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From the Creator of HBM...


I don’t do NY resolutions… I do like to create targets but not goals as such, as they have a way of limiting what can show up, so I sit with the energy of what I would like to create for the year ahead and move in the direction of things that match that energy. That way I can have a year that is beyond what I can think! As we always say in every festive season, look after yourself at this time, be extra kind to you and others, connect more with nature and reach out to people in this magazine if you are going through a challenging time or are alone. Huge love and gratitude for you all and let’s make 2020 extra special!!


he festive season is here, whether we celebrate it or not and so I like to take time out to reflect and focus on all the things I am grateful for this year and acknowledge the growth, whether it’s been big or small. This helps me to let go of the year that has passed and bring in the new energy for 2020! This year I have stepped into new areas in my life and I have been aware of the discomfort that comes up when we face the unknown and observe the fears that can come up with sometimes feeling out of control with breaking new ground. That is also what can surface when we start a New Year… it’s unknown, unique and exciting!


Festive Season & 2020 FEATURE



Year Ahead!


Christmas RECIPES

TOP HOLISTIC Business Tips



Volume 119 ISSN: 1836-8840



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 The science behind holiday constipation JOEL GRACE


Organic Coconut Flour Blueberry Muffins TERRY and CHAU BOYLE


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 The 3 people you need in your business team! SIMONE MILASAS

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17 Welcome lasting love this festive season! SHANNON ICHIKAWA

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Finding your tribe REBECCA-LEE

Choose festive buzz foods





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Festive Season and 2020 (Cont.) 22 How will you rise up in the New Year? KIM KOROHEKE



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 hat with the Body Health C Medium, Felicity Scott


HOLISTIC AS… Books and more


Insights from our Cover Personality: Tatiana Savery

Holistic Bliss | DECEMBER 2019-JANUARY 2020 |

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White Christmas Slice RECIPE MARIE MOON


arie Anita’s Café has you covered for simple and healthy Christmas treats. This recipe is a clean, allergy-friendly take on the traditional White Christmas. Taking only 10 minutes to prepare, it leaves you with time to actually relax over the holiday period. This recipe uses brown rice puffs although the traditional recipe uses rice bubbles. There are some great alternative brands making healthier cereals which may be available for you to give your slice extra crunch. Use organic and locally sourced ingredients whenever possible. Marie Anita’s Health Café & Bakery on the Gold Coast will be serving up delicious organic and gluten-free food all festive season. Serving up all day breakfast and lunch daily, Marie Anita’s offers a coeliac-safe gluten-free environment, using organic ingredients sourced as locally as possible. The menu caters for everyone with plenty of plant-based options through to nitrate-free bacon and free-range eggs.

The café also sells a selection of glutenfree pastries, breads, muffins and raw slices. Coffee is locally roasted in Tweed Heads and is available on a range of milks, including house-made raw almond and hemp milk. GLUTEN-FREE, DAIRY-FREE, VEGAN, CANE SUGAR-FREE Ingredients: ½ cup dry cashews, soaked overnight 1⅓ cups cacao butter buttons Pinch salt ⅓ cup pure maple syrup 1 vanilla bean 1 cup mixed organic/sulphite-free fruit 1 cup coconut, shredded ⅓ cup tart cherries ⅓ cup raw buckwheat kernels 1 cup brown rice puffs (or a crispy puffed rice alternative) Method: 1. Melt the cacao butter in a saucepan over a gentle heat. 2. Scrape the vanilla bean seeds out of the vanilla bean. 3. Combine the vanilla, cacao butter,


cashews, salt, and maple syrup into a blender and blend until smooth and creamy. 4. In a medium-large bowl place the creamy mixture with the remaining ingredients and stir until the wet mixture evenly covers the dry ingredients. 5. Line a slice tray with baking paper and spread the mixture evenly through the tray. The slice will set exactly as it is pressed so take time to level the mixture to present as desired. 6. Place slice in the fridge for 3 hours before serving. /marieanitas /marieanitascafe


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“The person who comes into this retreat will not be the same person who leaves… You’ll see a lighter, happier, healthier version emerge.” – Annie Clark

Enquiries Anne Clark: 0402 166 187 | Learn more or book online:

I NS P I R AT I O N – LAU G H T E R – E N E R GY – FU N ! Top Up Your Wellness Bank Account! 6 6.indd 1

| DECEMBER 2019-JANUARY 2020 | Holistic Bliss

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The science behind

holiday constipation



pproximately four in 10 people find it difficult to poop while on holiday. Anytime you leave your usual surroundings for more than a day, things can start to ‘slow down’. The best way to avoid this unwanted phenomenon is to understand the reasons behind what’s happening in your gut to cause ‘holiday constipation’. TEMPORARY IMBALANCES IN YOUR GUT MICROBIOME The food we eat is the same food that feeds all the bacteria living in our gut. Your microbiome gets used to your usual diet as a regular and consistent fuel source, so it can happily perform all the jobs it normally does in your body, such as the production of vitamins, happy hormones and short-chain fatty acids. But what’s the first thing we usually do on holiday? EAT! We tend to overindulge in local delicacies and junk foods that aren’t part of our staple diet at home. Suddenly, the reliable supply of food to your gut bacteria has drastically changed from your

How to avoid it: Go for a walk around the block as soon as you arrive at your destination. It’s a great way to take in the sights and get your bearings, with the added benefit of passively moving your colon muscles to aid digestion and improve transit time through your gut. STRESS BUSTER Holidays are meant to be a break away from everyday stress, yet the logistics of being on holiday can often be just as stressful! The toll travel has on our ‘second brain’ is significant. Navigating through foreign cities, setting alarms for attractions, and staying with family for an extended time can all be enough to change the normal function of your bowels. How to avoid it: Relax and breathe! Stress is one of the biggest factors causing your gut to shut down, so taking it easy on holiday is an important step in avoiding constipation.

everyday eating habits, which has been demonstrated to reduce particular microorganisms in your gut radically. This has the effect of slowing down your transit time, and you end up with holiday constipation. How to avoid it: Consider doubling your intake of gut-friendly bacteria and probiotics one week prior to travel, and maintaining this until you return home. Also, keep up your fruit and veggie intake so the bacteria that break down dietary fibres won’t significantly reduce in number. And of course, stay hydrated! Just one day with inadequate water intake is enough to cause constipation. LACK OF MOVEMENT Everyday movement stimulates your gut, so any period of inactivity, such as sitting on a plane or in a car, can cause your intestines to clog up. Your brain also sends you messages when it’s time to have a bowel movement, so ignoring the urge to go while travelling can make it more difficult once you finally sit down on the toilet.

Are you looking for

Solutions to

Good Health that


An evidence-based approach for: • Hormone Imbalance • Thyroid Issues • Digestive Health • Depression and Anxiety • Auto-Immune Disease • Autism and ADHD



EEent FR essm



Our team of Naturopaths and Psychologists have helped 1000s of clients claim back their health Let us help you – phone 07 5458 4800 or book online


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Organic Coconut Flour Blueberry Muffins RECIPE SHARED BY TERRY AND CHAU BOYLE

PREP: 10 MINS | COOK: 15 MINS MAKES: 6 MUFFINS Ingredients: 2 tbsp butter or virgin coconut oil, melted 3 eggs 2 tbsp coconut milk, homemade or canned 30 drops liquid extract stevia ¼ tsp salt ¼ tsp vanilla ¼ cup sifted coconut flour ¼ tsp baking powder ½ cup blueberries, rinsed and dried thoroughly Method: 1. In a large bowl, mix eggs, butter, coconut milk, stevia, salt, and vanilla. 2. In a smaller bowl, combine sifted

coconut flour and baking powder. 3. Add dry mix into batter, blending thoroughly until there are no lumps. 4. Pour batter into greased muffin tins and bake at 200°C for about 15 minutes. Tips on cooking with coconut flour Sift flour before use. Because of its dense nature and tendency to clump, it is helpful to sift coconut flour before adding it in with other recipe ingredients. This will promote more even mixing and a consistent finishing texture in your final product. Add appropriate amount of egg With an unusual fibre content, nutrient composition and lack of elastic-like gluten, coconut flour behaves very differently from wheat and other grain flours in preparation. You will notice that recipes with coconut flour often require a larger amount of pastured eggs, which act as binders for an optimal chewy texture when baked. Though some recipes may call for different combinations, the standard proportioning is about 6 eggs

Gluten Free Health Cafe & Bakery

for every ½ cup of coconut flour. Be careful with liquid measurements The amount of liquid in coconut flour recipes (including that derived from milks, water, eggs, syrups and oils) is very specific and should be followed meticulously according to provided measurements. It is crucial to avoid the urge to add more flour or water to adjust the consistency of the batter while mixing, as coconut flour often behaves conversely to what we might expect. Due to the highly absorptive nature of the flour, additional liquid can actually cause the batter to thicken, while increasing flour will make the final product crumbly and disagreeably dry. Unlike other recipes that may be calling out for your creative embellishment, deviating from coconut flour recipes is not recommended as slight changes in measurement can greatly alter the outcome.



his buttery and bursting-withflavour, delicious gluten-free alternative is easy to make even if you are new to baking with coconut flour – check out the tips at the end of the recipe. This recipe is from Dr Bruce Fife, ‘Cooking with Coconut Flour’.





Phone (07) 5572 3224 // OPEN EVERY DAY 7am-4pm

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| DECEMBER 2019-JANUARY 2020 | Holistic Bliss

Phone: 1300 315 300 E:

YOURORGANICMARKETS.COM.AU Shop 2/290 Dawson Parade, Arana Hills

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Vegan Shortbread with Frosted Hemp Milk Icing RECIPE MELANIE LEONTINE

Ingredients: 250g Nuttelex ½ cup caster sugar 3 cups plain flour Method: Preheat your oven to 160°C and line your baking tray with baking paper. Place the butter and sugar into the bowl of an electric mixer and mix on medium speed for 5-7 minutes until mixture is light and creamy. Reduce the speed of the mixer to slow, and gradually add the flour, half a cup at a time, until the mixture begins to resemble dough. Place the mixture onto a lightly floured bench and form a ball with your hands. Roll the dough until it’s approximately 5mm thick and use a cutter to shape the biscuits (I love my Hemp leaf

shaped cookie cutter I found online). Transfer the shortbread to the baking tray. Bake for 10-12 minutes until the edges are just beginning to turn golden. Carefully remove the shortbread from the oven and allow to cool on the baking trays for 15 minutes. Transfer to a wire rack to cool completely. Once cool the cookies can be stored in an airtight container for up to 3 days.

Method: For the icing, whisk together the powdered sugar, Hemp milk, and vanilla extract until the sugar is totally dissolved. If it’s too dry, add a little more milk; too wet, add more powdered sugar. Decorate your vegan shortbread with your frosted hemp icing!

FROSTED HEMP ICING Ingredients: 1½ cups powdered sugar 4-5 tsp hemp milk ½ tsp vanilla extract

Cannopathy Shop 169B Main Street, Montville, Qld


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festive buzz foods



ishing you had better selfcontrol when the festive season has you craving carbohydrates? Wanting to feel and look good this summer, but find it hard when so much focus is on ‘naughty’ food? The best way to tackle any food anxiety when the festive season hits, is to know there are always healthier choices you can make, in almost any situation! Using a little nutritional savvy will allow you to stay calm, in control and feeling your best when those grazing tables are so tempting! WHY DO MOST FESTIVE SEASON FOODS MAKE YOU TIRED? Put simply, it’s too many carbs and when eaten on their own, can send us on a roller coaster ride with our blood sugar levels. Remember the old saying ‘what goes up, must come down’? This is exactly how our insulin behaves when we eat carbohydrate foods, particularly refined carbs like processed wheat, biscuits, white pasta/bread/rice.

HOW CAN YOU COMBAT THE ENERGY SLUMP? Firstly, try to avoid eating carbohydrates solo, always add a protein to buffer and slow the release of insulin, so that it doesn’t come crashing down an hour or two later, which will make you feel like you need more carbs to bring you back up to neutral (hence the roller coaster analogy). Protein in the form of nuts, seeds, seafood, eggs, as well as red and white meats can be the perfect accompaniment to your hors d’oeuvre plate! Since fats are no longer the enemy, keep them on-side and include: avocados, salads with good quality oils as dressings, olives, coconut cream and oils, to ensure your food choices keep you feeling full and satisfied, as fats are super clever at telling your body that you’re full. FESTIVE SNACKS? If you’re making snacks at home or are asked to bring a share plate, include foods that can be considered medicine, when it comes to combatting blood sugar issues. We often suggest

Steve Dodson PROFESSIONAL HYPNOTHERAPIST Would you like to be the best version of yourself for 2020? Need to stop smoking, release that extra weight or just get yourself back on track?

cinnamon to assist stabilising blood sugar levels. Ideally gravitate towards recipes that include: cinnamon, chia seeds, flaxmeal, coconut oil, almonds, pumpkin or sunflower seeds and avocados. Home-made bliss balls, chunky dips, raw dessert slices and using nut meals in place of flours, will keep you and your friends feeling happy and satisfied, without the sugar crash! It is easy to over-do the portion sizes this time of the year. Remember your digestion system does not know it is the festive season and has not had time to prepare for the extra digestive enzymes and work that may be ahead. At times you may find yourself eating something unhealthy because it’s enjoyable, when in fact often the healthier option could taste just as good. Ask yourself, “does this really taste as good as I thought it would taste?” Your answer may surprise you!


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DAISY’S PLACE IS OPEN. Enjoy urban glam right here on the Sunshine Coast. Relax in a flirtatious interior of luxury and style or feel at home in the casual and relaxed environment of the outdoor deck, surrounded by a lush rainforest and water landscaped gardens, any time of the day or night.



07 5494 5192


2859 Steve Irwin Way, Glenview - Just off the highway onto Steve Irwin Way

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5 tips to cultivate

more flow in and less grind


Do I have to hustle all day long to be successful in business?” As entrepreneurs we’re forced into a world of ‘rise and grind’, which can feel like we have to push ourselves at all costs to get stuff done. The grind is real, because the consequences are real, however how we approach the grind is changing. THE GRIND If you’re in business or preparing to start a business, you know the reality for entrepreneurs is that there’s always more to do than we have time for… I get it, however when we’re pushing ourselves beyond our limits, working dozens of hours beyond the standard work week, the gains just aren’t there in the long term. You might do 15 hours today, but then lose 2 days of being effective as a result. Being ‘busy’ (without consideration for quality output) like it’s some sort of award, in my opinion has become foolish and an unconscious way to approach doing business as it compromises so many other things that

are important to fundamental wellbeing and our wellbeing is interconnected with our performance and the quality of our output, as well as our life. What I am suggesting to you is that let’s not compromise your wellbeing as you build your business… there is a means for us to ‘have our cake and eat it too’. Build a business using flow, from the space of fundamental wellbeing. BUT HOW DO YOU DO THAT? 1. Develop a daily practice. And do it daily. Meditation, yoga, Qigong, whatever it might be. We need a practice of controlling our attention or else we get drawn into the busyness of the mind and the world. 2. Plan tomorrow – today. As the last thing you do before you finish your work day, plan out your tomorrow, scheduling time for the projects which are important to your business growth. This will ensure you are working on what’s important to you and not reacting to the noise and demands of those around us.

3. Exercise discipline around checking emails and social accounts. If the first thing you do in the morning is check your emails/social accounts, your attention is already drawn into consumption mode, consuming other people’s content and out of producing mode. You’re giving away your power (your attention) as soon as you wake up. 4. Schedule breaks throughout the day to check emails and social accounts and be disciplined around keeping to those times. This will help keep you in flow. 5. Take regular breaks throughout the day, to let go of the tension that arises – a quick meditation, walk, stretch. You’ll be surprised at how much more productive you are, time you have and how much better you feel with a few simple practices which help guard your attention for what’s truly important. Join TROY’s online masterclass to learn how:


lethargy, nausea, headaches and other discomfort? IT COULD BE FROM THE ELECTROMAGNETIC RADIATION BEING EMITTED FROM: • Wi-Fi Routers and Modems

• Fluorescent Lighting

• Digital TV Screens • Smart Meters

• High Voltage Power Lines

• Electrical Appliances

• Laptops and Tablets

• Microwave Ovens

• Earth Radiation

• Mobile Phone Towers


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GEOCLENSE IS AMAZING! A simple solution for all electromagnetic radiation in your home and workplace.

It’s as easy as just plugging it in!

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Healthy Home, Healthier Life 12 12.indd 1

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15/11/2019 5:54:36 AM



3 people you need



hen choosing people to work with in business, it’s helpful to know that there are three different types of people that are required for success. When you understand these three types of people and recognise which one you are, you are then able to create optimal success by bringing in the people who will add the components that may currently be missing. 1. CONNECTORS Connectors like to talk and they’re good at it. These are the people with lots of phone numbers in their contact list. They are natural sales people. They will talk to anyone about anything. They know what to say and when to say it. They know how to truly connect with people and it’s joyful for them. 2. MOVERS Movers are people who know how to run a business. They are always

in your business

10 steps ahead. Their expertise lies in knowing what has to be put in place today to expand the business tomorrow. Movers are high energy people with lots of ambition. They are continuously looking at all of the possibilities and asking, “What’s required next?” And whatever it is, they make it happen! 3. CREATORS Creators are the dreamers; the visionaries. They are always looking at what they can generate and create next. Their ability is they are able to see what is possible in business and in life. They naturally function in the questions of, “What else is possible? What choices do I have?” Each one of these types of people is essential to the success of your business and each is equally important. You don’t have to do it all yourself. Do what you’re good at. Do what’s joyful for you. Ask “Who or what else can I add


to my business?” Invite people along who have the skills that you require and let them do what’s joyful for them. How many people ‘think’ that nobody can do their business as well as them? If this is you, I will give you a hint; ask to hire people that are better than you; who have greater capacities than you. What if your business ended up expanding because of this and you had more ease and fun? Welcome to the joy of business! SIMONE MILASAS is a serial entrepreneur, business mover and shaker. Climbing out of $187K in debt she is now an investor in multiple projects including a castle in Italy, an eco-retreat in Costa Rica plus The Antique Guild in Qld, Australia. A bestselling author of three books on business and relationships, she inspires everyone to the joy of business. Sign up for her free Jump Start Your Finances course at:

Holistic Bliss | DECEMBER 2019-JANUARY 2020 |

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15/11/2019 5:55:31 AM


Christmas doesn’t have to leave a hole in your pocket!



have always loved Christmas. I remember the excitement as a child of decorating our big old farmhouse with crepe paper streamers and driving around with my Dad looking for the perfect (real) Christmas tree. The world has certainly changed with an amazing array of decorations and ornaments that can now be found at various bargain shops. However, for many people, Christmas can be a stressful time with lots of presents to buy for friends and family. Not to mention the abundance of food to buy, prepare and serve to celebrate. The table usually groans with the weight of the food, and we all need an afternoon sleep after having such a huge Christmas lunch (how blessed are we?). Sometimes, the credit card gets used repeatedly with the philosophy that we will worry about the bill when it comes in January. I have a very large extended family and we used to buy presents for everyone. However, as the children

have grown, partnered and had children of their own, it just became too much. So, now we have a gathering (pizza and pool party) at my place a week or so before Christmas. It is our version of a casual Christmas and we all just buy a $5 Secret Santa gift. This gathering is so much fun and laughter abounds. Some people are quite creative with their $5 purchase, which just proves that you don’t have to spend a lot to bring joy. Seeing 35 people in the pool at once, all laughing and having fun is magical. We then celebrate on Christmas day with our close family and friends and have all the trimmings. While it may be too late for this Christmas, I suggest that you can plan for the problem of high Christmas costs during the year. Let’s say you have gifts to buy for 10 people and want to spend $50 each, and then have another 10 on whom you spend $20 each. Depending upon your catering needs, add up what you will spend on the prawns, ham, drinks and all the trimmings. Let’s say that comes

to $400. So, the total spend is $1100. Let’s add another $100 for unexpected extras and make it $1200. I suggest putting aside money each payday into a special account to cover this cost. For example, $1200 over 52 weeks is $23.07 per week. Imagine how it will feel to have the funds sitting there in the bank already and no big credit card bill arriving in January. If you want to go away during the holiday break, divide the cost of your accommodation and spread your savings over the year to make it happen. You can do it! May your Christmas be filled with love, laughter and happiness. KATH ORMAN is a Senior Financial Planner of her company Goals & Dreams Financial Planning Pty Ltd, which is an authorised representative of Charter Financial Planning Limited AFSL 234665. If you would like to know more email: or phone: (07) 3350 9595

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Repair and Regenerate your Body with Stem Cell Nutri�on 14 14.indd 1

| DECEMBER 2019-JANUARY 2020 | Holistic Bliss

15/11/2019 5:56:06 AM


The benefits of


one-on-one healing

o many of us long-term practitioners know that one-onone healing is super beneficial to the wellbeing of people living day-today happy and fulfilling lives. More and more courses and workshops are offered, promising many great benefits. ‘Learn this tool and conquer your inner demons’ or ‘Use this modality and live the life you love to live’. These possibilities are readily available to us all, worldwide, from our homes, online. They can and do contribute to wonderful change and growth. What about when life throws you or someone in your family a curveball, when your emotions, mind, relationships or body are not doing what you would love or desire? Or your intuition is nudging at you to step up your life somehow and grow in these key areas? When the curveball or nudge finds you, your situation is personal and case-

by-case. Because of this, your solutions and possibilities are also personal and case-by-case. In times when the curveballs seem too big to catch or change feels hard and impossible, it is natural to want external help. We all have blind spots, egos and denials. Letting someone else into your inner world to assist the growth is wise, nurturing and contributive. Sometimes helping yourself with more than one practitioner and modality is also necessary, just like you would do with books, podcasts and online videos. When you’re ready for real, solid change and growth, sharing a oneon-one journey with one or more practitioners and modalities you relate with, will trump anything else. The depth, awareness and possibilities that come from one-on-one healing will open your heart, expand your mind and realign you back to who you are, giving you the confidence and support

to move forward, change and grow. The undeniable positive change that happens when a practitioner shows up knowing and believing any change is possible for you, and you show up willing to do what it takes to change and grow, is co-creation at its best. It’s where healing happens. The founders of Step Up Your Life – Erin Barry (Psychologist), Jules O’Neill (Energy Intuitive) and Todd Zemek (Psychologist) – saw an opportunity to create a shared space that supports both practitioners and clients to step up their lives. And, we want to offer you the opportunity to join our team of experienced practitioners. If you are an established, professional practitioner who values the art of one-on-one therapy and are interested in sharing space with us in the Sunshine Coast’s newest holistic healing centre, please contact us. Email: for more information.

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15/11/2019 5:56:40 AM



Unwrap the gift



s we end 2019 – the year of expressing yourself, shining your brilliance, doing things differently and knowing it’s your time and your turn – I encourage you to celebrate all of you and everything you learnt and achieved. The year 2019 had many noticeable changes in our lives, whether we wanted them or not. It gave us opportunities to shine our brilliance, tap into the unknown and explore new possibilities. This was an exceptional year, according to sacred geometry, as many got to see their capabilities. The most important thing for the end of year, and something I teach in every course, seminar and presentation, is to celebrate you. Don’t wait until your birthday, Christmas or Easter. Celebrate every day. Share your wins, goals, dreams and achievements, and allow others to celebrate with you. There is no better way to celebrate than with food – it’s something we all do globally, so do it now for yourself. When you celebrate and recognise you, your cells vibrate at a higher frequency, which allows health to happen

of you

for your body. It means your immune system gets stronger and that means less disease. Celebration is recognising yourself as the pure potentiality you are, the pure love you are. Ending the year this way allows you to step into 2020 filled with vibrancy, enthusiasm and courage. I heard a saying many years ago that I love: “A family altar, alters the family.” I loved this and created one with my children when they were young. This altar was filled with photos, crystals, fruit, memories and achievements for everyone in the family. Each day we would ‘visit’ the altar and appreciate and celebrate ourselves. Today, we still have this, and it’s like having festivities every day. Why not make your own altar and fill it with your achievements? I recall watching Dr Phil on the Oprah Winfrey Show many years ago. I was in hospital feeding my son and stopped what I was doing because of what he said: “You teach people how to treat you.” That was so powerful and impactful for me. It changed my life to know I should celebrate me, recognise

me and put myself as a priority. Aligned with Dr Phil and my own experience, I encourage you to recognise you! When you do, it means you see your brilliance; you see how amazing you are, you know anything is possible. This allows you to enter 2020 with inner wisdom and peace, knowing life will be amazing. You are amazing! Join JEAN SHEEHAN for her accredited Millennium Modality® Courses, (Medical Intuition & Millennium Children®). Purchase The Millennium Children® book, Medical Intuitive Oracle Cards or attend a course with Jean Sheehan now.

The Art of Brilliance Without Burnout! A sacred path of female leadership With Beks Thompson Inspire change in others without denying yourself! Be seen without fear and self-doubt! Join our community of women realising their highest potential, without compromising their health, their family or their feminine.

17th-23rd May 2020 Sunshine Coast, Qld

We’d love to share this powerful work with you. REGISTER FOR ONE OF OUR NEXT EVENTS BELOW:

BRIBIE ISLAND: TUES Jan 21 10am-1pm Bribie RSL, 99 Toorbul Street

BRISBANE: TUES Feb 18 10am-1pm

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FREE 16 16.indd 1

MAFIA Hub, 1/7 Miller Street, Murrarie


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Welcome lasting love

this festive season!



love this season – family connections, parties, the energy of goodwill and love. This energy can be harnessed for singles who want to find their wonderful life partner this season. Mindset and Action Magic: 1. Celebrate the Energy of Love The energy of love is abundant right now, so celebrate this by consciously being as generously loving and open as you can with yourself and everyone around you (simultaneously respecting your own and others’ boundaries of course). This has a flow-on effect – it’s easier to make friends and you will be more likely to speak to new people. Think of pertinent and caring questions to ask in social situations and practise the slightly unnerving action of smiling at people in the street! I have several stories of couples who met out and about, one met in a swimming pool and one in a restaurant!

2. Tap into the Magic of Christmas One of the beautiful things about this time of year is the feeling that anything is possible, and that magic is in the air! Practising one of the most important aspects of the Law of Attraction, which is to feel the feeling of the wish fulfilled is a good way to tap into this energy. What this means if you are single and you want to welcome lasting love, is that you put some thought into what feelings having your life partner by your side is going to bring you. It could be connectedness, community, or love. Then consciously choose to spend time now engaging in activities that will bring that same feeling. Like attracts like, so when you have the feeling inside that your love will also bring you, it will be easier to attract the partner you desire! 3. Party! This is the season for parties – at

work, with friends, local club parties and of course, hosting your own. See how many parties you can fit in comfortably – it’s not about the drinking, it’s about the chance to meet new people in a setting where people are happy and relaxed. Think of some conversation starters, and even consider wearing a conversation piece, a silly hat, brooch or similar can be a great way to break the ice – the silly season helps us get away with the unusual! I met my hubby through friends… some sources say this is the number one way people meet, so it’s definitely worth a good dose of party to increase your networks. Have the very best festive season – go out there, smile and be open to welcoming lasting love! /Welcome Lasting Love /welcomelastinglove email:



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t’s party time! And that can mean a whole lot of ‘unhealthy ways’ when we just go along with the crowd and celebrate the tinsel town way. Or it can mean a whole lot of healthiness when we celebrate with consciousness. Here are some simple festive season swaps that will be healthier and even help you be happier: 1. Looking for something sweet? Think fresh fruit. Swap the cakes, lollies and sugar-filled delights for some simple, fresh fruit platters and bowls of seasonal deliciousness. Think cherries, grapes, lychees and slices of watermelon. They look fantastic and fresh, they taste sweet with cleansing fruitiness, and they are natural. 2. Creamy taste buds? Make your dips and cream sauces with coconut cream and coconut yoghurts. This is less fatty and less heavy on your body. Directly swap sour cream, cream cheese

and cold whipped cream with simple, natural coconut yoghurt. Add coconut cream to your cooked sauces, as it reduces the richness and is easier on your digestion. 3. Want to colour your foods? Use blue spirulina for blue, blueberries for red, beetroot for purple, turmeric for yellow and super greens for green. It’s added nourishment and looks great! 4. Are you after extra energy? Want to boost your body after the party? Then swap out your regular breakfast for a big juice the next day with carrots, celery and green leaves. Add some protein powder, super greens and a scoop of vitamin C powder for a juice full of nutrients and hydration. 5. Want to swap out the alcohol? Then simply spritz some sparkling mineral water with fruit juices, ice, fresh fruits, vegetable juices and herbal teas. Think mocktails! For a piña colada,

Raelene Byrne

use pineapple juice and coconut milk. A Bloody Mary is made from tomato juice and lemon. The more alcohol we swap out, the happier our liver will become. You can always swap every second drink with water or a nonalcoholic beverage – this will halve your consumption! 6. Swap out single-use plastic, plastic containers, tinsel and disposable and unrecyclable Christmas paraphernalia for natural and more sustainable options. Use flowers, leaves, seashells, pine cones, plants, cloth, fabric and recycled, second-hand, opshop and up-cycled items wherever you can to replace the cheap and nasty planetary wastes. Think clean and green in your foods, gifts and decorations! Happy festive season folks!


Embrace the Moment


Medicine for your Spirit

Reiki Master – Practitioner & Trainer, Art & Sandplay Therapist, Health Coach, SoulCollage® Facilitator De-Stress and Clarify Your Inner Wisdom

KATE STIMSON Health & Holistic Healer/Therapist/Artist


PHONE 0459 569 690 \\


CHAMBERS ISLAND, MAROOCHYDORE Time to release, rebirth and realise, leave 2019, prepare to embody 2020. Bookings at:

UNIVERSAL SOUL FLOW 2020 PROGRAMME Your experiential guide for attuning to 2020 energies.



Dip. C.H., Clinical Hypnotherapist, Ericksonian Psychotherapist BOOK YOUR SESSION TODAY: OR CALL (07) 3354 4555 First Floor, 510 South Pine Road, Everton Park, QLD

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Finding your tribe WORDS REBECCA-LEE


was in my mid-20s when it was 1999. Back then, it was about working hard during the week and partying hard on the weekends. I am sure (not so much from any memory left) that my friends and I drank a little bit extra for the year 2000 New Year’s Eve! Back then we didn’t truly understand what it meant to be around at the turn of the century and part of another revolution on Earth. Some people are only just catching on now and many more will follow. The 20 years that have ensued since 1999 have flown… many of us have been feeling a constant barrage of energies; healing and shifting personal, ancestral and collective trauma and karma. For those of us in the conscious throws of this ‘awakening’ have felt no choice but to leave the past behind us – including old versions of ourselves; people we seem to outgrow very

quickly, jobs and companies we simply can not be a part of anymore, and even some family members that have been toxic. The path has been mostly tough with moments of gratitude and short reprieves, yet still, filled with great confusion, often about what we hold on to as positive tradition and what must be thrown out to make way for the new. This has often led to long stints of isolation and loneliness that many people are still in, for a few different reasons – 1. You’re still not sure of who you are; where you belong/who your tribe is; 2. You have had to protect yourself from the outside world to heal, but also you may not have trusted that you wouldn’t attract the drama and problematic people of where you had previously been; 3. You just can’t seem to find likeminded people.

This journey has been incredibly tough for so many people. I believe 2020 is going to be the year that many people who have been on the conscious path of awakening are going to discover how much they have evolved, and who they are on the most deepest spiritual level and why they are truly here. In that, I see so many people ready to finally come out and connect with their long lost tribe in 2020, so that they can come together in purpose and collaborate, celebrate and support each other to take the next step in their/our evolution. If you feel that you are ready and are looking for a place to start, then I invite you to come over to High Vibration City. A place to connect, communicate, celebrate how far you have come and continue your evolution and this revolution for a better life for everyone.

Holistic Bliss | DECEMBER 2019-JANUARY 2020 |

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15/11/2019 5:59:25 AM


a n a i t a T Savery



e each have a unique frequency… a way of vibrating that is special and magical! And it’s often the traumas, stresses and untruths that prevent that frequency from being fully shared with the world. This is where frequency technologies can assist, allowing us to be the unique frequency we came here to be, more often. So this month, we shine the light on frequency technologies and Tatiana Savery, a gifted change agent who has been contributing to healing and consciousness fields for over 34 years. 20

20.indd 1

| DECEMBER 2019-JANUARY 2020 | Holistic Bliss

Tatiana is a private person outside her work, as she is in the public eye most days, whether seeing clients at her three clinics or travelling for events, which can mean speaking to thousands on any given weekend. “I find sharing the quiet space together with my two adult daughters in the garden, on our land on the Sunshine Coast, or watching our horses and adorable dogs is part of my nirvana,” she explains. When I recently caught up with Tatiana, she had come from a long day of working with people in palliative care and cancer clinics, and she shared a little on how she was helping her clients with frequency technology. There was

a gentle, kindness in her voice and she sounded serene, despite her busy schedule devoted to facilitating people in Queensland and around the world. What I also found remarkable was that over the past few decades, she has offered her work alongside being a single mum, home-schooling her children for much of their education. Being such a private person, I felt fortunate Tatiana shared her fascinating early life with me so openly. Born in Victoria on Vancouver Island, British Columbia and living most of her life in Vancouver, Canada, there were always deep conversations when growing up, as most of her family members were

15/11/2019 5:59:58 AM

a y


n t


scientists. Yet, she turned her interests towards art and mysticism from a young age, “because of my family upbringing and interests, the bridge between science and spirit, is what I lived and understood”, she said. Tatiana was tutored by a wonderful artist in Vancouver during the late 1970s, which she followed with formal education and a degree in Fine Arts that focused on colour therapy. She continued to follow her creative talents by studying interior design, with interest in the implications of design and colour on the psyche. In the early 1980s, she began working with AIDS patients using colour therapy in palliative care environments. With her design and art background, she opened a clothing boutique on West Broadway, beside the city’s main hospital, implementing her own design label ‘Om BaBa’. Witnessing the rise in AIDS and cancer patients, working beside Vancouver’s largest hospital, along with her own reoccurring health issues, she began her education in naturopathy. “It was my own health difficulties that led to my interest in nutrition and natural medicines, studying naturopathy, Chinese medicine, Ayurveda and herbalism. I travelled through Europe, Africa, Asia and into South America, gaining what was considered ancient wisdom and knowledge, some handed down from generation to generation within different tribes and shamen. Further learning in the late 80s came from naturopathic doctors in El Paso, America and Juárez, Mexico, while I was working in some of the first alternative clinics treating both AIDS and cancer patients. These clinics were implementing frequency technologies and were my first experience seeing results from such devices.” Her brother, a physics student, was also teaching her about quantum physics and, at the same time, she became an avid reader of spiritual texts, which fed even more of her quest for understanding the nature of who we truly are. Tatiana’s understanding of consciousness and mysticism was amplified after having two near-death experiences in her life. “It is one thing to see the physical connection that I saw, yet completely experiential to be within the experience of being connected to all things, which is what I felt when in those two near-death

states… there was no separation from anyone or anything.” In the late 1990s, Tatiana travelled to New Zealand to research the protocols integrative doctors were using, while addressing her own health. She finally arrived in Australia and was working in one of the top naturopathic clinics in Sydney. But she didn’t stop there. She left no stone unturned, training in Reiki, body energetics, energy medicine, kinesiology, quantum healing, Heart Math, NLP, energy psychology and more. She came to understand that the key to waking up to who we are lies within our vibrational frequency, and using frequency technologies offered many possibilities. Then her life changed significantly after meeting Swiss engineer, scientist and professional musician, Martin Frischknecht, who eliminated himself of epilepsy with his invention, the ‘PowerTube®’. The spark of inspiration occurred when Martin had a dream about this life-changing machine, and then had the means and talent to build the technology and bring it to fruition so the general public could have this handheld device in their own homes. Its accuracy has been verified, and the device created and tested at the University of Munich. Now more than 300,000 PowerTubes® have been sold worldwide. Tatiana was inspired to bring this cutting edge technology to Australia, where it became registered with the TGA as a medical device for pain relief. Tatiana explains, “We are 81% water, we can hold memories/trauma in the cells of our body, so when the water molecule in the cells are aligned, the body comes into balance. The PowerTube® frequency device works (through the skin) on the molecular water structure. The three fundamental frequencies with the corresponding harmonic series ‘vibrate’ the water molecule in the mitochondria, so it is different from how a TENS machine works.” Travelling and presenting at conferences, events and Frequency Academy seminars held in more than 10 countries, Tatiana has seen firsthand how this burgeoning field is attracting people from all over the world. Frequency Academy is now being accredited, which will create even more growth and awareness, bridging health, technology of the sciences


and spirituality. There is a Frequency Academy Australia; and the Frequency Academy Switzerland has a following of over 40 million due to one of their scientist’s TV shows and recording studio. “We have also been recording my own TV show segments on health, science, technologies and spirituality, which is wonderful, and this will launch in a few months. And I will be releasing three books later in 2020,” said Tatiana. For three years in a row, she has been invited to speak at Dr Gerald Pollack’s Physics, Chemistry and Biology of Water Conference in Europe, where genius scientists understand the true nature of reality and our spirituality. Her work and life is a beautiful symphony of science meeting spirituality, and while she is willing to be seen and share all her gifts and capacities, she doesn’t seek out the spotlight as a guru. “An analogy I use is to view our world as a movie, we are all playing characters within a script, yet unless we connect with the director (spirit) to change the script, we can’t really create change.” So how would you like to ‘BE’ through the festive season this year (whether you celebrate it or not)? What if you could create your own ‘festive frequency’ that works for you and also benefits others? For more information about TATIANA’s work visit: Holistic Bliss | DECEMBER 2019-JANUARY 2020 |

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5/12/2019 8:26:07 AM




hat a phenomenal year it has been. Have you felt expanded? I find with every year, it’s hard to tell which is the biggest in terms of growth and expansion for me. I guess it’s a compounding thing isn’t it? Everything builds upon what we have worked on and through previously. As we step into the energy of 2020, we are going to be called to rise up, as the consciousness on the planet is shaken up even further. We will be required to dig deeper into our soul and pull up from our reservoir of inner resources. It is time now to face ourselves more fully. We cannot continue being surface deep, burying our heads in the sand hoping things will go away. The planet and its inhabitants need our consciousness to elevate now! This means more connection with the earth, the environment, the animals, our children, our family and friends,

rise up

in the New


that is change. It appears whether we like it or not, in some shape or form. Here’s 5 steps to help you stay strong and empowered to navigate an awesome 2020 ahead: • Make that commitment to yourself to be there for you. Never abandon yourself. • Work to keep your energy bodies clear. This can be through meditation, yoga, conscious movement, massage, energy or sound healing. • Surround yourself with positive uplifting people. Dance, sing and laugh with them. • Keep your life simple as possible. Own less things. Eat simple. Sleep deeper. Love more. • Try something completely new to explore and strengthen your challenge muscles.

and those in our communities, but most importantly, with ourselves. We are not isolated entities separate from each other. We are all connected in the web of life together. Every small change we make within ourselves, has an effect on others because as we let go and shed the things that make us heavy and hold us back, we make way for more and more light in our being. This has an incredible effect on those around us. It is truly a gift to each other. The other benefit of doing the work of clearing and lightening our being, is that when we are faced with the unexpected, we know that we can draw from our inner wisdom and experiences to help us to move through whatever is presented. To know and trust that at the end of the day, we have ourselves. We can hold strong. Maybe this last year may not have presented too much challenge for you but there is one thing that is certain and

Sacred Soul Journey Guide, Guiding Women to their Soul Wisdom.

North Lakes Homeopathy • HOMEOPATHY • NUTRITION • CRANIOSACRAL THERAPY • REIKI HEALING I will help and support you and your family start on the path to health and wellbeing through the wonderful uniqueness of classical homeopathic care, holistic nutrition and more.


Sarah Kottmann 0412 190 114

WWW.NORTHLAKESHOMEOPATHY.COM.AU Suite 9, 8/23 Discovery Drive, North Lakes Qld 4509

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Wishing you all a very



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Christmas casualties, WORDS ANNIE CLARK


n the lead-up to Christmas there is so much that can go so very right and yet so much can and does go very wrong. How? We take on too much, which adds to the already accumulating stress, and trying to be everything to everyone is a recipe for disaster. Most people are just as concerned, as I am, about the looming end of the year stuff, that can add uncomfortable aftershocks, that I know really don’t need to be there! At the end of the day, what is important in life is good nutrition, good people to share life with, and a purpose or direction that keeps you excited and animated about being alive. There are times for celebration, rest and restoration, and also reflection. The trouble with Christmas is that you can find yourself in environments, with people you may not chose to normally be with, consuming food that you know deep down is not nutrient rich, but out

you don’t have to be one!

of nervousness or sheer boredom you find yourself reacting in ways that you know are destructive. What to do? Throughout the weeks prior increase your fresh juice consumption, find quiet times to write down what is working and what is good in your life. Trust yourself and say “No” to some of the invitations that you may get, as you don’t have to be at everything. When it comes to your kids’ concerts or specific school events that require you in the audience or involved, you may want to make sure you are at those gigs, or at least the most important ones to your kids, as they will be nourishment to you and your children when you and they are older. Every event that I attended where my son was either performing or contributing, I made a priority, as that was important to him, and therefore important to me. Don’t get caught up in the commercialisation and pressure of Christmas, of thinking that you have to

buy expensive presents with money that doesn’t exist in order to impress people who are not even on your ‘love radar’. This might sound so simplistic and obvious, but it still goes on. The best gift you can give anyone is to be present, which is why they call it a ‘present’. Be present with everyone, it’s GOLD and helps you to just calm down. Breathe and slow your movements so that you can enjoy living. I give this advice from a place of knowing because I’ve been the person running around trying to be at everything, and be everything to everyone, and it doesn’t work. So, one of the most beautiful places to be during the holiday season is in the garden, on a beach (in the morning) or walking in nature with a few other people who love to move. Get through the holiday season without being a casualty by enjoying your creative spaces.



OXYGEN & HYDROGEN THERAPY • Rapidly reduces inflammation and pain • Accelerates recovery • Improves oxidative stress • Resolves/improves 100s of conditions

REVIVAL – 63 Rene Street, Noosaville (next to Belmondos) PHONE (07) 5455 5655 | 24 24.indd 1

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Prepare yourself for WORDS SAND MEW


successful New Year’s resolutions

’m sure you know the times when you feel inspired about the New Year. You set some good intentions; goals you’re striving to reach. It might be losing those 5kg that just don’t want to budge; going on the trip to Europe that you’ve been dreaming of for years; or finally following your inner calling of fully living your purpose and not holding back anymore. You feel excited and inspired with the thought of your desired outcome and set out optimistically. However, sooner or later, something happens that brings up an underlying form of guilt, feelings of shame or fear in you; in other words not feeling good enough or paralysed. Next, you find yourself sabotaging your initial goals, doubting your capabilities or feeling downright flat and unmotivated. Gone are the good intentions and dreams, or so it seems. Why is it you can feel highly inspired, joyful and on track one

emotions in your body, causing imbalances in your physical body, but also in the way you achieve success in life, relationships and business. Hence, you form subconscious patterns around what’s safe or acceptable, that can play out in many ways. One very common one you may not be aware of, is your pattern around success. You might be on a good roll, moving excitedly towards your goals, but then all of a sudden you hit a socalled ‘upper limit’, when your comfort zone deems your experience ‘too joyful’, ‘too expanded’… in short: too far away from your comfort zone. This doesn’t have to be your story though. You can set yourself up for success by freeing yourself of a lifetime’s worth of emotional baggage, conditioning and upper limits. For more information, check out my upcoming book ‘Remember Who You Are’.

moment and not the next, therefore giving up on your goals and dreams or at least leading yourself into what feels like an endless struggle of ups and downs? According to Dr David Hawkins, there are 22 emotions on the ‘Scale of Consciousness’ with a frequency from 0 to 1000. These range from: shame, guilt and dogma around 20-50, to unconditional love at 500, to joy, enlightenment and purpose at 7001000. More than 85% of humanity vibrates at a frequency below 200, and is therefore stuck in shame, fear and basic survival mode. It’s common to have reaction patterns playing out around your emotions or states of being. They come from various times along your timeline (this life and past lives), when you experienced a strong response to a situation or a trauma, that didn’t get processed at the time. Therefore, you may have many beliefs and trapped

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Richard Giles

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Michelle Mann




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Hello, I’m Lydia Bullivant. I would like to invite you to experience the endless health benefits of our family traditions which have been passed down through generations from the ‘force of nature’ himself, Mr Vaughan Bullivant, the mastermind behind household vitamin names such as Nature’s Own, Natural Nutrition and Bio Organics; plus, the Natural Alternative Brand that was only available through his chain of health food shops at the time. Bullivant’s Natural Health Products (BNHP) have been leading the way, assisting people with their health problems naturally without the use of harmful chemicals and drugs. As with most traditions, they are passed from one generation to the next with the hope that those traditions will continue. I vow to continue the traditions and the philosophy of what Vaughan created and developed. Our mission was, and still is, to provide you with a greater quality of life through our range of natural, organic health products. At BNHP, we use only the highest quality certified ingredients from pure organic fruit extracts, nuts, vegetables, herbs, essential oils and vitamins in thoughtful and carefully researched combinations, designed to help you ‘feel alive inside!’ I was inspired to be part of the health industry because of both my husband Vaughan Bullivant and my daughter Chanel. We have always enjoyed a healthy lifestyle but it was during one of the most difficult times of my life that things really hit home. Vaughan was diagnosed with cancer. The pain and fear of losing a family

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member was a catalyst for change for me. Although I was struggling through a difficult time, I needed to escape the stress and depression I was falling into and learn how to help Vaughan beat the cancer, an illness that was eating him alive. I also thought about all the other people and families going through the same trauma we were facing and wondered what I could do to help them. Vaughan’s diagnosis drove me to get more involved and interested in what he spent his life doing and who he was as the ‘Vitamin King’. I decided to learn and study more about vitamins, herbs, vegetables, fruits, nutrition and essential oils. I used this new-found knowledge and decided to make 100% organic raw pure virgin coconut soap with vitamins A, E and C in it, to help his dry skin caused by the effects of chemo, radiation and all of the prescription drugs in his body. After a day, Vaughan actually asked me for more, as he loved it. This was a good sign because when you are stressed, cancer cells grow more quickly. So, relieving stress was a positive step. It also gave me pleasure seeing him happy every day, using it and seeing the results. This also inspired me to develop something to help my daughter Chanel, as she suffers from eczema. I started to make eczema body oil using all certified organic essential oils, certified NZ Manuka honey, vitamin E and ingredients to help minimise the growth of angry eczema and get rid of her eczema using natural alternatives. My family and I were surprised with the results, because it worked well on her skin. Of course, we have to keep using it to maintain the clear skin as her eczema can be quite severe. From that day, family, friends and other people encouraged me to do more and take it to the next level. I’m a fan of nature. I believe in the healing powers of nature, organics and the nature of science. I started reading every book I could get my hands on about natural living, bowel health, internal cleansing, herbal medicine, vitamin therapy, cosmetics and essential oils. The more I read, the more I wanted to know. All my time was totally consumed with learning more about this new health approach that I now believe was the secret to regaining and maintaining vibrant health. I was so inspired by my learning that I could hardly wait to tell the world.

I began telling my family, friends, employees and anyone who would listen. I would talk all day, if people were willing to listen. I felt it was my duty to spread the word about natural living, so others could experience the health benefits, just like I did. My dream was always to open my own health food shop so I could talk about my passion with the world. Eventually this happened. Every day now, I can’t wait for the sun to come up so I can get to the shop and start talking and sharing with my customers. I absolutely love what I am doing, knowing that I’m helping other people. The human body is magnificent… it’s perfect… but just like anything that has moving parts, you need to take care of it otherwise it eventually breaks down. If you give your body the opportunity it will heal itself. If I didn’t experience this myself through my family, all those years ago, today I would never have believed it. It’s important that you don’t give up if you don’t see immediate results. Everyone is different, so it can take time for your body to adjust and begin the healing process. Your body is continuously rebuilding itself with the foods that you eat, the liquid that you drink, the air that you breathe and the natural and organic products you put on your skin. Depending on your health, age and skin, it could take as little as a few weeks or as long as a few months to feel better. You just need to keep providing your body with foods rich in essential nutrients which will nourish your blood, body and skin. This combined with daily exercise to help pump the blood to where it is needed, and allow your body and skin time to rest, will assist with healing. I hope that by sharing my story, it will have a positive impact on your life just like it did on mine. As I live my life, I am constantly learning. Surprised by my strength, determination, and the power of my beliefs, I find rewards through my endeavours. I am ambitious and excited to experience the opportunities that life offers me. I feel fortunate, grateful and proud of what I have achieved and I’m convinced there is much more I can do. I hope you can join me to encourage more people to embrace the principles of natural health so that they too can live a long, healthy and radiant life. Natural products are the way forward!

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Chanel – January 22, 2019 at 8:04pm

Chanel – January 24, 2019 at 7:06am

Chanel – February 4, 2019 at 6:16am

Chanel’s arms and legs covered in Eczema. Photo taken before using BNHP X-MA Relief Moisturising Lotion.

Photo taken after using BNHP X-MA Relief Moisturising Lotion. 3 APPLICATIONS

Chanel’s arms, legs and face have begun to clear. No more angry active eczema except faded light skin and white patches from eczema scars. Chanel is now happy for the first time in her life battling eczema. APPLICATION OVER 13 DAYS

“No more inflamed or painful patches” INGREDIENTS: 100% NZ Manuka Honey, Manuka Beeswax, 100% Virgin Organic Raw Coconut Oil, 100% Raw Shea Butter, Grapeseed, Cod Liver, Titanium Dioxide, Vitamin E, Tea Tree, Lavender, Frankincense and Chamomile Essential Oils. FREE FROM: Parabens, Mineral Oil, Phthalates, Formaldehyde, Palm Oil and PEGs Non-GMO. No added preservatives, no artificial colorants, not animal-tested, cruelty-free. 100% handmade and formulated in Australia. 110 SUTTON STREET, REDCLIFFE, QLD, 4020 Phone: (07) 3284 6619 | +61 438 888 532 For more information and to purchase online, visit:


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Reconnect with self WORDS SARAH KOTTMANN


here are many times in life when we may feel disconnected from ourselves. We may recognise it, or we may not quite be able to put our finger on it. Emotions tend to run high; we feel the ups and downs of life and lack motivation to be part of it all. If this continues, it starts to affect the physical system, contributing to feeling worse. We don’t always remember during these times that building a business or being in our brain and logical mind takes us away from our heart space. Finding our way back can be difficult without support. I was recently in this space and was reminded that self-care and the right therapy can bring you back to that connection. It also showed me why I chose to bring craniosacral therapy

into my practice as an addition to homeopathy. Like homeopathy, it is hard to describe how one feels after having a session and every person will have a slightly different experience, but I want to share my own recent account as my patients have described similar experiences. During the session, I saw myself from the outside looking in, realising I was just living the motions of life and not truly connecting to the self anymore. Almost instantly, I felt myself coming back, once again feeling connected with the self and the universe around me. We went deep that session, working on old patterning within the adrenal glands and old injuries, both emotional and physical. At the end of the session, I felt my body realigned and soft, as if I

had a massage, only better. That night I slept so deeply it was like my body was recharged and continuing to heal while I slept. I woke up with energy and a new lease on life. Now you might be thinking, “What is craniosacral therapy?” Craniosacral therapy uses a light touch and works with the body’s inner physician to help release tension and realign the body. It releases emotions trapped within the tension and works on replenishing organs that are not functioning at their best. It does this all by using your body’s inner healing mechanism. The therapist holds the space for the healing to occur as the body shows the therapist where the treatment is needed.

Is 2020 Your Year For Self Love? Could Art Therapy Be What You’re Looking For? A powerful six-week group program of self exploration, transformation and joy for women. ~ Creative Expression using a Variety of Art Mediums ~ Art and Expressive Therapies ~ Intuitive Guidance ~ Personal Development ~ Meditation ~ Mindfulness ~ Inspiring Group Energy

ONLY 10 SPACES AVAILABLE No art experience is necessary

Tues 4 Feb - Tues 10 March 2020, 6.30-9pm

Renew your aura, unlock your blocks, connect with your spiritual family, and raise your vibration

Special Offer:

FREE 1½-hour

Art Therapy Session when you book the 6-week program

HELEN BRADSHAW is a Qualified Art Therapist, Growth Through Art ~ Creative Expression and Art Therapies for Physical and Emotional Freedom For Bookings Phone: 0419 467 442 30 30.indd 1

| DECEMBER 2019-JANUARY 2020 | Holistic Bliss

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Holistic dentistry: Your best choice

for the silly season



olistic dentistry brings together traditional dentistry with medicine, science and natural health philosophies to support health and wellbeing. How does it differ from normal dentistry? Holistic dentistry always considers your overall health; we want you to feel and look your best and know how to best care for yourself and your teeth and gums. We work with you to achieve your dental health goals and want you to have a great, healthy smile for life. All aspects of general and cosmetic dentistry are provided using the latest techniques and safe dental materials that work in harmony with your body. Is holistic dentistry more expensive? We spend more time with you than most traditional dentists to understand your health history and your current dental needs. A comprehensive treatment plan may require additional costs for specialised testing, nutritional

supplements and the equipment required to ensure you are not exposed to toxins or dental pollutants during your treatments. The dental aspect of treatments is comparable to any standard dentist. Is cosmetic dentistry offered? We want you to feel and look your best, and if part of that is creating a healthy, great-looking smile, then yes, we offer cosmetic dentistry. This includes tooth whitening, white fillings, veneers or crowns to improve the look, shape and colour of your teeth. What are the key areas of focus in holistic dentistry? Your mouth is part of your body, so the health of your teeth and gums impacts on the health of your body, and vice versa. 1. ORAL HYGIENE Our team works closely with you to achieve and maintain clean, healthy teeth and gums. We pay special attention to any areas of inflammation

and infection caused by harmful bacteria. 2. NUTRITION The first signs of many illnesses can be seen by changes in the mouth. Nutritional deficiencies and imbalances lead to ill health, gum disease and tooth decay. 3. TOXIC MATERIALS Exposure to heavy metals, such as mercury, is detrimental to our health. Heavy metals contribute to oxidative stress, which reduces our ability to heal and remain youthful. Those dark metal fillings in your teeth contain 50% mercury, so special procedures for their removal are part of holistic dentistry. 4. ORAL INFECTIONS We take any oral infections seriously, as any infection in your mouth, like gum disease or abscesses, can seriously affect your general health. For more information on our services or make an appointment, email:

The Body Health Medium


About Me

My Approach

Hi, my name is Felicity Scott, I am a Medically Intuitive Medium, a Professional Kinesiology Practitioner and a Life Coach. I am also trained in many other alternative health therapies. Becoming skilled in therapies helped my daughters epilepsy condition. Using alternative therapy techniques such as Kinesiology really healed her body from the inside and the seizures and epilespsy stopped. I continued on to set up my own clinic. I put all my skills together so that I can help others to achieve better health.

I specialise in communicating with the body. In my experience to date I now know that almost all the symptoms of over a hundred patients I have treated have been attributed to a single allergy. To find the allergy and correct the problem I communicate with the body and use kinesiology, plus other health techniques and my Medically intuitive mediumship skills. I am committed to helping you. The voice of the body.

How I can help you?

What question would you ask your body?

What techniques do I use?

Allergies are simple to resolve!

I am the Body Health Medium talking to your body, and your spirit guides is my specialty. The only requirement from you is an open mind. Let me help you by talking to your body, all your unanswered health questions can be answered.

How can I lose weight? How can I live with no pain? Why is falling asleep difficult? How can I increase my energy? Why have I got a skin rash? How can I resolve anxiety? When will I conceive? Will I ever walk again? How can I resolve allergies? How can I stop having seizures?

Kinesiology Magnet Therapy Life Coaching Mediumship EFT Tapping Guided Meditation Energy Healing

Using a kinesiology tapping technique even the most severe allergies can be resolved in minutes. The allergy resolution technique I use is safe to use on everyone including babies and small children.

Allergy Resolution $77, Spiritual Guidance $88

| Skype and telephone sessions available | Tel: 0431 599 662 | The Barracks Offices, 7 Apollo Road, Bulimba Qld 4171 | Email: Holistic Bliss | DECEMBER 2019-JANUARY 2020 |

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you desire

with a vision

and gluing them onto a board, and then just walking away from it and hoping it comes true. You really have to put in the work and take action. Seeing this board each day aligns your brain with the outcomes you most want to attract. Oprah, Ellen Degeneres, Katy Perry, Jim Carrey, Steve Harvey, John Assaraf, Jack Canfield all swear by vision boards! Jack Canfield says: “Creating a vision board is one of the most valuable visualisation tools available to you. Our minds respond strongly to visual stimulation, so by representing your goals with pictures and images, you will actually strengthen and stimulate your emotions.” People often ask, “when is it a good time to make a vision board?” It can be done at any time, but when something needs to change in your life, creating a vision board can be the answer to get clear on what you really want.

f you want to transform your life, you have to have a vision and a plan to execute, so every step moves you in the direction of this vision. When you have a ton of ideas and dreams stuck in your mind, you usually end up doing nothing. For transformation to occur, you need to be clear on what you really want, and what you truly desire. It takes time to listen to what makes your heart sing. Have you noticed that when you make decisions too quickly you can end up in a space of not liking what you do? Taking time to create a VISION BOARD from a space of loving, listening, feeling, patience and kindness, brings clarity and the discovery of your life purpose. A vision board is a powerful tool to manifest new things into your life using images and words that represent your wishes and goals. It is designed to inspire and motivate you to create your new reality. A vision board is not only cutting pictures from magazines,


The New Year is a popular time when resolutions are made and there is a desire to shape your year ahead. Participating at a vision board workshop gives you the opportunities you don’t have at home if you do your vision board alone. • You are helped and guided to get the clarity you need • You are assisted to set an inspired intention on your desires • You are shown how to get on the path to manifest and create your new reality If you are already feeling that it’s time to de-clutter your busy mind and clear the way, don’t wait another minute, register for a vision board workshop and get ready for a fantastic 2020. /icreatemyrealitywithvisionboards https://vision-board-january.eventbrite.


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Finding creative balance

in the year ahead



ow good does 2020 feel?! The fresh energy it exudes is palpable and I love it! 2020 looks and feels balanced and is a fabulous platform to expand our dreams. Wouldn’t it be inspiring if we could also be more creative and playful? In these recent turbulent times in our world, it is an exciting prospect to explore living this way. So, how do we actually ‘know’ when we are in balance and when we are not? To ‘know’ this, we need to be present with and know ourselves and how we function in our world. Times are changing and the things that worked for us in the past, often no longer do. Beliefs and agreements we have lived by feel uncomfortable and unstable. We are looking for new and different ways to get to know ourselves, restructure and grow. It’s time to throw out the old and embrace a new and more creative way of navigating our life.

If you haven’t tried art therapy, I encourage you to do so. This sensory healing modality is a powerful and different way for self-exploration, reparation and transformation. Profound new insights and perspectives are revealed as the art excitingly reflects what we need to see back to us. So why does art therapy work so well and why explore it in 2020? Firstly, you don’t need to know anything about art. Anyone can do it and it’s not just the art that gives understanding to the person making it. It’s the process of making the art and exploring it with a qualified art therapist to help you understand your expression. It helps you ‘draw out’ what lies within and express it in the art. What lies within, is often what is creating imbalance. It is holistic in every way. We use multi-sensory processes that stimulate imagination and go beyond the use of just words. Creation is made

with one or both hands to engaging your whole body and soul. You get to play with many sumptuous art mediums, from soft pastels, paint, clay, textiles, collage, sand and symbols to nature. Many processes used promote bilateral integration, balancing both sides of brain, body and spirit. It is a non-threatening embodied experience, liberating full personal creative expression. Healthy internal rhythms and well-being are invigorated and supported. It can be fun, freeing and promote growth through art! You can engage both individually and with a group. There are no limits! I dare you to try it! ‘Life is art in motion; let’s explore it together’ and colour your unique canvas of self-love for 2020!

Holistic Bliss | DECEMBER 2019-JANUARY 2020 |

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Seven steps to WORDS ROB & KATE M FOSTER


his year we find ourselves spending Christmas and New Year in Tasmania, away from our family and friends of old, and surrounded with newness and change. There are many seasons of life: birth, middle age, old age and death to name a few, each bringing its own changes, tragedies and triumphs. Change is a tremendous force that is constantly at play throughout our journey on this precious planet. It is vitally important while travelling this unpredictable path, that we embrace, with grace, the ‘letting go’ of the previous season. We will never be the person we were yesterday, and we are not quite the person we will become tomorrow. True happiness and ultimately a successful life, is built upon the depth of importance we place on relationships. Concerning ourselves less with the loss or gain of money and more on living in alignment with what makes us truly happy is the key.

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| DECEMBER 2019-JANUARY 2020 | Holistic Bliss

navigate the mess

Christmas culminates with the perfect storm of relationships, nostalgia and clinging to the past. Our changing circumstances and seasons are rarely considered when we are met with old expectations, patterns and entanglements within our family systems. Follow these seven steps to survive and thrive this festive season: 1. Kindness! Take a kind-hearted approach to yourself and the ‘messy’ situations that arise. 2. Flexibility! Re-adjust all aspects of your current expectations and let go. This will allow you to take stock and create the space you need for change to wield it magic sword. 3. Acceptance! It is what it is. You are one year older and hopefully a little wiser. Our measure of happiness is only equal to the depth of acceptance we bring to our situation and our fate as it unwinds. 4. Boundaries! Don’t get out of bed without them!

5. Requests! Get clear on what you can ask of yourself, don’t go beyond what is fair and reasonable. Only then is it wise to make requests of others. 6. Gratitude! You woke up today. What a gift. Now you get to choose how you spend it. Fact: The happiest people on earth use their days to bless others. 7. Get help! Family Systemic Constellations is the most profound way we know to let go and create positive change. You were never meant to do it alone. Wishing you every happiness this festive season. ROB and KATE M FOSTER are Family Constellation and Systemic Therapists offering support sessions worldwide, including individual and relationship support. Untangle your love life and call in the love you truly desire. Learn more here: Kate is also the author of ‘An Invitation to Trust’ and two Oracle Card Decks.

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Five Ms to

shift your state



hat do you do if you’re not feeling great? It’s hard to go from feeling depressed, stuck or guilt-ridden straight into feeling joy, peace or purposefulness. Twelve years ago I struggled for two years with self-worth issues, expectations and chronic pain as a business owner with young kids. My own suffering took me on a profound personal and spiritual development journey learning how to truly embody sacred teachings in a practical way for our modern-day life. What I discovered is most people want a quick fix and try to take too big a leap up the emotional scale in one go, which often leads to failure, re-grooving your initial state. If you want to create achievable success, it’s helpful to look at how you can move up the scale and feel a little bit better, right NOW. That’s why I want to share my five

Ms to shifting your state step by step: 1. Mindfulness brings you into acknowledgement of your state. Allow the feeling and forgive yourself for feeling it. Only then can you work with it to transform it. It can involve selfinquiry as to what is the truth behind why am I feeling this way? Is it real? 2. Mantra is for anytime, anywhere, which is why it is my number one go-to tool! It comes from the Sanskrit word ‘Manas’, which means ‘mind’, so it is the primary tool to still the whirlpools of the mind. Sanskrit mantra is particularly powerful because it creates the vibration of that which it describes. For example, Om shanti means creating peace and so it creates a feeling of peace in your body when you repeat the mantra. Your mind can’t quite wrap itself around Sanskrit and that is also why it’s so powerful, to get you out of your story. 3. Music is medicine. Start by meeting yourself where you’re at – do

you want to start funky or dynamic and move towards soft and melodic or start there and work up towards some funky dance moves? 4. Movement shifts what is being held physically, energetically and emotionally. Movement doesn’t always have to be dynamic like a run or a vinyasa yoga flow, maybe it’s restorative yoga or breathing exercises. Even in stillness there is movement through the breath and energy flow through your focused intention. 5. Meditation trains you to tap into your infinite unchanging self, deep presence and divine source. You become witness to your emotion or thought as simply that… a reaction to an experience. It’s not real, it’s not who you are. You receive the knowing that you are unchanging, ever present bliss and peace.

Cannopathy is a complementary therapy incorporating the healing benefits of Therapeutic Grade Hemp Oil, Phytotherapy and Marma Therapy. Used by vets, dentists and recommended by medical professionals.



Cannopathy Therapeutic Grade Hemp Oils are made in Australia with all natural ingredients. External use only.

A whole plant approach to feeling better. Hempothecary

169B Main Street, Montville QLD 4560

07 5478 5957 Other stockist locations and online orders at:


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How Can Detoxing Help You Kick Start the New Year? WORDS RICHARD AYOUB


oxins. Just what are these creepy things that invade our bodies? Toxins are actually a normal part of your body’s intake of food and oxygen. The bowel disposes of toxins from the digestive system, and the liver helps clear the way for other organs to function properly and get rid of those unwanted toxins. Your body is actually able to detoxify itself in a natural manner with the use of its lungs, liver and kidneys. Problem solved? Not quite. When our bodies are overloaded with unfamiliar toxins, producing too many toxins or not eliminating toxins effectively, the toxic build-up can cause health problems. That’s when it’s time for a detoxification program to support the body’s natural elimination process and to prevent the

day-to-day build-up of toxicity. Coffee, tea, sports drinks, soft drinks, energy drinks and other sugary drinks cause more problems than high blood sugar. It takes more water to flush these fluids out of your body, leaving you dehydrated. Many of these drinks contain several unnatural ingredients, which add to the toxins our bodies need to flush out. The key to detoxification is knowledge – understanding the link between feeling sub-par and toxins, understanding where toxins come from, and understanding what you can do to help yourself. Drinking water is instrumental in detoxification. Just how does water help remove toxins? It flushes toxins and waste from the body and transports nutrients to where they are needed. Without water, the contents of your colon can dry out and get stuck, eventually causing constipation. Water is a natural lubricant that softens stools and promotes evacuation of the bowels. Our kidney system is unique in its filtering

Craft Your Dream Life

Vision Board Workshop for Women Join Women’s Coach and Law of Attraction Guide Claudine Dufroux for a fun and interactive day immersed in how to attract what you truly want.


BE INSPIRED TO LIVE YOUR AUTHENTIC LIFE Includes: All materials, morning and afternoon tea Only $125 for the day When: Where:

Sun Dec 1 & Jan 19, 9.30am-4.30pm Above Maree’s Café West End 188 Montague Road, cnr Mollison Street, West End, Brisbane

Bring a friend and



Bookings: Phone 0411 079 167 Email: Book online: 36 36.indd 1

| DECEMBER 2019-JANUARY 2020 | Holistic Bliss

capabilities and totally dependent on water to work. The kidneys remove waste products from the blood, eliminate toxic substances in the urine, and receive water-soluble toxins from the liver for processing. They filter voluminous amounts of blood each day and, in doing so, maintain the body’s water balance and excrete toxins and excess fluid through the bladder. Daily fluid intake is essential for our bodies to function efficiently. Drinking the right amount of water for your body is important, that’s one litre for every 22 kilos of body mass, each day. It’s also important to drink a good glass of water when you wake up and before you go to bed… three to four glasses in each part of the day and you’re finished! You can also add a few slices of lemon or squeeze some lemon in your water to add some tasty, natural flavour. Many people report this has more benefit than taste because lemons contain a high acid content, which helps the digestive system get moving, and

Healing Kinesiology Heal subconscious programming, clear energetic blocks Connect with your higher self for guidance on spiritual growth Align your energy to awaken your consciousness Raise your vibration and evolve your purpose

Offering skype and remote sessions – based in South East Qld @healingkinesiology

Healing Kinesiology

Discover the Magic of Gongs and Bells! Purchase from from our our wide wide selection selection:of Gongs 12 inchand to 40 Bells, inch12” withto 40”, c/w Stands stands and and mallets Mallets Contact Gordon Mentiplay GOLD COAST 0434 953 592 Gongs

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lemons have an alkalising effect in the body. How else can water aid the body in detoxing? NOTHING supports the body’s cleansing and elimination capacity like water; the most ancient and potent natural detox aid ever known to humankind. Whether by drinking it, through sweating or bathing in it, water has been used to expel toxins and restore health since the dawn of humanity. There are other ways water can help you remove toxins. Water is also useful externally: baths and saunas can help with detoxification. Hot water increases

blood flow and capillary action near the surface of the skin, causing a faster release of toxins. The heat also increases sweating and opens up pores. Be sure to bathe in pure water and be mindful that hot water and the detoxification effect may cause dizziness. Also, there are a number of substances you can add to your bath to help the detoxification process, like essential oils and bath salts. Exercising is also an excellent way to get your bowel moving to excrete toxins. Exercise helps to decrease the time taken for food to move through the large intestine and avoid hard stools, which are harder to pass. Aerobic exercise

accelerates your breathing and heart rate. This helps stimulate the natural contraction of intestinal muscles, which also helps move stools out quickly. There’s water, and there’s Saka water While we are lucky to have access to tap water, there are numerous questionable chemicals in tap water that many people are sensitive to and may have negative effects on our bodies. If you want to eliminate toxins from your body, it makes sense to start with clean, healthy water. A good quality shower filter is recommended to reduce toxins entering your body during showering, and a good quality water purifier is also recommended for washing your food in and cooking. As for drinking, we believe there is no water like Saka Water due to its purity and award-winning smooth taste, which encourages regular drinking. Saka has a precise 8.22pH alkaline created and perfected by nature, and comes in a range of safe bottle sizes to suit everyone’s needs. So if you’re thirsty, water is the number one way to maintain health and expel toxins from the body. Detox is not an instant fix, and never will be. It is an ongoing process that provides tremendous health benefits for you to enjoy by simply using water. Activate a healthier lifestyle with Saka Water.

Dental care for your total wellbeing! We are holistic dentists because we recommend the treatment that will be right for your body. It means that in everything we do we consider the impact of it on your body and use only materials and procedures accordingly. For example, when we are removing amalgam we use a rubber dam, high speed suction and an IQair air purifier so you don’t swallow any of the material or breathe in any of the mercury vapour. It’s the dentistry for you if you care about your total wellbeing. Shop 1/ 13 Garnet Street Cooroy QLD 4563 P H O N E : ( 0 7 ) 54 47 76 6 9 Follow us on Facebook

Holistic Bliss | DECEMBER 2019-JANUARY 2020 |

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Set new intentions with

crystal inspiration



ummer days, the festive season and New Year resolutions await us! Does this make you cringe as you think of goals you know you might not keep? Crystals can help keep our thoughts motivated with new ideas, creativity and calm when needed. Crystals all have their own energy, so can be programmed to suit your changing lifestyle. They aren’t a onesize-fits-all, which makes them a personal piece to keep. Crystals are fast becoming a home decor and self-adornment piece to cherish, but with so many to choose from, it gets rather confusing for those beginning their spiritual path and using them for healing. Combining crystals with other inspiring pieces like affirmation cards, is a great way to begin each morning on an inspirational note. This simple act of choosing a card, that’s sitting beside your pretty quartz cluster, can infuse your day with happiness and motivation. Once you begin living with crystals,

you will notice the change in your surrounds. As we move towards wrapping up this year, we start to overindulge (so much fun) and set intentions. I’m going to recommend some favourite stones to program for some of your 2020 needs. • Cleanse your mind, body and spirit (and crystals please) with some beautiful white sage. Smudging is something I do on a daily basis. It removes stagnant energy, lowers vibrations and it also has antibacterial properties. My Native American bloodline makes this my favourite daily ritual. I love the simple practice of burning this sacred herb and allowing the smoke to purify your home to that of positivity. • You want to get fit and start an exercise regime – Apatite, with its gorgeous ocean blue tone, is a real motivator and can kick start the metabolism to get our bodies energetic and strong. • You want to break old addictions and obsessions –

Amethyst, with her insightful vibrations, can help re-programme your mindset and allow you to break habits. Wear or carry a piece and if the thought flows in your mind, counteract it with crystal power. • You need calm and stress reduction during Christmas holidays – Amazonite is perfect for our emotions. Think of the lush green trees and flowing river and use this energy to bring inner calm and peace. Don’t overthink the small stuff. • You want time for yourself and to begin new things – Rainbow Moonstone is all about connecting with our inner divine feminine self and embarking on new beginnings. I wish to thank you all for reading my articles over these past months. Crystals are my passion and our business allows me to give you all some insight into these gorgeous healers from Mother Earth.

Codes of Light Eco Yoga Mat 186x68x5mm Special Launch Price

Only $97 $117

Channelled by Sandra Meehan and Rebecca Bowden 0402 047 679 /thepowerfullyou /thepowerfullyou

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et’s all take a deep breath leading into the festival season. I think every year I vow not to get carried away with consumerism and get myself so stressed out that I end up resenting the holidays. Let’s step back, what is it really about? It’s a Christian celebration tradition that many of us regardless of faith or belief celebrate in our own style. This year I’m going deeper. It’s about birth to me. Gratitude, letting my spirit connect to the stars and nature just like the three wise men! I say this every year, I’m not spending my day in the kitchen! We all know I can’t help myself and I’ve got to feed people. So, I will be spending my day in the kitchen cooking and preparing salads and pavs! Yep, I’m getting real about what’s going to go down. First up, I will never meet the expectations of the kids. I’m one of those mums that only buys a few things. I never present overload. I’m the Grinch. They receive so many from other family members and I am averse to stuff and being a minimalist, I’m already breaking out into a sweat from all the stuff being brought in the house. I’m what you would call an anti-hoarder. So, whatever you are doing this Christmas may it be the year of reconciliation, forgiveness of self and others and a deep bone joy. Shalom. X





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Merry Christmas

Happy New Year

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Retreats – more than a holiday... WORDS MANYIA VALE


aking a holiday filled with stress is hard to enjoy, and often results in sickness as well as overindulging. A health retreat at a magical location that is fully organised is a far better way to enjoy a break that has transformational health and wellbeing benefits. When I take students on retreat they have nothing else to think about. It’s a chance to be able to make the experience about themselves, rather than kids or family. They can step out of their comfort zone into an adventure, explore a different culture and have fun! As they let go of their busy minds, they can start to feel and be in the moment with more joy, kindness, laughter and non-judgment. By nurturing their bodies with clean, fresh, and plentiful nutritious foods that heal the mind and body, they can come away feeling energised, revitalised and way more organised.

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Working in hair salons across the world, I realised how stressed and unhappy people get; when the joy disappears from the simplest pleasures that are all around us for free. I have experienced overload myself through way too much work and pressure, losing my joy, and finding it again when I have taken the time out to retreat, through visits to an ashram, living very simply with all walks of life, and attending daily yoga and meditations. It’s a chance to reflect and restore. After establishing three yoga and massage studios on the Sunshine Coast, and running annual retreats, I realised how beneficial and powerful retreats truly are; watching students’ day-in dayout, rushing in and out of classes, barely in the moment, stressed and time-poor. Yes, even when you live in paradise locations, life gets busy. I know how it feels to be at a

crossroads. After meeting my partner at a yoga conference in the Whitsundays, commuting to and fro, exploring some of the islands and having the opportunity to teach yoga and mindfulness there, I realised it would be an awesome location to hold retreats. It was time to follow my heart, to sell Aloha Active Noosa, and relocate. I have travelled and worked all over the world, and spent over 20 years teaching, attending yoga, Pilates, and massage trainings in various styles, and enhancing my own health and wellbeing. I love to share this passion for health and wellbeing with others. Retreats really do have it all. I am so passionate to share my love in helping all walks of life heal on all levels, mentally, physically, and emotionally through the power of Australian and international retreats.

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A physiotherapist’s

festive season tips



s a physiotherapist, yoga teacher and Pilates/fitness instructor, I often get asked what my top tips are for helping people look after themselves better around the festive season. I find it’s a time of year when people are often sitting more, for example, longer trips away, celebrating over long meals together, or maybe just catching up on things at the computer. Poor seating can also contribute to added stiffness or create issues, for example slouched beach chairs, sitting on the ground on picnic rugs, or on outdoor seats, in cramped aeroplane or car seats. If any of this sounds familiar, you may like to: 1. Get up more often! Simple, but effective. Consider getting up every half hour – set a timer if you must! 2. Sit in good posture! Use good chairs, with lumbar support where possible.

3. Move your body into different directions, for example, have you noticed that after sitting for too long, you feel like you need to arch back once you stand up? There is a very good reason for this! 4. Stretch common problem areas, for example, open up your chest, and the front of your hips – because these areas often get tight in daily life, as well as with poor sitting postures, and can be the cause of common muscle imbalances. 5. Stretch more again! Try a lying spinal twist for a safe, effective allrounder. 6. Choose to stay active to offset the sedentary festivities – suggest going for a walk to chat and catch up, prepare some simple but fun games that even the adults will play, or consider joining the kids for some fun! 7. Stay fit, stable and strong during the year, because just like teeth

brushing, it’s not the once-off brushing that saves your teeth from decaying! 8. See someone if you have a pain or problem that restricts you, even if it’s small – take time to get it sorted out before it gets bigger, or worse still, won’t go away at all! 9. Use tennis balls, or a foam roller if you have one, to lie on for some deep tissue, self release. You may need a professional’s guidance – but the effects can be nothing short of amazing! I don’t travel anywhere without two tennis balls taped together, especially good for symmetrical release around the spine. Otherwise, for a wonderful release effect, make the effort to book yourself a massage! If I can help you explore these ideas further, I’d be delighted to be of assistance, and will be available over the Christmas and New Year period. /akashaphysioyoga

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gift of awareness



itting down at my computer to write my last article for 2019, I reflect back over these past months, acknowledging how quickly they’ve passed. I’m reminded of how life slips away moment by moment and if I’m not totally present within these moments, I’ve missed this thing called my life. Sometimes life situations can overwhelm one’s nervous system compromising the speed of an individual’s ability to adjust to change and end up creating a separation between self and nature. Addictions can often develop as a screen from the reality of who one is and an escape from the relentlessness of one’s life experience. Maybe the first thoughts relating to the word addiction are substances consumed or actions performed in one way or another. However, the most powerful is the one that comes from within, the addiction for drama. In my experience and observation, this supersedes all

other addictions, giving life to rumours, gossip, judgments, anxiety, exhaustion, fear, separation, substance abuse and just plain not minding one’s own business. It takes up a lot of time and energy, diverting attention away from the part we may personally play in a situation and the opportunity to make adjustments within ourselves. The less we know of our self the more anxious we become. The fear of self is also nurtured in the mass manipulation of consciousness by an individual or group’s opinion of an event. Stepping away from the crowd and learning from yourself what is happening at a functional, not emotional level, will create the space needed to be compassionately objective, calm and energised and to see things for what they are. Kahuna Abraham Kawai’i taught that life is all about feeling… not emotions… feeling. The closer you get to your inner life through the portal of the body, the more one understands

the difference between feelings and emotions and with that clarity, you can stay calm and centred within, when the proverbial hits the fan. My gift to you is to share a simple practice that can bring you back to yourself and improve your life force and move you in to the New Year fully conscious and engaged in your life. It’s called constructive rest… lay on your back with your feet flat on the floor hip width apart, close your eyes and sense your breath. Feel the parts of your body being moved with your breath without trying to change its rhythm or depth. Let it be and it will gradually soften and your body with it. Use this time to fully sense yourself through the physical sensation of life in your breath and body. Seek happiness, call for it, move towards it, create it consciously and immerse yourself in this universe of your creation.



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Lyza Saint Ambrosena

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Work one-on-one with Lyza to heal your relationships, self-love, creative spirit and connections.


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Your best

Christmas present to yourself



s a doctor, I am amused by how simple things work best and how essential it is to continue learning to stimulate your brain. I love my work and try to find new answers to help my patients with their health problems. Recently, I did a breathing workshop with Rich Burrows, a certified Oxygen Advantage instructor and XPT Life Coach at Noosa Crossfit 4566. We had a look at different ways to stimulate your parasympathetic system, the autonomic nervous system that makes you relax. As the ‘silly season’ approaches, a lot of people start running around under stress, trying to get things done. They are driven by adrenalin, which can worsen quite a few

of the modern chronic diseases that we see in our clinical practice daily. So, I thought these techniques could be quite useful for a lot of people to use, to learn to relax. Most of the general population in the modern era have become mouth breathers. This has to do with the development of the mid-third of the face as we grow. American dentist, Dr Weston Price, describes in his book, Nutrition and Physical Degeneration, the different factors that influence the normal growth of a skeleton, including the skull, and how exposure to modern foods causes narrowing of the maxilla, producing a high arch palate and consequently reducing the width of the nasal passages. This causes mouth breathing.

This is something we commonly see, particularly with children needing dental braces as their teeth get overcrowded. Getting back to the physiology books from second-year medical school, and refreshing the knowledge of respiratory alkalosis and its consequences, has been critical to help explain why some people develop anxiety, panic attacks, palpitations, worsening of asthma and epileptic seizures to name a few. When CO2 levels decrease as a result of mouth breathing, a lot of these symptoms get exacerbated. So this festive season, remember to breathe through your nose and shut your mouth.



Toowong Rowing Club, BRISBANE

Level 1: March 7 & 8, 2020 Level 2: March 14 & 15, 2020

Naturopathic Clinics with Herbal Body Therapy and Free Community Clinic weekly at Eumundi Markets.

Sessions are limited to 12 people only

Dominique’s weekly blogs on website and podcast Project Wellness on Spotify.

BOOK EARLY AND RAISE YOUR VIBRATION! Learn to gong creatively, skilfully and most importantly, from the heart, for group sound healing or 1-on-1 sessions. No experience is necessary, just a passion for healing, deep joy and happiness. Suitable for:

 Sound Healers  Holistic Practitioners and Energy Therapists

 Yoga and Meditation Teachers  Dance Instructors and Event Facilitators  Individuals on a Healing Journey

Catering by GOVINDA’S VEGETARIAN KITCHEN Contact Leith: 0431 086 569 or email:

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Gong Healing: more than a New Year’s resolution WORDS LEITH JAMES


gong sound meditation is a deeply relaxing, powerful and therapeutic experience, and can be life-changing. It certainly was for me. I went from a burnt-out chef, to discovering my purpose as a gong master and sound practitioner. I use a range of ancient instruments aimed at supporting you to relax your body and calm and quiet the mind, to enable a reprieve from your daily stresses and worries. Sound can match the natural resonance of the cells to clear and energise the body. Positive intentions, emotions and thoughts in music can provide healing regardless of its physics, but proper physics can take the healing to a whole other level. The essential key to the gong’s force of resonance and its effectiveness, is the complete submersion and saturation of a person in layer upon layer of tone-cell multiplication. This is a phenomenon

unique to gongs and replicates exactly what happens in the building of the human physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies. Before and after blood cell analysis has shown that when practised correctly, gong sound meditation has a direct effect on the receiver’s cells. It can help relieve chronic stress and fatigue, anxiety and depression, and ease physical and emotional blockages. It can also assist with pain reduction, deep healing and personal transformation. I first started teaching others circular breathing and playing the didgeridoo and noticed massive positive shifts from clients. These changes in others and myself led me on a path to explore the idea of sound healing further. Since then I have done various courses and I am a Certified Sound Practitioner (CSP), have a diploma in Group Sound Therapy from the British Academy of Sound Therapy, and I have been an

active sound healer for the last 12 years. I always tune into surrounding sounds and observe the deeper meaning in everyday life. My art comes from my heart, my soul, my inner creative being and my genuine desire to empower others through sound. I am passionate about spreading this message because I believe sound is one of the most fundamental aspects to a happy, healthy, full and vital life. It lights me up to see people awaken to the power of sound in transforming their sense of self, wellness and connectedness to all that is. I invite you to try a gong sound meditation yourself, and if called, to join me at a workshop and become a practitioner. It is deeply satisfying to both give and to receive this ancient art, at community events, in personalised sessions and in corporate settings.

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2020 evolving humanity WORDS ANNE ALECKSON


ll that we have been experiencing, singularly and collectively, will be even more heightened as we take further steps toward the greater awakening of humanity. The expansion of the photon waves of light that are flowing into and through Gaia will see an influx of awakening and a stronger move toward that long-predicted tipping point where the momentum carries humanity forward into its evolution. Where is the light coming from? One aspect of the highly evolved stream of consciousness I work with, The Bringers of Light, tell me they are riding these waves ‘from within and beyond the central sun’ where all exists as energy before becoming form. This is the centre point of creation – the black hole from where all light emerges and the energy from where all is made manifest into physical reality. What is being made manifest exactly? As the All-That-Is that often speaks through me says, “humans are the

physical manifestation of Source, made manifest to carry out the physical business of evolution.” They go on to say that it cannot be done without us because the nonphysical or Source requires our physical bodies – our hands to reach out to others, our legs to walk amongst the people in order to raise the vibrational frequency of the people on the planet in tune with Gaia’s evolution. Your only job, your only purpose as a people at this awakening time, is to raise your vibrational frequency, to mind your own vibration and to take it (your embodied presence) with you everywhere you go. For it is your embodied presence, the merging of your physical self with your non-physical aspects that creates the change in the world that you are all wanting to experience and play a part in. Why is raising your vibration important? Imagine your self as a physical manifestation of the non-physical and further imagine that the non-physical refers to the energy that creates all

things (or God, Universe etc). You, the physical component is held in the heavier energy whilst the energy that creates worlds and All That Is, is lighter and becomes lighter with each dimensional level it transcends. 3D is the physical world, being the slowest and most dense energy and working upward through all dimensions back to the beginning of time. Your vibrational frequency determines your ability to reach for and enter the next higher dimension. The human evolution that is coming, is a time of blending self and spirit, merging the 3D limited (by time and space) self with the multidimensional limitless aspects. Becoming light and lighter… or as some spiritual texts might describe it, becoming enlightened or ‘one with the light’. ANNE ALECKSON helps people to overcome their limitations so that they can be, do and have more through her SuperSelf Academy membership.

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“I feel like a new woman, I thought I’d have gut problems for life!” WORDS LIZ ISENRING


hat is what one of my superrelieved clients said after her gut problems (diagnosed as irritable bowel syndrome) improved after five weeks of working with me. Jan had experienced gut problems for most of her life and these had worsened within the past few years. Her bowel symptoms fluctuated from constipation to diarrhea with a lot of abdominal bloating and discomfort. Sometimes it was so bad that Jan didn’t want to go out to eat in public, so this had really impacted her social life. The doctor and gastroenterologist had ruled out any underlying disease and said that it was most likely irritable bowel syndrome and to get advice on a low FODMAP diet. Jan said the next year she tried everything from an elimination diet to supplements, and seeing a nutritionist and naturopath. While she did experience some relief, Jan said the gut problems were always there and she was fearful of them getting worse. Jan came to see me after her friend, who I’d been helping to manage her unintentional weight loss and fatigue due to

pancreatic cancer, recommended me. We started with a thorough assessment of Jan’s medical, dietary and lifestyle history. It soon became apparent that Jan had experienced significant trauma in her life having cared for her ill father for several years and then her husband who had passed away two years ago. Jan was an active member of her community and liked to care for people. In fact, Jan often put the needs of others ahead of her own. Jan’s level of stress and anxiety were high and she wasn’t doing much to help reduce this. We worked on a positive mindset, including simple yet effective breathing and enjoyable activity to help relieve this stress. Jan’s mood improved and her gut symptoms lessened. Jan’s mindset, physical activity and stress were improving so it was time to tackle what she was eating! Her diet was not providing the nourishment she required. Due to her fear of making her bowel symptoms worse, she had a very restrictive diet and was actually consuming a lot of processed foods even though she believed they were healthy,

gluten-free choices. By gently increasing her intake of plant-based, whole foods providing soluble and insoluble fibre, probiotics and naturally sourced antioxidants and phytonutrients, Jan started to feel more energetic and the bowel symptoms continued to improve. By five weeks, Jan was feeling really well with hardly any symptoms. By eight weeks, she was essentially symptom free. Jan is now training for her first ever 5km walk. “I can’t believe I’m doing a 5km walk!! I would have been worried that I was too far away from a toilet to ever have thought about doing that before. Now I’m joining the young ones and feeling fantastic!” PROFESSOR LIZ ISENRING PhD, AdvAPD, BHSc (Nut & Diet) (Hons 1) is Director of Linc Nutrition and is a wellness coach, Advanced Accredited Practising Dietitian and nutritionist, nutritional biochemist, Professor of nutrition and dietetics and internationally recognised researcher. Phone 0434 635 090

Tanzania Safari Escape

Return to You Retreat

Daily Yoga/Pilates – Mindfulness

Bring Balance and Healing into your Life with Australia’s only


Amara Retreat Centre, Noosa Hinterland

7-16 JUNE 2020 Wildlife experiences in Arusha Park, Tarangire Park, Manyara Park, Ngorongoro Crater and the Serengeti

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Serena Parry!

Serena will guide you to explore your own unique mind-body system, learn to harness its potential and provide you with the tools to put you in the driver’s seat of your own health and life. Discover how to activate your inner resources and shift unwanted limitations to achieve:

• Enhanced energy • Mental clarity • Weight loss • Emotional balance • A quiet mind •Digestive health • Ease of movement • A strong immune system • And so much more…



for all HB readers Only 10 spots available


You will leave feeling more like yourself than you have in years – with the resources to stay that way!

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Be informed about

oral cancer



eight cases per 100,000 people, but that f you’re one of the increasing number of people who want to take an active figure has increased to 13 per 100,000 role in your own health care, you are people in 2012-14. going to want to educate yourself about RISK FACTORS • HPV • Alcohol • Smoking one of the major killers in today’s modern • Tobacco • Age • Genetics society. Knowledge is your first line of • Sun exposure defence, so let us get you armed! A massive 10,860 deaths One might assume that if you in Australia this year will be look well, feel well, then you are well! due to late diagnosis of oral Unfortunately, that is not always the case, cancer, so early diagnosis is essential. especially when it comes to oral cancer. Did you know that while there are The scary aspect of oral cancer is because national screening programs available it isn’t usually detected until it has reached in Australia to detect breast, bowel an advanced stage. and cervical cancers, there is currently WHO IS AT RISK? no free screening for mouth cancer Many people seem to think that available? oral cancer is an older person’s disease. However, the incidence of oral cancer amongst young adults is increasing due to HPV which is transmitted primarily through sexual contact and it is the cause of the fastest growing oral cancer population under the age of 45. In the Minimally Invasive Squamous Cell Carcinoma (HPV 16+) UK, figures show that the rate Courtesy C. Mark Nichols, DDS, Bering Omega Dental Clinics/HACS of oral cancer in 1992-95 was

GOOD NEWS! If there was a simple test that could give you an early warning about whether you’re likely to have this disease, would you take it? There’s good news – there is! As it has been shown that early detection raises the survival rate for oral cancer to 80% or higher, this test can actually save lives! An oral cancer examination is fast and painless. Its objective is to identify small changes in the lining tissues of the mouth, lips and tongue that may signify the early stages of this type of cancer. The screening is primarily a visual and tactile (touch) examination. However, I have invested in an oral cancer screening device, the OralID® which uses fluorescence technology to aid in visualisation of oral mucosal abnormalities. Early diagnosis, aided by thorough screenings at your regular dental check-ups, is one of the best defences against oral cancer – another reason why you should prioritise your six-monthly dental check-ups.

A shine of light can save your life!

Pacific Biological Dentistry is not only dedicated to your smile, we are also dedicated to your overall wellness. We take an holistic approach to your dental care and we can now offer an oral cancer screening using the OralID. LIKE MANY KINDS OF CANCER, ORAL CANCER CAN BE LIFE-THREATENING IF NOT DIAGNOSED AND TREATED EARLY.

We are offering a FREE cancer screening with the OralID with any treatment in December and January – valued at $110. Call today and mention this advertisement to schedule your oral cancer screening. Not cumulative with other offers. 2/28 Karome Street (cnr Bando Street), PACIFIC PARADISE


(07) 5412 7023 Holistic Bliss | DECEMBER 2019-JANUARY 2020 |

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Urinary bladder stones in pets over summer WORDS DR ELAINE CEBULIAK


ecently, with the onset of warmer weather, we have started to see many more cases of urinary bladder stones, or uroliths. This may be due to increased loss of fluids by panting, or dehydration with exercise and eating dry food kibble and not drinking enough water. Cats that eat dry food can get struvite crystalluria, which can be lifethreatening for a male cat, whose small penile urethra can become blocked and bladder blow up inside, causing excruciating pain and even death.

THE SOLUTION TO POLLUTION IS DILUTION! Most uroliths are found in the bladder and urethra. The uroliths are normally named according to their mineral composition: approximately 50% are struvite (magnesium ammonium phosphate), 33% are calcium oxalate, 8% are urate, 1% are silicate, 1% are cystine and 7% are mixed. HOW ARE UROLITHS FORMED? Conditions contributing to the crystallisation of salts and formation of uroliths include a high concentration of salts in the urine, adequate time in the urinary tract, urine pH favourable for the salts to crystallise, a virus on which crystallisation can occur, and reduced concentrations of crystal inhibitors in the urine. The combination of a high dietary intake of minerals and protein, and dogs’

ability to produce highly concentrated urine, contributes to the urine becoming supersaturated with salts. In some cases, reduced kidney tubule resorption (ie, calcium, cystine, uric acid) or increased production secondary to bacterial infection (eg, phosphate and ammonium ions) also contribute to the urine becoming supersaturated.


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BOOK NOW Surgery, Vaccinations, Phone: 3122 1997 Herbal Medicine, 1016 Stanley Street East, Acupuncture, East Brisbane Titre Test and more Pensioner Discount 20% OFF services

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SPECIFIC TREATMENT FOR STRUVITE UROLITHS (THE MOST COMMON STONE): 1. Increase fluids – for ALL types of stones. Learn how to give Sub Q fluids (I have a video on this on youtube: https:// EkMEy4). 2. Treat the underlying infection –

most cases of struvite are secondary to this. A great home-remedy option is 1 teaspoon of honey, 1 teaspoon of apple cider vinegar, and 2 tablespoons of green tea. Give twice daily for 21 days. 3. Lower the pH of the urine. Struvite forms when urine pH is high. Increase animal protein and add in a ‘urinary acidifier’. The easiest way

to do this is by adding in Vitamin C (100mg/10lbs daily). DR ELAINE CEBULIAK, BVSc MACVSc Dentistry, Dip Ed, Dip Rem Massage, Cert Chinese Herbs, Cert IVAS Qual Acupuncture, CMAVA, Adv Dip Naturopathy, Adv Dip Herbal Med, Adv Dip Nutrition





We’ve discovered how to map the mind and hence can resolve allergies and behavioural problems, because it’s all in the mind.

We’ve discovered how to map the mind and hence can resolve allergies and behavioural problems, because it’s all in the mind. Greg Sheehy

Natural treatment, diagnosis and treatment costs a standard at... g Tretest st a Doallergy n Ju Thathan re less Mo RESULTS ARE IMMEDIATE AND EFFECTIVE It’s a healthy, organic way of living for your animal friend! ‘PAWSOME ORGANICS’ DOG TREATS AND HEMP OIL SUPPLEMENTS: • Certified Organic • 100% Natural • Plant-Based Ingredients • Australian made and owned • Approved by veterinarians and naturopaths, developed by an animal nutritionist.

Garry Bright BVSc (PRET) Lic Ac – Veterinary Surgeon, Acupuncturist ASK US ECO-FRIENDLY ACCESSORIES! 42ABOUT MapleOUR Street COOROYPET Qld 4563 Call for more information: 0473 319 581 Email: Shop Online: App: Sound Files –

| 5447 7877

tbc Natural treatment, diagnosis and treatment costs less than a standard allergy test RESULTS ARE IMMEDIATE AND EFFECTIVE

Garry Bright BVSc (PRET) Lic Ac – Veterinary Surgeon, Acupuncturist

42 Maple Street COOROY Qld 4563 | 5447 7877 App: Sound Files – Holistic Bliss | DECEMBER 2019-JANUARY 2020 |

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Chat with The Body Health Medium,

Felicity Scott Dear Felicity, I have had numerous cracked teeth throughout my adulthood and just recently had another tooth that could not be saved and had to be extracted, I brush, floss and visit the dentist regularly. Thanks, Mia. Hi Mia, When teeth crack and break so that they cannot be saved, you need to stop, think and act differently. Contained in teeth are pearls of wisdom that come from past generations of learning, that wisdom has been passed on to you. You have generations of wisdom within you but if you ignore the learning, then over time the wisdom breaks down. Live this life humbly, let the lessons be learnt to help you evolve. The message behind the symptom: Go calmly into the night, let humility be your best friend now and always. With love, Felicity. Dear Felicity, I just want to live my own life and I feel that I am being blocked by all corners of my world. I don’t know what

exactly I am doing wrong, I just know there is something not right going on. Thanks, Justin. Hi Justin, Free yourself from your own wants and desires; what if your view of how your life should be lived is flawed? When a person starts a sentence with “I just” they are giving themselves a big message that the actions they strive to achieve are without just cause, selfserving and without justification. Go forth with the intention that you have no intention, see where our amazing universe guides you, say yes to every opportunity. You will be surprised where you end up. The message behind the symptom: Let your heart be opened with love to the surprises that await you. Love and blessings, Felicity. Dear Felicity, I have a strange marking on my right calf that sometimes gets red, sore and itchy. I put different creams and lotions on it and try new things on it, even prescriptions from the GP; it calms

down for a while then starts again. Thanks, Olivia. Hi Olivia, Lucky you, it’s a ‘tell’, if your body cannot get a message through, it creates a ‘tell’ – this is an area on the body that requires attention. The body will use the ‘tell’ frequently for other problems. If your beautiful body needs help it will bring the ‘tell’ to your attention and whatever you provide will be transported to the real problem. Use your instincts and provide all your body needs. The message behind the symptom: Love your body inside and out, nourish with love for complete health. Love and happiness, Felicity. Your body can at any point heal itself IF it has the right resources; if a problem persists try something new, never give up giving your body the resources it needs to maintain health. If you have a health question for FELICITY, please email:

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With Sex, No Drugs and Rock’n Roll Through Menopause

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AUTHOR Susanne McAllister

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This is a brilliant self-help guide focusing on life during and after menopause, including natural remedies, a guide to Tantra, and chapters for men who support menopausal women. Fear, dread, and uncertainty often surround menopause. Many women feel as if their best years are behind them – but this not true! With Sex, No Drugs and Rock’n Roll Through Menopause is the book that will change your perception of this transformative turning point into something positive! What’s more is that this book will guide you through menopause naturally and offers a range of advice for physical, mental, spiritual, and even sexual health. This book isn’t only ideal for women going through menopause, but also those who are near- and postmenopausal. In addition, this book makes a great gift for the men in your life, with chapters tailored just for them and how they can help and support you!

The title track, ‘True Evolution’ is a heartopening song where Phil illuminates the limits of living from the mind, and the richness of living authentically from the heart. Through sharing his personal reflections, he encourages others to take off the filter and the image of what we think others want to see and to just be ourselves. Formerly the front man of energetic festival band ‘Phil Barlow and The Wolf’, with two previous albums and over 300 band shows under his belt, he has since undergone a deep transformation as a person and as an artist. And this CD reflects his growth and heart-based approach.

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y advice for the New Year is that each one of us focuses on our own vibrational frequency. This New Year arriving is the perfect environment for us to undo learned beliefs about who we are. Rather than searching for something or someone out in the world of illusions, let us all focus on our inward journey. When we shift within, our outside world shifts with us. We can walk together; the truth is when one falls behind, we all fall behind; when one gains, we all gain. What I see every day within those using the frequency technologies are as varied as the individuals. The common results are people feel better, pain disappears, energy is restored, more peace is experienced. When the body changes frequency, perception changes. There are many wonderful concepts, tools and modalities for connecting to what I refer to as ‘right mindedness’. Frequency technologies are a results-

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| DECEMBER 2019-JANUARY 2020 | Holistic Bliss

driven field that can allow us to make new choices from our ‘right mind’. Many people today struggle with the ability to meditate or having an attitude of gratitude or ‘positivity’ especially when suffering pain, disease or a difficult life situation. These technologies can assist rewiring the mind and in so, shift the frequency of the mind and then body. What better way to navigate through the festive season than experiencing more peace and joy with these devices. That is what this season boasts to be all about. Love, peace and joy. I see 2020 filled with each of us truly understanding this through experience. 2020 will be a magnum force of Spirit coming through. I see all of us becoming new Spirits and leaving the human aspects behind. We will begin to all have experiences that cannot be explained. We are transitioning into a new world where we really do breathe

Tatiana Savery as one, we are one Spirit, every action we take affects everyone. It always has. But now we will really be feeling it. The matrix is being dissolved. It can be tumultuous as we transition but we will transition to the new world where everyone will be multi-sensory. Those who have the need for separation may have more difficulty with health as we move into 2020 and the bio spiritual way. We have always been bio spiritual; now the effects will be more felt. During this transition it will be helpful to remember every choice is an act of creation. Let us all encourage and support each other in this New Year arriving. If one person receives a session to shift their frequency it has an effect upon thousands. We can change the world to more ease, peace, love and joy for 2020.

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