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How my

near death experience

changed my life



hen I was three years old, I underwent a procedure to remove my tonsils. The next day, I could see translucent beings walking around the hospital bedroom. I later found out that my heart had stopped beating on the operating table and I was now capable of seeing the spirit world. When I turned 24, I met Archangel Uriel and my life changed forever. He opened up a doorway for me to cross over to the other side. I found myself on the edge of the Universe, ceaselessly floating in infinite love. I could no longer feel my body. I was far out, beyond what I had ever experienced before. Archangel Uriel said to me, “It doesn’t matter what happens, everything is love.” An explosion of ecstasy vibrated my existence in waves

of golden energy. “You can come and go as you please, just know that you chose to be here.” “Why did I come here?” I asked. Archangel Uriel responded, “You came to hold a vibration of light. Your very existence is enough to change worlds. It’s time to return back to your body.” I felt at home in the unconditional love. I didn’t want to leave the nourishing existence behind. I suddenly woke up within my physical body. I was lying upon the ground. The floor and walls were not solid. I was still mostly out. I would melt into love and my mind would experience a golden expanse of energy filled with oceanic waves of light. I could feel everything as an infinite being. In those moments, I realised that the human body was only made real by the

mind. The physical world was as much of an illusion as any dream. I witnessed how the souls of newborn babies came into their mother’s wombs. Meteors of light would shoot in from beyond this world into a physical vessel. My body ached as I rolled upon the ground. Beyond the realm of space and time, reincarnation did not exist. We are truly endless oceans of unconditional love. I started coughing as my lungs gave way. The physical world was solidifying into reality. Crossing back over was not easy. My body felt like a foreign vessel that I had forgotten even existed. I didn’t know it at the time, but I would never look at this world the same way again. In the infinite consciousness, we can never truly die, for we are never truly born.

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