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Wi Soul” Wit “YYour Magazine With “Your

Sue Joseph... changing the face e’ of ‘Daisy’s Plac n The Rustic Cabi refurbishment


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follow your bliss! the edition to celebrate so we thought we’d add a bit of fun and festivities into the equation (and a bit of style) with the festive season being a time for going to parties, thinking about dressing up but still being ‘planet conscious’. However you chose to celebrate Christmas and the new year, please remember what we have created together this year and we’ll see you all in 2012!!!



Soul Sistas with Eco Chic!


“Your Magazine With Soul”

Are you an Eco Fashionista? Festivities and Summer Solstice Blissful Xmas Gift ideas Final Astrology Forecast for 2011 Brand new QR codes



t’s been a full year on so many levels and a year that has helped us look at ourselves like never before. While we embraced many different perspectives this year, as always there are commonalities expressed by our contributors; now is the time to be who we really are, now is the time to be even more ‘creative’, now is the time to value and work with the wisdom of the heart, now is the time to work together. This is a poignant time as many of the world’s ‘old ways’ of operating are crumbling before our very eyes. I see the pure energy (the giving and sharing energy) during the festive season as a perfect opportunity for our hearts to open that little bit more and ultimately to feel and BE that spirit of Christmas!! It’s a delight to have two heart based cover girls Louise Visser and Alice Jones, aka the pioneers of organic-eco clothing label ‘Sinerji’ join us for this combined edition (story on page 4 and 5). Our other amazing contributors have written about one of the three ‘F’s’ – fun, fashion, festivities, or all of the above!! ’tis

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OUR COVER Alice Jones and Louise Visser, page 4 IMAGE: Kookaburra Photography

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Soul Sistas with Eco Chic! By Vanessa Finnigan


one are the days where organic, sustainable fashion meant ‘dressed up potato sacks’ says sustainable fashion pioneers, Louise Visser and Alice Jones. Five years ago the ‘eco duo’ launched their boutique/label Sinerji on the Sunshine Coast and their cutting edge style continues to evolve. Their new boutique in Forest Glen has been open now for seven months and is right next door to ‘The Natural Food Store’ (the girls were previously based for over four years in Gympie Terrace, Noosa). The whole complex is a

revolutionary eco design and they have the first electric car charge point in Queensland. The girls take me upstairs to their design hub, where there are mannequins, drawings and colour swatches… this is where they create their magic. They offer me an herbal tea and an organic, chocolate coated strawberry (bought from next door)… How can I resist? I listen to them share their story and I can see the emotion and passion in their eyes as they talk about the business they have created and the relationships they have

Summer Sinerji fashion


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built along the way (including the sisterhood they share with each other). Louise and Alice met each other on the Sunshine Coast about six years ago and discovered they shared a passion for fashion and environmental/ethical issues. Both had a background in design but Louise was already working as an ecodesigner at the time they met and had her own jewellery label which utilised sustainable metals. “When I was twelve, I decided I had a knack for fashion when I cut off the bottom of my brother’s corduroy pants and wore them and then they were in fashion the next year,” laughs Louise. It wasn’t long before Alice and Louise realised they wanted to work together and create a conscious fashion label and so the ideas started rolling in thick and fast. They worked hard to research all the ‘ins and outs’ of organic cotton, sustainable manufacturing methods and all aspects of their craft. It was a Turkish friend of theirs who offered the name suggestion of the Turkish word ‘Sinerji’ which has the same meaning as the English word (synergy). Alice says the name was divine intervention! “This business is bigger than us now – which is the true meaning of Sinerji; something that becomes greater than the sum of its parts.” When they first started the business they did everything together, at the same time and at a fast pace. Now they have specific roles and streamlined processes. They say they have to be super organised because they work two seasons ahead of time. Louise is always dreaming up designs and drawing lines and shapes and experimenting with colours. Then they get together and see how their ideas meet, “It’s very synchronistic the way we work- our whole business and life has been based on intuition,” says Alice. Both girls live and breathe ecoorganics and so a lot of thought goes into their work and they try to weigh up all the best options for customers. So they stay true to core values without compromising on style and beauty. Louise visits home based businesses in Chiang Mai in Northern Thailand

Holistic Bliss, December 2011 - January 2012

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Photo Kookaburra Photography

twice a year and has built solid relationships with their trading partners. She checks on the working conditions of the local organic cotton growers and the sewers, making sure everyone is happy. “I make time to connect emotionally with people. We may speak different languages but I make sure our hearts are speaking the same language,” says Louise. The whole production is environmentally sustainable and ethical. The fabric is hand loomed and hand dyed, the cotton is organic, the dyes are natural and chemical free and the product is fair trade. They’ve even thought about the finer details such as using coconut buttons on clothes and the paper price tags are made in a solar powered factory and printed on 100% post-consumer recycled paper, using soy based inks. They believe organic cotton grown without chemical fertilisers or pesticides from plants, which is not genetically modified is better for our planet and our bodies. The chemicals used in the production of commercial cotton pollute and affect the air we breathe and surface waters, damaging our waterways, drinking water, wildlife and reefs. Sinerji have always been recognised

by the Fair Traders Association of Australia but they are now in the process of being certified with the Association (a rigorous process) which will put them into a new arena. “It’s important that there is transparency every step of the process. We tick all the boxes,” says Alice. So they operate with real integrity, insight and depth. Louise says, it’s not about setting trends; it’s more about being in tune with the energy that’s coming in and what women want to express colour wise and shape wise. “It’s a combination of intuition and years of experience in seeing what really works,” says Alice. They feel it’s important to make someone feel beautiful and look beautiful at the same time. The girls say people often come into the store and don’t know how to express themselves through their clothes or have never felt comfortable with selecting suitable garments. So they are delighted to give support and advice in these situations and work with the energy of the person. “It’s about finding things that work for people without covering them up. It’s about opening people up to expressing their inner beauty on the outside through colour, shape and

personal style,” says Louise. “It’s important that people can come in to our shop and relax and really look around and they will probably find something they are not going to find anywhere else that has beauty from the very beginning, from design, to homemade fabric and sewing – the whole process.” It’s no wonder their unique designs have been so popular and can be purchased in over 40 outlets around the country as well as online. I’m so glad to hear they are taking a well-earned rest over Christmas after working through the whole festive season for the last five years. They say they plan to relax on Christmas day and be at home with their families, hang out at the beach and eat good food (and no doubt a chocolate coated strawberry or two). It will be the perfect time to recharge before preparing to go global with their label next year and they are excited to release all the details very soon. Alice and Louise are masters of “Sinerji” and sustainability. They say being ‘bold enough to give it a go’ is so important in business and in life. www.sinerji.com.au

Photo Kookaburra Photography Holistic Bliss, December 2011 - January 2012

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Festive Treats Caramel Hedgehog No family celebration is complete for us without this treat of my mum’s. What I like about this version is that the biscuits are not finely ground but broken into pieces, which allows clumps of caramel to form. The dark chocolate ganache offsets the sweetness of the caramel perfectly. Divine. Ingredients: 150g butter 1 x 250g packet Marie biscuits 1 tablespoon golden syrup 3 tablespoons brown sugar 3 tablespoons sweetened condensed milk ½–¾ cup walnuts, roughly chopped Dark Chocolate Ganache 2 tablespoons cream 110g dark chocolate, broken into pieces

Food tastings available every weekend

Method: Grease a 28 cm x 18 cm baking dish with a little of the butter. Break the biscuits into chunks the size of 5 cent and 10 cent pieces and place in a bowl. Put the golden syrup, brown sugar, condensed milk and remaining butter in a saucepan over a medium heat (be generous with the quantities!) and bring to the boil. Reduce the heat and simmer for 10 minutes, stirring. Pour the hot mixture over the broken biscuits and stir, making sure they are well coated. Tip the mixture into the baking tray and pack it down firmly by pressing with a small rolling pin or glass. You may need to beat it down a little to make sure it is firmly packed together and smooth on the top. Refrigerate overnight. Next day, make the ganache. Heat the cream in a small saucepan over a medium–high heat until just boiling, then reduce the heat and stir in the chocolate until melted. Pour the ganache over the chilled hedgehog and sprinkle with the walnuts. Gently press down on the walnuts to secure them.

Let the ganache set (this will take about 1 hour), then slice the hedgehog into squares. The hedgehog will keep for 4–5 days in an airtight container. This recipe is from Lauren Burns’ cookbook “From a Loving Home” www.laurenburns.com

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Holistic Bliss, December 2011 - January 2012

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Holistic Bliss, December 2011 - January 2012

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Have A ‘Green’ Festive Season


By Sustainability Consultant Cath Manuel

By Vicki Taylor


his is an exciting time where we give generously and devour plentifully. It’s also a time where we overindulge and unfortunately this has an impact on our environment. So this season let’s try to go a little ‘green’: Encourage others to be more sustainable. Try giving a tree, solar garden lights, organic skincare products, fill a gift bag with items to help start a garden or even give a consultation (one of mine !!) to help someone’s garden thrive. Impress everyone with your gardening skills! Grow some salad greens or herbs to add flavour to your dishes and with leftovers, use re-usable containers instead of plastic wrap or foil. Christmas wrapping is so over done so try re-usable gift bags or natural paper which can be composted or give a gift voucher that can fit into an envelope. These are just a few ideas to reduce our impact this year and still have Xmas spirit!


s it’s nearly Xmas time I thought I would write about cloves and get everyone into the festive spirit! This ancient spice originated from the spice islands of Indonesia with Madagascar and Zanzibar being the biggest producers today. Some medicinal benefits of cloves are: used to help aid digestion, as a breath freshener, an antiseptic and they relieve toothache. The aroma of cloves is very strong and in Europe it is traditional to make Christmas decorations by studding cloves

into whole oranges to hang around the house. Cloves can be used whole or ground and the taste is very intense so very little is needed so as not to overpower the dish. Some curry blends contain cloves, they are used to stud legs of Christmas pork and hams, they are part of the Moroccan spice Ras el Hanout and marry very nicely when mulled with other sweet spices in red wine (also a European tradition). Cheers!


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Holistic Bliss, December 2011 - January 2012

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Eco-Fashion Taking Over the World By Amanda Rootsey


s a fashion model I’ve worn some beautiful, crazy, incredible things and been to some amazing places all over the world. But as I was parading around in these fabulous outfits, I never stopped to think about where they came from, how they were made, who made them or how many animals had to suffer or die in the process. It wasn’t until I was diagnosed with Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, that I really started to consider how fragile life is and actually took a moment to see what we are doing to our beautiful home. Hearing that you have cancer is a shock, to say the least, but once I got over that initial reaction, I started researching about the best ways to heal my body. I was surprised to find that animal products, particularly meat and dairy, were linked over and over again with detrimental health. So I went vegan straight away. I felt incredible and couldn’t believe that this information wasn’t out there for the general public. Switching to a vegan diet changed my life in more ways than one and it wasn’t long before I ditched my leather shoes,

woolen jumpers, silk tops and dresses. The more I looked in to how fashion contributes to the burden on our planet and harms our beautiful animal friends and people in less fortunate situations, the more ashamed I was to have been a part of the industry. Needless to say, I thought my modeling days were over! But the truth is, more and more people are becoming aware of the real price of fashion and are demanding higher standards. Terms such as fair-trade, eco-friendly, organic and cruelty-free are everywhere. Fashion Facts: • The fashion industry is the second largest user of water in the world. • Over 90 million items of clothing end up in landfill sites each year. • Over 20 million merino breed lambs are mulesed each year. This is a gruesome procedure in which shears are used to cut dinner-plate-sized chunks of skin and flesh from the backsides of the lambs — often without anesthetics. • To make one pound of the finest silk, 2600 silkworms are steamed or boiled alive.

• Every year billions of animals are killed for leather. It then takes a huge amount of energy and hazardous chemicals to preserve the skins and also tan them. These chemicals affect the locals who work in and live near tanneries. • It takes more than 60 times more energy to produce a fur coat from ranchraised animals than to create a synthetic one. • 150 grams of pesticides and other chemicals are used to produce the cotton for just one t-shirt. • There are 200 million child labourers in the world today. You can choose to save lives this Christmas simply by choosing to purchase gifts, fashion and food that are vegan and fair-trade. Merry Christmas! Amanda is Australia’s First Eco-Model (www.amandarootsey.com.au) and the co-founder of www.veganera.com

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Avoid a Fashion Faux Pas this Festive Season By Lis Pohlmann



hristmas is often the highlight of the social calendar with work functions and family gatherings. Here are some tips to avoid a fashion faux pas this festive season. Take note of the dress code: • Black Tie: Formal attire. Tuxedos for men and cocktail, long dresses or dressy evening separates for women with high heels and gorgeous accessories. • Formal: Usually same as Black Tie but can also mean long sleeve shirt and tie without a tux for men. • Semi-Formal or After Five: Tuxedos are not required, nor are long dresses. Dark suits for him and a cocktail dress for her. Daytime semi-formal events mean a suit for him and appropriate short dress or a dressy suit for her. • Business Formal: Same as semiformal though women can opt for tailored dressy suits and dresses (nothing too slinky or revealing).

• Cocktail: Men can wear dark suits and women can wear short, elegant dresses. • Informal: Same as semi-formal (especially in the case of a wedding or special event). Men should wear dark suits while women can wear short dresses. • Dressy casual: Calls for smart and dressy versions of the casual look. Men can wear trousers and a sports coat. Women can wear dressy pants or skirts and tops. Jeans, shorts and t-shirts are not appropriate. • Casual: Usually means anything goes in the casual clothing department including jeans, shorts and t-shirts. Your outfit should suit your individual style and flatter your body shape, height, and age rather than follow the latest fashion trends. Stand in front of a full length mirror and determine whether you have broader shoulders or broader hips. This will help you to determine whether dark colours will flatter your top half or bottom half. Darker colours are great for minimising. So if you have big hips, dark coloured

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skirts or pants and lighter coloured tops will help balance your figure. The opposite is true if you have wide shoulders. Take note of your best features and play them up. This could be your eyes, toned arms or slender legs. Avoid wearing a colour that’s unflattering to your skin tone. Someone with cool undertones will look sickly in warm colours while a warm skin tone will look washed out wearing cool colours. Stand in front of a mirror in a well lit room, take the garment you’ll be wearing closest to your face and observe whether it lights your face or darkens it whitens your teeth and eyes or yellows them, makes you appear younger or older etc. Most importantly, carry yourself with poise and confidence. You are beautiful and unique. There is no-one else like you, so enjoy being yourself and shine this Christmas! Lis Pohlmann is a Townsville based Colour Image consultant who offers tailored style advice online at: www. stylecoach.myprivatestylist.com

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Holistic Bliss, December 2011 - January 2012

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It’s beginning to look a lot like




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Merry Christ mas and a

Happy New Year


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Blissful Summer Solstice! By Gaylyn Aitken


t’s that most wonderful time of the year again – summer solstice – a time to kick back and celebrate our life! I look back on the past 12 months and draw strength, inspiration and direction from my actions; the new projects I started, the old projects I completed, new companions and shifting and realigning of old and dear companions. It’s also been a time to learn from my mistakes (things said in haste, actions not following after words) so there have been so many opportunities for change. The most satisfying insight for me was discovering the bond between the two philosophies’ I’ve been practicing for the past 30 years – Yoga and the Way of the Kahuna. They’re both lifestyles that actively promote expansive awareness on all levels. Kahuna Sciences draw upon universal principles to help us

understand who we are and offer solutions to live a balanced, harmonious life. The medium of evolution is the physical body; we feel its motion and move in harmony with its cycles and patterns to find our body of spirit. As with the eight limbs of Yoga, the way of the Kahuna is multi-faceted – the strands originating from and returning to the one, the source. The 4,000 years of knowledge and wisdom that the art and science of Yoga offers us, can be paralleled with the ancient wisdom and knowledge of the Kahuna. Both recognise the body as being the container of our spirit and through the expansion of our physical range of motion, in their own unique and complimentary ways, can change negative conceptual patterns. Both recognise the divinity residing within us and seek to bring the physical into harmony with the spiritual. We can embrace the philosophy of Yoga and the universal principles of the Kahuna as facets of the one; each in their own way offering valuable insights and solutions on our journey to

enlightenment. With an open mind like that of a child, we can move beyond that which separates us from ourselves and from each other and find valuable assets in our common humanity to move us further along the path. Happy solstice! Gaylyn Aitken is the owner of Kahuna Mist. P: 07 54837699 E: info@kahunamist.com www.kahunamist.com

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Holistic Bliss, December 2011 - January 2012

11/25/2011 10:44:28 AM

Family Business has Bliss!


fter 13 years of creating and developing a gourmet fruit and vege shop in Nambour Heights, Kathy Barry and her family have given their business a makeover and a name change to match the energy of their expanded business. The new shop is called ‘Bliss Gourmet Market’ and it’s ready for an ‘opening’! Kathy says, “After 13 years, it was time for a change! We have been evolving over the past 10 years from a fruit and veg store, to incorporate a large range of gourmet foods, super foods and gluten free products. We also have been making awesome coffee for the last five years and it seemed like a natural progression to offer a whole new shopping experience to our customers.” “We are a family business with a passion for great food and a desire to help people realise what REAL food is and where it comes from and that we have an abundant range of local producers, from the ground up both on the Sunshine Coast and in other parts of the country.” So the decision to have a different

concept in a shopping experience, essentially meant a name change and while their old name was great, it didn’t really encompass what their business had evolved into. So Bliss Gourmet Market was born, out of a passion to make everyone’s food and lifestyle experience a happy one. They will still offer the same wide variety of quality fresh produce and an ever growing range of organic produce. There will also be a huge range of deli products and some amazing cheeses (including sheep and goats), as well as organic breads. What a fantastic range of gourmet yummies for you to create your own gourmet meals at home! You can also experience good wholesome tasty treats to take home or eat in and know that it’s been made with real organic ingredients and lots of love. For afternoon tea, morning tea and lunch there are a range of decadent savoury and sweet delights and organic coffee (made with organic milk) of course! Coming soon will be healthy choices for brekky as well. Kathy says she has been overwhelmed

Are yo u tired of rea ding labels ? • ice cream • chocolates • lollies • mock meats • savoury delights • household cleaning products • pure Gaisha cosmetics • personal hygiene and much more...

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Holistic Bliss, December 2011 - January 2012

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11/24/2011 1:16:53 PM

The Body, Mind, Soul & Spirit Retreat


ick start your New Year and your intuition at the Pelican Waters Spa & Retreat held at the Crowne Plaza Pelican Waters, Sunshine Coast, Queensland. With the teaching and guidance of top Australian psychic and intuitive profiler Julianna Suranyi. About Julianna: Julianna Suranyi is one of Australia’s leading psychics & intuitive profilers who merges her ability to tell people what is happening & going to happen in their lives with a profiling information tool base & techniques for them to make positive changes in their behaviour. Twenty years ago she started applying her psychic expertise to many forensic cases and received years of government training in psychological profiling. Julianna is passionate about teaching you that for you to get the most out of your life; you need to know who you are. Combining decadent spa treatments, deliciously nutritious food and invigorating physical activities for the Body, with new ways of understanding thinking patterns to engage the Mind,

plus connection to Spirit Guides for intuition and the Soul means that a strictly limited number of people will start their 2012 with a unique advantage thanks to this original, exciting program. Pelican Waters Spa & Retreat owners Bill Comblas and Amanda Collins said the Body, Mind, Soul & Spirit Retreat had been created in response to requests from guests seeking the combination of a physical and spiritual retreat in the beautiful resort surrounds. Included in this unique Retreat experience are: Beautiful BODY treatments from the day spa including detox infra-red sauna, massaging Jacuzzi and plunge pool ; physical activities at the fully equipped Fit 4 Life Health Club, with many group classes including Yoga & Pilates; a round of golf at the award winning Greg Norman Pelican Waters Golf Course; Aromatherapy Workshop; Sunset Cruise; 25 metre lap pool and lagoon pool, beach visits and walks with the kangaroos; Four days with Julianna to electrify your MIND with new ways of thinking

about yourself, learning how you absorb information, think and communicate; excite your SOUL by better understanding who you are, what you need and how to achieve it; and connect you with your SPIRIT Guides to give your intuition a voice and to provide you with a strong, reliable tool that will always work for you. Six night’s accommodation at the Crowne Plaza Pelican. Use of all the hotel facilities. All breakfasts, lunches, dinners, morning and afternoon teas. Complimentary transfers to and from the Maroochydore Airport and to local beaches, sights and shops. About the ‘Build Your Intuition’ course with Julianna: Julianna will teach you to tune into your Spirit Guides, help you build your intuition and show you how you can develop this skill as a reliable tool for use in many areas of your life. Julianna is constantly asked by people exploring their intuition and spirituality “How can I tell the difference between

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Holistic Bliss, December 2011 - January 2012

11/24/2011 1:17:15 PM

– 2 to 7 January 2012 my thoughts and my intuition / information from my Guides?” and it’s one of the most valid and important questions she addresses in her teaching. She says, “We are constantly taught to question everything in life – which is healthy – but information is power and gaining knowledge in areas we are unsure of allows us to make considered choices. I believe that Spirit Guidance development is literally about learning to segregate your logical thoughts from your intuition. This course is about learning a system to understand what your thought process is and to therefore understand and identify the thoughts that come to you as your consciousness as opposed to the other processes that work as your intuition.” She will also provide you with an understanding of profiling principles and techniques to allow you to better understand how you communicate with people at all levels of your life, and to sharpen and improve your communication with your Guides.

Start your New Year with balance, inner-strength, clarity and the ability to use a new, not-so-secret weapon to benefit every aspect of your life – your intuition!

Testimonials “I knew I was meant to do this course and I loved it. The content was a personal eye opener. Not only about myself but also about my friends and family. The information is easy to digest and take home and apply to daily life. It really made me feel good about personal decision I have made that I am on the right path now with my life. I have no regrets about moving forward with my life with the knowledge that my guides are with me always, all I have to do is listen. I found Julianna as a teacher firm but fair. While I was a little nervous at the start, Julianna was kind and constructive with her coaching. I feel a lot more confident and am truly amazed by how I have progressed. This has been an enormous turning point in

my life and I have made a promise to myself that I will never go backwards from here and it’s thanks to Julianna sharing her knowledge and her wonderful gift.” Lynda x “It is very rare to meet a person that has excellent scientific knowledge, years of practical experience, outstanding intuitive skills, and the common sense to combine it all and be a great teacher also. Coming from a medical background, I appreciate the unique expertise Julianna has and how she is such an authority in her field. I’ve gained a much clearer understanding of who I am, become more confident to achieve even more in life and I’ve learnt a whole new set of skills and met some really nice people as well. Thanks again!” Ron

BOOK NOW Limited places available! Phone: +61 404 934 338 or +61 5437 3022 Crowne Plaza Pelican Waters, Sunshine Coast, Qld, Australia Email: bookings@pelicanwaterssparetreat.com.au Or visit www.pelicanwaterssparetreat.com.au

5-WEEK EVENING COURSES 6pm to 8pm BRISBANE Tuesday evenings 13th December to 10th January

SUNSHINE COAST Wednesday evenings 14th December to 11th January

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your p realise

h l th r o u g a i t n e t o

creative coaching

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11/24/2011 1:17:47 PM

Christmas Every Day! By Jean Sheehan, Principal – Millennium Education

C Christmas –THIS IS ONCE A YEAR! (1 day a year) 1. You get to ‘dress up’ and decorate a tree. 2. Make decorations and do craft. 3. There is team work. 4. Santa knows if you’ve been ‘good or bad’. 5. I feel loved by Santa as Santa gives me gifts. 6. Santa eats all the food. 7. At Christmas, you don’t get to choose what gifts you receive.


16.indd 1

hristmas is a time of fun and festivities. We like to celebrate in all sorts of ways such as parties, family gatherings and work functions. These can give feelings of ‘warm fuzzies’, a sense of belonging, connection and peace. Recall when you went into the shops and you heard the Christmas carols playing, the decorations sparkling, and the shop keepers more cheerful. There is an atmosphere of fun, laughter and enjoyment. It is incredible how this one day can do this for so many people. Personally I have always wondered why the ‘Christmas cheer’ has to be for just one day. What if we perceived the world like children and we had ‘Christmas’ every day? And what if we are already doing this everyday anyway? Consider this…

THIS IS EVERY DAY! (365 days a year) 1. You get to dress yourself up and decorate your house and garden any time you want. 2. Any day of the year you can do craft and make decorations. 3. All year round there is team work, whether it be at home, school, work or pleasure. 4. Society says what’s ‘good and bad’ every day. Is there really such thing as ‘good or bad’ on a soul level? 5. All year we receive gifts e.g. compliments, acknowledgement, rewards, insight, etc. SO, who really loves you the way you are? And what about loving yourself unconditionally? 6. DAD eats all the food. 7. You can give yourself a gift (be creative) every day. This is freedom with no disappointment.

Holistic Bliss, December 2011 - January 2012

11/24/2011 1:18:14 PM

Have fun being creative! By Helen Joy


ll children are born artists; the problem is to remain an artist as we grow up!” – Pablo Picasso Think about children for a moment. How much fun do they have being creative? How fearless they are! Kids love having fun being creative. What happens to us adults? Why do so many people forget to have fun with their creativity when they get a bit older? From the earliest age our parents or kindergarten gives us paper and crayons, we believe we are creative. But as we grow older and are taught it is ‘not right to be wrong’, we begin to become critical of our creative ability until finally, usually by between the age of 11 and 14, we begin to simply accept we are not talented. So we go into adulthood not believing we have talent, we are not creative. We tell ourselves ‘it doesn’t matter’. Let’s face it, there’s no pressure from society to have fun being creative anyway. You don’t even have to take art as a subject once you get to year nine. We subconsciously tell ourselves “I can just turn that part of myself off. I’ll go find other things to have fun with instead”.

Like a switch, we turn off our creative powers and simply forget about them. But as we approach 2012 we are entering an era where we need to be creative to survive in society. The world as we knew it is changing. Daniel Pink says “Our future belongs to a completely new kind of person with a very different kind of mind. Thanks to Globalization, Outsourcing, and Technology, many traditional white-collar jobs are either disappearing or being shipped overseas. The information age we created is giving way to a new world known as the ‘Conceptual Age’ and to have a cutting edge in society; we need to begin using the right mode of our brains.” From ‘A whole new mind’. (Daniel Pink was Al Gore’s speech writer during his time as Vice-President.) There are quite a number of benefits to having fun being creative (using your right brain). These may include: stress relief, increased self-esteem & confidence, improved sleep, better concentration and a whole lot more. “The more time we spend choosing to run the deep inner peace circuitry of our

right hemispheres, the more peace we will project into the world and the more peaceful our planet will be”. Jill Bolte Taylor – Author of My Stroke of Insight Right Brain Genius has evening classes commencing in on the Sunshine Coast on 13th December, Peregian Beach, Maroochydore and Caloundra. www.rightbraingenius.com or call Helen Joy on 04041 5080

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11/24/2011 1:19:57 PM

n‌ n’t know at ss By Wendy Rosenfeldt


eeking happiness in material objects and sensory pleasure is like watering the leaves and flowers of a plant but ignoring the roots. Our consciousness is underlying our existence; our state of consciousness determines our perception of the world. When we are stressed, tired or sick we don’t appreciate the world or make the most of what life has to offer. While our consciousness affects our thoughts, speech and actions, consistent development of consciousness is often only sought when all else fails. It is not taught in school curriculums and while parents recognise the need for a child to learn to speak, what generates the quality of their thoughts and speech goes without recognition. When Maharishi first came to America to teach Transcendental Meditation, nearly 60 years ago, he came with the intention to spiritually

regenerate the world. He spoke about how Transcending could relieve stress and strain in the mind and body so that the individual could experience their cosmic potential. He was surprised when a newspaper published an article claiming that TM could be used as a natural alternative to sleeping pills. While TM has been proven to reduce both insomnia and anxiety by reducing stress, Maharishi’s deeper purpose was to bring greater clarity to people’s lives and for them to develop higher states of consciousness, not to send them to sleep. To your average American in the 1950’s development of consciousness was barely conceivable. Sixty years on and times have changed, Quantum Physics has discovered that there is a unified field that underlies all of life, it cannot be perceived by the eye but it gives the blueprint for all that is perceived. It is like discovering that a plant has roots and while scientists have discovered the existence of the roots they are still coming to grips with how to water them. Transcendental Meditation is the

technique to transcend our surroundings and even our thoughts and go to the root of the self. The experience of Transcendental Consciousness is as different to our normal waking state of consciousness as the waking state is to the state of dreaming. Largely the dreaming state of consciousness is characterised by confusion and events over which we have no control. On the path way to enlightenment, each step brings increasing clarity. It is only when you evolve that you can see the progress that has been made. Looking back is like looking back on a dream, where one seems at the mercy of life’s ever changing circumstances. While evolution is a natural process in life, connecting to the unified field in our consciousness through TM, speeds up the evolutionary process. Wendy Rosenfeldt is a Teacher of Transcendental Meditation call 5499 9580 or check out www.wendyrosenfeldt.com www.tm.org.au


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Holistic Bliss, December 2011 - January 2012

11/24/2011 1:20:29 PM

Blood: A Barometer of Health in the Body By Maria Waldock


icroscopic observation of both Live and Dry Blood samples gives a great opportunity to reveal subtle disturbances that may be occurring within our bodies. Let’s face it…life is constantly changing… nothing is stagnant. The life within our own bodies is no exception. The cells within every area of your body are renewing themselves continually. The cells themselves have a life span like everything else. But how healthy are those new cells that are being produced? The human body requires certain ‘building blocks’ like vitamins, minerals, clean water, clean air, sunlight etc. for the reproduction of healthy cells. A lack of certain building blocks does not stop your body from producing new cells, but ‘new’ doesn’t necessarily mean healthy. Those new cells may not be as healthy and robust as the generation of cells before them. They may not last their full lifespan and may not function as well as they would have had all the components been available. So, what direction are YOU moving in with your own health? Toward

improved heath or toward further health decline? Unfortunately most people see health decline as a natural part of the aging process and so take it as a given believing they have no power to stop themselves developing an illness or imbalance. This is an opinion I strongly dis-agree with. Visual observation of our blood allows us to begin to understand if we are indeed lacking in certain building blocks, (including what those building blocks are) and if there are any other disturbances that are beginning as a result of the body lacking in a vital component. Gaining this knowledge puts us in a very strong position giving us insight and allowing us to take focused action to begin the journey back toward health improvement. Below is a series of photos of the many and varied patterns I have observed over the 13 years of visual blood

Healthy Live Blood

observation and these are just a few! Each pattern tells a story at a cellular level and with this information, cellular profiles are revealed. We can then determine strategies to support the body in its constant balancing act. Your visual blood profile will reveal its own unique story supplying information that allows action toward health improvement. Are you feeling unbalanced or unwell? Do you know why? Let your blood tell the story…It will be a revelation! I endeavor to educate my clients on the miracle of the body and share information on strategies supporting the body through food and other means. For more information visit www.mylifeblood.com.au Maria Waldock Founder – My Life Blood – 0421 210 136

Healthy Dry Blood

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11/24/2011 1:21:04 PM

Brand New You By Gino De Pasquale


he idea of understanding and identifying the real you is the key to living authentically. When I say authentic self, I’m talking about the ‘you’ that you were meant to be… not the EGO, not the person who did what others wanted or expected… the internal you that has always had dreams and aspirations of making a difference. Finding this real you is the key to your BRAND. The process of identifying the real YOU is the same for your own personal brand as it is for any consumer brand. Branding is a very powerful tool. They say “perception is reality” which means how you come across in both tone and mood, what you say and how you say it reflects who you are, and what your values are. Usually, people (and customers) warm to brands with a sense of purpose and a clear direction… it’s a human quality that most of us are attracted to stronger, clearer characters. People know where they stand, how that person or brand can assist them and where it fits into their life. After 23 years as a strategist in an advertising agency creating brands for a living, can I say – this process, be it for a person, product, service, not-for-profit – is a difficult, but very necessary step in creating momentum in your journey. Look at it this way. If you know who you are, what’s important to you, and where you’re going, you in a sense have created a roadmap of where you’re heading. Even if the final destination isn’t clear (as it never really is) you are able to make decisions every day which keep you on track. I quite often talk about a sense of “control” in your life – the feeling that you can go forward with a real sense of purpose each and every day. Clarifying your brand, and 20

20.indd 1

staying in touch with who you are, is vital for pushing forward in life. Every successful company I have ever worked with has a ‘roadmap’ of who they are, what value they bring to the world, what one thing they do better than most – and all the appropriate actions and tactics which help plot the road to success. So let’s get the ball rolling with these initial steps: STEP ONE: DISCOVERY In order to move forward we need to have a look at where you are; the good, the bad and the difficult… and identify issues, concerns, opportunities and untapped possibilities. Let’s see what you’re doing right, or not so right, and let’s begin by asking some questions. Situation Analysis: How would you describe your life now in terms of peacefulness? When do you feel most calm? When do you feel most uncomfortable? How much control do you have over the things that you do each day? How much time do you spend doing the things you really love? Barriers: What’s stopping you doing the things that would bring the greatest joy? For each barrier, try to identify why these barriers exists? And tell the story. Opportunities: Is there anything which you’ve done or experienced where you felt comfortable and totally at ease? Tell me a story about when you’ve experienced a sense of total fulfilment in an activity or participated in a process – and you felt as though you had plenty to offer. STEP TWO: SOUL SEARCHING If you were to ask five of your most trusted friends in the world, what value do you bring to the world, and what special gifts you have – what would they say?? What are you passionate about? What do you care most about, and what would you enjoy doing most that would be most fulfilling? Try to connect to your inner source and ask yourself one simple question… what have you always wanted to do? What do you remember (as a child) always aspiring to do or achieve? What

gifts were you given as a child which adults recognised – even back then? STEP THREE: YOUR VALUES Now we have to identify key words, and descriptions of these words which you hold close to your heart. Words which describe you, and most accurately define what’s most important to you. Try to limit these values to no more than six. STEP FOUR: BRAND STATEMENT Now what I’d like you to attempt to do is crystallise the process to date and create a STATEMENT which typifies your position in life and your purpose. In strictly business terms, I call this statement a POSITIONING proposition. For anybody or any brand, clearly marking out your plot in life is an empowering proposition. A positioning statement is all about making a commitment to pen and paper, where it is you see yourself adding the greatest value, and the reasons this claim is believable. STEP FIVE: BRAND LANGUAGE AND BRAND ID Once you’ve identified your brand values, and your core proposition, you are now ready to add the final touches. Here you assess the tone and mood of the brand, the colour palette, the environments where it needs to sit. Basically using the information to hand, you can start to translate the brand into a living object and start identifying how it fits into everyday life. So if we are looking at your personal brand, we start thinking about how you talk (which is what I call brand language, what sort of image you want to portray, how you dress, your body language, your accessories, your social environments, and the list goes on and on. The important thing to note is that until you’ve put the hard yards into Step 1 to Step 4… it is impossible to PACKAGE your brand. Mind you – this is the fun bit, where you can let the creative juices flow, and be as original as you like! Hope this gives you a starting point for heading into the new year! For a one on one consultation please call me on 1300 086 847 email: gino@authenticexecutive.com.au www.authenticexecutive.com.au

Holistic Bliss, December 2011 - January 2012

11/24/2011 1:21:29 PM

Holistic Bliss on the Road:

Eco Haven in Country Victoria By Vanessa Finnigan


t’s not every day a retreat opportunity comes along where the people you meet are inspiring, the place where you stay is tranquil and you also can leave a small footprint, environmentally speaking anyway. So I was delighted to visit the leafy town of Gisborne in Victoria (close to the Macedon ranges) and stay at a unique eco cottage. Yes, I was prepared for Victoria… for the ‘four seasons’ in a day… armed with winter woollies and organic lip balm for those potential arctic breezes. But I was surprised that the weather was quite mild, even though the locals complained of it being ‘humid’.

I got a bit lost finding a few of the exits from the Calder Freeway. Note to self: must hire the Tom Tom GPS for next trip. But just on dusk, I arrived at the amazing Gisborne Peak Winery Eco Cottages (just over 30 minutes from the airport). The owner Bob Nixon was gardening when I arrived but was keen to give me an eco-tour and show off his prized wines at the cottage’s very own cellar door. Bob was also proud to tell me all about the brand new accommodation on the property. Three self-contained eco cottages were built this year and have only been open since August. The cottages are nestled in the hills to take advantage of the views and breezes and the whole area is surrounded by native plants from the region. There’s a deck attached to each cottage with a BBQ so you can have a bite to eat, glass of wine and enjoy the views of the lake and 14 acres of lush grape vines. The views were postcard perfect in every direction but apart from the aesthetics, the property operates on solid sustainable principles.

Amazingly, the cottages are powered by wind and sun (there is also a back-up diesel generator). The cottages are a revolutionary eco design built with Durra panels and rain water is collected in tanks. Owners Bob and Barb Nixon are passionate about what they have created (Bob has worked tirelessly on the property for over 30 years) and they have thought about all the finer details to make for a comfortable, luxurious stay. There was even a generous ‘hot and cold’ breakfast basket waiting for me in the ‘Bidgie Widgie’ cottage and wood fire pizzas are available Fridays, Sat and Sundays. It was great to have an eco-adventure in a spectacular part of the world and be close to nature. I would love to go back and next time, take my partner for a romantic getaway!! www.gisbornepeakwines.com.au (03) 5428 2228

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11/24/2011 1:21:58 PM

Welcome to the month of December, in which

wrong moments, or excessive enthusiasm

Time to implement that great idea you’ve

we stroll as calmly as we can towards 2012,

(Sagittarius at its most annoying). Do not

been mulling over. Planet Ganesha is behind

the Year of the Open Heart. Can you believe

lecture, or expect perfection.

the wheel again, which means that launching

it – it’s here at last. You’ve gone through goddess-knows how many bizarre past lifetimes to be here; now it’s time to enter the Garden of Delights that is your consciousness. There are just a few minor things I want you

December 21, the Summer Solstice, to December 29: This is an intense time, with the sun meeting Pluto in Capricorn and also triggering Jupiter, Saturn, Chiron, Uranus

new projects, or revamping an old one, is now a whole lot easier. No more waiting for the stars to align with your visions. What a great way to warm up for...

and Neptune. Yes, all at once – and there’s a

New Year’s Eve 2012. Join me and all other

new moon in Capricorn on Christmas Day.

light-workers around the planet as we offer

How intense it is for you personally depends

up our prayers of gratitude. Affirm that

on how honest you are with yourself. If

your dreams are supported, that you are

December 10/11: Total full moon eclipse in

you feel irritated by your circumstances or

safe and cherished, and then send your

Gemini. A beautiful night for star-gazing,

other people, don’t focus on them – focus

prayers around the globe, and deep down

with NASA predicting a whole spectrum

on what is going on deep inside you. Release

into Mother Earth. Love is the Only Reality

of light as the eclipse unfolds. It’s visible all

all self-judgements and fling them back into

- what more do we need to know? Celebrate

around Australia and lasts for 51 minutes,

outer space, where the Aquarian Age Angels

loudly or quietly, robustly or in your sleep,

peaking at 00.32am on the 11th (1.32am

will recycle them in their infra-universal

whichever way you like. May peace be with

for Daylight Savings). Key theme: the Only

recycling wheelie bin (aka ‘God’ if you’re an

you, brothers and sisters, and we will speak

Reality is Love. Any other ideas are like dust.

old-fashioned type). Let your light shine and

again next year.

to keep in mind to soothe your adrenals and awaken your pineal gland as the excitement builds...

December 14: Mercury turns direct in Sagittarius‌ but communications may still go haywire as December unfolds. Decide now that you won’t be offended by tardiness, impractical requests at all the

stop taking notice of anyone who doesn’t think you are the Buddha crossed with a reincarnated Atlantis priestess. In a nutshell, surround yourself with light and laughter. Boxing Day – Jupiter turns direct in Taurus.

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/Dd Θ // d Z /d dZ /E/E' KhZ^ ^



22.indd 1

At She Prana we teach you how to fully utilise this beautiful, powerful, natural energy source safely and with the highest personal integrity. Tapping into this natural energy source will enhance your personal experience of life, your creativity and your aliveness. Begin your Journey now! Contact Dr Kellie Yildirim- She Prana {e} drkellieyildirim@bigpond.com {m} 0414 397 573 or visit www.sheprana.com.au to find out about upcoming workshops

Holistic Bliss, December 2011 - January 2012

11/25/2011 9:09:01 AM

A picture says a thousand words This month’s reading:


ittle boy blue come blow your horn. There is much noise to make as soon as you are born. Giggles and gurgles, you laugh at the stars as they twirl above your bed so high. They show me a light effect of stars moving on the ceiling. The stars allow him to relax, bring comfort at night as he drifts to a land of lullabye. The days are filled with cuddles of love. I feel there is one grandparent who’ll spoil him with rocking and song, absolutely besotted by his beauty within. He is humble and quiet with thoughts profound. Looks deeply into the situation, constantly observing and absorbing. As an adult, he will be a man of few words yet what he does say will be thought provoking for others. He will have a way of letting others look outside the square. As a child, he will spend his days trying to play outside of the square. He will see boundaries and rules as restricting, boring and very ‘old school’ as his imagination is greater. To keep him out of ‘trouble’, he will be balanced by exploration and discovery. Enjoy the

adventure of discovery with him. From an early age, he may need glasses. Once at school, he will enjoy team sports. He shows me him running after a soccer ball. Don’t ever feel he is too fragile to play. He is a gentle soul with a lot of strength. He also gives me visions of fishing, bushwalking and camping adventures. I see him with a brother. Ok, I get there is an older brother in spirit, that you may have miscarried. They are both walking along a bush track holding big sticks singing and making up adventure stories. They both have brown hair and small freckles on their noses. They enjoy each others company and he will play with him as a child. When you think he is playing alone, he won’t be. I see you standing, leaning in the doorway and enjoying him play with small trucks, with spirit. He is safe. He loves you. Keep him entertained in discovery and he will be a very happy, balanced person, sharing many amazing insights with us all. For you little boy’s eyesight, place a piece of Pietersite at the head of his cot/

bed or in a pillow case. Place it with the intention of him having strong vision. Yvette’s response: The bit about the stars on the ceiling above baby at night was interesting because a few weeks ago I had seen a lamp that projects stars on the ceiling and I thought wouldn’t that be lovely to have for the new baby! By the way, you were correct...we are having a little boy! You were right in that I did have a miscarriage earlier this year- so it was comforting to know that this baby has a special bond with that one. I will take your advice with the crystal for his vision and thought maybe I would get it now to carry with me. Anyway he sounds precious and the reading has made me even more excited to meet him. Thank-you once again! For a reading, contact Natalie Delforce email: natalie@kookaburraphotography.com

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Nutrition Via Skin Magnesium Chloride Hexahydrate MgCl2.6H20 Pure salt water source (sodium removed) from Tibetan Plateau 3,200m above sea level

•Mg SALT FLAKES (quality food grade with elemental magnesium approx 15.5%) •Mg CREAM MOISTURISER

(plant oil based, herbal or zest-citrus) •Mg OIL SPRITZ (water based)

Cream & Spritz manufactured in Australia. Flakes packaged in Australia.

(07) 5533 1088

www.elektralife.com Holistic Bliss, December 2011 - January 2012

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11/24/2011 1:22:45 PM


t’s time to awaken something deep inside your-self! Dr Kellie Yildirim is the founder of She Prana. She is an author, chiropractor, life coach, healer and teacher of ancient spiritual practices. Kellie has over 15 years of training and experience, working with people’s physical and emotional health and wellbeing. Since her own spiritual awakening, Kellie approaches each individual with a full spectrum of transformational tools. Her experience in many healing art modalities is the perfect framework to develop your magnetic presence and unstoppable confidence to achieve your goals, starting from where ever you are at and ending where ever you want to be. Her intent is to build a bridge of complete alignment between your mind, body, heart and soul so that every decision you make moves you closer to your dreams and closer to your unique life’s calling. Kellie aims to restore your understanding of the full potential of sexual energy, its link to your spirituality and its higher purposes of healing and evolution. It is Kellie’s mission to re-teach what


24.indd 1

sexuality is all about. To integrate this misunderstood part of humanity into a wholesome expression within our global human community. By using quality scientific knowledge and safe and integral teaching methods, she aims to bring our culture fully out of the dark ages of fear and judgment and into the third millennium where we are able to harness this extraordinary electromagnetic energy for healing and creativity and for manifesting our life purpose. Utilising all the natural and powerful energies of the body and mind along with creative visualisation and life enhancing coaching techniques, Kellie will teach you through her workshops to rediscover the art and science of awakening your natural sexual essence through simple and powerful energy cultivation and circulation practices. Simultaneous to this, you will be supported by personal-development exercises. The physical & energetic practices will transform how you show up in the world, in sexual connection and in every aspect of your life in between. The self-development work is designed to begin revealing and resolving

emotional and psychological restrictions to living fully and consciously. You will learn basic practices to clear and cultivate your sexual energy for healing and pleasure. This is an enlightening journey, imparting ancient and modern wisdom about your natural and beautiful sexuality and sensuality as a woman. You can explore how sexuality impacts your relationship with yourself and others, and how you can emotionally and spiritually evolve through love and sex. Delve into the science, research, metaphysics, mystical experiences, Tantric and Taoist aspects of your sexuality. You will learn breathing and energy techniques that move energy through your body and enliven you. Together you will be taken through an ancient sacred ritual and base chakra meditation that will open and explore your deepest feminine essence and connect you with your deepest heart’s desire!! For more information about Dr Kellie’s Embrace Your Feminine Essence workshop contact www.sheprana.com

Holistic Bliss, December 2011 - January 2012

11/24/2011 1:23:16 PM

Uncovering the Secrets to Natural Birthing Bliss! By Katrina Zaslavsky


’d like to share a personal story with you that has changed my life and now may change yours! I was just five months pregnant with our first baby when I was fortunate to have the trip of a lifetime with my husband. It was very humid and misty, and as we approached one of the wonders of the world, the Great Wall of China, in all its glory, the tour guide said something I will never forget: “There are two ways to climb The Wall – you can either go the hard way or the easy way.” He added, “Only the hard way is not so hard and the easy way is not so easy.” At that point we were thoroughly confused! This curious riddle managed to get stuck in my head and as they say, ‘drove me up the wall!’ It really got me thinking many months later about its deeper meaning. I started to relate it to the journey into motherhood and life in general. There was so much wisdom there! For instance, sometimes modern women believe booking themselves into an elective caesarean (‘too posh to push’ or just plain scared) or taking all the

drugs is the easy way out because then they don’t have to feel anything, or can bypass the whole process. Yet when you look at the big picture, it’s actually not so easy after all. In fact, I would say the opposite: choosing a medical birth is taking the hard road. My personal journey into motherhood had such a profound impact on me, that it has inspired me to become an advocate of natural and conscious parenting, committed to supporting women to give birth naturally and to overcome their fears about birthing in a world that has become so ‘medicalised’ and fearful of something so perfectly natural. In my new book, A Modern Woman’s Guide to a Natural Empowering Birth, you will discover how to overcome your fears and reclaim your birth power. A collection of inspiring birth stories, expert tips and practical tools, this inspirational guide takes you on a powerful journey of discovery and gives you the keys to transforming your birth experience. Generously sprinkled with

inspirational quotes and topped with a compelling afterword by Dr Sarah Buckley, internationally renowned author, this is the ultimate mind-body preparation guide for every woman in bloom! About the author, Katrina Zaslavsky As a natural mother, formerly a public health professional, founder of Inspired Wellness and more recently Inspiring Birth Stories, together with a lifelong passion for healthy living, my calling is to awaken people around the world to live a more natural, conscious lifestyle. I am so inspired to walk this path personally and professionally. Book launch pre-Xmas and available via www.inspiringbirthstories.com.au Connect with other women and be inspired daily in our empowered community: www.facebook.com/InspiringBirthStories

ART • HOMEWARES • WORKSHOPS • Cosmic Ascension As ion and Healing Ascension Lessons Le • Face to Face and DVD Medititation • CDs • Chakra Balances • Entity Removal • Emotional Balance • Universal Energy Healing • Crystal Healing • Body Dynamics (Combination of Bowen, Pressure Points, Cranial Sacral) ral) • Vega Testing

Qualified Naturopath, Homeopath, Q Iridologist and Herb Herbalist, Spiritual piritual Healers Call Sandra Meehan on 0402047679 and Kate Grainger 0487870004 Flaxton Clinic 54786953

COME IN TODAY TO DISCOVER: • Affordable Art Workshops • Property Styling

• Retails Art and Homewares • Gift Vouchers

• Freshen and update your unit, home or office • Be a step ahead with affordable style and quality • Unique art and homewares for MAXIMUM impact • Transform a dated property into a MUST HAVE home • Find us on Facebook www.facebook.com/goingarty

7 Norval Court, Maroochydore Phone: 5451 1445 www.goarty.com.au Holistic Bliss, December 2011 - January 2012

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11/25/2011 10:48:52 AM

Tread lightly Sea Shepherd’s Good Ship Mission


his will be the season that defines the future for the whales of the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. Japan’s Asahi News has confirmed that the Japanese whaling fleet will return to the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. It makes little political or economic sense for the Japanese fleet to return to the coast of Antarctica, but their motivation has now shifted from hunting whales to refusing to surrender to Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. The Japanese government has said that it is not in the national interest of Japan to give in to pressure from Sea Shepherd. To this end, the Japanese government has allocated 27 million Australian dollars to enhance security for the Japanese whaling fleet. Already some 200 million dollars in debt, the whaling


26.indd 1

fleet continues to be an economic burden on the Japanese people. “It is an insult to all the anti-whaling nations that so generously contributed to the relief of the tsunami and earthquake victims,” said Captain Paul Watson. “They have accepted foreign aid to help the victims of that tragedy, and are now shifting funds to perpetuate this illegal and obscene massacre of defenceless whales in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. It now seems they are simply obsessed with killing whales not for need, and not for profit, but because they believe they have the right to do what they wish and kill whatever they wish in an established international whale sanctuary, just for the sake of defending their misplaced ‘honour’.” Sea Shepherd will return to the remote waters for their 8th Antarctic Whale Defence Campaign with a stronger anti-whaling fleet in early

December 2011 to protect the great whales. Operation Divine Wind will send over 100 volunteers from 24 nations including Japan to the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary to defend the whales. “If we don’t stop them, who will?” said Peter Hammarstedt of Sweden, First Officer on the Bob Barker. “We intend to stop them and we will stop them – that’s a promise.” Operation Divine Wind will be the eighth year that Sea Shepherd has sent ships to the coast of Antarctica to frustrate the profits of the Japanese whaling fleet. Each year Sea Shepherd has gotten stronger and more effective, saving over 800 whales during last year’s Operation No Compromise. This article was supplied by Gary Andrews On behalf of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society www.seashepherd. org/australia/sunshine-coast.html

Holistic Bliss, December 2011 - January 2012

11/24/2011 1:50:45 PM

Holistic Classifieds EVENTS & BUSINESS CHRISTMAS KIRTAN AND HEALING SOUND GATHERING WITH SORAYA AND TERRY OLDFIELD @ Mangalam 32 Country Road, Palmwoods, Sunshine Coast Music, Singing, Celebration with afternoon Tea. Date: Sunday 11.12.11 – please bring a plate of festive food to share, we will make chai and herb teas. Time: 3pm – bring your cushion All Welcome to share the JOY. Cost $15. RSVP: 0400 520 624


KUNLUN NEI GUNG (TM) Kunlun Nei Gung (TM) is an incredibly powerful system for personal power & spiritual evolution. Distilled & refined from ancient Taoist practices, Kunlun is now available to anyone seeking a greater sense of peace & contentment, or spiritual advancement, awakening & bliss. Upcoming courses: December – Central Coast, NSW Enquiries: ph (07) 5482 2048

ARE YOU MAMMOGRAM CHALLENGED? Does radiation exposure and painful compression concern you? Infrared Thermal Imaging is a completely safe and non-invasive way to detect very early changes in body physiology over time. SUNSTATE THERMAL IMAGING conducts Clinics in Nambour, Brisbane, Hervey Bay, Rockhampton, Emerald. Phone: (07) 4125 1500 Web: www.stimaging.com.au

HEALTH & WELLBEING ARE YOU WILLING TO “BE YOU AND HAVE MONEY”? I invite you to attend these phenomenal classes of DYNAMIC CHANGE, using Intuitive Awareness and Access Consciousness energy clearing tools and processes to create infinite possibilities for receiving and having way more money… and way more of YOU. Wednesday evening classes throughout January. Contact Jude Roche 0412 637 394 email: angeljude@hotmail.com

LOTUS HOLISTIC MEDICINE (BUDERIM) Dr Sandeep Gupta is a trained medical practitioner and also practices nutritional and environmental medicine. His approach is to assist patients in creating a diet and lifestyle that support optimal health while searching for underlying causes of disease. Medicare rebates available. Phone: (07) 5352 3468 or visit www.lotusholisticmedicine.com.au

‘MONEY FOR NOTHING’ WITH Mind YOGA™! PRACTITIONER PACKAGE JUST $27: increase your avg $ sale! FUNDRAISING: with our online Fundraising Tool. EFFORTLESS – online sales. Load our button and watch! ‘Be the Change to See the Change’. Proudly supporting kids on Youth Empowerment Workshops with every sale. FREE AUDIO HERE: www.mindyoga.com.au Or call Corinna on 0417 719 957

ORGANIC SUPERGREENS Save Big on NASAA Cert. Aust-grown Green Barley, Wheatgrass or Alfalfa Powder. Don’t pay $22 plus for 200g tubs get 1kg for just $69. Astounding powerhouse of vitamins, minerals, enzymes builds your immune defence, cleanses and rejuvenates. Ph: 0416 171 374 www.proorganics.com.au

SPIRITUAL CRYSTAL HEALINGS Available on the Sunshine Coast. Access Your Own Inner Knowing for healing, guidance and Growth. For more information about our Crystal Chakra Balance workshop. Contact Mark Crossland Phone: 0423 859 888 or email: spiritpath@bigpond.com

SOUL PURPOSE CLASSES Delving deeply into healing chakras, unravelling mistruths, discovering precious answers for life, the correct tools and vibrational thinking, making life a purer journey, soul purpose can be discovered and contentment can be yours. Take Time Out for Your-Self. 76 William Street, Howard, Qld Phone (07) 4129 0732

BABY AND CHILDRENS’ SERVICES LET’S CELEBRATE AND NOURISH MINDFUL FAMILIES! At Little Acorn Books, our authors explore such topics as attachment parenting, gentle discipline, co-sleeping and home education. We also offer a beautiful range of inspirational picture books and CDs for children. Visit us today at www.littleacornbooks.com.au, or call Juliette on 0400 153 844

The Folk Medicine Progra m at The Woodford Folk Festival celebrates five years of fa bulous health commu nication, education a nd integration this year. There are over 50 presenters in The Blue Lotus venue who will start the day with yoga at 6a m a nd then at 8.15 each morning we will rock you with K u ndalini yoga to live music, Z en Thai yoga a nd five rhyth m da nce workshops. As always Australia’s top health care professionals a nd practitioners will educate you a bout ma ny aspects of self-healing, natural therapies a nd integrative medicines. This year the progra m includes Ta ntra a nd Sha ma nic workshops a nd interactive workshops including the foru m each day at 5pm. The most exciting news is that we have our own Apothecary a nd yes, in the festival you ca n meet with qualified health care practitioners from the Folk Medicine progra m who bring their medicines, lotions a nd healing ideas to you. The Apothecary is open from 10a m till 8pm daily.

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11/24/2011 1:24:38 PM

Interview with

Holistic Dental Vet, Dr Elaine Cebuliak


laine was born in America, grew up in Hawaii and then moved to Australia with her family as a teenager. From an early age she had a passion for helping animals. This month she shares her wisdom with Holistic Bliss. Q: What keeps you going? Elaine: I get a great buzz out of teaching my colleagues dentistry or acupuncture techniques and seeing the animals immediately benefit from some of my skills. Why acupuncture, homeopathy, diets? It works! These noninvasive and non-chemical fixes are more helpful for the body than just giving drugs that mask pain etc. Q: How long have teeth been a passion of yours? Elaine: I have always been interested in pus and removing disease and infection from animals and people. I find it emotionally satisfying to be able to rid the body of disease. This is probably also why I quite enjoy surgery and the cosmetic appearance of healthy tissue. It’s quite satisfying restoring health to an animal once a source of chronic pain has been identified and removed.

Q: What are the most common mistaken symptoms? Elaine: Animals that are dull, depressed, and lethargic in their old age are often written off as being ‘just old and tired’ when they are in fact suffering from chronic pain. Very often this is due to dental disease, and this is often due to fractured crowns that are missed diagnoses, although periodontitis is quite common as well. The fractured teeth that most commonly occur are the upper maxillary canine teeth in the cat and large Premolar Maxillary 4th tooth in the dog. These fractured teeth need to be noticed early (i.e. a visual inspection, flap the lip!) but because they are covered by the lips and cheeks they are often missed. It is also essential for pets’ health and wellbeing to visit a qualified veterinary dentist at least annually, as they will recognise this as causing a problem. Unfortunately there are not many veterinary dentists in the profession, and it is taking a while for the veterinary schools to add this training into their curriculum. Q: Worst cases – what happens with

teeth problems that are not dealt with? Elaine: Chronic periodontitis leads to purulent (pus) infection around the teeth and gums which is painful and the bacteria can penetrate through the inflamed vascular wall to seed vital organs in the body, such as heart valves (endocarditis) liver and kidney tissue. This creates abscesses, fever and ongoing infection, which lowers the immune system. Q: How can one prevent decaying? Elaine: Do not feed sugar, chocolate or jelly candy to dogs! Feed nutritious and appropriately abrasive food such as raw meaty bones with lots of sinew and cartilage. Elaine says enlightened veterinarians who have either seen or heard about her results will refer their clients to her when they have reached an endpoint to their modalities and feel that acupuncture, for instance, may be of benefit. About 50% of her clients are second and third opinion ones that have found her from word of mouth, and are seeking further help than what western medicine can provide. www.animalwellness.com.au

Only holistic clinic in inner Brisbane

• • • • •

Conventional Medicine & Integrative Alternatives Vaccinations & antibody titre testing • Advanced dentistry Desexing • Acupuncture • Nutrition advice Behavioural counselling Remedial musculoskeletal therapies • Chinese & Western herbal therapies and MORE

Pensioner Discounts 20% off services

07 3122 1997 Greenslopes Mall www.animalwellness.com.au


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Holistic Bliss, December 2011 - January 2012

11/25/2011 10:23:19 AM


o you know someone who is thinking of getting a pet for Christmas? Perhaps they are thinking of gifting a kitten or a bowl of fish? Do you know a little boy or girl who is ready to reply to Santa’s question: “What would you like for Christmas?” From a Fighting Fish, with a lifespan of only two years, to a dog with a life expectancy of around 15 years, it’s important to know what caring for your new family member is going to take. So, the question you need to ask yourself is: Am I ready? If the answer is yes, then here are some handy tips to help you along the way: • Instead of a live animal present on Christmas morning, consider wrapping up a selection of pet care goodies in preparation for the animal’s arrival, after the hustle and bustle of the festive season is over. A groovy collar, ceramic bowl, chew toys, bed, and a pet care guide book on the pet you plan to welcome. • Why buy from a pet store, or breed a new life, when you can adopt from a

shelter or sanctuary, and save a life. Take the time to visit the shelters, or the rescue sanctuary. Spend time with the animals; research the breeds you are interested in, so when you do welcome the animal into your home you know what to expect. • Learn all about natural health alternatives for fleas, ticks and other parasites, research feeding a raw diet, and find out if there is a holistic vet or natural animal practitioner near you. Embrace the idea of promoting a healthy and naturally supported pet. If you already have pets, you can spoil them with a new collar, an aromatherapy spritzer, fresh new bedding, a grooming session or massage, or simply spend quality time playing with your pets. Love the animals you already have in your life. A lovely compassionate Christmas meal can also be a great way to give back to the animals. 95% of pigs in Australia are factory farmed, and each year more than 4.7 million intensively farmed

turkeys are slaughtered in Australia. Beautiful seasonal vegetarian and vegan recipes are available for everyone to enjoy. A really great gift idea for any animal lover is to sponsor an animal through a welfare organisation. Consider a Moon Bear from Animals Asia, a horse from Charlie’s Angels Horse Rescue, or a pig from Edgar’s Mission Farm Sanctuary. We can show our Christmas spirit to the animals in all kinds of special ways without having to buy one. Have a wonderful holiday season everyone from Eileen & Jenny.

animal care “Complete Meal – Complete Health” WE DO NOT SUPPORT FACTORY FARMING Raw, Frozen “Complete Meal” and Bones for Cats and R Dogs. All Human Grade Ingredients, Certified Organic and Free Range Meats Only, Delicious, Nutritious and Balanced, Now available on the Sunshine Coast

• Natural Therapies for Animals • Energy Modalities and Readings • Animal Healing Workshops www.naturalanimalcare.com For more information call 07 3352 3108


COMPLETE CANINE COMMUNICATION “The Language of ALL Canines” DOG LISTENING IS NOT A TRAINING METHOD Are you looking for a non-confrontational and kind way to work with your dog whilst respecting the language it instinctively understands? www.completecaninecommunication.com.au


(07) 3855 3555 / 0414 575 727


• Nutritional Supplements

• Essential Oil Therapies

Eileen McLean: 07 3352 3108 0404 085 768 naturalanimalcare@mail.com

• Homeopathic h Remedies

Jenny Golsby: 07 3855 3555 0414 575 727 health4paws@completepet.com.au

Holistic Bliss, December 2011 - January 2012

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11/24/2011 1:58:55 PM

Who is sharing with you this month?

Let Vanessa Finnigan (Holistic Bliss Magazine) and Natalie Delforce (Kookaburra Photography) help you to create videos that capture the real you and your passion in business so you can share it with the world! Need a comfortable, wire-free bra?

How was the HB garden party?

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• We take the hassle out and support you through the whole process • We take the fear of social media out of your marketing and help to authentically engage your target audience

Nat’s secret is out!

Organic skincare made with love

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Come and join the Holistic Bliss team and start a new and exciting career for 2012. We are looking for a dynamic sales consultant to contract in the Brisbane area who can work independently but also be part of the team. Previous advertising sales experience preferred.

Please send cover letter and C.V to: ed@holisticblissmagazine.com 30

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11/25/2011 9:13:25 AM

Holistic Bliss Directory KNOW THYSELF AS SOUL

...We Are All Islands... Oceans Connect Us...

Sant Mat is a practical spiritual path based on meditation, ethical living, service to others & love for all creation. Entry is via a preparation program.

Luxury eco chic bamboo beach robes for the whole family Free postage on orders over $100

Buy online www.chillorilla.com.au

There is no charge at any stage. For more information...

Or call 0401 156 534

Know Thyself As Soul Foundation is a not for profit association incorporated in NSW.

1800 462 193 or visit www.santmat.net.au

Want a brand that’s unique to you? For a distinct logo and brand design that you can use on your website, business cards, flyers & social media, call today!

Organic Fair Trade Coffee Organic & Gluten Free Crystal Jewellery ½ Price Wholefoods, Skincare, Pre-loved Retro Goodies

Mon-Fri 8am - 4pm Sat 7am - 2pm Closed Sunday

07 5492 6417 0413 374 634 jeanne@witchwords.com www.witchwords.com facebook.com/WitchWords

3 Conn St, Yandina Ph: 5446 8444

• Private PT Studio • Group Kayak Sessions • Group Outdoor Sessions • 8-12 Week Mind and Body Challenges • Self Development • Results Results Results • Healthy Happy Lifestyle www.mabpersonaltraining.com.au melindabingley@gmail.com facebook.com/MABPT

Phone: 0401 286 200

Ka Huna Massage Yoga Classes In a beautiful natural setting on the Sunshine Coast T: 07 5448 5748 www.soulenergyhealing.com.au

ATTENTION ARTHRITIS SUFFERERS Commercial/Business Law Conveyancing/Leases Employment Law Building & Construction Law Corporate Structure & Re-structures Asset Protection/Contracts Wills, Estates & Power of Attorney Property/Business Sales & Purchases Trade Marks, Copyright & IP Protection

5455 6870 31.indd 1



Clinically tested for Osteoarthritis With unique GOPO® A natural anti-inflammatory www.rosehipvital.com.au 1800 851 888 Use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional

11/24/2011 1:26:01 PM

If you could make one simple choice to

HELP HEAL THE WORLD WOULD YOU? By selecting MOS premium quality skincare products you are not only choosing a cleaner, greener, more organic world but you are also helping to educate, nourish and protect children in less fortunate areas. We invite you to join us on our quest to heal the world‌ your skin and the world’s children will thank you for it.

www.montvilleorganicskincare.com Beautiful People 4 A Beautiful Planet

Join the Revolution on

Phone 0438 965 390

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11/24/2011 1:26:28 PM