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Bringing canine longevity into focus WORDS ANNA JONES, Suburban Pup


ne reason I believe humans love dogs so much, is that they quietly bring life’s great lessons into striking and often adorable focus. While homo sapiens can spend a lifetime learning to be present, our canine companions are seemingly born with “how about now?” in their puppy eyes. Similarly, while we may put off thinking about our own longevity, a canine lifespan brings focus to time’s passing over in just a decade or two. And given our dogs’ (hopefully!) limited ability to scour the household fridge, their ageing process directly reflects our daily habits when it comes to feeding them. One reason I love owning a humangrade dog meal business, Suburban Pup, is that I’m constantly mindful of considering my four-legged clients not as humans, but in human terms. And I don’t just mean referring to canine family members as fur kids – though I’m proud to be part of this groundswell too! You see, when it comes to dog

dinners, convenience used to be about finding a processed, pet-grade option suitable for serving at each and every meal – and faithfully considering it a ‘complete’ diet. In human terms, this equates to presenting a child with the same budget fast food, day-in and day-out – then expecting them to stay healthy. Instead, just like humans, pups thrive on a variety of fresh, speciesappropriate food. And happily for dedicated but busy dog owners, convenience around this kind of canine nutrition is changing rapidly. A burgeoning number of smaller businesses offer fresh meal options to help maintain truly wholesome feeding habits. In Suburban Pup’s case, this includes human-grade ingredients; canine nutritionist-endorsed recipes;

small-serve packaging; home delivery; and a gentle food transitioning approach for the ongoing ease of human and pup alike. There’s one more reason that being completely responsible for your dog’s nourishment is actually kind of awesome, and it’s this: it’s never too early or late to start adding fresh food to their bowl. You’ll gain peace of mind knowing that your pup’s path to longevity has already begun. But you’ll also witness positive effects in your dog’s day-to-day wellness, often with surprising efficiency. Wellness of course means more good days for your dog. Longevity means more good years with your furry best friend. And the addition of Suburban Pup-style convenience? It’s simply about spending less time in your kitchen – in order to really make the most of those extra good times with your pup, and focus on learning life’s lessons together.


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Garry Bright BVSc (PRET) Lic Ac – Veterinary Surgeon, Acupuncturist

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