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aking art for art’s sake has been a sanctuary for me for as long as I can remember. As a hard-core advocate of the ‘life is a journey not a destination’ ideal, the ability to be creative is one of my super powers. The previous rigours of a high stress career has only served to strengthen my connection to creative flow. Even now when nothing seems right, I can just move to my art studio and forget about the world for hours. My problems will remain patiently at the door to take up residence in my mind when I am done. It is as simple as that if you want it to be. The beauty of creative flow is the cessation of incessant mental chatter that can make even the heaviest concerns subsequently lighter. Challenging yourself to really look at something, like really look at it, is simple

but very rewarding. I recently painted a series of seven ‘paintings’ of the same picturesque view. The term ‘painting’ is a term loosely applied here as I am a multi-media artist and essentially anything goes. The seven works are wildly different, conceptually and materially different, yet in substance, the same picturesque view. Examining something and being able to see the multitude of elements that go to make up the thing you examine, leads to an enlightenment; an understanding of the interconnectivity of all things and the permanent pulsing of the web of life that surrounds us. Spending time being creative, for me, is a mental reset, an opportunity to take a cleansing breath before returning to the demands and complexities of modern life. You may even find that new solutions to problems or a novel approach of an

existing issue presents itself after your creative mind reset! To me, creation is a part of what it means to be human. Creativity is a gift we have been given to enhance our lives in infinite ways in any context or setting. The ability to be creative is a skill or muscle that improves with use and is available to everyone irrespective of background, knowledge or training. Do not believe the hype that you require some intrinsic genetic makeup to be creative or call yourself an artist. Releasing yourself from attachment to the opinion of others is also an ancillary benefit to getting creative! I dare you to try it. I bet you will feel lighter and younger. Katherine’s artwork is online at


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