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hen our children hit a certain age, it’s a trigger. Yep, that’s why it’s sometimes tricky to navigate parenting. We find that whatever the age of the child or teenager, we’ve always got some healing, learning and growing to do. When we are in reaction, we can find our way back to empowerment as parents and caregivers of children and adolescents. We need to first acknowledge our own limitations. If we are reacting, we are challenged. If we feel that we are not in control, it is a symptom of an underlying fear that has been displaced. It may be that we struggled at that age, experienced a trauma or were abused. When we are in an unconscious reactive state, it is easy to project our anger and frustration onto children. Remember we are up to four times bigger than them and when we are angry, we may appear like a scary monster! Some parents even take an extra step forward with their anger

and physically hit children. Imagine a huge scary monster hitting you! This only creates more fear and wounding for our children to pass on to further generations. In order for us to nurture evolved and enlightened children, we need to allow ourselves the humility and grace of our own journey. We need to be able to admit our own imperfections, own our reactions and change our behaviour. Our children are gifts because they give us an opportunity to realise what is unhealed and in need of returning to wholeness. As we evolve, so do our children. When we are triggered, we can take a step back and reflect on our own childhood. Asking the question “What was needed at that age that I never felt I received?” can be helpful to encourage insight. It may be that you needed to play more and were given too much responsibility. As a bi-product, you may feel challenged when playing with your children or allowing them to play. However, play has been shown to

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teach children more than intellectualised learning. As you learn to play with your child, you become a great teacher. We often overcompensate for the things that we didn’t receive too. Another example could be that we felt unsafe as a child. We may have not been able to protect ourselves and felt unprotected by our parents. So we may go to the other extreme and be overprotective. Unfortunately, 180 degrees from ‘wrong’ is still ‘wrong’ and our children learn to live in fear. The key is and always will be balance. The key to achieving balance is healing and moderating our own behaviour. We can put loving strategies into action for ourselves to feel safer, play more and address our own unique needs. When we do so, the flow on effect for our children and teenagers is indescribable and magical. “Let it begin with me” is a wonderful saying that brings enlightenment and encourages the Everyday Lightworker in all of us.

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