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his is a wonderful quote that can kick start us from feeling helpless or a victim of life to taking responsibility so we can choose new actions. Question is… Does life really dish out lemons, or do we choose to pick them? More and more information, blogs, coaching, counselling remind us that we create or co-create everything in our lives. Our responses and reactions determine how we move through life. Stick our head in the sand, and when things go belly up, we blame life, never looking at the choices we make to land us in that place of chaos. If things are not working then you can address things immediately and ask, “how can I un-create, change, have a new direction, or align with something

make lemonade the choices each person makes. How many of us make the same choices, without even considering what we are doing, existing in the unconsciousness that governs our lives, the automated response system we employ that keeps delivering the same end result, and when we don’t like it… Ohhhh we scream out… “Life gives you lemons”. Self-responsibility means that we make the choices, we then create the journey towards the outcome. Life dishing out lemons in reality, is ourselves tossing a sharp clean wake-up call into our path, so we can reassess, shake ourselves off and do something different, in order to create a new result. IF IT IS TO BE, IT IS UP TO ME. Namaste.

else?” It is about engaging in our life, our direction, and our outcomes. Life doesn’t just pick on us, we do that to ourselves. If we start to blame life for throwing lemons at us, then we rarely take the time to stop and look within to see what we as individuals are doing to co-create these scenarios in our lives. How many people repeat the same situations over and over and NEVER realise all they have to do is choose to do something different to create a totally new outcome. I have heard a few people say this recently and when I look at their situation, the incidents, the convoluted and painful outcomes they are in, which are the results of the consequences of repeated actions or inaction, the common denominator, is all to do with

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| APRIL 2016 | Holistic Bliss

3/17/2016 9:45:27 AM

Holistic bliss april vol 78  

Australia's premier holistic lifestyle magazine created on the Sunshine Coast

Holistic bliss april vol 78  

Australia's premier holistic lifestyle magazine created on the Sunshine Coast