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How to Have True Riches – Jeremy Britton Simple Abundance – Raelene Byrne Raw and Wicked Recipe Astrology Forecast for February

Dr. Dain Heer



1/20/2012 9:45:28 AM

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MAY 2011 EDITION VOLUME 24 ISSN: 1836-8840

Wii Soul” Wit W ne With “YYour Magazine “Your

Sue Joseph... changing the face e’ of ‘Daisy’s Plac n The Rustic Cabi refurbishment


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As featured in Holistic Bliss... Sue Joseph looks forward to welcoming you to Daisy’s Place! Come for a snack and a drink and linger over a leisurely lunch or delicious dinner. Also available for private functions.

Lunch and Dinner, Breakfast served Saturday and Sunday from 7.30am

Phone 07 5494 5192 2859 Steve Irwin Way, Glenview Qld 4553 (off the Caloundra turn-off ) Join the mailing list on our website to keep up-to-date on all the news

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follow your bliss! that being in small business has its challenges, sometimes wearing so many hats year after year, doesn’t feel that abundant or putting all your finances into your dream so that it grows and can reach more people (so that as a result you drive around in an old bomb of a car that gets easily broken into) doesn’t feel abundant! So coming from a place of awareness rather than judgement, I decided that it was time for a new expanded way of being for 2012… we have everything we need within us, we are abundant, if only we would remember!

“Your Magazine With Soul”

FREE COPY How to Have True Riches – Jeremy Britton Simple Abundance – Raelene Byrne Raw and Wicked Recipe Astrology Forecast for February

Dr. Dain Heer

Acce Acce Ac cess ssiin ss ing ing Abun Ab Abundance und un danc danc da nce e THE ORIGINAL HOLISTIC QUICK READ MAGAZINE DISTRIBUTED THROUGHOUT QUEENSLAND



bundance, abundance, it makes you feel good just saying the word!

Although, I do have to admit that this was quite an intense edition to put together and I’ll tell you why…because I got to look at this issue (and myself) in a way that most people may not get the opportunity to in their average week… Once I decided on the theme of abundance, I sent emails out to contributors about the theme, talked to advertisers, wrote about and edited articles on the topic, was invited to workshops, was given books to read, dreamt about it...and even my partner walked around the house (half joking/half serious) repeating the word ‘abundance’ for at least two months… let me tell you ‘abundance’ was in my face for a good eight weeks – what an opportunity eh? Interestingly, I have always felt abundant in my life in terms of loving the work I’ve been involved with and experiencing/sharing great love and joy in so many ways… not to mention feeling happy to be alive for no particular reason!

Plenty more insights came after meeting and interviewing internationally renowned energy facilitators Gary Douglas (Founder of Access Consciousness) and Dr Dain Heer (on the cover!) this month… check out the interview on page 4/5. As always the opinions in this magazine are by no means the gospel and there is no one ‘right’ way of doing things, what works for one person may not for another, so keep open to receive and in-joy!

OUR COVER Dr Dain Heer, page 4

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Accessing Abundance By Vanessa Finnigan


t was a windy, rainy night, as I drove to Peregian Beach to meet internationally renowned facilitators Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer for the first time. I was aware of the sound of rain falling on the roof of my car being in symphony with the rattles and groans my car was making on the drive up… mmm what’s the theme for this month again? Oh yeah – abundance… Was the universe trying to tell me something? How many of us have an area (or many areas) of our lives where we don’t feel abundant? I know there were times in the past where I thought living a life of consciousness was about being ‘desire and attachment free’ with plenty of selfsacrifice. After meeting Gary (70) who is the founder of ‘Access Consciousness’ (a worldwide energy transformation modality) and his co-facilitator Dain (42), it hit home to me on a deeper level that everything is energy, and abundance is a very subjective experience… but we need to be willing to be in the flow of receiving and ‘gifting’ and be who we really are.

“We have come to so-many conclusions about what is right. Every conclusion or fixed point-of-view we take, creates a limitation we cannot overcome. In Access Consciousness, we start-out trying to teach you to ask a question. We would like you to-get-to the capacity to be

So why is it hard to be our true, infinite selves? Gary says we’re often trained and ‘entrained’ from when we are kids to give up our point of view in favour of somebody else’s. We shut down our own awareness and knowing in order to ‘fit in’. Dain says, “We’ve been taught to judge ourselves from day one. Judge first and never ask questions after that.” Gary and Dain believe, ‘consciousness includes everything and judges nothing’ and asking questions is a potent and liberating tool. While they are not aligned with any religious teaching, they say the bible states ‘ask and you shall receive’. Sounds simple… So a typical ‘Access Consciousness’ question might be: ‘What else can I create from here?’ or ‘What else is possible?’ which can be asked when things feel stuck or even when things are going ‘well’. Gary says, “The reason for asking a question is to have awareness not answers. Then you give up that place where you try to come to a conclusion to determine if you’re right or wrong with the answer you got.” He comments that awareness grows with time… and the energy around an issue shifts and opens the doors to new ways and possibilities. Dain says, “your world changes all of a sudden, and things

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a question. When you are being a question nothing controls you. Every answer or fixed pointof-view you have controls you. When you are being a question, all of the information you receive creates a desire for change and possibility.” Gary Douglas

‘show up easier’. It’s more fun to be alive and you feel like you are riding the wave instead of being dumped by it.” The logo of Access Consciousness is the dandelion which grows anywhere and if you blow the seed apart it will go anywhere and seed itself and grow even more. Gary says this analogy is true for them as they never know where the work is going to take them or how it’s going to evolve.

‘Access Consciousness’ imparts practical tools to change what’s not working without the ‘aura fluffing’. The pragmatic tools claim to help people step out of the judgements and be bold enough to stop making all their quirks ‘wrong’. So what happens if life isn’t going very smoothly? They say you can make a demand that things change and or ask a question. It also requires an ability to let go of the limiting beliefs and take action when required. Dain and Gary say ‘how’ things actually show up is the Universe’s domain. Like anything, it’s important to try the tools out and see how they work for you. Dain says he was part of many ‘selfimprovement groups’ in the past but

1/20/2012 10:07:03 AM

Gary is the only one he’s worked with that ‘hasn’t cut his knees out from under him to prove he was greaterr than him’. He says Gary always empowers people and there is no ‘Access centre’ or head office, no guru who has all the answers. Money too tight to mention? What if money wasn’t the problem? Over the last few years we have been reminded continuously of the global financial crisis and for many this has led to fear and over cautiousness around money. Dain says we take on the thoughts, s, feelings and opinions of those around und us all the time, when they are not actually tually true for ourselves. When we worryy about not ‘having enough’ or ‘losing it all’ ll’ this hi creates a constriction and stops the flow of energy and usually the flow of money. Gary also says every word has an energy attached to it. In the world of money and abundance often people talk about ‘manifesting’ wealth (interestingly manifest means ‘how it shows up’ not that it actually shows up – so Gary believes it’s important to be ‘actualising’ money to bring it into existence). Gary asks: What if having greater possibilities in your life has nothing to do with manifesting? If you lived life from a celebration and not from obligation and a ‘to do’ list… what would you chose? What if you died tomorrow… would you have said all the things you needed to say? Have you lived your life with joy? If we are infinite beings shouldn’t there be infinite possibilities for what we can do? Would an infinite being not have money? At the same time Gary and Dain say they have experienced great wealth in their lives but admit it didn’t buy them happiness. They both feel a sense of personal meaning comes from expressing your ‘You-ness’ in the world and helping others to do the same. “When you see people come out of the judgements of themselves it’s a gift and it’s way more

Left to

right: D

r Dain H

eer and

Gary D


About Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer: Gary Douglas developed Access Consciousness about 20 years ago in the U.S and introduced Dain (who had previously been working in the States as a chiropractor) to the Access tools about 12 years ago. Prior to discovering Access, Dain had reached a point of absolute despair and made a pact that if his life didn’t improve in 6 months, he didn’t want to be alive. Then the universe stepped in…. He had a session with an Access Consciousness Facilitator (called rewarding than money,” says Gary. They shared so many stories of transformation; people who had changed their lives emotionally, physically, financially and energetically which blew me away, as did their effervescence… especially at that time of the night and after conducting a full schedule of workshops all week.

a Bars session) which completely changed his life. Eventually he went on to become a facilitator and he developed his own Energetic Synthesis of Being classes and as a result thousands of people’s lives have been transformed. Access Consciousness has expanded quickly to over 30 countries, with hundreds of Access facilitators all around the world who work with individuals and businesses from diverse backgrounds. They were also very generous with their time, in fact the time just flew, (I didn’t think too much about the ‘right’ questions to ask, it just flowed) and at times, I felt like I was being entertained by two stand-up comedians! Gary says the key is to not take life too seriously and he believes laughter is both expansive and restorative. They say just by you being you – you can change the world! Holistic Bliss, February 2012

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1/20/2012 10:09:41 AM


Walking in Beauty

By Vicki Taylor

By Soraya Saraswati


riginating in China, cinnamon was first imported to Egypt as far back as 2000 BC making it one of the oldest spices in the world. As well as ingesting it as a spice, the Egyptians used it to help embalm the pharaohs. It is often confused with Cassia which is sweeter and has a more pungent aroma and is used widely in sweet dishes and breads whereas cinnamon is known to be used across the board. Cinnamon has an outer layer of ‘bark’ and the ‘quill’ is the inner layer and is of better quality, whole or ground. Whole cinnamon quills are generally used to flavour curries, stews, fruit compotes and are an essential ingredient in spices for Mulled Wine and should be removed prior to serving food as it can be bitter and woody. Ongoing research suggests that cinnamon has potent anti-viral properties as well as possibly inhibiting Alzheimer’s disease.


his summer staying home at ‘Mangalam’ has been so deliciously tranquil and nourishing. We have had an abundance of birdlife; the colours of the rainbow gracing our deck each day and the early morning birdsong and my meditations blissfully lead me to stillness.

Burnout seems such a common word on the wind. I now know that in ‘doing less’, living more gently and lovingly, I do truly ‘Walk In Beauty’, feeling more abundant in every way than ever before.

Nightly my darling and I walk the beloved canines under all the phases of the moon, from the dark mysterious new moon, begging for seeds of inspiration, to her full golden glory. Silently we greet the owls and possums that share in our night time Eden in the cool of the night. Ahhhh! After my son passed two years ago he sent me a clear message which echoes in my heart as a reminder to be my authentic self, to nourish that which is uniquely me. His words of truth to me were “Mum, just do what you want to do now”. How many of us chase abundance, working harder to grow bigger businesses, socialising out of a sense of duty, giving out of a sense of obligation? We welcome you to enjoy warm Mediterranean hospitality; mystical pampering and ultimate relaxation. Located within walking distance of the main street on a quiet hillside with views of the rolling Maleny hills. Hors D’oeuvres, fine chocolates, refreshments, spa gift pack, Mediterranean delicious breakfast made with chemical-free ingredients and much more. Our on-site clinic, Metafisica provides a range of unique relaxation, massage and natural therapies to restore balance and long-lasting health results.

Exotic suites in Maleny


Level 1 Kundalini & Holistic workshops for couples and singles run by Dalila for 2012 Creating Abundance of Love. Passion. Prosperity

in your relationships!



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Gift vouchers available

Dalila: 0411 033 730

Holistic Bliss, February 2012

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Holistic Bliss, February 2012

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1/20/2012 9:50:41 AM

„The Joy of Cooking: Food Made with Love‰ By Vanessa Finnigan


here’s something very special about Simone Butler… she is definitely not your average chef, and I personally believe she is a lady who creates magic with food! I recently met Simone when I enjoyed a meal at ‘Key Restaurant’ in Maleny. I felt like I had stepped into a whole new world of African, Caribbean and Moroccan food fusion. The African gospel music in the background and classic Hinterland views from the breezy deck set the scene for what I was about to experience. Simone was inspired to become a chef/restaurateur after she turned on an episode of ‘Oprah’ a few years ago out of the blue, which featured middle aged women who left their boring jobs to follow their passion in work and in life. This got Simone thinking about her real passions in life: food, cooking and connecting with people. Then about a year ago she and husband Luke bought and transformed Key Restaurant. Originally from Ghana in Africa, Simone was taught from a young age how to cook traditional fare by her mum . She

also travelled extensively and experienced many different cuisines around the world, (while completing degrees in Arts and Law). As a child, she was also inspired by a local chef in Ghana who ran cooking classes and also practised ‘food as medicine’, helping people recover from various ailments and diseases such as allergies and diabetes. Since this time Simone has had a fascination with the healing power of food. Simone has experienced certain food allergies herself over the years and has introduced whole foods to her diet and found natural substitutes for ingredients in the traditional recipes. Both at home and in the restaurant she cooks with fresh local produce including hormone, chemical free chicken and meats. Half of the dishes on the menu are slow cooked (for more than three days) and none of the dishes are deep fried. She also has a passion for making deserts which use either fruit or natural sweeteners. Simone’s philosophy is simple, “Do what you love and what you do doesn’t feel like work.”

Key Restaurant – Open WednesdaySunday for lunch and dinner. You can explore a smorgasbord of flavours and food styles at their Friday night buffet. All tastes and palates are catered for with mild and red hot spicy dishes served. Editor’s Pick: Entrée: Kelewele – spiced fried plantain (large cooking bananas found all over Africa and the Sahara) which is a popular Ghanaian snack and street food, spiced with ginger, chilli and served with peanuts. Delicious! Main: Sweet potato, bean and coconut casserole with rice and salad – I loved the cardamon and cinnamon sticks in this dish! Dessert: Panna Cotta with raspberry coulis – Divine and perfect for Summer!

Events and Forum – coming soon for 2012

Register your interest in being part of a forum which brings the community together with a team of experts from a variety of fields tackling the big issues:

disease rates/ health, the environment, youth, aged care

Register your interest and comments at: 8

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Holistic Bliss, February 2012

1/20/2012 1:04:10 PM

Raw Carrot Cake This is a very moist, deliciously flavoursome raw carrot cake – not to mention time saving – ready to eat in 20 minutes. It has become a favourite with my family and friends. Ingredients – Cake: 2½ cups ground Brazil nuts 2 cups meat from young coconut meat or 2 cups of dessicated coconut 1 cup coconut flour – you can replace this with another cup of coconut meat if you wish 1½ cups carrot juice 2 cups carrot pulp (left over from juice) ½ cup raw agave juice ½ cup pitted dates soaked for ½ hour


/8 cup grated ginger 2 tbsp psyllium 1½ tsp ground cinnamon ½ tsp ground cardamon 1 tsp nutmeg ½ cup sultanas Raw icing: 1½ cups cashews soaked for minimum 2 hours ½ cup orange juice 2-3 pitted dates 1 tbsp orange rind 1 tbsp lemon rind Method: Blend all ingredients together leaving sultanas and psyllium until the end. Spoon all ingredients into a springform tin pressing tightly down on the mixture and place in refrigerator whilst making the icing. Blend on high speed your icing ingredients until smooth. Take cake out of container and place on serving plate and top with icing. Tip: Line bottom of cake tin with coconut to prevent cake from sticking.

Food tastings available every weekend

Kristine Matheson author of ‘From Cancer to Wellness: the forgotten secrets’ has been putting her energy into creating new raw recipes that make you have a love affair with live food. Her personal experience with overcoming cancer has made her passionate about coaching and sharing her raw food recipes and simple techniques with the rest of the world. Changing your consciousness about the foods we eat can be a little tricky for some people Kristine says. Not everyone wants to give up deserts and she says no one needs to do this. Her live deserts and snacks in her new book ‘Keeping It Mostly Raw’ will tantalise your tastebuds.

Free spice sample and recipe with every purchase

Tajines | Oils | Spices Herbs | Gifts | Gourmet Foods Open 6 days a week Phone 5491 8870 Shop 4, ‘Monaco” Lower Bulcock Street, Caloundra Holistic Bliss, February 2012

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1/20/2012 9:52:08 AM

Honouring Emotion is the Key to Abundance By Vanessa Bushell


eflecting on the word ‘abundance’, I imagine happiness, lots of food, meaningful connection with interesting people, plenty of material resources to go around and expansive expression of love. Abundance is like an ‘opening to…’ what is already and always really there! And yet so many people live enclosed in limited thinking and emotional shut down. I have witnessed limited thinking in my own mind. Have you ever noticed this inner process and asked yourself ‘why?’ Why am I limiting myself with beliefs of scarcity when I can allow myself to be

free to create an abundant life? The answer jumps up and hits me in the face… emotions! I am scared to be successful, scared to be free, scared of being judged. Self-loathing, fear of abandonment and persecution seep into my consciousness. Anger and guilt… and so the story goes! In a nut shell, I realised I limit myself because I am avoiding the possibility of unpleasant emotions. I do not trust I could withstand the intensity of emotion if I were to fail… or maybe even to succeed. Emotions are one of the most misunderstood and poorly represented aspects of being a human in Western society. We are often given incredibly unhelpful messages about our emotions, such as ‘get over it’, ‘stop over reacting’ or ‘you’re too emotional’. This only leaves us feeling ashamed and empty inside. We often then start to believe there is something wrong with us, just for feeling the way we do. If we see a doctor, our emotions are then often medicated, which leads to further suppression and disconnection. We have lost the art of

being present with our emotions. The consequence of this mentality is disconnection from ourselves, our relationships, our culture, and with our environment. Reconnecting with emotions and learning to withstand their intensity is the answer. Identifying emotional wounds held in the body, and knowing the difference between which emotions are telling you something important about what is happening in your current circumstances, and which are emotional wounds from the past. Learning to honor emotions and listen to the messages behind them will result in you feeling comfortable in your own skin. Mindfulness practices are another essential ingredient in balancing emotions and not getting caught in them. It’s all about learning to surf the waves of emotion rather than get dumped by them or caught in a rip and carried out to sea! By Vanessa Bushell, Conscious Solutions, Coolum Beach, Phone: 0424 507 101

THE MAKING LOVE RETREAT Conscious Loving for Couples BYRON BAY

1st – 7th March 2012


Are you longing to connect more deeply while making love? Are you loving the intimacy in your relationship and would like to take it to another level? Or are you feeling like there is something missing? Whatever the circumstances, this retreat, described by some as “a coming home”, “a spiritual honeymoon”, and “a reawakening to love”, will be a special gift to your relationship. Couples feel the impact whether they have been together for three years or thirty years. In this six day retreat a couple is given a completely new insight into sex, and its function in relationship. When the real truth about sex is clarified, sex becomes a potentially healing force and not a potentially disruptive one.

Facilitated by Janet McGeever and Gene Thompson QUALIFIED COUNSELLORS


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Full details and registrations at:

Holistic Bliss, February 2012

1/20/2012 10:15:54 AM

Holistic Bliss, February 2012

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he theory and understanding that we are abundant beings living on an abundant planet, has been filling our inboxes, blogs, thoughts and workshops for the last few years and a whole niche market around how to create abundance in our lives has evolved. The world at large has now embraced the reality that to create more abundance and to enjoy it, we must think it, feel it, breathe it, use emotion to magnetise it into our lives, express gratitude, desire it , use affirmations and visualise it. All these avenues and techniques that we engage in to ‘bring’ what we perceive as abundance into our lives are principally reminding us to ‘align’ with the creative force of the universe. Not one that is outside of us, but the one pulsing energy of source that we are all connected to in our spirit. We need to look at what ‘abundance’ means to each of us in life. We all have our own personal understanding of what it would mean to us to be more ‘abundant’. Some think it is more

prosperity or wealth, others see it as a level of plenty around wellness, health, friendships, love, family, peaceful sharing. All the foundations that gift us the true sense of being the abundant beings that we are. What of the infinite abundance that we have access to in our very spirit and soul? The authentic us, the real energy of who we are, which has a unfathomable depth of knowledge, wisdom, peace and stillness that is easily accessible by simply dropping into our inner world. Using the breath, our own powerful navigational device that allows us to visit the treasure chest of our inner world. We work towards creating abundance in our external life, the trappings of it, the physicality which reflects and reminds us that we have the ability to create and bring to life all that we desire. Simple abundance is the inner shift that allows us to live in a state of gratitude, simplicity, authenticity, harmony, appreciation and grace. Everything is energy, and we create

our world with our thoughts, which are pulses of energy, true abundance is coming from within ourselves. All we are doing is focusing and harnessing the energy of our spirit into bringing forth the abundance that we are. The thing is, that what we are seeking is not outside of us, everything we need we already have within. How many times do we need to hear this until we understand it? The tools to create all that we need in life are thriving within each of us and we only need to open to that to bring forth the true abundance of who we are. Simple abundance is a way of being. Once you connect to your spirit, engage in communication with your authentic self, you will see that abundance is already there. Be grateful for all that you have, all that you are and all that you can create. You are a catalyst for change, just by visiting your abundant inner world. Namaste Photo Adori Studios

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At She Prana we teach you how to fully utilise this beautiful, powerful, natural energy source safely and with the highest personal integrity. Tapping into this natural energy source will enhance your personal experience of life, your creativity and your aliveness. Begin your Journey now!

• Fast, safe and effective • No cravings, no hunger • Nutritionally balanced eating plan • Overcomes slow metabolism • Balances hormones • Enhances wellbeing • Professionally supervised

Contact Dr Kellie Yildirim- She Prana {e} {m} 0414 397 573 or visit to find out about upcoming workshops 12

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Holistic Bliss, February 2012

1/20/2012 10:17:01 AM

What is the true meaning of ABUNDANCE? By Jean Sheehan, Principal – Millennium Education


he Oxford Dictionary describes ABUNDANCE as ‘a full or ample supply or amount’. Ancient spiritual teachings say it is ‘absolute love and empowerment’. In life we are taught to focus on poverty, lack and incompleteness. We receive these messages from family, the media and the education system. If we apply the dictionary meaning to our lives – ‘full and ample supply/amount’, we would look at life as perfect, just in different stages of knowing. This law applies to every aspect of our life. In Western countries there is an epidemic of obesity, diabetes and cancer. According to Medical Intuition these diseases relate to lack of abundance – or lack or love. 1. Obesity – hiding & not feeling fulfilled. The full feeling resembles love. Some people over eat to ‘fill’ the loneliness or do not feel loved. 2. Diabetes – allowing anxiety to overtake the situation and working from the ‘fear’ based mind. With fear there is no abundance/love. 3. Cancer – a pathway of selfdestruction and hidden secret. Generally

speaking the hidden secret is that they don’t feel complete, whole or abundant (loved) and it is hidden by materialism, workaholic behaviour and more! True abundance can be seen in many third world countries. When I was in Vietnam, a beggar woman, called Qi asked for me to buy her postcards. I said ‘No but I will pay you to show me your home & where you shop’. Tears cascaded down my cheeks! I was so overwhelmed with her lifestyle – yes there was poverty but the love and family network was unbelievable. I had witnessed abundance in the truest form. I was embraced straight away as were my children and husband. The ‘full, ample supply’ was of love. The closeness, community and sharing was extraordinary. They had nothing materialistically – yet they had something more powerful ABSOLUTE LOVE! So what is true abundance? It is the knowing you were created in absolute love and you make a difference to someone’s life. It is feeling rich from an experience. It is gifting a stranger a smile or even a hug. It is calling a friend when


they are feeling down and seeing how they are. It is the self-realisation that perception is reality and when you see the beauty and love in things- it is a mirror of you. All you need do is see how you have always had enough and been enough. According to Medical Intuition, the stomach is your love tank. Are you feeling full or empty? If it is empty, visualise lots of love hearts in your glass of water knowing you are truly abundant in all ways. You know if you are abundant when you have tears to shed, smiles to give and a heart to feel. You are complete. You are absolute love and empowerment. 07 5641 4009



• wire-free bras • sizes 10 to 30 • everyday comfort • maternity • sports •




comfort for women ... everyday

1300 66 17 66

PO Box 804, Woodend Vic 3442

• phone • mail order • internet • Holistic Bliss, February 2012

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1/20/2012 10:18:46 AM

By Jeremy Britton


hen I was a kid, it may have been my mother or some other tall mentor who said to me “Do what you love and the money will follow”. That sounded like sage advice but who was prepared to pay me for playing computer games and watching TV? My sisters before me had found jobs at McDonald’s, so I followed

their path and ended up doing seven years as a McSoldier whilst I finished high-school and university. Oops, did I say that I ‘finished’ university? Well, only in the way that you can say that you finished your dinner when you have had enough and you have left half of it on your plate. Uni was finished according to me; just not finished according to my lecturers, department heads or my parents! Whilst at university and working hard as a McSoldier, someone else had told me that labouring, retail and hospitality were all just exchanging hours for money. “The big dollars are in sales,” they said to me, and because I had seen salespeople driving shiny new cars, I believed them. Apparently, if you sold cars, houses or

other things, you could do one hour of work and get paid a week worth of income. Being that I was both lazy and greedy, I decided to try the avenue of working for one hour and getting paid for one week. Yes, I found that it worked: sales was a great industry and good salespeople were richly rewarded. However, they also experienced plateaus, depression and occasionally, substance abuse. I received further advice from an absolute guru in sales who advised me that, eventually, people stop buying from ‘normal’ sales people who sold ‘normal’ products. This made sense: once your client has three cars, six houses and four vacuum cleaners, they will probably stop buying. My guru advised me, “if you want to make money, don’t work with products, work directly with money. People will eventually have enough products. They can never get enough money.” Astonished by his simple genius, I spent the next few years learning all that I could about money. I became the most educated financial adviser that I knew:

,]TRSWMW ,IEPMRKJSV 1MRH&SH] 7SYP Radiant Light Yoga for Adults and Children Beginners, General, Restorative and Kids Yoga classes held at: Mapleton, Maleny Arts Retreat, Peregian Beach Community Centre BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL. See web for current class schedule. Not a class in your area? Email us to register your interest.

Crystal Light HealingTM Workshops and Healings Level 1, 2 and 3 CLH workshops held at various locations on the Sunshine Coast. Individual Crystal Light HealingTM and Reiki Session available by appointment. Please visit our website for information and dates for workshops, yoga classes and yoga healing retreat days.





Contact Kaatheryn Morgan Tempest 14

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Holistic Bliss, February 2012

1/20/2012 1:05:18 PM

always learning more and more to help my clients to make more and more money. The clients all made boatloads of money and so did I and all was well… until it wasn’t. Focussed solely on money, I had neglected my health and my relationships. Friendships ended, my marriage ended and I had a heart attack at age 32. I was warned by my doctor that going back to my old ways of workaholic money – focus would result in an unfortunate bout of sudden death. Forced to reassess my life and my priorities, I decided to do what I love,

because life was too short to do anything else. There was no focus on money, just on having a passionate life that I loved. Almost accidentally and sneakily, the money followed. How bizarre that my long journey ended up where I started, and how odd that the original guru was correct? The late great Steve Jobs said it well and it was a philosophy which he followed to his dying day: (I’m paraphrasing the words but the point is identical) “Do what you love. Things will get hard and when they do, most sane & rational people will quit. If you do what you love, you will keep going and not quit


when normal people quit. And then you will succeed.” Jeremy Britton is a business coach and wealth coach who found an aspect of his work to be incredibly passionate about: helping others to succeed with “wealth in all areas”, not just finances. He teaches clients about what he calls balanced or “24Hour wealth” – all things in moderation: meditation, health, relationships and money. You can find out more about him and order a copy of his award-winning book at


Commencing Monday 2nd April Commencing Tuesday 10th April at Caloundra Christian College at Caloundra Christian College Please call Helen Joy for details or log onto for details BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL

your p realise

h l th r o u g a i t n e t o

creative coaching

RIGHT BRAIN GENIUS • Reduce stress • Improve sleep • Lower your golf handicap • Enhance confidence • Great team building programs available • Plus so much more

Call Helen Joy on 0408 249 545 Holistic Bliss, February 2012

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1/20/2012 10:22:10 AM

Living with Abundance

Law Profile


our true self, to love – again – Yes! Is the road sometimes long – Yes. Is the journey to know abundance worth it – Yes. Is every part of our journey sacred – Yes. But do we know this? Do we actually feel this? Can we hear this? Abundance is visiting a flowing rock pool and sitting in silence as we listen to the stories of the silent rocks, filled with memories of past events, feeling the dirt respond more lovingly to our footsteps and being conscious of this touch, the richness of our planet.

onna Sewell is the Principal Solicitor of See Well Law. See Well Law is a full service commercial law firm that offers a broad range of services throughout the Noosa Tewantin area. The firm’s main areas of practice include: Asset Protection; Building and Construction; Contract and Commercial Law; Conveyancing and Real Property; Corporate and Business Law; Family Law; Franchising; Intellectual Property; Leases and Licences; Superannuation; Trusts; and Wills & Estate Planning. See Well Law’s professional team is comprised of owner and principal solicitor, Donna Sewell, who has been a legal practitioner for over eight years and is the only solicitor on the Sunshine Coast who is also a registered trademark attorney. Amy Ryan and Ryan Nattrass assist Donna as graduate/trainee solicitors and Kayla Castellano manages the firm’s conveyancing transactions. See Well Law prides itself on their dedication to client satisfaction. The team enjoys serving a wide range of clientele throughout not only the Sunshine Coast, but Australia. With so much experience and drive to succeed, rest assured that these local people will take care of your professional and personal needs.

For more information visit:

By Sue Joseph, owner of Daisy’s Place and Bassett Barks


s the great Chief Seattle said, “my words are like stars – they do not set”. Abundance comes in many forms and feelings and it is only through the truth of love that we are able to understand the true meaning. But sometimes through the society that we have created it can be a challenge to hear it. Can abundance be bought or is it something that we humans feel? If day and night cannot dwell together, can we as the human form, dwell together with abundance – well my answer is YES. Does this take on a journey to

Career Opportunities as: • Certified Medical Intuitive Courses • Accredited Medical Intuitive Teacher Courses • Psychic Children

Discover your full potential knowing anything is possible.

“be absolutely empowered” Receive FREE Medical Intuitive information to heal your life.

Jean Sheehan


w. e. p. 07 5641 4009 16

16.indd 1

• Cosmic As Ascension ion and Healing Ascension Lessons Le • Face to Face and DVD Medititation • CDs • Chakra Balances • Entity Removal • Emotional Balance • Universal Energy Healing • Crystal Healing • Body Dynamics (Combination of Bowen, Pressure Points, Cranial Sacral) ral) • Vega Testing

Qualified Naturopath, Homeopath, Q Iridologist and Herbalist, Herb Spiritual piritual Healers Call Sandra Meehan on 0402047679 and Kate Grainger 0487870004 Flaxton Clinic 54786953

Holistic Bliss, February 2012

1/23/2012 2:37:56 PM

HOW DOES IT GET ANY BETTER THAN THIS? Seducing YOU into Joyful Sex with Christopher Hughes


Access Consciousness Bars Class Peregian Beach Feb 24th Access Consciousness Foundation Class Peregian Beach Feb 25-26th Access Consciousness Level 1 Class Peregian Beach March 3-4th To register email : or call 0430 123 240 FREE telecall - 12th Feb 2012 You are invited to a FREE telecall with Brendon Watt. Brendon is a single Dad with a difference. His approach to parenting is one of empowerment, choice, contribution and question and he would like to offer you the possibility of a completely different reality with your children. For many parents, struggle and sacrifice is their daily routine and glimpses of joyful freedom can be scarce. As a single Dad, Brendon has changed what once was a difficult burden into a dynamic and easy exchange with his child. He now has more space to be him by allowing and watching his son grow into his own. Sign up at or Call Brendon on 0415 669 064 All of life comes to me with EASE & JOY & GLORY! ™ Holistic Bliss, February 2012

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1/20/2012 1:12:49 PM

A woman with a vision for the community!


aura Di Mambro set up ‘Higher Visions’ in May 2011 after a series of huge wake up calls. Within a period of one year, she went through four major events: she spent most of her pregnancy in hospital with the threat of miscarriage (and on one occasion was rushed to the cardiac ward), she then gave birth to her son Elliot, ten weeks prematurely, he weighed a mere 1kilo. Shortly after this she had two emergency surgeries after an abnormal pap smear and finally she received the most devastating news that her mother was diagnosed with stage four cancer. Laura’s mum sadly passed away in March 2011, less than a year after her diagnosis. Laura says, “I believe these experiences were all part of my soul’s journey which would help me grow spiritually. I’m not sure I would be the person I am now if I hadn’t experienced these events.” “There was one particular time I was lying in the hospital in severe pain when all of a sudden the light above me just started to dim and then brighten. This


18.indd 1

continued for a couple of minutes. I felt a huge warmth around me and I knew everything would be ok. The midwife experienced this – I think she was rather spooked! This was the start of many experiences. I also believe that many heart related conditions are all part of the awakening process. I rarely suffer now from the severe increased heart rate and palpitations I had previously.” So many people are experiencing change across the board and are starting to dispose of things in their lives that do not serve them any purpose. This is all part of the big shift that is currently occurring. These challenging events seem to make you look at life with a different perspective. You start to see what’s really important in life. “Even with the major setbacks I have experienced, this is one of the happiest times of my life now I have set up Higher Visions. It gives me complete satisfaction and I’m so excited about what I’m creating. I love working with the community and helping individuals grow and reach their potential as well as working with some very talented people

and creating some amazing unique events,” says Laura. It is Higher Visions’ heartfelt objective to be a support to those in the community who are seeking change, clarity and/or expansion in their lives and for those who wish to raise their consciousness to live a more fulfilling life. Many people are ‘waking up’ or questioning who and what they really are so it’s a great time of change. The organisation runs monthly evening groups with guest speakers as well as casual lunch gatherings, various workshops for adults & kids and unique events such as the Sunshine Coast Mind Body & Soul Expo. For more information visit:

Holistic Bliss, February 2012

1/23/2012 2:38:21 PM

The 2012 Mind, Body & Soul Weekend is proudly sponsored by Holistic Bliss Magazine, Millennium Education & Universal Life Tools.


his is the 2nd event of its kind on the Sunshine Coast and has doubled in size due to the tremendous feedback and support it received the first time around. This magical event will consist of approximately 90 exhibitors from around the Sunshine Coast. Some of the Coast’s renowned practitioners, therapists, healers and specialists along with a diverse range of holistic, natural and spiritual products will be present. The expo is an opportunity to gather many of the Coast’s specialists and businesses in one space, to support them by giving them the opportunity to promote their services and to bring more awareness to the community. It’s a place where individuals can gather more information on a particular area to help them with their awareness, self development or current wellbeing. Attendees can indulge in a range of information, experiences and activities over the course of the weekend. Various seminars will take place on an array of subjects and modalities. Two days of demonstrations to involve participants



“Bringing the community together”

along with some amazing live performances. ‘Really it’s more like a mini festival than an expo as we have live performances, food and refreshments as well as interactive workshops. The energy created in one space is incredible,’’ says Laura. The event is family focused and encourages parents to bring their kids. “It is important to listen to our children and provide a balanced medium for them. Children are special and have an important part to play for future generations and the evolution of human consciousness. Higher Visions wishes to celebrate and encourage children to enjoy and use their natural gifts,” she says. Therefore this event is just as much for families as it is for individuals and so a diverse group of people can attend and experience the energy of what the Sunshine Coast has to offer. Included in this great community event are free activities and workshops for the children as well as free healing to the under 16s which will be available at set times throughout the weekend performed by



various healers and practitioners. Attendees have the chance to enter into the expo’s competition over the weekend to win one of four prizes kindly donated by the sponsors. Total value at over $1500. • 1 x 2-day workshop ‘Atlantis & Lemuria’ donated by Millennium Education • 1 x 2-day Workshop ‘Essence of Angels’ donated by Universal Life Tools • 1 x 1-day workshop Psychic and Awareness development donated by Higher Visions • 1 x directory ad in Holistic Bliss Magazine or 12 months subscription and gift pack donated by Holistic Bliss The event proudly supports ‘The RBWH Foundation’ which helps raise money for the neonatal ward at the Royal Brisbane & Women’s Hospital. For more info on this event and others please contact: Laura Di Mambro – Founder

Radiant Light Yoga for Adults and Children Bookings 0433 945 826 email

Contact Kaatheryn Morgan Tempest Holistic Bliss, February 2012

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1/20/2012 1:17:57 PM

Healthy Abundance By Melinda Bingley, Personal Trainer


believe abundance is about being happy and successful in all areas of your life. They all work in together; no point having a happy relationship, a great career and all the money in the world, if you have poor health. So ultimately you need to start with good health. In life you have choices; you have a choice to be as healthy as you can be. Yes, I do understand some have limitations, but it is still about making better choices to develop a healthy lifestyle which has a positive impact on your overall health. I want to share my passion for a healthy, happy, active lifestyle (which I continuously express to my friends/ family and clients)… Firstly, I like to go to bed at a

consist of chicken/fish/lean meat and tuna with salads or green vegies. I eat every 2-3 hours… A MUST! No excuse! I drink 2-3 litres of water a day. Ten per cent of the time I will break these rules. On the weekends I get so excited; it’s my time to play, catch up with friends and get adventurous on the Coast. I will either go for a mountain climb, wakeboard, bike ride or Kayak over to Bribie Island which then includes relaxing, swimming and reading. Anything active, anything fun! I love life, I love moving my body, I love appreciating the Coast, and I love sharing this with amazing friends/family and clients. It’s infectious! Taking action and taking control with regards to your health is the biggest step to feeling empowered and you will feel passionate about taking action in other areas of your life. I love helping as many people as I can to become passionate about their health and reap the rewards!

reasonable hour, as I love waking early when the sun comes up; it is a start to a beautiful day on the Sunshine Coast waiting to be appreciated. I will start the day with a glass of water and a healthy breakfast either oats/ berries/yoghurt/protein powder/banana or eggs on wholegrain toast. I have olive leaf, macca powder, vitamin C, and my multi vitamin to look after my body which has a positive impact on my health. On week days, I will start work early so when I finish around lunch, I will block out time to train… it’s a must! I will do either a weights session, cardio session, or outdoor run. Some days I think of so many things ‘I need to do’, but my choice is I am worth investing some time in ‘me’ and doing what ‘I want to do’, so it’s all about choices. During the week I also love to participate in dance class, yoga, and I find walking my dogs very relaxing. I am always prepared for the week with healthy snacks such as: blueberry banana protein jumbles, date balls, boiled eggs and cut up fruit. My main meals

ATTENTION ARTHRITIS SUFFERERS The original Rose-Hip Vital™ with GOPO® imported from Denmark is a powerful 100% natural anti-inflammatory y and may help: THE ORIGINAL

Rose-Hip Vital


Temporarily relieve the pain of Arthritis, Osteoarthritis & Rheumatism Increase joint mobility Relieve inflammation & joint swelling Improve Osteoarthritis symptoms in the hands Improve sleep when affected by joint discomfort Improve the symptoms of lower back pain


Use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional


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Holistic Bliss, February 2012

1/20/2012 10:28:47 AM

By Lisa Murray & Diva Diaz


or many business owners, business expansion and growth is limited by the financial resources available. What if there could be another way? Using one simple tool from Access Consciousness, a salesperson doubled their $40,000 monthly budget in just 3 days! Would you be willing to create possibilities like that in your business? Creating and generating your business using these potent tools is fun, fast and easy. You could start by asking ‘Can I have the money now please?’ whenever you have a moment. This is the tool the salesperson above used! Have you ever considered how much the entire universe would like to contribute to you and your business? Or are you the only source of what is possible? When we ask for what we truly desire instead of thinking about what we haven’t got, so many more possibilities become available! So, if you could create and generate anything in your business, beyond the limits of your current financial situation, what would that look like? Would you be willing to ask for that


to show up without knowing HOW it will show up? What if you never have to work out the how to’s again? Yes, this is creating business from a completely different space! How much ease are you willing to have in your business? A little? Or way more than ever before? Greater ease comes with making choices beyond what you have previously known. What choices could you make that are different to everything you have ever done before in business? What would you most like to change about how your business operates? When we start to play with questions like these, awareness of new possibilities can show up! Would you like to know more about asking questions of your business and creating some totally different possibilities? Lisa Murray and Diva Diaz from Business Beyond Group offer online classes where they take business beyond where it has ever gone before… what is business beyond your limitations? Beyond money? Beyond success? Beyond

everything you see right now? If you could create business the way YOU would truly like to, what would it be like? What are your limitations in business? What are you doing with them? Can you change them? And if so, how can you change them? What if you are only functioning at 1% of your capacity in business? What could change if you doubled or quadrupled your capacities in business? What if ease in business is not about fitting in with how everyone else does business, but creating your own possibilities that work for you? This is just one of the many ways Lisa and Diva approach business differently. For them, business is something that is totally changeable. Would you like to know exactly how you can change ANYTHING in business? Lisa Murray and Diva Diaz create business in ways that are distinctively different. Download your free audio interviews and more at: or talk with us on Facebook at

‘Gift t he one you love’ 3. 2.

1. Sinerji: Fair-Trade Organic Cotton romance! Stocking both men’s and women’s sustainable clothing, underwear and socks. Also jewellery, bamboo towelling and many other gift ideas starting from $24.95. Contact the store at Forest Glen 1800 398 685 or 2. Flower Essences from $15, Pendants from $15.95 – everything purchased on the website includes FREE postage within Australia. 3. Meaningful gifts with heart, the beautiful Dogeared ‘Pearls Of Love’ Necklace $59.95, will show a special lady just how loved she is. Made by hand, the necklaces become treasured keepsakes for years to come. Order online at or phone 1300 60 63 90 – Free shipping over $99 within Australia. Holistic Bliss, February 2012

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1/20/2012 1:14:37 PM



osehip powder may become a powerful preventative complementary medicine helping to protect cartilage against arthritis and slowing the progression of arthritis, according to a ground-breaking Swiss study (BMC Complementary and Alternative Medicine, 3 Nov 2011). More than 30 scientific studies on a patented Rosehip powder have shown benefits for people with osteoarthritis including reduced pain and inflammation. The study, published in November 2011 in BioCentral, examined the action of Rosehip and the sugary fatty acid galactolipid GOPO®, the active compound in the patented Rosehip powder. It found Rosehip powder and GOPO® can protect the cartilage cells which facilitate joint movement. Rosehip may also delay or prevent the early stages of osteoarthritis through cartilage protection, the study found. Study author, Joseph Schwager said Rosehip may protect against cartilage


22.indd 1

destruction in people with osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. During the study, researchers imitated the inflammatory responses associated with arthritis. According to Prof Marc Cohen, Head of Complementary Medicine at RMIT, “the study found that the patented Rosehip powder has an ability to effectively reduce inflammation and slow the processes that damage cartilage in arthritis”. “Previous studies have already revealed that Rosehip relieves arthritis pain and inflammation for people suffering from both osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. “This study shows that Rosehip may be a powerful preventative medicine against arthritis. This is particularly important for people in the early stages of arthritis or those with a genetic history of arthritis.” “The study also has unlocked some of the molecular and biochemical secrets to exactly how the patented Rosehip powder works. It found that Rosehip was able to help reduce inflammation by reducing

cytokines which regulate various inflammatory responses” said Prof Cohen. In September, 2008 a presentation by Joseph Schwager, Phd, at the APLAR (Asia Pacific League of Associations for Rheumatology) conference in Japan titled The Galactolipid (GOPO©) Mediates Beneficial Effects of Rosehip on arthritis by reducing chemokine and interleukin production in macrophages and chondrocytes, showed that the patented active compound, when isolated from the Rosehip, may play a role in assisting in the rebuilding and protection of cartilage. Rose-Hip VitalT is a powerful antioxidant made from 100% natural rosehip (Rosa Canina) which may help temporarily relieve the pain of arthritis, rheumatism and osteoarthritis. It may also help relieve symptoms of osteoarthritis such as inflammation and joint swelling and increase joint mobility, in addition it may even improve sleep by helping relieve joint discomfort. For more information visit:

Holistic Bliss, February 2012

1/20/2012 1:34:07 PM

February 4: Neptune moves into Pisces and

moon falls in Leo. For the next two weeks,

February 19: The month of Pisces begins,

stays for 13 years until 2025! From now on,

indulge your inner Lion. Celebrate the good

kicking off with the Pisces new moon on

there’s no point complaining about anything.

things in your life. Be big. Be bold. Have

Feb 22. The sun now joins Neptune and

That’s the lower vibration of Pisces, and golly

some fun. Let your mane down.

the moon in Pisces. Dreams can come true

goddess, where does it get you? And you

under this wonderful influence. If you feel

know those people whose negativity gets you

February 8: Saturn moves retrograde in

your dreams are still ridiculously intangible,

down? From now till 2025 you are going to

Libra till June. Not even six months of

cart yourself off to a reputable energy healer

be about as tolerant of them as King Herod

Saturn retrograde can halt the tremendously

who can help you ground your intentions,

was of the baby Jesus. The most loving thing

positive stars for 2012. In fact, this transit

because 2012 is the year to manifest all that

you can do is recognise that you’re over it.

just increases your powers of diplomacy. If

‘potential’ that’s been floating around in your

There’s no time any more to rescue anyone

necessary, review your life and make sure it’s

aura for the last 50 life-times or so. I mean,


the one you want.

On the bright side, Neptune in Pisces will help even the most depressed person find their way back to their heart. So relax and attune yourself to the higher vibration of

February 14: St. Valentine’s Day. Jupiter links up with Chiron, bringing the potential for deep healing in romantic relationships. The only credentials you need are time

this long-term Neptune influence, which

and an open heart. If you and your partner

is blissful surrender to your Higher Self. Neptune in Pisces is set to make you more intuitive, more peace-loving, and more inclined to seek the easiest path forward. Halleluiah!

why wait until 2013? Follow your passions and the entire cosmos will support you. The world is not going to end. That’s not what the Mayan calendar predicts. All that will come to an end is the tedious old past. So let yourself be reborn. Let’s go for it.

don’t already use a ‘Talking Stick’, get one. Jupiter’s credo is honesty, so around this date

Visit Lyvea’s website to find out about her

honesty gets you everywhere. But my psychic

first hilarious book – a funny novel about the

antennae is also telling me that around this

star signs, to be launched as an E-book on

time, ‘You get what you need, not what you

the March Equinox 2012.

February 8: Full moon in Leo. The sun is in

want.’ How about just going with the flow

Enter the draw to win your free copy.

Aquarius right now and that means the full

and saying ‘thank you’?

EXPERIENCE THE TASTE OF AFRICA FRIDAY NIGHT BUFFET $35 incl. 3 course meal and a welcome drink on arrival and Live Music Alfresco Sunday Lunch Chef – Simone Butler cooks unique and tasty African, Moroccan and Caribbean cuisine. Slow cooked curries, vegetarian and gluten-free options. Enjoy a wholesome, gourmet meal and take in the stunning views of the Hinterlands

Perfect for Weddings and Functions OPEN unday

sday-S Wedne and Dinner Lunch

“Cairncross corner” 10 Mountain View Road, Maleny

Call now to make a booking Phone: (07) 5429 6537 Holistic Bliss, February 2012

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1/23/2012 2:35:08 PM

Abundance with ancient wisdom By Dalila


ver since I was a very young child (approximately 3 years of age), I remember feeling a very strong connection to ancient Egypt and the pyramids. I would sit and draw the pyramids, ankhs and Egyptian symbols for hours. My mother was quite baffled because in those days on the Island where I grew up, no one could afford a TV and we were too poor to afford books, so she had no idea where these images and symbols were coming from. Eventually I moved to Australia as an adult and one day when I was living in Brisbane, I received guidance to work with the Goddess Isis energy and transform it to a modern way to assist people to heal. I resisted this guidance for quite some time. My body froze, I could not move or speak, my brain showed lumps, my then partner and sister-in-law who witnessed everything became very concerned for me. My partner spoke of this to an Herbalist and then wanted to take me to the doctors as he thought I had cancer in the brain. After discovering I was in good

health, I decided to accept the guidance and work with the Isis energy and it opened up a whole new world for me and others who I worked with. Visions of worlds upon worlds unfolded more and more as well as insights into my past lives in Egypt. Some of these experiences were very eerie. Interestingly, In Egypt, Goddess Isis breathed life into her dead husband and brought him back to life. She was the nurturer, healer and mystic highly revered in Egypt. This energy is very much part of my healing work. Working with energy such as the Kundalini energy can also help to get back to our true selves and reclaim our abundance. The sacred Kundalini energy is located at the base of the spine; it needs gentle nurturing and awakening with wisdom. It is a process and has many benefits: it is able to release negative energies such as fear, diseases, lack of self-love and promotes self-improvement on different levels. Kundalini energy needs to be supported by healthy and organic

nutrition, herbs, detoxing, meditation and yoga, so it can thrive and sustain your physical body, mind, soul, spirit and heart. This ancient energy is our life force. Channelling it well, will not only link all our centres but will rejuvenate and help open up to abundance of love, passion, sensuality, health, prosperity and discovering and appreciating who we really are. Our loved one will benefit greatly too. There are different levels that need to be learnt with guidance and safety. Kundalini energy needs to be respected otherwise if used for motives such as overpowering people and controlling others, it will have negative repercussions. Dalila offers workshops on healing and incorporates Kundalini vibration, Kundalini Yoga, Kundalini Meditation, certified, chemical and pesticide free nutrition, detoxes and Goddess Isis Kundalini massage techniques in the Sunshine Coast Hinterlands.

Don’t be dumped by the intensity of your emotions, or pulled out to p sea by an emotional rip! BE YOUR POTENTIAL! Specialising in The BodyTalk System, Body Therapies, Massage and Reflexology What’s your current experience? • Chronic Pain • Arthritis • Emotional Disorders • Learning Disorders • Endocrine Disorders • Chronic Fatigue • Depression • Anxiety • Headaches • Phobias • Allergies • Viruses • Stress • Infections • Back Pain • Extensive well-being products and creative programs

Call (07) 5482 8881 now to book an appointment Helping make your wish for a better life become your reality!

26 Barter Street, Gympie Op Open 9.00am till late w.yove 24

24.indd 1

Surfing the Waves s of Emotion WORKSHOPS For women: For men: Cost: Where: Bookings: Phone:

Saturday 17 March 2012 9am - 4.30pm Saturday 21 April 2012 9am - 4.30pm $185 + gst Aminya Natural Therapies Academy 651 David Low Way, Pacific Paradise 0424 507 101

Vanessa Bushell, Psychologist Conscious Solutions

Holistic Bliss, February 2012

1/20/2012 1:15:20 PM

y a D s ’ e n i Valent

“Enter the draw to win” 3 packs of Kate Grenier Designs magnet packs Handmade using recycled bottle tops, and come in a pack of 6, in a cute little silver tin

TOTAL VALUE WORTH $65 Donated by Kindred Gifts To enter go to our ‘Holistic Bliss Magazine’ Facebook page and write on our wall “I am entering the Valentine’s competition” Drawn on 14th February 2012.

Designed by

Creating Conscious Connections in Business

goddesses@lunch - Wednesday 15th February 2012 Speaker: Kim Edwards Director - Sea English Academy Venue: Time: RSVP

4th Floor Restaurant, Mooloolaba 11.45am til 2.30pm. Tickets $45 pp $35 members 13/2/12

goddesses@brunch - Thursday 23rd February 2012 Speaker: Kylie Patchett - The Tall Poppy Project Venue: Time: RSVP

Sandbar Beachfront Bistro, Coolum Surf Club 10.00am til 1.00pm. Tickets $45 pp $35 members 21/2/12

NetConnect Seminar - Thursday March 15th 2012 Venue:

4th Floor Restaurant, Mooloolaba


Jill Chivers, Carren Smith, Jodie Nolan, Jodie Taylor Paterson & Natalie McIvor

Time: RSVP:

9.30am til 4.30pm. Tickets $109 pp $99 members 10/3/12

The Healing Hands of Lynn Jannides

Tel: 0402 462 804 Natalie McIvor Director Limited seats! Book TODAY at Proudly Sponsored by

ƯȷɂȱȶΎƯȽɀȲɁ intuitive branding & design for sassy entrepreneurs

• Spiritual Healer • Certified Reiki Master • Distance Healings on request • Medical Intuitive – White Light Surgery • Injuries of all types • Pain Removal • Children´s Health and Wellbeing

Spiritual and Wellbeing One-Day Event starting February 25th with monthly different topics at PHONE 5484 3520 Holistic Bliss, February 2012

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1/23/2012 2:57:44 PM

Having my cake and eating it too! By Tanya Arnold, Pupcake Queen


or more than three years, I have dreamt of having my own cake business. Cake is a way in which I can express my love and appreciation for others. It brings people together and is the symbol of celebration. Up until recently, this had remained a dream only, and now, I am starting 2012 in pursuit of my heart and my dreams – to make pupcakes – creative and nutritious cakes for dogs. Dogs have always played a pivotal role in my life. They have the ability to pick you up and bring you instantly into your heart. I had always planned on making cakes for people as I never thought my dog cake idea would be possible. That was, until a good friend of mine, and dog lover, encouraged me to pursue pupcakes, and so I did. Working in the corporate world, I did the usual 9am-5pm, Monday to Friday job. I succeeded in many roles, and was promoted, often, with greater responsibility and opportunities. Greater status and more money continued to be thrown my way, though deep down I knew I was longing to pursue my dreams.

One day, I finally woke up and admitted to myself that it atest was time to face my greatest o follow fears, and in doing so, to my heart. So in October 2011, I advised my work that I would be leaving in January 2012. nt time to This gave me sufficient d set up ‘I do the ground work and Love Pupcakes’. akes look I love that our pupcakes so a like real cakes and are also healthy meal. They are made using nutritional ingredients including: organic raw chicken, vegetables, yoghurt, honey, organic coconut and are decorated using fresh vegetable juices. They have been taste tested by our Golden Retriever, Malcolm, and Rosie our chocolate Labrador, with rave reviews. Pupcakes are a way for dog owners to show their friend how much they really love them. Not only do we make them as a special treat, we also make them to celebrate Birthdays, Christmas, Easter and other special occasions. The pupcakes come in a range of sizes

including: Petit Paws, Cupcakes, 500g, 1kg and 2kg sizes. Until now, I didn’t realise how much my corporate career has been the stepping stone towards ‘I Love Pupcakes’. My ability to network, present, write and establish important relationships are all credit to my past working experiences. By taking the leap of faith and following my heart, I hope that I can inspire others to do the same. That is my greatest dream of all. I am certain that if you are doing what you love, and love what you do, you will succeed in life.

Only holistic clinic in inner Brisbane

• • • • •

Conventional Medicine & Integrative Alternatives Vaccinations & antibody titre testing • Advanced dentistry Desexing • Acupuncture • Nutrition advice Behavioural counselling Remedial musculoskeletal therapies • Chinese & Western herbal therapies and MORE

Pensioner Discounts 20% off services

07 3122 1997 Greenslopes Mall


26.indd 1

Holistic Bliss, February 2012

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Y y,  e By Eileen McLean


n the shamanic world of power animals and spirit animal guides, Buffalo is the totem symbol of abundance. Buffalo helps us to remember that abundance is present when all relations are honored as sacred, and when gratitude is expressed in every part of life. So I started to think about this, and how it relates to our lives in the western world. Abundance means many things to many people. For most it comes down to happiness, having all that you need when you need it, friends and family, having enough to eat, and good health. For most people, abundance is a really positive thing but what about when abundance in society starts to have the opposite affect? I spoke to my parents about this, both in their 60’s. My mother grew up on a dairy farm in New Zealand and felt that she always had an abundance of meat, fruit and vegetables but they had to work hard for it. Her brothers went out and shot rabbits, deer or wild boar; her father farmed animals and provided for his large family by also growing crops and having fruit trees. It wasn’t always an easy

life but it was an abundant, plentiful one. e. ther My father, on the other hand, grew up in Scotland. and. They were on rations of items ms such as flour and sugar. Meat was a once a week treat, usually on a Sunday, and Friday night was fish, but he noted that both of his parents worked rked to afford this. Dad spoke of his grandmother dmother buying cheeks, hearts, liver, tongue, ngue, stomach from the butcher, because no part of the animal was wasted. There was no nice packaging to dissociate where it came from. Pet food didn’t come in a bag, and cats and dogs ate what was spare. Eggs were a luxury for most people, Dad said and he told me “we were lucky enough to have chickens in our backyard”. There were no factory farms, animals were respected for what they gave, and local suppliers of goods were supported. The conversations with my parents led me to think about how western society is abundant in produce. We can pick and choose what we will and won’t eat, more often than not we put animals

through horrendous conditions for the convenience of favoured cuts of meat and we purchase and throw away in abundance. Popping down to the store to purchase a new toaster instead of fixing the one we have is common practice. It may be cheaper in the short term but the cost to our planet is long term! Abundance is a beautiful thing. It is something I often ask for in all aspects of my life. However, I believe Abundance needs to go hand in hand with Respect and Gratitude. Abundance has little to do with what we acquire and more to do with how we feel!

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A picture says a thousand words Reading of Ainsely’s Baby:

She’s got to be loved, she’s got to be wanted, she’s got to be needed. A woman’s got to be loved.” Is the song that came bopping its way into the reading! (a Jenny Morris song from 1989). Your little baby is a very old soul and will always believe she is older than her age. She shows me a shaky heart in her hands and telling me she is tough but she has a fragile heart. She’s not talking medically but in sensitivity. She will always take on what other people say to her, take it to heart. She needs guidance on love as she is

asking for help. She shows me herself as a woman in a past life worn down, bruised and treated like ‘the pig out the back’. This life she wants kindness and love especially in her adult years. Her life will be about learning love. As a child I see her alone a lot, under the trees, watching the leaves. She may even possibly want to collect them. She sees stories in each fallen leaf. Ask her about these, encourage her to talk about them. Quiet and reserved, afraid to speak up as she doesn’t want to be reprimanded. I see you asking her lots of questions to know her thoughts and feelings. She will live by the rules, so be clear on what you want in place and when you are changing them. As she grows she will need the changes explained to her. As the song sings, let her always know why she is loved, why she is needed and wanted, not just by you (as her parents), for everyone and the planet. A sensitive soul, she will bring you love, companionship and a deeper understanding of self-love as you share your wisdom with her.

It’ll all be in her eyes when she looks at you. Crystals that assisted in the reading were Blue Lace Agate and Ruby in Fuschite. Blue Lace is helpful in expressing the honest feelings from the heart and Ruby in Fuschite helps in bouncing back after an emotional upset…. Two great crystals to keep in your baby’s room. With Gratitude, Nat Ainsley’s response: Beautiful thankyou so much Nat. It’s so perfect! For a free reading which will appear in the magazine, please contact Natalie Delforce. Email:

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Tread lightly Abundance relative to global warming By Mr Green


his month the theme is abundance, I’d like to look at abundance relative to global warming. In terms of climate changes and global warming, you would have to say that the earth is ALWAYS in a state of abundance, that is: this and every other planet is in a perpetual place of fullness, completeness and abundance. How could it be otherwise? Mother Nature will always return the status quo to one of equilibrium and therefore: abundance. Let’s take a moment to look at this from the earth’s cycles of heating and cooling and ice ages and volcanoes, always evolving but always in abundance. Throughout these tumultuous and catastrophic changes, fauna and flora species may die off, become extinct but others take their place. One example would be a mild climate supporting mammals and birds, which then took the

place of a frozen planet which in its turn took the place of an extremely hot planet with rivers of molten magma and dinosaurs. Whether climate change is anthropogenic or not is completely irrelevant, the earth will accept what is occurring and adapt it into its continuous cyclical existence and in time (not very long in terms of planetary lifetimes but huge in terms of human life) return to equilibrium and at ALL stages throughout this change the earth will be in perpetual abundance. This may see some species come and some go, some change slightly and some completely, but one thing is for sure: it’s business as usual for the earth. Anyone who thinks that human kind can have any control over this or any other planetary shift is ludicrous! Having said that, what is the big

bru-ha-ha about climate change then? Well it’s not about the planet at all. It’s all about us – the human race. So what’s new, it’s always all about us; ‘the thinking man’s animal’. People, all people, if they are truly honest with themselves are not concerned about climate change for the sake of the earth or the birds or the animals or the plants or the oceans. They fear the change and its impact on themselves and their children and their descendants. That’s not to say that this too is not a noble cause but let’s put it into perspective. The earth is truly and really abundant and always will be and there’s nothing any of us can do about it. If only we, as humans, would reflect and realise our own special abundance, we may understand that there is no need to fear change as mother earth doesn’t fear us.

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