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Evolving patterns of Movement WORDS GAYLYN AITKEN


e all have patterns of movement developed from the constant use of a particular way of how we hold ourselves during movement. When movement becomes limited from deep seated emotional tension – this can include belief systems of what is the right way and the wrong way or a persistent fear response, which changes the structural support of our body (read we eventually end up with all sorts of body discomfort and pain. Changing unsustainable movement patterns is the long term solution to enjoying effortless full range of motion. Sounds simple and it is, but it takes a persistent shift in awareness from the external to the internal to change and sustain new patterns.

The Kahuna would say ‘your business is your body, your job is to take inventory of yourself – constantly’. If your pattern is to ignore the biological needs of your body to rest, recuperate and nourish, you’re going to initially find it difficult to sustain a consistent internal awareness of how your body is feeling, but don’t give up, there are steps you can take to get you started. Firstly, you have to really desire change and be aware what patterns need changing. Also, be very clear

Reality is the constant use of illusion. – Kahu Abraham Kawai’i.

about why you want to change; it needs to be for you. Be wholehearted; involve your entire being in your project. If you’re not fully present you’ll drop yourself and drift back into old unsustainable patterns (a pattern in itself). Regularly place yourself in a neutral position. Constructive Rest Position developed by Mabel Todd is my chosen method of neutral posture to ‘rest deeply and let that which needs to, unfold and become’. It’s in the stillness and silence of just being, we become aware of our internal movement and it’s from here we can begin to change and refine old, unsustainable patterns of movement. For more instruction, go to Kahuna Mist Facebook page and check out our video.

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Holistic bliss april vol 56  

Australia's premier holistic lifestyle magazine created on the Sunshine Coast

Holistic bliss april vol 56  

Australia's premier holistic lifestyle magazine created on the Sunshine Coast