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to something. When the routines are made fun such as candles at dinner, aromatherapy for sleep, time for them, time with the family, the teenagers commence to goal set in their mind. Although they may express that they are bored and don’t want routine, this action brings safety to their mind. 2. Boundaries – Healthy boundaries are not only necessary but give the teenagers a sense of safety. They know their limits and where they can be accepted and loved. Yes some teenagers will want to rebel and break the boundaries, and certainly will try. However this is part of the psychological process of growing up. The ages of 1421 are about being social and usually teenagers’ social skills are poor trying all the behaviours that are not acceptable. Subconsciously they know that having the boundaries is something to fall back on. It is also part of the integration process teenagers learn when they are maturing and learning so that the children understand what is acceptable as an adult and what is not. These

boundaries are not limiting for a child but guide them to what appears safe to them, others and the environment. The key here is for the parents and teachers to stick to the boundaries no matter what. 3. Deep Breathing – The simple technique of taking a deep breath makes huge changes to the outcomes on all levels of life and health, for not only the teenager but also the parents. When we take a deep breath it allows us to ponder for a moment and see the situation with discernment. When a teenager feels anxiety, fear or any other negative emotion, deep breathing alters the perception as more oxygen circulates around the body, changing the perspective and chemical outcomes in the body. On a metaphysical level, the lungs are concerned with how we react to situations and energy distribution. When taking a deep breath, we alter the energy from FEAR to LOVE and react positively. There is a secret power to deep breathing that works on a quantum physics level. If the teenager is upset,

Millennium Children moody, or won’t listen to you, it is important that the parent/teacher takes three deep breaths. The laws of nature kick in and the teenager will come in to alignment with the other person and breathe with them. This is called health harmonics and can be witnessed when mothers calm their young babies. The babies fall in to sync with the mother. The same happens with teenagers. The key to working with teenagers is to remember they need your guidance, support and understanding. When in doubt remember what it was like to be a teenager. Their mind, body and spirit are transforming rapidly. Nurture them as you would a young child as deep down we are all still young children. Do you have a question for Jean about your child or teenager? Email:

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Holistic bliss april vol 56  

Australia's premier holistic lifestyle magazine created on the Sunshine Coast

Holistic bliss april vol 56  

Australia's premier holistic lifestyle magazine created on the Sunshine Coast