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WORDS SORAYA SARASWATI, Soul Purpose Mastery – Living Love


ur youth are calling out and demanding a new world order. Made wiser by the lessons and learning of their parents, many young people are now claiming their right to the power of speech. There is a powerful transition occurring with humankind… a purging and cleansing of the blood born from those who have suffered at the hands of the darker side of humankind. The world powers have been corrupt and now they are crumbling. For this to happen our economy will go through a crisis and the spirit of many of our young, unsatisfied with the wrongs of society, are either standing up bravely to make a difference or falling into victimhood and looking for escape through drugs. Transparency and Truth are being demanded by the masses, there will be many endings to the micro-worlds we may have been involved in along life’s road. Let us ask ourselves: Can we die to that which no longer serves love and acknowledge our inner beauty and

ability to rise again, to spread wings of truth born in the moments of deep understanding? I trust our youth to be the ones who lead us in this very important march to freedom. Freedom from those placed on pedestals of grandeur made larger by greed and lust for power and money. This corruption has been supported by the laziness of the masses who have been all too ready to hand over the reins. Let us pull our heads out of the sand now and step back to allow our youth the voice that will restore compassion and humanity to all. As conscious elders of a changing society the wisdom we have gained along the way can support our energetic and willing youth to lead this transition toward change. The focus is often on the anger and frustration of our youth. Sadly mental health issues and drug and alcohol abuse are a major problem for our society. However there is another group of young people not given enough credit for the bravery and courage they show in standing up

to be counted. These more conscious young people have the energy and passion to shine light into the cracks of our society previously plugged up with bureaucracy in an attempt to avoid change. Old institutions will crumble and our youth will develop a new way forward supported by those of us wise enough to trust in and become a part of this transformation.

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Holistic bliss april vol 56  
Holistic bliss april vol 56  

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