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regularly treat teenage ‘addicts’ whose parents want me to get them ‘back to normal’. We are not here to be ‘normal’ though, and I believe these young users sense this. They say they don’t want to be like their parents, what they mean is they don’t want to be stressed, irritable, time-poor and living to work. They want some magic and mystery in life and drugs seem like the only way to get this. The media regularly blame the breakdown of the family unit for the drug epidemic. But instead of trying to go back to the past we have an opportunity to take up a new cosmically holistic lifestyle that delivers something more than normal and changes family relationships. So I always suggest to the parents that if they want their kids to change, one of the most powerful things they can do is start changing themselves. Andrew, a past client of mine discovered the positive impact this has on the whole family. He was manager of a successful multi-million dollar business, and had the big house, the big Mercedes and so on. But he used drugs

and the holistic solution

and alcohol to handle the stress which eroded his health. He took a few years off to rebuild and spend time with his young family. But without direction he ended up fully immersed in addiction and his family life fell apart. He took more drugs to cope, but this accelerated the destruction and he soon started thinking about ending it all. I knew immediately that drugs weren’t his problem (they’re never anybody’s problem), not knowing how to live was the problem. I introduced him to ‘chi’, treated him with acupuncture, showed him exercises, changed his diet and got his lifestyle cosmically aligned. Within weeks everything changed. He lost all interest in drugs. His life is now grounded, he knows who he is and rarely feels the frustration, anger and disappointment of the old days. He regained strength and energy, is playing sports again (which he thought he’d never do), with the stamina to outrun his kids. The home atmosphere improved, the tension disappeared, his son’s eczema symptoms

went and his children started taking an interest in health and feeling good. Andrew’s relationship with his wife and family has never been better. Sharing the chi-cycle system for a happy, healthy family life inspires him, and Andrew is now managing the Urban Drug Rehab I founded. Andrew’s case might be extreme but drug use just accelerates what most people are heading to (much more slowly) through unaligned chi-depleting lifestyles. These create emotional reactivity and tension and have a detrimental effect on family relationships. It doesn’t make kids do drugs, but putting some magic and mystery back into your life, finding your ‘cosmic self’ and your destiny will inspire your kids and show them another way of feeling extraordinary. Instead of trying to get them back to normal, try to make yourself a little less so. Then no one will need drugs.


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This retreat, described by some as “a coming home”, “a spiritual honeymoon”, “a reawakening to love”, is a special gift to your relationship. Couples feel the impact whether they have been together for three years or thirty years. Presented by


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