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ot so long ago the label of ‘lightworker’ would conjure up all sorts of opinions, some eye rolling, a sense of being ‘out there’, of being airy fairy, one of those ‘spiritual types’, or even ungrounded, bordering on hippie consciousness. Well let’s throw that baby out with the bath water, as the breed of lightworkers; the ones who have stayed aligned with their soul’s calling by doing the hard 16

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yards, are now taking on the mantle of current day spiritual warriors, as they bring awareness to the raising of the consciousness on the planet by bringing enlightenment to those ready to awaken. In the world of huge uncertainty as everything around us falls away from what we know or have known in order to reveal vast opportunities, incredible potential, the foundational most important thread that binds it together, is the call to know yourself, the actions of self-responsibility, the courage

of actioning who you are and to stand strong in that knowledge. Michelle Lightworker is one of these pioneers who has a power of selfbelief that makes me want to applaud enthusiastically every time I see her. The bubble of light radiates from her, draws you in, wanting to know how I can have that energy, that confidence, that knowing. The passion, enthusiasm, commitment, effervescence that emanates from Michelle is infectious, her energy is clearly about creating the

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