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Holistic Bliss


APRIL 2017

Volume 89 ISSN: 1836-8840


21/03/2017 6:33:14 AM


8th Birthday

“A lot of people are waiting for Martin Luther King or Mahatma Gandhi to come back – but they are gone. We are it. It is up to us. It is up to you” – Marian Wright Edelman – Happy 8th Birthday.  Karen Clarke

Happy Birthday Holistic Bliss. Eileen McLean and I enjoyed being a part of your magazine a few years ago. Jenny Golsby

Celebrating Holistic Bliss’ eighth Year, and WHAT CONTRIBUTION can we all BE/have now and in the future with HB? Lucilla Chisari Thank you Vanessa for the vision you have for a better world. I am honoured to be part of Holistic Bliss each month and to call you friend. I am reminded of the words to a beautiful song… ‘Where there is no vision, the people perish, Where there is no dreaming, the people die. Trust your heart vision, trust your dream, Keep the light in your eye.’ Keep shining brightly. With love, Emma Creed X

Holistic Bliss has opened up so many doors to so many people. A great read and lots of information edition after edition. Thankyou Vanessa Finnigan… for selflessly and tirelessly putting this magazine first for all of us to enjoy.   Sandy Bell


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21/03/2017 6:42:07 AM

Brightest birthday blessings to this phenomenal vibration changing magazine! Thank-you for your work and your positive ju-ju that you share so wide! Blessings, Tiarnie Vidler 

Happy 8th Birthday Holistic Bliss Magazine and Vanessa Finnigan thank you for taking the giant leap that is now such a gift to so many! Looking forward to many more celebrations! Naveen Light


Congratulations Vanessa on the eighth year of Holistic Bliss. May the spirits stay with you on your continued journey of healing and change for all your readers and friends. Vivienne Hansen

Happy, happy 8th Birthday Holistic Bliss Magazine, you are a loving support to so many readers, healers and business people alike. You are an awesome link that helps to connect people to people, souls to souls and offer new awareness for them to grow and be. Shine on‌ share the love, guide all who read, so that they may be the very best essence they came here to be. Much love, Tracey Rhodes

Everything begins with a seed or an idea for a new vision, a new direction, a new way. Holistic Bliss Magazine was birthed from the seed of a soul mission, Vanessa Finnigan’s calling, to assist with providing powerful information to navigate these evolutionary times. Each month the magazine delivers soul food, inspiration, thought-provoking articles and guidance. A community of change-makers has grown from this magazine. Happy birth to earth day Holistic Bliss Magazine. Raelene Byrne

Congratulations on your 8th birthday celebrating an incredible milestone and achievement. Thank you for sharing your passion, dream, insight, wisdom and knowledge Australia-wide. With gratitude. Sue Shaw, Adelaide

Blissed out and blessed! Congratulations on 8 years of delivering a wonderful magazine! Krishna Everson

Congratulations on your 8th Year Holistic Bliss. I look forward to reading it every month and seeing who is on the cover. Thank you Vanessa and team for putting your heart and soul into this. To inspire and connect us as a community.  Jacqueline Murray Enormous congratulations to Holistic Bliss for living up to your name for 8 fine years. Good on you Vanessa for making it happen. Kean Buckley

Happy 8th Birthday Holistic Bliss, proud to devour your pages month after month. Thank-you Vanessa Finnigan and team for your love and devotion to this vision. May you continue into the future. xox With love, Sonya Wildgrace 

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can actually speak with the farmers and producers and create a connection. Then we have an awareness of what happens from paddock to plate, from mouth to gut and beyond which makes my taste buds sing and heart open wider. This month we are blessed to have gorgeous organic pioneer Narelle Chenery on our cover sharing her clean and green insights and how she pioneered the world’s first certified organic skincare/ cosmetic range. You can read my story on page 12-13. HAPPY 8th BIRTHDAY HOLISTIC BLISS!! It’s been an amazing eight years of creating and huge thanks to the whole team for bringing this magazine so beautifully into fruition each month and to you all for welcoming it into your homes and hearts.


Go Organic





What do your










oving towards a more organic ‘back to basics’ lifestyle means different things to different people. For certified organic businesses, organic means they have taken the time, care and expense to ensure all products have gone through strict assessments to meet the certified organic standards, which takes the guesswork out for consumers. Then there are the amazing small businesses who are virtually organic but can’t afford the expense of becoming certified organic, and many businesses have puts lots of energy into sourcing very high quality ingredients without the nasties, which can create amazing results and enhance well-being. This magazine has included many articles over the years to raise awareness about reading labels and checking what is in the products we buy. When we become more informed, we can move towards a low chemical environment at home and work/school. Thankfully we have an abundance of organic online businesses and delivery services to make things easier for us and so many whole food markets where we






From the Creator of HBM...



Holistic Bliss


APRIL 2017

Volume 89 ISSN: 1836-8840



Narelle Chenery, p12-13 PHOTO: G  REG HOSKING


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07 Food for the Soul


 Rocky Road and Little Gem Chocolate Eggs



07  Zucchini and Chia, Moist Chocolate Birthday Cake BEK MUGRIDGE

Organic on a budget



09 What you need to know about PREbiotics JOEL GRACE

From little things big things grow



Cover Story

12-13 Narelle Chenery: The Humble Queen of Organics VANESSA FINNIGAN

Go Organic

Organic love for the whole family



 Raw, organic juicing for good mood and energy




 Interview with Alora Waldron: FAST results and feeling fabulous


Growing older organically

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22 Can energy healing, science and genetics be on the same page? 23 Are you creating health now to prevent illness later? CYNDI O’MEARA

Melbourne, People & Places 24 5 super food mushrooms to give you a boost!

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 Stylish, ethical organics in the bedroom

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34-35 ‘Energy Literacy’: Awakening to the new frontier KRISTY LEE RACKHAM


Women find their tribe in the Red Tent


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 Yoga beach clean for the whole family!

38-39 Feeling out of balance? Try looking down!

The art of peaceful parenting

Holistic Beauty & Style




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 Feeling leads to emotional intelligence TONI REILLY

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44-45 Autumn: The time of internal parasites and weather change DR CHARISSA SMITH


HOLISTIC AS… Books and more


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Happy Easter from



WHETHER YOU ARE BUYING YOUR ETHICAL EASTER CHOCOLATES THIS YEAR OR DECIDE TO MAKE YOUR OWN, ORGANIC TIMES HAVE YOU COVERED. CHECK OUT THEIR EASTER RANGE ON PAGE 11 OR TRY THIS RECIPE BELOW USING THEIR ORGANIC PANTRY INGREDIENTS AND CHOCOLATE PRODUCTS. Ingredients: DARK CHOCOLATE EGGS – makes 4 small egg halves 150g Organic Times Dark Chocolate Drops 1 pkt Organic Times Milk Rocky Road 20g Organic Times Little Gems MILK CHOCOLATE EGGS – makes 4 small egg halves 150g Organic Times Milk Chocolate Drops 1 pkt Organic Times Dark Rocky Road 20g Organic Times Little Gems Equipment: Small-medium plastic chocolate Easter egg moulds Method: Melt dark chocolate drops in a

double boiler over medium heat until smooth, stir well. Gently pour chocolate into moulds, fill them 1-2cm from the top. Chop rocky road into small 1-inch pieces. Place 3-4 pieces of rocky road into two of the chocolate egg molds. Sprinkle desired quantity of little gems into remaining egg halves. Refrigerate for 2-3 hours or until chocolate is completely set. Repeat this same method for the milk chocolate eggs. Once set, carefully turn the moulds over and gently tap it onto a clean surface until the eggs come out of the moulds. Enjoy!

Want Fresh, Locally Sourced Organic Food? Mr Organic can provide all your quality fruit, vegies, grocery lines, flour, water, bread, Eden seeds, chook food, fertiliser, meat and dairy products, cleaning and body care products.


At the Farmers’ Markets in Toowoomba as well as pick-up from the retail store

Local Goodness on the Coast!

MANUFACTURERS | PROCESSORS IMPORT & EXPORT | AUSTRALIAN GROWN! Hulled Hemp Seeds, Protein, Flour and Oil, Chia Seeds, Flax Seeds, Rice, Quinoa, Buckwheat, Australian Organic Skin Care and a bunch more!

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Ingredients: 125g butter 1 cup coconut sugar 1 tsp vanilla 200g dark chocolate, chopped 3 tbsp chia seeds 2 cups zucchini finely grated 4 free range eggs 1 cup almond meal 2 cups organic or gluten free self-raising flour 1-2 cups whipped cream No added sugar jam Walnuts (leave off for a nut free school) Fresh strawberries to serve Method: Pre-heat oven to 180°C. Grease and line 2 x 20cm cake tins with baking paper. Gently melt chocolate and butter

together in a bowl over a bowl of hot water. Combine chocolate butter mixture in a bowl with the sugar. Add in vanilla and eggs. Fold in zucchini and chia seeds. Mix in the almond meal and flour, stir together well. Pour mixture into prepared tins. Bake for approximately 30 minutes or until springs back when touched. Turn both cakes onto a wire rack to cool. Once cold place one cake onto a dish, spread with a generous layer of jam and then a layer of whipped cream and some sliced fresh strawberries. Assemble second cake on top (arrange it flat bottom on top for a neater topped

cake), top with whipped cream and decorate with walnuts and fresh strawberries. Notes: Cut into slices and freeze into individual serving sizes ready for lunchboxes. Swap the cream for a chocolate icing or just leave out altogether. Squash can be used in place of zucchini if you find you have lots of them growing in your garden. healthyhappymumswithbekmugridge


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rganic refers to the production of food or farming methods that don’t involve the use of chemicals, fertilisers and pesticides. To me, what we place into and on our bodies, has always been of highest importance, more so now then ever, as we are bombarded with chemicals in all areas of our life; from the food we eat to the air we breathe. So when it comes to eating organic and using organic products, it doesn’t even cross my mind to use anything else, however as a single parent, affordability and budget is always on my mind. Why is it not even a question for me to buy organic or spray free? Because studies show that the nutritional value of organic food is higher than conventional food, and there are 600 active chemicals registered for use and 90% have not been tested long term on humans. So how does one do organic on a budget? The first step is to remove the

pressure on yourself for everything to be certified organic as spray free or a high percentage of organic ingredients in products is better than the alternative. Make sure you read labels if choosing a product that has not been certified to confirm it does have mostly organic ingredients. The next step is buy direct from farmers, co-op groups or a bulk source place. I recommend bulk buy for all your pantry items like flours and pasta, as it’s cheaper because the store bulk buys in the items, and you fill up a paper bag with the amount you need and it saves you money and the environment. For your fruit and vegetables, the best place are markets or online direct to your door. These tend to be cheaper and may include a combination of spray free and organic. Most supermarkets have organic brand options, which are only a few cents more than private brands and sometimes even cheaper when on

WE HAVE A NEW NAME! Brisbane’s biggest one-stop shop for all your fresh meats, produce and all your other organic needs

special, so for all your canned items this tends to be a good place to look. The other thing you can do is grow your own. This is so easy to do and you don’t need massive amounts of space to do it. Some easy food to grow include: kale, lettuce, tomatoes, spinach, zucchini, cucumber, basil, parsley, rosemary, mint, chives, strawberries, lemon and limes. If you have an abundance of a certain food, why not join a community group or co-op and swap it for something you need. It is almost impossible to be 100% organic so even if you change 70% of your food that you consume to organic you’re reducing your chemical load significantly. Don’t only look at converting your food but also your cosmetics and toiletries, the more you convert over to chemical free and organic the better if is for the body long term.

Amanda Candy Intuitive Mentoring

UNLEASH YOUR INTUITION WORKSHOP 7th-9th APRIL A journey of self expression, self exploration and self expansion FB: AmandacandyIM W: E:

• Bigger and better because of our expansion • Still the leaders in Certified Organic • 19 years’ experience • National Organic Week Retail Outlet Winners 2015 Formerly The Meat-ting Place Pty Ltd Shop 8 & 9, 97 Flockton Street, Everton Park Q 4053

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What you need to know about


WORDS JOEL GRACE, Owner, Sunshine Colonics Health & Wellness Centre


e’ve all heard about the benefits of probiotics in maintaining a healthy body, but did you know that prebiotics also play an integral role in supporting our health? Don’t worry if you haven’t heard of prebiotics before, you’ve probably already ingested them without knowing it. Here’s everything you need to know about this important but largely-unsung hero of our digestive system. What are prebiotics? Prebiotics are essentially that food that your probiotics eat. Put simply, probiotics eat prebiotics. In order for your good bacteria to survive in the bowel, you need to feed them. So it makes sense if you’re going to the effort and expense of developing the flora in your gut, that you feed the good bacteria exactly what they want to eat. Prebiotics are actually a type of indigestible fibre. When we eat particular foods, these prebiotics pass through our upper gastrointestinal tract and remain undigested, since the human body can’t fully break them down. As always the magic happens in the colon,

where the undigested prebiotic fibres are fermented by the gut microflora and used as their fuel source. The more prebiotics that probiotics have to eat, the more efficiently your good bacteria works and the healthier your gut will be. Types of prebiotic foods For the best natural sources of prebiotics, you can’t look past a range of certain vegetables, some whole grains, sources of resistant starch and even honey. The best prebiotic foods to incorporate into your diet include garlic, onions, leek, Jerusalem artichoke, dandelion greens, under-ripe bananas, asparagus, apples, oats, psyllium husk and whole-grain wheat. And remember, raw is best when it comes to maximising your prebiotic intake – so try to avoid cooking these foods for optimum results. How prebiotics benefit your health Emerging research is showing that a higher intake of prebiotics is linked to a variety of health benefits, including: Better overall gut health, improved digestion, balanced stress response, higher immune function, lower risk for obesity and weight gain, reduced

inflammatory reactions, and decreased risk of cardiovascular disease. Sensitivity to prebiotic foods More and more people are choosing to follow a low-FODMAP diet to help improve digestive complaints. FODMAP foods can cause bloating and other forms of gastrointestinal distress, and include: oligosaccharides, fructans, sugar alcohols and other similar shortchain carbohydrates. Many of these FODMAP foods are fantastic sources of necessary prebiotics. But if you’re one of the people with a FODMAP sensitivity, your body will poorly absorb the short-chain carbohydrates in your small intestine, and you may experience bloating and discomfort when eating prebiotic foods. That’s not to say you need to avoid prebiotics altogether – a short-term elimination plan and a good cleanse is usually enough to assist with symptoms. Then you can begin reintroducing prebiotics to keep your good bacteria well fed and happy!

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Sleep ailable: or Tw Dentistr y ilight … sle sedat ep yo i on ur w ay

you thr (no m r procedu ough atter r e h or com ow lengthy plex). Holistic Bliss | APRIL 2017 |

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21/03/2017 7:01:21 AM


From little things




ntroducing Murray Griffiths, aka Mr Organic… Murray literally planted the first seeds of ‘Mr Organic’ in his parents’ backyard thirteen years ago, and what was initially a fun ‘back to basics’ project has become a thriving organic business. Murray became fascinated with the world of organics in his mid-twenties, then a few years later went on to study biodynamics and permaculture at Orange Ag College in NSW. He was so inspired by the principles of organic gardening that he decided to start his own organic vegie garden planting zucchinis, lettuce, leeks, chokos and corn and sharing his produce with the community. The business and Murray became known as ‘Mr Organic’ and the demand for organics in the area has grown particularly in the last four years. Murray said, “It’s all about the connection you have with your customers. Even my two staff members went from being customers to part of the Mr Organic team. We are like one big, happy family.”


10.indd 1

These days, Murray doesn’t grow a lot of produce himself but connects with most of the local organic farmers and producers within a 200km radius from Toowoomba. He likes to buy what’s in season and a mix of certified organic, organic and spray-free produce. Murray personally meets the suppliers and builds relationships within the organic community, which is peace of mind for his customers. He is essentially, the middle man between the supplier/ farmer and the customer and he has become an indelible part of the community, with satisfied customers who keep coming back. The team delivers organic groceries via courier up to Mackay and throughout South East Qld. There are also local deliveries through Toowoomba, and regular customers pick up their orders from the retail shop or from two different farmers’ markets in town. Over the years, Murray has found it inspiring to visit organic farms, shops and vineyards in Australia and overseas. He said Europe is way ahead

with embracing organics whereas we are only in ‘first gear’ here, so he believes we have an exciting future. Murray shared as health problems are on the upswing, organic produce seems to be more popular here in Australia. It’s often a health crisis in our family, that leads to the whole family changing their lifestyle and often that’s the catalyst we need before changing our diets. Murray said he’s eaten organic food for years and attempts to live as sustainably as possible; with chooks in the backyard, solar panels on the roof, living off rain water tanks and wood fire heating in winter. He said we can look forward to organics in autumn because that’s when a broader range of vegies start to come back in season and lots of leafy greens return!! As for future projects and business developments Murray said, “I never want to sell my business. I want to keep it going and have it as part of my lifestyle.” That’s living the dream!

| APRIL 2017 | Holistic Bliss

21/03/2017 7:02:11 AM

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21/03/2017 7:03:16 AM



w a c a h p c

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t’s hard to believe 19 years ago, a 27-year-old mum conceived the beginnings of the world’s first certified organic skin care range, in her kitchen on the Gold Coast. Narelle Chenery is a woman on a mission, who continues to make a difference, while empowering us to create more in our lives. So what inspired Narelle? Well, years ago she was shocked when she

12.indd 1

was introduced to some ‘natural’ skin care products (she was studying Applied Science at uni at the time), that she later discovered were highly toxic. So it planted the seed of inspiration for her to create a range of skin care products (and later on health products and a household range) that were safe and effective. Entrepreneur Alf Orpen was impressed with what he saw and encouraged her to develop her products into a fully certified organic range. Narelle had been reading up about aromatherapy, herbal remedies,

and recipes for natural skin care products but developed her own processes that were even more effective. And after 18 months of intense research and a grant from the government, her range become fully certified organic in 2001. ‘Miessence’ is now a global household brand, with 30 staff working in the Gold Coast headquarters (ONEgroup factory), and the business and Narelle are not slowing down anytime soon! It was no mean feat for a young

21/03/2017 7:05:03 AM

R lo M h sw re

to c im g o

u c d In h m th ir if th m w




woman to find that belief inside herself and power on, while raising three children. And she hasn’t just created a revolutionary personal care and household range, she has educated people, empowering them to know they can have vibrant lives. “The biggest act of support I had was when my husband left his job to help me! It was a huge leap of faith, jumping off the cliff without a safety net. We HAD to make it work! There’s nothing like having no income to fall back on to inspire you to work really hard to make it happen. It seems that the universe conspired to support us after that,” said Narelle. Some might wonder if a gorgeous, young woman whose business is turning over millions, would be a target for people’s judgements. Again, Narelle seems to take it all in her stride. “I haven’t really been at the receiving end of tall poppy resentments. I don’t know what is said behind my back, and frankly, I don’t care. If people want to criticise me, they’ll certainly get a response,” she said. Narelle is also not shy about being a self-confessed ‘hippie’, but believes ‘hippie is the new black, or should we say green’ and becoming more common in mainstream circles. Clean and green is what the planet and people are requiring!! “The good old 3 Rs (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle), are of course central tenets. I love the ‘Buyerarchy of Needs’ (thanks Maslow), where you just use what you have in the first place, and borrow, swap and buy something new as the last resort,” she enthusiastically shared. Narelle has a ‘back to basics’, ‘down to earth’ way of being; she is more concerned about making a positive impact on our beautiful planet than getting caught up in the airs and graces of a superficial life. “Many years ago someone came up to me at a public talk and made a comment about me wearing the same dress I’d worn a couple of years ago. Initially I was a little embarrassed and humiliated, but then when I came to my senses I thought, bugger it! I like the dress. It travels well, doesn’t need ironing, and it looks good. Who cares if I wear it more than once, I’m not the Queen of England! I love letting my girlfriends know when I’m doing a wardrobe cleanout. We make a day of

it. We all bring clothes to swap, and the leftovers are donated.” Narelle balances her work, family and social life with the same finesse she manages her business and she has strong family values. She shared, “What’s all the blood, sweat and tears for if you don’t make time for what’s really important in life?” And her personal life has not been without pain and anguish. She said after her divorce five years ago, she lived with friends and family for three years and saved up for a house deposit. She cut up her credit cards and vowed to live more simply and never have a huge debt again. These days, Narelle aims to help her family out where she can. Her focus in the past year has been on helping her kids get a head start. “My eldest (22yo) daughter and her partner are having their first child in a few months and me and my folks are helping them to buy their first home. My middle daughter (20yo) works in our company (and is our hot-shot CEO in the making), she lives on her own and is paying off her home interest-free that my partner and I helped buy.” Narelle said her son (18) lives with them in a little townhouse, and is an apprentice electrician. “I think he’s just enjoying his newfound driving freedom and a healthy breakfast, lunch and dinner every day,” she said. It’s obvious Narelle finds her bliss with the simple things in life and especially when she spends time with her loved ones and communes with nature. “I always manage to mix business with pleasure and have as much nature time as possible in the place I’m visiting. My favourite relaxing pastimes are dancing and socialising with friends. Summer is my bush-doof camping music festival time, where I get to do both in the extreme. I’m lucky to have the best beaches in the world at my doorstep, and also some lush and beautiful rainforests, waterfalls and rivers only a short drive away. Rainforest therapy is my favourite spiritual practice.” Narelle is a mega creator with over 30 new product concepts on her to-do list in the next 12 months. She’s not only an organic pioneer, she is the master of prioritising and then actualising her dreams.

NARELLE’S SUSTAINABLE TIPS: REPAIR – I still give my 92-year-old nana clothes that have holes in them that I can’t bear to throw out. REMAKE – upcycle – when our washing machine died, I asked my dad to turn the stainless steel tub into a cool fire pit. REFUSE – when ordering a smoothie or juice, don’t use their plastic straws. Use your own mug when ordering a coffee. BYO bags to the grocers. Carry a cutlery set in your bag for takeaways. Carry your own water bottle and refill at dispensers. RESPECT – respect the ecology of our planet by purchasing local and in-season. Always check the country of origin of fresh produce. Don’t buy imports that are out of season. RESTORE – restore your little patch of earth. Plant a veggie or herb patch.

Narelle’s advice for people desiring to create an organic business: Go for it! Do your research, but trust your gut. If you’re wanting to enter into the organic market now, take the time to do it properly, get certified! Allow the time for people to earn your trust. Talk is cheap. Remember that actions speak louder than words. Holistic Bliss | APRIL 2017 |

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21/03/2017 7:05:38 AM



for the whole family

WORDS JEAN SHEEHAN, Principal – Millennium Education


here is nothing better than feeding you and your family organic food, as it is filled with emotional care. I love the Medical Intuitive aspect of food and how nature has designed the food to correlate with your body, the seasons and what is happening in the world. According to the Doctrine of Signatures, if you look at a tomato it has four chambers, is red like the heart and can assist with good heart functioning. Kidney beans look like kidneys and are terrific for these organs. Sweet potatoes balance the insulin and sugar levels and look like the pancreas. Specific foods grow at certain times of the year to assist with empowerment. In winter, pears are a gift as they are high in fibre, and you tend to need more fibre after eating lot of carbs in the cooler months. In a similar way apples are high in fibre and contain pectin which is a natural antioxidant. During summer, stone fruit are wonderful and mangoes are a natural anti-depressant – just what you need after winter.

Working with the natural flow of life, eating good food and maintaining an organic lifestyle, empowers and assists the whole family to live a happy, healthy lifestyle. It is the universe telling you exactly what is needed now. What about food cravings related to organics? This is perfect, because when your children crave chocolate, they will need magnesium – chocolate is high in magnesium and chromium, plus oily food contains calcium. And these can all be found in a balanced eating regime of organic food. Emotional care is linked to organic food. Anything that is considered real and organic like: fruit, vegetables, legumes and meat, allow your mind, body and spirit to feel happy and healthy. Processed, chemicalised and sugar-based foods, will tend to make you feel miserable, moody and unhealthy. Organic foods are a natural ‘medicine’ for your body. Walnuts release omega 3 which assist with serotonin production (your natural happy hormone). The natural colour of food will affect the emotional care of

Jean Sheehan Internationally Recognised & Award Winning

Medical Intuitive

COURSES 2017: April 22-23

Millennium Calendar®

(Sunshine Coast)

Nov 19-26

Medical Intuition

(Sunshine Coast)

w. e. p. 07 5641 4009

children. For example when food is red, there is more energy and will support the heart and red blood cells, yellow food will support the solar plexus and pancreas, pink food empowers love of self and the skin, uterus, prostate and breasts. Most of all, with emotional care and food, it is important to have balance and variety. Organic food has natural vitamins, minerals and chemicals, which supports children’s growth, happiness and health. Of course, at all times ensure that your family doesn’t have food intolerances or allergies. So today be the example of what is possible and eat well so that your children will mimic you and all will have a happy and healthy lifestyle. For Medical Intuitive courses or to learn about empowering your child contact JEAN SHEEHAN.

THE GOOD, THE BAD, THE RELATIONSHIP How are your interactions with your partner, family, children, friends and work colleagues? Would you like to improve them today?

THIS IS MORE THAN JUST A BOOK ON RELATIONSHIPS, IT LOOKS AT PAT TERNS AND BELIEFS FROM OUR PRIOR YEARS. • Covers cellular memory, fight vs flight responses, family of origin issues • Are your relationships calm, smooth sailing or Book based rough and on 30 years of violent (hence ‘emotiona l healing’ our ship workshops symbolism)? $16


To purchase the book please visit: 14

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for good mood & energy WORDS SONYA DRIVER


have recently learned a secret that has improved my diet, health and wellbeing‌ I have found by just adding one small thing, what a big difference it can make. Raw, organic juicing has changed my life and it will absolutely change yours too! Do yourself a favour and watch, “Fat, Sick and Nearly Deadâ€?. I’m telling you, this documentary started a revolution. It follows Joe Cross, an Australian man, 100lb overweight, who regains his health by juicing fruit and vegetables. It truly inspired me. I have now made it my ritual. Every morning I will make a jug of organic juice for my family, and my kids know it’s not optional. They drink

it all and they love it! Remember to always include way more vegetables than fruit. Vegetables are nutrient dense powerhouses – the more, the better! My rule that I try and stick to is about 90% vegetables and 10% fruits. I find that some vegetables are quite sweet anyway, like beetroot. For the fruit, I usually swap between apples, pineapples and oranges or whatever is in season. On the Gold Coast, we have some great organic local farmers’ markets and the kids and I love going down on the weekend to stock up on fresh organic fruits for our daily raw juices! Juicing has also taught me that we don’t need to put pressure on ourselves to eradicate certain food groups or foods from our diets. In my experience, I have found that simply juicing a handful of organic fruit and veg each day can drastically change the way you look, but more importantly, feel. Within one week of organic juicing, I found my moods and energy levels dramatically improved. This is because, not only

Raelene Byrne

does juicing flood your body with micronutrients and vitamins that your body needs, it will also stop cravings in their tracks. For me, I noticed my need for caffeine had dropped and my headaches disappeared. I urge you to follow “Reboot With Joe� on social media. Joe shares some great juicing recipes, meal plans and other free resources to help you introduce organic juicing into your home and diet. The Reboot With Joe community is such an inspiration for me, I love reading the incredible healing journeys that people have experienced with organic juicing. As we all know, our food can be our medicine or poison. So let’s eat (and drink!) the rainbow and flood our bodies with good nutrients and vitamins. I know you all know this by now, but here is your reminder! JUICE UP! Be Blessed x SONYA DRIVER is the pioneer of Eco Tan.

An integrative approach to helping you achieve balance in your body, mind, and life

Medicine for your Spirit

Medicine for your Spirit Bali Retreat – Sept 2017 Show Up, Step Up, Take up your Soul’s Journey

AWARENESS CARDS NOW AVAILABLE Engage in your soul’s journey‌



• Anxiety – generalised and acute • Habits – smoking, drugs and alcohol • Weight loss and mindful eating • ConďŹ dence, self-esteem and personal development • Emotional release • Fears, worry and phobias

Glenn Chandler, Dip. C.H., Principal Therapist Rachel Kennedy, Dip. C.H., Practice Manager Carol Moore, Dip. C.H., Hypnotherapist

PHONE ()   First Floor, 510 South Pine Road, Everton Park, QLD To learn more visit: Holistic Bliss | APRIL 2017 |

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FAST results and


INTERVIEW WITH ALORA WALDRON – 37 YEARS’ EXP, HEALTH COACH, NUTRITIONIST, WHOLISTIC WELLBEING EXPERT Q: Tell us about your background with healing and organics? A: My journey into health and healing began consciously at 17 yrs old. I remember though, even as a much younger girl, having a strong sense that you and I as human beings all have this great, unlimited potential within. At 24 years old I had lost my mother to cancer while I was pregnant with my daughter, and that “peak” experience triggered my passion to assist others who were ready to make a series of small but significant changes that would allow them to live in harmony with natural laws, restoring a sense of wellbeing, vitality and joy for life. Q: I am aware you are a representative for Miessence. What do you love about the products? A: I love they are Australian owned and made, toxin-free, and based on 100% beneficial certified organic food grade ingredients. This provides more energy, and an enhancement of our natural beauty inside and out. For all

these reasons I am very grateful to Narelle Chenery for her vision, and her dedication to the creation of real potent, fresh organic health products that change lives. Q: Tell us a bit about the new ‘Fast’ product from Miessence and how it works? A: It is truly amazing. I intuitively knew that we were capable of living with “a natural high” that wasn’t expensive, was healthy and legal. Being a lover of beauty and nature, I have always been attracted to eating as closely to nature as possible. I learnt about fasting when I once saw a friend cycling with such vibrancy that I had to ask, “Girl, what are you on?” To my surprise she answered, “I’m fasting”. Soon after I began fasting myself and changed my food choices and went through an amazing transformation. Recently Narelle launched our new ‘Fast’ detox weight-loss superfood product, which has reignited my passion for the healthy benefits of fasting which

As created by Diana Richardson author of the book and movie


ancient cultures have used for millennia to maintain their health and vitality. The 3-day ‘Fast’ is so flexible that you can easily fit it into your busy lifestyle, even doing intermittent fasts that last for one day at a time, to boost metabolism for weight loss or general wellbeing. Q: What results are people finding with this new product? A: Main benefits on average is the shedding of 2.5-3 kilos of unwanted body mass for each 3-day fast; which can be done weekly, or monthly until you reach your healthy body weight. Other benefits include: more energy, feeling happier, stress melting away, being motivated to exercise, clearer thinking, improved sleep, better digestion, less unhealthy cravings, and relief from stiffness, aches and pains and chronic conditions. What impressed me is the simplicity, the affordability, quality of the organic ingredients and their profound health benefits.


with Jules O’ Neill

Empowering people to live from their own awareness


9th - 14th October 2017 Sunshine Coast, Qld

People who desire harmony within their home and heart. Who are excited by families and rela�onships that choose to relate and grow with each other. Who believe that external stresses and struggles come from what is unresolved within themselves. Who know that once they are resolved – life amazingly transforms and awesome possibili�es become available.


We start with a 7-minute medita�on. Then Jules will select willing people from the group and transform their personal and/or family stress into lightness and solu�ons. Giving them and the group many workable concepts to create wholehearted change in their homes, hearts and families.


New beliefs, concepts, �ps and choices that create you to experience life changing shi�s in yourself, home and heart. Ones you can feel and see. Everyone benefits!

Phone: 0427 474 732 For more info email:


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Start a

lifetime of

change and



FREE 30-MINUTE HEALTH EVALUATION AND CONSULTATION with our fully registered and certified natural health practitioner at either of our Buderim and Noosa clinics – start a lifetime of change and health today!



Or call Tim for an appointment Phone: 0412 960 970 Visit: Email:

S K Y P E A N D H O M E V I S I T S AVA I L A B L E 17.indd 1

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eing post-menopausal and going through the changes, I can’t say that I have escaped body image issues through my years or that I was that artful at not passing this on to my daughter. I’m sad about this. It’s interesting that when I have really looked deeply at the reason why I have been so self-conscious about my body; it has been all about whether I will be liked/loved. I had to have the perfect body to have a man love me, or at least be attracted to me – and perhaps even more, I had to have the perfect body just to be accepted by society in general. That’s pressure! And really, did I ever think my body was perfect? NEVER! Well I am surrendering to this process of menopause. I’ve just had to surrender… and just let these unloving beliefs be completely dismantled! I have no choice… the body just is… it is ageing… and it is still beautiful. I am learning to accept the rolls and bubbles, even laugh about it – and love the lusciousness of more curves. The more important issue for me

these days – is how healthy am I? What choices can I make now that will steer me in the direction of health as I move into my elder years? And I am glad that this is now taking more precedence. In her ground-breaking book, ‘Women Who Run with the Wolves’, Clarissa Pinkola Estes says something like this – it’s not the size or shape of a woman’s body, or even whether she has all body parts. What’s important is – does this body move, does it dance, does it sing with joy? Does it make love with abandon? I may not be able to fit into all my old clothes right now – but you know what? These days, I feel good on the inside. I know more of who I am – I trust the deeper messages from within – I appreciate the perfect functioning of my body more and more every day. I am loving me more by making choices that support my heart and joy. And that’s gotta be good for your health! And I think this is the thing – when we view the body from the outside we are only ever caught up with how it looks. When we enter the internal world

of this incredible luscious vehicle that our feminine soul has incarnated into, then oh my god – how exquisite, how delicate, how sensual, how fricking awesome! When I discovered the Making Love approach, simply changing how I made love, I had time to slow down, to relax more in my body, to enter a layer deeper, to follow its instinctive movement and to feel myself from the inside. This is a game changer – to feel yourself from within – this place where it makes NO DIFFERENCE what size or shape your body is. THIS is pure joy – THIS is pure delight. There’s a whole universe in there waiting to be explored, felt, touched – one that transforms you from the inside – effortlessly. Now that’s healthy for every woman! JANET holds transformational workshops and retreats for women and couples and is co-author of the upcoming book, Sex, Menopause and Beyond.

Spiritual Advisor Naturopath Kriya Yogi Yoga Teacher Intuitive Healer JP (Qual Qld) Reverend of Leanda Weynton N.D., M.H. The Church of • Naturopathic Consultations in person or over Skype United Spiritualism • Liquid Herbal Dispensary • Iridology • Allergy and Mineral Testing • Yoga Classes and Workshops • Health and Yoga Retreats • Medical Intuitive Body Readings • Reiki and Chakra Balancing

FULL 2017 CALENDAR OF EVENTS Click Classes & Events

Craig Harmer

• Vision Guidance • Tarot Card Readings • Meditation and Breath Yoga Teacher • Divine Source Enhancement Healings

Phone: 0488 442 283 Email:



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Holistic Business Profile:


Organic Markets Direct


rganic Markets Direct (OMD) is truly Australian grown! Not packed, not a product of… refreshingly, OMD focuses on foods and other products that are grown in Australia. OMD not only exports the best Australian foods, they believe the goodness can be available locally! They hull Tasmanian hemp seeds at their Coolum Beach facility and create many other products. OMD contracts directly with growers or cooperatives, they third party lab test, ensuring there are no nasties. Whether certified organic or not, it has to be chemical residue free. They offer: Tassie quinoa, North

• Apples • Bananas • Grapes • Kiwifruit • Citrus – Lemons, Limes, Mandarins, Oranges • Beetroot • Broccoli • Brussels Sprouts • Celery • Cucumber • Mushrooms • Silverbeet / Spinach • Zucchini

Queensland chia seeds, green papaya powder, Victorian flax seeds, buckwheat and rice from New South Wales, which are all functional, super fresh, clean and affordable! They ship Australia wide, work with everyone, whether it be a family, individual, distributor, wholesaler or retailer. OMD only imports foods not generally grown here, such as: cactus powder, green leaf stevia and others. OMD loves oils and manufactures a beautiful range of certified organic hemp and chia face and body oils. OMD is a committed family company that walks the talk!

Contributed by Jenelle from TMP Organics.

“For most people, their spiritual teacher is their suffering. Because eventually the suffering brings about awakening.” – Eckhart Tolle

Spirit Healing MURRAY BALL IS A SHAMAN AND PRACTITIONER OF HOLOGRAPHIC KINETICS, HEALING PEOPLE WITH THEIR OWN SPIRIT. MURRAY IS TALKING AT INSIGHT NIGHTS, CALOUNDRA ON MAY 18 AT 6PM talking on his amazing journey of spiritual enlightenment, at CCSA Hall, 1 Nutley Street (back of Events Centre) FULL MOON – HEALTHY MIND, HEALTHY BODY & HEALTHY SPIRIT RETREAT STARTS 1ST - 10TH AUGUST 2017 10-day spiritual experience in Ubud Bali, Indonesia

WORKSHOPS ALSO AVAILABLE (LEARN TO CONNECT WITH YOUR SPIRIT) “Murray has opened my eyes to the invisible world that surrounds us. He has helped reconnect myself back to spirit. There is no deeper healing. I can’t thank him enough.” – Ryan Watson



MOBILE 0428 400 975



Mention this advert when booking an appointment and

receive $50 OFF normal session rate

Location – PALMWOODS Holistic Bliss | APRIL 2017 |

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to c a a h a se ti th a c a

with even basic treatment. You might use the remedy arnica, for example, to treat bruises or sprains due to a fall or a bump or aconite for the early onset of a cold. However, the treatment of complex chronic illness using homœopathy can be quite complex due to the dynamic nature of homœopathic remedies and their interactions with the body.

th A tr p a o u si m a o p p is o o fr It tr m

It is important to recognise that if we choose to treat a condition using homœopathy, we need to be willing

su in

It may not happen overnight WORDS TIM ROBERTS


omœopathy states that a substance that can cause particular complaints in the healthy, can also be used to treat similar symptoms presented in the sick. This was

first described by the founding father of medicine, the Greek doctor Hippocrates as well as the Renaissance physician Paracelsus. It was not until the year 1970 that this so-called law of similars, was rediscovered by the German doctor Samuel Hahnemann and homœopathy was born. Homœopathy can be used for a wide variety of complaints. Mild illness with an obvious cause can be treated with homœopathy even by lay people

BECOME A YOGA TEACHER Free clinics at Eumundi Markets Saturdays

m essence


Upcoming workshops

Pain and Inflammation Workshop | April 26th | Maleny FAST Weight Loss Superfood Nutritional Medicine for Digestion | June 18th | Maleny

certified organic dietary supplement

my health yoga


SUNSHINE COAST Currimundi, Sat March 25 BRISBANE New Farm, Sat March 4, Wed March 15 or Sun May 28 GOLD COAST Broadbeach, Sat March 18 or Sun June 4

Level 2 and Yin Yoga Teacher training also available

Become fully accredited and insured to teach anywhere or open your own studio. Can join after training commences – PAYMENT PLANS AVAILABLE. Ph: 0402 838 545 | Email:

LOSE 3 KILOS IN 3 DAYS! Bookings 0409765033 Shop online at FAST is a certifi ed organic, nutritionally supported 3-day modified fast for sustained weight loss without the usual hunger. Yes, you can achieve fast, effective and healthy weight loss. FAST is a: 1. Weight Loss Formula 6. Liver Cleansing Supplement 2.Search Protein Shake 7. Super Antioxidant Drink 3. Prebiotic Supplement 8. Immune Support Supplement 4. Fibre Supplement 9. Energy Drink Schools Dry Cleaners Personal Care Baby Products 5. Green Alkalising Supplement


Cleaning Hairdressers Home Assessments Alora Waldron E-Course Parks Food/Cafes Garden Products Natural Therapist 37 yearsToys Pest Control Wine Pet Care Clothes SoulVoice Teacher, Spirit Journey ore




Registered Teacher Training Courses


20.indd 1

and m

Retreats, Miessence Rep Call and receive your free gift with your purchase of FAST


Phone: 0414 808 052 WE’RE NEW – WATCH US GROW

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to be flexible. Homœopathy is not like conventional medicine where quite often a single medicine can be used to treat a variety of conditions. The choice of a homœopathic medicine to treat chronic and complex conditions takes even a seasoned homœopath considerable time, patience and effort. It is during this time that the complementary aspect of homœopathy to be used with conventional medicine comes into being and becomes extremely important. Classically trained homœopaths, those registered by in Australia, have had extremely in-depth training in homœopathic remedies, philosophy and subsequent treatment, and understand the dynamic nature of homœopathic remedies. They understand that deep-seated illness by a single remedy is often not the case. For most people, several different remedies and potencies over an extended period of time will be needed. Patience and persistence is required, not just from the practitioner but also the patient. This is why so many people do not get the opportunity to experience the wonders of homœopathy, they have not been told from the outset that patience is required. It is not a quick fix. If quick or emergency treatment is required, conventional medicine is highly recommended. Many people are born with a substantial disposition to illness that they inherited. Conditions such as allergies,

asthma and eczema are often found in clusters in families. To treat such conditions, we must be aware that these ailments are found in layers with patients and each particular layer needs to be treated in turn. There is no magic pill or panacea, again patience and flexibility is required. I am sure we have all heard of homœopathy. It definitely is a protocol that creates extremes of opinion. Some would use nothing but homœopathic remedies for the treatment of illness in themselves and their family’s lives whilst others dismiss it as witchcraft or snake oil and love to post their opinions on social media for all to share. The question beckons, why do these extremes even exist? It is not because homœopathy works for some and not others. Homœopathic remedies will work whether or not you believe in them. They work with adults, children, babies, animals and even plants. The reason the extremes of opinion exist is for several reasons: 1. People go to see a practitioner who does not fully understand the dynamic nature of homœopathy and its medicines. It takes years of training, mentorship and willingness to continually update one’s own understanding and personal beliefs to be a classically trained homœopath. Quite simply, a basic level of training will simply enable one to possibly treat a basic level of illness.

(Again go to to find a homœopath that can help you and your condition.) 2. People accept ‘rip offs’ of classical homœopathy and think that homœopathic remedies found in health food stores or pharmacies will truly cure complex chronic illness and get disappointed when they do not and proceed to share this disappointment with others. 3. Practitioners and clients just don’t understand the need to be patient and that the use of conventional medicine in conjunction with homœopathic medicines is extremely important for the successful treatment of chronic illness. Homœopathy is continually developing and renewing itself. For an ever more complex world, it is important that we as homœopaths do not get stuck in the past. We need to continue to change our approach and understanding, to match the ever more complex nature of disease. By having a foot firmly entrenched in the true traditional homœopathic treatment protocols and the other foot continually on the accelerator to keep up to date with a busy world, we are able to adapt the use of the wondrous world of homœopathy to treat every body and every need. Home visits and Skype sessions can be organised by booking through the website:

Holistic Bliss | APRIL 2017 |

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inally it’s arrived! Dr Cam and Marz have formed ‘Your Geneius’ and are taking the world by storm, educating people on their best health practices, optimising their physical body for greater awareness and optimising their genes for vitality and longevity. Did you know that kale isn’t super for everyone? These two dynamos are coaching, training and educating people on the best choices for their INDIVIDUAL health – their approach is that “there are over 7 billion people on the planet and no two individuals are the same, therefore no two people’s health care should be identical”. Each of their clients go through an extensive screening process that takes just under an hour, where they measure over 12 points on the body and fill out a

be on the same page?

detailed questionnaire. Then their data is put through multiple filters including studies from Ayurveda, Ancient Chinese Traditional Medicine, Embryology, Chronobiology, as well as the latest in epigenetic research!” Marz and Dr Cam are literally at the cutting edge of what is sure to be the future of health care. This coupled with their intuitive knowings and expansive awareness, makes them a pair of super coaches we haven’t seen before. When they told us about their Health Transformation Project (HTP) we got excited! There are so many, ‘Challenges’, ‘Plans’ and ‘Programs’ out there, but each one is generic, they don’t care about your individual journey. Then Dr Cam and Marz told us about their HTP and we were shocked – they actually care! Particularly if you have tried to amend your health previously, but have been unsuccessful, or you may know the tools and what to do, but have lacked the support, motivation or implementation strategies – Dr Cam and Marz have you covered. They have put together


this comprehensive Mind-Body-FitnessEnergy-Healing-Whole Health program that is delivered both online and inperson; if you live in Brisbane, visit in-person (they are amazing)! But if you can’t, the virtual online version is awesome too! We recommend you go for the whole package and get your genetics done while you are at it – so your journey with them is even more personalised. For less than a couple of Acai bowls a week you can be finding healthy choices easy and obvious with these two on your team. When you share 16 weeks with two inspiring individuals like Dr Cam and Marz, your life will change, guaranteed – and they are so sure of this, that if you aren’t happy after 4 weeks you get your money back. The Health Transformation Project is a group initiative priced for you to afford it. If groups aren’t your thing, then you can always work with them 1:1 and really create some shifts in your life! Contact them on phone: 0411 380 566 or email: Like them at

LOOKING FOR A RETREAT OR WORKSHOP SPACE? Still Waters Sanctuary is a beautiful and peaceful 100 acre property in Kin Kin, nestled in the Noosa Hinterland.



3 x 1-hour Sessions for $150 Choose from: Pranic Healing, Kung-fu Boxing, Tai-Chi, Qi-Gong and Body Work SPECIALISING IN: Richard 0408 078 772 • Pranic healing relieving Amanda 0412 957 225 symptoms of anxiety, depression, E: lack of energy, and self worth SUNSHINE COAST • Yoga and Nutrition for pre- and post-natal, and women’s health

Thrive On Holistic Life! 22

22.indd 1

Still Waters retreat was created to provide a place for people to rest, relax and rejuvenate in a simple natural environment. We promote the expression of natural healing modalities, simple lifestyle choices, spiritual practices and creativity. The venue is ideal for small group workshops, healing, training sessions or lectures, creative or artistic groups. It is also perfect for personal retreats. SLEEPS 10-13 PEOPLE, KITCHEN FACILITIES, SHOWERS AND TOILETS, TIPI AS PRESENTATION SPACE. HOURLY RATES, ½ OR FULL DAY, WEEKENDS OR MORE. FOR BOOKINGS OR A PERSONAL TOUR OF THE PROPERTY

phone Bernice O’Donoghue on 0419 271 512

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Are you creating health now to WORDS CYNDI O’MEARA



any lifestyle diseases can actually be avoided by taking a preventative approach to disease and living an optimal balanced healthy life full of vitality. Most people are suffering from inflammation within their body and don’t even know it. If this inflammation goes unnoticed, it can often lead to disease and illness. Inflammation isn’t just joint inflammation, or inflammation from an injury. When your body perceives something as a threat, it protects itself and this process is called an inflammatory response. Many chemical signals are produced in the body which defend it from triggers such as consuming certain foods, synthetic chemicals, food additives, viruses, bacteria, parasites, stress and lack of sleep. Symptoms are simply a little whisper from your body, trying to tell you to make a change. If we ignore those symptoms, then they can go from whispers into screams. If these screams aren’t listened to, it can result in a diagnosis of a disease,

typically an autoimmune disease (AD) such as multiple sclerosis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, Alzheimer’s, diabetes and Graves’ disease, but may also lead to heart disease or cancer. As you’re reading this article it’s a good idea to scan your body and ask yourself: What symptoms am I experiencing? What is causing these symptoms? Almost all symptoms you are experiencing in your body start from inflammation. The most common signs of inflammation in the body are: headaches, skin issues, brain fog, weight gain, fatigue, sinus issues, weight fluctuations and joint pain. As soon as you make changes to your diet and lifestyle, your health can improve. A lot of people are so used to feeling unwell that they have forgotten what it feels like to be healthy, alive and full of energy. Anti-inflammatory diets have become very popular over the past few years. If you want to eat for long-term health, then lowering inflammation in your body is essential for improving your health.

INFLAMMATORY FOODS TO AVOID: All packaged food containing preservatives, colours, flavours, additives, emulsifiers and other harmful dubious ingredients: GMO foods, conventionally raised meat or eggs, farmed fish, wheat/gluten, pasteurised and homogenised dairy, refined vegetable oils, refined sugars, cheap supplements. 10 INFLAMMATION FIGHTING FOODS: Turmeric, ginger, coconut oil, leafy greens and fresh herbs, fermented foods, cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, cabbage etc), seafood and cold-water fish, bone broth, gelatin, avocados. By understanding how food contributes to your overall health, you will be able to protect yourself better and prevent illness. If you’re looking for more individualised support and you don’t know where to start, you can book a 15-minute health review with one of the ‘Changing Habits’ nutritionists.

create health now to prevent illness later ARE YOU – • STARTING TO NOTICE A FEW HEALTH CONCERNS? • ‘FUTURE PROOFING’ YOUR HEALTH? • WANTING TO MAINTAIN AND LIVE A VIBRANT LIFE? Receive FREE access to 3 upcoming online videos about the importance of disease prevention as well as a FREE copy of

‘ARE YOU CREATING HEALTH NOW TO AVOID ILLNESS LATER’ report SMS the word PREVENTION to 0428 479 700 today. No extra text rates apply. Holistic Bliss | APRIL 2017 |

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large variety of vegetables implemented into our daily diet is very important, but there are some vegetables we seem to pass up. Mushrooms, are the one vegetable that some of us really love or really hate but this little baby is one superfood we should add to our diet. Here are 5 super mushrooms that you cannot pass up: REISHI – Hailed in ancient Eastern medicine as the “mushroom of immortality” and the “medicine of kings”, the Eastern world has been using Reishi for thousands of years, particularly in China and Japan. It is also used to treat certain medical conditions and is very high in antioxidants. It is believed to suppress the growth of tumors in people with cancer, and has anti-inflammatory properties sometimes used for patients who have Alzheimer’s and heart disease. LION’S MANE – Lion’s Mane is one of the more interesting looking

to give you a boost!

mushrooms, showing teeth-like spines, and has been used for centuries as a traditional Chinese medicine and best known for its immune-boosting properties. Lion’s Mane also helps improve memory and brain function and can be helpful in treating anxiety and depression. Studies have shown that Lion’s Mane is beneficial to people suffering from high blood pressure and helps eliminate toxins from the body. TURKEY TAIL – The Turkey Tail mushroom is one of the most common mushrooms and used as a traditional Chinese medicine. This magical mushroom is a well-known antioxidant and believed to have great healing elements, strengthening the body against disease. Its immune strengthening components have been known to help rebuild the immune systems in people with cancer. CORDYCEPS – This is a rare, wild Chinese mushroom that grows on caterpillar larvae and other insects. Militaris variety is said to have a better

quality of spores, and plenty of them. This fungus helps to combat fatigue, improve sexual dysfunction, increase immunity, with anti-viral properties being studied as a treatment for cancer. Most Cordyceps on the market are grown without the use of insects and are safe for vegans. SHIITAKE – The Shiitake mushroom is native to East Asia and famous for its rich texture and smoky flavour. Also known as “medical mushrooms” due to a long history of fighting infection, this mushroom is filled with flavour, antioxidants, vitamins and minerals. Shiitake’s benefits include: fighting antiviral infections, strengthening the immune system, improving liver function and may be a treatment for liver diseases. Specialising in organic nourishing raw food and living food cuisine, Shokuiku is a place in Melbourne to learn and experience a new dynamic way of eating.

Inner Alchemy™ Awakening Wholehearted and Wholebody Aliveness Women’s Sessions, Workshops, Practitioner Training, Tours and Retreats • Inner Alchemy™ Personal Sessions for Women • Life Purpose Scientific Hand Analysis • Wildly Feminine™ Weekly Class Series • Women’s Sacred Sexuality Workshop • Jade Egg Initiation Workshop • Women’s Tantric Approach to Menopause • Women’s Beauty, Mystics and Temples Tour North India

Couples Sessions and Workshops • Classical Tantra Guidance Sessions for Couples • Rediscover Sacred Love™ Weekend Workshop Retreats

Jenni Mears // // M 0439 876 765 24

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n the highly competitive world of design, is there really room to foster artistic appreciation and support empowerment? Tarsha Burn thinks there is. The powerhouse behind the Organic Bed Threads brand, Tarsha says the empowerment of third-world artisans is as important as using certified organic cotton. Organic Bed Threads supports chemical-free, certified organic cotton plantations in the Rajasthan region of India. It’s here that the company employs a team of hand embroiderers, master wood block printers, and tailors to produce truly artisan bed linen. It’s handmade, socially responsible, ethically sourced, and free trade.

These talented craftspeople interpret Tarsha’s designs using handmade artisan techniques. Tailors, spinners, weavers, dye colour masters, hand and machine embroiderers, screen printers, wood block carvers, and a master wood block printer form a long line of artisans. Tarsha’s socially motivated determination had shown her that ‘ethical’ and ‘organic’ are often NOT. So she asked her manufacturer to undertake the rigorous process of gaining accreditation of Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS). “Organic Bed Threads is a socially responsible company that ensures the farming process is certified organic and that the manufacturing practices are safe and fair,” says Tarsha. “The biggest challenge now is to educate consumers that not only are certified organic cotton products more durable and luxurious, but that being fair trade and ethically produced is worth supporting.” Email:


CALLING ALL COACHES AND THERAPISTS! Would you like to add some advanced and effective tools to your tool kit? 9




Workshop 1:

DATE: 19, 20, 21, 22, 23 June 2017 WHERE: The Ramada Ballina Byron Bay 2 Martin Street, Ballina

Workshop 2:





Coaching Leadership Evolves with Evelyn Olivares


31 August, 1 and 2 September and 7 and 8 September 2017 WHERE: Canada Bay Club, Five Dock, Sydney

website: 3

6 telephone:

0418 403 227 email: 5


Holistic Bliss | APRIL 2017 |

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for the whole family



n Sunday, 5th March, 2017, a wonderful bunch of conscious locals gathered together here on the Sunshine Coast to help clean up our spectacular beaches. It was so beautiful to see people from all walks of life show up to help us with this donation-based event, from elders to young surfers, to tiny little children and although all very different beings, we were all there to make a change together. At 8am we met outside the ‘Little Boat Espresso’ cafe in Marcoola to start this wonderful event with an inspiring talk from Leah Hays (Environment Council co-ordinator) to get everyone excited for the morning ahead. After the talk myself and Dean Feldmeier (the event organisers) handed out biodegradable bags, gloves and sunscreen to all the happy locals for the walk. At 9am we left Marcoola together to start our beach clean pilgrimage, heading for our finish point in Yaroomba.

The beach appeared to be spotless, but come the Mt Coolum halfway point we had collected bags and bags of trash; just goes to show how much these little events can make such a change to our local areas and wildlife. Along with the huge pile of miscellaneous trash, we cleared 35 metal cans, 33 plastic bottles, 45 glass bottles, 9 plant pots, 23 plastic cups, 20 plastic bags, fish hooks, knives and home-made bongs! After the successful beach clean we all met at Point Arkwright in Yaroomba for a community yoga class and an environmental awareness talk under the shaded yoga dome. It was such a magical experience for me to teach that yoga class for such an amazing bunch of humans. The beautiful live music set from Marty Reid helped create such a peaceful atmosphere for everyone to unwind in. Although I wanted this event to be about us showing the areas we call home a bit of love, I also wanted to



Th e J our n e y guides us directly to the root ca use of a ny longsta nding difficulty a nd then gives

The Journey is for people who want real change in their lives but who struggle with recurring feelings of anxiety, stress, depression or physical illhealth. This weekend will guide you to find freedom from emotional pain and limiting beliefs so you can live the life you choose, whole and free!

gift the locals this nurturing quality too, as I really do believe that your journey to help others, has to start within. You have to put energy into your own health and care for yourself, before you are able to gift it outward. It is extremely important for us to look after our surroundings and reduce the amount of plastic landfill, but it is just as important to nurture our internal environment too. To close this community event, we all nestled under the yoga dome to listen to Dave Beasley and Christopher Kelly share another extremely inspiring environmental-based talk about what is happening in our local areas and how we can help. This ‘Yoga Beach Clean’ event was a donation-based event with all funds going to our local ‘Sea Shepherd’ crew to help keep our oceans safe. We will be running more of these events so keep up to date on the Lily Taloola Yoga Facebook page and be part of the change going on in the community!


Create Your Own Reality

Basic DNA ThetaHealing® | 10-12 May Advanced DNA ThetaHealing® | 15-17 May Dig Deeper | 20-21 May World Relations | 22-26 May Experience this life changing work at The Journey Intensive Seminar 22 and 23 April 2017 (Advanced Skills 24 April 2017) Sunshine Coast with Sharon Turton Cost $595 Earlybird $545 (before 8th April)

Bookings & Info:


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Talitha Talarek

ThetaHealing® Master & Certificate of Science

T: 0432 207 738 E: 8/77 Redcliffe Parade, Redcliffe

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The art of



7 SIMPLE YET PROFOUND STEPS TO BE THE PARENT YOU CHOOSE TO BE Step 3: Compassion ometimes we can be so triggered by our kids that the last month’s step ‘acknowledging your feelings and feel them’, seems impossible in the heat of the moment. It takes an act of will to actually stop and actually feel what is happening emotionally as your kids ignore you or defy you, and every fibre of your being wants to thump ‘the little monster’. In this moment there is a choice… to lose it again and react unconsciously with anger, threats or withdrawal, which just creates further disconnect… or to feel the emotional turmoil of your inner world and find compassion in the heart of it, acknowledging that this is a tough moment and your little one is struggling… and so are you! Give yourself permission to really feel the emotional pain, and wrap it up in a big embrace of compassion, for


yourself. Parenting is a huge task and there are going to be challenging times. When you choose compassion for yourself you soften. The triggering situation may continue from your child but somehow there is more space between you and your own knee-jerk reaction. It brings you to a more centred and respectful place inside. When we open into compassion, the energetic charge subsides and miraculously the child’s behaviour no longer triggers us. And as there is no rebound energetic response from you the child eventually gives up the game. Self-compassion is a way of relating to yourself with kindness, regardless of the outside circumstances. It is not about denying your painful emotions, but acknowledging them with understanding and humility. So next time that you are caught in the turmoil of emotion, give yourself a few moments to really be with the discomfort of it, allowing yourself

to drop deeper into the core of the emotion and feel what is really there. Under the old knee-jerk anger there may be deep sadness or fear. Just simply allow it, feel it and even welcome it. Wrap your loving awareness around it with kindness and compassion for yourself. Compassion opens the heart and connects you with the deeper truth of the profound love you feel for your child. It brings you to a deeper connection with yourself, which ultimately is the pathway for a deeper heart-connection with your kids. Next month we will dive into Step 4 – the bliss of present moment awareness with your kids. Contact SHARON for private coaching, Journey sessions and workshops – next Journey workshop is 22-24 April in Montville. Sharon gives regular talks on emotional intelligence and is the author of two books.

Dental care for your total wellbeing! We are holistic dentists because we recommend the treatment that will be right for your body. It means that in everything we do we consider the impact of it on your body and use only materials and procedures accordingly. For example, when we are removing amalgam we use a rubber dam, high speed suction and an IQair air purifier so you don’t swallow any of the material or breathe in any of the mercury vapour. It’s the dentistry for you if you care about your total wellbeing. Shop 1/ 13 Garnet Street Cooroy QLD 4563 P H O N E : ( 0 7 ) 54 47 76 6 9 Follow us on Facebook

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Feeling leads to




ecently I spent a lot of time watching ‘Vikings’ on Netflix. Aside from the attractive main characters and gruesome historical insights, it alerted me to the role detachment contributes to the way we manage emotions. I define the ability as not becoming emotionally disoriented by the natural force of life and death. The Vikings accepted death as part of life and content in their belief that the soul transitioned to meet with those who went before them and that they would be together again. Feelings are intrinsic to our lives and I believe, form the basis for why we are here. Therefore, granting them space in how we personally deal with ours, forms the individual style of emotional management. Some personalities are naturally more detached. We cannot coach ourselves into being emotionally intelligent, we evolve toward being less emotionally erratic. There was a time in my life where I was heartbroken; intense grief lasted

for more than two years, my emotions were mostly the same with each day filled with a sadness which I could not control, nor stop. I did not try to. A blessing of working from home meant those tears could flow without having to hide or burden anyone with them. Mind you, I travelled interstate a lot for work and was often on a plane, unable to hold back those tears. I used to turn my head to the side to avoid the person next to me from feeling uncomfortable or enquiring about my tears. There was nothing they could have done for me, and to be comforted or asked what was wrong, would have served no purpose. It was imperative to grow through my grief. This experience is how I know for certain that I could not train myself to be more positive, less emotional, happier, better controlled or whatever. Emotions are felt, they do not fit into a theoretical box. I knew what was wrong and understood there was a process; a time span for my grieving to pass.

cleanseDETOX hydrate



I was seeing clients then, fortunately, my sadness would remain at bay for the duration of their session, but return the moment they left. It astounded me, that I could cry all the way to my appointments and regain absolute balance of myself for long enough to be present for my clients. There was simply no way of getting around feeling the intense emotions I was working through. If you have strong emotional reactions or feel caught in a rut, I encourage you to allow the feelings to rise, feel them, live through the process and gain understanding and empathy for yourself and others. This is emotional intelligence. TONI REILLY is an author, speaker, seminar leader and internationally recognised Regression Facilitator. She is the creator of SoulLife™ Coaching Programs, Seminars and Training, guiding thousands of clients worldwide with her unique, intuitive approach to personal transformation.

Feeling tired and sluggish? Tummy troubles getting you down? Lost that pep in your step? Let us help you eliminate your waste, reduce your toxic overload and regain the good health you deserve. Colon Hydrotherapy can assist with: • Constipation • Irritable Bowel Syndrome • Weight Loss • Bloating and Indigestion • Headaches / Migraines • Sinus and Allergies • Bad Skin / Acne • Candida • Anxiety • Fatigue



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Certified Colon Hydrotherapist

3/82 Parker Street, MAROOCHYDORE

Phone (07) 5326 3537

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Make the switch to your




n the rare occasions that I watch any reality TV, I am always reminded of the sheer lack of emotional intelligence in people. I often wonder if people know what emotional intelligence actually is, or if they ever think to consciously use it? Emotions… we all know what these are. Intelligence… this is rare in people. Many people do not know the difference between our intelligence and the intellect, often thinking they are the same. They are not. Intelligence can only be consciously accessed in the moment – hence the rarity, while the intellect, which is subconsciously available, is all too often our substitute for intelligence. It is not intelligence that polluted our world, but for many years our intellects justified and excused it! For some reason, people do not commonly perceive the link between our emotions and our intelligence or between our emotions and

consciousness. What people do not realise is that our emotions are our powerhouse, not our thoughts, as is commonly believed. Thoughts precede emotions, but it is our emotions that rattle our cage. Let me give you an example of using your emotions in a very unintelligent manner. If you have little money and what you have is rapidly receding, you will mostly be worried and anxious… negative emotions. Negative emotions communicate to consciousness that your focus is negative, and that lack of money is creating them. Consciousness only knows what you focus on. It does not know or care whether you want it or not, whether the focus will kill you or not, or if the focus is good for your welfare or not… it only knows your focus. Where you focus, your energy flows… and creates. Your emotional focus is lack, poverty and fear. So now,

in consciousness you are attracting and creating more of the same, lack, poverty and fear. And thus the poor financial situation continues. This is not emotional intelligence! Okay… same scenario, you have little money and it is receding. Instead of turning your thoughts toward lack, poverty and fear… you focus on how much you have. You now create and feel the emotional joy of abundance at how much you have. However little you have, you imagine the muchness of it and how it is growing – even if it is not! Where you focus, energy flows, so it begins to flow toward the muchness you have, and the emotions that come with abundance. And so you create more. You can even fake the emotions of abundance! Consciousness only knows what you focus on; you are the point of creation. Real or fake; it is all the same to universal consciousness.

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How to surf the




umanity, earth, collective consciousness is in transition. We can be listening to our inner world all we want and following the heart whispers, and gentle shoves, however, we will have days where we wonder why, as the old beliefs will bubble to the surface in an uncontrolled way. Remember you are not just doing it all in your own life, you are doing it for the collective. Our species has endured aeons of suppression and repression, and we have forgotten what we are truly capable of, what we can be. As things arise, holding the thought of when you are kind and gentle with those old beliefs in you, you are better at moving it through the collective. You are responsible for you and all that you offer into life. We can surrender and observe, go into acceptance and allowing. We can resist or berate ourselves. Ever said this one to yourself? “After all the work I have done, I can’t believe this is STILL showing up.” We can fall into a deep

Energy & Wellbeing Events SATURDAY, 1st APRIL 2017 9am-4pm

Maryborough: Brolga Theatre, 5 Walker St

SATURDAY, 22nd APRIL 2017 9am-4pm

Hervey Bay: Community Centre, 22 Charles St

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Gympie: Gympie Civic Centre, 32 Mellor St • Psychic Readings • Energy Healings • New Business Launches • Crystals and Cards • Massage • Reiki • Essential Oils • Aura Photos • Interesting People • Tasty Terrific Food available • Lucky Door Prizes and so much more…


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nature, go out for a walk, get a journal, or paper and write it all out, dance, the movement will get the energy flowing. One of my fav things is to sit under or IN a tree, where in an instant I return to my youth where I would stare at the movement of the wind through the leaves, perhaps looking at clouds… having NOTHING but that to entertain me. Our beliefs, resistance, restrictions are our own reminders to keep evolving. Your soul must deal with certain themes in this human experience, YOU choose them, and they will repeat in various forms until you are totally mastering all of you. That may take lifetimes. Once we embrace that, the issues are only seen as another resting point, to find the next way forward with a kindness and gratitude for the lesson showing up or an opportunity to choose again.

funk while the resistance to what we so want to do, plays out almost taunting us to give up. You are shifting these old patterns on multi-dimensional levels. It can seem never ending, it can seem eternal, BUT, each time it gets easier and you can go more into observer or witness role, and deal with the situation from an ‘overview’ and respond differently. It is natural, to have the difficulties. We can appreciate the highs, we can reset in the lows. All we are doing is following the cycles of nature, the rhythm of expanding, contracting, growth, rest, birth, death. As with any change, we must get used to new habits, thoughts, ways of doing and being. In the down times, you are responsible for you. Take the easy way, and give up, or take the other easy way and know this shall pass, as do all things. Sometimes when things seem rough, change your environment, up the ante with your own space, check out into

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ravelling to India to attend a Vipassana meditation retreat was something I’d wanted to do for so long, yet the fog of fear had meant that I’d prevented myself from doing so. How could I leave my business for such a long period of time? Would I be able to navigate the chaos of India by myself and how would I manage in a foreign country meditating in silence for 45 days?! These were just a few of my fears. But, sitting with ill and dying people for many years has instilled in me an approach to life that will, hopefully, equate with coming to my own final days with no regrets; not having put off what I’ve wished to do in this precious life. And so 2016 became my year of bravery. On the 29th December, I flew to Mumbai, followed by another plane trip, and after a very interesting twohour taxi ride, I arrived at Dhamma Sindhu, Gujarat, in the north-west of India. Arriving at the centre was both

Shop 2/71 Russell St. West End, Brisbane Ph: (07) 3846 4608

Tues-Fri 10am-5pm; Sat 11am-4pm

joyful and nerve-wracking. When I saw my room, my heart sank a little, as it looked a little like a prison cell. I wrestled with my loneliness (no one to speak English with), fears of facing the next 45 days here with lots of hard work, a very thin mattress, no shower, smelly sewerage, unknown foods, and all the differences that go into moving between cultures. We handed in our phone and wallet, and it felt as if I was leaving all self-identifying elements behind. As I adjusted to this new environment, I settled in to do the work that is involved in a Vipassana retreat, getting to experientially understand the foundations of the Buddha’s teachings: the nature of suffering, impermanence, and no-self. We finetuned our concentration, observing whatever arose, and retrained our minds not to react. A strict timetable of these practices, from 4.30am-9pm, meant lots of effort. On the other hand, relinquishing diaries, roles, technology,

and household chores was relaxing. On day 44, we started speaking again, and this was quite a shock. But everyone had big smiles on their faces and we felt the benefits of this gem, this path we were on: inner peace, equanimity, joy, and overwhelming gratitude and, for me, such a well of loving compassion to all. The hard work was and is worth it! After the course, with newfound vigour, I explored some other places in India, taking in the colour, abundance and poverty, and busyness of this place. At home, after two months away, I am overflowing with gratitude for this amazing life experience, happy to be at home again, and proud that I located the bravery within to take this long anticipated step in my life. What I gained by doing so assists me in the counselling work I do, in my personal relationships in life, and to continue to live a life led by bravery and inspiration.

Books  Jewellery  Gifts 163 Boundary St. West End, Brisbane Ph: 3844 1887

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5 beautiful lessons for WORDS LYZA SAINT AMBROSENA


o be fully known and truly loved and accepted as we are is one of life’s richest and rarest treasures. Communication is everything – learn to communicate with love, laughter and forgiveness – it will be one of your greatest assets – marriage is a wonderful journey which requires many adjustments. By continually choosing to love your partner, and see the best in them, you’ll grow stronger, wiser, and better, as individuals and as a couple. Learn to communicate in ways that nurture your relationship and each other and build a wonderful life of understanding and happiness. Honesty is the key to maintaining an open and healthy dialogue about your lives, your emotions, your thoughts, opinions, insecurities and everything in between. Learn to let arguments go: Communicate clearly until it’s resolved cleanly and everyone understands the misunderstanding. TREAT LIFE AS AN ADVENTURE Encourage adventure, whether


it’s hanging out the washing together, cooking together or exploring the great outdoors. Create an air of adventure that makes every breath full of excitement and NEWness. Let this attitude flow into everything you do and everyone you know. Married life at home can be just adventurous as travelling the world, because you get to be beside the one you love, your best friend, your beloved. AGEING HAPPENS Wrinkles, wobbly muscles and skin and everything else that makes us human will happen. Over time you’ll both be stripped down to your bare selves so learning to truly see beyond the surface into the soul will nourish your relationship, far more than feeling trapped by the ageing process. Embrace it and continue to embrace each other lovingly as it will help you age more gracefully as you look into the eyes of someone you love and who loves you. You’ll both change, so plan time to be

together to enjoy the changes in each other. PLAN FOR INTIMACY It’s too easy to become preoccupied with work, children and other matters, so remember to make a conscious effort to keep intimacy alive by creating oneon-one time together as regularly as you can and speaking up when you feel like you need quality time together. LATHER EVERYTHING IN GRATITUDE and it always tastes sweeter. Great marriages aren’t luck, they’re developed and cherished and worked at over time by focusing on gratitude for each other and your life. The glass is always half full. Don’t waste a moment of your time together in anger, or regret, simply communicate and celebrate with gratitude that you have each other now and as long as you both shall live. Learn more about LYZA’S sessions and events and download your free copy of “Seven Secrets to Overcoming Overwhelm” at


RELAX, REJUVENATE, REAWAKEN, RECONNECT Lyza Saint Ambrosena has practised Spiritual Energy Healing since 1990. She teaches Ancient and current techniques to strengthen your ability to reach your infinite potential. • One-on-One Transformational Healing Sessions • “Heart of Women” Retreats and Sacred Circles • Channeling Divine Guidance Events • Spiritual & Psychic Development Classes • The “GIFT” Intuitive Development Day


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Doing what you love can support an




ow many times have you thought about or wanted to pursue your dream job however the fear of not having enough money gets in the way? This ‘fear’ is your choice and it comes from belief systems buried deep within you. With becoming aware of these beliefs, you can change them and make a very different choice – giving you very different results. To begin this process, ask yourself honestly, “Am I in my job because I love it, or am I in my job because it is safe and makes me money?” You will know this answer. If you love it – great – stick with it! If it is not something you love and you are there because it feels safe and gives you money – stay there as well – however begin to show up very differently. Each time in your work space, as many times as you can remember, ask your body this – “How can this job be a space I love and easily support an abundant lifestyle?”

In fact, put a reminder in your phone to remind you of this each day! Our beliefs can be very strong and even with the best intentions, we don’t stick to a plan of action because of them. If you love what you are doing now – that’s awesome! Is it giving you as much free time as you choose and more money than you can imagine? If yes, great! Start to share your joy, time and money with others as an inspiration that we can all do it. If you answered no, ask these questions in the moments of your workspace: “I love this job; how can this job give me more free time to be available for those I love – including me?” or… “I love this job; how can this job abundantly support a lifestyle I love living?” What about all the other things you love doing and giving to that are not your ‘job’? For example, things like: gardening, puzzles, swimming in



the ocean or pool, spending time with family, etc. Do you believe doing these things can abundantly support your lifestyle? They can! It is all energy! Ask your body the same question when in the moments of doing the things you love. The energy of joy is potent creative energy. This process will bring to the surface your belief systems that are in the way of your reality reflecting this. Stay aware and when they come to the surface showing up as wobbly emotions, illness or physical struggle here is what to do. Get self-aware! Go deep within, explore them, identify them and change them. Or ask a facilitator you love to help you here if you feel stuck. Every subtle shift, change you see or sense – acknowledge it! Just like the sun does with leaves, it will accelerate your growth. You are worthy of living a lifestyle you love.

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Awakening to the



b in

b o o A d

c m ra a o w


b e re p e


Assisting you to locate healing, integration & inner peace


Specialising in loss, grief, trauma and bereavement

at Maleny or a mobile service to you (Sunshine Coast and Hinterland)

PHONE 0413 962 899

monika@reconnec� www.reconnec�




April Special First 30 mins Bars® Classes: 1st Saturday free with every every month, 9:30am-4:30pm 1½-hour ® Access Bars Facilitator session BARS® SESSIONS AVAILABLE: Fridays to Mondays 9am-4pm at Maleny + Mobile service in Sunshine Coast surrounding areas



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he energy of our time is fast paced and high frequency. We are rising rapidly, integrating headbased consciousness with heart intelligence and divine knowing. As CONSCIOUS energetic interfaces between earth and spirit, we are capable of directly influencing the energy in our immediate body and environment, AND across multiple spaces, times and dimensions. Learning how to master energy is the critical next step that offers humanity a massive upgrade in our ability to achieve rapid healing, sculpt our life on purpose, and effect positive change in the lives of those around us and the planet as a whole. I call this new frontier ‘Energy Literacy’. What’s truly wonderful is that becoming energy literate is not some exclusive thing that is ‘out there’, or reserved for only those walking a spiritual path. We are all energy… and energy is everything! At this key moment in human evolution, people are awakening to

the true energetic nature of themselves en masse, across all walks of life and age demographics. So many are activating dormant knowing and latent extrasensory talents – it can be scary at first. How do we help these newly awakening souls to be energy literate so they too can find healing and health, and contribute to the greater good? We help them understand and practise across these three domains: 1. AWARENESS – Being highly aware of how our personal energy interacts with our environment – what and how we use the energy coming in and out of our body-mind-field. Understanding our emotions and mindset, and taking responsibility for them, is crucial so that we can live in the New Earth with grace and ease.


2. INTERPRETATION – Accurately discerning energy patterns in our environment to build a personal library of meanings that can be attributed to the energy we’re sensing. When we can accurately interpret thought waves and energy forms emitted by others (yes, mind-reading!) we can then respond with emotional intelligence, sensitivity and authentic action, in other words, conscious communication! 3. INFLUENCE – Energetic influence requires an attitude of “for the highest good of all’’ and a purity of intent. It involves catalysing energy for positive change by actively weaving it and consciously transmitting particular frequencies to achieve very specific outcomes. This is the fun stuff… creating our reality according to our divine alignment! These energy literacy skills can be learned by anyone with an open heart and curious mind. By learning energy literacy we can unlock a deeply authentic, more meaningful life. In MASTERING it, we allow the fullness of our divine expression of source to shine bright, take our sovereign place in humanity’s evolution, and activate our fundamental purpose in this age of the New Earth. KRISTY LEE RACKHAM is an Energy Mastery Coach and Energy Medicine Practitioner on the Sunshine Coast.

Do you have a




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es lin rry Cu



• I identify harmful geopathic radiation (Hartmann lines) and underground water lines in your bedroom • You move your bed to the recommended place and wait for significant changes within a couple of weeks

Call Hajni 0433 894 900 | ANCIENT PEOPLE KNEW SOMETHING, W E H AV E T O L E A R N F R O M T H E M ! Holistic Bliss | APRIL 2017 |

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Women find their TRIBE in the


ed Tent Australia is a not-forprofit movement that provides women the opportunity to connect without judgment, without feeling the need to conform and to help shed the feelings of isolation by enabling each woman to be themselves. Historically, women who were menstruating would spend their days and nights in red tents, it was a place where they nurtured each other; they shared their stories and listened to the wisdom of other women. Red Tent Australia aims to bring back the powerful connections that were once created during these historical red tent experiences. Jill Genet, founder of Red Tent Australia, says, “Our goal is to create a sacred circle where women gather and face each other knowing they won’t be judged, but supported.” Intended for women of any age, RTA gatherings help women go through many life transitions, from puberty, marriage or separation, motherhood to menopause and beyond.

Jill Genet


“We aim to support women to become purposeful beings who are able to support and nurture others to form firm friendships, which is something that can only be done if women are themselves supported and nurtured,” says Jill. Each branch holds monthly New Moon Circle gatherings. This is an opportunity for a member of the movement to share a skill or information about any subject, such as handicrafts, tea leaf readings, use of herbs, body therapies, drumming and chanting, yoga, poetry and even gardening tips. These gatherings are held at the New Moon because it is an optimal time to focus on beginnings and endings. RTA is a member-based organisation open to anyone who identifies as female and there is also a membership category for businesses with the intention to grow an alternative economy. Additionally, they have Wise Women gatherings (55+ age group),


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Full Moon Chakra Dances and Maiden Circles for 11- to 17-year-olds. Would you like to contribute to what we are creating? Jill Genet founded Bayside Red Tent in April 2013 with the goal of ensuring that women have a circle of support. Her hope was to educate, awaken and enlighten women to their power, strength and natural gifts. In 2015 a group of volunteers came together to help Jill start Red Tent Australia. It was set up as a non-profit with the goal of opening Red Tent branches all over Australia. There are now 22 branches in operation in Qld and NSW. For more information go to:

Get your hands on these Balls of Energy! RECIPES FOR SUCCESS FROM THE HOT & HEALTHY SHOW Over 30 whole foods recipes Over 30 pages of health tips from experts A multitude of ways to have more: • time and money • energy naturally • enjoy work and life • fun in the kitchen \\ Phone 07 5309 5513


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veryone on earth was meant to sing! If you can talk, you can sing. I meet people every day who say, “Kim, I can’t sing.” I nod my head, but truly what I believe they are saying is something quite different: “I have been hurt when I sing.” “I don’t want to sing.” “I don’t like the sound of my singing.” “Other people don’t like the sound of my singing.” “I’ve given up on singing.” Well I am here to tell you, as a professional singer and teacher with over 25 years’ experience, you can sing! It may seem that I am talking crazy, but I think it comes down to your definition of singing. Really I’m talking about making noises with your voice that have meaning to you. These noises may not sound just like an overproduced recording of Celine Dion, but nothing in the natural world, even

Celine Dion herself sounds like that. I’m also here to tell you that singing is not easy. It takes practice! Years and years of practice. When you hear children running around yelling, they are really practising singing. When you sing zestily in the car on the way to work, you are practising singing. When you hum around the house you are becoming a better singer. It is really important to let yourself and others practice. So if your children are in the garage forming a band, do what the ABC ad says, and go and listen to Richard Fiedler ‘conversations’ with the headphones on. Take a step yourself and make some noises, and through familiarisation you will discover your voice. Singing is super good for you. It releases endorphins which make you feel great. It works your abdominal muscles which aids digestion, improves lung capacity, and improves fitness.

It helps you pump oxygen-rich blood through your system. It is also very good spiritually. Energetically it clears out the throat chakra and aids self-expression. It reveals areas in your life that you may need to work on. For example if you have trouble staying ‘in-tune’ maybe there is some more listening to be done in your life. If you want to take your singing further why not join a choir? There are dozens of choirs on the Sunshine Coast. ‘Inspiration Choir’ in Maleny meets every Thursday morning from 9-10am at Lift Gallery, 926 Maleny-Montville Road. This is a non-auditioned choir. It has around 60 people who meet each week who just want to sing. You don’t have to attend each week. The songs are easy and you don’t have to be able to read music. I have similar choirs in Caloundra, Beachmere and soon Noosa. Contact KIM

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li d p e

S b it b n th o to

e a h st

e a e b



et’s begin with an image. A body, upright and strong. The souls of both feet firmly on the ground. Spine straight, lungs open and large.

Energy is able to flow freely from the earth, to the top of the head, down the legs and out again. Sound good? That is how a healthy body looks and feels when

it is properly supported on the ground. Now take that body and add a pair of traditional high heels. Move all the weight forward, throw the spine out of

Meet Your Inner Self in India Join Lea Schodel and Ranjith Vallathol

A journey to take yoga from a practice to a lifestyle New artwork to come????

6-21 Oct 2017 BOOK NOW 38

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w 6 n n id h th

a im li


line and squash up the diaphragm. How does that sound now? Poorly fitting and poorly designed shoes can change the entire balance of the body. Balance is a bit like breathing. Seems kind of dumb to even talk about breathing. Everyone knows how to do it, right? You just breathe in, then you breathe out. Nothing to it. Except that now, most people agree that breathing is the basis of our whole wellbeing. It is one of the most fundamental building blocks to our health. Balance is the same because everyone assumes that as long as you are not falling down all the time, you have your balance sorted. If you can stand upright, you must be balanced. Except there is overwhelming evidence to suggest that the way you are positioned on the earth can affect everything about your body, from your breathing to your bones. Our feet are precision instruments, with each one made up of 52 bones, 66 joints, 19 muscles and a complex network of ligaments, muscles and nerves. Conventional science has identified that the hands, feet and lips have more nerve endings than the rest of the whole body put together. Many eastern traditions have long acknowledged the power of posture to improve health and wellbeing. Disciplines like yoga and chi gong regularly focus


on centering and grounding exercises designed to reconnect the body with the earth’s energy flow. And yet every day, people buy – sometimes at enormous cost – shoes that are literally making them unhealthy. Some studies indicate that almost 9 out of 10 women wear shoes that don’t fit. Fashion can be a culprit as can be buying a pair you love even though they aren’t really your size. But often it comes down to a lack of knowledge about feet, how they are different and how looking after them can be one of the most powerful things you can do for your health. As a podiatrist of more than fifteen years, I saw the effect of poorly designed and poorly fitted footwear on hundreds of clients. I saw corns, calluses, structural damage and other disabling foot problems. But I also started to notice that poorly designed and poorly fitted shoes can also affect overall health and happiness.

Next time you are in bare feet, walk out onto the grass, close your eyes for a moment and think about how you feel. We are creatures of the earth and from the earth comes much of our energy. Over the last fifteen years, the health movement has undergone enormous growth and change. No longer is it good enough for us to get sick and then wait for the system to fix it. And increasingly it is no longer good enough to ignore our connection with the ground and imagine it doesn’t matter. And if you are reading this thinking “yes, but, I don’t want to look like someone’s Nana…” think again. The days where you could have comfort or style but not both have long gone. Companies like Earth, Think! and Birkenstock know how important shoes are to your overall wellbeing. They know a person has more nerve endings in their hands, feet and lips than in the rest of the body combined. And they knew that shoes that are designed right and fit right, can help your posture, your breathing, your balance and even your sense of grounding. And they look fantastic! In stillness, be like the pine. In movement be like clouds and water. SALLY McGREGOR, is a Podiatrist and owner of Children of the Revolution.




e ! al ON!


Children of the Revolution… well-made shoes that are good for your body while still looking great! SALLY McGREGOR, THE OWNER, IS A PODIATRIST AND EXPERT IN FITTING SHOES. “We expect people to spend time with us in the process of purchasing their shoes. It’s what we enjoy doing.”

OUR BRANDS: We primarily stock ‘wellness shoes’ – footwear that is good for your posture, gait and

overall well-being, whilst still being fashionable, stylish and on-trend. Aerobics, Birkenstock, Bueno, Clarks, Effegie, Jonny’s, Josef Seibel, Jungla, Keen, Kroten, MBT, Miz Mooz, Naot, Olukai, Rieker/Remonte Taos, Vivobarefoot, Wanda Panda, Zensu.

204 Adelaide Street, Brisbane // Phone: 07 3210 1460 Email: // Holistic Bliss | APRIL 2017 |

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What your LIPS REALLY SAY about your health and wellbeing WORDS JANINE HALL


id you know your lips are the most sensitive part of your entire body and offer far more insight into your health than any other of your body’s features? Over 3000 years ago Traditional Chinese Medicine therapists used their insights and knowledge of each facial feature including the lips to diagnose any health concerns. It was regarded as incredibly accurate and insightful. Very similar to how doctors now use MRIs. 8 FACTS ABOUT YOUR LIPS 1. Lips don’t have any sebaceous glands 2. The top lip is related to the stomach 3. Bottom lip is linked to the intestines 4. Cracked lips relate to your digestion and stomach 5. Pale lips may be linked to a weak pancreas 6. Soft pink lips are considered healthy 7. Sore lips are clues to allergies 8. Your lips have on average 10,000 nerve endings In fact, the micro system of your lips is considered a unique and easy way to recognise certain health warning signs.

And is the only feature that can change from hour to hour depending on what’s on your mind at the time. Your lips’ story is unique to you and begins by taking a closer look at your lip characteristics, personality and print. These findings can determine your likes, dislikes, and natural characteristics. This can really help you understand more about your personality, vulnerabilities, strengths and challenges. And why you may react differently in certain situations. Your lips reveal what’s bothering you and how you can work your own lip personality to your best advantage; even choosing your friends, life partners, soul mates, and business partners that can work synergistically with you. Prior to understanding more about your lip personality, you may not have known certain things about your soul’s DNA. As the saying goes, you wear your heart on your sleeve, your eyes are the windows to your soul, but your body features including your lips, tell your stories.

During a recent ‘lips reading’, it was revealed that my client was holding onto a very deeply buried anger and didn’t want to give back her previous partner’s belongings. She considered this her way of controlling the situation by keeping the items. After working through a series of scenarios my client realised that she was in fact holding herself back from moving forward. And within three days had worked on a series of releasing rituals and sent the package back with love and gratitude. My client contacted me a few days after with amazing insights later on how grateful she was for the ‘lips reading’ and feels ready for the next stage of her life. JANINE HALL is the Founder of The Organic Lip Balm Company. To learn more about your lip care needs or to book a L-I-P-S reading, you can find full details at: or phone: 0409 262 062. Visit Janine at the Eumundi Markets Wednesday and Saturday.

Collection of Rainbows for the best ‘hand-picked’ crystals • Gemstones • Jewellery • Himalayan Salt Lamps and a Huge Range of Giftware Carla Jolliffe Shop 11, Aussie World, Palmview Qld 4553


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Mobile: 0447 253 938

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EVERESCENTS ORGANIC CONDITIONING STYLE SPRAY The amazing NEW EverEscents Organic Conditioning Style Spray enhances and controls soft natural curls. It works like a flexible-hold hairspray without the aerosols and the organic formula leaves hair conditioned when brushed out! Eco friendly, Aussie owned and made, and free from toxic chemicals. RRP $16.95 60ml.


As gifted to Nicole Kidman, Mel Gibson, Merryl Streep for Oscars weekend. Contains only nature’s finest raw ingredients with no essential oils, parabens, synthetic fragrances or perfumes.

Packs start from



These beautiful packs are the perfect way to spoil mum this Mother’s Day. Containing 100% vegan and cruelty free Organic Shampoo, Conditioner and Treatment and available in 7 different varieties. Everescents provides premium quality hair care products that are handcrafted in Australia with a holistic approach.

Skin Gym Only 2 intakes each year –

Kick start your Skin with this great 6-week Workout Package!


SKIN FIT GYM COURSE Week One: Detoxifying Spelt Enzyme Exfoliation Facial Week Two: Deep Cleansing Organic Facial with Lymphatic Drainage Week Three: Herbal Phyto Calming Peel using crushed, dried herbs Week Four: Firming Vitamin Infusion Facial Week Five: Refreshing Jojoba Polishing Facial Week Six: 1-Hour Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber Session Plus a Complimentary Skin Care Pack!


$ 71/6 quamby place, noosa heads


42.indd 1

5447 5679

HEALTH & LIFESTYLE NOW! EDUCATION PROGRAM A dynamic, 16 modular online program teaching the importance of self-care using the healing and medicinal properties of plants. Taught by Kim Morrison, one of Australasia’s most renowned aromatherapists, you will receive: ✓ modules on essential oils, chemical-free

living, healthy eating, movement, mindset, relationships and rituals ✓ videos, live webinars and one on one support

for maximum learning ✓ a comprehensive range of Twenty8 skincare

and essential oils valued at over $1700 ✓ personal and entrepreneurial development

bonus modules and gifts ✓ AND an inspirational 3½ day self-care

graduation weekend on the Sunshine Coast

For more information: or 07 5493 4400

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s the debate on the quality of essential oils rises, it is important we do not get caught up in stories, or well-meaning sellers, or a brand war. What we need to know is that essential oils are sourced from all around the world based on the best geographical locations for the plants to grow. It is also important to note that there are only so many producers of each essential oil worldwide and in many cases a lot of brands procure their oils from the same suppliers as other essential oils companies. This is especially true of certified organic oils because there is an even smaller pot of producers to source from. Organic essential oils are usually seen as superior to non-organic oils. Organic farming is the agricultural practice of growing plants, food and other crops as naturally as possible without the use of synthetic pesticides and herbicides and other harmful chemical compounds.

Given the amount of plant matter required to extract an essential oil it can be easy to see why essential oils distilled from non-organic farms may have these herbicides and pesticides present in them. Aromatherapy purists will usually notice the overall quality, therapeutic benefits and aroma of organic essential oils. Like all organic vendors, essential oil companies wanting to comply with organic farming principles, will source farms and growers who value the welfare of the land, the people and the planet. In a number of third world countries where some of the most beautiful essential oils are grown, farmers can simply not afford to get organic certification, even though they are grown without pesticides and herbicides. These are considered ‘wild crafted’ and can be as potent as certified organic essential oils. However, there are no guarantees that these oils are without any chemicals.

The safest and only way to know that essential oils do not contain any traces of chemicals is to buy organic, that way you will know that from seed to oil it is as pure as possible and all the constituents that should be in the oil are actually in the oil. This is where testing is imperative through a Gas Chromatograph Mass Spectrometer (GCMS) which gives suppliers a breakdown of all the key constituents to make sure the oil confirms to be the best it should be. Something else to consider in the essential oil world is that the words ‘Therapeutic Grade’ is a misnomer. Essential oils are therapeutic if they are pure and natural and sourced from the best region for the oil/plant to grow. Ultimately the choice is yours and if you do choose to buy organic, you can expect to pay a more premium price since it does cost a lot more to grow plants via organic means to get organic certification.

A Recipe for the “Perfect Australian Health Retreat” Prepare the base: Choose a pristine location with pure air, pure water, lots of sunshine, and lots of natural vegetation, then throw in some views of the great Australian coastline. Add a layer of exciting outdoor activities to take advantage of the fresh mountain air and sunshine. Could be golf, bowls, and swimming pool – hopefully a mineral pool. The golf could be the latest craze of Disc Golf – played with frisbees, the fastest growing sport on the planet and a great deal of fun for all levels of skill, dexterity and athleticism. Add liberal amounts of pampering in an idyllic on-site day spa that includes massages of various types, facials, manicures, pedicures, saunas and floatation pool sessions – these must be included in any pricing quoted! Now for some magic – lovingly prepared plant-based, mostly organic and local where possible fruit and vegetable juices, smoothies, meals – morning noon and night and some delightful house-prepared snacks in between. Sprinkle on top some eye-opening, myth-busting evening nutritional presentations and discussions that will leave a lasting beneficial memory of the retreat that prepares participants for their continued journey towards pristine health! THIS IS ONE WE PREPARED EARLIER: Located in the Pristine “Clouds Eco Resort and Spa”, Montville Qld

In the Clouds at 166 Balmoral Road, Montville

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Autumn: The time of internal parasites




aster is the time when the weather changes in Queensland from the boiling tropical summer to the somewhat cooler, even damper days and nights. Days are often balmy and pleasant and if we are lucky, the grass grows well. With this comes the rise of the numbers of internal parasites in all species, even dogs, cats and chickens. At first thought, the topics of this article seem widely separate, they are not!! Diatomaceous earth is commonly used as parasite control, with external and internal application. Research shows that it can also cause lung cancer (the research took place in the factories where it is produced, and where the people breathe in the powder on a regular basis – it acts in similar manner to asbestos). When breathed in, diatomaceous earth is a foreign body, which the lung and bronchi must remove. It can also adhere and stick to the lining of the bowel, and eventually cause loose faeces, as the gut contracts to remove it. Dogs, cats and chickens that are continually exposed to the fine dust, may cough, sneeze, and have eye discharge.

This usually stops when the product is dampened. Using diatomaceous earth with a concurrent respiratory virus infection can cause the virus to be more severe. This product is heavy, and sinks when spread around into the air, this means small animals close to the ground will get a bigger dose. Mixed with other food, it adheres to the food and will usually not be breathed in; the person doing the mixing is at risk. Birds may get diarrhoea because of excess diatomaceous earth. Loose faeces can contaminate the surface of the eggs and carry salmonella, which may not harm the chicken. The loose faeces may cause infection in the person who is not careful with egg hygiene when cooking. Washing faeces off the egg surface takes away the natural egg shell covering and allows penetration by bacteria (dry faeces on home eggs is best removed with scraper, the egg cracked carefully to avoid getting any contaminated faeces into the food). It is safer to dispose of the egg without eating it. After cleaning, eggs can be dipped in chlorine or bleach before using. This may be done commercially.

INHALANT ALLERGY STUDY Finally there seems to be an effec�ve treatment for inhalant allergies PREVIOUSLY THESE PATIENTS WOULD HAVE TO BE ON LIFE LONG MEDICATION This dog received one treatment with a new acupuncture method and now no longer has any allergies.

42 Maple Street COOROY Qld 4563


44.indd 1

Acacia Animal Care Holistic Veterinary Medicine Australia

• Acupuncture Charissa Smith, Holis�c Veterinarian • Essences (BVSc DipAc/DipHerbMed) • Homeopathy 305 Ranger Road, Adare • Herbal Medicine via Ga�on Qld 4343 • Structural Therapies Mobile 0418 759 237 • Kinesiology • Vaccina�on


Looking for more patients to see if we can replicate this very promising therapy

BROAD LEAF PEPPER TREE – 1. South American: Zanthoxylum piperitum 2. Japanese pepper tree: Schinus terebinthifolius. These are common invasive species, which fruit red berries in autumn, and have reproductive growth (new leaves) over the summer. In small quantities, either 1 peppercorn or a few leaves per 500ml of hot water made into a tea, then given one dessertspoon of liquid per 10kg body weight, reduces internal parasite numbers, lowers body temperature and has other herbal uses as well. In too big a quantity they are neurotoxin and are antiprostaglandin and can cause allergies. Many plants, which are effective wormers, also have toxic properties when they are given in excess, as do chemical wormers purchased in shops. Plants will not kill off all the worms the way chemical wormers do before the worms become resistant, plants produce balance which is reduction in worm numbers, not absence of them. Plants need to be prepared freshly and given regularly, especially

| 5447 7877

• Workshops combining conscious walking and horse interaction • No horse riding involved – get to know these wise beings on the ground • Increase your awareness, build your confidence, relax • Individual sessions available


Location: Narangba


CONTACT DAVINA Phone: 3385 5729/ 0438 598 995 Email:

| APRIL 2017 | Holistic Bliss

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in se to b M is

s e

and weather change

in spring and autumn. Even pumpkin seeds, one of the great plant parts used to reduce internal parasites, will cause bowel blockage when eaten in excess. More is not necessarily better, unless it is a relaxing holiday at the beach (with

your dog)!!! Make sure the dose of any substance fits your pet’s body weight. You cannot legally give away, sell or transplant these plants as they are invasive species, this means they can easily become large monocultures

blocking waterways and outdoing native species. Please contact me for more info about these plants and suitability for your furry friends.

BOOK NOW for Advanced Treatments in rehabilitation including

OZONE Therapy and Gold Bead Acupuncture Quality, Expertise and Value Call and book now for appointment Surgery, Vaccinations, Acupuncture, Check-ups and more Pensioner Discount 20% off services

Ph: 3324 2291

Greenslopes Shopping Centre Shop B6, 700 Logan Road (next to Queensland Transport) Holistic Bliss | APRIL 2017 |

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Books, DVDs, . . . s a c i t s i l o H CDs and more... BOOK:


The Joy of Living: Postponing the Afterlife

Life is A Choice and The Choice is Yours

AUTHOR Barry Eaton

ARTIST Rhiannon Rees

A heart-warming true story of overcoming the odds, following radio presenter and medium Barry Eaton’s personal journey of discovery whilst battling throat cancer. Dealing with the fears surrounding his diagnosis and battle, Barry’s story unfolds with personal insights from his partner Anne and son Matthew, as they support him through his journey. From the initial diagnosis, to treatment and eventual survival, Barry describes the balance of holistic and modern medicine that aided his recovery. Drawing on his understanding of the spirit world to deal with and survive the ordeal, Barry begins to develop a deeper understanding of his life’s purpose. A touching read peppered with amusing anecdotes and recollections, Barry Eaton shows why we should all appreciate the joy of living.

This is an empowering read and the second book from the best-selling author of ‘How to Climb Mount Everest in Sandals’ Rhiannon Rees. This book has the potential to remove the barriers that may be getting in the way of actualising your dreams. Rhiannon has selected nine international experts in their fields and shares their wisdom in this powerful book. With helpful tips and information, this book can be part of your tool kit to creating the life you desire. Are you ready?

RRP: $27.99. Now available where all good books are sold and

RRP: $29.95 To purchase the book go to:


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Holistic Bliss Directory natural therapies & wellness centre • Massage • Acupuncture • Reiki • Naturopathy • Bowen Therapy • Reflexology • Ear Candling • Waxing and Tinting • Facials • Pedicures • Kinesiology PRIVATE HEALTH REBATES

Shop 11,12-18 Discovery Dr, North Lakes

Phone (07) 3482 2549

Amanda De Warren

Famed Medium from TV, Radio and ‘The Animal Whisperer’ in Woman’s Day magazine

Amanda can connect 10% OFF with your passed over SERVICES loved ones, to pets when you mention alive or passed over Holistic Bliss plus so much more. P: 0434 713 615



Your SPIRIT is your truth Connect with your SPIRIT through Holographic Kinetics and have the life you deserve

JULIE STOWER Holographic Kinetics - Massage - Kinesiology

(07) 5432 8812 Shop 5, 870 Beerburrum Road Elimbah Qld 4516

Vikki Speller


ENERGY HEALING SESSIONS Reiki, Chakra Balance, Aura Cleanse, Crystals, Sound, Essential Oils & Channelled Guidance


Reiki Level I, II & Master Chakras & Energy Techniques SUNSHINE COAST 0417 643 435 /Intuition Plus


- Psychic / Medium - Counsellor - Mindfulness Meditation - The Psychic Couch - ‘Take Your Power Back’ Program

Australian Academy of Spirit Silver Member 2016

PHONE: 0447 165 366

Where magic happens…



Monday & Friday 9am

body psychotherapy bodywork energy healing mind body classes

Tuesday & Wednesday 6.30pm Phone Nanette 0408 153 380 Email:

Emma Creed


self expression specialist & community music/arts educator


Music Education and Creative Healing Arts – Playshops, Speaking and Facilitating at Events, Programs and Retreats, Sound Consulting, TWISTed Professional Development FOR A FUN, JOY-FULL MUSICAL EXPERIENCE FOR YOURSELF, CHILDREN, GROUPS, TEAMS AND EVENTS

Call Emma today! 0438 619 518

17th - 23rd March 2018

Join us for 6 nights of bliss & transformation Delicious vegetarian & raw food Deep healing & release work Daily yoga, breath-work & sound healing An amazing 24 hours of healing massages Bookings: 0423 717 181 E. W.

Divine Pet Healing Teena Love

EQU0060 Blissful Being Retreat advert_60x60mm.indd 1

Hairganics Salon Using 100% cer�fied organic Aust made/owned products

Ask about our $99 NEW CLIENT OFFERS

Prac�sing sustainable hairdressing 3/2 Coora Crescent, Currimundi, Qld

PHONE (07) 5493 1133

14/3/17 10:25 pm

Pranic Healing Angel Intuitive Reiki Usui and Seichim Bio-Spiritual Energy Healing Animal Communication, Pet Massage and Grief Support

p: 0468 947 777 e: Holistic Bliss | APRIL 2017 |

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$50 off any session*



Private Sessions, Classes, Talks & More

All of life comes to me with ease, joy & glory ®

LEARN MORE AT ACCESSBARSANDBODYPLACE.COM (07) 5641 1147 •Discount is off regular price of $125 or any 1-hour Bars ® or Body Process session. Expires 30/04/17

ARE YOU ready for


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Holistic bliss apr vol 89  

Australia's premier holistic lifestyle magazine created on the Sunshine Coast

Holistic bliss apr vol 89  

Australia's premier holistic lifestyle magazine created on the Sunshine Coast