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From the Creator of HBM...


olour, healing and creativity are three words and experiences that have fascinated me for most of my life. When I previously worked with children in the area of emotional release and expressive therapies, I got to see how colour, healing and creativity worked together synergistically in an empowering way. And if you read all the articles this month from our contributors, you will see they have written about one or all of these words and their experiences, in their own unique way. Could the changes that we are experiencing on our planet be allowing us to see our true colours as well as others? Now that may have connotations with catching someone out who has lied to us



or who has deceived us in some way but what if seeing our true colours is seeing all the many facets of ourselves and others. It’s one of my great joys to see people ‘express their colours’ through the magazine and in the world! And our cover man, Mike Booth is an international teacher and principal of Aura-Soma Academy. Aura-Soma is an holistic healing modality more than 30 years old, which is widely available in over 40 countries. There was a great joy for me reading Sam Sargent’s interview with Mike and we trust it will also be a source of inspiration for you too. PS: I love seeing all those beautiful colourful bottles this month and what an invitation to know ourselves more with this work.

Colour, Healing & Creativity


Pecan Pie RECIPE



LEARN Blue Zones?


HEMP Scrub



Kale Superfood CHIPS





ENERGY Healing



Volume 114 ISSN: 1836-8840




Mike Booth, p20-21 PHOTO: P  ATRICK KRAEMAR


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At JD Dental, we believe that dental health is just a component of your all over well-being. We would like to help you find the answer to better health. By sharing our knowledge - from amalgam fillings (metal) and root canal treated teeth, to the perfect mix of a healthy diet and lifestyle tailored specifically for you. Find the balance and feel great!

Dr Alex Dietz - Dental Surgeon


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22 Food for the Soul 06

Raw Pecan Pie



Understanding IBS JOEL GRACE


 Eating the rainbow with our fruits and vegetables




Kale Superfood Chips DOM LIV KAMAL

New Zealand Bliss 10 The perfect way to kick-start weight loss CHAD CARTER

Colour, Healing & Creativity 12

 different way to re-discover A your true colours HELEN BRADSHAW

13 Your path to freedom is written in your feet



19 What can we learn from ‘blue zones’? DR CARLOS SANCHEZ

Cover Story 20-21 Interview with Mike Booth: Colour Consciousness for Well-Being SAMANTHA SARGENT

Colour, Healing & Creativity (Cont) 22

 Open your mind and let miracles occur! JEAN SHEEHAN


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Hearing your body’s message from Divinity How long does healing take? KATE M FOSTER





What is blue light? MARIE SLOCOMBE


 Crystal healing – what’s in a colour? KELLI BROOKER

29 How my near death experience changed by life SUFIAN CHAUDHARY


 Demystifing energy healing and RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy) SPIRI BUHAGIAR


Activate your inner healer


Do you have a book in you?

DIY hemp body scrub  Inventing your own healing process SONYA DRIVER


 Don’t undo the good work you did through summer and autumn! DEB WILLIAMS


 Chat with The Body Health Medium, Felicity Scott


Learning to learn GAYLYN AITKEN


Everyone and everything is family SUE JOSEPH


Frequency technologies, and your health TATIANA SAVERY


Designing your perfect life VANESSA RUDGE

Natural Animal Care 46

Harmony in the house with your kitty cats! Part II DR ELAINE CEBULIAK







Re-activate your healing powers




Holistic Beauty & Style


What colour reveals about you

17 There is a powerful secret to the healing world, we need to remember

Embracing your creative flow KATHERINE CHRISTIE



What colour is your money?

Bringing canine longevity into focus ANNA JONES


48-49 HOLISTIC AS… Books and more

The colour of energy




34-35 Aura-Soma Practitioners

Is chaos a ladder?


DIRECTORY Holistic Bliss | JULY 2019 |

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GF, VEGAN, SUGAR-FREE, PALEO This 8-ingredient raw pie is absolutely divine and simple for anyone to make. Use organic and local ingredients whenever possible – love our local farmers. (Requires a food processor and blender)

¼ cup coconut oil 1½ cups medjool dates, pitted 1 tsp pimento allspice, ground Pinch of salt


Method: 1. For the base, place almonds and coconut in a processor and process until the mix resembles a crumb consistency. Add the remaining ingredients and process until well combined. 2. Line the bottom and sides of a springform cake tin. 3. Press the base mixture evenly across

FOR THE BASE 2 cups almonds, blanched 1½ cups desiccated coconut 1½ cups medjool dates, pitted ½ cup coconut oil Pinch of salt FOR THE RAW CARAMEL 1 can organic coconut cream (400ml)

To garnish: Pecans, roasted lightly Edible flowers if desired

Gluten Free Health Cafe & Bakery

the bottom and work up the sides of the tin 3cm. A wet spoon works well to smooth and press the base. Once the edges are pressed, the spoon can run around the rim of the edge to level out the height. 4. For the filling, place all the ingredients in a blender and blend until thick and smooth. 5. Pour into the base. 6. Arrange the roasted pecans over the top of the caramel as desired. Refrigerate for 3 hours. 7. Garnish with edible flowers or garnish of choice. /marieanitas /marieanitascafe


Fruit & xes Vege Bo 5 from $4 s

n *Conditio apply

ORGANIC - RAW - NATURAL Shop by category including


SAVE 5% – spend over $100 – use coupon code HB5% (Minimum order is $45 plus delivery fee)  Organic fresh produce and selected meats  Certified organic groceries and wholefoods  Gluten/dairy free goods baked on our premises


Phone (07) 5572 3224 // www.marieanitas.com OPEN EVERY DAY 7am-4pm


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DELIVERED WEEKLY TO CBD AND SURROUNDING SUBURBS Gold Coast - Brisbane - Sunshine Coast - Gympie - Bundaberg

ORDER ONLINE: WWW.BORNSTATE.COM.AU P: (07) 5453 7109 | E: info@bornstate.com.au Located: 7/33 Enterprise Street, Kunda Park Qld 4556 www.holisticblissmagazine.com

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Understanding I BS WORDS JOEL GRACE, Owner, Sunshine Colonics Health & Wellness Centre


any a time have I seen a client feeling glum that they’ve recently been diagnosed with IBS. “IBS is a great diagnosis!” I exclaim, “because it means there’s nothing seriously or permanently wrong”. Although IBS can cause a great deal of discomfort and distress to its sufferers, it thankfully does no permanent damage to your colon, nor does it lead to a more serious bowel disease. For these reasons an IBS diagnosis can almost be celebrated instead of commiserated, because it’s a gut-related problem that we can actually treat and manage using a variety of means. What is IBS? Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS) is a very common gastrointestinal disorder that affects your large intestine, describing a variety of symptoms that cannot explain or be attributed to a more serious bowel disease. These symptoms can include cramping, bloating, abdominal pain, constipation and diarrhea. What causes IBS? It’s commonly believed people who

Could your

suffer from IBS have a colon that is simply more sensitive to things that would not otherwise affect other people; such as stress, alcohol, some foods and trapped gas. Another researchsupported theory suggests some IBS cases can be caused by a bacterial infection in your digestive system, which is referred to as post-infectious IBS. Serotonin: not just a happy hormone The neurotransmitter serotonin is well known as one of our ‘happy hormones’, but it also plays a role in your gut health. 95% of serotonin is produced in your gastrointestinal tract, not your brain. Research shows that people with IBS have abnormal levels of serotonin and pain receptors that are more sensitive than the ordinary person’s. Serotonin assists in stimulating normal contraction of your colon muscles. Too much serotonin can lead to overstimulation of the bowel, which can cause food to move through your system too quickly leading to diarrhea and other IBS symptoms. Conversely, inadequate serotonin communication

child have

Autism or ADHD?

can cause understimulation of your colon muscles and result in a slower transit time and constipation. Managing symptoms Although there’s no guaranteed ‘cure all’ approach to managing IBS, mild IBS symptoms can be treated through simple dietary changes and stress-minimisation techniques such as meditation. For moderate to severe IBS cases, you may benefit from beginning a short-term elimination diet and a gradual food reintroduction program to isolate your triggers (usually dairy, alcohol, artificial sweeteners, legumes and cruciferous vegetables). In addition, cleaning the environment of your colon with regular colonics can be of great assistance in resolving the symptoms of IBS. If you think you may have IBS, it’s important to see your doctor to get a diagnosis. This will rule out anything more sinister, and allow you to begin the trial-and-error journey to start healing yourself. www.sunshinecolonics.com.au

We offer an integrative and comprehensive approach to assess both psychology and physiology: • Behaviour


• Psychologist diagnosis • Learning skills • Neurotransmitters

Integrative Approach

• Gut function


• Environmental factors • Nutrition

with our Psychologist and Naturopath

Claim your

Tuesday, July 23, at 9:30am-12 noon


45 Brisbane Rd, Mooloolaba


To book please visit our website



Let us help you – phone 07 5458 4800 or book online

www.integratedwellnessclinic.com.au MEDICARE REBATES MAY APPLY Holistic Bliss | JULY 2019 |

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Eating the rainbow

with our fruits and vegetables

WORDS COURTNEY CLARK & SARAH DITCHFIELD, Naturopaths at Integrated Wellness Clinic


ave you ever wondered why fruits and vegetables are so vibrant in colour? We are often told that having a diet rich in plant-based foods reduces the risk of chronic diseases, slows the ageing process and helps to avoid heart disease. The pigmentation found in our fruits and vegetables falls into one of five different colour categories: red, purple/ blue, orange, green and white/brown, each holding important and unique phytochemical properties to them. These have been found to support a healthy immune system overall, encourage cell regeneration, produce an antiinflammatory effect and enhance general vibrancy from the inside out! Many studies have indicated that a diet of adequate berry consumption, which contains high levels of the phytochemicals lycopene and anthocyanin, assists the immune system and urinary tract, through the increase of beneficial natural killer cells, which strengthens our immune defence mechanism. These super powerful phytochemicals work at preventing

heart disease via the inhibition of LDL oxidation, which reduces the likelihood of plaque development occurring on the coronary arteries. So where can we find these powerhouse phytochemicals? Lycopene is found in red containing pigmented foods, such as: tomatoes, strawberries, cherries, red capsium and rhubarb. Purple/blue is a pigment called anthocyanin and has been found to have high antioxidant properties that protect cells from ageing and damage. These can be found in: beetroot, asparagus, blackberries, blueberries, plums and eggplant. Carotenoid rich foods are generally sourced through bright orange/yellow foods such as pumpkin, sweet potato and carrots, supporting the conversion to vitamin A, which is essential for healthy eyesight and mucus membranes. Green vegetables contain phytochemicals called indoles, saponins and carotenoids. Foods rich in these include: broccoli, kale, leafy greens and zucchini. Not only do these greens

support cell regeneration and integrity, they also have powerful phytoestrogen properties for hormonal health. And lastly, there is brown/ white-based foods, which contain phytochemicals such as allicin, which supports antibacterial and antiviral defence and high concentrations are found in garlic and onions. Other foods include: bananas, cauliflower, mushrooms and parsnips. As naturopaths, we truly believe in ‘food as thy medicine’ and incorporating this within all our treatments ensures each individual is receiving support and nourishment through daily food intake. We also favour sourcing and purchasing your produce from the farmers’ market (spray/pesticide free) or at your local organic wholefood store, to ensure you are getting the most from every meal for optimal wellbeing and health. As always, consult with your health care practitioner before supplementing with herbs or nutrients. www.integratedwellnessclinic.com.au

Rebecca Rowe


Get to the root cause with a


 Non-invasive testing  Instant results  Discover where stress, inflammation and toxins reside in your body  Solutions to cleanse and repair at a cellular level

info@thecleanseshop.com.au www.thecleanseshop.com.au 0401 378 148

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all products and services


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| JULY 2019 | Holistic Bliss

922 David Low Way Marcoola Q 4564 /thecleanseshop/ ONLINE PARASITE CLEANSE PROGRAM AVAILABLE



Is cellular toxicity causing your symptoms?

ORGANIC GROCERIES, DELI AND MEATS Phone: 1300 315 300 E: sales@yourorganicmarkets.com.au

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Kale Superfood Chips WORDS DOM LIV KAMAL

Take a big bunch of organic fresh kale. Cut into pieces about three inches square, including stems. Place in a baking dish. Massage the kale with ⅔ cup of olive oil. Add 1 tablespoon of fine grade sea salt or masses vegetable stock powder. Mix well. Place in preheated oven at 180°C for 15 to 20 minutes. Eat and enjoy…


hy would you want to eat kale? It’s thick and green right? Many may avoid kale and that’s because they may not feel well when they eat raw kale… It’s hard on their digestion and they feel bloated and uncomfortable after a raw kale salad. Kale needs to be massaged and softened, making it easier on digestion and softer to eat! Massaging your kale breaks down the enzymes and allows it to soak up the flavours you are adding, turning it into a delicious vegetable! The health benefits of all brassica vegetables boost your immunity and they strengthen your body. Kale is full of chlorophyll, which also carries a small magnesium molecule across its top helping you stay relaxed, balanced

and mineralised. Kale contains: Vitamin A, Vitamin K, Vitamin C and some B group vitamins. It has zero fat… except the olive oil used in the chips. It also has potassium, calcium and is just one of those super nutritious and densely loaded foods that is good for you… It’s super! Superfoods are the most nutrient dense and the ones that build us and make us stronger, protect our bodies and give us awesome energy! Use your well-massaged kale in steamed vegetables, smoothies, soups, salads and make some kale chips… DOM is a public health advocate, naturopath, nutritionist, herbalist and creator of Medicine Room. www.medicineroom.com.au

n Mentio ss Bli Holistic e to in Magaz e vantag take ad super e of thes ls! c e sp ia




JOEL GRACE Owner / Certified Colon Hydrotherapist

Come in and




with us


for on



this July!! 3/82 Parker Street, Maroochydore Q 4558

Phone (07) 5326 3537


Save $141







joel@sunshinecolonics.com.au www.sunshinecolonics.com.au /sunshinecolonicsau Holistic Bliss | JULY 2019 |

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The perfect way to

kick-start weight loss



eight loss isn’t just about calories and exercise. The human body is very complex and needs to be understood as a whole, taking in factors such as: metabolism, stress levels, thyroid health, digestive health and so much more. By tending to your digestive system, hormones and blood sugar levels, you are able to eliminate obstacles which stand between you and effortless weight management. Here are a few ways to kick-start your weight loss journey: MAKE A HEALTHY SMOOTHIE AS YOUR FIRST MEAL The ideal day for weight loss starts with your first meal of the day. We are massive advocates of intermittent fasting for weight loss and there is no better way to kick-start your gut health than with a nutrient-rich protein smoothie mid-morning. Smoothies are fast, easy, delicious and effective. Adding one ‘Super Me’ sachet with a banana and berries ticks numerous boxes including: protein and cinnamon for blood sugar stabilisation, probiotics and fibre for gut

health, turmeric for anti-inflammatory benefits, ashwagandha to support your nervous system; lowering the stress response, spirulina to alkalise your body, coconut for a dose of good fats (to reduce inflammation and keep you satiated), cacao which boosts the body’s natural production of serotonin (our feel good hormone) and it’s a natural stimulant, plus SO much more! MAKE FOOD YOUR MEDICINE There are so many theories about weight loss, but the rules are simple. Eat clean and raw, eat everything in moderation, eat lots of vegetables, limit sugar, eat sufficient protein, drink lots of water daily, and let your body heal during fasting 14 hours overnight. As mentioned above, ‘Super Me’ is the easiest way to jam-pack so many nutrients into one meal including wellknown ayurvedic medicines, along with herbs and spices that can help aid weight loss (turmeric, cinnamon, black pepper). And remember to eat livercleansing foods such as: fresh turmeric,

ginger, cinnamon, broccoli sprouts and leafy greens. MOVE THAT BOD AND DE-STRESS! It’s important to find an exercise routine that is enjoyable. Aim to move your body for 30 minutes at least 4-5 days a week with a mixture of weight and resistance trainings to trigger fatburning hormones and help speed up metabolism. Pilates, lifting weights, TRX training, body weight exercises and yoga are some great options. Walking and running are fantastic as well. DE-STRESS! Stress releases cortisol, a fat-storing hormone. Try beginning your day with 10-15 minutes meditation for yourself to unwind and de-stress using HeadSpace App. This will help nourish your adrenal glands and signal the nervous system to kick into the parasympathetic ‘rest and digest’ mode, which is incredibly important for healthy weight management and hormonal balance. Buy ‘Super Me’ at www.amazon.com.au or www.superme.co.nz

Welcome to the

Magic of Colour and Creativity Louise is a registered Aura-Soma practitioner and manager of Hanan Gallery, a boutique art gallery on the main street of Invercargill, New Zealand. The gallery provides an opportunity for Aura-Soma clients and the public to view a variety of items and to connect to the healing and inspiring qualities of colour. The Aura-Soma products on display at the gallery are surrounded by Louise’s colourful felting, painting and jewellery. Bookings: +64 0274 426 260

hanangallery@gmail.com Hanan Gallery For more information please visit:

www.hanan.co.nz 10

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| JULY 2019 | Holistic Bliss


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DAISY’S PLACE IS OPEN. Enjoy urban glam right here on the Sunshine Coast. Relax in a flirtatious interior of luxury and style or feel at home in the casual and relaxed environment of the outdoor deck, surrounded by a lush rainforest and water landscaped gardens, any time of the day or night. TAKE AWAY COFFEE • BREAKFAST • BRUNCH LUNCH • DINNER • DESSERTS

CALL 07 5494 5192 FOR A RESERVATION MONDAY AND TUESDAY Closed WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY, SUNDAY Open 7.30am to 3.00pm FRIDAY AND SATURDAY Open 7.30am till late 2859 Steve Irwin Way, Glenview - Just off the highway onto Steve Irwin Way

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13/06/2019 5:47:35 AM



different way

to re-discover your true



ello curious soul. Have you ever wondered “who am I? What makes me, ME?” We are all survivors of many things and through some experiences we lose touch with our true essence; the unique colours that make up our authentic selves. You know that sensation you feel when you hear upsetting or shocking news? The feeling of energy draining out of you, like part of you is washing away… like your colour is draining from your mind, body and soul and often you can be told “you look as pale as a ghost”. Metaphorically it is as if you have lost some of your colours; the colours that describe your authentic vital energy and essence, that makes you the unique individual that you are. Very often, we experience difficulties in revitalising those colours with just words. This is the power of art therapy: its ability to help you tap into and explore your experiences using all your

senses; not just your words. Slashes of deep red splashed across soft hues of violet and pink, may to an ‘artist’s eye’ be incongruent to what they perceive as pleasing, however in art therapy, this is valued as pure unadulterated expression! Expression that has been discovered and released from deep within and is uniquely emotive to the expressor. Perhaps it is physical or emotional pain, stress or fear. It may be frustration of feeling stuck in a relationship or job that no longer serves you or parts of yourself that may have been forgotten. It could be a desire to increase confidence, personal development and to truly understand and connect to your true essence. It is intuitively what you need to release or expand, in that moment in time. There are no expectations or judgements in this space. The meaning of the colours, shapes and textures


unleashed are ‘truly’ known only to you. As an art therapist, I hold a safe and inspiring space for you to witness what lies within, outside of you in the art, sound or movement; to guide you on an explorative journey of discovery that is uniquely yours. I work with you to make the unknown, known and make sense of your insights gained, stimulating new perspectives and transforming old patterns of behaviour and ways of being that no longer serve. From these new perspectives, we are energised and able to connect to a deeper understanding and acceptance of self and celebrate the richness that lies within with more clarity, confidence and self-love. From this place our true colours are ignited, helping us to discover our place in the world. Is it your time to do things differently? www.growththroughart.com.au


lethargy, nausea, headaches and other discomfort? IT COULD BE FROM THE ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION BEING EMITTED FROM: • Wi-Fi Routers and Modems

• Fluorescent Lighting

• Digital TV Screens • Smart Meters

• High Voltage Power Lines

• Electrical Appliances

• Laptops and Tablets

• Microwave Ovens

• Earth Radiation

• Mobile Phone Towers


$165 Lasts forever and is nonplacebo

GEOCLENSE IS AMAZING! A simple solution for all electromagnetic radiation in your home and workplace.

It’s as easy as just plugging it in!

For more information – www.orgoneeffects.com

Healthy Home, Healthier Life 12

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| JULY 2019 | Holistic Bliss

(03) 9775 4122 | 0422 533 966 www.holisticblissmagazine.com

13/06/2019 8:08:57 AM


Your path to freedom is

written in your feet



ur entirety is written in our feet. Our feet represent us in a map in miniature. Not only our physical health, but also our gifts, strengths and weaknesses are written in our feet. The path where we come from, as well as the direction in which we find most fulfilment, self-expression, inner freedom, purpose and abundance is written in our feet. How? Let’s look at the example of our emotional patterns that get reflected in the shape of our toes and feet. We are emotional beings and they are experienced in response to our environment. In order to lead a healthy, fulfilled life, we need to move through all emotions fluently. However, in society we’ve learnt that some of them are apparently not ‘as good’ as other ones. For example, people always strive to be happy and joyous, and rather suppress emotions such as anger, frustration or sadness. It’s not that they aren’t there and part

of life, they are just not as welcome and therefore not allowed to be expressed. Emotions resulting from pain or distress can be so strong, that they can’t get processed completely. Some remnants of the negative emotional energy then become trapped in the body, usually in an organ, gland or the field of energy surrounding the body. The reason why the trapped emotion affects the person (sub) consciously is that the frequency (rate of vibration) of a trapped emotion is different from the frequency of the body part in which it is trapped. This conflicting frequency begins to distort the normal, healthy frequency of that body part. This imbalance of the tissues or energy field will, over time, cause symptoms such as uneasiness, emotional ups and downs, depression, and/or physical symptoms. Most often we have no idea that what is causing these symptoms are trapped emotions.

Monday, 19th August to Friday, 23rd August

They lead to our feet showing different signs; such as calluses, shapes and alignment of toes, or tension in the reflex associated with the organ or body part in which the emotion is trapped. If not released, trapped emotions cause imbalances that encumber us and block us from going for our dreams, believing in ourselves and leading full lives. They can affect us physically just as much as they can mentally and emotionally. The good news is that they can be released via clearing and the feet with ‘The Footprint Connection Reflexology’. You can take your life back, ditch sabotage and unconscious self-limiting patterns, express yourself more authentically, enjoy better health, more fulfilment and manifest your dreams into this reality. You’re born for amazing things – don’t let your trapped emotions hold you back! www.TheFootprintConnection.com

Fancy a Reef Retreat? Uncover a hidden paradise, leave the real world behind and immerse yourself in the unspoiled beauty of Camp Island Lodge in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park. Wake up to magnificent views from your own special villa, overlooking the pristine waters of Abbot Bay. Camp Island Lodge is part of the Whitsunday group of islands and offers a unique experience whilst staying on your own exclusive private Island. ALL MEALS AND ACCOMMODATION INCLUDED ONLY • Daily morning movement yoga session • A warm embracing Zenthai Shiatsu massage Per Person • Health and wellness sessions throughout the day Per Night • Meditation and mindfulness sessions Twin Share • A foot spa/Thai foot massage • Fresh, nutritious local foods prepared lovingly by your own special chef • Plus all other optional activities that this special Island has to offer • All transfers from Bowen Marina to/from Camp Island


email: harmonyplace7@bigpond.com phone: 0408 559 994 • (07) 3851 1528 BOOK EARLY!! AS WE HAVE LIMITED PLACES AVAILABLE

www.harmonyplace.com.au DAY RETREATS ALSO AVAILABLE IN BRISBANE! Holistic Bliss | JULY 2019 |

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13/06/2019 8:09:47 AM


Open your mind

and let miracles

WORDS JEAN SHEEHAN, Principal – Millennium Education


y favourite affirmation or saying is, “I don’t know how, but it will work out”. Since using these simple words, my mind is open to all possibilities and miracles occur all the time. This is the ability to create. Sometimes in life we can be closed minded to opportunities, circumstances and events. Is it fear? Is it past experiences that trigger our memory that we may have the same experience? Or is it that we listen to others’ opinions? Our brains can work with and against us. Have you ever noticed when you say to yourself, “I can’t” things don’t work out or it is a lot harder to do? The brain can play tricks on us too and does not always understand what we really want. Here is an example… don’t think of a pink elephant. What was your first thought? A pink elephant? You see the brain and mind do not hear the word don’t and so you will see what is said. So if you say to yourself “I don’t want to be fat”, the mind hears, “be fat”. Here are 5 tips for creating easily and effectively:

1. Affirmations The power of words can empower or disempower. Short sentences such as, “I am getting there” allow the mind to be open to great opportunities. 2. Ask yourself what is the worst thing that can happen Sometimes our mind will wander into a negative story and the mind will not know if it is real or not. Asking yourself “what is the worst that can happen” you will very quickly discern that there is no worst thing and you can create anything. 3. Plan and prepare For the mind to see the miracle in things, have a plan and be prepared. To create is to use the left and right brain together. 4. Say thank you “Thank you” is so powerful for creation. These two words will allow you to be open minded and see the miracle. These words will allow the mind and body to relax and see the situations in a different light. 5. Everything is a learning lesson We can be very hard on ourselves or even others. If we be in a ‘create’ mood,


our perception changes and we will see the best in things and feel so much better. It will feel like you are having a party each day, with the excitement of a child. Life is like an op shop… there are always opportunities to grow and blossom and create. It all depends on if your mind is open to these possibilities. Enjoy the process of creating and designing your destiny. Join JEAN SHEEHAN for her accredited Millennium Modality® Courses, (Medical Intuition & Millennium Children®). Purchase The Millennium Children® book, Empowering the Millennium Children® book and Bite Me book now. www.MillenniumEducation.com

Dental care for your total wellbeing! We are holistic dentists because we recommend the treatment that will be right for your body. It means that in everything we do we consider the impact of it on your body and use only materials and procedures accordingly. For example, when we are removing amalgam we use a rubber dam, high speed suction and an IQair air purifier so you don’t swallow any of the material or breathe in any of the mercury vapour. It’s the dentistry for you if you care about your total wellbeing.

Shop 1/13 Garnet Street, Cooroy Qld 4563

PHONE: (07) 5447 7669 www.wattlestdental.com.au Follow us on Facebook


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13/06/2019 8:10:31 AM


Angels Are Foreground

by The Original Concept


The Failed Monochrome Adage

In 2012 Katherine fell from a balcony, leaving her with catastrophic spinal cord injuries. Rendering her partially paralysed and wheelchair-bound, Katherine’s health continues to deteriorate causing much pain and anguish. Art became Katherine’s therapy and ultimately, her saviour. In one of her darkest hours, she found joy in conceptualising what is now her debut art collection, ‘The Mount Warning Series’.

Love and Heavy Resin Follow The Lines Until The End


his series depicts the iconic Australian landmark, Mount Warning, seven times through the artist’s non-conformist gaze.

Sweetness Skulls and Light Shop 7/4 Jonson Street, Byron Bay, NSW The Magical Land

Phone: 0432 073 374


I See You

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13/06/2019 5:48:28 AM



colour reveals

about you



room-vroom! Vroom! When we were in our late 40s, my husband bought a new car – a ‘muscle car’. I heard the deep throaty engine sound from the driveway before I even saw the car. And what colour was it? Not a subtle colour that blended in with all the other cars. His new car was cherry red. The colour of primal instincts, masculine energy and strength. Colour allows us to express who we are. We share our favourite colours with the world through the clothes we wear, the cars we drive and how we style our homes. The colours we share with the world reflect who we are energetically. I have found that the following colours are aligned with our energy centres and represent important fundamental aspects of who we are: • Red represents our primal instincts, the energies of survival, passion and money • Orange represents our creative expression and feelings

• Yellow represents our seat of personal power • Green represents our heart through compassion, love and relationships • Blue represents our personal truth, outward expression and responsibility • Indigo represents our self-image and ability to live out our dreams • Violet (or white) represents our spiritual purpose During different life stages, certain aspects are more dominant than others, but for us to live balanced and fulfilled lives, we need representation from all of them. We also learn about ourselves by paying attention to the colours that we don’t like. As an intuitive, I help my clients to understand who they are and how they interact with the world. In one client session (with an intelligent responsible woman who tends to take life seriously), she shared how she regretted not taking time for the simple pleasures of life.

She loves blues, greens and purples and wears these colours constantly. She also likes red and yellow, but (at the time of her session) she ‘hated’ orange. This alerted me to her tendency to shut down her feelings and creative abilities, so we did some powerful healing work around her feelings and creative expression. To this day, she still reminds me of how this healing work transformed her life. Back in the 2nd century, the wise Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius said, “the soul becomes dyed with the colour of its thoughts”. So what colour is your soul dyed with – what is your favourite colour? Typically, your favourite colour represents an aspect of strength for you. And what colours – if any – do you dislike or avoid? Perhaps, like my client, you have been shutting down an important aspect of who you are. www.jodouglasbrown.com

GLENN CHANDLER Dip. C.H., Clinical Hypnotherapist, Ericksonian Psychotherapist

• ANXIETY • PAST HURTS • FREEDOM FROM LIMITING BEHAVIOURS • EMOTIONAL and SOUL HEALING “I know he’s not a magician, but whatever he does… well, it changed my way of being.” – Helen, 2018 “My Fairy Godfather.” – Teone, 2017

“You helped me when nothing else could. I found my power.” – Alison, 2018 “My future feels safe when I leave a session.” – Sebastien, 2016


www.brisbanehypnosis.com.au/book-online OR CALL (07) 3354 4555 First Floor, 510 South Pine Road, Everton Park, QLD


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powerful secret to the healing world, we need to remember



ealing is the journey of selfresponsibility, where we align with a more holistic self. We are not broken, nor do we need to be fixed, each of us is in a personalised healing process to be who we really are, which begins the moment we awaken, when we become aware. Nothing and no-one can heal us, as soon as we believe that another person or a system can ‘fix’ us, we have already disempowered and disconnected from the ability of our miraculous wisdom of soul, the blueprint of our life to which leads us towards what will assist us in our growth or evolutionary status. Just as each of us is unique, there are thousands of wonderful healing systems, strategies, mindsets, programmes and tools on offer to support us with what aligns for the next phase in our life. The absolute first step in any healing process begins with AWARENESS. We have an inner wisdom which translates into ‘symptoms’ when we are in need of healing, that we either hear and

take action on, or ignore and allow the symptoms, the messages to become screams for attention. Each of us knows when something isn’t quite right, we feel off, whether physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually, we just get the niggle to listen in. All the wonderful modalities ranging from mainstream medicine to super etheric body encodements, are all pathways for the unique beings we are to find a new way, to gather some support and to help us become more aware to create change for our betterment. We will often be attracted to something that gets the flow of change towards inner healing. What works for one may not align with another, that is the beauty of healing and the power of its truth; healing is a personal experience. No matter what system or pathway you follow, the healing is always about YOU; what you are willing to do, create, change, own, shift, release, birth, or align with. Everything outside of you

supports, as the real healing can only occur within the self. Broken bones heal, torn muscles heal, severe sickness can heal, broken hearts mend, the body knows what to do, we have to allow, support and nurture the process. There is an almost mystical, sometimes alchemical process taking place when we engage in healing the self. Our body is a self-contained, selfhealing mechanism, it KNOWS how to reset itself. What we need to do more of is to listen to that voice of knowing, allow the process to happen and support ourselves while we change. One of the BEST healing actions we can offer, which has been with humanity since time began, and the majority of people benefit from instantly, is the ability to listen deeply or to be heard without judgement. Awareness happens in that moment, the answers arise, the support is then actioned… healing has begun. www.raelenebyrne.com

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colour is your money?



here are two basic colours usually associated with money. If you are ‘in the red’ you owe money, or if you are ‘in the black’ your bank balance has funds available. In America, the slang term for their bills (cash) is Greenbacks, due to the colour of the money. I found when I was travelling in America that you have to be very careful what the number on the note is and not hand over a $100 note thinking it was a $10 note. When I showed them the range of colours of our notes, the comment was, “They are so preddddy”! Most Australians have a bank account or two (in the black) as well as a mortgage and credit card they may be paying off and/or a personal loan as well (in the red). Sometimes the ratio of debt to savings is overwhelming and people feel they are drowning in debt. We may be moving more into the cashless society with goods and services being paid for via your credit or debit card, but it all relates to the money you

either have or don’t have. These cards also come in a range of colours and most of us have a number of them in our wallet. Now, take a deep breath, close your eyes and imagine what it would feel like if you had your debts under control and money building in your bank account. What colours would you bring into your life if you had enough money? Imagine being able to experience a magical sunset in Hawaii, the pristine white snow of the Alps in Switzerland, the green fields of an Irish landscape or the amazing assortment of colours shown in the phenomenon of the Northern Lights. Just this week a lovely young client of mine was inspired by a beautiful limited edition print of a canopy of trees with beautiful autumn colours over a road with light shining through at the end. This print is going to constantly remind her of all her hard work and dedication. It is a visual reward to help her enjoy the journey.

Having control over your financial situation begins with the first step of making a decision that things need to change. We have discussed in a previous article that your attitude and energy towards money can either be drawing it to you or away from you. I have seen countless people over the years who believed they were hopeless with money. Yet with the determination to change and make a difference in their own lives, they have overcome this mindset, established new beliefs and habits and they are in control. They have become the masters of their money and are now enjoying all the colours of their goals and dreams. It’s your turn now! KATH ORMAN is a Senior Financial Planner of her company Goals & Dreams Financial Planning Pty Ltd, which is an authorised representative of Charter Financial Planning Limited AFSL 234665. If you would like to know more email: kath.orman@goalsanddreams.com.au or phone: (07) 3350 9595

Raelene Byrne

Medicine for your Spirit MEDICINE WHEEL SOUL JOURNEY A weekly calling and gathering to go deep, starts on June Solstice. Information for this sacred space of soul wisdom, rituals, meditations: admin@raelenebyrne.com

NEW BOOK RELEASE!! ANNOUNCING THE LAUNCH OF ‘ALCHEMY OF AWARENESS’ A book that helps build the bridges for change, awakening and expansion. Pre-order now by emailing: admin@raelenebyrne.com


6- OR 12-MONTH SOUL OVERVIEWS www.raelenebyrne.com/product-category/soul-overview

www.raelenebyrne.com 18

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What can we learn from

‘Blue Zones’?



t’s only been a few weeks since my partner and I came back from a trip to the US and Mexico. As usual, we don’t like to go to touristy places and prefer venturing off the beaten track. This time we ended up visiting the small mountain villages of the state of Oaxaca in Southern Mexico. These are places where there is a strong sense of tradition, where they still speak their original languages like Mixe and Zapotec, dating back to pre-Columbian times. The locals where surprised to see a couple of Gringoes driving through dirt roads in a little 2WD car in windy conditions. A great advantage for me was looking a bit like a Mexican Guero (lighter complexion) and being able to speak my native language, Spanish,

so we managed to get a greater understanding of the people’s actual way of life. Of course, this meant trying the local foods: a variety of corn tortillas with different vegetables, beans and meats, like beef and pork, beautiful chorizo sausages, and some roasted chapulines (grasshoppers) to top up the protein intake. To our surprise, we met quite a few people in their late 80s and 90s. We even met a gentleman 108 years old, who had lived through the Mexican revolution! Most of them where fully independent, still doing their daily chores and there were definitely no signs of dementia. Is this area a ‘Blue Zone’ that people are not aware of? Blue zones are areas around the world where people have

less disease and typically live longer. So what is the Oaxaca people’s secret to longevity? Perhaps it’s the simplicity of their old ways: traditional food, having a purpose in life, doing regular Temazcal (traditional sweat lodges/ saunas), relatively little stress and no sitting at a computer working long hours all the time. Unfortunately, a lot of these traditions are getting lost, with the introduction of the western ways of life; many cultures try to copy the ‘American way of life’, making diabetes rampant with younger generations. We must learn from ancient cultures, so we can see that a simple approach is better than complicated, high tech gadgets and a fast-paced, fast-food lifestyle. www.ibukihealth.com

Holistic Bliss | JULY 2019 |

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Mike Booth


Sam: Can you please share your background as to how you came to AuraSoma? Mike: I was at a mind, body, spirit exhibition showing some of my paintings. At the time I was producing cards, prints and lithographs of the paintings and this was my sole reason for being there. At that exhibition I heard there was a blind lady showing some coloured bottles. This was coincidental and synchronous with conversations that I’d had with friends about the possibility of bringing crystals, colour, herbs and essential oils together as a means of helping or assisting people in an awakening journey. I was very interested, and even though I was perhaps a bit skeptical, I went to look at 20

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| JULY 2019 | Holistic Bliss

her stand where she was involved in a very deep conversation with somebody. Immediately as I arrived, she turned to me and said, “The energy here is not very good, go and do something about it.” I had never met this woman, had no previous connection with her so I thought this was very strange and rather off-putting. Nevertheless, I found myself doing something I had never done before which was, I think, very inspired but it was out of character and somewhat strange. I went to the four corners of that exhibition hall and asked the Archangels of the four directions to come into the exhibition hall. Out of curiosity, I then walked back past her stand and when I arrived there she immediately said, “That is much better. I think we are supposed to work together.” It was all very strange and most of me just wanted

to completely dismiss the whole thing. It turned out that Vicky Wall (the founder of Aura-Soma) and her partner, Margaret Cockbain, were invited to our house, shortly afterwards, to do one of the first seminars on the Aura-Soma system in the UK. I thought I would find out what it was that had taken place at the exhibition. At the seminar I took Vicky for a walk which she had to do every day for maintaining her heart muscle after three fairly large heart attacks and a massive infarct. She only had 40 percent of her functional heart muscle left, so not walking was not an option, it had to be done. Margaret was tired so I took her for a walk and on that walk she said to me “As I said, I thought we were supposed to work together. I want you to move from here to London.” We were living in Somerset www.holisticblissmagazine.com

13/06/2019 8:16:05 AM

a fr h th

w w in

b fa W is m re p p

a fo w w so o so th m to th to th th n sy

it p u c in c u c


at the time and so, against all my friends’ and family’s advice, that is what happened. This was my beginnings with the Aura-Soma system. Sam: What would you like to share with regards to Aura-Soma and healing with colour that can assist people’s lives in creating their life consciously? Mike: When somebody selects a bottle, what they are actually doing is facing themselves in the mirror of colour. We can say that this mirror is one which is, without any doubt, a very accurate mirror in relation to consciousness, in relation to what is contained within the person who is facing those bottles at that point in time. There are 116 colour combinations and we encourage the person to choose four of them which is in a sequence of what calls to them the most. A calling which comes, not in terms of what somebody likes or dislikes, but a sense of the bottles choosing them. To support somebody in their journey towards themselves, to be more aware, to be more mindful in relation to their dayto-day lives, to actually give that person the opportunity to face those colours, to face the colour consciousness within themselves, is also an opportunity for them to be able to recognise what they need in relation to what the Aura-Soma system offers. The offering is not only colour but it is also plants, crystals and a whole package from the three kingdoms. We use spagryic tinctures of gems and crystals that I personally select, which go into each and every one of those colour combinations. They are produced for us from those pre-selected crystals by a company in Switzerland whom I have


worked with very closely for many, many years. We also use essential oils, some of which are grown on our own biodynamic farm here in Lincolnshire. This is a very important part of the whole of the Aura-Soma philosophy. We call it soil to soul; an opportunity to realise how important the soil is in relation to the immunity of the plants. If we are going to use those plants for healing, if we are going to use them in a supportive role in our journey towards ourselves, so then, the immunity of the plants can also possibly help with the immunity within ourselves. Growing bio-dynamically and beyond the bio-dynamics, the practice on Shire Farm is something very fundamental and important in relation to Equilibrium. Other essential oils we source from around the world from bio-

dynamic or wild-crafted suppliers where possible but, if not, organic suppliers. This is part of the Aura-Soma story. The colours are largely from plant materials, tree barks or roots and we blend these colours to produce very specific wavelengths which give access to the chakra system; the energy centres of ourselves. Vicky Wall, our innovator and who brought Aura-Soma into being, had a saying which is still used today, “You are the colours you choose.” In other words, there is no separation between the colours you choose and what you are. The second part of this particular statement is, “and these reflect your being’s needs.” To be able to work with and apply these dual-coloured bottles to the body, is an opportunity to present ourselves not only with this mirror in relation to colour, but also to re-balance ourselves through our pre-selection. In the early days of the Aura-Soma system, a London doctor, Dr Caroline Shreeve, wrote a very large book called, ‘The Dictionary of Alternative of Symptoms and Cures’. Dr Caroline Shreeve identified Aura-Soma as a soul therapy, a self-selective, non-intrusive soul therapy. This is something that is still, I believe, an important part of the understanding of Aura-Soma. How Aura-Soma affects people’s lives is through the self-selection process where they can identify themselves. They have been with themselves from the beginning. It is not like going to a doctor or a consultant who has only been with you for maybe 10 or 15 minutes, this is an opportunity for somebody to take responsibility for themselves in terms of what calls to them the most and, then, to have the support of the energies of the three kingdoms in their journey of awakening, their journey of mindfulness, their journey of awareness. Vicky Wall said that Aura-Soma is meant for those who wish to remember themselves. For me, personally, that statement was one of the things that called to me the most. It was a statement that talked of the possibility of remembering why we are here, what we are for, and the way we are to do what we are to do, not in a mechanical way, but in a way of bringing our awareness as an holistic being relative to our purpose in a conscious way. www.aura-soma.com Holistic Bliss | JULY 2019 |

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Embracing your

creative flow



aking art for art’s sake has been a sanctuary for me for as long as I can remember. As a hard-core advocate of the ‘life is a journey not a destination’ ideal, the ability to be creative is one of my super powers. The previous rigours of a high stress career has only served to strengthen my connection to creative flow. Even now when nothing seems right, I can just move to my art studio and forget about the world for hours. My problems will remain patiently at the door to take up residence in my mind when I am done. It is as simple as that if you want it to be. The beauty of creative flow is the cessation of incessant mental chatter that can make even the heaviest concerns subsequently lighter. Challenging yourself to really look at something, like really look at it, is simple

but very rewarding. I recently painted a series of seven ‘paintings’ of the same picturesque view. The term ‘painting’ is a term loosely applied here as I am a multi-media artist and essentially anything goes. The seven works are wildly different, conceptually and materially different, yet in substance, the same picturesque view. Examining something and being able to see the multitude of elements that go to make up the thing you examine, leads to an enlightenment; an understanding of the interconnectivity of all things and the permanent pulsing of the web of life that surrounds us. Spending time being creative, for me, is a mental reset, an opportunity to take a cleansing breath before returning to the demands and complexities of modern life. You may even find that new solutions to problems or a novel approach of an

existing issue presents itself after your creative mind reset! To me, creation is a part of what it means to be human. Creativity is a gift we have been given to enhance our lives in infinite ways in any context or setting. The ability to be creative is a skill or muscle that improves with use and is available to everyone irrespective of background, knowledge or training. Do not believe the hype that you require some intrinsic genetic makeup to be creative or call yourself an artist. Releasing yourself from attachment to the opinion of others is also an ancillary benefit to getting creative! I dare you to try it. I bet you will feel lighter and younger. Katherine’s artwork is online at www.katherinechristie.com.au


EXPO Maroochydore JULY 27th & 28th • • • •

Speakers Workshops Meditations 50+ Stalls

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Presenters Therapists Spirit Guides Kids Zone


www.healyourselfexpo.com 22

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your healing




here is an intuitive knowing within all of us that can lead us to our own healing – an inner guidance system that shows us how we can heal ourselves, no matter what the perceived challenge is. However, many people don’t trust it. In our western culture it is generally believed that healing can only happen through something outside of us. This promotes dependency but it also externalises our ability to heal all together. It can make us feel alone, helpless and often powerless over the condition of our body, heart and mind. I need to be clear right here, there is nothing wrong with seeking help from professionals, and I believe there is a place for all sorts of medicine and therapy in our world. We run into trouble when: • We externalise the power and responsibility to heal the condition; • We don’t listen to our inner guidance around what lies underneath the dis-ease;

• We don’t listen to, or trust our guidance around who or what can help us heal the condition. What if we acknowledged ourselves at the centre of our own healing? How much could we consciously move through the message and the learning of the healing? Healing is a process of regaining trust in our own ability to heal and love ourselves again! Since healing and self-healing are not (yet) part of what is taught to us in school, we often feel lost with our search for true guidance. We don’t know how to really connect with our hearts. It has to be trained and practised. Learning and experiencing our own heart’s healing powers is like learning a new language. It cannot be learned from books – we have to experience it for ourselves to trust in it! In other words, we have to become an active part in our own healing process – otherwise we could not internalise that it is OUR power that does the healing!

We can re-activate our innate healing powers in a number of ways: 1. Awaken and continue to develop our intuition (our inner guidance system) and start learning to trust it and the messages from our body. 2. Start seeing our disease or unhappiness from an energetic perspective to learn that healing can be a matter of shifting our energetic state to a faster vibrational frequency. 3. Bridge the gap between our mental thoughts and beliefs and our inner feelings. 4. Strengthen our heart-connection – the part of us that connects with our higher consciousness. Everything can heal from within, provided we re-learn how to connect with our heart and reactivate our inner innate self-healing powers. Visit: www.highvibrationcity.com for REBECCA’s Unlock Your Love Blocks sessions and on-line program.



$22 NOW

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$29.95 NOW

$25 Ph (03) 9357 1777 Holistic Bliss | JULY 2019 |

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Hearing your body’s WORDS RIKKA ZIMMERMAN


hat if in every moment your body was trying to deliver an energetic message to you from Divinity? When I say “Divinity” I mean Source, Love, Spirit, Oneness, Life Force Energy, the Universe, God or your True Self. Suppose that in each moment your body is bringing you the experience that is designed to be a spiritual guide to keep you on your path and point you home towards this true self. What are some of the messages that your body might be trying to deliver to you from Source? If you are tired all the time… What are you tired of that your body is trying to get you to stop doing? If you are sick often… What are you sick of that your body is attempting to get you to let go of? If you are in pain… What pain from the past are you holding on to that your body is asking you to release? These are a few of the questions that I have used to assist my clients to heal their bodies. In my 12 years of experience facilitating over 150,000

message from Divinity

people, I have noticed that Source has one mission: to bring you home to love or your true self. In order to do that it creates experiences to help you to release the contractive energies that make you feel separate from love, while simultaneously expanding your energy into receiving more love. Since your body is made of Source energy, what I have found is that your body is designed to do the same. So what is the answer to energetically help the body heal? The Beatles were correct when they sang, “... All we need is love.” Love is the energetic answer to any ailment. Your love is like a secret recipe that your body needs in order to heal and transform itself. Everyone is different, so in order to get in touch with your personal love recipe, ask yourself this question: If I were loving myself here… what would I choose? If I were loving my body here… what would I choose?

These two questions will shortcut your ability to know what behaviour needs to be modified in order for you or your body to heal. I invite you to the transformation and Divine Love that your body will lead you to discover as you begin listening to its message in every moment. Note: This is a way to heal the energetics of your body. There also may be physical nutrition, vitamins, or medicine that are also required for your body to live at its optimal state. RIKKA is a global leader in consciousness, creator of Life TransformedTM Classes and Coaching Certification Program, acclaimed international speaker, successful author and singer/songwriter. She has a free audio gift for you to assist in ending selfjudgment as part of the process of connecting to your body’s messaging. You can have it for free here: www.DoYouLoveYou.com You can look forward to Rikka teaching classes in Australia in November 2019.


Embrace the Moment

‘Talking Pictures’

Unleash your creativity and feed your Soul • An open invitation to create dialogue with your Soul once a month • Delve into the creative world of SoulCollage® • A unique and holistic approach DATES TO to healing and health REMEMBER: • Let each card help you tap July 7, Aug 11, into your inner wisdom Sept 8, Oct 13, • No art experience required Nov 10, Dec 8 • Suitable for Art Therapists as an extra feather in your toolbox! Bring a friend and enjoy stepping into your hidden creativity in a peaceful and tranquil space.


HEALTH & HOLISTIC HEALER / THERAPIST Visual Arts Teacher, Transpersonal Art Therapist, Reiki Master, Practitioner & Teacher, Sandplay Therapist, Certified Health Coach, SoulCollage Facilitator

Phone 0459 569 690 \\ calming.nature@hotmail.com



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13/06/2019 8:20:46 AM

The Body Health Medium Felicity Scott HEALTH THERAPIST

How I can help you?

What question would you ask your body?

I am the Body Health Medium talking to your body, and your spirit guides is my specialty. The only requirement from you is an open mind. Let me help you by talking to your body, all your unanswered health questions can be answered.

How can I lose weight? How can I live with no pain? Why is falling asleep difficult? How can I increase my energy? Why have I got a skin rash? How can I resolve anxiety? When will I conceive? Will I ever walk again? How can I resolve allergies? How can I stop having seizures?

What techniques do I use? Kinesiology Magnet Therapy Life Coaching Mediumship EFT Tapping Guided Meditation Energy Healing

I specialise in communicating with the body. In my experience to date, I now know that almost all the symptoms of over a hundred patients I have treated have been attributed to a single allergy. To find the allergy and correct the problem I communicate with the body and use kinesiology, plus other health techniques and my medically intuitive mediumship skills. I am committed to helping you. The voice of the body.

Hi, my name is Felicity Scott, I am a medically intuitive medium, a Qualified Professional Kinesiology Practitioner and a Qualified Life Coach. I am also trained in many other alternative health therapies. I originally studied kinesiology to help my daughter’s epilepsy condition. Using alternative therapy techniques such as kinesiology really healed her body from the inside; luckily the seizures stopped. I continued on to set up my own clinic. I put all my skills together so that I can help others to achieve better health.

A health therapy session to talk to the body about your health issues and find a resolution.

Mum and Baby Health Therapy For breast fed babies having health problems, mum and baby are treated in the same session. 1hr | $100

1hr | $100 Adult/$75 Child

Everyone can benefit from my services including children. I operate a safe and effective therapy for everyone including babies. I use a combination of techniques to resolve all types of health issues.

My Approach

About Me

Individual Health Therapy

Who can benefit?

” “

I was very impressed. Very professional and warm session. I have recommended to a few friends already. A great first session, looking forward to the next one.

Energy Healing Therapy

Spiritual Guidance

This is a healing hands session. I share my healing energy with your body where I can see the blockages and issues that are preventing your body, mind and spirit coming together as one.

This session is for you to talk to your Spirit Guides through the Body Health Medium. Request guidance on career, health and happiness.

1.5hr | $300

1hr | $150

Felicity’s unique approach to better health is amazing. I highly recommend her services.

” “

Chris, age 50

Charlie, age 36

My first session with the Body Health Medium was fantastic. Very professional and welcoming environment. Felicity was very knowledgeable and I felt confident in her abilities and recommendations. I left the session feeling like a weight had lifted. I am looking forward to working with Felicity in the future. Highly recommend! Wendy, age 48

OPEN: Mon-Sat 9am-2pm, Thursday 9am-till late Tel: 0431 599 662 | Suite 1, The Barracks Offices, 7 Apollo Road, Bulimba Qld 4171 | Email: contact@thebodyhealthmedium.com


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13/06/2019 5:49:31 AM


How long does

healing take?



his morning on the drive to school the girls were playing Cat Stevens. It still amazes me that music can pick you up and whisk you back 23 years to an oh-so-precious yet long-forgotten moment in a single heartbeat. Listening to ‘Morning has broken’ my eyes began to leak and I asked myself: “When does the grief finally end? When will I finally be done and ok with letting go?” And to my utter astonishment, with the most surreal sweetness, grief answered: “My dear, I shall live as long as you love, for within me lies the doorway to your most awakened compassionate heart”. People will tell you that they wouldn’t change a thing in their life, that all of those ‘hard messy moments’ led them here, and this moment is divine. And while I agree, I would also

add that I’d change many things. I’d set unwaveringly clear boundaries with my body and being and speak up and defend them with my life. I would wrap all of me and my perceived imperfections in a warm loving embrace, reassuring myself I was already enough and that the ways others had violated me meant everything about them, and nothing about me. I’d be less rigid and afraid. I’d say yes to so many more chances, I’d play and have oceans more fun. I’d caress my fear and seriousness into joyful surrender, saying yes to so much more, including that glass of red wine. I’d shelve my righteousness and choose connection. I’d forgive myself so quickly shame would never find a resting place in my life and I’d whisper the words I needed to hear into my own precious ears. If I had the chance to choose over,

I’d never be so afraid of love and life that I would run from the goodness and the relationships that fulfilled me. I’d give myself permission to say yes to my dreams, decades before I finally did. But… My past is a salve that heals, if I let it… And while at times my heart breaks daily, I remind myself it was also made to, and those broken bits are the places all the love flows in and out. I’m a rich, messy, beautiful contradiction, and you have permission to be one too. Gentle days to you. KATE is a Family and Systemic Therapist offering online sessions, workshops and retreats worldwide. She is the Author of ‘An Invitation to Trust’ and has 2 Divine Oracle decks being released in September 2019. To learn more and book a session with Kate visit: www.katemfoster.com





Experienced Telesales Person Join our talented team and be part of an established brand that has been making a difference for over 10 years!!

ATTRACTIVE PACKAGE WITH WORK-FROM-HOME OPTIONS Must be a high-energy, self-motivator with an interest in the holistic well-being world and natural lifestyle arena.


Please send your CV to: ed@holisticblissmagazine.com or phone 0422 538 335 26

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13/06/2019 8:24:53 AM


What is

blue light?



lue light is all around us and, in moderation, can be beneficial to us. It exists naturally in our environment from the sun, regulating our circadian rhythm and telling our body when it is time to wake up and time to go to sleep. Blue light also exists in an artificial form from digital devices like your smartphone, tablet or computer. It is also known as high energy visible blue light (HEV) and has a wavelength of between 380nm and 500nm making it one of the shortest, high energy wavelengths. The downsides of artificial blue light In our technology-driven world, our eyes are exposed to more blue light than ever before from artificial light sources. Recent studies have shown that prolonged exposure to artificial blue violet light can cause serious damage to our eyes including digital eye strain, retinal damage and an increased risk of macular degeneration – the leading cause of blindness in industrial nations.

Blue light can also lead to other forms of fatigue beyond eye strain. Blue light during the day is beneficial because it boosts attention, reaction times and mood. If we are looking at screens at night-time, however, the artificial blue light tricks our brain into thinking it is still daytime, disrupts our circadian rhythm and makes falling asleep more difficult. Blue light at night is a major factor in the increasing number of sleep problems in our society, particularly among children and teens. Getting enough sleep and a good quality of sleep is extremely important for children’s development so exposure to artificial blue light before bedtime should be avoided. Reducing blue light exposure One way to help reduce exposure to artificial blue light is to wear a pair of blue light filtering glasses. Blue light glasses work by filtering out the harmful blue violet light in the 400nm-440nm range while still allowing the good blue light in. Blue light filtering

lenses also help to reduce glare and add contrast to define characters on your screen which helps to alleviate digital eye strain. Our range of blue light glasses filter out 50% of the harmful blue light. In addition to using blue light glasses to protect your eyes, there are some simple tips to help reduce your exposure to blue light and alleviate the strain on your eyes. We suggest you adopt the 20-20-20 rule: for every 20 minutes of screen time you should look at something 20 feet (6 metres) away for 20 seconds. When scrolling through your phone, keep the screen at arm’s length away from you rather than up close to your face. To protect your sleep, adopt a new nightly routine and switch off all screens and sources of artificial blue light at least one hour before bedtime. To find out more about blue light and our range of blue light glasses visit us at: www.earthingoz.com.au

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rystals or minerals are the greatest gift to us from Mother Earth. Each is unique, and holds its own energy for healing. We can tap into this natural energy and activate our four spiritual bodies – being: physical, etheric, astral and mental. Crystal healing works by restoring balance within our etheric body. This can help ease a health problem manifesting further into our physical body. When you decide to crystal heal yourself, first decide which chakra/area you feel needs a boost or stagnant energy removed. Dowsing with a pendulum over each chakra is a great way to discover this. Simply ask in simple yes/no format if it needs attention. Root Chakra – crystals are deep toned and opaque in colour. They ground us, centre our being and help us connect with Mama Earth. Stones like: Black Onyx, Black Tourmaline, Black Obsidian and Hematite are perfect choices. Sacral Chakra – crystals are red to orange and promote vitality, sexuality

– what’s in a colour?

and allow us to rise that ever important kundalini from our inner depths. Use crystals like: Carnelian, Rainbow Moonstone, Red Jasper or Red Calcite. Solar Plexus – Yellow tones associate with joy, happiness and positivity. They heal our digestion and help combat depression. Crystals include: Citrine, Yellow Jasper, Orange Calcite, Mookaite. Heart Chakra – Pink/green crystals provide us nurturing, compassion, healing and universal love for all living beings. They allow us to heal our emotions and to gain a fresh beginning. Crystals such as: Rose Quartz, Rhodonite, Rhodochrosite, Malachite and Green Aventurine are wonderful. Throat Chakra – Blue crystals work with our communication. Without freedom of speech, we can hold in emotions and cause dis-ease in ourself. Express yourself with truth and allow creativity to follow. Sodalite, Lapis Lazuli, Blue Lace Agate and Dumortierite can also ease anger and produce an anti-inflammatory effect on our nervous system.

Third Eye – Purple crystals enhance any psychic development and allow us to flourish on our spiritual path of knowledge. They also offer protection and insight during meditation practices. Amethyst, Lolite, Purple Fluorite are also beneficial for removing stress and allowing us to trust our intuition. They also help insomnia. Crown Chakra – White and translucent crystals are the highest evolved in the crystal kingdom. They resonate with the purest energy and often can be used to recharge all other crystals you use. They deliver us white light, harmony, peace and enlightenment. Clear Quartz, Lemurian Seed, White Howlite and Annandalite are some of the most beautifully powerful stones to use. My mantra for everyone is to always “Cleanse, Charge, Program” I tell all my customers this very important step, to ensure crystals work and stay positive charged for the highest good! www.moonstonegypsyau.com

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How my

near death experience

changed my life



hen I was three years old, I underwent a procedure to remove my tonsils. The next day, I could see translucent beings walking around the hospital bedroom. I later found out that my heart had stopped beating on the operating table and I was now capable of seeing the spirit world. When I turned 24, I met Archangel Uriel and my life changed forever. He opened up a doorway for me to cross over to the other side. I found myself on the edge of the Universe, ceaselessly floating in infinite love. I could no longer feel my body. I was far out, beyond what I had ever experienced before. Archangel Uriel said to me, “It doesn’t matter what happens, everything is love.” An explosion of ecstasy vibrated my existence in waves

of golden energy. “You can come and go as you please, just know that you chose to be here.” “Why did I come here?” I asked. Archangel Uriel responded, “You came to hold a vibration of light. Your very existence is enough to change worlds. It’s time to return back to your body.” I felt at home in the unconditional love. I didn’t want to leave the nourishing existence behind. I suddenly woke up within my physical body. I was lying upon the ground. The floor and walls were not solid. I was still mostly out. I would melt into love and my mind would experience a golden expanse of energy filled with oceanic waves of light. I could feel everything as an infinite being. In those moments, I realised that the human body was only made real by the

mind. The physical world was as much of an illusion as any dream. I witnessed how the souls of newborn babies came into their mother’s wombs. Meteors of light would shoot in from beyond this world into a physical vessel. My body ached as I rolled upon the ground. Beyond the realm of space and time, reincarnation did not exist. We are truly endless oceans of unconditional love. I started coughing as my lungs gave way. The physical world was solidifying into reality. Crossing back over was not easy. My body felt like a foreign vessel that I had forgotten even existed. I didn’t know it at the time, but I would never look at this world the same way again. In the infinite consciousness, we can never truly die, for we are never truly born. www.creatorawakening.com

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Demystifying energy healing

& RTT (Rapid Transformational Therapy)



same can be seen under a transmission electron microscope, which shows nanoparticles and atoms – living energy in a state of flux. This energy is called life force, chi, ki or aura. At times a person’s life force can be battered and shattered. This is dependent on their physical and emotional state. As such, it may be necessary to work on each of these states: physical, emotional and etheric (energy). Balancing these centres is a good way to align the body and the etheric energies. RTT – Rapid Transformational Therapy RTT can help to uncover the underlying issue of a person’s physical or emotional state. Its uniqueness lies in its combination of CBT, neuroscience, NLP and hypnotherapy. RTT utilises

his month I would like to talk about energy healing and RTT. Energy healing works with the etheric and physical body, whilst RTT works with the sub-conscious mind. Over the years I have studied many modalities including: Reiki, aromatherapy, NLP, hypnotherapy, RTT, EFT (tapping) and understand that every individual is different, this means their blueprint, both physical and etheric, is as unique as their thumbprint. Depending on an individual’s physical, emotional and etheric states, several modalities combined may need to be used to address their core issue. Energy Healing Through Kirlian we can clearly see that all living organisms have an energy field which surrounds them, the

hypnotherapy, to regress people back to uncover the reason for the physical or emotional ailment. It does this by speaking directly to their unconscious mind – the part of them which is responsible for the functioning of the body and is the keeper of all memories and emotions. Uncovering the root cause or the reason WHY they have an issue is the first step in moving forward. If you are curious or if you have an understanding of both the mind and body and want to move forward in an area of your life, or want to find your mojo, then please give me a call or email me for further information. SPIRI BUHAGIAR Cl.Hyp, ARTT Phone: 0419 775849 www.rapidmindtherapies.com.au info@rapidmindtherapies.com.au

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1st-10th October 2019 BALI

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Tim and Jo Hayter – The Creative Therapists Phone: 0401 537 215 | Email: bodyrelationships@gmail.com

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Activate your inner healer




ou are a physical manifestation of Source. This is true for you whether you know it or not and I’d like to ask you a question today. “What would you do if you truly knew yourself as a physical manifestation of the consciousness that created everything that exists?” Would you start believing in yourself? Perhaps you would choose to heal yourself of your trauma and shadow. Wouldn’t that be a wonderful thing! It’s time to get started because you ARE the physical manifestation of the Universe. As the physical manifestation of the Universe or Source, you are in the perfect position right here and right now, as you read this short article, to make the decision and start the process of being healed of all that holds you back. Let’s face it, you’ve asked the Universe over and over again to ditch your karma drama, to transmute your trauma and to blast away the blocks

that stop you from living your best life. Perhaps, like me, you’ve even had your own (or several) eat, pray, love moments of wailing on the bathroom floor as you call out to God to please help you, to tell you what you are here to do, to stop the pain and to just show you the path to your happiness. Now, remember those conversations with God and the Universe. Imagine if, in that moment, you knew that you were the physical manifestation of Source. What were you really asking yourself for? What would your answer be? I’ve asked these same questions of hundreds of my clients over the years and I’ve come to only one conclusion. You, we are always and every time asking to be loved. To feel loved. A long time ago, All-That-Is, the non-physical stream of consciousness or guidance group that I voice and channel, shared with me a statement that I strive to live into every day and I’d like to share it with you now.

It was focused around my purpose but you’ll soon see how it pertains to your need to be and feel loved. All-That-Is said, “World Peace through inner peace, one person at a time (and it starts with me).” You could say, “A loving world through inner love, one person at a time (and it starts with me).” More simply, be the change you want to see in the world. When you embody self-love and become that frequency in the world you will no longer have a need to seek an answer to your trauma and dis-ease outside of yourself. Your embodiment of unconditional self-love will be the only remedy you require in order to heal yourself and become your greatest self whilst also healing the world. ANNE ALECKSON is a speaker, author and channel creating transformation through the vibrational frequency of the spoken and written word. Live channellings, guidance, activations and healing on /AnneAlecksonSoulSpeaker

Holistic Bliss | JULY 2019 |

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Do you have

a book in you?



have noticed that many of my clients have a book in them. It shows up as part of their life mission just as it did mine. I did not foresee a book in me, though I read in my astrology chart that I had ‘marked literary ability’. Unbelievable given I went through school covering my writing for fear of someone reading it. Past life regression therapy became my specialty after a session which fixed that phobia. My first book Awake: The Purpose of Life and Why You Are Here was published in May 2017. It went to #1 best seller on Amazon and won three international awards. I wrote about my life in context of what I believe represents our mission and the reason we incarnate. I covered choosing our parents, how life pans out, in my case, insecurity, divorce, love at first sight, body image and past lives. My vision was to show

through real life scenarios the deeper meaning to why things happen. I hoped people would read it, assimilate and feel less victimised by their circumstances and be more tolerant of themselves. I began with chapter headings and started the initial chapters. I was not disciplined, there was nothing I could do to make it flow and it took a few years to get back to the manuscript. When I did, I cringed, at my victim perspective and had to re-write most of it because I had changed so much. The process was cathartic, I would write through tears while recalling memories I had buried. Nearly eight years later, I felt compelled to finish and almost daily, I would complete a chapter. I said the word and a lot, my editor took care of that. My publisher was a godsend, he helped me wrap it up, by the time I handed it over to him I couldn’t stand to read it again!

HERE ARE MY SEVEN TIPS: • Outline what you want to cover. • Write when you feel the urge, it is pointless otherwise and will only make you be mean to yourself. • Don’t read back too much or you’ll never finish. • Get an editor to tidy grammar, but don’t let them change your writing style. • Be careful who you ask to read it, criticism can block you. You know your story best, after all, you were guided to write it. • Trust the timing, you will finish when the world is ready for your book. TONI REILLY is a best-selling author, seminar leader and internationally recognised Regression Facilitator. As the founder of Toni Reilly Institute, she created SoulLife® Programs and Events, guiding thousands of people worldwide to live with confidence, purpose and love. www.tonireillyinstitute.com

Feeling stuck? Jo can help you with manifesting, personal boundaries, energy issues and more!

With Jo’s help I feel more secure and can’t wait to discover more. She is helping me to energise my future. – VO, UK 2019

Jo works gently and fiercely for your soul’s growth, your “knowledge and expansion. I recommend her to anyone, anywhere and anytime. ” – AJ, USA 2019


Book your session online today at:

www.jodouglasbrown.com/book-now/ Phone and Skype sessions available


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colour of energy



he historical story of the prophet ‘Elijah’ announced itself in a night of lucid dreaming. The story depicts Elijah’s battles against ‘Jezebel’ a biblical queen portrayed as an idolater, prostitute and sorcerer. Jezebel was a devout advocate of a feminine-based spiritual practice. She was thought to be a worshipper of false Gods with the potential to interfere with Elijah’s exclusive worship of his Hebrew God, which was the reason Jezebel was thrown from a castle window, to the waiting dogs below. Elijah had a message. He told the people of Israel that to return to the true God, they needed to repent. He stated “God is not in the clouds or storms but in the small, still voice inside”. My experiences with conscious repenting include not only tapping into that small, still voice inside, but teasing out emotional reactions. Once I ‘FEEL’ the emotion without projecting or blaming it on anyone else and then tease out the resulting belief and behaviour, the emotion, the false belief and the negative behaviour simply

discharge. In the process, I raise my energy to match universal energy; ecstatic, sensual, healing, inspirational; and well, all the words that could have described Jezebel. One of my life’s passions is to create ceremony and rituals for connecting with body wisdom and when we do; connect to universal energy. This is what I have been put on this Earth to do, and to facilitate the process I created ‘Spirit in Practice’ – a diary, to make sense of universal energy in an easy-tounderstand way and transferrable to the rational mind. Spirit in Practice is presented in a symbolic archetypal and psychological framework that allows universal energy to gently create a shift in consciousness that reveals hidden causes of the underlying beliefs and behaviours we experience. It is an alchemical process tapping into body wisdom and submerged emotions through exploring and living with universal laws as an ethical foundation. Intellectual living (the Elijah state) does not allow us to ‘EXPERIENCE’

or identify ourselves as microcosms of universal energy. We need practices inducing a slightly altered space to get us there (the Jezebel state), however, as energy therapists, practitioners and healers, there is a very big responsibility here, otherwise we run the risk of throwing people to the dogs (false egos). Universal energy gives me an experience of myself as much bigger than my limited belief and concept of myself and it is very different to an unsustainable energy high brought about through outside sources. Universal Energy is the place of exquisite happiness and joy, of inspiration, healing and guidance and is the place we seek which transforms numbness into sensation. We are wired to navigate from this place. Without a connection, life can become a monotone world we try to escape from through any form of addiction that makes us feel good temporarily. www.bodyrelationships.com

Holistic Bliss | JULY 2019 |

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Rebecca Calabro

Sarah Anne Barker

Sarah lives in Tasmania, and is an advocate for mindful living and holistic well-being. She is a wellness practitioner, and teaches courses in the Aura-Soma colour system, and the angels of the Essenes. Phone: 0400 502 302 Email: sarah@sarahannebarker.com.au

Rebecca facilitates an empowered awakening so you discover confidence in who you are and feel ready to create a joyful life with clarity and peace. Experience an opening from within as you dissolve limitations and align to new potentials. Rebecca offers a range of services by distance or in person. Aura-Soma consultations are an in-person experience only. ‘A Blissful Existence’, Adelaide, SA (St Agnes) Phone: 0421 378 587


Garth Pywell

www.awakeninghealth.com.au 34

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Garth is an AuraSoma practitioner and teacher, offering consultations, as well as the opportunity to learn more about the system and yourself through the Aura-Soma Essentials course and formal training. As a body worker, he also incorporates the Aura-Soma products in the treatments he offers his patients. Phone: (02) 6884 5328 Email: garth@consciousbodywork.com.au

w a la A a ‘W E

Iesha Harbour

Iesha is the manager and Aura-Soma practitioner at the Australian Aura-Soma Centre in Bangalow, NSW. She offers Aura-Soma consultations by appointment. 14 Station Street, Bangalow, NSW, 2479 Phone: 0448 632 636 Email: shop@aura-soma-australia.com

www.aura-soma-australia.com www.holisticblissmagazine.com

13/06/2019 7:15:10 PM

Ia a w c m W m in a s p c A E a P E B






Natalie Wild Natalie works as an Aura-Soma practitioner and teacher from 11 acres of bushland at the edge of historical Bendigo in central Victoria. She offers workshops, courses and consultations, and also beautiful meditative walks in her labyrinth. This spring Natalie is holding an Aura-Soma Level 1 course, and in the summer, an Aura-Soma Essentials course. ‘Wild Visions’ – Phone: 0409 462 629 Email: natwild33@gmail.com



Iain Gardiner

Susan Morrow

Along with offering Aura-Soma consultations, Susan loves to combine her massage skills with an assortment of Aura-Soma products to help her clients kick-start their journeys into remembering themselves. Susan also spreads the colour love in her corporate massage gigs via the use of colour sprays and archangeloi energies. The Colour Inn, Newport, VIC Phone: 0402 764 878 Email: info@thecolourinn.com.au


Iain has a pragmatic approach to healing with a holistic consideration of mind, body, and spirit. Working as a remedial massage therapist and intuitive counsellor with an energetic focus, often a session will morph into a transformative process where a client will feel REAL change! Iain sees clients for massage and Aura-Soma in Coogee, one of Sydney’s Eastern Beaches and intuitive counselling and guidance locally or by distance. Phone: 0419 379 147 Email: iain@feelreallove.com Bookings: www.feelrealchange.com

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DIY hemp body scrub WORDS MISS HEMPY

Ingredients: ½ cup of hemp protein powder 1/8 cup of hemp seed oil Directions: Place your hemp protein powder into a glass bowl and drizzle in enough hemp seed oil to moisten the powder and mix. Upgrade your hemp body scrub: Coffee Detox Scrub – add a heaped dessertspoon of coffee grounds into your hemp body scrub mix, for an amazing skin detox. Mix by hand or pulse with your blender. Nutritious Himalayan Salt Scrub – add a spoon of coconut oil and three spoons of the Himalayan pink salt and a few drops of your favourite essential oil which is suitable for skin applications.

Add to your hemp body scrub and mix well. Lemon & Coconut Scrub – add a heaped dessertspoon of coconut sugar and half a lemon zest. Pulse in your blender until it’s a smooth but gritty consistency. Sweet & Sassy Scrub – Combine ¼ cup brown sugar, 1 cup hemp seed oil, ½ cup lemon zest into your hemp body scrub and mix well by hand or pulse in your blender. Lavender & Hemp Exfoliation Scrub – place a heaped dessertspoon of hemp seeds and half a dozen drops of food grade lavender oil into your hemp body Scrub and mix gently to combine the ingredients.

How to use your hemp scrubs: Hemp body scrub is best used in the shower on wet skin. Gently massage all over, and remember to go easy on sensitive areas or avoid them if you prefer. Allow the scrub to absorb for a few minutes and up to 15 minutes for an intense all over body treatment. Gently wash off with warm water. Moisturise afterwards or allow the luscious hemp oils on your skin to keep doing their magic. Store leftover hemp body scrub in a glass jar in the refrigerator. And best to use within a week. www.mrhempy.com /mrhempy



HEMP OILS Cannopathy is a complementary therapy incorporating the healing benefits of Therapeutic Grade Hemp Oil, Phytotherapy and Marma Therapy. Used by vets, dentists and recommended by medical professionals. Cannopathy TherapeuticGrade Hemp Oils are made in Australia with all natural ingredients. External use only.


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Mention Holistic Bliss in store

Hempothecary 169B Main Street Montville Qld 4560

(next door to old address) For opening hours visit: www.hempothecary.com


www.cannopathy.com 36

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Inventing your own healing process WORDS SONYA DRIVER


f I have learnt anything during my time here on Earth, it’s that healing is a commitment and the effort determines the results. It’s a journey. It has peaks and valleys. It has different chapters. It’s a learning curve. And every day we spend working towards inner and outer health is a new opportunity to find creative methods of doing so. Creativity is not a special talent or gift God has given to only a few unique artists. Creativity is something unique that we all possess in some form. It’s an inherent part of who we are. It is freeing. It is liberating. And it is healing. It’s not just painting a work of art. Or performing beautiful music. It’s taking a new turn on your morning walk. It’s testing out a new recipe. It’s adding some new colour to your home. When I realised this, my life completely changed. It’s incredible how much toxicity can


EW e a N th Co to ne hi



be lurking in your life and preventing you from realising the gift you’ve been given. Finding inventive new ways to bring colour into your life and home will spark joy and heal you in ways you never realised you needed. Next time you feel the hurt and pain creeping in, look at your environment. Is there some way you can inject new colour or spark creativity in this setting? Can this situation be reimagined in some new way which can bring you joy? It’s amazing how liberating and healing a creative change can be. Health and creativity are naturally linked. Creativity brings satisfaction. It brings change. And most importantly, it sparks inner healing. We’re not powerless in our healing process. We just need to find a creative way of looking at it. Find ways to add colour to your life and healing is sure to follow.





Visible results after the 3rd session with our simultaneous slimming and anti-ageing treatments.  Targeted elimination of localised fat  Natural collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid production  The skin is firmer, and the orange peel aspect is smoothed



1 x Full Body Treatment with ½-hour Infrared Sauna

Samadara Ultimate Age-Defying Eye Treatment

10 x Full Body Treatments with ½-hour Infrared Sauna

Tapping into timeless anti-ageing techniques rooted in Ayurvedic healing – Petite Rose Quartz Crystals are used to gently massage around the eyes to restore tone, remove tension and smooth away fine lines. Samadara Ultimate AgeDefying Eye Crème is applied to boost collagen and elasticity.

$60 Normally $95

$720 Normally $820

This is the ultimate awakening treatment for your eyes


Luxurious Facial $175 (60 mins)

Ph Deb: 0404 699 727

100% chemical free



71/6 Quamby Place NOOSA HEADS

5447 5679 | www.ibukihealth.com Holistic Bliss | JULY 2019 |

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Don’t undo the good work

you did through summer and autumn!



created my business,‘Inside Out Health & Beauty’, because that is exactly what the treatment I use, Endermologie does, it gives you health and beauty from the inside out. The fact that you can achieve both in one treatment is what makes me so passionate about what I do. All of us, men and women, want to look and feel our best. How good is it to know there is a treatment available that not only addresses troublesome areas, but is actually good for you? The science behind its effectiveness is the patented LPG Technology. The beat movement of the motorised roller heads, combined with mild suction, act simultaneously on the release of stubborn localised fat and on skin quality (cellulite, firmness, etc). Each treatment not only helps to

smooth cellulite, tone and resculpt your body, it is also stimulating the lymphatic and circulatory systems. That’s where the health benefits come in. As we know, the lymphatic system is part of our immune system and helps fight infection. It is the key to keeping our immune system working properly. If it isn’t working efficiently, then our whole system is compromised, causing inflammation and a build-up of toxins. Unfortunately, winter for most of us means dropping the ball when it comes to diet, exercise and our health in general. Being able to hide under layers of clothes and eating comfort food, means we usually undo all the good work we did in summer. An Endermologie maintenance programme, combined with infrared saunas, will not only help you maintain

your beach body all year round, it will also help to boost your immune system, making you less susceptible to illness. In addition to the above mentioned benefits, our new cutting edge ‘Alliance machine’ can also treat muscle tension, fibrosis, pain and scarring. These are only a few of the many therapeutic treatments this machine is capable of. The environment you receive your treatment in, is just as important as the treatment itself. Here in Buderim, I have created a warm and tranquil space with relaxation music, candles and aromatherapy. The sauna also has medical grade colour therapy and your choice of relaxation music or a guided meditation. You will leave feeling relaxed and rejuvenated. www.insideouthealthandbeauty.com.au

Naturopathic Clinics with Herbal Body Therapy and Free Community Clinic weekly at Eumundi Markets. Dominique’s weekly blogs on website and podcast Project Wellness on Spotify.

Visit our online shop for herbal body products, call for bookings.



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3/07/2019 8:57:03 AM

Chat with The Body Health Medium,

Felicity Scott Dear Felicity, Please help me to find out why my legs are painful all the time, the doctors don’t know and I’m so sick of living in pain. Regards, Vivien. Hi Vivien, the pain is related to muscular weakness in the back, taking energy away from the legs. Refrain from eating all types of beans, particularly red kidney beans as these are the cause of an energy imbalance. The message behind the symptom is: Come back to life, break free from old traditions, open the door to the modern era with gusto. An affirmation to repeat: I love my legs, they carry me painlessly. In health and happiness, Felicity.

Hi Anne, how incredible your daughter’s body is! The tick tick your daughter describes is so accurate. Her body is talking to her, letting her know there is something on the horizon, tick, tick, tick. Time is ticking and something needs to be done. Your daughter has a transient allergy to D-alpha tocopheryl acetate (vitamin-E). Learning to correct your child’s allergies using a Kinesiology tapping technique is easy to follow, I have sent you the steps. The message behind the symptom is: Loving every minute on Earth will bring love back to you in abundance, listen to your spirit guides. In health and happiness, Felicity.

Dear Felicity, My eight-year-old daughter occasionally has a twitch in her tongue especially during the night or on waking, she calls it her ticking tongue because it makes a tick, tick sensation in her mouth, please help. Regards, Anne.

Hi Felicity, I have very grey, thick, coarse hair and I am only 51, I turned grey younger than other friends my age and I often think something has caused it. Thanks, Michelle. Hi Michelle, you have an oxygen

conversion issue in your lungs. You are depleted in a multitude of nutrients that rely on oxygen for their uptake. To help your body heal use a visual meditation every day for 30 minutes. Visualise sitting on a beach using long deep breaths filling your lungs with beautiful nourishing sea air. Try to get to a real beach at least once a month to do this in person. The message behind the symptom: Love everyone around you, even the people that hurt you. Love will conquer all. In health and happiness, Felicity. Never dismiss a symptom, your body is always talking to you, letting you know if there is a problem. Pay attention with all your senses and don’t delay in taking action. If you have a health question for FELICITY, please email: contact@thebodyhealthmedium.com www.thebodyhealthmedium.com

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Learning to learn WORDS GAYLYN AITKEN


y yearly ‘Original Kahuna Body Work Retreat’ finished last month, a wondrous eight days of internal focus and application of self within body work. I had a small group of returning students, so the retreat ended up as a master class. Instead of focusing on technique, I was able to create a space for individuals to learn from themselves of themselves. To learn from oneself of oneself, a change of mind needs to first take place, then a shift in focus from the outside to the internal universe. The body is the honest expression of how we view ourselves. Turning one’s attention to it without intention for any particular outcome or judgment, we can calmly observe restrictive movement patterns and their effects upon one’s psychological and spiritual situation. I use micro movements to gently expand range of motion and as an

avenue towards the development of innate awareness, the state of learning from oneself of oneself. Moving with that new body awareness in the body work has the potential to establish a stable platform for psychological and spiritual maturity. Beginning at the feet, we can discover through extension and flexion, the primal flow of energy that arises from earth rebound, travelling up through the skeleton then dropping back down into the feet. Sensing for the parts of the body that are unimpeded and the parts that lack sense or are dull in sensation, we can focus on opening and bringing new life into these body parts so it can work cohesively together as a balanced family unit. For me the most exciting and humbling experience for this style of learning is that it’s never over. There’s no final exams and diploma. The university of life continues even after

we pass from this existence, what we do with our time here on earth will reverberate into eternity. For a culture firmly rooted in outcomes, it can be a bit of a struggle to change how one thinks about learning instead of being taught. The outcome is always in the moment and changes in the next, so survival of the fittest is an evolutionary movement of creative resiliency. Another way to put it is to find the yes in every situation. Yes is the key to learning, then war is over, there’s no more struggle, no more arguing, you just are or you are not. ‘To be or not to be is not the question, What is has always been, To flow and learn from an ancient essence present, Then to walk away with the past, present and future in your hands’. – Kahu Abraham Kawai’i. www.kahunamist.com

STEM CELL NUTRITION Discover the possibili�es… Stem Enhance ULTRA – the only clinically proven and patented product in history that triggers the release of our own stem cells.


I am 68 and now have no more brain fog, sore joints, bleeding gums, don’t wear glasses and miraculously am back to playing tennis 4 times a week. Please call me for more information on this natural product which is SAFE, EFFECTIVE and AFFORDABLE.

Marita Mason 0432 986 655

READY TO GET YOUR MOJO BACK – or to ‘DEFY THE AGEING PROCESS?’ Stem cells are known to help with more energy, flexibility, clarity, focus, be�er bone density, sleep, eyesight, and can reduce pain, rebuild car�lage and muscles and regenerate our organs, bones, �ssues, skin, brain, heart, pancreas, liver, kidneys etc.

Repair and Regenerate your Body with Stem Cell Nutri�on 40

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Everyone and everything is family WORDS SUE JOSEPH, Owner, Daisy’s Place and Bassett Barks


lways reminds me of the great film, ‘Mrs Doubtfire’. The heights, that as humans we will reach for, and out to, when it comes to family. Amazing changes happen within when you make the decision – everyone and everything is family. There is certainly a new-found level of kindness and compassion and what a way to give. Walking away from the separation – taking further steps to get closer to the true YOU. Instead of – just blood relations being what we perceive as our family, we become a member of the planet family.

It’s then we start to feel just how global love really is. Family fills us with understanding, empathy, inspiration, teaching, wisdom, the new, the old, happiness, bonding, listening and hearing, freedom, learning, giving, adventure, boundaries, eating, playing, sharing, celebrating and growing. Family also shows us the circle of life both in death and birth. Feeling of ALL as FAMILY – makes it much easier to share our values. It becomes like a responsibility to give and to see all through the magic of love. Connection to the wonders of

this planet gives us the feeling of acceptance. Gives us the energy to accept and to learn from all differences. To know that when we see and feel this planet as one, gives us meaning to make a difference. To always just – be. To not judge – to just accept – to let ourselves just listen. To allow ourselves to give in every moment. Family – gives us not just a sense of purpose, it is a purpose – family is a global commitment to love. www.daisysplace.com.au


roheke… Join Kim Ko& Facilitator Founder


men’s journ

on 5-day wo

land nnection to the • D eepen your co e ur lt genous cu • E xperience Indi sence your own true es • Connect w ith




14 - 18 Sept (Solo) | 22 - 26 Sept (Group) www.homelandjourneys.com.au

Ema󰇮󰇰: ki󰇲󰈬󰈢r󰈣󰇬e󰈬󰇪@g󰇲a󰇮󰇱.co󰇲 Con󰇹󰇧󰈝t: Kim 0409 325 450


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Lyza Saint Ambrosena Inspirational Healer, Teacher, Mentor


Healing sessions to assist you in creating a beautiful life of healing relationships, self love, creativity and connection.


Events that inspire happier, healthier and wealthier living. Meditation, Spiritual Development, Live Inspirational Music & more.


Retreats created for you to come and relax, grow and connect with yourself and other like-minded journeyers.

Live Streamed Healing Events – July 3 & August 21 Join us to heal and transform old negative patterns and energy so you can allow more happiness, abundance, peace and love in your life. $29.95 ONLINE | 7PM-8PM

Channelling Divine Guidance July 14 & August 18 LIVE OR LIVE STREAMED. Experience transformational healing energy, practical guidance, heartfelt connection during a live channelling session. “The energy is tangible and is felt by both those in the room and those viewing from all over the world.” $29.95 ONLINE | $45 AT THE DOOR | 9AM-1PM

“The Gift” Spiritual Development Workshop Level 1 and/or 2 – July 27-28 Learn to develop your psychic abilities, manifest quickly, clear fears and patterns. Taking our skills deeper and practising Miracle Metaphysics. $220 PER DAY | 9-5 DAILY

The Infinite Reconnection Weekend Retreat September 20, 21, 22 Individuals, couples and groups welcome. Join us for a live-in, all-inclusive soul-full weekend with yoga, meditation, healthy food, inspiring musicians and so much more. “We created this retreat to reconnect with nature, ourselves and our centre, the divine, incorporating healthy practices, relaxation, fun and heartfelt connection.” $350 | FRIDAY FROM 5PM-SUNDAY 3PM


“Seven Secrets to Overcoming Emotional Overwhelm” AT

www.LyzaSaintAmbrosena.com.au 43.indd 1

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Frequency technologies, WORDS TATIANA SAVERY


io-individuality, a revolution for your health… A young woman slumps into her bed exhausted after another long day, research, meetings, the never-ending string of medical appointments, blood tests, biopsies and trial medications or herbs, allopathic or naturopathic… How does the suffering end? When does it finish? And the real question, when does a life of ease begin? There is a revolution! Health, your way… every one of us is a completely unique bio-individual complex field of frequencies. Everything in our universe has a frequency. What if we take a completely new perspective? What if we can find the cause of suffering through our frequency? Yes, the key to your reality is in your frequency. The current world population as of June 2019 is 7.7 billion, this means we have 7.7 billion people with completely unique frequencies. Every one of us is complex, so is there one way that can bring health and joy to reduce suffering?


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and your health

There are as many ways as there are frequencies. Frequency technologies are bridging science with natural laws creating a new perspective, one where suffering, disease and complex emotional blockages can be eliminated with ease. Every disease, emotion, spoken word, healing modality whether allopathic, integrative or alternative has a frequency. What is your frequency? What frequency is stored within your body? New technologies available from leading scientists worldwide are here now to support and assist. Russian technology developed by the Russian Space program, German, Swiss and Japanese technologies are leading the way to allow each one of us to walk our way to a joy-filled life. Technology has been abused, in many ways now causing a new discord within our bodies, and our society. However there is also a new field of science bridging the gap and understanding who we really are;

connecting us back with our true infinite self. The self, connected to the whole, yet biologically individual, with its own frequency. Bio quantum medicine is a new perspective, where technologies are able to source a frequency that may be causing suffering and pain (whether generations back or a recent cause of stress), and harmonise the cells. This can eliminate a held frequency, changing habits and creating a life filled with more ease. To create connection with each other, with our earth and our true unique gifts, it is paramount we engage to shift our frequency. TATIANA SAVERY has over 30 years’ experience in the health industry. Aware of a missing link between what causes illness to treating illness, she began working with leading edge scientists to bring frequency technologies in line with natural laws to the public. Email: tatiana@frequencyacademy.com.au www.powertube.com.au www.frequencyacademy.com.au


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perfect life

eepak Chopra once said, “We have all walked through different gardens and knelt at different graves”. We all have had different life experiences that have made us the person we are today. These life experiences have gifted us with unique strengths, abilities and talents. Some were hard won yet valuable lessons; others joyfully and effortlessly received. Imagine being able to take these gifts and creatively apply them in a job; work that is supremely fulfilling for you and transformational for others. I believe, job satisfaction comes from taking this vast array of lessons learnt and skills mastered and crafting them into a life purpose, a mission if you like. A feeling of, ‘this is what I was put on this earth to do’.

Designing your perfect job takes a daring to dream. Opening to your greatness and being willing to share this with the world. We are on the cusp of a new era in our work life. The current stats are that for current primary school children, 85% of their future jobs don’t exist yet. It takes out-of-the-box thinking. Asking the right questions. Time and space. Assembling your unique gifts into one neat package/offering/mission, takes pure creativity. And yet, when you discover it, it’s like it was in plain view all along: “Of course that’s what I’m meant to be doing!” Creating your very own career path, uplifts and enriches you every day. Given that we spend so much time at work every day, even if you started this as a sideline hobby, imagine the flow-

on effects. What other areas of your life would heal if you were living your life purpose? Life is too short for making do! Finding meaning and purpose in your work will create radical shifts. As mothers, it is even more important to be an example to your kids. They will need to courageously step into unknown career paths in their future. You can show them how, now. ‘Mums Unleashed’ upcoming retreat is a space where mums can take the precious time to reflect and design their life purpose. Asking the right questions, in the right order in a way that dreams are revealed. For yourself, for the children and for the planet. Download your free ‘Live with Passion’ eBook by VANESSA RUDGE from: www.mumsunleashed.com.au

Mums, do you secretly wish for more? MUMS UNLEASHED RETREAT Find your direction and purpose, to live a life of fulfilment for yourself and your kids.

August 31-September 1, 2019 held at a LUXURY ECO RETREAT at Montville Facilitated by Vanessa Rudge, a professional trainer, coach and co-founder of Being Yoga



Email: hello@mumsunleashed.com.au Phone: 0435 071 591

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Harmony in the house with your kitty cats! Part II WORDS DR ELAINE CEBULIAK

10 Steps for PEACEFUL RESOLUTION OF FELINE SOCIAL TENSION: 1. SPACE – provide ‘real estate’ for each cat, elevated wall ledges; runways that provide a way up and down that is carpeted, where they can observe other cats/humans safely. Some like to go high, some go low, which also shows you how they cope. 2. Distribute important resources: food, water and kitty litter areas need to be spaced apart. You wouldn’t want to eat your dinner near a poo. Neither do they. 3. Cats are capable of reproducing in a rabbit-like fashion – and will continue to come on heat and make new kitten bundles every few months, until someone saves them from this perpetual reproductive cycle. See your vet! Kittens can be desexed from three to five months of age. 4. Don’t force cats to interact – you don’t eat with the enemy. It’s very upsetting to be on guard while at the same time trying to rest and digest. Provide safe places where they don’t have to watch each other, so they don’t have digestive upsets. It goes like this: Eat, glare, eat, glare, quickly vomit.

Resting areas up high, in cardboard box cities, or in separate rooms is important. 5. Never punish or startle cats that are displaying aggression. Guide cats to move away from aggressive encounters. Classical conditioning can be used: when you see the other cat you don’t like, you will get something you like, e.g. a treat of fish. Speak softly to the worried, redirecting with kind, gentle voice, “here kitty, kitty, kitty, kitty”. Use a nice voice and strong positive reward. 6. Pavlovian classical conditioning – place food treats when near the other cat or human – chicken, butter, Ziwipeak gravies work well. You can place some on their paws (the top, not the bottom of their feet! Yes, I did have some misinterpret this instruction leading to butter paw print marks throughout the house). 7. Assess and address health issues – it is particularly important to rule out dental disease; holes or cavities in their

teeth are painful and create avoidance for social situations. 8. Anxiolytic medication or natural supplements can be added to the diet – such as tryptophan or casein derivatives. Sometimes pharmaceutical medications such as fluoxetine, sertraline, trazodone are necessary. 9. Use Pheromones: Feliway and Multicat (smell scents) – the best location for the diffuser using Multicat is where they hang out. Plain ordinary Feliway is good for hallways. 10. Remember to be realistic, some cats are not going to get along, sometimes the very best you can hope for is that ‘aloof disregard’ for each other. And consider moving one tenant out in a very disharmonious household. www.animalwellness.com.au

BOOK NOW for Advanced Treatments in rehabilitation including

HOLISTIC VET CLINIC • Natural Nutrition • Homeopathy • Cancer Treatment • Chinese and Western Herbal Medicine • Acupuncture • Modified Vaccine Protocols • Advanced Dentistry

(07) 5476 7674 WWW.THENATURALVETS.COM. AU 46

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OZONE THERAPY AND GOLD BEAD ACUPUNCTURE Quality, Expertise and Value Call and book now for appointment

Surgery, Vaccinations, Acupuncture, Check-ups and more Pensioner Discount 20% off services

Phone: 3324 2291 1016 Stanley Street East, East Brisbane

www.animalwellness.com.au www.facebook.com/animalwellness www.holisticblissmagazine.com

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Bringing canine longevity into focus WORDS ANNA JONES, Suburban Pup


ne reason I believe humans love dogs so much, is that they quietly bring life’s great lessons into striking and often adorable focus. While homo sapiens can spend a lifetime learning to be present, our canine companions are seemingly born with “how about now?” in their puppy eyes. Similarly, while we may put off thinking about our own longevity, a canine lifespan brings focus to time’s passing over in just a decade or two. And given our dogs’ (hopefully!) limited ability to scour the household fridge, their ageing process directly reflects our daily habits when it comes to feeding them. One reason I love owning a humangrade dog meal business, Suburban Pup, is that I’m constantly mindful of considering my four-legged clients not as humans, but in human terms. And I don’t just mean referring to canine family members as fur kids – though I’m proud to be part of this groundswell too! You see, when it comes to dog

dinners, convenience used to be about finding a processed, pet-grade option suitable for serving at each and every meal – and faithfully considering it a ‘complete’ diet. In human terms, this equates to presenting a child with the same budget fast food, day-in and day-out – then expecting them to stay healthy. Instead, just like humans, pups thrive on a variety of fresh, speciesappropriate food. And happily for dedicated but busy dog owners, convenience around this kind of canine nutrition is changing rapidly. A burgeoning number of smaller businesses offer fresh meal options to help maintain truly wholesome feeding habits. In Suburban Pup’s case, this includes human-grade ingredients; canine nutritionist-endorsed recipes;

small-serve packaging; home delivery; and a gentle food transitioning approach for the ongoing ease of human and pup alike. There’s one more reason that being completely responsible for your dog’s nourishment is actually kind of awesome, and it’s this: it’s never too early or late to start adding fresh food to their bowl. You’ll gain peace of mind knowing that your pup’s path to longevity has already begun. But you’ll also witness positive effects in your dog’s day-to-day wellness, often with surprising efficiency. Wellness of course means more good days for your dog. Longevity means more good years with your furry best friend. And the addition of Suburban Pup-style convenience? It’s simply about spending less time in your kitchen – in order to really make the most of those extra good times with your pup, and focus on learning life’s lessons together. www.suburbanpup.com.au


We’ve discovered how to map the mind and hence can resolve allergies and behavioural problems, because it’s all in the mind.

Natural treatment, diagnosis and treatment costs less than a standard allergy test RESULTS ARE IMMEDIATE AND EFFECTIVE

Garry Bright BVSc (PRET) Lic Ac – Veterinary Surgeon, Acupuncturist

42 Maple Street COOROY Qld 4563

www.maplestreetvet.com.au | 5447 7877 App: Sound Files – www.garrybright.com.au/app Holistic Bliss | JULY 2019 |

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Books, DVDs, . . . s a c i t s i l o H CDs and more... BOOK:



Simple Soulful Sacred

The Portal


AUTHOR Megan Dalla-Camina

AUTHORS Tom Cronin and Jacqui Fifer


Our world is suffering from a number of growing crises: wars, climate change, the threat of economic collapse. We’re at a tipping point, but there is another way. ‘The Portal: How meditation can save the world’, a new book and documentary film release from Tom Cronin and Jacqui Fifer, explores how meditation and mindfulness will unlock your power, grow your compassion for those around you and awaken your thirst for change. Sharing personal stories from six people who healed their lives through meditation as well as compelling insights from some of today’s most innovative thinkers, ‘The Portal’ shares a vision for humanity transformed.

y h A

RRP: $32.99 To purchase the book go to: www.www.booktopia.com.au


Let’s face it, we live in a time where a busy, fast-paced existence has become the new normal. In this incredible new book, renowned women’s mentor and bestselling author, Megan Dalla-Camina draws upon decades of experience helping modern women rise to provide a guidebook for those wanting to learn how to lead a more meaningful, purposeful and soulaligned life. Megan shows readers how to get clear on what you truly want, own your feminine power and claim what’s sacred.

RRP: $22.99 Hay House To purchase the book go to: www.megandallacamina.com/

How to Meet an Archangel Offering Unique Energy Services: • Chakra Awakening and Energy Healings • House Clearings and Blessings • Spirit Extractions Sufian Chaudhary’s book

‘World of Archangels’ is a #1 Bestseller in both Spirituality and Angels


Meditation Workshops EVERY SUNDAY

Join Sufian by visiting:

www.creatorawakening.com 48

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THERMAL IMAGING Single Region or Full Body Wellness

“Another way to monitor your health” 63 Rene St, Noosaville (next to Belmondos)

PHONE (07) 5455 5655 www.revivalclinic.com.au www.holisticblissmagazine.com

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World of Archangels

Mums Unleashed

AUTHOR Sufian Chaudhary

AUTHOR Vanessa Rudge

This book is a mustread that achieved the #1 bestseller in both the ‘Angels’ and ‘Spirituality’ categories. Archangel Uriel reveals the self-realisation process that allows you to interact with some of the most influential beings in this universe. The book is filled with enlightening meditations, ancient wisdom and uplifting stories of encounters with the other side. Each chapter continues a powerful journey with meditations to activate and cleanse the chakras, raise your vibrations, practise psychic self-defence, and learn energetic healing. This is a great pick for beginners and old souls alike. World of Archangels will help you achieve the next level of your spiritual journey.

Mums Unleashed is a movement, a collective of mothers, putting themselves first to create a compelling, fulfilled life with a flavour of service to make the world a better place. Mums, have you put your dreams on hold while busily raising kids? Are you waiting with this secret, nagging feeling that “there must be more”? DON’T WAIT! You’re their role model. Your actions teach them how to love and deeply care for another WHILE also living your life to the fullest! If you have a dream to chase… why are you still reading this? If you have ‘lost yourself’ in the bright spark of motherhood, GREAT NEWS! All is not lost you’ve just been busy! Download this FREE eBOOK and get ready for a life on purpose.

RRP: $47.90 To purchase the book go to: www.amazon.com.au

RRP: FREE. To download your free ebook go to: www.mumsunleashed.com.au/free-ebook

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chaos a ladder?



s it just me, or have you noticed that many of us seem to be experiencing significant challenges at the moment? It may be ill health or an unexpected change in circumstance; the loss of a job, or the death of a pet or loved one. This month, two of my family members ended up in hospital, one for a relatively routine operation needing two weeks of recuperation, and the other unexpectedly from a serious car accident resulting in spinal injuries. As a result we have had to adapt and recalibrate to navigate the changes this has brought about. As human beings, we can be incredibly resilient. Each of us can tap into the limitless potential we have, or if we need help, reach out to others who can assist; valued friends and family, or gifted professionals. This month I allowed myself the time for an art therapy session which was an

opportunity to play, explore and go deeper within, and an aromatherapy massage for some stress and pain relief and well-deserved me time. No distractions. Both acts of self-love. I have made a mental note to do this more often for self-preservation! I don’t like the feeling of overwhelm so usually plan where I can to prevent it. But when crisis hits, it’s not always easy! During the process of writing this there was a whirlwind of external forces I could not control. It was very interesting to observe. Call it active research! A quote I heard recently comes to mind, “Chaos is not a pit. Chaos is a ladder” (Game of Thrones), and I think this sums it up beautifully. Can we use the creative energy of chaos to up level and rise? All it takes is to be ready and willing. Take some deep breaths, find a place of stillness

and listen. Not only does it calm our nervous system, it makes space for other possibilities. I personally find having a plan helpful, but try to be flexible enough to adjust where needed and stay in the moment where possible, taking one step at a time. I let my intuition be my guide, and also use muscle testing when I’m not sure of a direction. I spend a lot of time in my head, so allowing time for quiet reflection can often open space for solutions. I need to remind myself of this at times! Life is a tapestry, a colourful adventure. Going with the flow and surrendering to what is possible and embracing change is part of this amazing journey. Be open to what might be possible with a childlike curiosity. You never know what is in store!

CREATE THE SUCCESS YOU DESIRE – YOUR WAY! Are you tired of working hard and being poor in your small business but feel unsure how to change it? Are you sick of your current job and want to create something new? Does promoting yourself (writing articles, pitching your ideas to media, putting an ad campaign together, sharing on social media etc) feel daunting? Have you started a media campaign but it’s not working?

Express your uniqueness and fly! For more information about how we can assist email: ed@holisticblissmagazine.com and to book a 1-hour Skype session with Founder of Holistic Bliss Magazine, Vanessa Finnigan

PHONE: 0422 538 335 50

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Holistic Bliss Directory natural therapies wellness& centre


• Massage • Reiki • Facials • Acupuncture • Reflexology • Bowen Therapy • Ear Candling • Waxing and Tinting

Call Sandra

0409 625 131 3/4 Grebe Street PEREGIAN BEACH



Shop 11,12-18 Discovery Dr, North Lakes

Phone (07) 3482 2549




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• Intellectual Property • Trademarks • Design and Copyright • Conveyancing • Leases • Wills and Power of Attorney • Business Sales / Purchases • Building and Construction Law • Estate Advice • Company Commercial and Business Law Advice • Mediation

Go to Google Play for Android and Apple Store for IOS



E: reception@swlaw.com.au • P: (07) 5455 6870


om www.holisticblissmagazine.c


“The Journey Towards Health Begins with a Single Step.” CRYSTAL REIKI MASTER & TEACHER

“Returning The Gift” 0427 054 132



Julie M Hutchin


By appointment Monday 8.30am-4pm Skype Consults


ONLINE WEBSITE DIRECTORY $130 + GST for a 12-month listing

E: krishna@holisticblissmagazine.com Phone: 0458 639 559 Holistic Bliss | JULY 2019 |

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