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ou are a physical manifestation of Source. This is true for you whether you know it or not and I’d like to ask you a question today. “What would you do if you truly knew yourself as a physical manifestation of the consciousness that created everything that exists?” Would you start believing in yourself? Perhaps you would choose to heal yourself of your trauma and shadow. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing! It’s time to get started because you ARE the physical manifestation of the Universe. As the physical manifestation of the Universe or Source, you are in the perfect position right here and right now, as you read this short article, to make the decision and start the process of being healed of all that holds you back. Let’s face it, you’ve asked the Universe over and over again to ditch your karma drama, to transmute your trauma and to blast away the blocks

that stop you from living your best life. Perhaps, like me, you’ve even had your own (or several) eat, pray, love moments of wailing on the bathroom floor as you call out to God to please help you, to tell you what you are here to do, to stop the pain and to just show you the path to your happiness. Now, remember those conversations with God and the Universe. Imagine if, in that moment, you knew that you were the physical manifestation of Source. What were you really asking yourself for? What would your answer be? I’ve asked these same questions of hundreds of my clients over the years and I’ve come to only one conclusion. You, we are always and every time asking to be loved. To feel loved. A long time ago, All-That-Is, the non-physical stream of consciousness or guidance group that I voice and channel, shared with me a statement that I strive to live into every day and I’d like to share it with you now.

It was focused around my purpose but you’ll soon see how it pertains to your need to be and feel loved. All-That-Is said, “World Peace through inner peace, one person at a time (and it starts with me).” You could say, “A loving world through inner love, one person at a time (and it starts with me).” More simply, be the change you want to see in the world. When you embody self-love and become that frequency in the world you will no longer have a need to seek an answer to your trauma and dis-ease outside of yourself. Your embodiment of unconditional self-love will be the only remedy you require in order to heal yourself and become your greatest self whilst also healing the world. ANNE ALECKSON is a speaker, author and channel creating transformation through the vibrational frequency of the spoken and written word. Live channellings, guidance, activations and healing on /AnneAlecksonSoulSpeaker

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