more events that are supportive of what we desire. We get the job we have always wanted, we meet the right person at the right time. The universe provides what we need because we are waking up that reality that the universe is in fact an aspect of our self. Intellectually trying to live this way without the practical technique of transcending is of limited use. The mind must be trained to function from this level otherwise we are just living an existence bound by the concrete laws governing macroscopic life. Vedic knowledge is experiential knowledge. It is not just intellectual knowledge about how the world works but provides the technique to experience all levels of existence in our own awareness.

0428 726 849

• Increase and use your Intuition • Be a professional reader


SoulLife© Psychology™




Then SoulLife Psychology© is for you! DIPLOMA COURSE COMING IN 2015

For information email Holistic Bliss | JULY 2014 |

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he Ancient Eastern wisdom is always telling us about the power we have within while the modern western ways are based on the power from external forces which in many cases diminishes personal power through fear-based practices. In today’s world people are feeling disconnected, in chaos, dissatisfied with many parts of life. Many feel powerless and a sense of “ being a victim” to the expectations of the world. Eastern philosophies have gifted the world with wonderful information, healing modalities dealing with energy, and the eternal support of teachings based on universal laws which ask us to seek balance within, to choose peace, to exercise compassion, respect, and collaborate, to understand that all of life is connected in a huge field of energy. We are responsible for our input towards this energy field through our daily actions, thoughts, words and feelings. This is the way of true personal power. Knowing you, through contemplation, meditation, kindness, and self-responsibility will lead to inner power. Modern Western life has gifted us with technology that has affected all parts of life. Travel, communication, medical breakthroughs, industry and information in the click of a button. This way of life has created a busy-ness that is unsettling, creating disharmony while we keep distracting ourselves with all the external toys that are at our disposal. Fear-based dogma and doctrines have

infiltrated all parts of western society which has slowly taken us away from our true power as we struggle to stay in the game of life with all the rules created by others. We are entertained by the dramas of the external life which separates us from our inner world. Losing that connection to the inner world creates a deep sense of powerlessness. Modern science has delivered us to this point of advancement, however many concerns with scientific breakthroughs around ethics have arisen, again causing fear. If we strip away the labels of eastern, ancient, modern and western, we could replace them with the simplicity of “feeling”( ancient) and /or “thinking” ( modern), and then re-establish a new way forward merging both. Quantum physics, epigenetics are sciences that are now proving that the ancient teachings are indeed true and always have been. Our modern world didn’t have the ‘technology’ to prove it until current times. As technology advances, the ancient teachings and truths will be validated allowing us to shift gears into being powerful creators of a world we choose to flourish in. Today, science and spirit are dancing together in a universal shift of consciousness to aid humanity in evolution. We are ancient souls navigating the modern world. Once we remember our true power; that wisdom within, we can then utilise the modern world’s ways to create a sense of unity through the empowerment process of all beings.


One Treatment Can Be Life Changing The Atlas supports your head and governs structural alignment. A misaligned Atlas causes restriction of the brain stem, spinal cord, cranial nerves and arteries. This limits our potential for wellbeing and creates tension, restricting the free flow of energy. When the Atlas is installed correctly, the body begins an unwinding process, releasing holding patterns and enabling the body to heal and regenerate.

To take a step towards your health and wellbeing, contact Ray Shapcott (atlasprof ) covering Brisbane North, Sunshine Coast and Hinterland – Phone 5429 5520, Mobile 0412 490 374 20

20.indd 1

Don’t Tell Me To Get Over It!


This powerful relocation immediately activates a self-healing and harmonising process. It is holistic in nature, promoting wellness and rejuvenation on all levels, mind, body and spirit. This method is nonmedical, non-chiropratic.

y nl

This circumstance leads to a variety of physical and psychological ailments and illnesses. Atlasprofilax is a neuromuscular technique that liberates the Atlas with only one application accurately, safely and permanently.



Did you know that the first cervical vertebra, the atlas, is out of alignment in most people?

A woman’s guide to navigating emotional overwhelm What every woman needs to know about honouring emotions and learning to love ourselves

Purchase from or selected retailers

Further information call Vanessa on 0424 508 701

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6/16/2014 4:13:24 PM


Feminine Emotions and ancient history WORDS VANESSA BUSHELL


hen I reflect on how emotions are seen in today’s western society, I hear that emotions are often seen as problematic at best and mentally ill at worst. The notion that emotional wisdom may have equal standing to rational thought or logic is very rare. While there is nothing wrong with masculine traits such as mental reasoning, taking physical action and problem solving, there needs to be recognition of the value of feminine traits. The feminine, both within women and men, is all about emotional wisdom. To undermine an understanding of our emotional selves and how to honour our feelings, only leads to disempowerment and emotional unbalance. There is nothing wrong with our emotions until they become distorted by psychological patterns. Yet this generally occurs due to misunderstanding and suppression of healthy emotional messages in overwhelming circumstances. When we realise the power of acknowledging our adaptive emotions in the past

and the present, then our emotions tend to naturally heal and rebalance themselves. Then they can act as they are naturally supposed to and become a guidance mechanism system. One question I regularly hear is how can we understand and work with the sometimes intense and powerful energies of our emotions? Ancient feminine archetypes Due to a lack of helpful archetypes of the ‘powerful feminine’ and ‘emotional wisdom’ in our current culture, I look to the ancient cultures to learn about our emotions. The Ancient Greeks, Egyptians and Romans all had far more extensive and respectful representations of emotional wisdom than we do. Even in Eastern traditions, we can find more respect for the feminine. The main two archetypes of the feminine in today’s culture are the mother and the prostitute. However these ancient cultures envisioned greater diversity of feminine traits. The Goddesses of Ancient Greece

and Egypt, for example, had messy emotions and personified human struggles that captured how difficult emotions can be. However, they often also spoke about gaining wisdom through these emotional processes and journeys in their mythology. For example, there are incredibly wise and respected stories about the crone who weaved fate and Persephone who journeyed into the underworld for her demonic lover. These depictions of the feminine highly respect feminine ageing, intuition and emotional learning, as well as classic feminine experiences in intimate relationships that today could be classed as borderline. Learning about our emotional processes in a safe environment is essential if the feminine aspect of ourselves is going to be embraced and also to gain confidence. Accepting and valuing our emotional processes takes honouring the feminine to a whole new level.

Enjoy the beautiful, relaxing energy in the shop, where locals and visitors have been coming since 1995. Spiritual Books Crystals Jewellery Psychic Readings Oracle and Angel Cards Tarot Cards Essential Oils Incense

Australian Bush Flower Essences Inspirational DVDs Meditation and Music CDs Feng Shui Products Tibetan Singing Bowls Himalayan Salt Lamps Meaningful Gifts and Cards Plus more…

Shop 3, 36 Sunshine Beach Road, Noosa Junction Qld 4567

Phone (07) 5448 0166 22

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Orthodox and Complementary Medicine

My journey with


(continued from last month)


few days prior to my surgery I contacted Dan Benor to do a session with the ‘Whee tapping’ technique to ease my fears with the surgery and to minimise the use of painkillers where possible by talking to my body and saying it was allowed to have some but not huge amounts of medication. This was very effective. When the surgeon came around, I asked him if I could use Reiki healers to support my healing, which he had no objection to; providing it was going to assist. I was not expecting that reply! It was difficult to organise a person to come to the Prince Charles Hospital as it was an hour and a half away from most of the healers I worked with, so instead I looked into absent/ distance healing. Because I had some complications: my water works stopped, I ended up with a catheter for two

weeks and I had my mum contact a healer from New Zealand (Magnetic Healers Unlimited) to do the absent healing. The healer advised that there was an energy blockage in the water works area which she worked hard to release, so by the time the catheter was removed the water works kicked in again. During my stay in hospital I used Emergency Bush Flower Essence for shock and many other natural topical treatments to assist with bruising and facilitate the healing process for a few weeks after I returned home from hospital. In the end the pathology report showed the Thymoma consisted of an irregular fragment of soft tissue cyst-like appearance. It weighed 160.7 grams. The dimensions were 95mm AP x 60mm ML x 60mm AP. It was benign and calcified. The surgeon thought that I had had this for about 50 years. When I got back home I also started

taking some herbal medicine. And because I’ve not needed to use much pain medication, I also haven’t had complications such as constipation. I got out into the sun and walked short distances as frequently as I could but it was quite hot so had to do this early in the morning and late in the evening. I am sure that all the different healings I have received including the use of herbs, colour therapy and electrical stimulation pads on my back has assisted in my recovery without the use of heavy duty painkillers (apart from when I was in hospital). One of the many things that did hit home is that empathy and care are powerful tools in the recovery process and there is so much the medical and complementary healing fields can do to work together in this area. TIM FRASER is a Reiki Master, Healer and Wellness Coach.

Holistic Bliss | JULY 2014 |

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6/16/2014 4:30:47 PM

Access Consciousness Moira Bramley

Margaret Braunack Director



“Facilitator of Wealth and Relationship”

Power Trainers International Pty Ltd

Phone 0437 049 746

Phone 0418 877 946

Sarah Be

C.F.M.W. RN.BNSC. Author of Learning from Grief


“Facilitator of Living with Ease”

“Inspiring You… To Be… The Greatness of You”

Phone 0431 170 710

Phone 0405 734 656

Shauna Teaken C.F.M.W.

w w

Wendy Mulder



“The Joy of Youthing”

“Facilitator of Magic, Bodies and Ageing as Just a Choice”

Phone 0421 858 176

Phone 0414 501 621


w w

Heather Barker Grace Hart



“Uncorking Your Creative Genie: Retreats and Private Coaching”

Phone 0402 462 518

Phone 0438 865 811


w w

All of life comes to me with Ease & Joy & Glory


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6/16/2014 4:14:06 PM

Empowering People to Know That They Know Simone Milasas C.F.M.W.

Brendon Watt

Worldwide Coordinator Access Consciousness


Author Joy of Business

“Totally Different Dad”

Phone 0412 888 645

Phone 0415 669 064

Shennan Rae Thomas

Mel Mazing



“Looking After You”

“What if Life was Meant to be Fun?”

Phone 0410 471 724

Phone 0431 223 707

Delany Delaney C.F.M.W. “A Catalyst for Change. Facilitating Your Voice in the World”


Phone 0412 421 903

Pepa Prabha Demasson C.F.M.W. Conscious Be @ “The Place”, Shop 4/ 10 Coral Street, Maleny

Phone 0417 651 614

Access Consciousness is a pragmatic system of easy to use tools and processes that can release and clear limitations in any area of your life. This creates the possibility of a dynamic ever-evolving, ever-expanding Life and Living that is available to us all. The Bars® is the Foundation tool of Access and facilitates more consciousness for everyone. Releasing blockages within the cellular memory of the body, many people report experiencing immediate peace and calm after a session. If you have any questions or would like to experience the tools of Access Consciousness contact a Facilitator today. 25.indd 1

6/16/2014 4:14:41 PM


Get free from the WORDS Dr DAVID HENDREY


our body is a masterpiece which is controlled and co-ordinated by your brain. The way your brain does this is by sending and receiving electrical impulses or messages along the nerves. These impulses must be in synchronisation for you to feel great and function great. Most of the nerves in your body either start or finish in the skull. They then travel down through a big hole in the base of your skull into the spinal canal, forming the spinal cord. Your canal should be straight from the front and have a healthy “C” shaped curve from the side. This alignment provides the ideal protection to the nerves. Sadly, poor posture, whiplash injuries, knocks, bumps and falls can injure the neck and can cause the spine to become misaligned. If you have a misalignment of the spine, this can alter the shape of the spinal canal, disturbing the nerves. These misalignments are known as ‘Subluxations’. New research conducted by Dr Jeb McAviney (who is the clinical director


26.indd 1

Pain in your Neck

of Sydney Scoliosis Clinic) found that patients who have lost the normal curve in the neck are 18 times more likely to suffer with headaches. There are many things that can cause headaches which come from the neck. • Pinch nerve. People often talk about a “Pinched nerve” which does happen but is actually quite rare. • Sprain of the joints or ligaments. • Strain of the muscles. • Disc injury. Although disc injuries are most common in the lower back, neck disc injuries are particularly nasty. These conditions also commonly can lead to tension in the neck and even headaches and migraine. A study conducted at the Institute of Medical Biology at the University of Odense in Denmark showed that Chiropractic care reduced both the intensity and frequency of headaches. Patients had 69% less headaches and 36% decline in the intensity of their headaches (JMPT 1997). Dr Wayne Wittingham, Chiropractor, PhD and researcher conducted several

major studies with patients who were suffering with headaches and migraines. One study was a double blind study with a crossover aspect. This means the patients received eight weeks of treatment and eight weeks of a sham or fake treatment. Another group received the sham or fake treatment first then eight weeks of real Chiropractic treatment. This study not only showed that Chiropractic care reduces the severity, intensity and frequency of headaches and migraines, but because of the crossover aspect, it also showed that Chiropractic care actually prevented headaches and migraines occurring. Thankfully, your Chiropractor has trained for more that 6200 hours at University to find the cause of your neck pain or headaches and can find the cause, and tailor a treatment plan for you. Dr DAVID HENDREY is the Director at Hendrey Chiropractic on Lake Kawana.

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Past Life Regression WORDS TONI REILLY


ave you ever wondered what it is like to experience past life regression? Experiencing for yourself is hard to explain in words. It almost needs to be felt. Some can feel like they are making it up as their logical side kicks in and tries to undermine what is happening. Most people can see, a bit like a dream, others sense more strongly and a knowing will be apparent for all. Past Life Therapy can potentially change your life. Imagine realising your self-worth and feeling empowered. You can release patterns of behavior, which may be stopping you leading a fulfilling life. Regression works by accessing your soul, which records your past, present and soul or between life memories. Your soul knows everything you have experienced and the many incarnations you have lived as well as the between life stages. This information is available to you. This is achieved via a relaxed state when the rational mind can slow


down from our day-to-day thinking, and allow you to see, feel and remember your incarnations. During a regression session, it is possible to regress to earlier times in your current life, back to a past life or even visit between lives. You will be guided to view significant events as we gather information to put the puzzle together and facilitate a healing for you to improve your current life. It is possible that during the session you have a spiritual experience. Sometimes this means a guide or passedover loved one comes and connects with you. We always go with what you are given as your soul knows what will benefit you most at your stage in life at the time you seek therapy. It is ideal to attend a session without expectations and with an open mind. There is nothing to worry about as the process is gentle and safe. Emotions often flow openly, and we embrace them as healing takes hold by bringing emotions to the surface and releasing them.

You may explore any period in time and you may be male or female. By viewing significant events and making the connection to behaviors and emotions and physical symptoms, which affect you now, you will understand your circumstances and embrace your life. Many issues can be resolved using regression including relationships issues, anxiety and depression, fears and phobias, recurring dreams, fertility, self-esteem, confidence, abandonment, guilt and shame, to name a few. TONI REILLY is an internationally recognised regression facilitator and professional trainer. After training with Dr Brian Weiss she pioneered her own unique approach and techniques. As the founder of Toni Reilly Institute she developed the Diploma of SoulLife™ Psychology, a professional qualification for intuitive practitioners. or

Australia Wide: 0406 121 938 or 07 5477 0854 Holistic Bliss | JULY 2014 |

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6/16/2014 4:31:56 PM

Make time to

Save Time



heard a lovely comment the other day that everything I write is so ‘grounded’. My view is, if you can’t apply spiritual learning to everyday life, then what’s the point? When we learn to make time, we save time. Let me explain. We all want to be happier, more at peace, have loving relationships, better self esteem and thrive in our jobs or create the job we really want. We are no different from each other at our very core. Humans want to find a way to do this in their lives. People harp on about being successful however they fall short to be open to all the resources that they have within themselves to get them to where they want to go. I am passionate about making time to find the real me. I want people to be passionate about themselves and to make time to find the real them! If we don’t make time, we will get what we give ourselves: depletion, abandonment of self and a whole heap of grief. This is so avoidable.

Sometimes wanting success or financial security out of fear takes us down a path where we lose our way. So how do we find our way back? Maybe, it is not even that we’ve lost our way in totality. Sometimes we just lose our way because life throws us a curve ball. Whoop! Straight in the guts! We didn’t see that coming. Well what if we could learn to see or feel it coming? What if we learnt tools to cope with the fall-out of that curve ball, so that we bounced back quicker than ever? Who wouldn’t want to learn that? This is what I call everyday life smart spirituality. Using resources to maintain our centre, we create the life we want, make better decisions and in doing so we save time. So how? We need to stop and ground ourselves. Plan time in our schedule for activities that nourish us physically such as exercise and yoga. Set time aside to feel emotionally heard and supported – not just by others

but also by our loving selves. There are many parts to our personality that need to be heard. Otherwise, they take the wheel and we end up driving the long way round! We need to make time to quiet our mind too and resource ourselves with higher vibrational frequencies. In our mad world of rushing, appointments, kids, pets, chores and money worries, we need it more than ever. When we stop and take a moment to breathe, answers to problems arise. We stop trying to control every little thing. We learn to let go. And by doing so, we become more responsible for ourselves and carry less of others’. Goodbye guilt! So take, nay, make time today. Set aside half an hour just for you. Let yourself play, breathe, stretch, be. Let yourself be the real you. Let the answers come.

Lightworker Practitioner Training Heal yourself, help others, find your purpose… Be the Real You! • Conduct readings, healings and professional consultations • Utilise oracle cards, pendulums, crystals, meditation, the arts and energy to assist yourself and others to heal • Build your spiritual connection and inner strength • Transform your relationships with your family, friends, partner • Uncover your life purpose • Small, relaxed and non-judgmental group learning • Connect with your Lightworker community • 1 on 1 Mentoring for e-Course Students • 12 Modules x 2 hours each week per level • Master Class Program now available

Level 1 – Commencing July 2014 Master Class – Commencing Oct 2014

0433 831 946 28

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6/16/2014 4:32:47 PM

A New Therapy

on the Coast!



scension Therapy is designed to create happiness, abundance and love in your life by clearing and healing negative cycles that exist within. Ascension Therapy was born out of the need for founder Richard Giakoumis to heal himself of a lifetime of stress, negative emotions and physical symptoms. This sparked the way in creating a modality to help remove stress, negative energies and negative karma from the lives of his clients. When negative emotions are suppressed they can manifest in the body as physical and mental illnesses. A great analogy is to imagine carrying a bag on your back filled with stones. Wear it for an hour or even a few hours and you may be fine but carry it for longer and your body will feel tired and you will start feeling pain. This is the same with your emotions. The longer you carry these emotions the greater

Sunshine Dental Care

the impact emotionally, mentally and physically. How does it work? You are gently guided through powerful processes to release the negative energy within the cellular memory. This then enables your body to heal itself from the physical or emotional issue that has been inhibiting you, allowing you to move forward in your life in a positive way. Why choose Ascension Therapy over other modalities? Ascension Therapy brings to your awareness the cause of an issue you are currently experiencing and within a safe environment you are guided to release and clear the emotional issue permanently. The results of these sessions are proven and profound, just one session can change your life as it has already changed so many lives. Many other healing therapies give you the awareness only and send you home to deal with the emotional issue alone.

Have you heard the statement “all healing is self-healing”? Healing comes when you experience the lesson yourself. In order to experience the lesson you need to be willing to look deep inside, honestly and completely. Your cells hold memories and your body is trying to show you where to look. “Are you ready to make yourself the priority?” Do you put other people’s needs before your own? By looking after yourself and addressing the issues that are negatively affecting your life, you will be more positive for the people around you. Your life will become happier and abundance can be yours. The rewards are endless. The question is, “Are you ready to make yourself the priority?”. For more information call our facilitators or go to

Now you can find your Holistic Dentist in the heart of the Sunshine Coast SAFE AMALGAM REMOVAL

Because we believe passionately in Holistic Health, we practise the safest possible ways to remove Amalgam. We are fully equipped for Safe Amalgam Removal with AIR PURIFICATION, and work in a strict protocol considering your health first. The Air Purification System has high efficiency filters which remove mercury vapours, disinfectants and organic aerosols.


Dr Lilian Kluge

Shop 3, Plaza Central 31-33 Plaza Parade MAROOCHYDORE 4558

Phone 5475 4866

“CEREC” CROWNS (completed in one visit!) We choose biological materials for restoration and can evaluate your wellbeing providing you with the best options to give you a beautiful smile and healthy oral care.


Also Ava

entistry D p e e l S tion ht seda g i l i w T or ay

your w … sleep procedure your y through w length ter ho (no mat mplex). or co

Holistic Bliss | JULY 2014 |

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6/16/2014 4:33:29 PM

Are you sabotaging

‘Your Roar’? PIA HUGHES, Women’s Health Practitioner


ocal women’s health practitioner, Pia Hughes believes the road to health and wellbeing is fun, sustainable and environmentally friendly when approached with curiosity. The elements of success can be determined through a shift in mindset along with naturopathic methods of healing such as nutritional advice, supplementation and lifestyle modifications. Pia is an holistic health practitioner who offers clients an experience in the ancient art of intuitive healing mixed with modern evidence-based best practise methods. Of particular interest to Pia is hormonal imbalance. Inspirational lyrics such as ‘I am woman, hear me roar’ and more recently penned lyrics ‘You’re gonna hear me roar’ call upon women to reach beyond the stars. Yet there are certain times in our

lives when that powerful roar is hijacked by hormones – puberty, menstruation, pregnancy, post natal, peri menopause, relationship breakdown, illness and trauma to name a few. These are times when ‘I am strong, I am invincible, I am woman’ are barely audible to self let alone others. Other subtle markers of this hijacking of roar may be disturbed sleep patterns, looking like you are ageing by the minute (perhaps a slight exaggeration), constantly feeling tired, experiencing unpleasant and often uncontrollable mood swings (if you are unsure about this symptom, ask your partner for clarification), an erratic menstrual cycle and finding it near impossible to lose weight. If this sounds like you then I am pleased to say your roar is not forever lost. With a commitment to women’s health, Pia has brought the YWCA

Encore program to the Sunshine Coast for the very first time. Encore is a free eight-week gentle exercise program for women who have experienced breast cancer at any stage in their lives. Based around floor and pool exercises, it is safe and therapeutic. Encore can help strengthen and tone arms, shoulders and chest, regain mobility and improve general fitness. Every week guest speakers from the local community gift their time and knowledge. This program is currently running in Noosa and will be commencing in July at Kawana. Taking a step back in time Pia is also offering mobile consultations. From a home clinic based in Tewantin, any mobile consultations between Tewantin – Coolum Beach – Verridale – Cooroy – Cooroibah is at no additional charge.

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Gosia Kuszewski, ND Weight Loss & Detox Specialist

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Unbounded Creativity! WORDS HEATHER BARKER


hat would it be like to create your life and business with the energy of space making room for something else to show up that might uncork something completely unexpected and wonderful that you could never have imagined before? When we unlock possibilities from the energy of space, contribution and collaboration so much more can show up. The willingness to be curious and experiment with new ways of being vulnerable and letting go of control is the gift of unbounded creativity. What else might be available if we collaborate and let our barriers and resistance down to explore new avenues and pathways? What if living as the contributive generative creative being that we are unlocked a new consciousness that we could not even have dreamed of yet? There is an elegancy of movement that expands the graceful dance of ease between things, objects and molecules. There is more room for our points of

view and less effort required to actualise things with a greater result. What is it that truly makes you happy? What if you let go of all of your agendas and ideas of how something ought to be or created like? What is inside of you that is burning to be expressed? What medium would help birth whatever that is? Would playing with art materials or something else help loosen up whatever that is into a form you can play with? Could you turn it around and see it from another point of view? What might that look like next and then what might you choose? What is your priority? What would you like to focus on and offer your genius to that is about to be or already created? Can you create a path from that to you from the future by pulling its energy and doing whatever it takes to make it happen? Would you be willing to ask for help with what you need, require and desire? What question can you ask here that

will create something different and open up a possibility? What can you actualise here that will create something you have never experienced before? To uncork your Creative Genie and co-create with consciousness is such a magical way of being. The Universe is patiently waiting for you to ask for what it is that you wish to create. What will you choose and what is next I wonder? According to Francesca Lagerberg in her recent article (5/6/2014) more Asian leaders are placing greater emphasis on Creativity and Intuition in Leadership and business. Today’s decision-making based on analytics can benefit from expansion and investigation of future possibilities, creativity activation and generation. “Uncorking Your Creative Genie: Retreats and Private Coaching”

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Crystals and the New Earth WORDS KELLIE GREEN


ave you ever wondered at the ethics of using crystals and sourcing them from deep in the earth? I have, and even though I have always been drawn to crystals and have used them since I was around 6 years old, I have wondered. Earlier this year I deeply felt the need to step up in my healing practice. I asked the universe and within two weeks I was guided to Dolores Cannon’s deep regression course and given 40 clients even before I’d finished it. Luckily I was ready; what has come through my amazing clients since has humbled me, empowered and often brought me to tears because of its beauty. Many of the people coming to see me are speaking of crystals and how to use them now in this time of great change and challenge. I’m not sure if it is because of my deep connection with crystals that I am attracting these clients to me, or simply because it is what the earth needs now, probably both. One of the clear messages is to bring

in the light. The earth no longer can or will receive the negativity and things need to change now. The day is here to step up or out. The beautiful part of this message is the action needed to be taken. As challenging as it sounds its beauty is profound. Stay in the light. Live from love. Think and speak in the light. So how do crystals fit into this transformation? While in a deep trance one of my clients explained it beautifully. She was experiencing the energy of a non physical being who was at this moment concentrating divine absolute love through special crystals, to stabilise and transform the earth. She simply said, “yes humans use them, use them to anchor in the light, we will win”. Many of my other clients have also spoken of these specific crystals and our great need now to be anchored in

the light. So take time every day to centre and focus loving light firstly into ourselves, then shine it out into the world. Crystals help us do this with more ease, clarity and greatly expand our reach. So which ones do you use? That is easy; the ones you are drawn to. Now is the time to shine, not tomorrow. Let crystals help you find and keep the vibrations of light, ease the negativity out of the way and help heal our earth into the new world.

First a healthy self, then a healthy possibility

Pia Hughes


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- Hormone imbalance, weight loss, fatigue, anxiety and depression Proudly supporting the YWCA Encore Program

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wcaencore afterbreastcancer

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s I passed the incredibly beautiful lush rolling Montville hills, and made my way to the gorgeous Maleny Holistic Health Centre in Coral Street, I started to become curious about what I was about to receive. Up until this point I had little knowledge about the transformative treatment I was about to experience. Whilst David Anderson (the owner) had sent me some information in the post, I made the choice to walk in with as little knowledge as possible. I went in with no expectations and walked out thinking ‘wow what an incredibly powerful, profound and life-changing experience’. David is a gentle and welcoming soul. I couldn’t help but relax in his presence. The moment I walked in I was at instant ease. We sat down and chatted a little and as David started to take me through the experience, the outside world began to disappear. I was being taken on a ‘journey’. Pioneered by Brandon Bays, ‘The Journey’ is recognised worldwide as

a unique and powerful healing tool that awakens and liberates the infinite potential in each of us. It works on areas of fear, stress, affliction, depression, fatigue, and creating a life of fulfilment. I had set my intention for the session, and as we got started David asked me to place my hand on the area of my body that I could feel the most. My hand instantly gravitated to my heart. Feelings of uncertainty and anxiety made themselves present and as we began this sacred journey, I was taken to a campfire with my 16-year-old self. This out-of-body experience lasted two hours, and with an open mind and heart we explored something that I thought had already been healed. A specific and traumatic experience was brought to my awareness. As we worked through this I got to talk to the people involved and tell them how I felt. I got to tell my 16-year-old self that everything was ok and that it wasn’t personal. I got to work through the old patterns that

had been created back then that were no longer serving me. And I gained a new perspective. The depth of this was incredible. I felt the experience being put to rest. Forgiveness, freedom, love, self-love, and self-worth were all areas we explored and by the time we finished the anxiety and uncertainty had subsided. What I experienced with David was profound and personal, and there was a depth to it that I had not expected. I found a much-needed awareness and walked out with new eyes to view the world. I found closure and peace and a new meaning to give to that experience. And as our session came to an end, I gave thanks for all that is my world – the past, the present, and the future.

Discover & Transform. You. Your Friends. Your Clients.


Body Harmony

Why do people attend this retreat? One reason essentially – the quality of the content in allowing natural, easy and life changing transformation through your body.


15 minutes from Noosa at the stunning

Alaya Verde Retreat October 18-November 16 with


Body Harmony® is the tool to map, educate, discover and embody what lies beyond the bounds of our current parameters of possibility. It is bodywork, and so much more.

About this retreat

2-day, 4-day, 1 4 and full -day -mont options h

“This program is an adventure, every time.” “Some of my peak experiences of spiritual realities have happened here.” “I much prefer the version of me that came away from this retreat. Looser, easier and switched on.”

 Demonstrates how bodywork, applied consciously and intentionally, creates personally directed, highly desirable transformations  Is an educational process to help you reach your full personal potential  A program where you learn how to apply these skills as a practitioner Participant numbers are limited to 20.


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Q& A I

t was 7pm as I sat in my office trying to catch up on my reports from my medical intuition sessions when I received yet another distressed Mum (Wendy). She found her daughter swallowing pills. My nursing background kicked in and I asked if her daughter (Chloe) was still conscious, what the pills were, how many had she taken and had she called the ambulance. Once we had established the emergency and medical side, it was time to share the metaphysical aspects especially emotionally. Wendy and Chloe both came to see me for separate sessions and it was the same ‘story’ I have been hearing for 18 months in my practice. Chloe had been cutting herself for six months… more similarities from other teenage clients. So what is happening? Why are they doing this? Each generation seems to be evolving especially in technology and appearance. They are much more emotional and reactive and are so willing to share and

WITH JEAN SHEEHAN, Principal – Millennium Education

express it. Many appear to be ‘sicker’ and reactive to food, situations, emotions and the environment. This generation, which I call, ‘Millennium Children’, are here to wake us up and make changes to old outdated systems, beliefs and thoughts. These systems include education, medical, parenting, and especially what is right and wrong. In this process the teenager’s mind, body and spirit is being affected mostly by the emotions. They don’t know how to handle these and are so much more conscious of them than adults. They commence believing they are ‘not good enough’ or ‘perfect’ and want to self harm. The most common action teenagers have shared with me is how they ‘cut themselves’. Chloe’s mum first noticed cuts when Chloe was doing the dishes. Chloe told her mum that the cat had scratched her. Wendy was surprised but she did not think any more of it. Chloe’s friends had noticed that when it was hot she would wear long sleeves. Chloe had

become secretive. She cut herself with a razor when she felt sad or upset. She was trying to ‘push it out’. During the session, Chloe explained ‘it’ was a pain and pointed to her heart. ‘It felt good pushing the pain out at the time. But then afterwards I saw what I had done to myself and I felt worse and wanted to hide’. Initially it was an occasional behavior but now it had become a habit and she felt she needed to do it every day ‘in case’ ‘it’ happened. The ‘it’ was the emotional pain of feeling hopeless, rejected, isolated and lonely. She had commenced on her wrists and continued on her belly where no one could see. She caught her friend doing it with the end of a cigarette. Chloe had become cunning and hid her scars so no one knew, as she did not want to feel any more of a ‘freak’ than she did. It can be hard to understand why these children cut themselves. It is a way to cope with the pain of strong emotions, intense pressure and situations they feel

Jean Sheehan Internationally Recognised & Award Winning Medical Intuitive

Create the life you love using Medical Intuition and Learn Empowering Systems for Teachers and Parents

COURSES Aug 16th & 17th Successful Healing Business (Melbourne) Nov 15th - 20th Medical Intuition (Sunshine Coast) w. e. p. 07 5641 4009

Music, Meditation, Mantra and Mindfulness with Daily Yoga & Ayurveda Massage

India Retreat Easter 2015 Terry Oldfield & Soraya Saraswati 34

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th I o p th p re S ‘w st th fo th w

to a

d e f

Millennium Children they can’t change. Most of the teenagers I have worked with that cut themselves, overdose or take their parents’ prescription medication, explain that they are desperate to feel relief from the pain in their heart and head, especially rejection, loneliness and emptiness. Some of the teenage boys explain about ‘white noise’ in their head that does not stop and when I asked what that was they explained everything got too much for them in their head and they wanted the ‘noise’ to stop which made them feel worthless. It is very difficult for the young adults to explain what is happening. Some adults will ‘blame’ their behavior and

e ’

general. She has learnt how to recognise these feelings, talk to someone, ask for help, and most of all see her own brilliance that she is already perfect, just in different stages of remembering. When she heard about other teenagers feeling the same as her, she felt ‘normal’. Wendy called me to share that Chloe had totally changed and was doing well in all areas of her life.

mood swings on hormones. As children grow they are disconnected from an innate wisdom within them known as absolute love. The ages of disconnection are 1,3,5,7,9,11,13. At ages 14 to 21 the teenage brain experiences brain synapses which create pain on so many levels including physical, mental and emotional, as new neural pathways are being formed in their brain. As this occurs, their perception changes and they see themselves as alone, different and imperfect. On a metaphysical level it is a disconnection from absolute love and truth of being perfect.

The key to helping these young adults is to understand what is happening. Without that you can not help them. It is such a personal journey. People are frightened of emotions. This new generation is very connected to them and needs skills to deal with emotions. Music, fresh food, sunshine, water and connection with people are the keys. They are already brilliant – they need to see it.

Chloe was given life skills and tools to deal with her emotions and life in

It felt good pushing the pain out at the time. But then afterwards I saw what I had done to myself and I felt worse and wanted to hide.


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The Crystal Bed combines pure quartz crystal energy, light therapy and spiritual doctors to heal us on all levels of our being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual.

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Benefits of the Crystal Light Bed: • Manifest your desires! • Chakra and energy balancing • Assist physical ailments, such as cancer, hormone imbalance and pre/post surgical healing • Mental health issues, such as stress and anxiety • Emotional obstacles • Spiritual healing and development • Freedom in all areas of life

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Holistic Healing

The power that made the body, heals the body. It happens Dr B J Palmer, Developer of Chiropractic no other way.


his powerful statement is fundamentally why I am proud to be a part of this wonderful healing art called Chiropractic. Growing up in country South Australia, I always had a back-to-basics, down-to-earth way of looking at life. Also, my father Les was a local “bush doctor”. He was always using natural, traditional folk remedies with us kids and the neighbours, and our pets. My own personal journey to chiropractic was through seeking my own spiritual and physical healing. When other therapies had no answers, chiropractic care assisted with the incredible healing of my fiancé from her debilitating kidney problems. This miracle was the spark that ignited a passion in me, a profound belief and trust in the absolute truth upon which all natural healing occurs. The truth is that only nature creates life and healing comes from within. To


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paraphrase B J Palmer, “The beauty of chiropractic is that it simply releases life forces within the body and lets Nature do her work in a normal manner”. Since graduating in 1990 from RMIT University School of Chiropractic in Melbourne, I have enjoyed almost 25 years of providing natural family health care. I have previously had my own practices in Buderim (9 years) and Manly (6 years). And now I am delighted to have come full circle back to the fabulous Sunshine Coast and beautiful Buderim. Both my two sons have had chiropractic care since they were born and live a healthy natural lifestyle. I am passionate about making a difference in peoples’ lives and making a contribution to our amazing world. I am grateful for the opportunity to serve and to support people on their journey to better health and wellness. Dr B J Palmer again, “We make a

life by what we give”. Chiropractic methods used are effective, gentle and holistic for all ages, newborn to the elderly. Nutrition and food intolerance testing is also offered, as is sports and strength improvement. Also, as a Certified Craniopath, I am experienced with cranial and TMJ correction. It is vital to find the underlying cause of peoples’ health concerns, and to find natural solutions to regain health. We are all different. We do have individual health care needs. I love and trust the wonder of kinesiology muscle testing to gain direct feedback from our nerve system and body energy. This allows us to find the underlying physical, chemical and emotional/spiritual cause, and choose specific natural remedies and lifestyle advice. All of life is a miracle. Allow more of your natural innate intelligence to shine through with Chiropractic.

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Butterflies don’t bump into each other WORDS AMRITA HOBBS


he journey of becoming – for the butterfly – takes place in the natural order of things. The caterpillar takes no thought – it eats, poos and sleeps. Much like human babies and toddlers – it simply is! The time comes for it to weave a cocoon according to its natural pre program. Once cocooned, its cells turn into a thick soup. It melts down and transforms itself – presumably without conscious awareness. When nature calls, it struggles to emerge into the next phase of its being-ness, either a butterfly or a moth. Preparing to take flight and fulfil its unique destiny – it does not sense itself as a separate identity – it is part of the ISNESS. Butterflies do not bump into each other. They colonise – sometimes gathering in thousands, dancing around each other, adding beauty to the garden – an interconnected part of the web of life. Tribal people were connected to natural rhythms, in ways that seem almost impossible to imagine for modern humans. Children were taught

through stories – the gateway to enter and the struggle to leave the cocoon was orchestrated by the village Elders – young people were prepared for bodily changes, emerging sexuality and their role of maturing adult. People had a sense of where they fit into the bigger picture, into the dreamtime of their community and also to the cosmos. Not to idealise the past, just to say there was an inter-connectedness that reduced, if not alleviated the alienation and separation we experience today. Humans are supposed to have superior intellect and be civilised, yet we have become out of balance. Many of us are no longer connected – do not live in community and bump into each other – harming others, the planet and ourselves. There is an ‘Isness’ that is the conductor of everything in the natural world – it orchestrates the finest symphony. If you think of a colony of bees, each one has a role and a place in service to the hive. Each member is provided for. They create a productive, functional and harmonious community.

Connected to the natural order, each bee contributes to the good of the whole. Today, it seems that much of the orchestra is not listening to the conductor. For many people Mind has become a personalised version of God. As a result, everyone plays his or her own tune, without listening to the whole of everything. The orchestra is making one heck of a racket, grating and damaging our nervous systems and our world. Living from insight rather than outsight, we can come to terms with our life’s experience and as we evolve, we are ready to create conscious community. How can we connect enough to truly care for ourselves, our children, family and global community? How can we make choices that are directed by connection to the ‘Isness’, which speaks to us through our feelings, synchronicity and signs?

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in h tw o ti e ju b

m a la w st

So You Think You Can’t Meditate.



y now I think we’ve got the message. Meditation is good for us and we really should do it. Everyone from Russell Brand to Rupert Murdoch is espousing its benefits. But do we really need another

“should” in our lives? And besides, who’s got the time to sit and contemplate their navels for twenty minutes a day? Between the kids, the job, the rush for the bus, the lunch eaten at the desk, the unread emails, the never ending to-do

list and that little sliver of time that we have to ourselves where all we want to do is read one of the books on that ever growing pile or catch the latest TV show that everyone’s been raving about, who on earth has time to meditate?


7 WAYS IN 7 DAYS A GUIDE TO IMPROVING THE QUALITY OF YOUR LIFE NOW Jeanna Mariee will email you 7 Simple yet Powerful Strategies over 7 Consecutive Days you can use immediately to Change Your Thinking and Your Life.

Register Now at:


Phone 0466 403 651 The Energy Mentor


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m e sc g li to

p c y m m to d w o re


We might start off with good intentions and create a small space in our homes and lives to sit and breathe for twenty minutes a day but as time goes on and life remains hectic that meditation time is the first thing to go. And fair enough, especially if we’ve turned it into just another dot point on our “must do because it’s good for me” list. Or maybe we’ve tried to sit and meditate but our thoughts are so wild and crazy that we’ve given up and labelled ourselves as hopeless because we really don’t get this “still the mind” stuff. Here’s something radical. Don’t meditate. Don’t even try. Give up on it entirely. Let go of the whole meditation schtick. Elle Macpherson might be really good at it but you’re never going to look like her by meditating anyway so it’s time to give something else a go. Renate Ogilvie is a Buddhist psychotherapist who’s taught at Buddhist centres around the world for over 20 years. You think she’d be pretty good at meditation. Wrong. She confesses to not meditating regularly and really relates to those who find it hard to find time to do it. She knows it’s a crazy busy world we live in. Instead she suggests a kind of non-meditation. She calls it “joyful resting.” In joyful resting we’re not after

In joyful resting it’s like we’re on a warm and sunny beach. The ocean might be turbulent, the surf might be huge but we are safe on the beach enjoying the sunshine.

results. We’re not chasing after anything or any feeling. All we’re doing is resting. “It’s like dancing,” she says. “You don’t do it to arrive anywhere.” You do it because you enjoy it and who doesn’t enjoy resting even for just five minutes. And that’s the other thing. Joyful resting is to be done for only five to ten minutes, no more. It’s never a chore. Never a time-suck. So how do you do this joyful resting thing? You can sit or lie down, have your eyes open or closed. Observe how your body feels but don’t judge it. It is what it is, that’s all. Observe what comes up in your mind. If you have a recurring thought allow it to be a recurring thought. There’s no need to change anything. Just relax. We are not responsible for the thoughts arising in our minds, we are not anger, resentment, fear. However we are responsible for what we do with them. In joyful resting we are not doing anything so let those thoughts and feelings fade and be

replaced by joy. We are resting, we are doing nothing. Hooray! How wonderful. No expectation, no judging. What a luxury. Who wouldn’t want to do that at least once a day. And as it’s only for five to ten minutes you can do it anywhere, anytime. You could even do it in a board meeting. You might enjoy the meeting more. And what about those wild and crazy thoughts, the thoughts that make us think we can’t meditate? In joyful resting it’s like we’re on a warm and sunny beach. The ocean might be turbulent, the surf might be huge but we are safe on the beach enjoying the sunshine. We can observe that wild and crazy ocean but we don’t have to do anything about it. We can just relax. However if we decide to stop that joyful resting, walk towards the surf and jump in, well that’s a whole other story. MARY-LOU STEPHENS is the author of Sex, Drugs and Meditation. Find out more at

Introducing a New Clinical Psychologist to Our Team! We are pleased to Introduce Dr. Cassandra Osborne to our team in Maroochydore. Cassie specialises in offering services to Children and Adolescents. To celebrate Cassie’s arrival at our practice, we are offering to first 5 clients referred to our practice with a GP referral letter, 6 bulk billed sessions (no out of pocket expense)!!

Also on our team are: Cameron Aggs (B.A. Hons., M. Clin. Psych) is an internationally published author in Mindfulness, and the developer of the ‘Meditations for a Busy World CD. He also runs regular  Mindfulness in Daily Life and ‘Learn to Meditate’ Classes  Mindful Parenting Courses  Individual and Couples Psychotherapy Dr. Gayre Christie – Adolescents, Pain Disorders, Couples Mr. Mitch Lawrie – M.Ed, ASCH, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Career Counsellor

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Mindfulness Back into the Daily Grind




t is no secret that there has been a surge of interest in mindfulness over the last couple of decades. The term ‘mindfulness’ refers to a psychological state of awareness and involves the practice of directing our attention to the present moment and opening ourselves up to all thoughts, emotions and sensations that arise without judgement. This in turn opens us up to the full sensory experience of both our internal and external environments. Previously a predominantly Eastern concept and practice, mindfulness is now widely talked about and applied in mainstream Western culture. In fact you would be hard pressed to log into a social media site these days and not come across an article or image depicting the many benefits of being mindful or encouraging us to incorporate mindfulness into our daily lives. While interest in mindfulness is not


40.indd 1

a new thing, writing this article raised the question for me… How many of us are actually regular committed practitioners of mindfulness? Although we are exposed to the concept on a nearly daily basis, are able to understand and explain it on an intellectual level and often talk and write about it, are we also practising what we preach? This involves being present and conscious of our experiences, having intention behind our behaviour, taking a non-judgemental stance with ourselves and others as well as being connected to what is going on both internally and externally in our environments. The nice thing about mindfulness as a practice, is that it is does not have to be entirely separate from our daily activities. It is a state and we know that we can actually be mindful within everything that we do such as eating, walking and breathing. It sounds like a

simple thing to do and yet I find myself having conversations on a daily basis in both my professional and personal life with people who are going through the motions of their daily lives in a state which seems polarised to mindfulness. They may be struggling with finding balance in life, finding themselves on autopilot and going through the motions and frequently not treating themselves kindly and with compassion. We all fall into this cycle of entering a somewhat “mindless” state at times and switching to autopilot or losing our sense of psychological awareness. This is indicative that although being mindful and holding an enquiring quality to our mind and body sounds simple; it actually is a skill like any other that can be difficult at first and needs to be practised regularly. Here are a few starting points where we can begin to practise the skill of

| JULY 2014 | Holistic Bliss

6/19/2014 2:12:21 PM

m in fa

a o w y re




mindfulness or bring mindfulness back into our daily lives if we have temporarily fallen out of practice: 1. Spend a few minutes sitting quietly and follow your breath. Notice the rise of your abdomen as you breath in and watch it fall as you breath out. Catch your mind each time it wanders off and return to your breath. 2. Anchor yourself to the present moment by taking some time to work

through your different senses. Identify five things that you see in the moment, five that you hear and continue in the same fashion to identify five things that you can smell, touch and taste. Don’t pass judgement on the things you identify, just observe.

cup of tea at half pace and instead of maintaining a conversation at the same time being fully aware of the process in the same manner you would if this was the first cup of tea you had ever made. Again, don’t place judgement on the process, just bring awareness.

3. Doing an activity at half pace and consciously making the decision to bring your full attention to the whole experience – perhaps making a

Dr CASSANDRA OSBORNE is a Clinical Psychologist at Mindful Therapy

Tensegrity Training – For the thinking body Increase your earning capacity | Formalise your training | Access a fully equipped studio ENROL NOW FOR OUR EXCITING OPTIONS OVER THE NEW FEW MONTHS: 1. Pilates Teacher Training Course Saturday 1st November 2. Somatic Movement Education Workshop Brisbane Saturday 23rd August Languaging the Non-Verbal In this workshop, emotion, movement, and somatics are brought into relationship to provide effective tools for movement-based therapeutic interventions.

3. Pilates and Good Food Retreat Friday 26th September - Tuesday 30th September

A fabulous few days of gourmet cuisine, interspersed with fresh juices and your choice of adventure activity. Pilates/Garuda/Gyrokinesis workouts, daily. You will be worked, stretched and relieved of any aches and pains in skilful hands.

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We are all totally unique; especially when it comes to WORDS JADE SULTANA


Weight Loss!

any of us have embarked on weight loss programs in the past that may or may not have been effective, or the results may have been short-lived. The weight loss industry has flourished thanks to the modern lifestyle; which is often stressful and laden with processed foods that lead to weight gain. Weight loss has never been more profitable and unfortunately this has led to the roll-out of ‘one size fits all’ style weight loss programs. Factors that influence weight gain will be different for each of us, hence weight loss plans will need to be tailored to each individual for a successful outcome. There are many conditions that can fuel weight gain that you may be unaware you are suffering from – these can include:

• Insulin resistance: if you lead a busy/stressful life, tend to reach for sugary processed foods and are carrying extra weight around your abdominal zone, you may be suffering from insulin resistance, which can make it difficult to lose weight. • Hormonal imbalances: it is vital that thyroid and reproductive hormones are balanced to achieve weight loss. • Stress: excessive stress hormones such as cortisol can lead to a rise in blood glucose over time which will make it difficult to lose weight. • Digestive disorders: if you are suffering from leaky gut syndrome, intestinal dysbiosis (presence of bad bacteria) or food allergies/ sensitivities you will find it difficult to lose weight. As naturopath I will undertake various tests to check for these conditions such as: blood tests, salivary hormone tests, urine tests, live blood analysis and food sensitivity tests. The end result will be a weight loss plan that is tailored to your needs; all aspects of your health will improve and you will shed those unwanted kilos for good! JADE SULTANA is a Naturopath at Wellsure Caloundra. Visit:

Crystals and Healing

ELECTROMAGNETIC COLOUR THERAPY Restore your health and vitality

Why do I do the things I do? Why am I sick? How do I actually heal? Do you wish you could have a conversation with your higher self and actually get the answers you need? Hi,I’m Kellie Green from Joyous Earth on the Sunshine Coast – I can help! Through an amazing technique called QHHT you are able to have a direct conversation with your higher self.

• Do you have an auto-immune disease? • A virus that you can’t get rid of? • Lymes disease or any parasitic bug? • Inflammatory illnesses? Everything vibrates at specific frequency – including disease, be it viral, bacterial, parasitic or fungal. Colour Therapy works by matching the vibrational frequency of a colour to that of a disease, virus or infection – enabling the body to heal itself in a gentle non-invasive way.

HOW WILL THIS HELP YOU? Your higher self knows everything about you, including how to heal, why you are experiencing the life you are and how the people around you fit in.

If you would like to find out more and get to the truth about your life, visit my website or phone me for a chat.

52 Kauri Street COOROY

For further information contact:

ANGELA HAMMON Dip. Kinesiology and Homeopath 0435 022 516 CLINICS IN BRISBANE AND COOLUM

Ph 0432 379 579 42

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Adult Stem Cell Nutrition Products are the Future of Anti-Ageing!!!


• Our Natural Botanical Products have been scientifically proven to support your body’s own natural healing and renewal system.

Everybody has stem cells, everybody uses stem cells everyday!

• Adult stem cells, which come from your own bone marrow, are essential for the maintenance and repair of organs and tissue throughout your lifetime.

1. “Messengers” are sent by tissues in need, requesting the release of adult stem cells from the bone marrow.

• Turn back the clock and embrace the experience of feeling younger, healthier and looking more vibrant than ever before!!

2. Adult stem cells circulate in the bloodstream. 3. A different set of “messengers” attract adult stem cells to migrate into tissues where the stem cells reproduce and become new healthy cells of that tissue.

Stemtech’s range of nutritional products may assist the release, circulation and migration of your own adult stem cells. ID 5761056 | | Amanda Long – Naturopath 0423 692 594 *These statements have not been evaluated by TGA. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

For all the latest news, events and recipes or to read the magazine online visit:

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Detox yourSkincare range WORDS JANINE HALL


y now you may have heard many industry experts tell you that there are harmful ingredients in your skincare, but like most people you might be thinking it doesn’t affect you. After all, you don’t get itchy or break out in big red welts… but are you paying much attention to what you’re really using? Maybe you’re one of the thousands of women who’s looking for toxic-free solutions to skincare but not sure where to start! What if your choices in cosmetics were affecting your ability to conceive and generally making your feel unwell? What Janine Hall discovered truly shocked her; she found most cosmetics were ladened with cheap fillers as well as useless and unhealthy ingredients. One of the key realisations was very few women actually understood the ingredients in the products they were using, even though they thought they were making great decisions. Now like you, Janine believed what

products actually said on the front of the label and trusted that the ingredients used would be safe… especially when words such as natural where used to describe the contents. Fourteen years ago her body reached a point where it simply couldn’t handle any more chemicals and her entire health suffered. Janine searched for suitable products to use, however everything she researched including well-known natural and organic brands had carcinogenic and toxic chemicals incorporated in the ingredients. Ingredients enter your body via the blood system; then the individual molecules are transported throughout the body. You only need look at the transdermal patches on the market today such as morphine and nicotine, as well as topical creams given to women to help balance hormones during menopause, to know this is true. Your skincare should provide your entire body with essential nutrients that are vital to every living cell and your

overall health. Choosing ingredients in your skincare should go far and beyond the usual approach of merely ‘looking younger’. Treat your skin like your outside stomach, if it’s not good enough to eat; don’t expect your skin to either; skincare should be based on organic raw food items, not chemicals. My number one tip is to avoid all ‘alcohols’ as these are known carcinogens and free radicals which decrease the life of a cell and dehydrate the skin. JANINE HALL is an Organic Skincare Alchemist and her passion is educating women to make better informed choices. You can download her handy free tool “Cosmetic Ingredient Wallet Keeper”. Catch one of her educational talks on chemicals in skincare, ask for a free sample pack; or join a DIY class where you learn how to create your own organic products. Visit: for more details.

Sunshine House of Wellness 100% NATURAL HAND-MADE THERAPEUTIC SKINCARE Made locally in Belli Park Naturopathically inspired with you in mind • Australian Pumpkin Seed Oil balms, lotions, rejuvenating oils and body scrubs • Neem Oil products • Transdermal Magnesium Oil and Go Go Cream for Pain • Hydrolysate Collagen for joint pain and anti-ageing 10% OFF all online orders until 31st October 2014 Sunshine Quote Voucher Code SUNSHINE when ordering online to receive your discount. House of Wellness $10 flat-rate postage to anywhere in Australia – spend over $100 and your postage is free! Products also available at The Pathways Wellness Centre 7 Ocean Street (upstairs), Maroochydore Purchase via my website Follow my blog via Facebook


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Member of The Australian Traditional Medicine Society

Mobile: 0408 517 796

Mention this ad for a gift with purchase

S PIRITUAL TUNE-UP • Do you have holes in your Aura? • Is your Energetic Body aligned with your Physical Body? • Is your Hara Line straight leading you to your life’s purpose? • Are there Entities or Earthbound Spirits attached to you? INTUITIVE KINESIOLOGIST • Full Spiritual Tune-up and JANE 0405 090 028 Alignment

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A Formal


Shop 1/15 Samford Road, ALDERLEY QLD (opp Alderley Arms Hotel)

P: 07 3352 7772

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Books, DVDs, . . . s a c i t s i l o H CDs and more... DOCUMENTARY:


Overfed & Undernourished

Karen Law: Asking Questions of Your Soul

Overfed & Undernourished is a feature documentary exploring the underlying causes of most modern health issues and the astonishingly simple solution everyone can benefit from. Produced by Australianbased film company Evolvee, it follows the journey of 11-year-old Liam after the death of his mother and the struggles and ultimately successes to regain his health. With help from his Aunty and Uncle, this inspiring young boy makes some transformational life changes, from moving away from home and changing schools to getting back to basics by learning to move his body, express his emotions, and fuel himself with wholesome organic foods. Whether you’re already health-conscious or not, you will walk away from this film inspired to reconnect with your body, your relationships, and your world. Overfed & Undernourished was released in May 2014 at the world premiere event held on the Gold Coast. For more information about the film go to:

The Golden Creation

Themes of hope, purpose, love and the spiritual journey feature in this uplifting new release from award-winning singer/songwriter Karen Law. The Sunshine Coast musician was inspired by meditation and her own healing journey (she is recovering from Multiple Sclerosis) to create this upbeat, reflective collection of modern folk songs. Her beautiful and honest vocals, often likened to the lead singer from the Cranberries, combine with acoustic guitars, mandolin, flute and trumpet, and the backing vocals of troubadour Tommy Leonard. ‘Asking Questions of Your Soul’ is Karen’s third CD release, and is available on iTunes and from CD Baby.

COMPETITION: Congratulations to Ashleigh Smith from NSW who won the Living Valley Springs Competition from our May edition. Thanks to everyone who entered the competition.

THIS MONTH WE HAVE 2 PACKS TO GIVE AWAY!! ENTER THE DRAW AND YOU COULD BE ONE OF TWO LUCKY WINNERS OF A WINTER BLISS PACK: • 1 x Ecotan pack containing a 300ml Winter Skin gradual tan and one exfoliant glove • 1 x Access Consciousness book ‘Magic, You are it, be it!’ by Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer • 2 x 100g selected Medicine Room Herbal Balms from Dominique Finney/Liv Kamal Two winners will be contacted on 1st August and announced on our Facebook page Entries close 5pm 31st July by email:

Kawana Waters Veterinary Surgery

‘P ut their paws in good hands’

We aim to help with long term healing and cure using Homeopathy, Herbal Medicines and Acupuncture Wurtulla Shopping Village Nicklin Way, Wurtulla QLD 4575

Phone (07) 5493 1144

Healing with Horses with Veronica

The Golden Creation is a new energy for a new way to live, a new way to exist – an existence of: peace, love, health, happiness and freedom.

Garrett ND

• Equine Assisted Life Coaching workshops and private sessions • Handbook and online coaching • Solution focused mindset coaching • Practitioner training and online courses | E:

Phone (07) 5442 5353 | Mobile 0434 314 811

Next 2-day workshop Saturday 2nd and Sunday 3rd August


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How Horses Assist us to Heal WORDS VERONICA GARRETT, ND


f we are to heal separation and live in Oneness the “opposites” of East/West, negative/positive, Heaven/Earth etc become symbolic of the dualities we must integrate as spirits on our human journey. During my 30 years as a Naturopath (working in vibrational medicine) it was my work with horses that allowed me to “work backwards” to understand the connection between our physical body and its need to vibrate back with the natural world. In our “Whole Body Intelligence” programs horses become an energetic “tuning fork” to realign our frequency thus enabling us to synchronise back with Universal mind. While interacting with our horse, the symbiotic exchange of energy aligns our intuition with our logical mind, while at the same time, the process allows for the information stored in the lower chakras to be reassessed and changed. Then as we set a stronger intention the frequency of that intention establishes new spiritual and physical boundaries. When we trust that our higher Self presents life’s challenges of pain and loss, health issues and relationship breakdowns etc as the flipside of our “duality coin” we begin to have no judgement and understand that there is a bigger picture that we are all part of. By working with this model we can then process ALL of our inner

dualities such as selfish/selfless, weak/strong, joy/pain and live our lives not through our emotions but with unconditional love. Holistequine is a system of equine vibrational healing that clears the duality held in the emotional body. We see how emotions such as guilt, shame and feelings of unworthiness restrict the energy flow at the interface of the chakras and the endocrine system causing us emotional and mental instability and “disease”. We see that we cannot solve a problem with the same frequency/ mindset that the problem was created in, so when a client presents with an issue (either conscious or subconscious) the horse takes them to the frequency of their own higher Self where they can access the solution. Our horse is a pure reflection of this Universal mind and as we stand in front of him/her, we are able to reassess any old patterns and beliefs that no longer serve us. For example we see that our addictions (being ruled by our spiritual planet Neptune) can be overridden by connecting to the higher vibration of our spiritual purpose. Healing the conflicts between our ego selves, allows us to open to higher guidance, to live in the moment and walk in Oneness where we can then “think with the heart and love with the mind”.

NEW! STEM CELL THERAPY We are now offering cutting-edge Stem Cell Therapy which offers amazing relief for dogs suffering from Osteoarthritis.

Quality, Expertise and Value Call and book now for July appointments

PAWs Nurse

(Available for Pensioners of Animal Wellness) Vet Nurse comes to you for only $25

Pensioner Discount

Ph: 3324 2291

Greenslopes Shopping Centre Shop B6, 700 Logan Road (next to Queensland Transport)

20% off services

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East Meets West with Animal WORDS Dr ELAINE CEBULIAK


sian healing techniques such as acupuncture, Tui Na (Chinese massage) food therapy and Chinese herbal medicine come from cultures that have proven their value over centuries. Thanks to some wonderful masters and teachers that have chosen to share their knowledge with the western world, we now have trained practitioners that are able to combine these effective and relatively affordable therapies in our medical practices. Oriental medicine allows the elements of nature and the physical body to be taken into account; that is true mind-body-spirit medicine. The “shen” or mind/spirit value is assessed by observing the mentation or stature and behaviour of the animal/patient and the way their eyes focus or seem aware of their environment. Having a physical check-in with an holistic practitioner at the beginning of each season is standard Eastern practice, and the practitioner is paid to keep the client “well” so truly “wellness medicine” models replace the western “sickness” medicine paradigm. When choosing a therapeutic

regime, it is always important to obtain a diagnosis, and this is one area where Western Medicine meets the East. The diagnostic tools that are now available to us such as blood tests, X-rays, Ultrasounds, MRI and CT imaging, marry with Eastern diagnostics beautifully! We can palpate the back shu acupuncture meridian and find “hot, or deficient” points representing the liver/or pancreas (spleen) channel for instance and this is often verified with an in-house blood test for a quick diagnosis of pancreatitis. This often responds beautifully to acupuncture – which relieves the pain and spasm around the intestinal area, and the patient can be successfully rehydrated and sent home to recover much quicker. We can then dispense Chinese herbal medicine to help the gut and pancreas heal, and work out a diet that will calm the digestive system further, using eastern dietary principles, so relapses are less common. Combining acupuncture during surgeries is also helpful, as we can use a lower dose of pre-operative sedation, making a safer anaesthesia so the patient will have less side effects from the drug regime.

Our patients also are able to benefit from combination therapies for diseases such as osteoarthritis, where western medicine has less tools or options to deal with the pain, a multimodal approach produces much better results. It also allows the NSAID (non steroidal antiinflammatory drugs) to be used less often. Similarly, when dealing with cancer patients, supporting the individual can be tapered to suit that patient. The aim of using Chinese theory in treating a patient is to balance their Qi; where there is deficiency we build strength and where there is excess we reduce or calm this. If the animal is very weak we tonify or add Qi via warming foods, herbal medicine (tonics such as ginseng, gotu kola, goji, ginger – notice the “Gs”?) and acupuncture points St 36, LI 10 and GV points. Does acupuncture hurt? Typically not. Unlike large and hollow hypodermic needles, acupuncture needles, made of stainless steel, are as fine as a human hair and solid. The most common sensations are a gentle tap or tingling. Cats are

Natural Vet on the Sunshine Coast • All the diagnostic and surgical facilities of a normal vet clinic • Emergency 24-hour service • Dr Garry Bright BVSc Lic Ac – Specialises in Yin / Ethereal treatment – 1 needle acupuncture / 1 herb / 1 homeopathic remedy / appropriate diet • Dr Kaori Kim BVSc CVCH CVA – Specialises in Yang / Astral treatment – multiple needles / multiple herbs / diet therapy

PHONE 5447 7877 42 Maple Street COOROY Qld 4563


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su h v g th th


c fr $ w se a R c c $ re


u o (T ra a m n





Therapy surprisingly tolerant and generally like having acupuncture, providing the veterinarian can place the first calming or governing vessel point 20 into the top of the head skin between the ears. We call this the “antennae” or happy point. How much does it cost? The first session includes a consultation which can take upwards from 30 minutes. This session costs $130. Each repeat visit depends on what is warranted and how often it seems to be necessary, and this averages at between $45 to $60 a session. Regular weekly visits for severe arthritis conditions tend to run at $45. Additional cost of acupuncture needles is generally $5-15 depending on how many are required. What happens at a session? Our acupuncturists/vets will examine using both western and eastern methods of palpation, auscultation and TPR (Temperature, Pulse and Respiration) rate checking various pulses, the colour and texture of the skin and tongue, eyes, mucous membranes, and nails. The number of needles used depends on the

diagnosis, but can range from one or two to more than 30. Chinese medicine practitioners may also apply heat (moxibustion) and often prescribe additional herbs and lifestyle changes as part of an overall plan. How many treatments are needed? That depends on the patient’s condition and response, but treatment typically includes several sessions once a week. The goal is not to keep patients coming forever but to get the patient to a place where they are functioning at a level where they can enjoy life. They may need to pop back at the change of seasons, for instance once a week at the start of winter for a few sessions. Are there side effects from the herbs? In human patients on warfarin and

anti-clotting therapies it is wise to avoid all the “Gs” as ginger, garlic, ginseng, Gotu kola etc all cause an increase in clotting time. Most of the Chinese herbal tea pills have a liquorice coating – or look like black pearls. Sometimes this can cause loose stools or diarrhoea, so in our small patients we advise to stop medicating for one to two days then reintroduce at half the dose. Some patients – such as horses and cats are highly responsive to low doses and may only require a few days or weeks of herbal medicine. Stay well and balance those forces, may the good Gs and Chis be with you!

KK’S HOLISTIC VETERINARY SERVICE Dr. Kaori Kanemitsu BVSc, CVCH, CVA (獣医師金光香―西洋&東洋獣医学の免 許取得) Specialises in: Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine including Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Food Therapy, Tui-na (Medical Massage) HOUSE CALLS AVAILABLE BASED ON THE SUNSHINE COAST (no extra house call charge within 20km of Noosa)


PHONE: 0401 373 603 (日本語でも相談受け付けます。症例により スカイプ診断可能。)

9am-6pm Monday to Saturday

(except public holidays unless emergency) /KK’s Holistic Veterinary Service

“It matters not whether medicine is old or new, so long as it brings about a care. It matters not whether theories are Eastern or Western, so long as they prove to be true.” – Jen Hsou Lin, DVM Holistic Bliss | JULY 2014 |

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Holistic Classifieds SPIRITUAL



Do you need direction or clarity in your life? Benefit from a psychic reading and energy healing session with Marie Blake, who has 20 years’ experience. Group bookings are available, including flower reading parties with minireadings. Give your inner-wellbeing wings.

Phone: Marie on 0412 826 027 in Maroochydore or Email:


Removing blockages in your aura and chakras to reconnect you with who you really are. Greatly assists: lack of motivation and direction, headaches, depression, long term fatigue, sleeping difficulties and thyroid problems. $100 for 90-minute session.

Visit or Ph: Justin on 0431 454 161 for more info

HEALTH & WELLBEING A SINGING GROUP FOR WOMEN Experience the gift of women singing together in delight-full harmony in these beautiful singing sessions designed especially for women. DIVA VOCI Wednesday evenings 7pm-8.30pm Maroochydore

BE THE CHANGE YOU WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD Let’s explore the possibilities expressed in your hands. Discover how your strengths contribute to your life purpose. What do you need to do to move forward? Distance Readings and Palmistry Parties available from the Internet Reflect Radio’s The Celtic Mystic. Holistic Healing, Access Bars®, Reiki and Herbalife.

Contact Caithe to find out more Phone: 5496 6249. Wamuran, Qld

TOTAL WELLBEING FOR ALL AGES GYMPIE WELLNESS CENTRE Seven practitioners under one roof. Remedial massage, kinesiology, reiki, hypnotherapy, reflexology, aromatherapy, acupressure, empowering education, meditation, crystal healing, biodynamic craniosacral therapy, myofascial release, detox, spiritual development, mani and pedi detox, workshops, groups.

51 Mary Street, Gympie Phone: 0447 995 843


A delightfully eclectic collection of clothing, gifts and homewares featuring inspirations and affirmations, singing bowls, aromatherapy, salt lamps, oracle cards, meditation and mantra CDs, books, amber, silver and crystal jewellery and local artistry.

DOMESTIC DIVAS Monday mornings 9.30am-11am Landsborough New members welcome

Call Emma Creed for more information Phone: 0438 619 518 All women welcome!

Find us on facebook or at 1 / 1500 Brisbane Valley Highway, Fernvale Phone: 0416 076 245

EVEN TS – What’ s on! JULY HIGHER VISIONS Shape Shifting – Want to Change the Shape of your Life? With guest Di Graham Tuesday 15th July, 10.30am-12 noon – $10 pp @ Pool Cafe, Peregian Springs Recreation Club

Mobile: 0400 673 563

ACCESS CONSCIOUSNESS With Simone Milasas 5 Days to Change any Area of your Life that is not Working for You! Bars Class – 20th July Foundation – 25th and 26th July Level One – 27th and 28th July

To book phone Delany 0412 421 903


2nd-3rd August, 9.30am-4pm Old Emu Mountain Road, Peregian Beach Sunshine Coast $10 / $15 weekend / Kids FREE

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Holistic Bliss Directory KNOW THYSELF AS SOUL

Creating the perfect impression

For all your printing requirements Telephone 07 3865 4433

Sant Mat is a practical spiritual path based on meditation, ethical living, service to others & love for all creation. Entry is via a preparation program. There is no charge at any stage. For more information... 1800 462 193 or visit Know Thyself As Soul Foundation is a not for profit association incorporated in NSW.

Wellness Clinic

Counselling and Natural Therapies • Psychology, Hypnosis and NLP • Organic Skin and Body Therapy • Reiki and Remedial Massage • Body Consciousness • Naturopathy and Nutrition 16/247 David Low Way, Peregian Beach Phone today for an appointment

07 5471 2201 •

Embracing Presence & Living Love

Soul Purpose Mastery Exploring your Energetic Life Map with Chakra Soul Lesson Integration

July 10th Free Introduction Webinar July 17th SPM Webinar Series 9 weeks Sept 20th-21st SPM Weekend Intensive

Private Consultations with Soraya

Phone 0400 520 624

Sunshine Coast

Holistic Health Group

Supporting awakening awareness to self • Kinesiology

Gather with fellow health seekers once a month for lectures and mini-workshops on a diverse range of topics related to the improvement of health and wellbeing. To be advised of upcoming events join us at:

or find us on Facebook by searching for

“Sunshine Coast Holistic Health Group”

Sense of Spirit Where magick starts and the veils to the Spirit World part!

Psychic & Mediumship Readings Reiki & Spiritual Healings Meditation & Spiritual Development Yoga & much more

0419 762 504

• Emotional Stress Relief • Pain Relief • Uplift Conscious Workshops

PHONE ROSE 0423 739 023 Caloundra


AWARENESS SESSIONS Open to a whole new way of life

Phone and consultation sessions available BYRON BAY and SUNSHINE COAST Open your true nature, your connection with all and the bigger picture of this life.

Yvette Swan 0412 664 846

Holistic Services Available: Massage, Reflexology, Kinesiology, Readings and Healings, Ongoing Classes, Meditations and Workshops Great selection of Crystals and Jewellery

Ph 0417 942 659 19 Farrell Street, Yandina Holistic Bliss | JULY 2014 |

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6/19/2014 2:15:28 PM

Are you stressed, fatigued and unmotivated? Could your digestive system be making you unhappy? Could you solve your happiness puzzle with these missing puzzle pieces? Could it be bacteria? Researchers at McMaster University have supportive evidence that bacteria residing in the gut influence brain chemistry and behaviour. When there was a change in the gut flora of the test subjects increased anxiety and behaviour change was noted. For years these bacterias have been seen to be harmless, but the negative impact of specific strains of bacteria on the brain are documented. Pathogenic bacteria have the potential to cause havoc on your digestive system and indirectly may cause Serotonin to drop. Serotonin is your happy, relaxing neurotransmitter. Not many people are aware that it is predominantly made in the gut. Functional bacteria (the good guys) are often overlooked, they assist in breaking down your food and keeping your gut healthy.

What about heavy metals? Do you have amalgam dental fillings? Have you worked in the mines? Or in close contact with metals such as an electrician using copper wiring? Do you use copper cookware? Or drink from copper pipes? Heavy metals are linked to depression, fatigue, erratic moods, digestive problems and many other neurologic issues. HRT and use of the pill can cause copper to increase – this is because of the high levels of oestrogen, the likely symptoms could be unexplained headaches, PMS, depression and mood swings. Heavy metals should always be tested.

Do I have the condition pyroluria? A very strange word, I know, maybe that is why so many people haven’t heard of it? Pyroluria is a genetically determined metabolic condition. If you have this condition your demand for certain nutrients (particularly B6 and zinc) is high. These two nutrients are essential for neurotransmitter production, such as serotonin and dopamine. Pyrolurics are more likely to suffer with depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, autism, alcoholism, strong fatigue, temper outbursts, IBS, joint pain, memory loss, or low stress tolerance.

What about your nutrient absorption? Most people who come to the clinic eat a fairly good diet, some exceptional! But they still feel unhealthy. Many triggers such as stress, food intolerances, bacterial overgrowth and hormone imbalance may result in poor nutrient absorption, so no matter how clean your diet is you may not be getting the full reward until it is corrected. Clinically there is testing to determine the extent of damage to the gut lining.


FREE your


MOOLOOLABA 5458 4800

CONSULTATIONS IN PERSON, PHONE OR SKYPE Suzi Le Fanue BSc (BMed) Naturopath & Nutritionist

Leanne Vickery BHSc (Comp Med) Naturopath & Herbalist

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