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he historical story of the prophet ‘Elijah’ announced itself in a night of lucid dreaming. The story depicts Elijah’s battles against ‘Jezebel’ a biblical queen portrayed as an idolater, prostitute and sorcerer. Jezebel was a devout advocate of a feminine-based spiritual practice. She was thought to be a worshipper of false Gods with the potential to interfere with Elijah’s exclusive worship of his Hebrew God, which was the reason Jezebel was thrown from a castle window, to the waiting dogs below. Elijah had a message. He told the people of Israel that to return to the true God, they needed to repent. He stated “God is not in the clouds or storms but in the small, still voice inside”. My experiences with conscious repenting include not only tapping into that small, still voice inside, but teasing out emotional reactions. Once I ‘FEEL’ the emotion without projecting or blaming it on anyone else and then tease out the resulting belief and behaviour, the emotion, the false belief and the negative behaviour simply

discharge. In the process, I raise my energy to match universal energy; ecstatic, sensual, healing, inspirational; and well, all the words that could have described Jezebel. One of my life’s passions is to create ceremony and rituals for connecting with body wisdom and when we do; connect to universal energy. This is what I have been put on this Earth to do, and to facilitate the process I created ‘Spirit in Practice’ – a diary, to make sense of universal energy in an easy-tounderstand way and transferrable to the rational mind. Spirit in Practice is presented in a symbolic archetypal and psychological framework that allows universal energy to gently create a shift in consciousness that reveals hidden causes of the underlying beliefs and behaviours we experience. It is an alchemical process tapping into body wisdom and submerged emotions through exploring and living with universal laws as an ethical foundation. Intellectual living (the Elijah state) does not allow us to ‘EXPERIENCE’

or identify ourselves as microcosms of universal energy. We need practices inducing a slightly altered space to get us there (the Jezebel state), however, as energy therapists, practitioners and healers, there is a very big responsibility here, otherwise we run the risk of throwing people to the dogs (false egos). Universal energy gives me an experience of myself as much bigger than my limited belief and concept of myself and it is very different to an unsustainable energy high brought about through outside sources. Universal Energy is the place of exquisite happiness and joy, of inspiration, healing and guidance and is the place we seek which transforms numbness into sensation. We are wired to navigate from this place. Without a connection, life can become a monotone world we try to escape from through any form of addiction that makes us feel good temporarily.

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