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Cancer Care Using Integrative Therapies WORDS DR ELAINE CEBULIAK


s a holistic practitioner it is my fortune to be presented with many chronic metabolic diseases. Although it may appear as “sudden”, cancer is one of these imbalances that strikes an individual after its own repairing immunological cells fail to notice, and seek out these aberrant reproducing anomalies. There are many causes underlying the progression of cancerous cells, from an immune dysfunction to an ageing phenomenon where the body becomes unable to reproduce healthy new cells and undergo a programmed cell death. Let’s face it, no matter how good we are as practitioners, we cannot offer immortality! What we can offer, as Veterinary Surgeons, is to make the patient as comfortable as possible, and we can even offer end of life relief when all else has failed. The definition of “all else”, however is not equivalent to all practitioners! Yes, when we have more tools in our toolbox we can offer more, even if it is palliative (not necessarily curative) modalities. Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine, Naturopathic and Ayurvedic

Medicine observes the whole patient as being one of organ systems “talking” to each other via neuro-humoral (some call it spiritual or auric field) responses. When deficiencies or over-activity is observed, that particular organ system is worked upon to “balance it” using foods, herbs, and body work therapy, to invigorate that system, or to relieve and remove blockages so that the inner force (lymph, blood, vascular or muscle tension) can work more efficiently. This form of medicine focuses on building the body from a deficient state to a more vital force. This is somewhat different to Western Medicine, where the focus is on the ‘war with cancer’ or finding the cancer and cutting, burning or destroying that part of the body. It is very promising that the future of medicine will incorporate both systems, enabling a more powerful form of medicine to emerge. When viewing the animal that has developed a cancer, an wholistic therapist observes which systems are “weak” and focuses the therapies to strengthen that part, encouraging a stronger “whole” to develop.

From a scientific nutritional analysis point of view, blood analysis for biochemistry, electrolytes and biopsies including hair analysis for heavy metals and toxins can be performed. In TCVM terms systems are organised for mathematical clarity using a five element procedure. This does require further study, just as one would first study basic arithmetic before enrolling in a calculus subject in order to understand mathematical equations. A basic understanding can be described in several minutes, however, it may take a lifetime to perfect these skills! This should not

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