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Q& A Q: Teenage behaviour – good or bad? How can I empower my teenager? A: This is a very good question to ask because what does ‘empower’ really mean. This word is an expression we talk about a lot. Each of us has our own interpretation of empowerment for the simple fact that empower means power that comes from within. We use the word for all kinds of things but it is really about courage and giving strength to others for self-improvement. So now that has been clarified what is the dictionary meaning: 1. give power or authority to and 2. to enable or permit.

WITH JEAN SHEEHAN, Principal – Millennium Education

All of these concepts are what teenagers can forget, lose and not be aware of. Now it is time to also consider human behaviour. Human behaviour is the collection of behaviours exhibited by human beings and influenced by culture, attitudes, emotions, values, ethics, authority, rapport, hypnosis, persuasion, coercion and/or genetics. The way people act falls within a range with some being common, some unusual, some acceptable, and some outside acceptable limits. The acceptability of different types of actions is evaluated relative to social norms and regulated by various means of social control. Human behaviour is an important factor in human society. In summary HUMAN BEHAVIOUR means: Performance, Action, Activity, Manners, Conduct. When we look at teenagers’ ‘bad’ behaviour we are referring to the way a child performs, acts, and conducts themselves. Depending on belief systems, cultures and customs, certain actions will appear inappropriate and unacceptable. Behavioural problems

can simply be seen as the child not conducting themselves according to specific rules, beliefs and actions. Often parents of teenagers can have high expectations of what is required from children. They forget that teenagers need to be taught how to behave and how to socialise in different circumstances as they are not a child but not an adult. Their role is not defined yet. Parents are teachers and guide their children how to behave, how to treat others and how to deal with things. We do this consciously and unconsciously. There is no such thing as a ‘bad child’. It is their actions and words that are inappropriate, depending on the standards and beliefs of the parent and teacher. No matter what age, children require a routine, reassurance, sense of safety which includes daily routines, rituals and boundaries. Some of the techniques used to make a teenager feel empowered include: 1. Routines – Teenagers feel secure when they know what is to happen. They have the opportunity to look forward

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