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e as humans spend our entire life making decisions on what to eat every day. An activity most of us think we consciously make and control, right? But perhaps the gut and its multitude of bacteria, what we eat and feed these bacteria is more important than we think. In her new book, ‘Gut: the Inside Story of Our Body’s Most Underrated Organ’, German microbiologist Giulia Enders, gives us a fascinating insight into our last taboo, our gut and poo. In her book, the way the gut works is explained and the influence it has on our wellbeing and health. The gut-brain connection is the new field of research in modern medicine and in the last ten years, hundreds of academic articles have been published. Two-thirds of our immune system and 95 per cent of the serotonin we produce is made in the cells of the gut. Who hasn’t felt irritable when we haven’t eaten for a while,


there’s no doubt our gut can affect our mood. The type of foods we eat, the amount of antibiotics we take and how we eliminate can all affect our digestive system. Enders suggests that we start with eating prebiotic foods; whole foods with plenty of fibre and resistant starches. But for these prebiotic foods to support and feed the good bacteria we need to have the good bacteria already present in the gut. This is where the probiotic bacteria come in. Many cultures worldwide have some form of probiotic, German sauerkraut, Korean kimchi, Indian lassi all contain the good bacteria beneficial for your gut. Adding these types of foods to your diet daily will populate the gut with these good bacteria. These good guys then populate the intestines and force out bad bacteria. The roles these good and bad bacteria can have on mood and wellness is just being understood.

So we got the energy and nutritional goodies from the probiotic and prebiotic food and the gut has digested it. Great, now the icky bit no one talks about! Faeces are made up mainly of water but one third of the solid part is dead bacteria. This dead gut flora is mixed up with indigestible vegetable fibre and toxins the body needs to get rid of; food colorants, waste medicines or cholesterol. Stuff we don’t want in us! Enders recommends squatting with a footstool to eliminate our waste, explaining the way the puborectalis muscle relaxes in this posture and the health benefits of eliminating this way. She cites evidence of less gut diseases in countries that still squat to go. The western medical world is just beginning to correlate diet, gut health and toileting posture as integrated for total wellness. easystool.com.au

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| AUGUST 2015 | Holistic Bliss

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Holistic bliss aug vol 71  

Australia's premier holistic lifestyle magazine created on the Sunshine Coast

Holistic bliss aug vol 71  

Australia's premier holistic lifestyle magazine created on the Sunshine Coast

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