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What contribution can you be to your pet? WORDS VIV ADCOCK


he animal kingdom can show us much about oneness. Globally many more of us are actively seeking to create a life of harmony. When we commune with nature our being bathes in the tranquillity. The energy nourishes and re-awakens us to “be.” In this moment we receive everything exactly as it is, with no resistance and peace permeates into every one of our cells and beyond. So what separates us from this space of communion? Our noisy heads that rattle with incessant thoughts, judgements and internal conflict about what is good and bad, what is right and wrong, what we like and what we don’t… it goes on, feeding the addiction to polarity. In Oneness everything just is. If your pet is injured or diagnosed with a disease, what is your immediate reaction? We have come to love our pets so much that we develop a humanlike relationship with them and use our emotions to prove how much we care. We can unconsciously add energy to the situation by projecting our emotionally charged points of view into it.

Animals have no point of view (they don’t judge) about an injury or illness. They go about life as normal as is possible, but they do pick up on the energy their owners are being. So how can you be there for your pet (or anyone) in a way that assists the process? Start to become aware of what your point of view is, that is feeding the reaction i.e. “Oh you poor thing” – what energy does that carry and what would

projecting that point of view at your pet create? To develop your perception around how prevalent and powerful projections are, recall a time when you KNEW someone didn’t like you – was it uncomfortable and intense? Did you allow yourself to be affected by it or did you shrug it off? What if you consciously chose to see everything as an interesting point of view? If you can remind yourself that your pet’s injury or ailment is an interesting point of view, you will eliminate the emotional charge. This doesn’t mean you don’t care, it means that you care more because you are aware that adding your stuff to the situation creates more for you and the pet to deal with. The charge is neutralised, you can be present with the situation and allow it to be as it is. You can choose to be in harmony with any situation, which facilitates allowing everything to be exactly as it is.

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Holistic bliss april vol 56  

Australia's premier holistic lifestyle magazine created on the Sunshine Coast

Holistic bliss april vol 56  

Australia's premier holistic lifestyle magazine created on the Sunshine Coast