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Jean Sheehan

Finding the Magic Within

EDITION 53 ISSN: 1836-8840


11/21/2013 6:32:06 PM

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O F N E W Y O R K G L A M O U R & U R BA N S O P H I S T I C AT I O N Daisy’s Place provides an elegant and sophisticated alfresco dining experience within a flirtatious interior of luxury and style. Explore a delicious full menu of traditional recipes while relaxing within the tranquil outdoor and water landscaped gardens.

2859 Steve Irwin Way, Glenview (Just Off The Highway Onto Steve Irwin Way)

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11/21/2013 6:35:14 PM

Stunning new food menu ranging from breads, starters, entrees, mains and desserts… • New extensive beverage list • Best coffee • Wonderful scones, cakes all day, everyday • Some real treats


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Follow your bliss!


t’s the festive season and people are starting to get into celebration mode and for many it’s also a time for some reflection… it’s been a really big year for a lot of people. On a personal note I have experienced loss and sadness within my family this year with my dear sister’s baby Jacob and more recently with the death of my Dad. Nearly three and half years ago Dad was diagnosed with prostate cancer which had spread to his bones. This was a big shock for our small family. Over the last few years he has chosen mostly mainstream treatments and quite a few natural approaches but he had his own way of doing things and he lived way beyond what most thought he would. I will always remember my Dad’s courage, persistence, kindness and his ‘Dad jokes’; this will stay in my heart. I am happy for him that he is in peace and merged with

the source of life once again. It has made me realise what a gift each moment is and what a gift we are to each other. And there have been so many contributors and readers of Holistic Bliss sending so much love and light to my family. So this edition is put together with extra love and appreciation. I think many of the messages running through this edition are very powerful to focus on over the festive season: having gratitude, forgiving, remembering the magic of who we are, creating ease and simplicity in our lives, giving to others and also RECEIVING from the universe. We are each an expression of something so unique, there is no-one who can express their magic in the same way you can. Merry Christmas beautiful readers and look forward to bringing you more bliss in 2014!!!

“Your Magazine With Soul”




The Spirit


& 2014

Jean Sheehan

Finding the Magic Within

EDITION 53 ISSN: 1836-8840


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19 FOOD FOR THE SOUL 6 Cranberry and Pistachio Slice by The Organic Sisters 7 Simple, Joyful Celebrations by Lisa Wiedrich 8 Christmas Nut Roast Recipe by Bek Mugridge 9 Spice of Life by Vicki Taylor Poha by Jay Mulder 10 Magic Ingredients by Sarah Clarke Let Your Stomach Smile over the 11  Festive Season by Katrina Drew 12 The Magic of Oil Pulling Therapy by Jenni Madison 14-15 Christmas Gift Ideas


COVER STORY 16-17  Jean Sheehan Finding the Magic Within

24 Are these the missing puzzle pieces to…

18 Stay Trim at Christmas by Monique Lee 19 Setting the Intention for the New Year by Soraya 20 Be Your Own Sorcerer by Raelene Byrne 22 Business Bliss by Julie Pigeon 23 Creating Magic! Access Consciousness 24 The Magic of a Festival 25 Going Home by Mary-Lou Stephens 26 Past Life Regression by Richard Giakoumis 27 Symbolic Magic! By Starina

ss Happine

28 The Magic of the Moment by Vanessa Bushell 29 Are You Physically Motivated Enough to Reach Your Goals by Suzi Le Fanue 30-31 The Gift That is Always There! by Jules O’Neill 32 Truth and Setting Healthy Boundaries by Leanne, The Barefoot Medium 33 Sunshine House of Wellness 34 Chiropractic Lights Up Your Life by Dr Eric Slead 35 Grieving? Are You Being Kind to You? by Wendy Mulder 36-37 Festive Forgiveness by Cameron Aggs 38 Festive Gratitude by Dr Peter Dingle 39 Being On Purpose is Magic! by Michelle Lightworker FASHION, BEAUTY, HAIR AND STYLE 40 Shine Brightly! with Amanda Rootsey 42 Magical Body Connection by Gaylyn Aitken 44 HOLISTIC AS Books and more… NATURAL ANIMAL CARE 45 Tricks and Treats by Toni Lynch 46-47 Detox Your Pet Before Xmas by Dr Elaine Cebuliak 48-49 Never Give Up by Karen Buttery 50






io Motivat

Is there a link between the gut and the brain?

For years scientists have called your digestive system your “second brain”. It is like the roots of a tree; it absorbs your nutrients and helps you to flourish. But what if you carried bacterias that released neuro-toxins, affecting the way your brain works and at the same time lowered your nutrient absorption? Researchers at McMaster University have supportive evidence that bacteria residing in the gut influence brain chemistry and behaviour. When there was a change in the gut flora of the test subjects, increased anxiety and behaviour change was noted. Digestive imbalance can cause an imbalance to your “happy hormones”.

What about heavy metals?

Do you have amalgam dental fillings? Have you worked in the mines? Or in close contact with metals such as an electrician using copper wiring? Do you use copper cookware? Or drink from copper pipes? Heavy metals are linked to depression, fatigue, erratic moods, digestive problems and other neurologic issues. HRT and use of the pill can all cause copper to increase – this is because of the high levels of oestrogen; the likely symptoms could be unexplained headaches, PMS, depression and mood swings.

Have you heard of Pyroluria?

It is a genetically determined metabolic condition. It is characterised by having elevated kryptopyrroles in the urine. If you have this condition your demand for certain nutrients (particularly B6 and zinc) is high. These two nutrients are essential for neurotransmitter production, such as serotonin and dopamine. Pyrolurics are more likely to suffer with depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, autism, alcoholism, temper outbursts, IBS, or strong fatigue.

Book your




Suzi Le Fanue BSc (Bmed) Naturopath & Nutritionist

Holistic Bliss | DECEMBER 2013 - JANUARY 2014 |

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Cranberry and Pistachio Slice RECIPE THE ORGANIC SISTERS



Base: 1 cup of raw almonds 1 cup of dried dates ¼ cup of cacao powder 2 tablespoons of coconut oil (melted)

Base: 1. Pulse the almonds and cacao powder in a food processor until it resembles a fine crumb. 2. While the food processor is running add in the dates one at a time and the coconut oil until it is well combined. 3. Pour the mixture into a small slice tin lined with non-toxic baking paper and press it down to form the base. Place it in the freezer to set.

Filling: 1 cup of dried cranberries ¾ cup of desiccated coconut 2 tbsp of coconut oil (melted) ½ cup of raw pistachio nuts ¼ cup of coconut cream 1 tbsp of Maca powder (optional) Chocolate Topping: ¼ cup of coconut oil (melted) ¼ cup of pure maple syrup ¼ cup of cacao powder


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Filling: 1. Pulse the cranberries, coconut, pistachios and Maca powder in the food processor until finely chopped (ensure you don’t over process). 2. Add the coconut oil and coconut

cream and pulse again until the mixture is combined. 3. Pour the mixture on top of the base and return it to the freezer to set. Top Chocolate Layer: 1. Add the coconut oil, maple syrup and cacao to a small mixing bowl and stir until it is combined and resembles chocolate sauce. 2. Spread the chocolate sauce on top of the filling – make sure the filling is set before you do this step! 3. Pop it back into the freezer for an hour and then remove it from the tin, slice it up and store it in an airtight container in the fridge.

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11/21/2013 6:41:23 PM

Simple, Joyful Festive Celebrations! WORDS LISA WIEDRICH


t’s that time of year again. The socalled ‘silly season’ is upon us. Not only do we race around trying to complete every task on our ‘to do’ list from the office through to the house, and race around buying presents, we also seem compelled to catch up with every person we’ve ever crossed paths with for a Christmas drink catch up. Are we thinking the world will end on the 31st of December and we need to have everything in order? We put so much pressure on ourselves – body, mind and soul. Two years ago, I escaped it all and took my children overseas to Laos and Thailand from the 1st of December until the 4th of January. Christmas just happened to be in Pakse, Laos. Modest presents were purchased from local markets and we splurged on an indulgent meal at a fabulous French restaurant for our Christmas Eve dinner (I’m European, so this is my main event). Our Christmas day brunch was spent at a fabulous local French Patisserie, delighting in the delectable Pain au Chocolat (chocolate croissants).

Most importantly though, it was completely stress free. For the first time in my life, I got to really appreciate the simple joys of this time of year. I stopped. I enjoyed my time with my children. I learnt that it’s not about racing around, feeling exhausted and stressed. It was about taking time to stop, be with loved ones, feel gratitude and appreciate the simple things in life. Now, I’m not suggesting we all need to suddenly come to a grinding halt, turn the phones off and hide yourselves away. However I do think we could all do with a bit of slowing down and certainly, a bit of self-love over this time. Christmas shouldn’t be about stress, exhaustion and continual over indulgence. So here are some of my tips to keeping you sane, healthy and enjoying this time of year. 1. Lose the fried and/or processed foods like potato chips and replace with crudité and fresh dips, olives and wholegrain-seeded crackers. 2. Have a glass of water in between alcoholic drinks.

Certified Organic Health Products • Colon Cleansing Kits • Internal Organ Cleansing Kits • Fully Organic Natural Health Support

3. Try to only make time for people that make you happy and lift you. 4. Keep up some physical exercise. 5. Take some ‘you’ time, perhaps a scented bath or a long walk along the beach or a yoga class. 6. Keep your health on track with lots of fresh vegetables and fruit to support the over-indulgences. 7. A green juice in the mornings with some wheatgrass or spirulina will help bring your body back to an alkaline state after too much acid forming foods, like alcohol, dairy and meat.

Beetroot and Tahini Dip 1 cup cooked beetroot 2 tbsp unhulled tahini ¼ cup unsweetened Greek yoghurt Fresh mint Salt/pepper to taste Squeeze of lemon juice

Blend and serve with crudité (sticks of raw vegetables). Think cucumber, carrot, celery, capsicum or whatever takes your fancy. Enjoy!


New in 2014


• Herbal Teas – singles and blends • Pure Essential Oils

Find me at Northey Street Organic Markets Windsor SUNDAYS 6am-10.30am


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The Tea & Tummy Man

Tajines I Oils I Spices Herbs I Gifts I Gourmet Foods Tajines | Oils | Herbs | Spices Gifts | Gourmet Foods

Open 6 days a week Open days a8870 week Phone75491 Phone 5491 8870 Shop 4, ‘Monaco’ Shop 4, ‘Monaco” Lower Bulcock Street, Caloundra.

Bulcock Street, Caloundra Holistic Bliss | DECEMBER 2013 - JANUARY 2014 |

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11/21/2013 6:42:56 PM


CHRISTMAS IS SUCH A WONDERFUL TIME TO CELEBRATE WITH REAL, NOURISHING FOODS. THIS NUT ROAST IS HEARTY AND DELICIOUS, KEEPS REALLY WELL, CAN BE SERVED HOT OR COLD AND IS BEST MADE THE DAY BEFORE MAKING IT PERFECT FOR ENTERTAINING. SERVE WITH YOUR FAVOURITE CRANBERRY SAUCE OR A GREAT CHILLI JAM. Ingredients 1 cup French green lentils, washed 1 cup brown lentils, washed 1 cup unsalted macadamia nuts 1 cup unsalted brazil nuts 1 cup unsalted cashews ¼ cup cooked quinoa 1 litre good vegetable stock 2 organic carrots, finely grated 3 free range eggs 1 tablespoon soy sauce 3 thick slices spelt, sour dough bread (or gf) 1 large leek, chopped Method Pre-heat oven to 180°C. Grease and line a loaf tin with baking paper. In a saucepan bring the vegetable stock to the boil, add lentils, reduce to simmer and cook until tender,


remove from heat. Do not drain. Gently fry the chopped leek in a little olive oil until it is well wilted. Crush all the nuts together but only roughly, you want them to be a bit varied in the pieces for great texture, some crumbly, some larger chunks. I do mine by hand in a mortar and pestle. In a large bowl, whisk eggs. Whizz the bread to turn it into breadcrumbs and add to the eggs, also add in the crushed nuts, leek, quinoa, grated carrot and soy sauce. Add in the cooked lentils and their liquid so the mixture is moist and comes together about ½ to ¾ cup of liquid, you can add extra stock if needed. Mix together well and pour into prepared tin. Cover with a sheet of baking paper. Bake in a moderate oven until

firm on top and cooked through, approximately 30 minutes. Remove and allow to cool. Place cooled nut roast in the fridge, covered preferably overnight or at least 3-4 hours. It will taste even better if made the day before. Serve hot or cold with a really lovely sauce like cranberry or chilli jam. *Notes some stocks and soy sauces are not GF, check your labels if wanting to make a GF version of this nut roast. Sunshine Coast-based REBECCA MUGRIDGE is an award winning Author, Horticulturalist, Recipe Creator, food blogger and busy mum with a passion for food. She loves to show people that you can turn your family favourites with a few easy twists into healthier dishes and even how to get kids excited about healthy food. You can find Rebecca, all her recipes, gardening tips, cooking events and upcoming Sunshine Coast cooking classes at:

Have you ever considered a

Career in Massage? Certificate IV in Massage Therapy Practices (HLT40312)

Diploma of Remedial Massage (HLT50307)

Diploma of Reflexology (HLT51712)

ENQUIRIES TO: JENNY CAVANAGH (07) 5476 1977 Keeping the Massage Industry in Safe Hands 8

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11/21/2013 6:44:28 PM

Za’atar WORDS VICKI TAYLOR – Queen of Spice


a’atar is a Middle Eastern blend of herbs and spices. The predominant herb is Thyme, a favourite of mine, and along with sumac, sesame seeds and salt, makes for a very robust blend. Sumac gives it a tangy lemony taste. Za’atar is used as a condiment. It can be used to flavour breads like flat-bread, either by adding into the dough before baking or simply sprinkling on top of bread that has been brushed with olive oil and lightly grilled until nice and toasty. Za’atar can also be used like a dukkha. Dip bread in good quality olive oil then dip into the Za’atar dip mix and enjoy. It’s a summer thing! For those warmer evenings roast a chicken using this aromatic blend by rubbing it (smothering it!) under the skin. YUM!

Poha RECIPE JAY MULDER – Eumundi Medicine Man

THIS IS A LIGHT, DELICIOUS, QUICK AND EASY MEAL. A BREAKFAST FAVOURITE WHICH CAN BE ENJOYED ANY TIME OF DAY. TRADITIONALLY A SAVOURY PREPARATION ALTHOUGH A SWEET VERSION CAN ALSO BE ADAPTED. Ingredients: 2 cups of brown rice flakes 3 potatoes (diced small) 1 cup of peas 1 heaped tbsp ghee 2 tsp black mustard seeds 2 tsp cumin seeds 8 curry leaves 1 tsp hing Salt to taste 1 juicy lemon cut into wedges ½ bunch fresh coriander

Method: Dice potato into small pieces and steam until cooked. Put brown rice flakes into a sieve and place under running water until rehydrated, approximately one minute, then set aside. In a non stick pan warm up the ghee over a medium heat. Once warm add black mustard seeds and allow them to pop, follow by adding cumin seeds and curry leaves stir gently. Add hing then the steamed diced potato. Mix potato through the infused ghee then add the peas and brown rice flakes. Once all combined add salt and garnish with fresh coriander leaves and a wedge of lemon.


Lacking Balance & Vitality?

Re-Energise with Lisa

Lisa Wiedrich is a Holistic Health & Wellness Mentor, Author, Chef, Meditation Instructor and Mother based on the Sunshine Coast, Queensland

Through her business Soul Food Journey, she creates lifestyle transformations by coaching her clients to create health in mind, body and soul as a path to happiness.



(Consults can be conducted face to face, over the phone or via Skype)

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Details on the website or contact me directly for more information

Mobile: 0450 377 735

• Set and accomplish goals in a way that is empowering and exciting • Feel great in your body • Discover the confidence to CREATE the life you want…

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11/21/2013 6:49:44 PM

Magic Ingredients! WORDS SARAH CLARKE – Owner of Natural Earth Health Products


love sharing the benefits of the ingredients. I get joy out of people understanding why each ingredient counts and how it helps the body – what function it plays. So I have chosen to share the magic of one of my favourite Christmas spices for this edition. Cinnamon! Many people are surprised when I mention ‘True Cinnamon’… not knowing that there was more than one type of this beautiful and very aromatic spice. ‘True’ or Cinnamom Verum (from the plant Cinnamomum Zeylanicum) is the inner bark of a small evergreen tree native to Sri Lanka – and is commonly referred to as Ceylon Cinnamon. The other varieties come from a different plant (Cinnamom Cassia) and are also known as Chinese or Saigon Cinnamon. Most of this type is cultivated in China and Indonesia. Ceylon cinnamon is typically more expensive than any of the Cassia versions, and it is also the cinnamon more closely associated with potential


health benefits. However, since both forms belong not only to the same family of plants (Lauraceae, the laurel family) but also to the same genus (Cinnamomum), they do share many characteristics. However, the contents differ much in the amount of Couramin, which is a naturally occurring substance with strong blood thinning properties. The level of Couramin in Ceylon Cinnamon is negligibly small, while that in the Cassia variety is said to be 1200 times higher. This is said to over a prolonged period of time to cause negative impact on the kidney and liver. How can you tell the difference? When ground, it is very hard to visually but aromatically there is a huge difference. When we open our Organic Ground Cinnamom at the office – you can smell it right through the building! Delightful! The taste I believe is more refined and subtle. The sticks do differ side by side – Ceylon has a thin and paper like textured bar that has multiple layers when rolled up versus the tougher, thicker darker brown, less layered tougher Cassia.

Health Benefits? A long history of use in both Eastern and Western cultures as a medicine, Cinnamon contains compounds called Catechins, which help relieve nausea and it is said the volatile oil in the bark may also help the body to process food by assisting in breaking down fats during digestion. It has been indicated for a variety of ailments including gastrointestinal problems, urinary infections, relief of cold and flu symptoms and is said to help people with Diabetes metabolise sugar better. It is said the tannins have an astringent action, which may help with the stemming of nose bleeds, heavy periods, catarrhal congestion. It contains the antioxidant Glutathione and research suggests it provides antimicrobial, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial and anti-parasitic properties. It both warms and stimulates the digestive system as a calmative, it helps to break up intestinal gas and has been used traditionally to combat diarrhoea and morning sickness.

‘The Shop That Is Not A Shop’


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OPEN: 9am-5pm Mon-Fri, 9am-2pm Saturday 1/10 Main Street, Palmwoods Ph 5478 8893

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11 Coral Street, Maleny • Phone 5435 2233

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Let your stomach smile over the festive season WORDS KATRINA DREW, NUTRITIONIST / COLON HYDROTHERAPIST


he festive season is a time where we all get a little carried away with ourselves. Surrounded by all the little goodies we avoid all year round, suddenly it’s “my favourite day for eating”.

Your taste buds may be having a festive party in your mouth, though your body could be suffering for it. Over eating, fitting one too many treats in, can leave you feeling bloated, fuzzy headed, grumpy and feeling like there are a few extra kilos around the mid section. Here are a few little tricks of the trade to help with these tasty yet trying festive times. Firstly, taking time to savour the taste of your food, chewing each mouthful, at least 20 times, before swallowing. The more you are able to break down your food by maceration (chewing), the easier it is on your digestive system. Chewing also stimulates your stomach and pancreas to excrete more enzymes, helping the breakdown of carbohydrates and proteins. This will give you the sensation of fullness earlier. Assisting in stopping you from over eating. Instead of the water melon usually served after that huge Christmas roast or seafood bonanza, try having some pawpaw instead. Papain is the enzyme in pawpaw, which helps to breakdown protein in the stomach, helping to free you of that heavy feeling in your stomach. Eat that deliciously juicy water melon or any melons (rockmelon, honeydew), away from other foods. This stops it from sitting in your stomach and fermenting away, creating a brewery, which could lead to a lot of bloating and burping. I hope these little tips can help make a Happy Christmas stomach.

House of Ayurveda


ositioned in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland at Palmwoods, the House of Ayurveda is a one stop shop for: Ayurveda consultations, Ayurvedic treatments, Ayurvedic herbal medicines and beauty products or just to come in and chat or browse…we also have a range of Indian cotton clothing, jewellery and gifts. All staff are qualified Ayurvedic Practitioners and can give knowledge on diet and lifestyle changes to enhance your well being and to create balance in your lives. The treatments are memorable and are designed to rid the body of toxins, increase digestion or to settle the mind. The studio @ 8 Main Street, Palmwoods has been specifically designed as an holistic, blissful ambience from the restful colours of the decor to the outdoors tea garden and peaceful gardens. Education is a priority, commencing with our Summer School in January 2014.This is an introduction to Ayurveda for practitioners wanting to study or for those just wanting to achieve better health and a more balanced lifestyle. Opening Mid December 2013 – open 6 days a week 9.00am till 5.00pm – extended by appointment. For further information contact: Our Philosophy @ House of Ayurveda. “Change your consciousness that’s all that’s needed.”

If you like coconut oil, you’ll love coconutmagic Finally a coconut oil that tastes great! Coconut Magic is certified organic and cold pressed. Our coconut oil is made from freshly harvested mature coconuts, using a unique extraction process designed to maximise the health benefits. It is pure and delicious with a delightful aroma. Coconut Magic promotes optimum health both inside and out. Coconut Magic’s raw, virgin coconut oil is natures richest source of medium chain fatty acids. It is digested and metabolised in a way that assists the body to energise, nourish and heal. It is known to have antifungal, antibacterial and antiviral properties that offer incredible health benefits. Just a few of the many healthy uses of Coconut Magic include: cooking, adding to smoothies, oil pulling therapy, skin and hair care.

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11/21/2013 7:52:43 PM

The Magic of

Oil Pulling Therapy WORDS JENNI MADISON, Founder & Director Coconut Magic


il pulling is an ancient Ayurvedic health tradition for detox and rejuvenation. It is a simple morning practice that offers remarkable results. Many people are doing it, many are talking about it, and many are super keen to get started. Oil pulling as we know it today, was re-introduced by Dr Karach, MD. Dr Karach claimed that oil pulling could help a variety of illnesses ranging from heart disease and digestive troubles to hormonal disorders. He used the method in his medical practice with great success. Traditionally, oil pullers used sesame or sunflower oil. Today raw virgin coconut oil is the preferred choice, as it offers the additional benefits of antimicrobial, anti-fungal, anti-inflammatory, anti-bacterial and enzymatic properties. The added

Sunshine Dental Care




Dr Lilian Kluge

Shop 3, Plaza Central 31-33 Plaza Parade MAROOCHYDORE 4558

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12.indd 1

benefits of using coconut oil help to remove plaque from your teeth and strengthen your gums by thoroughly cleansing this area. The best time to oil pull is first thing in the morning on an empty stomach as your body is in its natural detox mode. Simply put a teaspoon of coconut oil in your mouth and swish it around for 15-20 minutes, just as you would a regular mouthwash. Once you’ve finished swishing spit the oil out. Brush your teeth and give your mouth a good clean. If you use a mild flavoured coconut oil it is quite pleasant. If it is cold and the oil is solid, it will only take a minute for it to melt. Bruce Fife, naturopathic and expert in the healing effects of coconut explains that the fat enzymes in the oil literally “pull” congestion and mucus from your throat and loosen up your sinuses. The process removes bacteria, toxins, and parasites that live in your

mouth or lymph system. He uses the following analogy: “It acts much like the oil you put in your car engine. The oil picks up dirt and grime. When you drain the oil, it pulls out the dirt and grime with it, leaving the engine relatively clean. Consequently, the engine runs smoother and lasts longer. Likewise, when we expel harmful substances from our bodies, our health is improved and we run smoother and last longer.” Oil pulling has been around for thousands of years. Research has demonstrated a direct link between oral health and chronic disease. By adopting a simple and effective morning routine, such as oil pulling therapy you can enjoy fresher breath, healthier gums, whiter teeth, clearer skin and protection from many chronic health problems. For more information on the health and beauty benefits of coconut oil visit

“We get most of our patients through word of mouth” SAFE AMALGAM REMOVAL

Because we believe passionately in Holistic Health, we practise the safest possible ways to remove Amalgam. We are fully equipped for Safe Amalgam Removal with AIR PURIFICATION, and work in a strict protocol considering your health first. The Air Purification System has high efficiency filters which remove mercury vapours, disinfectants and organic aerosols.

“CEREC” CROWNS (completed in one visit!) Here at Sunshine Dental Care we have the very latest technology, offering “CEREC” crowns. This is a porcelain crown which is prepared, milled and inserted all in one single visit – saving the patient the need to wait two weeks (requiring two visits) to receive their treatment.

ilable: Also Ava try or entis Sleep D n… You t sedatio h deep h ig il w T wit ur eyes close yo and sleep your n e relaxatio your procedur h g ou way thr ter how lengthy at m o (n lex). or comp

| DECEMBER 2013 - JANUARY 2014 | Holistic Bliss

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11/21/2013 7:54:53 PM

s s i l B s a m t s i r h C Eco Hampers 2 U. Freshly prepared Home Made Picnic Hampers delivered to you. Vouchers available for Xmas. We deliver to Brisbane and surrounding areas. Phone: 0402 580 681 or “Experience the Freedom Within” Mindful Meditation CD by Vanessa Bushell, $29.95 including postage and handling anywhere in Australia. Phone: 0424 507 101 or

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The MedicineRoom has produced three new divine aromatic and therapeutic Herbal Skin Balms. Rosehip with Ylang Ylang and Lime, Eucalyptus with Tea Tree and Lemon Myrtle with Citronella – $25 each at selected shops, The Eumundi Markets Stall, Woodford Folk Festival and online at (available mid December and pre orders taken).

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The Happy Herb Shop Noosa/Maroochydore Tiderbox, Macas cacao chai $22; Seeds of light, Chai drops $25; Choc chilli Chai $12; Servic Plants, Ayurveda capsules $45. Phone: 5479 6607 or 5412 2829.

Eco Tan Organic Gift packs! Winter Skin Pack is $49.45 and the Invisible Tan Pack is $54.45. Phone: 1300 596 118 or

Earth Jewel Creations Inspirational hand-stamped charm pendant. Choose your own words $49.

Buderim Candle Co. Christmas morning scented soy candle in large jar with lid. Approximately 65 hours $29 each. Facebook Buderim Candle Co. or email

Sacred Symbols of the Stars A card deck like no other! Why not get your loved ones something unique this Christmas? Beautiful sacred geometry artworks and card deck, $44. Phone: 0411 399 777

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11/21/2013 8:00:26 PM

Cover Story




had my first session with Jean a few years ago and the experience is still very fresh in my mind. She asked some empowering questions and I let go of some limitations, she tuned in to my body and energy field and my whole heart opened up wide. I felt a surge of energy bursting through this chakra and the energy potently ran through my whole body for about 24 hours. This was my experience with Jean’s work and realising the truth of who I am in those moments. This is the magic that lies within us all. Jean inspires a good cross section of the mainstream world by teaching her unique style of medical intuition to universities, allied health, students and high profile professionals. Not surprisingly, she continues to be in demand all over Australia and around the world. This month it’s a pleasure to share Jean’s wisdom and have some insight into what 2014 holds if we truly listen. “We are born intuitive and we forget. We are taught to be unintuitive,” she explains. Since childhood, Jean could see inside the body’s organs/systems and perceive the energy around and through the body. But because she had no-one to acknowledge what she saw, she decided to follow an ‘acceptable’ career path and took up nursing and working in the area of autopsies to use her gifts in a way


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people could understand. While she did help a lot of people working as a nurse, she eventually realised this work was not the best way of utilising her talents. Hiding her full range of gifts and ‘playing it safe’ contributed to creating cancer, and so in order to heal, she had to be free to be her authentic self. She had to let go of her childhood conditioning (she experienced much childhood abuse and was told she was bad, ugly and her intuitive gifts were evil). And in doing so, Jean took a giant leap and started to fly. In the process she has transformed thousands of lives – and she is passionate about reaching more people and having medical intuition accepted as part of the education system.

Now as an adult Jean feels it’s imperative to assist the next generation to be who they are and trust their own knowing. So where did these gifts come from? Jean clarifies that she didn’t have a guru or follow a set path. Her process of awakening was more about remembering her infiniteness. She says she would read books, go to workshops and follow her intuition, and the information and wisdom she came across resonated with her and confirmed her own knowing. It was a natural progression for Jean to create Millennium Education to assist people to awaken (in fact her business has experienced remarkable growth over the last 20 years globally and on the Sunshine Coast). She has built a solid team around her and she uses many intuitive tools such as crystal grids and systems, children’s personality types and

sacred geometry, weaving in ancient wisdom to assist people. “My passion is to help others find their infinite potential; who they really are. Sacred geometry and crystal grids are like a mathematical code inside that relates to creation. And it’s only as an adult I’ve been able to explain it and teach it. I couldn’t explain it as a child,” she says. Now as an adult Jean feels it’s imperative to assist the next generation to be who they are and trust their own knowing. She says, “Society teaches kids to not listen to their innate wisdom, and they are naturally intuitive all the time. This generation don’t fit into the system – they are bucking it, so it’s up to us to make changes and see them as a gift. Many kids today believe you only live once and they are very emotional, reactive and expressive. They are also very talented but don’t realise it. They are forgetting their own potentiality and there are alarming levels of self-harm

| DECEMBER 2013 - JANUARY 2014 | Holistic Bliss

11/21/2013 8:00:56 PM

a q g li w re a in p

c th in a w w k n c H F

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and suicide. We have systems that teach quite high expectations and if they don’t get the latest iPhone and iPad they feel like they are failures. My greatest joy in working with young people is when they realise their potential and knowing they are not alone. There needs to be changes in the health and education system… I’m passionate about this.” Jean says a child’s ‘bad behaviour’ can be a cry for help or a gift in that they trust you enough to break down in front of you. It’s time to be creative and intuitive when it comes to dealing with what’s happening for them as a whole. She believes we need to get to know them rather than seeing them as a number and inspire them to see that they can create anything in their lives. How Can We Thrive Through the Festive Season? Christmas is often a time of crisis and high rates of suicide. So Jean says it is important to ask for help and connect

with people who will support you in challenging times. “Let the pride down and don’t do it alone. There is so much support out there. When there is a knock back, keep asking (this is so important for kids to know).” The festive season has not always been an easy time for Jean. Her mother tragically died on Christmas day when she was only sixteen years old and the loss and deep grief led to being homeless

for a period and struggling to finish grade 12 on her own. She eventually found shared accommodation and worked at a juice factory until she got in to nursing. “Initially I went into shock when mum died, but eventually I decided to focus on what I was grateful for and I focused on others. Even today that’s what keeps me going. The idea of giving fills us up so much we forget about ourselves. My thinking was, ‘Someone must be in a worse state than I am… What can I give to others?’ Mum’s gift to me was that I found ‘me’. I don’t think I would have found ‘me’ as quickly if my mum hadn’t died,” she says. Jean’s heartfelt desire is for people to get back to the true loving intent behind Christmas. She believes it’s a time for being real; it’s not about the presents you receive. We can ask: what is going to fill my heart at Christmas time? Do what is going to be fun, simple, loving and caring. Jean celebrates Christmas with her loved ones and usually invites people who are alone to spend the day with her family. “I always ask my family, ‘what can we do as a family together’ and I don’t push my stuff and ideas on them.” She believes Christmas is a time to say, ‘I am who I am’, it’s not about how much money I have or what awards I have. The real meaning of life is connection, love, intuition and being in your heart space. “The simpler I make my life, the more abundant I am.” Jean whispers, “Magic is that childlike essence that everything is going to be okay. We once knew that… What happened?” What would it take for us to discover this at Christmas and all year round?

Jean’s thoughts about 2014 : 2014 is when life really begins! Number 2 is about ‘awakening or judging’. So we have a choice! The zero is about the ‘zero point’ where nothing is really good or bad, it’s neutral. The number 14 is about having no illusion, and not being separate from anything or anyone. So we have a real opportunity to awaken in 2014. Holistic Bliss | DECEMBER 2013 - JANUARY 2014 |

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11/21/2013 8:01:26 PM

Keep Trim at Christmas



ndless parties, drinks and social gatherings… the Festive Season can be really ‘hard’ on your body if you don’t take care of yourself. In fact, by the time New Year’s Eve is done and dusted, it is believed that the average ‘non-disciplined’ person has gained around 2kg over the holiday season. It only takes an extra helping of pudding, a few more glasses of wine, or some extra chocolates and suddenly you’ve had all your daily calories in one sitting. While many of the traditional Christmas foods are very low in fat, it’s the trimmings and extra nibbles that can add the kilograms. To keep in top shape over Christmas, just follow the simple tips below and you too can eat, drink and be healthy. Do not skip breakfast: Eating breakfast helps to keep your blood sugars steady during the day, which helps you to resist the urge to snack on high sugar foods (particularly when the

dreaded ‘mid afternoon’ snack attack hits). When you arrive at a Christmas party, plan your strategy: Assess all of the available food and drink options on offer and plan to eat/drink only those items that are least damaging to your health. If you are worried that there will be no suitable food for you to eat, BYO a dish that you know you can have guilt free. Volunteer to be the designated driver: Remember that alcohol contains a LOT of empty calories and every drink increases the toxic load on your liver, so driving will keep your waistline under control (and – BONUS – no unpleasant hangover the next day). Keep good food in ready supply: Prepare some freezer-friendly, healthy meals to keep as a stand-by when the ‘craziness of Christmas’ leaves you with nothing to eat come dinner-time. Thawing out a healthy meal is much better than dialling a pizza!

Medical Intuition Sunshine Coast

16 - 23 February 2014


Conscious Loving for Couples 23rd-29th March, 2014 Sunshine Coast, Qld

16 - 23 March 2014

Finding Love Again

Opening Doors 5 - 6 March 2014

What is Your Body Telling You? Jean Sheehan is an internationally recognised medical intuitive

Discover your full potential knowing anything is possible. Jean Sheehan Principal

w. e. p. 07 5641 4009

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Medical Intuition Melbourne


Have healthy snacks on hand when guests call in: Instead of stocking up on chips, biscuits and other ‘naughty’ food for guests who call in for a Christmas drink, stock up on raw nuts, vegetable sticks and salsa. By keeping all those visitor ‘treats’ out of your home, you are less likely to be tempted to nibble on them, and when you do have visitors you will be serving food that is good for everyone’s waistline. Keep calm: Don’t let the stress of Christmas cause you to turn to food for comfort! If you are feeling overwhelmed, make sure you allocate yourself some ‘me’ time and practice some meditation, yoga and/or relaxation exercises to keep your spirit calm. Embrace the quality time that the Festive Season allows you to spend with loved ones and ensure you get plenty of R&R so you are ready to start 2014 with a BANG! Merry Christmas!

In this six day retreat a couple is given a completely new insight into sex, and its function in relationship. When the real truth about sex is clarified, sex becomes a potentially healing force and not a potentially disruptive one. * Please note: There is no nudity or demonstrations in this retreat

This retreat, described by some as “a coming home”, “a spiritual honeymoon”, “a reawakening to love”, is a special gift to your relationship. Couples feel the impact whether they have been together for three years or thirty years. Presented by


For full details and registrations, call Janet: or visit our website:

0428 726 849

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Setting the Intention

for the year ahead!

WORDS SORAYA SARASWATI – Soul Purpose Mastery – Living Love


he new moon in scorpio and solar eclipse heralded my return to India after a number of years. I was headed for Kerala together with my husband Terry and my twelve-year-old son Jaya. Kerala is a beautiful state on the west coast of Southern India. Here we are to facilitate a 10-day retreat in yoga, meditation, music and mantra in a traditional Ayurvedic Clinic where people will daily receive healing treatments together with our classes. Arriving late at night, the air was warm and humid with the pungent fragrance of a mixture of curry, incense, drains and humanity living in close proximity as we negotiated our way down roads, streets and back lanes to arrive after midnight at our cliff top hideaway. Falling into bed, we were lulled into a deep sleep by the sound of the rolling waves. We awoke to distant chanting, crow caws, and the sound of the wind in the coconut palms outside our window. It has been quite an effort preparing for the international guests who will join us from Sweden, Germany, Holland and Australia. Mother India has begun to weave her magic around us with the soft spoken, wide eyed, gentle local staff in coloured saris and white shirts tending our needs. Time has melted

away with the sound of the ocean waves rolling in like the pulse of the mother which has soothed us into a state of relaxation and sweet surrender. Writing this article and getting it has been a reminder that there is a time machine operating to keep order and agreement from which we feel quite separate here in India. People have flown joining us as we prepare, setting up sacred spaces for music and yoga. Meeting the wonderful ayurvedic and siddha doctors and massage staff and of course experiencing their deft hands and aromatic oils mixed by the herb master has been delightful. With open hearts and minds our group is now assembled. We will be living yoga, union of body, mind and spirit with open hearts and minds here in India for a very special 10 days together. All laying ourselves open to the inspiration of the music, mantra and meditation with the nourishment of yoga practice and ayurvedic massage and treatment. As a group we are one heart, although at times I feel like the divine mother is flowing through me, in the sharing of soul purpose mastery, embracing presence and living love with everyone here.

8-Stage Tap Water Purification and Mineralisation

Water Filter System Creating Healthy, Alkaline Drinking Water The Water Filter that not only removes harmful water contaminants, but also replenishes beneficial minerals.

Visit our Online Store for all Water Filter Products and Replacement Parts Holistic Bliss | DECEMBER 2013 - JANUARY 2014 |

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11/21/2013 8:02:36 PM



aking up in the morning to the sound of birdsong, to me is magic. Waking up to the sound of an alarm going off from a mobile phone would be a ‘magical event’ to a person from 400 years ago just as the simple act of boiling water in an electric jug is a ‘given’ for all of us, yet for a person from 400 years ago, boiling water without a fire would seem like an act of trickery. We live in a world that would seem magical to those from the past, yet many of us do not recognise it in life today. We wake up, get moving, do all the stuff we are expected to do, then fall into a heap at night in front of a television that lulls us into a sense of dull apathy. When in reality, all that resides within that surrounds and supports us, is filled with mysterious enchantment, offering magic in all moments. It is about how we perceive things. Magical happenings and, synchronistic events are all about the alignment we have with our spirit and how that is reflected to us. When we can see the beauty and blessings in any situation, when we choose to respond in a grace filled way, when we offer inspiration to lighten someone’s life, when we engage in doing things from our spirit to make a better world, we are bringing magic from our spirit into the world around. “Everything you need, you already have, within”. Do you realise that this is a potent and powerful key to life? The ancient teachings in many cultures tell us

• Holism • Meditation • Religion • Philosophy • Science • Astrology • Yoga • Psychology • Vegetarianism • Mysticism

Present this advert to Brisbane Lodge for a 10% DISCOUNT on one book purchase or library membership The Theosophical Society welcomes people from all religions or from none, who are interested in the search for Truth as realised by the great saints and sages. The possibility for realising this Truth is present in every one of us through both psychological and spiritual transformation.

Public Meetings at Brisbane Lodge 7.30pm Fridays

BRISBANE THEOSOPHICAL SOCIETY 355 Wickham Terrace – Phone (07) 3839 1453

Also at Toowoomba, Warwick, Buderim, Noosa, Atherton and Interstate BROWSE OUR SMALL BOOKSHOP OR JOIN OUR UNIQUE AND COMPREHENSIVE LIBRARY

More info at 20

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this, however, do we or can we believe it? Magic, power, alchemy are not things we have to strive to have, or things we have to work on, they are alive in us all the time. The keys to accessing this mysterious and creative part of us: lie in: Mindfulness, Awareness, Gratitude, Inspiration and Connection (MAGIC). Begin to put these five ‘inner’ values to practise and a whole new world is revealed. Many people see magic as something external, something that happens by chance. Many are waiting for a proverbial magic wand to fix lives, a magic pill to lose weight, a magical potion to make us more loveable or attractive, basically we are looking at something outside us to change our life and how we see or feel about ourselves. Our thoughts create our world, a truth we hear often, but look at what it is really telling us. We are creators through what we think, feel, desire, dream and imagine. It is not a flippant phrase; it is a powerful key and reminder for entering the deep knowingness that we have within. It always begins and ends with us. If you want change in your life, then be your own sorcerer, tap into your inner wisdom, trust it, follow its lead, be self-responsible and start to make steps to create something different. It always starts with a choice for change, and then magic can happen.

ESS IS THE IN S U B IF T A H W F LI VING? O E R U T N E V D A Order your book now in soft cover, audio, ebook. Get the first two chapters free at:

Two-day class in Mooloolaba – with Simone Milasas – 12-13 December, 2013

For details call Shennan 0410 471 724

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FULL AM CHIRO EX d ll spine an Includes fu and any nerve exam ays -r required X


For the first time on the Sunshine Coast there has been an amazing combination of modalities to achieve fantastic results. Three offices have installed brand new ”Direct digital” X-ray machines that allow an accurate analysis of your spine with about 50% less radiation! These offices have also installed the latest in functional strength training known as TRX. The major advantage of this unique combination is the personal trainers and the Chiropractors can work together for your benefit. With this new technology we have kept the initial Chiropractic exam at a crazy $37 – this incudes a full spine and nerve exam including any required X-rays. Mention Holistic Bliss and your first TRX class will be free. We are so confident you will love it and feel the difference straight away. What have you got to lose?

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VIBRANT HEALTHY LIVING • Dr SIMON MORGAN Chiropractor • Digital X-rays • TRX • Naturopath • Massage • Weight Loss • Yoga • Meditation • Reiki • Acupuncture

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• Dr DAVID HENDREY Chiropractor • Digital X-rays • TRX • Naturopath • Massage • Rehab Studio

• Dr ERIC SLEAD Chiropractor • Digital X-rays • TRX • Naturopath • Rehab Studio

Phone (07) 5438 2008

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2 Park Place CALOUNDRA

13/5 Innovation Parkway (Level 1) KAWANA WATERS

506/5 Emporio Place MAROOCHYDORE

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Business Thrival! WORDS JULIE PIGEON


or far too long we’ve bought into the myth that business is hard work. We’ve been told that to make it in business, we have to be prepared to work long hours and don’t even think about making any money for the first few years! Sound familiar? I believe it is possible to create a thriving business you love – with ease. It’s all about finding the magic within your business and the key to this process is being ok with being you. So if your business is keeping you awake at night with worry, here are some tips for designing your business, your way. To start, go back to basics. Begin by getting clear on who you are, why you do what you do, what you are doing and how you are doing it. Who is your ideal client? Is your brand/image and your marketing accurately reflecting who you are? Are you being true to you or are you comparing yourself to


22.indd 1

others? What makes you different is your magic. When you are being you and everything you do reflects that, you attract clients you’ll love working with and who truly value you. Next, don’t let the business stuff you don’t know, don’t like or don’t have time for, get in your way. Focus on what you love doing and get help with the rest. If finances, marketing or admin is not your strong point, outsource these functions to someone who loves it! The magic will happen when you let these go. Many business owners see this as a cost they can’t afford. But when you consider what your time is worth, the business you lose by spending time on these things, and that experts can do it in a fraction of the time it would take you, it’s the best investment you can make for your business! Spend some time reviewing how you do things now and how you could make some improvements. If you’re

not sure, why not get someone to work with you? Look at your marketing activities, how you offer your products and services and review your pricing. What are you spending your time on and what resources do you need? How can you use technology to streamline things? Who do you have on your support team? Are you keeping up with social media and building a strong presence online? Small changes in these areas can give you massive time and money savings. Now is the perfect time to set up your business for success in the New Year. Spend some time setting your goals and planning now, to reap the rewards in 2014. Finding the magic within your business starts with you. JULIE PIDGEON is a Business Creation Consultant and works with small business owners to empower them with the skills and knowledge they need to create a business they love.

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Creating Magic! C

ontrary to what a lot of people think, magic is not about controlling or forecasting natural events, it’s not about getting everything you want when you want it, and it’s not about spells, rituals and tricks. Knocking people over with the breath of life and those kinds of things are very interesting, but they don’t have anything to do with consciousness and they don’t have anything to do with the true magic of life, which is the ability to receive everything. The universe is an amazing, abundant place, in case you hadn’t noticed. Magic Is About Receiving The point here is that magic is about receiving. If you have to control everything to make your life happen, how much energy does that require of you? And if you are busy controlling everything, how much does that limit what you can create and what you can receive? It limits you enormously. What most people create is based on

the amount of energy they put into continually controlling things. But, what if you were to create from receiving? Is there a finite amount to what you can receive? No, there isn’t. You as an infinite being have the capacity to receive infinitely – and when you receive infinitely, magic can truly show up in your life. But to have the magic, you have to be willing to receive. Acknowledge the Magic One of the reasons people think they don’t have any magic in their lives is because they discount it when it happens. They say, “Oh – that was just a coincidence. That was serendipitous. It just happened.” They look at the magic they created and call it coincidence. They say, “Oh, that was a fortuitous coming together of events that were way beyond my control and it didn’t have anything to do with me.” They throw away the magical truth of it. When in your life have you thought about something, or said, “I wish ____,”

and it showed up? In our seminars on Magic, we ask participants to do this as a homework assignment: Look back over your life and write down every time you thought about something or asked for something – and it showed up, as if by magic. Then – and this is important – acknowledge that it wasn’t a coincidence, it wasn’t a serendipitous event, it wasn’t a fortuitous incident or accident, it wasn’t “just one of those things” – it was magic. You created it. Look at those times and acknowledge that you created them. Acknowledge it out loud, “Okay, I created those. Wow, am I cool that I could create that? What else is possible?” An excerpt from the book: Magic. You are it. Be it. By Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer. For a copy of the book go to: Dain and Gary are in Australia in November and December – for more information on classes go to

Holistic Bliss | DECEMBER 2013 - JANUARY 2014 |

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of a



place to reflect on the year gone by and plan for the coming one. When people visit the Folk Medicine Program they visit the latest trends in health, listen to the top academics and practitioners, learn a new style of yoga, tai chi or therapy. This is the viewing room of the future in health care and people can go home with new ideas of health education planted like a seed amongst the fabulous festival background of music, colour, dance, drama, community and fun.” Now in its eighth year, the Folk Medicine programme at the Woodford Folk Festival is one of the most comprehensive health events in Australia. For six days, from early in the morning until late at night, patrons can indulge in: yoga, academic talks, health dance, workshops, chanting, health and lifestyle events and educational experiences. Australia’s integrative medicine and health practices are brought to the festival and highlight current trends, emerging patterns, popular ideas, research, and fun. The Blue Lotus is the festival’s

ach year, thousands of people make the pilgrimage to Queensland’s Sunshine Coast Hinterland over the New Year period to soothe, refresh and invigorate their soul at the Woodford Folk Festival; one of Australia’s most iconic annual events returning for its 28th year from 27 December 2013 to 1 January 2014. The festival, which is held just one hour’s drive north of Brisbane, is Australia’s largest gathering of artists and musicians, as well as one of the most comprehensive health events in the country. Beyond the music, “Woodfordia” is a retreat from the real world into one where music, love and peace is a given. Last year’s festival saw an aggregate audience of 113, 000 retreat to “Woodfordia” over the six days. For attendees and artists alike, the Woodford Folk Festival is far more than a festival; it’s a state of mind. Dominique Finney, medical herbalist and health writer puts together Woodford’s Folk Medicine program. She says, “The Festival is a wonderful

home of healing. Talks, workshops and forums invite conversation from some of Australia’s premier practitioners and open the door for “Festivillian” involvement. Late afternoon forums nurture, with health, politics, beauty, revolution and adventure all playing their part. By night, the Blue Lotus hosts meditation in motion – dance and out-there meditation experiences with live music. The Blue Lotus is a venue for adventures of the heart, mind and soul. Woodford Folk Festival provides the perfect way to cleanse the body ready for the New Year. Organic food stalls are scattered throughout the festival including the Chai Tent, which has been a Woodford icon for the last 20 years acts as a meeting place where “Festivillians” can enjoy a steaming cup of chai or herbal tea and connect with new and old friends. It’s a great opportunity to be part of the community magic!

“Eliminate with Ease” Are you envious of the person who can poo with no problems? • IBS • Constipation • Heart Burn • Diarrhea • Stomach Cramps • Coeliac • Diverticulitis • Headaches • Migraines • Bloating • Detox

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he past is pulling me back. Sometimes as slow and sweet as honey flowing from a jar. Sometimes as sharp as cold metal. I’m going home, back to the land that raised me, back to the town where I was born. It’s the time of year when people gather, with friends, with family, to celebrate the old and light a candle for the future. Long before I board the plane the past is nibbling at my ankles. You make a move in life, a decision no matter how small, and that move or decision ripples out, bumping up against other decisions, other lives. A long neglected friend calls from the south. He sounds as though he’s at the bottom of a well. His life has fallen to pieces, he needs a friend. I tell him I’m coming down for the holidays. I feel the weight of his need. He clings to me in the hope that I will patch him up, help him through, make him feel like

the person he was all those years ago when we were friends. I’m his portal to the past, to happier days. The past is enticing me back. I receive an email from a school friend. He wants to plan a reunion for later in the year. It’s been an embarrassing amount of time since we were at school together and he wants to celebrate that fact. He’s sent this email to others from our year and soon I’m connecting with people I haven’t seen for decades. The annoying boy that I used to avoid in the school hallways is now a successful lawyer. His email gives away the fact that everything he does in life is considered from every angle. I admire the way his mind works and I’m amazed that I can now relate to some one I had nothing in common with when we were kids. I suggest we meet up for a cup of tea when I‘m in town. I’m sure he drinks espresso. The past is calling me back. My

gaze falls on a photo of my family at the beach when we were young. A friend had mentioned that we all look as though we’re in pain. I explain that even though the photo was taken in the middle of summer the water was freezing and out toes were probably turning blue. I smile and pack my bathers anyway. The past is calling me back. I embrace it as the jet engines thrust me into the wide blue open. I’m going home to acknowledge the past, to honour all we’ve achieved over the days and months of the year that’s been. And I’m going home strong in the knowledge that the year to come will grant us many more smiles and sighs, will bring laughter and tears, and will give us many more reasons to celebrate. MARY-LOU STEPHENS’ memoir Sex, Drugs and Meditation is available through Pan Macmillan.

Local Clinical Psychologist Specialises in Mindfulness! We specialise in friendly, proven help for stress, anxiety, or depression. Or simply assisting anyone seeking to live with greater awareness, acceptance, and skill. Who are we? Cameron Aggs (B.A. Hons., M. Clin. Psych) is an internationally published author in Mindfulness, and the developer of the ‘Meditations for a Busy World CD. He also runs regular  Mindfulness in Daily Life and ‘Learn to Meditate’ Classes  Mindful Parenting Courses  Individual and Couples Psychotherapy Dr. Danielle McCarthy – Children and Adolescents Dr. Lucy Coyne – Clinical Eating Disorders Dr. Gayre Christie – Adolescents, Pain Disorders, Couples

To discuss your needs call (07) 5451 1575

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ave you ever wondered why you fear a certain thing in life or why the same issues keep reoccurring? Do you feel like you have met someone before? Do you have an affinity for certain cultures or vivid dreams of yourself in different times and places? These may be memories from your past lives emerging. We have had many past lives that we have forgotten but are accessible through our subconscious or higher selves. Meditation and hypnotherapy are some of the methods used to access past lives. Our past lives can have a dramatic impact on our present life. There is left over karma that is brought into this life that we need to clear and learn from to evolve. If we do not clear this karma we

will always repeat the same issue over and over again. The power of past life regression is getting to the root cause of an emotional block to fully and completely remove it. The resulting shifts this creates in us can be life changing. It’s also possible to learn our spiritual lessons, resolve karma and strengthen relationships by addressing issues within the group of souls you have travelled through lives together with. As we have evolved we have gained the knowledge that the source of our emotional issues come from past lifetimes. We can now easily and painlessly access them, get to the core of emotional issue and remove the unwanted karma so it will never affect us again.

Life as we know it is consciousness. There really is no past or future, everything is in the now. Your past lives can be accessed now and changed now, as it is now that you are living in that past life. Celestial Light offers past life regression that takes you into a deep state of meditation to access the memories from your past lives that are affecting your current life. During this process you will be able to visualise the past life as if it is a dream and live out the emotional issue. We then are able to work with and remove or change the situation to the way we want it to play out as we are in control of our lives and reality.

Relieve pain and facilitate function Scenar/Enar is not limited to any particular diagnosis or condition. Unique interactive dermal impulses on key points aim to prompt the body’s natural healthy response. Safely effective on its own or with medical and other treatment.

Antoinette Augustinus HD ND SCENAR THERAPIST Health Fund Rebates

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Symbolic Magic WORDS STARINA


would like to introduce you to the most powerful symbol I have channelled so far, it is part of the 2nd series of the Sacred symbols of the Stars and it is called ‘Forgiveness’. I chose to share this symbol with each of you as it is an amazing frequency to work with as the year is coming to an end. Forgiveness works on so many levels, allowing us to have deep and powerful inner shifts, letting go of the past, integrating the present, and manifesting wonderful new energies into our lives; creating the harmonious future we desire. As we sort through the emotions that keep us anchored in the past, we come to a place of understanding and gratitude for all that we have learnt, we let go, allowing more room for the higher vibrational energies that wish to gift us at this time. The forgiveness symbol is a profound frequency to work with! How many of us need to work on forgiving ourselves for decisions we have made, words we have said, actions we did not take? Perhaps we need to forgive our

bodies for getting sick, or ourselves for being angry when our body gave us signs that something was wrong and we did not listen. This symbol helps us come to a place of deep understanding and respect for ourselves, our connections to others, and the vast matrix of interlocking and interweaving energies and experiences that we all share in this beautiful game of life. Working with this symbol can help you to forgive in all directions of time and space, through all lifetimes, right back to the point of creation; the ways in which you can heal though this symbol are endless. You will come to a place of unconditional love in your heart, allowing you to see events from a higher perspective, using those golden keys you have gained as knowledge, to unlock the multitude of doorways into your heart. I ask that each of you take a moment to stare at this image tracing over the lines of the geometry as you gently breathe in and out. Absorb the colours and shapes and breathe the symbol into your heart space. Now

close your eyes and take a deep breath in and out, and as you do so, expand the symbol out from your heart in all directions, the symbol growing bigger and bigger until you are completely surrounded by the ‘Forgiveness symbol’s’ geometry. Work with this symbol each day and ask yourself what else can I heal? Cut the image out and sleep with it, taking note of how different you feel in the morning. Wishing you all love and abundance this Christmas.


Ending The Struggle With Money

PERTH – 9th April, 2014

Being You,

In Relationship

SYDNEY – 27th April, 2014 Contact: Shennan Thomas 0410 471 724 / For a FREE Video Series about Being You – sign up at: THE BEING YOU CLASSES are facilitated by Dr Dain Heer, an international speaker, author and facilitator of advanced Access Consciousness workshops worldwide. His latest book, Being You, Changing the World, was published in 2011 and the BEING YOU classes are built on the dynamic and pragmatic tools and perspectives from this book, as well as Dain’s energy transformation process called ‘The Energetic Synthesis of Being’.

Holistic Bliss | DECEMBER 2013 - JANUARY 2014 |

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11/21/2013 8:07:40 PM


Magicof the Moment



he other morning I arrived at my favorite beach on the Sunshine Coast. Consciously, I focussed my attention in the present moment. I felt into the warmth on my skin as the sun shone above me. Golden grains of sand soothed my feet. The turquoise water glittered cheerfully in my open sight and the smell of salt air filled my nostrils. Opening to the current moment was simple because the experience was pleasurable. However, we often mistake the experience of pleasure is a goal to strive towards. Happiness… The great myth So often, we want the experience of happiness above the not so pleasant experiences. We strive to seek happiness, only to become bitterly disappointed at its absence. We close ourselves off to our pain, resist uncomfortable feelings and tense at stressful situations. Yet, it is often our belief that only happiness is acceptable, and our expectation that we can constantly achieve this state of being, that creates so much discomfort.

The truth is that practising mindfulness is not about seeking pleasant experiences and happiness. Rather, it is about experiencing whatever the present moment offers. Only when we accept “what is”, can we begin to make conscious choices that may eventually alleviate pain and create happiness. The benefits of remaining mindful in the present moment When we practise mindfulness with the intention of remaining present with an experience irrespective of whether it is pleasant or unpleasant, we learn new meaningful insight and build inner strength. OK, remaining present with the experience of leaving our hand on a hot plate while we burn may be pushing it too far. However, given that the experience is physically and emotionally safe, we can gain a lot from learning how to not resist pain. Emotional presence Perhaps even more confronting than remaining present with physical pain, emotional distress offers some of

the most powerful challenges. I do not mean that we should leave ourselves in situations where we are being emotionally harmed, but rather, when we learn to stay present with our own emotions rather than run from them, we open ourselves to learn some of our richest lessons in life. Only when we can tolerate our emotion, can we listen to messages within and then change our situation with wisdom rather than kneejerk reactions. Perhaps these Christmas holidays, adopting a regular mindfulness practice may help you to increase conscious awareness of your emotional patterns and acquire valuable wisdom about your life. Whether this practice influences your family relationships at Christmas dinner, your inner psyche, or simply awakens your awareness, expanding personal insight through mindfulness can open your appreciation to the magic of the moment. VANESSA BUSHELL, Conscious Solutions

Terry Oldfield & Soraya Music, Mantra & Meditation “Christmas Celebration” SUNDAY DECEMBER 8th 3.00-5.30pm, Mangalam

• Emotional Clearing & Raindrop Technique with Young Living Essential Oils January 10 and 11. Independent Distributor 540882 • NEW YEAR’S EVE CEREMONY and HAVAN At Mangalam, Palmwoods

• Soul Purpose Mastery Consultations with Soraya 28

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Are you physically motivated enough to

Reach your Goals?

WORDS SUZI LE FANUE – Nutritionist, Medical Herbalist And Naturopath


his time of the year we will all start to think about what we want out of 2014. For some of you your health may be at the top of the list. Too often we set these goals and we don’t achieve them. We say I will start the diet on Monday, I will pay the credit card next month, take the dog for a walk tomorrow, empty the cupboard next week. Goals are usually not achieved because we procrastinate. What if there was a hormone that we had in our body that kept you motivated, goal orientated and focused? Well you do, it is called dopamine! Dopamine is often referred to as the “feel good” chemical. When it is low the person is more likely to feel depressed, lack pleasure, be unmotivated or lethargic. Those with Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) usually lack dopamine. Most people have heard of serotonin because many anti-depressants work on

serotonin, but many have not heard of dopamine even though it is critical in clarity, happiness, focus and wellbeing. So how can you increase it? Are you suffering with digestive problem? It is critical that you gut is healthy, as all good health starts in the gut. Your stomach is the beginning of protein digestion, protein is broken down into amino acids. To make dopamine your body needs plenty of the amino acid tyrosine. If you have reflux, bloating, food sensitivities or indigestion it may mean that you are not digesting your proteins efficiently. So digestive dysfunction needs to be addressed. Dopamine is made from protein and a cocktail of other important nutrients like vitamin C, iron, magnesium, B vitamins and zinc. It is also wise to consider increasing foods high in tyrosine such as almonds, avocado,

bananas and poultry. You need to make sure your diet has plenty of colour too. If any of the dopamine cofactors from the diet are missing it makes it very difficult for the body to produce dopamine. A study published in 2008 in the journal Nutrition & Metabolism demonstrated that low dopamine levels are associated with an inability to control portion sizes, so you are more likely to overeat. So if your goal is to shed some weight we need to get those dopamine levels up! So how do you know if you are low in dopamine? There are clinical pathology tests as simple as a urine test that can determine your neurotransmitter levels. So if you know you procrastinate and put your goals on hold, maybe you are in need of more dopamine?

Get Into Shape for Summer! • Holistic weight loss based on Traditional Spe ci Chinese Medicine Principles Sign al Of • Real food: no shakes or pre-packaged food the Ea up and fer tod sy Body start • 100% natural formulations a FRE y and r Progra ec • Personalised weight loss programs m E Fo rmu eive a Offe latio • One-on-one private support and motivation r av aila n*


Introducing the Easy Body Program: this a complete 4-week plan that is guaranteed to get you fantastic results Based on the principle of increasing alkalising foods in the diet, you will find that you will not only lose weight but feel great due to the benefits this type of eating has on your overall health.

Call Grace NOW to make a FREE appointment to find out more on

4632 7490

*Conditions apply – must commence on minimum of 3 formulations.

Clinic Address: Suite 9 610 Ruthven Street


Our wonderful program is also available online – Holistic Bliss | DECEMBER 2013 - JANUARY 2014 |

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Giftthat is Always There

th it h c th e y k w re W c



agic exists all around you, every day for everyone! The entire universe is only always and in all ways giving to you and wanting you to live all your heart’s desires. It’s easy to believe that when things are going well and flowing your way, however what about the times when things seem not to flow? How do you find that ‘magic within’ then? Where does your magic live? In your heart! YOU are love. That is your natural state. When you are not in that state, ANYTHING else is just a reactive behaviour you need to explore to keep yourself growing. You can blame it on outside influences or even say you are picking up stress from others, however the real shift of magic is when you surrender your wisdom to your heart. How do you surrender your wisdom to your heart? OPEN UP! Share how you are feeling with the absolute intention to find the gift or lightness in what is happening in or around YOU. Believe that whatever is happening around you is a reflection of what is happening somewhere inside you. Even if

Rejuvenate, Rebalance and Restore Did you know that the first cervical vertebra, the atlas, is out of alignment in most people? This circumstance leads to a variety of physical and psychological ailments and illnesses. Atlasprofilax is a neuromuscular technique that liberates the Atlas with only one application accurately, safely and permanently. This powerful relocation immediately activates a self-healing and harmonising process. It is holistic in nature, promoting wellness and rejuvenation on all levels, mind, body and spirit. This method is nonmedical, non-chiropratic.

One Treatment Can Be Life Changing The Atlas supports your head and governs structural alignment. A misaligned Atlas causes restriction of the brain stem, spinal cord, cranial nerves and arteries. This limits our potential for wellbeing and creates tension, restricting the free flow of energy. When the Atlas is installed correctly, the body begins an unwinding process, releasing holding patterns and enabling the body to heal and regenerate.

To take a step towards your health and wellbeing, contact Ray Shapcott (atlasprof ) covering Brisbane North, Sunshine Coast and Hinterland – Phone 5429 5520, Mobile 0412 490 374 30

30.indd 1

your body and mind

REFLEXOLOGY is a therapy that works on the meridians and zones in the feet and hands. This we know… everything is connected… stimulation of our reflexes assists in maintaining harmony and homeostasis in the blood, body and organs. ACUPRESSURE works with pressure points along meridians in the body and can relieve musculo/skeletal pain of diverse origin. THE 5 ELEMENTS – the five phases describe cycles of growth and development in the body: Joyous Fire, Ripening Earth, Adventurous Metal, Courageous Water and Flexible Wood



With every 1-hour massage with essential oils

Specialising in: • Chinese Massage • Sports Massage • Therapeutic Massage


bodywork centre

Aromatherapy for Success LAVENDER Our lavender essential oil is distilled from the flower of organic lavender fields in Tasmania. Lavender is soothing, healing to the skin and mind, aids in promoting the respiratory, circulatory and muscular systems.

JUNIPER Our juniper essential oil is distilled from the berry of organic juniper bushes grown in Yugoslavia. Juniper is renowned for its distinctive and invigorating properties and is a heavenly, uplifting oil which cleanses the mind and body.

9/4 Kingfisher Drive, Peregian Beach Village

PHONE (07) 5448 2100 • 0411 768 557

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b u a m so

so o a m

y y se th a W





this seems so confronting to do, just do it. Find a confidant you trust and who has your back, one who is aware and can tell you gently how it is, via what they see rather than just by pleasing your emotional body. Someone who makes you accountable for your choices and knows you so well, that in those times when you forget who you are, they can remind you. What do you say to that special confidant? Imagine that your special confidant’s body is a transmitter to the whole entire universe. As you open up and share authentically, their body sends your message out. Then begin by saying something like this… “Please help me pull apart something that is happening inside me or around me. I know there is some awareness that will shift this away. Help me find my light.” Then open up and say exactly how you are authentically feeling. Stop all your self-judgments. In fact turn all your self-judgments into self-awareness! Have the intention to find your lightness. It’s always there. Trust that! What if you are the confidant? Be realistic and remember that everyone is capable of growth, change

and forward movement. Everyone is an Energetic Being of Love and is supported by the universe. Do not judge or influence someone into what YOU feel is best for him or her. If you are privileged enough to be chosen as a confidant, then begin the pulling apart of what is going on by saying something along the lines of this… “I will definitely listen to you and help you pull apart what is happening. There is a gift in what is happening and together we will find the light. Most importantly…TRUST YOURSELF! You know what is best for you and you do have the courage to choose it.” Ooh la la… this is how the magic inside YOU begins to work! Authentic communication between two people with no judgments and with the intention of finding the light in ANY situation, is a frequency that the universe loves! It is what begins the process of synchronicity and ‘signs’, to show you what is happening on the outside as a reflection of the inside. Consciously pulling apart a situation will give you the awareness, the necessary ‘aha’s, the intuitions and the direction forward you need. The universe will attempt to make things easy if you let go and surrender to what is, and choose to TRUST! Having

the confidant will also keep things in line and make you accountable for change and growth. What if you have tried that and nothing has changed? What if you may ‘know’ the awareness but the same issue keeps coming up? Then quite simply, you have not focused on the area you need to step forward and grow in. When you choose to step forward and grow, what you no longer need will naturally fall away and die. Nature shows us this everyday! Usually this area will be the most obvious, although often the hardest for you to see clearly, or have your ego admit it. Your trusted confidant can see, though. That magic inside you will also assist you in the areas you need to grow in. Get together with you confidant again and ask them this: “Nothing is changing, or not fast enough. Please help me pull apart the areas I need to grow in” Once you discover these, step in and step up. YOU can do it, and together with the universe you have all the magic available to YOU, around you and inside you. Magic does exist, all around you, every day and for everyone!

Be in the best health of your life!

With 23 years experience, Living Valley Springs are the specialists in weight-loss, rejuvenation, pampering and developing personalised healing programs. Ten days at Living Valley Springs can promote healing, restore energy and provide you with solutions for the long term.


Dwhisen count! you mention

Holistic Bliss

Discover a new, healthier you at Living Valley Springs Freecall: 1800 644 733 or visit

Ultimate Health Retreat Terms & Conditions: 10 day program only. Excludes all other discounts and offers except for couples discount. Subject to availability.

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Truth & Setting

Healthy Boundaries



s we move into what some people call the silly season, one of the most important things to remember is to claim your own truth and stand in your own power by following the magick within your heart and soul. There are three keys to helping you find the magick within: 1. Set healthy boundaries If you have you ever felt drained, exhausted or overwhelmed, found yourself confused, unable to focus, consumed by drama around you or had to deal with a lot of conflict then you need to set strong, healthy boundaries. Boundaries are guidelines about what you are prepared to accept physically, mentally, emotional and spiritually. On the physical they reflect your comfort with physical touch, sexual expression and privacy. Mental and emotional boundaries involve your willingness to say ‘no’, being assertive and knowing that you have the right to be heard and seen as well as allowing yourself to be open and trusting that you have the

ability to make confident decisions and respect your own boundaries. Once you set healthy boundaries, you will notice the magick from within will flow around you, you will feel empowered, energised and excited about life, be present and honour yourself and what feels right and loving for you. 2. Stay grounded Grounding is a very powerful technique to help you be consciously aware in the present moment, let go and trust in the future. There are many different techniques you can use including visualising roots coming down through the bottom of your feet into the earth, doing physical exercise, gardening, listening to music etc. 3. Acknowledge and feel any resistance ‘What you resist persists’ right? Resistance comes to the surface when you are not having the courage to face the real you. If you choose to push through it, you end up tired and exhausted like you could sleep for a

John of God

Crystal Light Bed

month, or if you choose to give in then you will get nothing done at all. You can deal with resistance by acknowledging it, listen to the fear beneath it and then do it anyway! Remember resistance simply means it’s time for you to make a choice to stay where you are or to be brave and take the leap! So to find the magick within, look deep into heart and soul, find what it is that feels light, loving and truthful for you. When you do, the Universe will support you and help you in all areas of your life, and there is little that anyone else can do or say that will be able to stop you. I dare you to find that beautiful, amazing and magickal being within and allow yourself to shine!!!! LEANNE, the ‘Barefoot Medium’, is a gifted natural medium, channel, intuitive healer and spiritual teacher who has a vibrant, powerful presence, beautiful loving energy and profound connection to spirit. Leanne is also the author of As Above So Below: Basics of Working with Spirit.

Would you like to guide and teach meditation?

The Crystal Bed combines pure quartz crystal energy, light therapy and spiritual doctors to heal us on all levels of our being – physical, mental, emotional and spiritual. Benefits of the Crystal Light Bed: • Manifest your desires! • Chakra and energy balancing • Assist physical ailments, such as cancer, hormone imbalance and pre/post surgical healing • Mental health issues, such as stress and anxiety • Emotional obstacles • Spiritual healing and development • Freedom in all areas of life

19 Coral Street MALENY Book on-line Crystal Bed Custodians, Tanya Kurzbock and David Anderson


32.indd 1

Phone (07) 54 999 476 or 0418 496 574

email Like our Facebook page to stay connected –

Certificate in Guiding and Teaching Meditation • Includes meditation for adults, children and individual special needs • Perfect for teachers, counsellors and natural health practitioners • High individual and group support via online learning • This course qualifies you for insurance and membership of IICT • Full time (4 months) or at your pace (up to 12 months)

Australian Centre for Holistic Studies

Call Lisa 03 9807 4889

Download a prospectus at

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Sunshine House of Wellness W

ith a background originally as a chef cooking on yachts in many parts of the world, Gabby Scott, the owner of Sunshine House of Wellness, has combined her love of creating new and exciting things in the kitchen with her passion for health and wellness. The end result of this is a line of 100% natural handmade skincare products being produced from her naturopathy clinic in Belli Park. Her range originally focused on Australian pumpkin seed oil, which she sources from the West Family farm in the Ovens Valley, Victoria. Gabby admits that in the beginning the discovery of this incredible oil and its many potent uses was almost accidental. “I had agreed to set up a market stall at the Goomeri Pumpkin Festival, and decided to see what I could produce using pumpkin seed oil, so as to keep with the theme of the festival. I had been making skincare products for clients for a while

previously, but this was the first time I was going to produce anything on a larger scale. The most exciting outcome from being at the festival, apart from the feedback on the day, was my ongoing discoveries since then about the health benefits of pumpkin seed oil, and the ways in which I have been able to incorporate it since into my skincare products.” The Sunshine House of Wellness focuses on the therapeutic benefits of the products they produce, as well as their ability to deeply moisturise. Healing herbs are also added, as well as many other nourishing oils, with essential oils appearing as a fragrance that is both therapeutic and pleasing to wear. The focus on 100% natural extends particularly to the preservatives used, which is a particular area of concern for Gabby. “Many preservatives are officially allowed for use in cosmetic products which have been found to have alarming side effects. In Europe at the moment dermatologists have

declared an epidemic in relation to one particular preservative (MI), which they are seeing a 10% topical reaction to, often with devastating long-term effects. I decided right from the start that if the only way to keep using natural preservatives in my products, was to make smaller batches and make sure that people know how to care for their skincare products, then that was what I would do. Cared for correctly, primarily by keeping them out of direct sunlight and extremely hot conditions, my lotions will still last for 6 months and the oils for up to 12 months. If you haven’t used them up in that time then you’re really not loving your skin enough!” GABBY can be contacted via her clinic in Belli Park, online or via her Facebook blog, or you can visit her at the Big Pineapple Market every Saturday, or the Noosa Marina Market every Sunday.

raelene byrne

Medicine for your Spirit

the catalyst for change 1-HOUR SPECIAL on

Treatments and Tree of Life Readings

for November only – excluding mentoring Raelene Byrne is an Internationally respected spiritual guide and mastery mentor and Director of Medicine for your Spirit – Australia

Supportive Mentoring System

Highly Intuitive and spiritual with clear information on next steps and future goals (via skype and phone).

Your herbal medicine supplier • HAPPY • HEALTHY • HORNY • HERBAL TEAS • • HIPPY • PARTY HERBS • GIFTS • CLOTHING •

One-Day and Half-Day Retreats

Sunshine Coast. Consists of ceremonies, rituals, personal meditation, Tree of Life reading and some deep insights from the wisdom of nature Meditation Events. See website for details.

Medicine for your Spirit Calendar NOW AVAILABLE ONLINE


07 5479 6607

Stay tuned for a Beautiful ebook about to be released, and webinars that will support and inform you.


07 5412 2829


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11/21/2013 8:12:23 PM

Chiropractic Lights up your Life!! WORDS DR ERIC SLEAD


id you know your body acts as a power plant? There are literally millions of messages sent every single second from your brain to your body. Those messages are generated by your brain, carried by your nerves, and the actions performed by your organs at the ends of those nerves. These tasks are not very different than the power companies that provide electricity for our homes and businesses. The biggest difference is the messages are controlling your body’s internal organs and your body’s overall health potential, not just your TV and dishwasher. What happens when the messages are decreased?

Although your body is capable of amazing functions, improper nerve function does not allow your body to perform at its full ability. It is similar to switching a light off in your house; it is no longer getting the vital electricity it requires to work properly. How do these messages become decreased? One of the main reasons for decreased nerve transmission is a Vertebral Subluxation. Vertebral Subluxations will cause nerve irritation and poor nerve function. Can you always feel Vertebral Subluxations? It is very common to have Vertebral Subluxations in your spine and not feel

any pain. Chiropractors are specifically trained to locate and remove Vertebral Subluxations to allow function to be restored back to the body, improving your body’s function and health. Take advantage of your body’s natural abilities to heal and function well on all levels. Do you know if your spine and nerves are functioning properly? Why not take charge of your health by starting with a comprehensive health consultation and start the New Year with a sparkle! DR ERIC SLEAD is a Chiropractor at Premier Chiropractic at Emporio. E:

W ia NE tral us A to “The Leading Name in the Field of Advanced Frequency-TENS-Therapy-Techniques” Used by many alternative practitioners, dentists and doctors around the globe for pain therapy, health care, combatting infection and cleansing The Powertube helps to reinforce your immune system and assist the body to fight against morbid bacteria, viruses etc, and aid improved energy levels.

SPECIAL OFFER Come and experience the Powertube for yourself TGA registered medical device (No. 1406560) For enquiries contact


Inner Glow Health Products – (07) 5449 0600 110 GOODWIN STREET, TEWANTIN QLD 4565 |


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Grieving? Are You Being Kind To YOU? WORDS WENDY MULDER


hat if there was a completely different way of viewing life and a different way of functioning in this world? One where we stop suffocating ourselves with unresolved grief and start allowing ourselves to experience kindness. Are you carrying some unresolved grief? How much is part or all of you being pulled back into the past (whether that is yesterday or last year) by traumatic events, the loss of someone or something, unfinished relationships, resentments, regrets, romantic illusions and nostalgia, all clogging up and fogging your ability to be living here and now? How often do you feel like a part of you has disappeared in those memories? Or do you hold onto those memories because you are afraid if you let go, you may forget and then feel guilty? Is any of this kindness to you or the people you live with?

3. Move Ask your body what it would most enjoy! Walking, swimming, sailing, golf, yoga… what does your body love to do? 4. Connect With Nature Get out of the house! Go for drives and walks in the country. Allow yourself to breathe in the fresh air, listen to the soothing sounds of nature and be aware of the peace of everything around you. 5. Release Your Tears. Allow the release of your sadness and tears … allow these feelings to flow through you so that they don’t become overwhelming, all-consuming and a permanent part of you and your body. Often it is our body that desires to cry!

What if one gift of grief is rediscovering your ability to be kind to you? When you are grieving, it’s easy to forget that life and living goes on. Do you want to live now or stay in the past? Here are five tips to assist you to start living today. 1. Stop Buying Other People’s Points of View We are aware. Far more aware than we like to imagine. When you wake up feeling sad and unhappy ask: “who does this belong to?” 99.9999999% of the time it’s not yours, you are just aware of everyone else’s sadness and unhappiness. To change this, just ask for “Everything all of that is, return to sender, with consciousness attached.” And enjoy the space this creates. 2. Create Space Create a space for yourself where you can express yourself: write, paint, get naked, laugh, play!

If you would like to know more having ease with your grief you are invited to join the monthly telecalls with WENDY MULDER starting February 2014. You can find out about the “GRIEF DONE DIFFERENTLY” telecalls


(Freezing the Fat) • Reduces love handles, abdominal fat, arms and back fat • Reduction of the fatty tissue layers • Eliminates fat cells naturally using normal metabolism

The ZAP Team: Belinda, Chereen and Sheena Zap the Fat is also the wholesaler and distributor of the latest salon equipment in fat reduction technology


Zap the Fat

Medi-spas, clinics, beauty salons that want to increase their weekly profit by $3-$8K. Ask us how… Before and After 2 Treatments

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Holistic Bliss Special! $290 per treatment Only 10 packages available

P: 07 5577 9777 • M: 0408 200 059

A: 38 Masthead Way, Sanctuary Cove Q 4212

W: E:

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11/21/2013 8:15:59 PM


Why Bother?



an it not be more satisfying to stew on things? Isn’t ignoring niggling interpersonal problems and conflict a better solution? Isn’t there something fuelling about remaining resentful? In the first of this two-part series, I will begin by exploring a working

definition of forgiveness, why it can be a difficult state to reach, and under what circumstances it might be counterproductive. In the next publication, the benefits of forgiveness, and a more detailed explanation of how this might be achieved will be outlined. But firs

HEAL YOUR SOUL NEW CLINIC NOW OPEN 4b/35 Seaside Blvd Marcoola (Town of Seaside)

HEAL • Reiki and Crystal Healing Sessions • Past Life Regression Therapy • Angel Card Readings

LEARN • Meditation Tuesday mornings and Wednesday evenings • All levels of Usui, Seichim, Karuna Reiki



• Usui Reiki 1 – December 7, January 19 • Crystals and • Usui Reiki 2 – January 18 unique gifts • Seichim Reiki 1 – February 8 • Gift vouchers • Healing your Soul – February 15-16 • Online • Meditation for Kids – January 13 & 23 FREE community

Contact Richard on 0412 761 914 or email Visit and /celestiallightaustralia 36

36.indd 1

What Is Forgiveness? Forgiveness as a behaviour or stateof-mind, can be distinguished from ‘forgivingness’, which is a more enduring human trait or quality. It can be defined as the act of ‘granting free pardon… of giving up all claim on account of an offence or debt’. The phrase ‘to grant…’ is striking. It suggests that forgiveness is an active and deliberate process undertaken consciously, and potentially, with some degree of effort. The first hurdle here is that forgiveness usually happens in the context of negative emotions. This is exactly the time when it is hardest to think clearly, and to perform the very conscious undertakings that this task requires. The words ‘free pardon’ are also worthy of comment. How does this compare to what most of us do? Which often goes something like: “I will sit on this latest transgression, and if I can help it not mention it again, that is, until you upset me next – then, despite my best intentions, it will return to mind (whether I know it consciously or not ) and you will really hear about it!” This raises a vital point: In moving on from our hurts and heartaches, we seek to cheer ourselves up, and to look for the positive, but do we actually enter into a conscious psychological process that culminates in forgiveness? How

Sunshine House of Wellness 100% NATURAL HAND-MADE THERAPEUTIC SKINCARE Naturopathically inspired with you in mind • Australian Pumpkin Seed Oil balms, lotions and oils • Neem oil products • Ear Candles by Danielle • Transdermal Magnesium oil, creams and bath flakes • New! Hydrolysate Collagen for osteoarthritis CLINICAL THERAPIES AVAILABLE IN BELLI PARK (Sunshine Coast hinterland) • Naturopathy – specialising in creative dietary needs cooking (from an International chef!) • Herbal medicine Sunshine • Remedial massage • Ear Candling House of Wellness

Call Gabby on 0421 134 451

or come and see me at the Big Pineapple Market on Saturday mornings (6.30am-1pm) or at the Noosa Marina Market on Sunday mornings (8am-2pm) Purchase via my website Follow my blog via Facebook

Member of The Australian Traditional Medicine Society

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o m o d W

u n n th m w m n sc

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often do we really take that next step and make the choice to relieve the other (and ourselves) of our/their burden, how often do we really ‘give up our claim?’ Why Is Forgiveness Hard? I don’t think that the world teaches us how to forgive very well. There are not many examples of this on the nightly news. Among the self-help literature, there is unanimous agreement on the merits of forgiveness, but very little in the way of practical instruction. The actual mechanics, the ‘how-to’ of forgiveness is not commonly taught in homes and in schools either. As we are identifying here, forgiveness is actually quite a complex activity. It speaks to a number of actions from a psychological perspective: It requires us to accurately identify and ‘make space’ for our negative emotions, and to allow these to be part of our experience, without self-medicating through drugs and alcohol, and/or endless distraction and preoccupation. It requires the sophisticated task of achieving ‘mental space’ around our injuries, without dismissing our hurts (and projecting them onto others), or becoming overwhelmed by them either. Easier said than done! On an interpersonal level, it often requires us to engage in a process of struggle with others as we attempt to manage conflict. It requires us to create

shared meaning out of situations, which invariably involve the process of empathy and perspective taking on our part, in addition to taking responsibility for our own potential failures as well. As alluded to previously, this can be difficult during times of heightened emotions, and when the current ‘injury’ builds on multiple previous hurts. Lastly, depending on how all this goes, it requires us to intentionally, purposefully, absolve the other of their debt, and resolve ourselves in the process of doing so. Wow! The take-home message: Forgiveness is a high level psychological activity, and at times, interpersonal process. It is harder when we are depressed and/or when we have not had good role-models of forgiveness during our formative years. Can Forgiveness Ever Be Counter-Productive? It is counter-productive to rush into forgiveness. One trap is when we fall into the error of pretending that ‘it’s all good’ when it actually is not. This error is called ‘foreclosure’ – which describes the process by which we moves too quickly into forgiveness, without spending enough time processing our resentment, frustration, anger and hurt. It is helpful to be gentle with ourselves around our process here. Forgiveness sometimes takes time. And that is okay. It’s kind of

Live life pain free!

like chewing; little mouthfuls are often best. A related trap is when we blur the lines between forgiveness and permissiveness. Sometimes, ‘the task at hand’ may be less about forgiveness, and more about effective-action. Such as with abusive relationships – where more important considerations than forgiveness are things like safety, and potentially leaving the situation. In addition, and on the otherside of this ledger, forgiveness is not the same as forgetting, or approving etc. Genuine forgiveness is the capacity to see the sceario ‘worts and all’, and in a way that helps us to see the other person’s sufferings in their unskillful and counter productive behaviours. It is on this basis that forgiveness can be achieved. The take-home Message: Forgiveness, like grief, has its own season and lifecycle. Be gentle. When the season is right, and when the work is done, the heart will open, and your resentment will be set free. CAMERON AGGS is a Clinical Psychologist and the Director of Mindful Therapy Psychology Services, which offers psychological services to children, adolescents, couples and adults in Maroochydore and Coolum. His ‘Learn to Meditate’ courses are run regularly on the Sunshine Coast. See for more details

NATURAL PAIN RELIEF that may assist the following conditions: • Neck and back pain • Tendonitis • Fractures • Fatigue • Injuries of carpal bones • Limited range of motion • Arthritis • Post-operative recovery


• Meniscus of knees • Cervical syndromes • Headaches and migraines • Muscle and joint stiffness • Swelling and oedema • Sports injuries • Allergies

Contact Joke Chadwick – Pain Relief Specialist

Phone: 3359 5630 | 0412 988 843 Email:

23 Kilburn Street CHERMSIDE Qld 4032 Holistic Bliss | DECEMBER 2013 - JANUARY 2014 |

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Gratitude during the Festive Season and Beyond! WORDS DR PETER DINGLE


ratitude means thankfulness, counting your blessings, noticing simple pleasures, and acknowledging everything that you receive. It means learning to live your life as if everything were a miracle and being aware on a continuous basis of how much you’ve been given. It can turn night into day, tough times into meaningful ones; it can even transform crises into life-changing lessons. Gratitude will strengthen friendships and relationships, bring success into your life, increase your passion for life and health, reduce stress and help you live longer. Gratitude enhances the human experience of life and implies a sense of present-moment acceptance of conditions and circumstances as they are. Gratitude is an attitude to living, and can have an immeasurable effect on our experience of every day, every hour of our day, and even every minute of our day. Focus on what you have; on the fact that you have a roof over your head, you can eat healthy foods,

you do have a job or even if you don’t, that you are capable of getting a job. Learn to appreciate your friends, family and the environment around you. Appreciate the little things you are able to do every day, simply because you can do them. Rather than focusing on a sore ankle or leg when you go for a walk, or the fact that it’s overcast or even raining, appreciate that you can still go for a walk. Gratitude is the appreciation of the simple things in life that we usually take for granted. We have the tendency to focus on deficiencies in other people. Usually it’s our family or closest friends who go out of their way to help us. Often we zero in on the one small aspect that didn’t work well, blow it out of proportion and blame them for not caring. Focus on what they do for you; not what they don’t do. We can learn to be grateful. When you make a conscious effort to move toward the gratitude, you’ll notice that you feel better. Research shows that levels of serotonin (known as the ‘feel good’ chemical in the brain)

Embrace...“What Is” Cultivate and sustain mindfulness practice in your life and discover personal insight, inner freedom and peace of mind The group where mindfulness meets psychotherapy

increase and your immune system is stimulated when you carry out gratitude or an act of kindness or giving. You get the same effects if you observe an act of kindness or giving. That is why people who give get pleasure or, as the Bible says, ‘Give and it will be given to you.’ Quantum physics and biology have shown us that neural networks in our brain are able to rearrange themselves according to the emotions we feel and the experiences we have on a daily basis. When we focus on gratitude, our neural networks will adapt to actually provide more of the positive chemicals that can help increase the positive emotions brought about by gratitude. American researcher Dr Candice Pert found that what we think creates the biochemical basis for how we feel. She uses the term ‘the molecules of emotion’ to describe this. Literally, focusing on positive thoughts creates positive molecules of emotion in our brain. No drugs required.


A Connection to Country An exhibition of work by Kuddtji Tjungurrayi Opening Thursday 21st November

Group Mindfulness Sessions Conscious Solutions with Vanessa Bushell - Psychologist Across from the ocean at Coolum Beach

Register by Phoning

0424 507 101 38

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Kuddtji Tjungurrayi 183cm x 200cm

Memorial Drive, Eumundi, 4562 Tel 07 5442 7172

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Being On Purpose Makes

Magic Happen



e all talk about finding our Life Purpose. Truth is, we are either ‘on purpose’ each and every moment of every day or we are not. Being on purpose is all about intention. We are always in some form of intention in our lives. The question is, what is your intention and how is it serving you? Is it bringing you closer to who you truly are or moving you further away? When we are on purpose with the intention of being authentic, we feel it in our bones. Solutions seem to arise out of nowhere. We experience a deep inner peace. The freedom and joy we feel surmounts any obstacles that roll our way. Somehow we gain time where we felt we had none. Being on purpose is the greatest gift that we can give ourselves. It enhances how we spend our day. It really doesn’t matter if we are parenting our kids, running our businesses or studying a course. Somehow, we bring a little bit of

magic into our everyday lives. It allows us to access our deep inner wisdom, our intuitive side and our ability to tap into a current of joy, excitement, creativity and freedom. When we are in this flow of energy it is like riding a wave. We literally enjoy the ride! When we step out of our purpose, we create pain for ourselves. Self doubt creeps in. Of course this is part of the human condition. Welcome to the human race! It’s a good time to stop, take a break, take care of yourself and remember who you truly are and what you are here for. Do the next thing that will get you back on track, even if that means practising the affirmation “I am willing to be on purpose”. When we are disconnected from ourselves and others, we may experience anxiety or depression. We think or worry too much, so it often comes with a good dose of headaches and migraines. We also find ourselves creating drama for ourselves. Drama

keeps us temporarily amused and energised. However it is also addictive and serves as a great distraction! So how do we get back on purpose? I liken it to this analogy. Imagine that we’ve been caught in a rip. We are pushing and striving to get back, but the current is sweeping us in a different direction. The more we struggle, the harder it is to make our way back. We stay stuck, waste time and wear ourselves out! At these times, we need to acknowledge the struggle, surrender and allow ourselves to be carried back to who we truly are. As we relax and trust the process, we also attract solutions and all the help that we need. We might even find that a nice big wave unexpectedly comes along to speed up the process. Live life today like it’s the only one you’ve got to really be who you truly are. That’s being on purpose. That’s being an ‘Everyday Light Worker’.

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Shine Brightly! with Amanda Rootsey


inding the magic within is something I am really passionate about so I was pretty excited when I saw that it was the theme for this issue of our favourite magazine. We all have that special something inside and sometimes we just need a little help to find that light and let it shine. I work with teenage girls and, this age group in particular, seems to really struggle with self-worth, confidence and taking care of themselves from the inside out. The pressure from school, family, peers, media and now social media is enormous and, amidst all of this, it can be tough for them to just feel OK being their own unique, gorgeous selves. I love exploring this with my students through self-worth and self-love

activities and discussions, yoga, nutrition and wellness discussions, raw food demonstrations, organic skin care and more. I have found that by giving them tools to take care of themselves, on the inside and outside, they find their magic within. Media literacy is something that can really assist in this process, as quite often young women will compare themselves to images they see in the media. Most of us know that what we see in the media simply isn’t real, but this is something that young teenage girls often don’t realise. Through a Shine From Within course we address this by educating the students on what goes on behind the scenes so that they understand that comparing themselves to a model in a magazine is similar to comparing themselves to a cartoon – they are both artistic representations that are simply not real. We also spend time on deportment and presentation subjects such as skin care, make-up, hair care, personal style,

Zen it up

this Christmas

first impressions, communication skills, job interview skills and posture because when young women feel like they look good, they feel good too. Of course these subjects only help to develop a girl’s selfesteem when taught in conjunction with the importance of nourishing the body, mind and soul. It has been incredible to contribute to these young women! Students have gained employment, have felt confident in social situations and have taken an interest in health and wellness. To me, that is finding the magic within! Go to to book your place in one of our Christmas holiday courses. AMANDA ROOTSEY is the Director of SHINE From Within, teaching wellness and confidence to teenage girls. ( She is also an eco-model ( and the co-founder of Vegan Era (


SPECIALISING IN COURSES FOR TEENAGE GIRLS • Personal Development Training • Professional Model Training • Holistic Environment

Class sizes strictly limited – BOOK NOW!


W: Phone: 0430 035 740

Give the gift of BLISSFUL RELAXATION this Christmas Bare Therapies’ signature holistic treatments: • Decrease stress • Increase energy and • Provide a blissful escape from reality These treatments go way beyond regular pamper packages and include: • Present moment ritual • Intention setting • Guided meditation • Breath awareness • Affirmations • Subtle energy clearing

Shop 6, 11 Samford Road ALDERLEY Phone (07) 3352 5998

For further information or phone 07 3352 5998

Honour your nearest and dearest with a Gift Voucher for a little ‘Zen magic’


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Shop 3 / 8 Ormuz Avenue, Caloundra Qld 4551 PHONE 5491 8399

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• 100% RECYCLABLE more than a shoe

• 100% VEGAN


Durable One-Piece Construction

Massaging Beads Inspired by Reflexology

Superior Arch Support

Wear. Re-wear. Recycle. Australians love wearing thongs. In our warm climate they are the perfect footwear – cool, casual and comfortable. However, they are not always good for our feet. Poor support and inferior fit can make this choice of footwear a hazard to our feet, and ultimately our health – enter Okabashi. Good health starts from the feet up. That’s why Okabashi thongs and sandals are so great. Based on the ancient oriental practice of reflexology, Okabashi footwear is ingeniously and meticulously designed to massage and stimulate your feet while aligning your posture and supporting your arches – thus helping to prevent conditions like plantar fasciitis and over-pronation of the foot. A non-slip sole also provides greater stability, and there is a wonderful range of colours and styles to choose from, including some for men. They are the only shoe manufactured in the USA that carries an endorsement from the American Chiropractic Association. These great thongs and sandals are designed with health in mind, in more ways than one and now, for the first time, they are available in Australia. Okabashi Australia is the proud distributor of this fantastic range of footwear, and we are so excited to be introducing them into the country.

Light Weight & Joyfully Comfortable Ergonomically Contoured Insole

Anti-Microbial Material that Resists Bacteria

Not only are Okabashi Vegan Friendly Waterproof shoes good for you, they & 100% & Machine are good for the planet. Recyclable Washable The shoes are manufactured in the USA Non-Slip on The only shoe Wet & Dry to be endorsed where Okabashi’s strong Surfaces by the ACA focus on the environment is very obvious. They use a closed loop recycling process, meaning there is minimal waste that leaves the factory, as almost all left over materials are reused in the process of manufacturing more Okabashis. Being 100% recyclable means that Okabashi footwear will not clog up our landfills, and in this regard we at Okabashi Australia are also committed to being green. Simply return your worn out Okabashis to us, and we’ll make sure they get back to the factory to be ground up and reused again. Of course we don’t expect your Okabashis to wear out for quite some time as they are extremely durable. The Okabashi brand is 100% vegan-friendly with no animal products or animal testing used in the manufacture of the entire footwear range and it has been this way from the very start – we love this. Other great features include the fact they are latex and BPA free. Perfect for around the pool, at the beach or just everyday wear, Okabashi is just what it claims to be “more than a shoe.”

more than a shoe AUSTRALIA

Shop 4 Old Petrie Town, Dayboro Road, Kurwongbah Q 4503 Ph Marjon 07 3285 3502 | Mobile 0439 863 400 WHOLESALE ENQUIRIES WELCOME

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E Bliss | DECEMBER 2013 - JANUARY 2014 | Visit us onHolistic


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he more I learn about how my body works, the more I’m in awe of its complex simplicity. For me, the magic that lies within, is our native, primal body intelligence and if we understand how it works, what it needs and how we can cooperate with it, we can free up a lot of unused and misused energy. I’ve observed a consistent pattern of specific postural imbalances linked to deep emotional tension. To understand the reasons for this relationship, we can look to our sympathetic nervous system or enteric brain that lies within our gastro-intestinal tract. Our enteric brain is largely responsible for the management and motion of fluids throughout our body and is responsive to feelings of safety and danger. Comprised of more than 500 million neurons, it can think, remember and learn on its own accord, functioning independently of our cerebral brain and communicating with it via our vagus nerve. Our sympathetic nervous system responds to feelings of danger that

may be postural, conceptual or real (as in a dog chasing us)…the physical response is always real and always the same…flight/fight/freeze. Our rhythm, circulation, absorption, sensation, secretion and respiration changes as energy used for these functions is primarily shifted to our muscles. Our posture changes, responding to a primal memory of defense…our seat of gravity shifts from our hips to our upper body, our joints stiffen, our muscles contract and our breath is fast and erratic. Our lower back curve deepens and our pelvis tilts forward and downward. The effortless motion of our diaphragm, belly and pelvis ceases along with a sharp decrease in digestion, secretion, absorption, blood cell, immune and mineral production. Once the danger is passed, the nourishing cycle of our nervous system returns. If the danger isn’t resolved the postural and visceral fear response continues. Over many years the lack of fluid and electrical motion to the belly and pelvis result in loss of muscle tone, skeletal misalignment and poor

digestion to name just a few. Many people have lived for years like this, an unresolved fear of past memories or an overload of responsibility and coping with the demands of fast paced living. Over time the lack of fluid and electrical motion to our organs and pelvis interferes with the integrity of our gut bacteria. The junctions in our gut lining, which protect us from invading antigens is compromised, increasing permeability to invading pathogenic microbes and interfering in vagus communication with our brain. Knowledge is the way to self healing; know how your body works then you can find what is preventing it from functioning properly. I encourage awareness of your body as a multidimensional moving, responsive, self healing fluid entity. This beautiful body we’re born with is our spirit home. For me, spirituality is inseparable from my body; I touch my spirit by listening to and responding to its ancient rhythm and primal motion.




XYZ rstu



$59 *In clinic

ents only


Divinity Spa

@ Buderim


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phone 0414 692 623 visit

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A Formal


Shop 1/15 Samford Road, ALDERLEY QLD (opp Alderley Arms Hotel)

P: 07 3352 7772

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Books, DVDs, . . . s a c i t s i l o H CDs and more... Sacred Symbols Of The Stars Galactic Card Deck By Starina Starina has released an amazing gift to the planet! The ‘Sacred symbols of the stars galactic card deck’ have been channelled from source for the healing of humanity. The cards can be used every day for insight or spontaneously when you feel guided to receive some divine inspiration. The cards come in a purse sized smart card case and are brightly and beautifully designed with sacred geometry images. There is also a manual that gives you a more detailed explanation of the cards for one and full card readings. The manual also explains how to clear energy blocks and any limitations standing in your way to personal freedom.

Once a Girl, Now a Woman By Nikki Rowe In a selfless act to make an impact on the world, via the struggles and growth she has endured along the way, Nikki Rowe is leading the way with assisting others to find peace within. Once a girl, now a woman is a unique self-help book that can change your life if you let it. Whether you are on the path to self-discovery or yet to hear about it, ‘this book will open new parts of your being that only you may tread’. Available online at various book stores – Angus & Robertson, Barnes & Noble.


e With Soul”

“Your Magazin






& 2014


Jean Sheeha

F inding the in Magic With EDITION 53 ISSN:


Leading from The Edge of Possibility – No More Business as Usual” By Chutisa and Steven Bowman Just imagine what your business and your life would be like if you stopped functioning on autopilot and began to generate your business with strategic awareness and prosperity consciousness. With this book you’ll get the awareness you need to lead your business in any environment! As two people who have spent a lot of their lives in senior corporate positions (including roles as CEOs and board positions in the finance and private sector) Chutisa and Steven Bowman have learnt, in the most visceral way, the underlying reasons why leaders succeed and fail. They have had a front-row seat to the hands-on activity, mindset and behaviours that separate remarkable leaders from others and their new book is the result of that accumulated knowledge. It gives readers a totally new way of looking at their business and some universal tools for guaranteed success.

REECE NORTON Psychic / Medium

• Readings • Healings Confirmation of the afterlife, offering peace, understanding and closure


Go to our website

P: 0431 394 258



and go to ‘Distribution’ at the top of the page and see our listings for outlets and distributors

Would you like to be an outlet or distributor listed on our website that has the potential to reach 50,000+ people each month?

Please contact:

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SCIO Holistic Assessment Energetic Stress Reduction Biofeedback Technology Scientific Consciousness Nutritional Wellness Consultant

0431 965 898 PEREGIAN SPRINGS Non-invasive for the whole family and your pets

Tracey Ollett

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hen it comes to treating your dog, there are so many options on the market. In veterinary practice, I found there were so many available. The choice was very important to me. I own a veterinary practice devoted to the rehabilitation of domestic animals and my work ethic is ‘first do no harm’. Most of my job involves removing obstructions and restrictions in the body to aid its natural ability to heal and restore flow and homeostasis. As part of the treatment plan, I use exercises and stretches and other activities that help with the resetting and alignment of the body. Treats are a great way to encourage an animal to do a stretch or exercise, so I use them in my treatment regime. Musculoskeletal and neurological rehabilitation is a strong component of my practice however nutrition is key to how the body functions and repairs so the treat I chose had to be considered carefully. I discovered a pet treat that was tasty and preservative free which suited most dogs in the Lamb Morsels made by Natural Pet Treats Australia (NPTA). As sheep are still extensively farmed and pasture fed, I was particularly happy

that these treats were even processed more naturally with no cereal or other additives. When I recently visited the company I was informed that NPTA uses its unique Nutrieseal™ process to dehydrate pure lean meat and offal at low temperatures and humidity. This dehydration process enables a wide range of products to be produced without the use of artificial colourings, preservatives or additives. The low processing temperatures mean the natural flavours and aromas are retained in the treat without modification. Natural fats and the nutritional goodness are also retained within the treat. I have also found the shark cartilage very popular with my canine patients and most chew them with great relish and the chicken breast meat product is a huge favourite. Routinely, on a daily basis I will include exercises in every one of my patients treatment and they are particular exercises to work a certain part of the body in a certain way to improve function of the structures. My canine patients willingly participate for these treats and some of the owners are amazed that their dogs are quite willing

Kawana Waters Veterinary Surgery

‘P ut their paws in good hands’

to take them from my hand. It has made my job in teaching the owners and the dog new tricks so much easier! TONI LYNCH graduated from the University of Queensland in Veterinary Science in 1989 with a special interest in wildlife and entered small animal and bird practice directly from university. She achieved a graduate research honours in 1992 and later a graduate diploma in Chiropractic for animals at RMIT in 2004. She has also achieved a Cert IV in Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation and is currently studying Canine Nutrition and Homeopathy. To purchase NPTA treats visit:

Bring out the Angel in your dog!

We aim to help with long term healing and cure using Homeopathy, Herbal Medicines and Acupuncture Wurtulla Shopping Village Nicklin Way, Wurtulla QLD 4575

Phone (07) 5493 1144


NATURAL DOG GROOMING & NATURAL ANIMAL HEALTH CENTRE Over 30 years’ experience in dog grooming and natural health • Natural and organic dog food and supplies available • Grooming all styles – all breeds • Consults for corrective diets and for the general health of your pet in line with nature 81 Flaxton Drive MAPLETON

PHONE JAYNE for an appointment

5478 6757

Any dog, any age, any problem, any time, and in your home. Once only fee with ongoing free support for your dog’s whole life. Written guarantee. Natural techniques, no harsh methods. Obedience and behavioural issues, puppy training. Since 1989.


y a

g o n n a

SIMPLE, DIRECT c a l l ®



1800 067 710

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11/21/2013 8:25:51 PM

Detox Your Pet Before Christmas! WORDS DR ELAINE CEBULIAK


ing those bells, holy holy! Christmas is around the corner! If you are like us here at Animal Wellness, we can hardly believe that ANOTHER YEAR has nearly passed. That means the festive season is

coming with goodies lacing our dining tables, hiding in our cupboard, and in our handbags. Please remember to store your goodies out of harm’s way – to avoid midnight visits to the emergency clinic.

Our furry family have fantastic noses and can smell those poisonous chocolate treats from across the hall. Don’t forget that the xylitol chewing gum is also toxic for your pet. People love to see animals eat. It’s

Natural Vet on the Sunshine Coast • All the diagnostic and surgical facilities of a normal vet clinic • Emergency 24-hour service • Herbs, acupuncture and natural diets • Monthly health plan – unlimited consults, preventative meds posted to you – from $21 cat; $50 dog

Phone 5447 7877 • 0435 565 908 (24hrs) 42 Maple Street COOROY Qld 4563


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a It te fu v re a p th sw w in d u e is e th

h in lo th


As a veterinary dentist the only time I have seen caries (cavities) on molar teeth in dogs has been when they were fed lollies, and surprisingly these have been the green jelly frog lollies! an interesting psychological pleasure. It’s important to understand that the temptation to feed our much loved furry friends can be so great that some visitors and family members cannot restrain themselves. Most of these treats are INAPPROPRIATE to feed to your pet, this includes ham, excess fat off the plate,cooked bones, chocolate, and sweets. These can set off PANCREATITIS which is a painful anterior abdominal inflammation which can cause vomiting, diarrhoea, listlessness, restlessness and unsettled behaviour particularly in the early hours of the morning. Diagnosis is made by blood tests, which show an elevation of lipase and amylase within the blood. As a veterinary dentist the only time I have seen caries (cavities) on molar teeth in dogs has been when they were fed lollies, and surprisingly these have been the green jelly frog lollies! Perhaps the

owner thought it was cute to see the dog devour a green frog? In any case sugary sticky sweets will sit on the molar table surface of the tooth and allow bacteria to bury in, acid etching the hard enamel and enabling tooth decay to occur. In TCVM (Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine) terms being a bit pleasingly plump is referred to as having “dampness”. This can obstruct the circulation of Qi in the abdomen and can affect the pancreas, intestines (IBD, Crohn’s disease) and the liver. This causes abdominal pain, a feeling of fullness and heaviness and possibly diarrhoea. Feeding fresh SPECIES APPROPRIATE nutritious food will get your pet in the best shape for the holiday season. Do increase exercise gently too, aerobic sprints and outdoor activities will help get those love handles down. To detox you and your pet’s liver

try adding some of these to your diet: Lettuce, amaranth, asparagus, ginger powder, wild blue green algae, white pepper, vinegar, papaya, chaparral, pau d’arco, valerian, chamomile, brassica family (broccoli, brussel sprouts) celery, turnip, tumeric powder, rye, barley, adzuki beans, alfalfa, pumpkin, Chinese cabbage, watermelon, anchovy, kidney beans, button mushrooms, prawns/ shrimp, chestnuts, kohlrabi, mustard greens, radish, chicken, chicken gizzards, mackerel, salmon, capsicum, apples, artichoke, berries – blackberries, blueberries, raspberries, strawberries, bok choy, cherries, garlic, ginseng, grapefruits, lavender, lemons, licorice, maitake, nutmeg, olive oil, oranges, parsley, pineapples, soybean, stichopus – sea cucumber, tea – green tea, tomato and tuna. Interesting that these same foods are recommended to help prevent cancer, inflammation and detoxify the body. Please log on to your computer and watch this: Anti-Angiogenesis – A Break for Cancer Prevention is a text version of Dr. Li’s TED talk For more holistic tips visit our website to prepare YOU AND YOUR FUR LEGGED FAMILIES for the HOLIDAY SEASON!

NEW! STEM CELL THERAPY We are now offering cuttingedge Stem Cell Therapy which offers amazing relief for dogs suffering from Osteoarthritis.

You will save up to

50% OFF

the normal cost if you book in with us Call and book now for November appointments

PAWs Nurse

(Available for Pensioners of Animal Wellness) Vet Nurse comes to you for only $25

Pensioner Discount

Ph: 3324 2291

Greenslopes Shopping Centre Shop B6, 700 Logan Road (next to Queensland Transport)

20% off services

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11/21/2013 8:27:33 PM

It is so rewarding to know that I can help my family, my team, everyday shoppers, and those who are supported through charitable organisations. In small or large ways, we are changing people’s lives for the better. It is really magic!



welve years ago, I arrived in Australia full of hope of a great adventure and a great life. I am happy to say that I have achieved much of that dream, however the journey was not at all what I expected.

Shortly after my marriage, I began to live a lie. Not by intention, but out of necessity. My husband was abusing me. He struggled with alcohol, and when he drank he abused me. At first it was emotional and verbal abuse. I put up

with it for the sake of our children. I hid it from my friends and co-workers. My family had no idea. Then, one night, I confronted him. I thought if he was aware of what he was doing to me, he would stop. I was wrong and the abuse

Vibrational Essences for those seeking the next steps in Natural Healing and Self-Discovery also

Living Light Rainbow Essences Gem & Colour Combination Essences

Wholesale prices available for Practitioners – Looking for a distributor in Australia, please email rachel@luminesce or SKYPE LivingLightEssences

0011+1+519-823-2288 • 48

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11/21/2013 8:28:28 PM

b A th A c I k d

a I m in m li to

g fo w la th th S I th su re fl a

became physical. I had no family in Australia and no means to return to the UK. Moreover, my children were Australian and I couldn’t leave the country without their father’s permission. I felt trapped and terribly alone – I don’t know where I found the courage, but I dug deep and found it. And I left. I became a single mum. I worked day and night to provide for my children. I was working as a travel agent and managed to do well in a very competitive industry. When I was home I looked after my children. I can’t say I slept much, but, like most single mums, I did what I had to do. And I made a decision. I decided that I was going to have a great life. I was going to make a change for myself and for my children. I guess it was fate, or good timing, but a little while later I started working for a company that offered me so much more than the work I had been doing previously. Since I have started working for them, I have been able to build a business that will leave a legacy to my children, supports charitable organisations in a real and ongoing basis, and gives me the flexibility to spend time with my family and do the work that I need to do to run

my business. I still work hard – I don’t think I know how to work any other way – but I own my time now and that has made all the difference. I also get to work with some pretty amazing people who have become true friends. Speaking of amazing people, I should tell you about Matt. I met Matt several years ago and fell in love again. He is so funny and kind and supportive of what I am trying to achieve, I am lucky to have him in my life. We were married in 2011 and now have 4 children between us. We enjoy our family time most of all and usually spend weekends playing with the kids in the park, having BBQs, and spending time with friends. It’s not a fairytale, but I have found my happy ending. I am passionate about helping families and making a difference in their lives. There are better, safer products available on the market than the ones that are on the supermarket shelves – and shoppers shouldn’t have to spend the earth to get them into their homes. We help people do that. As part of our business, we also work with charitable organisations such as Sunny Kids and a portion of sales is paid directly to them

DREADING HAYFEVER AND ALLERGIES? FEELING RUN DOWN? Would you like to see a happier and healthier you this Spring? Then Mystical Essence Can Help! We are a TRULY holistic practice, focusing on the entire being – Mind, Body and Spirit!

Contact: Theresa Pedersen on 0402 097 271 to discuss your health requirements, and organise your first appointment

Private Health Fund rebates apply to some of our therapies

as a donation. If you haven’t heard of Sunny Kids, you should have a look at their website or find the link from ours. They are a wonderful organisation that works to find emergency accommodation for disadvantaged children. In many cases, the need for shelter is the result of domestic violence, so it’s a cause that’s very close to my heart. We are now working with other NFP organisations in Australia and internationally. At the same time, we team up with people who share our vision and would also like to build a business for themselves and their families and support worthy causes at the same time. It is so rewarding to know that I can help my family, my team, everyday shoppers, and those who are supported through charitable organisations. In small or large ways, we are changing people’s lives for the better. It is really magic! We all have it in us to find the magic and create and be who we want to be. Never give up and never give in. Just keep working to find your magic within.

Home and Health Feng Shui Assessments with RICHARD GILES Feng Shui Practitioner, Geomancer and Astrologer • Have your home assessed • Check your office environment • Find the negative Earth Energies affecting your property • Explore Richard’s new book – ‘Your Personal Guide to Feng Shui’

Contact: Richard on 5435 0158 Email: Web:

Mobile: 0408 517 796

Mention this ad for a gift with purchase

Holistic Bliss | DECEMBER 2013 - JANUARY 2014 |

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11/21/2013 8:29:13 PM

Holistic Classifieds SPIRITUAL




Holistic Modalities: Massage, Shamanic Healers, Inner Child Therapy, Reflexology, Readings, Holistic Chiropractor, Egyptian Oil Healer/ Reader, Meditation Classes, Guest Speaker Evenings, Alternative Lending Library. Holistic, Natural and Spiritual Products: Crystals, Oils, CDs, Clothing, Jewellery.

I am currently offering a half price Personal Coaching Session for only $75! Also offering Easy, Gentle, yet Effective YOGA classes at Caloundra – Friday 9.30am and Tuesday 6.30pm

Phone: (08) 9529 2888 Email: 9A Rockingham Beach Road, Rockingham, WA

Phone: Helen on 0411 082 386

Voice of the goddess A singing group for women Experience the gift of women singing together in delight-full harmony in these beautiful singing sessions designed especially for women. Wednesday evenings 7pm-9pm Maroochydore

Open to who you are; to your purpose; to others and their purpose with you; and to the bigger picture of this life. Let go of problems and emotional difficulties. Align your life to your true nature.

Contact Yvette 0412 664 846 For more info –

Call Emma Creed for more information Phone: 0438 619 518 All women welcome!



Maleny – weekly Tuesdays 6-7.30pm Neighborhood Centre 17 Bicentenary Lane (off Coral Street) HU Chant and discussion with a Spiritual theme. Find Peace Through a Spiritual Approach to Life. Also at Tanawha – 3rd Sunday of the month 9.30-11.30am Arts and Ecology Centre, Maroochy Botanical Gardens. Refer to UBD Ref Map

Avatar® is the most powerful, purest selfdevelopment program available. It is a series of experiential exercises that enables you to rediscover yourself and align your consciousness with what you want to achieve. You will experience your own unique insights and revelations. It’s you finding out about you.

Call Tsu Shan (Avatar Master) on Phone: 0438 894 121 on how you can get support to improve your life and go to:

Phone: (07) 5496 5054 or 0429 957 989 • avatar-self-development

Electomagnetic Radiation Protection from Mobile Phones, WiFi & all Wireless devices

 EMF Shield uses Sacred Geometric Creation Codes to Harmonize, Structure and make Coherent the scattered and intrusive EMF’s from wireless communications which can be very damaging to Organic Biology and your overall Health and Wellbeing Get yours at enter coupon: holisticbliss for a 15% discount

electromagnetic radiation protection


Celtic Mystic Palmistry – Caithe Cameron What do your hands say about your life choices? Come to Celticai Studio, Wamuran or organise a Palmistry Party and Caithe will come to you!

Phone: Caithe at Celticai Studio with your enquiries (07) 5496 6249 Celticai Studio is on Facebook too!




Nude Food Organics is for sale! Established for over nine years, it is one of the oldest and largest organic stores on the Coast. Consistent turnover and great profits – it’s a must see. Don’t miss this rare opportunity to own one of the best organic stores on the Coast.

Call Louise 0435 789 278


New Moon Sound & Energy Immersion Tuesday 3rd December 6.45-7.45pm @ Peregian Community House $10 pp Monthly meditations and guest speakers Ph: 0400 673 563

CAN’T FIND A COPY OF HOLISTIC BLISS? Why not subscribe for just $33 you will receive a 12-month subscription (11 editions) and a copy will be posted to you!!! Check out our new website (webinars coming soon) at

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in Holistic Bliss are not necessarily those of the publishers. Advice is non-specific and does not necessarily substitute medical or professional advice for health conditions. The magazine is not affiliated with any religious group or religious teaching. Holistic Bliss takes no responsibility for the content of advertisements. Holistic Bliss may alter the size, content or position of an advertisement where necessary. Articles, adverts or any other part of this magazine is not to be reproduced without the permission of the publisher of Holistic Bliss and all requests must be made in writing.


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| DECEMBER 2013 - JANUARY 2014 | Holistic Bliss

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Holistic Bliss Directory KNOW THYSELF AS SOUL Sant Mat is a practical spiritual path based on meditation, ethical living, service to others & love for all creation. Entry is via a preparation program.

Creating the perfect impression

For all your printing requirements Telephone 07 3865 4433

1800 462 193 or visit


• For health practitioners and health seekers • 2 days per week for 4 weeks • Certificate of Attainment • Tools to lead a happy and healthy life

Call Linda 0402 937 761 House of Ayurveda

Counselling and Natural Therapies

There is no charge at any stage. For more information... Know Thyself As Soul Foundation is a not for profit association incorporated in NSW.

Summer School January 2014

Wellness Clinic

• Psychology, Hypnosis and NLP • Organic Skin and Body Therapy • Reiki and Remedial Massage • Body Consciousness • Naturopathy and Nutrition 16/247 David Low Way, Peregian Beach Phone today for an appointment

07 5471 2201 •

Are you a sassy entrepreneur? Intuitive design and print services for your logo, website, business cards, flyers, banners, signage & facebook pages... just to name a few!

Call: 0413 374 634

8 Main Street PALMWOODS

Oceana Massage  Kahuna


 Lomi Lomi  Deep Tissue


   





ff of

it vis

Experienced massage therapist combines styles to offer a whole body massage to relax the mind,body & soul.

Mount Coolum Phone 0423 945 062

Mobile • First in the world • Ready to operate business


REDUCED TO $58,000

5445 8960 | 0409 152 723

Sense of Spirit Where magick starts and the veils to the Spirit World part!

Psychic & Mediumship Readings Reiki & Spiritual Healings Meditation & Spiritual Development Yoga & much more Shop 1, 1371 Logan Road Mt Gravatt Central

0419 762 504 Holistic Bliss | DECEMBER 2013 - JANUARY 2014 |


i Never


of it That Way.

Introducing Dojo Wellness Retreats. A New way of looking at old problems. A world first out-of-office corporate work-space retreat, located in a 5 star City Day Spa environment.* Perfect for corporate meetings or business conferences from 4 to 16 pax. A place where corporate Australia can tap into inspired thinking and produce outstanding business results, whilst nurturing mind, body and soul. *located at the beautiful Aquarius Day SPA - Level 2/70 Mary Street Brisbane

Places For Inspired Business Thinking.

To find out more about our inspired spaces contact Gino De Pasquale at

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