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Dr David Hendrey


APRIL 2015 EDITION VOLUME 67 ISSN: 1836-8840


3/18/2015 12:34:39 PM

Imagine spending a HALF A DAY AWAY from your hectic life, NURTURING YOUR MIND AND BODY, and coming away


Can you see yourself soaking in an outdoor Jacuzzi with spectacular views of Lake Baroon as your backdrop, enjoying a beautiful lunch, prepared from the freshest ingredients, and reinvigorating your soul with sensational spa treatments? Then Lillypillys Afterglow Sanctuary Day Spa is the perfect destination.




584 Maleny-Montville Road MALENY Qld 4552

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Phone: (07) 5494 3002

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, y


m e (comple + minut 0 6 a g bookin tment spa trea


LOOKING FOR A SPECIAL GIFT OR COUPLE’S GETAWAY? … we offer half day spa packages and short break getaways For more information, call Adele on (07) 5494 3002 or go to our website

Sanctuary | Email:

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Follow your bliss!

The words you choose, the colours you pick, the intent and vision all have an energy to them. So it’s a transformational process that leads to visibility and comes from being prepared to express who you are and also share your unique business and focus. We are thrilled to have the brilliant Dr David Hendrey on our cover for April and our ‘Body Bliss’ edition. Dr David contributes to the community in a multitude of ways and please read his success story written by Mary-Lou Stephens on pages 14-15. Thank-you all for continuing to be part of our Bliss. xx

‘What Sings To Your Being?’

6th Birthday






Enter the draw and you could




MOVE your



Dr David Hendrey


APRIL 2015 EDITION VOLUME 67 ISSN: 1836-8840



Editor / Publisher: Vanessa Finnigan Phone: 0422 538 335


appy 6th Birthday Holistic Bliss!!! As our amazing team put our April Birthday edition together, we were reminded of how many people’s lives we’ve been a part of. The emails and calls we receive from readers are very moving and we are touched that this magazine has become a part of your life and we would like to continue to keep reaching more of you, giving you the latest information and include more and more stories that inspire and provide a range of ‘holistic lifestyle’ choices.


Editorial enquiries please email: Advertising: To contact the sales team Phone: 0422 538 335 Brisbane and Sunshine Coast RECYCLED

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Holistic Bliss is printed each month on carbon neutral gloss paper, with soy-based inks and uses a local FSC® certified printer.

And a huge thank-you to all our contributors…placing an advert or writing an article may seem like a one dimensional task but there are lots of personal shifts and changes that occur.

Designer: Ros Jackson Phone: 0404 870 832 Postal Address: PO Box 1520 Buderim Qld 4556 Holistic Bliss is a monthly publication independently published on the Sunshine Coast.

holistic dental care at noosa junction

At JD Dental, we believe that dental health is just a component of your all over well-being. We would like to help you find the answer to better health. By sharing our knowledge - from amalgam fillings (metal) and root canal treated teeth, to the perfect mix of a healthy diet and lifestyle tailored specifically for you. Find the balance and feel great!

Dr Alex Dietz - Dental Surgeon


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16 Sunshine Beach Road, Noosa Junction (above surf-shop) P 07 5449 2460 E

| APRIL 2015 | Holistic Bliss

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11 FOOD FOR THE SOUL 6 Don’t buy from strangers… buy LOCAL by Kelly Burton 7 Enjoying Food Again by Luisa Toaldo 8 Is Gluten Free the Right Choice for Total Body Bliss? by Bianca Van Elteren 10 Immuno Tonic – Cacao Smoothie by Kristie Ord Shift to Organic for Autumn! 11  by Rob Maclachlan 12 Roasted Cauliflower Salad by Julie from JL Fit Nutrition 13 Food Choices and the Skin-Gut Connection by Leanne Vickery COVER STORY 14-15  David Hendrey Aligned for Success

44 36

6th Birthday Giveaways


BODY BLISS 16  Body Language by Jean Sheehan 17 Blissful Bodywork by Gaylyn Aitken 18 Is the Western Pedestal Loo Harming Us? by Khoji Lee 20 My Centre of Bliss by Melanie Lee Move Your Body and Heal 21 22 Would You Let Your Body be Your Best Friend? 23 Does Your Body Need A Service? by Dr Nathan Reynolds 24 Would You Like to Rest Easy? 26 Create Your Bliss by Michelle Lightworker 27 How Your Body Helps You Listen and Learn by Andrea Holland 28 What if the Opposite is True? by Jules O’Neill

29 What if You Could Re-grow Your Teeth? Never Need Another Filling? by Shauna Teaken 30 Finding Bliss Through Vulnerability by Nicole Taryn

32 How Do Subtle Energies Affect Your Daily Life? by Heinz Gugger 33 Is Now the Time? by Dr Dain Heer Inspiring Communities Through 34  Films, Food and Fun by Kristen Ottaway 35 Noosa is in High Spirits in April 38-39 In Memory of Jessica Ainscough RELATIONSHIPS, PARENTS AND KIDS 40 I am Woman, See Me Move by Janet McGeever 41 Understanding Teens by Jean Sheehan 42 The Beatles Were Wrong by Mary-Lou Stephens 43 Why Kids Need Chiropractic by Dr Jeff Matthews ECO, ORGANIC, BEAUTY AND STYLE 44 Natural Beauty: Would You Like to ‘Nail it’? by Sam Sargent 45 What is the Difference Between Conventional, Natural and Organic? by Therese Kerr 46 HOLISTIC AS Books and more… NATURAL ANIMAL CARE 47 The Dog that Changed My Life by Viv Adcock How can we Help our Friends 48 with TCVM? by Dr Kaori

A l l o f l i f e c o m es to m e w i t h e a s e , j oy a n d g lo ry ! ®

ARE YOU READY FOR A DIFFERENT POSSIBILITY FOR MEN & WOMEN? “No relationship and no choice of being male or being female should be based on what you have to suffer, it should be based on what choices you can have & create that would be greater than you ever thought possible.”

- G a ry D o u g l a s

Holistic Bliss | APRIL 2015 |

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3/19/2015 4:21:46 PM


Don’t buy from strangers… buy LOCAL WORDS KELLY BURTON


estled between beachside resorts and the Sunshine Coast airport lies a little shop with a big heart. Good Harvest is the Coast’s first ever Organic fresh wholefoods store to offer local farmer direct produce seven days a week. Good Harvest is the vision of scientist, teacher and community group leader Mick Dan, bringing together 10 years of Mick’s knowledge and experience working with local organic food systems both in Australia and Internationally. Frustrated with the lack of fresh produce on the Coast and disillusioned with the current duopoly of the supermarket system, Mick began working with local farmers and local communities to revolutionise the food system with a grass roots approach and bring together the “Good Living Food Cooperative”. The success of this experience led to increased demand, and the natural creation of Good Harvest; a locally owned, locally farmed, chemical free, organic, affordable consuming alternative.

The team’s mission is to connect local people with local farms and to supply farm direct organic produce at affordable prices, all whilst supporting farmers who use ecologically responsible practices. Bringing the local Harvest to the shop each week requires a lot of work and, together with his team, Mick personally visits up to eight local farms each week to gather the freshest, safest produce available. Apart from teaching science and sustainability at the local university Mick admits talking with farmers is what he really loves best. On average customers can enjoy produce with food miles as low as 70km. “Growing up on a dairy farm taught me all sorts of wonderful life lessons, mostly that farming is critical in creating a sustainable future for our children. I love working with farmers and sharing their stories with our communities. Educating people on how to eat seasonally and locally is part and parcel of the harvest,” says Mick enthusiastically.

Earlier this year Mick also added poultry farmer to his growing list of skills, and acquired 300 hens at point of lay, to produce the entire egg supply for the store’s needs each week. The Harvest Hens are pastured and also happily munch on only local organic fresh produce courtesy of the shop. The shop is soon to install solar panels to reduce the carbon footprint of the business. Mick has also partnered with the Sunshine Coast Environment Council and the Sunshine Coast Council to create forthcoming Earth Hour Events on the Sunshine Coast with the focus on supporting local farmers in a changing climate. Mick and the Harvest are supported by a wonderful team of experts in nutrition, naturopathy, reflexology, sustainability and social business management. They look forward to serving you fresh, local produce seven days a week.


Join us for Australia’s Premier Health and Wellbeing Industry Event. The Real Food Revolution is a 3-day event featuring industry experts that will equip you with the tools to take control of your health and wellness.

discount tickets on sale now

take a further

$20 OFF! Coupon code hbdetox Valid until 30th April 2015


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For more information or to purchase, contact Froothie:

1300 309 900 // FROOTHIE.COM.AU

| APRIL 2015 | Holistic Bliss

3/19/2015 3:11:03 PM


Enjoying food again WORDS LUISA TOALDO


resh. Exciting. Luscious. These three words are my benchmarks for preparing and eating whatever I choose. I’ve been a lover of food and maker of meals for as long as I can remember. From my home kitchen growing up peeling potatoes and topping beans, to the professional kitchens throughout my career, food, eating well, eating different and eating with joy has been second nature. I thought this was the case for everyone. Through conversations with friends, clients and co-workers I realised that not everyone feels the same. Diets started and abandoned, food intolerances, shame and guilt, time poor schedules all interfere with the joy of preparing and eating luscious food. But what if this could all change with ease? I have developed simple and easy steps designed to get you off the autopilot, disgruntled relationship with food and your body. My basic philosophy?

If it’s not luscious and delicious I just don’t eat it. This respect and honouring of my body has shaken up and changed so much of what I considered ‘wrong’ with it. I used to eat in a hurried fashion, never taking the time to fully enjoy and savour each mouthful. I used to eat portions of food far too large for my needs, feeling uncomfortable, bloated and thinking this was normal. This has all changed. Now I take the time to enjoy my food. I take pleasure in the type of cutlery and crockery I eat off and with. I ask my body what it would like to eat and how much. Each time. I take great delight in shopping for my meals, indulging in the colours, smells and possible flavours each ingredient offers. My body is a part of my meal preparation, chopping, stirring, mixing and frying up delicious meals. The discomfort, the bloating, the lethargy has all but gone.

This is the difference that has changed so much for me. I don’t just go through the motions of assuming that this food, this meal, this body movement, even this article of clothing is what works for me right now, in this moment, today. So how could this work for you? Have you lost touch with your body? Are you able to recognise what it requires moment to moment, day to day, as opposed to just checking in when you could be bothered? Would you like more ease with cooking food, eating luscious meals and generating an overall sense of wellbeing and joy in your body? Join me in starting with some easy questions that can get you off auto-pilot and into the driver’s seat of your life, your body and your future. Email:

Our food is ORGANIC, GLUTEN FREE, DAIRY FREE and SUGAR FREE, we also have plenty of VEGAN, PALEO and RAW options

We use only the highest quality organic/ pesticide free and cruelty free ingredients, we don’t add anything artificial, just good wholesome food. Green Bees is all about sustainable living, from the ingredients we use, to what we package our products with, it is all good for you and the environment!



Bee healthy, bee happy! Valid April 2015

47 Vulture Street, WEST END Qld Phone 1300 551 369 Holistic Bliss | APRIL 2015 |

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3/18/2015 12:40:23 PM


Is gluten free the right choice for total body bliss? WORDS BIANCA VAN ELTEREN


ust a short number of years ago it was hard for coeliac and gluten intolerant individuals to have a choice or range in what they could eat. Nowadays, there is so much variety and gluten free selections are expanding throughout supermarkets, cafes and health foods stores. Along with this trend came a huge influx of people who have jumped on the gluten free band wagon, even if they don’t have any issues digesting gluten at all. Why is, you may ask, this trend continuing to increase? Are people just following the gluten free fashion? It is for weight loss? Or are people simply diagnosing themselves with gluten intolerance? Perhaps this trend is helping some individuals, but is cutting gluten completely out of your diet the correct way to go? For coeliac and gluten free suffers, the symptoms they experience can range from diarrhoea, stomach cramps, weight loss, illness, which force them to avoid any products with gluten in them. After changing to a gluten free diet these feelings become a feeling of the

past… But now that the gluten has gone and they can sleep soundly… the real problems have only just started. Research has proved that people who are on a strict no-gluten diet require more nutrients and nourishment for the body to support what they are missing from a diet which has gluten. The reason for this is due to this diet lacking in essential vitamins, minerals and fibre which can be found in most gluten infused foods. Therefore, individuals who are on a gluten-free diet must access these nutrients from other sources. More and more companies are manufacturing gluten free options, their products may indeed be gluten free but as most of their fixation goes towards this aspect of the food, factors such as nutrient value and taste are overlooked. People who are on a gluten free diet need to consume more nutrients daily to keep up with people who are not on the diet. If there are no nutrients to support digestion and absorption, how is the body supposed to function properly? Quinoa is an ancient superfood

Integrative approach to health Ibuki Health & Wellness offers a refreshing approach to your health, combining conventional and complementary medicines to increase your quality of life. Dr Vivienne Taylor offers comprehensive assessments for both men, women and children with special interests in hormones, anti-ageing, nutrition, lifestyle management and longevity. Dr Sanchez complements the Ibuki Team with his expertise in nutritional medicine, bio-identical hormone therapy, IV therapy treatment, obesity, diabetes, cancer, autoimmune and management of chronic diseases.

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• Certified organic produce • Locally owned • Friendly service YOUR ORGANIC SUPERMARKET • Competitive prices • Huge range DELIVERED TO YOUR DOOR • Using local growers • Order online • Quality guaranteed



Good for nature Good for you

Also at Kawana and Noosa Farmers Markets

P: 5444 8001 W:



High Potency Curcumin AntiInflammatory 22500mg with cofactors

(Sat only)


Also Super Magnesium and CoQ10



71/6 Quamby Place, Noosa Heads • 5447 5679

Discounts for internet users 8

that is well known for its rich nutrient content. This ‘supergrain’ offers protein, fibre, antioxidants and minerals and contains a higher overall nutrient profile than common grains such as white rice. Superfoods like quinoa are the ideal way to increase your daily nutritional intake with a wide variety of nutrients all from the one natural source without gluten. Morlife, a functional food company has created Quinoa Risotto, a totally gluten free, easy-to-prepare meal that doesn’t spare nutritional value or taste! The combination of the potent superfood quinoa paired with digestive herbs and nutrients creates a highly functional meal that not only meets your nutritional needs, it provides a fantastic option for those who are timepoor yet want to enjoy healthy, natural and delicious tasting foods. Simply add water, heat and eat. Flavours include Spiced Pumpkin Curry, Mediterranean Tomato and Herb and Oriental Ginger and Teriyaki.

Eumundi Markets OPEN: 7am-1pm Sat

‘The Shop That Is Not A Shop’

| APRIL 2015 | Holistic Bliss

3/18/2015 12:41:08 PM

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3/18/2015 12:41:39 PM


Immuno Tonic – Cacao Smoothie WORDS KRISTIE ORD


nterested in tonic herbalism and want to learn how tonics and medicinal mushrooms support the immune system? At this year’s Real Food Revolution one of our main speakers Mason Taylor will be debunking these topics and showing you how to create and incorporate tonic herbs into your everyday smoothie for increased benefits. “For centuries, cacao has been closely associated with the vibration of love, it is a true love food. Perhaps this is because of the heart-protecting and fortifying properties it withholds. However it has been forgotten in our culture that traditionally cacao (chocolate) was also used to expand the body so that herbs and medicine can be delivered deeper into our cells; it is


10.indd 1

a herbal delivery system. For this reason I always add tonic herbs and medicinal mushrooms to my cacao concoctions to take full advantage of this, in this case I have used chaga and reishi mushroom,” said Mason Taylor, presenter at The Real Food Revolution 2015 and owner of Superfeast – Tonic herbs are those that can be eaten everyday to build us an immune system and return us to our natural adaptable state where our body has the capacity to prevent illness and degeneration as it is designed to. This smoothie is designed to harness the love of the cacao plant and deliver the tonic herbal immunity benefits right into your body in a beautifully creamy and chocolatey concoction.

Ingredients: 1 tbsp cacao powder 1 tsp maca 1 tsp lucuma 1 tbsp raw honey 2 ice cubes ½ tbsp coconut oil 350ml almond milk Chaga mushroom Reishi mushroom Garnish: ½ tsp cacao nibs

| APRIL 2015 | Holistic Bliss

3/18/2015 12:43:02 PM


Shift to organic for autumn! WORDS ROB MACLACHLAN


n extensive new study undertaken by researchers at Washington University has confirmed that people who eat organic food are exposed to far fewer pesticides than their conventional counterparts. The study, reported in the Sydney Morning Herald, is the largest of its kind and looks at the dietary exposure for more than 4400 people to pesticides used on food, and found conventional produce eaters had double the levels compared with organic produce consumers! The study clearly suggests that by eating organically grown versions of those foods highest in pesticide

residues we can make a measurable difference. The fact that the majority of organic food is seasonal, adds another dimension to the debate about nutritional levels… of course fresh inseason produce should be richer in nutrients! Some of the current in-season fruits available from Organic & Quality Foods include new season Australian apples, delicious Queensland lychees, stone fruits and Tasmanian cherries! As the apple season progresses more varieties will become available. You need to enjoy the cherries while you can as the season is rapidly coming

Get into organics… SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER! We fervently believe that… Organic

Soul Infusion Reconnecting with who you really are

Food is BETTER for you!

We are offering NEW customers a great opportunity to sample the delights of organic food at a special price!

A LIFE-CHANGING HEALING PROCESS For anyone who has ever thought “there has to be more to life than this”.


Discover a consciousness beyond mind. Connect with a source of wisdom and discover that this wisdom is you, like you never knew.

If you spend $65 or more on your first order, OQF will


to a close. Lychees should be around for a while yet! One very refreshing comment often heard from parents, is that their children love organic fruit and vegetables yet would not eat conventional produce, makes you appreciate working in an industry that can only be beneficial to others! You can find the Washington University study at: http://www.smh. half-the-pesticides-found-in-urineof-people-who-eat-organic-producestudy-finds-20150209-139ui3.htm


of your first invoice total on 2nd delivery!*

to accept simply contact OQF:

*2nd order must also exceed $65 – maximum refund $50

(07) 3275 3552

“It has given me the ability to see my world clearly. I will keep practising reaching my Higher Self, now that you have given me the ability to do so. It is a wonderful gift.” – P Norman.


Phone 0431 454 161

Holistic Bliss | APRIL 2015 |

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3/18/2015 12:51:59 PM


Roasted Cauliflower Salad RECIPE JULIE, JL FIT NUTRITION

(Serves 4-6) Let’s face it – cauliflower can be a pretty boring vegetable. Using bold spices and contrasting textures you can take something a bit ho-hum and turn it into a truly spectacular salad. Ingredients: 1 large cauliflower, broken into florets 1 tbsp olive oil + 1 tsp extra 1 tsp turmeric ½ tsp allspice

1 tsp freshly ground black pepper 1 leek, finely sliced 150g baby spinach 100g reduced fat feta 1 pomegranate, halved and seeds retained Method: Preheat oven to 220°C. Steam cauliflower for 2 minutes. Combine oil, turmeric, allspice and pepper then pour over cauliflower and toss to completely coat the florets in the oil.

Toss leeks in remaining oil, then place cauliflower and leek on a lined baking tray and roast for 8-10 minutes or until the leeks are golden and the cauliflower starting to brown. Allow to cool to room temperature. Arrange baby spinach on a platter, then top with cauliflower and leeks. Crumble over feta and scatter with pomegranate seeds.


NATUROPATH OR CHIROPRACTOR LOOKING TO WORK WITH A MULTIDISCIPLINARY TEAM? Are you passionate about wanting to educate and support your patients in understanding their bodies and taking control of their health?

Don’t buy from strangers... Buy LOCAL • Supplying organic and chemical free produce at affordable prices • Connecting local people with local farms • Supporting farmers who use ecologically responsible practices • Educating on seasonal, sustainable and nutritional consuming

Join the revolution 1/932 David Low Way, MARCOOLA

Tel: 0405 960 205


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Have you got a keen interest in genomic wellness practices and nutrition? Please send your CV to 27 Thomas Street, Noosaville PHONE 5449 9122 0408 513 361 (AFTER HOURS)

| APRIL 2015 | Holistic Bliss

3/18/2015 12:51:25 PM

Food choices and the skin-gut connection




cne is usually a result of hormone imbalance, stress, food reactions, alcohol and digestive complaints. All of these factors affect the immune system. The underlying cause of acne comes from within the body, namely, inflammation. The immune system, which is primarily located in the gut, drives inflammation. We have all heard of the “brain-gut” connection, but have you heard of the “skin-gut” connection. It exists and there are numerous research articles to confirm it. A study published in 2008 found “that those with acne were more likely to experience symptoms of gastrointestinal distress such as constipation and heartburn. Abdominal bloating was a positive sign of intestinal dysbiosis and inflammation and more likely to be associated with acne”. So how do we find out what the underlying cause is? The first step is to become aware of your body’s reaction to certain foods, monthly cycles, stress etc. If you find you are experiencing digestive complaints such as irregular bowel movements, bloating, gas, joint pain, headaches, anxiety or depression, you may have increased intestinal permeabililty (leaky gut). Leaky gut can lead to antigens crossing the gut lumen into the blood stream, thereby weakening the intestinal barrier and

creating a stronger immune and inflammatory response. Your whole digestive tract is filled with bacteria and yeast. Everyone has their own distinct microflora which can be affected by antibiotic medication, oral contraceptives, refined sugary foods and alcohol, leading to an imbalance in the levels of these important organisms. The most common gut irritants are grains (mainly gluten containing), dairy, eggs, tree nuts (brazil nuts, cashews, walnuts, almonds). If you notice any symptoms of digestive distress, avoid these foods until you have healed your gut. The first stage of healing the gut is clearing the gut of any “bad” bacteria, healing the mucous membranes then replenishing it with beneficial bacteria with the possible addition of enzymes to help digest the food. Herbs such as the New Zealand native Horipito is especially helpful in eliminating harmful bacteria. Kawakawa is wonderful in settling an upset stomach as you heal. Aloe vera juice is antimicrobial and mucous membrane healing. You can increase your beneficial bacteria by including fermented foods into your diet such as kefir, kombucha and sauerkraut. This ancient way of preserving ensures the food is full of beneficial bacterial and active enzymes, which in turn help to lower inflammation, reboot the stress

hormones, and detoxify the body. It is best to get professional advice during this time as having too much fermented foods can aggravate certain conditions leading to migraines and an increase in acne. Supporting the detoxification pathways of the body are extremely important when dealing with acne. The toxins that are passed into the blood stream are sent to the liver to be excreted. If the liver is not functioning properly it can become congested, leading to build-up of inflammatory bacteria and toxins. The liver is stimulated by bitter foods (such as dark leafy greens and herbs such as dandelion, yarrow, gentian, feverfew, globe artichoke, andrograpis and golden seal). By increasing these foods you can take the first step of using food as medicine. Drink adequate amounts of filtered water each day, make sure you receive enough quality sleep and you make like to use coconut oil topically for its anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. Yoga and T’ai chi help reduce stress and balance hormone production. For an individualised approach to dealing with acne consult a qualified naturopath, nutritionist or medical herbalist.

Manage your Family’s Health Mindd Expo & Forum Treatment solutions for allergies, arthritis, asthma, ADHD, anxiety, autism, chronic fatigue, depression, digestion, infections, mood, sleep and more…

years strong 13.indd 1

Research points to diet, toxins, infections and lifestyle impacting on the 70 trillion cells in the human body as well as the 700 trillion cells of our microbiome (“good bugs”). We can take charge of our health and that of future generations through Integrative Healthcare. Knowing how to select and sequence treatments saves time and money.


Community Expo &Outreach Clinic

Food Is Medicine

Food & Mood

Drinking Water Essentials

Healthy Home

Reducing Inflammation

Gluten & Dairy Free Foods

Boosting IQ

Paleo Foods

Nutritional Psychiatry Healthy Lunchboxes Immune Support Children’s Health Brain-Gut Health

Speech & Language GAPS Diet Sensory Integration Neuro Development

Foods that Alkalise

Holistic Dentistry

Women’s Health

Brain Repair

Heart Health

Natural Therapies

Conference & Expo for the Public & Health Professionals

15 - 17 May Sydney

Register at stylehousecreative l minddmif15

Holistic Bliss | APRIL 2015 |


3/18/2015 12:52:37 PM


fu h to b e a fi h w h d to m


hen David Hendrey was still at school, before he became a chiropractor and a life coach, before he was an author and speaker, before he operated a thriving business and practice, he experienced a life changing moment. He was dining at a fancy restaurant with his girlfriend and her father. It was the first five-star restaurant David had ever been to. His girlfriend’s father turned to their waiter and said, “Excuse me, can you find someone else to serve us tonight please? We’re here for an amazing experience and you’re not helping. You’re not happy enough to serve me and my family tonight. You should leave waiting and go find something that you love.” The experience left David shaking. He was shocked that anyone would say,


14.indd 1

“You’re not meeting my standards.” But his girlfriend’s father went on to explain. “Do what you love and help as many people as you can,” he said. “This is the key to success in life.”

It was a pivotal moment for David and those words touched him deeply. He was at that point in his life when he was choosing a career. He found chiropractic and realised he could follow that advice for a successful life; do what he loved and help as many people as he could. During his journey he has learned many other skills that have allowed him to help more people on a deeper level. David believes that changing lives is the most important thing in life. That is when he is most alive, awake and excited. As a chiropractor he helps people feel better, move better and

| APRIL 2015 | Holistic Bliss

3/18/2015 12:53:07 PM

o w e b d c in h K a w a S k D w h w

a n lo re th w






function better. As a life coach David helps people explore who they are and to grow their business. As an author his book ‘Vision for Vitality’ is a physical expression of that desire to help people achieve a greater quality of life. The fire walk seminars and other seminars he runs help people get in touch with what is really important to them. He has also recently completed a business degree and will be one of the first people to bring a new personal development modality, Lifebook, to Australia. His practice has a wonderful view over Lake Kawana. The floor to ceiling windows flood the space with light. It’s easy to imagine that David’s life has been a series of happy, sunny, fulfilled days. But that hasn’t always been the case. He and wife Kylie, set up the office in 2006 to have a dual purpose, to be a healing centre but also a teaching centre. Kylie had been in charge of the training and development of over 300 people when she worked for Ansett Australia and was also a qualified life coach. Sadly, she passed away in 2011. “I didn’t know what I was going to do,” says David. “I stopped running seminars and went into my shell for a while.” He also had two young children to take care of who were now without their mother. In 2013 David was invited to become a fire walk seminar leader. It was the new start he needed. He realised he loved running seminars and that he was respecting Kylie’s memory by continuing the vision they’d shared. “The office was built for us to be running seminars

and I can certainly see that through my fire walk seminars and through my forthcoming Lifebook seminars that, with my new partner Penne, we can fulfil this dream.” Lifebook is a complete lifedevelopment system for creating your very best life. It started in the USA and has only recently come to Australia. David sees it as completing the circle. “It’s about exploring your own life to gain the best quality of living for yourself. If your body’s in great shape but your relationships are crap, that doesn’t cut it for me. If you’ve got great relationships and your body’s fantastic but you have no abundance in life you’re really restricted in what you can do. Lifebook explores life in 12 different areas and goes deep, which is the thing I love. I love to explore deeply this thing called life. In all areas, the deeper you go the richer the experience that’s created.” Dr David Hendrey grew up living at the local Surf Lifesaving Club, he even used to sleep over in the summertime. Exercising has been a life-long love of his. “My body works so much better when I’m fitter. My life goes so much better when I’m in good shape. Exercise allows me to be my best.” He represented Australia at the World Triathlon Championships in Mexico in 2002 and again in 2009 on the Gold Coast. Although, it’s good to discover that in some respects David is a mere mortal like the rest of us. To keep himself in shape he finds he needs to give himself, as he says, “a kick up the butt”. That’s one of the reasons he enters races, to keep himself on track and to motivate himself to be the best he can be. The other reason he takes on physical challenges is to help raise money for charity, taking part in the Kokoda Challenge on the Gold Coast to raise money for kids in need and every year he braves the choppy waters off the Sunshine Coast for the Island Charity Swim. These things allow him to express himself as an athlete as well as enabling him to contribute to society. Giving back is important to him. “Without charity we don’t experience the best of life. If I don’t share my gifts, talents, skills, intellect and abundance, then I’m really being selfish. My mum and dad were very religious. Giving to

the community was an important part of what we did. We weren’t wealthy but we were very rich in our experiences. From an early age I was blessed enough and disciplined enough to listen to my parents’ wisdom of saving some money and also giving some money. The world goes so much better if we can give from our abundance.” David manages to fit a lot into each busy day, sometimes leaving home before his children are awake to work with his life coaching clients on the other side of the world. But his number one value is his role as a parent. He calls it his hardest job and his most rewarding. “Some mornings they’re not out of bed when I leave for work but I balance that by being able to pick them up from school a couple of times a week.” There are family nights every Friday, roast dinners on Sundays and daily tickle fights. Parenting, he says, needs time, dedication and discipline. His children are his greatest joy. Life is very simple according to David Hendrey. For him it’s about learning and growing as an individual so that he can then help his family to have the best quality of life: teach, learn, grow and experience life with them. Then it’s about spreading that out to the community through his work in all its different facets. “My happiest days are when I’ve impacted people’s lives deeply, I’ve moved well, nourished my body well, explored my spirit and my soul, and helped somebody else recognise the greatness inside themselves.”

Dr David’s Tips for Your Best Quality of Life 1. Dream and explore when you’re at your best. What is your best quality of life? 2. Believe it and schedule it. 3. Live it and then celebrate. Holistic Bliss | APRIL 2015 |

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3/18/2015 12:53:45 PM


Body Language WORDS JEAN SHEEHAN, Principal – Millennium Education


henever I teach Medical Intuition at my courses, Qld University or corporate events, I state “The human body is a blueprint for your most dominant thoughts. It is a printout of the internal vibration. Our bodies hold on to our experiences, thoughts and belief systems. The body is a reflection of our truth and shows our unconscious secrets. You are the author of your life. Your biography becomes your biology in your body.” In other words your body talks. Now to empower others by reading their body language? Body language includes things like clothes people wear – are they drab, colourful, fitting or loose, busy or subtle. Ian, a client of mine, experienced IBS and was an IT programmer. He always wore drab, gray coloured clothes that looked like they did not match or fit. He did not like to be noticed so he always crossed his arms and looked down. His shoulders were slumped forward and he never had a straight stance. This body

language indicated a shy, introverted gentleman and that is who he was. When he spoke he always said he was ‘irritated’ … even his disease was body language as he experienced irritable bowel syndrome.


showing way more courage than the ‘tough’ body language. As he left, his body language was much more free flowing and natural. A magical way of connecting with people to build trust and connections is to mirror their body language. It is a super tool especially when dealing with clients, strangers and children. Next time you look at someone’s body language remember you see a lot about the person and what is happening for them. Notice there is a deeper story for them. The body tells all and will show your secrets, your core truths and what is happening. Enjoy your body and communicate through body language.

Early in 2013 a gentleman came for his session. He stated he was from a wellknown bikey gang (kept confidential)! He was large in shape, size and stature and his demeanor was ‘strong and powerful’. His body language stated ‘don’t mess with me or I will kill you’ and so did the knife he had on his belt. But with all this ‘toughness’ there was something about his body language that felt like he was hiding something. To connect, I subtly mirrored his body language. I did the same action as him. Within 15 minutes the body language changed from ‘tough’ shoulders back and head high to melting in to a small hurt child. He was able to share he used to see ‘ghosts’ when he was a boy and can see them again now. The body language showed where he truly was now – raw, vulnerable and

For Medical Intuitive sessions and courses or to learn about empowering your child contact JEAN SHEEHAN

Jean Sheehan Internationally Recognised & Award Winning Medical Intuitive Create the life you love using Medical Intuition and Learn Empowering Systems for Teachers and Parents

COURSES 2015: April 23

Medical Calendar™ Intro (Sunshine Coast)

May 3-10

Medical Intuition (Melbourne)

May 23-24 Millennium Calendar™ (Brisbane) August 2

Medical Intuitive Day (Brisbane)

September Lemurian Consciousness (Hawaii) w. e. p. 07 5641 4009


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odywork and massage; two words conjuring different images for everyone. For me the images are of inner space and silence. It’s a time I set aside to be totally with myself. I can let my senses take over and allow myself to drift on pure body sensations and simply observe the primal responses. For many people, massage and bodywork have become an important factor in their health management and receiving a bodywork from an individual trained not only in techniques but also innate awareness is a truly unforgettable experience. My initial training in massage was at an institution specialising in mainstream massage techniques where I received my Government accredited certificates on completion. After practising for several years, I discovered a fascinating style of massage called Kahuna Bodywork. I undertook some training here in Australia and fell in love with the principles and philosophies that supported the bodywork. I then

discovered the Kahuna who developed the bodywork was still alive and living in Hawaii, so after much effort and excitement, I saved up the money to travel to him to learn more. Upon arriving at the Kahuna’s home I quickly realised that I wasn’t there just to learn bodywork techniques, I was there to learn about myself to contain, redirect and expand my energies. The primary training in Kahuna Bodywork is setting oneself into physical motion. We did this with a sequence of movements based upon Hula and Lua principles set to music called Ka’alele au. It taught me to observe unsustainable postural patterns and how to change them within motion. I learnt to become aware through my senses of motion in all its various forms – temperature, vibration, colour, density, then to transpose this awareness to bodywork to recognise the quality of motion within others. The ability as a massage body worker to tune in to another’s situation can only be realised through

compassionate exploration of one’s own humanity, finding answers and solutions within the intelligence of our own body. The more we know of ourselves the more open we are to recognising the language of others’ needs. The deeper we delve into ourselves the broader our perspective becomes, increasing our flexibility for situational resolution. In my personal experience, it’s not enough to just massage someone and get paid, I need to get something deeper and more profound and this I’ve been able to do by approaching every massage bodywork as an opportunity to develop and refine a coherent channel of information throughout my body to sense and respond to the subtle messages transmitted from the being under my hands. I can then move effortlessly to the rhythm of their primal choreography and create space for them to spiral out of tension patterns and awaken memories of effortless fluid motion. For more information on Kahuna Bodywork training visit

Holistic Bliss | APRIL 2015 |

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3/18/2015 12:55:28 PM


Is the western pedestal loo

Harming Us?



s part of an holistic lifestyle, an organic diet with plenty of water, regular exercise, meditation and awareness are all choices that we take into consideration in our health and wellness. But is there one old design doing us harm in our own home, without even knowing it? Are we pooing the right way? Is the western pedestal loo harming us? Now, I’m not against the good old crapper… The modern western loo is excellent at controlling hygiene and removal of dangerous faecal matter from our homes. But the design was developed for that purpose in 1850, not for the way humans were designed to defecate: squatting. Squatting gets the knees above the hips and closes the ileocecal valve, pressurising the colon and relaxing the puborectalis muscle. This in turn straightens the anorectal angle making it easier to go.

Sitting on a western style toilet kinks the colon by not relaxing these muscles and so at the end of the movement people strain. This straining is thought of as normal. Many people believe they don’t have a problem, but straining at the end of your movement due to the sitting posture can create a repetitive strain injury in the pelvic floor muscles. Over the long term this can cause piles and continence issues in later life. The colon is the primary organ for short term storage of and elimination of waste and toxins from the body. If there is a buildup of waste continually between every movement, the body will attempt to eliminate toxins via other organs. Any faecal matter not eliminated waits inside the lower colon for the next build-up to apply pressure again, and so it goes. It makes sense to eliminate totally the toxins naturally and easily through the correct organ. Statistics by the World Health

Herbal Medicine Scenar Counselling

Organization have shown that there are less colon cancer rates in countries that adopt a squatting posture when going to the toilet. Statistics also show colon cancer is found in the lower parts: the sigmoid colon and rectum where faecal matter is stored if not eliminated. A study done in 2009 by Japanese researchers found that squatting gave a fuller and quicker elimination. The Australian Department of Health and Ageing suggest a footstool as good toileting habits. Now a new Australian designed toilet stool is available. The easystool quickly and easily transforms the western sitting toilet into a safe and comfortable squat loo. Made from timber; it’s eco-friendly. Sitting to go is so yesterday, do it with your knees up. Enhance your quality of life and prevent any future issues by squatting.

ealth Solutions with


Finding your way to wellness!

hianlteh s n u e S

NLP/ Hypnotherapy

67 Channon Street, Gympie

5483 7688

Naturopathy Bowen Therapy Massage Therapy Podiatry Far Infrared Sauna Psychology


18.indd 1

ealth and

appiness start here!

| APRIL 2015 | Holistic Bliss

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access consciousness









5DAYSOFCHANGE.COM What if all it takes to create the life you’ve been asking for is to choose to be everything you are? These 5 Days of Change will open the doors to infinite possibilities for you, your body, and the world. Join us in Brisbane, Australia or via online livestream anywhere in the world!! What if YOU are the miracle you’ve been seeking?

Contact: Delany: +61 412 421 903 Christopher: +61 430 123 240 or

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3/18/2015 12:56:41 PM



Centre of


WORDS MELANIE LEE, Yoga Teacher, Wellsure


t times in our lives, we come to the realisation that what is presenting in our physical experience is pointing towards an imbalance. We may be getting sick regularly, struggling to maintain a healthy diet, too fatigued to exercise despite our best intentions to do so, feeling depressed often or becoming overwhelmed with the most simple of tasks. The good news is – you have become AWARE. Awareness is the first step toward making positive change. It may be surprising to know however, that the imbalance that has caused our physical symptoms has been present for a long time prior to our awareness of it. This is where the beautiful practice of Yoga comes into play. It is part of the Yogic belief system, and a part of my own, that there are five layers to our ‘being’. The core layer, our being in its most pure form,

is widely accepted as the soul or ‘Bliss Body’. Next is the ‘Wisdom Body’, the part of us that streams intelligence beyond the veils of the active, overthinking mind. Then, the ‘Mental Body’, the said part of the mind that largely spends its time chattering away in our head and is often difficult to stop! The next layer is the ‘Energetic Body’, this is closely linked to the breath as the breath, in essence, is energy. Finally, the ‘Physical Body’, the outer shell and what we often identify with as our ‘self’. So, how does this affect our overall wellbeing and how can Yoga help? Part of our culture is to place significant importance on the outer sheath – the physical body – when trying to achieve health or reach a certain goal for our physique. Unfortunately, the changes we make or the practices we put into place in this regard only run skin deep and this is why it is common for us to

  !"# $% &&


New Zealand 26th April - 2nd May

fall short of our goals. In order to affect positive change and really understand ourselves as a whole, we must take an holistic approach, encompassing all of the components from the core to the shell. Each layer ultimately influences and affects the next, and this can be what is referred to as karma or cause and effect. Yoga is not so much about the physical exercise or the way you look in a pose, it is about creating an awareness of what is occurring on a deeper level, and, as mentioned earlier, awareness is the first step toward positive change. It is just as important, if not more so, to train our minds as it is to train our bodies. One cannot be healthy without the other. In this way, we can begin to align ourselves with our inner layer to achieve absolute health, or in other terms – MY CENTRE OF BLISS.

Lightworker Practitioner Training ENROLMENTS NOW OPEN

Time for Love

for Semester 2, 2015


Facilitator training available for Graduates



Phone Michelle 07 5309 5209 or 0433 831 946

/ !  01

      !  "#$%&'()*)"+$)&(,-*'"."&'+$"&*(%.



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Move your Body and Heal I

n a darkened room, lit only by candle-light, we move with our eyes closed, and our attention turned inwards, for unlike most other dance practices, Chakradance is about making a connection with our inner world – the world of our imagination, feelings, intuition and senses. Come and explore. Have fun. Find meaning. Let go. Come and look deeper into each chakra, each part of you, and experience more within the dance that is uniquely yours. Chakradance is a dynamic form of dance that aids in relieving and balancing the stresses of modern day living. Offering similar benefits to yoga, Chakradance increases your awareness of the connection between your body and soul and leaves you with a feeling of inner peace and serenity. You will be guided into a different chakra each session with spontaneous dance, music pulsing to the energy of each chakra, guided imagery, meditation and mandala art. These classes are deeply healing and help you to gain insights and clarity into your life. As your energy shifts and the blocks

dissolve, you will find yourself moving into more balanced states and feeling more energised and alive. “Chakradance draws on a fusion of philosophies and musical styles, focusing solely on personal experience, and balancing individual chakras – the energy centres which are the gateways to integrating mind, body and spirit,” says founder, Natalie Southgate. “Through dance we are able to free up our natural energy flows and harmonise our chakras, thereby strengthening our state of health and well-being. Participants are taken on a dynamic dance journey through their own energy centres.” When we Chakradance, we directly work with our chakras in a very powerful way creating change at both a cellular and an energetic level. This shifts the energetic patterns we’ve held within our bodies – and our lives begin to change in wonderful, healing ways. If we do not free old energetic patterns from our chakras, they can be played back to us regularly, on a kind of feedback loop. The same patterns are

replayed again and again in our lives, and we are unable to move forward as these very themes are literally locked within our own energy field. When you bring these patterns forth into your energetic and physical body, you become aware of your patterns and themes, and you can clear them. With awareness, healing takes place within your physical body’s cells and thus your energy is re-programmed. No dance experience or prior knowledge of the chakras is necessary. Guided by music, resonating to each of the seven chakras, Chakradance participants are taken on a spiritual dance journey. There’s no judgement in Chakradance; there’s only healing. “I’ve never known a modality that can be both powerful and gentle whilst clearing and shifting blockages.” – Jenny Curtis, Head of Facilitator Support and Facilitator for the Noosa area, Chakradance.

Enjoy the beautiful, relaxing energy in the shop, where locals and visitors have been coming since 1995. Spiritual Books Crystals Jewellery Psychic Readings Oracle and Angel Cards Tarot Cards Essential Oils Incense

Celebrating our


0 2 Birthday IN JUNE

Australian Bush Flower Essences Inspirational DVDs Meditation and Music CDs Feng Shui Products Tibetan Singing Bowls Himalayan Salt Lamps Meaningful Gifts and Cards Plus more…

Shop 3, 36 Sunshine Beach Road, Noosa Junction Qld 4567

Phone (07) 5448 0166 Holistic Bliss | APRIL 2015 |

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Would you let

Your Body be your Best Friend?


living beyond our imagination. Here are some tips and questions you can use that might just change the way you and your body live: 1. You are not your body. You are an infinite being with a body. Your body has its own desires and requirements. It is your body, not you the being that eats, drinks, sleeps, has sex, wears clothes, moves through the world. Start asking your body questions about everything that involves it and make some different choices. It’s ok if you don’t ‘hear’ your body to begin with, just choose and you will soon discover what does and doesn’t work. 2. Your point of view creates your reality, including your reality with your body. Whatever you think or believe, your body will deliver. If you constantly think or say things like ‘I’m old, I’m fat, I’m ugly, I am sick’ then it will create that for you! Isn’t your

ave you ever truly looked at how you treat your body? Are you grateful for it, do you cherish it and care for it? Do you allow it to contribute to you? Or do you judge it, control it, and ignore its desires completely? If you treated our best friend or dog the way you treat your body, chances are they would have left you by now! But your body hasn’t left you. Despite your judgments of your body, your body likes you, and desires for you to have the joy of embodiment. Our bodies are sensory organs – they are our cat’s whiskers in the world, giving us all kinds of information. If we would listen, and cultivate an attitude of gratitude, acknowledgement and wonder with our bodies, we could begin to have true communion and receiving with our bodies that would ignite, excite and expand our life and

body wonderful? Now, what would you actually like to create with your body? Start asking different questions. Instead of “what’s wrong with my body?” ask, “Body, what’s possible here I haven’t considered?” 3. Your body gives you lots of information about other people’s bodies all the time! How much of the hunger, pains, judgments, tiredness, illness you think you experience in life isn’t even yours? Ask ‘who does this belong to?’ for everything you ‘feel’ with your body. If it lightens up, it’s not yours, it’s just your amazing body giving you information. What could you ask, choose or change today that would allow you and your body to become each other’s best friend and ally? To find the closest facilitator near you, go to:







lific at for ions H Pra olistic ctit ion ers

• Help others find their purpose • Uncover your hidden talents • Increase and use your intuition • Be a Past Life Regression Therapist • Be an Intuitive Reader • Be a Counsellor

Call or text 0452 208 452 | 22

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Does your


need a



here are a lot of misconceptions about ‘spinal alignment’ and the effect it has on our bodies. We feel amazing if our spines are feeling ‘free’. Conversely we can feel slow, sluggish and run down if we have tight achy backs. But what is it that makes our backs feel ‘free’ or ‘stiff’? I have been finding it common among patients who initially come to see me, to believe that chiropractors are aligning the spine in a sense that we are pushing things left or right, up or down. The first thing I am quick to do is explain to patients that this is not true. Anyone who has studied the human anatomy knows that the spine is a dynamic and a moving body part and not a set object such as stacked blocks that we can move side to side in an attempt to line them up into a correct position. Our spines are held together with many different types of soft tissues and unless there is a traumatic or degenerative injury, the joint will be in its correct place. So what is it that Chiropractors do?


And why do we get tight and develop pain? The spine has joints in it called facet joints. These are the moving joints of the spine that allow us to bend, twist, extend and lean our trunks. In life these joints have cartilage on each surface and a fluid between these surfaces to help them slide across each other as they need. BUT, with the modern lifestyle and lack of natural movement through these joints, they can seize up and become restricted. These restricted joint are called ‘spinal restrictions’ and they can lead to many problems that cause pain, injury and other systemic issues. These restricted joints are what a chiropractor generally treats. If the facet joints of the spine are moving freely in their correct range of motion then we can feel free, light, and in tune with our body. When people present with spines that have many spinal restriction they often report feeling tired, ‘hazy’ or ‘not with it’. This is because spinal restrictions cause biomechanical problems such as being less flexible and having less

spinal range of motion and they also have neurological consequences. These neurological effects are due to the central nervous system not getting enough feedback from the spine. The facet joints of the spine are covered in ligaments that are densely populated with receptors that send information to the brain about where the joint is, so the body can react and ensure we stay balanced. If the joints of the spine become restricted and stop moving, then the brain gets less feedback from the spine about body position and therefore sends less signals out to the muscles regarding balance and coordination. This decrease in central nervous system input and output may lead to a depressed central nervous system which has many consequences, but very commonly will leave people feeling tired and not in touch with the environment. Sound like you? Why not have a full assessment!

ELITE - Water Ioniser because you deserve the best!

Registered medical device in Korea

Antioxidant water that is: Alkalised Energised Ionised Mineralised Purified Micro-Clustered Optimal Cellular Absorption =

Contact Ionic H2O Today (07) 5472 0672 - Holistic Bliss | APRIL 2015 |

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3/18/2015 1:17:32 PM


Would you like to


ee Smith, Founder of Pure Earth International is at the forefront of the new “Buckwheat Pillow Revolution”. The Buckwheat Husk Pillow, used in the East for centuries, was unheard of in Australia…up until now! Discovered high in the mountains of a Tibetan village, this unusual pillow may be the way to change the way we sleep. Previously Dee was a gifted remedial massage therapist working in the field for 18 years but 12 months ago she sustained a serious neck injury which ended her massage career. “Ironically it was my pillows which prevented my neck injury from deteriorating, providing me with the adjustability and constant support in stabilising my neck. I decided to use the months lying on my back as an opportunity to create more positivity in my life and put what energy I had into finding ways to share this product with others,” she said. Dee’s knowledge of the musculoskeletal system has given her a vital insight to correct poor sleeping practices. While one door closed as a massage therapist,

Rest Easy? another door opened in discovering this amazing pillow and she discovered she had a lot of information she could share with others to assist them. Pure Earth International have developed a range of sleeping products. Their unique support factor makes them perfect for guaranteed support in the car, travelling, in the lounge, reading in bed, even at the beach! Dee’s motto, “It’s what’s on the inside that counts,” comes from years of research and understanding buckwheat pillows. There is a big difference between cheap and high quality and it’s really not worth compromising. Their husk is the cleanest in Australia and they have just launched the new Organic Collection. Dee said, “We have had many reports of people waking up free from headaches, neck and shoulder pain after just one night on our pillows, also snoring decreased dramatically, asthma improved, children are sleeping right through the night, and others reporting reduction in night sweating particularly women with menopause and men who sweat using foam pillows. These pillows

are chemical free, 100% natural and organic, washable, anti bacterial, hypo allergenic, breathable, mouldable and adjustable to any height, eco-friendly and biodegradable and last 10-15 years!” “Many people are still unaware of the toxic truth about what they sleep on. Some toxic chemicals cause an “off gassing” for quite some time after purchase. Given that we sleep around 3000 hours a year, we need to start looking at what we’re really sleeping on,” Dee said. She went on to say… “It’s not only people’s health that should be considered but also the landfill situation in Australia. Our research shows that there are approximately 73 million foam pillows in homes in Australia which should be thrown into the rubbish every 2-3 years due to inhabitants such as dust mites, bacteria, mold and a breakdown of the fibre, providing little or no support.” Wouldn’t you like to make the change?

Have your body cleanse starting from the mouth. FREE YOURSELF FROM TOXIC DENTISTRY.

great benefits will surprise you. FIND YOUR HOLISTIC DENTIST IN The MAROOCHYDORE AT EMPORIO PLACE. Did you know that silver fillings (amalgam) are 50% mercury? Mercury vapours are neurotoxic and usually they will be released from your existing amalgam restoration during chewing food, having hot drinks and even brushing your teeth. Scientific data from reputable scientists all over the world have investigated how the mercury in amalgam fillings can relate to dysfunction of the immune system, multiple sclerosis, kidney ailments, chronic fatigue syndrome, allergies, reproductive issues, cardiovascular problems, absorption of heavy metals in the brain, Lou Gehrig’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, antibiotic resistance, hearing loss, and a myriad of other health problems ( To overcome this problem Dr Kluge has invested in a state-of-the-art practice totally devoted to biological and toxin-free dentistry using strict protocols for removal of silver fillings. Here you will receive treatment with biological materials such as single visit porcelain crowns and onlays using the latest CEREC technology (computer design and manufacturing restoration) and detoxification guidance. Meanwhile, your environment and our staff are also protected with an air filtration system, colloidal silver air vaporator and amalgam separators.

Sunshine Dental Care

“Your biological dentist”

Visit us befoe 30/04/2015 to receive a

FREE FULL ASSESSMENT and DENTAL Also A v Sleep ailable: DETOX PROTOCOL (valued at $120) D ent or Tw ilight istry Contact us for more information and visit our website … sle sedat ep yo ion

mercury free



24.indd 1

Dr Lilian Kluge

NEW ADDRESS: 501/5 EMPORIO PLACE, MAROOCHYDORE Phone 5475 4866 \ 0406 677 045

ur your p way throu gh ro (no m atter cedure ho or com w lengthy plex).

| APRIL 2015 | Holistic Bliss

3/18/2015 1:18:10 PM

This year, Heartland offers more life-changing retreats, more wonderful weekends, more transformational programs, more great teachers, more healings, more creativity, more peace, more self-empowerment programs, more therapies… for no more money!





Sophia Ovidne THE WAY FINDER


Allow your inner child to heal, your body and self sabotaging behaviours to repair and your divine Spirit to soar! Let Les reintroduce you to who you really are! Then you can take back your courage, strength, resolve, health, happiness and love of life once more!

Sophia helps you discover your inner star to guide you to your destiny. Perfect for the adventurous, the curious, the bored, the stuck, for those who know there is something more to life than that currently experienced. This voyage will awaken you and take you beyond the horizon.




Interested in exploring Yoga for the first time, or been practising many years? Kylie will gently guide you through various forms of Yoga. Nurture yourself and enjoy the wonderful sense of renewal and rejuvenation that Yoga can bring to you.

Dagmar’s qualifications include Bachelor of Health Sciences (Complementary Medicine); Advanced Diplomas in Naturopathy, Nutrition and Herbal Medicine; Diploma of Aromatherapy and Remedial Massage; and Certificate in Integrative Medicine from University of Queensland.


Heartland Retreat Connecting you to the Power Within!

Where country comforts and self-empowerment come together. Just 2 ½ hours north of Brisbane, near Gympie. Free pickup from rail and coach.

Bookings and Info 07 5481 6777 | Email:


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liss is an interesting concept. It alludes to the fact that there is a sweet peace sweeping through our lives. How do we find this sweet peace in our bodies? That is a great question as many of us feel a sour irritation with our bodies instead. I believe that we have chosen our bodies for a reason this lifetime. If we are able to accept this fact, it will make the bliss job a lot easier. We can ask ourselves, why would I have chosen this body? My belief is that we chose it to specifically strengthen our Spirit. When our Spirit is strong, we live in the bliss bubble. Our body’s perceived deficits could take us to bliss quickly – if we let them. Take a moment to think about that. What parts of your body challenge you in your connection? Are you in constant pain? Would you feel more worthy if you were slimmer? Some limbs not working well? What lesson in Spiritual strength is your body inviting you to learn? Do you need to develop more

faith in order to create the body that you were born to have? Is rising above physical limitations helping you develop spiritual strength required to fulfil your calling? Ask your Spiritual helpers for the answers you need to focus on building your Spiritual strength. The sooner we get on with the job of creating our bliss, the sooner we reclaim our body and transform it. Ignoring our body’s tell-tale signs of resisting change can also lead to total body collapse. Many of my students and clients have had to go through this experience before they started to listen to higher spiritual guidance and intuition. They knew on some level that they needed to be doing something different with their lives or lifestyle, yet ignored it. However, the body is great at its job! It will show us exactly what we resist, through pain, breakdown, weight gain and accidents. When we recognise the signs sooner, we create more bliss and less pain in our bodies.

When we choose to go it alone with our bodies and leave out the Spiritual connection, we become body critical. Utilising the information our body is teaching us helps us grow in our connection and edges our way to bliss. Caring for our body with an intention of evolving our consciousness is always going to feel like bliss. Even when it hurts! Choosing to understand our bodies assists us with our Spiritual connection. This in turn assists us with our life’s purpose. Of course we can choose to waste our time wishing our bodies were different. However this delays us from the real question – “What am I called to do in this lifetime?” When we accept, acknowledge, work with and are grateful for our body’s strengths rather than assumed deficits, we move towards body bliss and elevated consciousness. It puts the phrase ‘move your body’ into a whole new category of bliss doesn’t it?

“Bringing you a healthy, supportive night’s sleep”

Tired of waking up with a sore back and neck? The simple facts: • 100% Natural and Chemical Free • Self-Adjustable to ANY height or shape • Naturally Hypoallergenic and Antibacterial • Sustainable and Biodegradable • Breathable and Washable

Any why? • Orthopaedic Support • Prevents Headaches, Neck and Shoulder Pain • Reduces Sleeplessness, Sweating and Snoring • Relieves TMJ Syndrome

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The Pure Earth Pillow Collection 26

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How your body helps you


Listen and Learn


What would you like to learn about today?” is a great question that can lead a therapy session in unpredictable directions, usually with amazing outcomes. It also invites each individual to build awareness and confidence in advocating for their own needs, interests and capacities as they grow and learn. This is increasingly important for children who receive information differently than traditional education methods offered. Many children are strong visual and kinaesthetic (tactile/ physical) learners, trying to cope in classroom environments that use up to 90% verbal delivery. It is important that we recognise these children do not lack ability, but do require different techniques and approaches to facilitate easier learning. I’d like to share a conversation I recently had with a young client. He first came to see me when he was three with unintelligible speech and severe frustration with communication. After two years of regular therapy, he became a confident communicator, and now,

at the age of 12, visits me occasionally when he is stuck and needs some strategies. He started high school this year, and noticed that he couldn’t focus easily on spoken information delivered with no visual cues or tactile engagement. He said his brain would “take him away” rather than being able to pay attention in the classroom. Me: How many thoughts do you usually have in your head? Boy: Oh about 30 pieces of information that I take turns thinking about. Me: Did you know how amazing you are to be able to think about so many things at once? Boy: (Looks surprised) – Really? I thought everybody did? Me: No, not everybody can do that! Can you keep those thoughts there but still bring your awareness to what the teacher is saying? Boy: But my brain goes so far away. Me: Do you want to bring your brain back to your body and be more present? Try touching your arms and

legs with your hands to connect with your body again. (He decided it would look funny touching his arms in the classroom, but he could put his hands on his thighs.) Me: Does that make a difference? Boy: Yes! (Big smile) That could work! The ability to use a simple strategy for connecting with his body in this situation enabled him to be present and choose what he could pay attention to. If you have a child or student who has trouble listening, how can they include their body to help them receive information? Encourage them to try different ways to engage their body and find out what works for them. ANDREA HOLLAND is a Speech Pathologist who has been in private practice in SE Queensland for 25 years. She is also a workshop facilitator and co-author of Leap Into Literacy: Effective & Playful Tools for Easy Literacy Preparation with her daughter and anthropologist, Amanda Holland. Phone: 0412 743 176


• Live blood analysis • pH testing • Iridology • Full Naturopath assessment


SPECIAL INTRODUCTORY OFFER Health rebates available


$49 Normally $120


Healthy Blood

Unhealthy Blood

Also available at the office: • Chiropractor – Dr David Hendrey • Massage • Core strength TRX training 13/5 Innovation Parkway (Level 1) KAWANA WATERS

Ph (07) 543 77 222 Holistic Bliss | APRIL 2015 |

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3/18/2015 1:19:39 PM


“What if the

Opposite is True?”



ow often do you let your mind get carried away thinking worstcase scenarios? It usually can happen when you are getting brave enough to step out of your comfort zone and give yourself something you desire – big or small. Things like giving you a massage, facial, time with a friend, time to create in, booking a holiday etc. Every time you find yourself dominated by negative thoughts that are not supportive of YOU – the amazing, abundant and magnificent being you truly are – Thoughts like… • I will run out of money • I am too old • I do not have enough experience • My partner is not into me right now • I don’t have enough time Your thoughts are so powerful and the energy behind the thought is valuable and potent. Over the next few days watch out for those thoughts. If

you find yourself thinking them – accept them! In fact the more powerful and dominant they are, the more creative power they have for you to use. Rather than judging them, beating yourself up and letting them get in the way of doing or thinking something great for you; say this out loud… “What if the opposite is true?” Then turn the thought around and know that all that potent energy can now be used to create what the new positive thought is… • I have more money than I can spend • I am youthful • I have lifetimes of experience and this is something that excites me • My partner adores me – I adore me too • I have time to do the things I desire The energy of any thought is the ‘fuel’ that you use to drive your creations. All creations need energy to start them and keep them going. The energy in our thoughts is free for

KINESIOLOGY – your journey within

ARE YOU READY TO FIND YOUR FLOW? – JOURNEY Megan Johnston Kinesiology WITHIN TO LET infuses the art of kinesiology with the principles of GO, RECONNECT psychology to provide a unique, AND WALK THE powerful and holistic mind, body and soul treatment. Together PATH OF YOUR we will identify your struggles, OWN HEART explore the origins of your pain and let go of limiting beliefs that are holding you back. We will clear blockages so you can reconnect with your authentic self and lead your life with clarity, direction and purpose.

FREE 20-min phone consultations COOLUM BEACH Private Health Rebates Available Megan Johnston Kinesiology – Your Journey Within

Ph 0420 67 57 67 28

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us all and available all the time. The more forceful or dominant the thought, the more potent and powerful the energy. So all your negative thoughts with consciousness and intent can be transformed to create the opposite. The other advantage in this process is you get to love you more! All of us are aiming to love ourselves unconditionally and not judge ourselves. It can be so easy to slip back into harsh selfjudgement habits when those negative thoughts begin to show up in our minds and dominate. Your first reaction many times is to resist them and worry that they are being created or sabotaging you. When you begin to practise the Body Consciousness Tool – “What if the opposite is true?” in the moment you notice the negative thoughts, you will use all that potent forceful energy to fuel the creation you actually desire. You are the creator of your reality! Email:

Love Yoga? Love Dance? Then you’ll love Chakradance® Discover a deeper connection to your true, authentic self, the unravelling of blocked energies, and the feeling of coming home. In a darkened room, lit only by candle-light, we move to music created to resonate with the vibrations of each of our 7 major chakras. We dance with our eyes closed, and our attention turned inwards, connecting with our inner world – the world of our imagination, feelings, intuition and senses.

rhythm for your soul

Jenny Curtis – Noosa area, 0414 900 910, Susie Allen – Noosa area, 0403 992 477, Leanne Nash – Maroochydoore, 0416 175 465, Pammy Faye – Currimundi area, 0407 627 446, Giselle Di Paolo – Brisbane, 0402 400 228,

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What if you could re-grow your teeth? Never need another filling? WORDS SHAUNA TEAKEN


hat if our bodies are capable of growing 3 or 4 sets of teeth in our lifetime? What if I told you there’s a microorganism in our bodies that dissipates plaque and calculus, the major causes of periodontal disease and decay in the mouth? What if gleaming, strong teeth, healthy gums and no cavities was possible for everyone? The micro-organism lies dormant in most people, can be re-activated and is killed off by certain foods, chemicals and drinks. If you are willing to be aware and ask your body what it knows it can handle, you can begin to work with your body to create optimum health. These ideas may fly directly in the face of everything we’ve been entrained to believe. Have you heard of people who have no dental fillings, or who have re-grown teeth? I have, and speaking with others, stories abound of the ‘strange’ great-grandma who had dentures and then re-grew her teeth!

It’s all part of what’s truly possible for us and our bodies, if we are willing to look beyond the accepted view of reality. In last month’s Holistic Bliss, I wrote about the Access Energetic Facelift® technique which uses energies within the body to heal scar tissue, wrinkles, sun damage and general ageing/ deterioration. There’s another range of techniques specifically for the mouth, teeth, gums and jaw developed by American dentist Dr Tom Kolso, in conjunction with the Access Consciousness tools. I am so excited about what his work means not just for dental health, but for the vitality and longevity of our whole bodies! (I am currently trying to persuade him to come to Australia to teach his System – stay tuned!) Meanwhile, I’m using the techniques on myself and clients in my bodywork practice. The teeth and longevity connection On a purely physical level, the link

between gum disease, tooth decay and dis-ease in the whole body has been long established. Energetically, the periodontal cavity – mouth, teeth and jaw – holds many emotional associations – with food, with speech, with sex – and is a major holding point of many limitations and judgements. There’s much more – but here’s a key I’ll leave you with. Teeth wearing out, breaking down or decaying is part of the whole ‘Bodies are Designed to Age and Die’ paradigm which many people are now questioning. It seems that a healthy periodontal cavity is selfregenerating (you do still need to brush and floss!!) and leads to the choice of a much longer, more vital living! I’m so there! SHAUNA TEAKEN is an Access Body Class Facilitator, specialising in awakening the body’s own healing energies to bring optimum health and consciousness to those who know more must be possible.

Holistic Bliss | APRIL 2015 |

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3/18/2015 1:22:55 PM


Finding Bliss




s an Holistic Counsellor and as a woman who has been on a sometimes tumultuous journey to her own heart, there is one thing that I am absolutely certain of in the journey to self-realisation and healing. And that is that ultimately we are all seeking connection – to ourselves and to others. Connection is what gives purpose and meaning to our lives. The ability to feel connected is neuro-biologically how we are wired and it is the fear of disconnection, or rather the fear of not being worthy of connection that is the driver behind feelings of inadequacy and shame. Underneath those feelings of shame and inadequacy lies a pathway to connection. That pathway is vulnerability. It’s the idea that in order for connection to happen we have to allow ourselves to be truly seen, not just by others but also by ourselves. It’s the type of vulnerability that could be considered excruciating, however research shows that people who have a strong sense of connection also have a


strong sense of courage – courage to be imperfect. They have compassion first for themselves and then for others. They have a willingness to fully embrace vulnerability, and to let go of who they think they should be. They believe that what makes them vulnerable also makes them beautiful. They don’t view vulnerability as uncomfortable, they view it as necessary. So, what do our bodies have to do with all of that? Our bodies are the vehicle by which we interact with our environment, and so they are also the vehicle by which we use to protect ourselves. Therapeutically, vulnerability allows the natural flow of healing energy and every time we resist being vulnerable, every time we react in fear and defence of ourselves, we interrupt that natural flow of energy. It’s like putting energetic dam walls up throughout our bodies and the stagnation that is created causes disharmony, leading to injury, illness and disease. Energy Release Massage is a

nurturing method of gently breaking down those dam walls and allowing the healing energy to move through the body, creating a deep and blissful connection with your body and with yourself. The key to a successful therapeutic outcome is in fact, vulnerability. Without vulnerability, you are simply getting a body rub, which may be a relaxing experience however it won’t give you that sense of connection that we all seek. The willingness to be seen and the courage to be imperfect is far less frightening when you have a therapist who is dedicated to providing a safe space, free from judgment and who is totally present with you in every moment. Be sure to seek out a therapist who functions from kindness and who honours and embraces the value of vulnerability in your journey to selfconnection. To connect with Intuitive Healing Centre or to learn more about Energy Release Massage and Holistic Counselling go to

Intuitive Healing Centre A place of non judgment and kindness where we provide a nurturing space for healing physically, emotionally and spiritually. Our unique methods of Energy Release Massage can assist in gently releasing old trauma from the body and Holistic Counselling guides us towards self-realisation.

• ENERGY RELEASE MASSAGE • PREGNANCY MASSAGE • HOLISTIC COUNSELLING All of our services are developed specifically to address the unique needs of women. For more information call Glen on 0499 887 707 (Massage) or Nicole on 0411 522 334 (Holistic Counselling) 30

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| APRIL 2015 | Holistic Bliss

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Exercise Physiologist | Functional Movement


Lighten & Brighten Weight Loss Program Love your Liver & Gut Health Programs Individual Consultations and Programs

Myotherapy and Remedial Massage Sports Injuries | Stress Relief | Sports Massage

Squash | Acupuncture

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ave you noticed that the way things used to be done just isn’t working as well anymore? Do you KNOW that it’s time for a change? In your life? And even more so in the world? What if now is the time? What if now’s the time to finally step into being everything you truly are? From this other place of actually BEING the inspiration to change, you can be the one thing that will allow other people around the world to know there is a different possibility. Are you ready? 1. First – make a demand. As in, “Hey, this is going to change and something else is going to show up!” 2. Next – ask a question. Every question you ask opens up a completely different possibility and a new potential. After making this demand, then ask, “Hey, what’s it going to take for this to show up differently?” All of a sudden this doorway opens


32.indd 1

up you never saw before. You couldn’t see them until you made the demand and asked the question. 3. Letting go of your limitation. Now, please tell the Universe that you are ready and willing to let go of all your decisions, conclusions, computations, judgments and projections you have around whatever you are demanding to change! Right now! Those are the things standing in your way! And 99.9% of the time, these limitations are something you bought from someone else. Release them. Return them to sender. LET THEM GO! Bye bye! And now breathe. 4. Now – CHOOSE (and ACT)! Your choice determines the potentials that will occur. In other words, you’ve got the demand, the question, the letting go of limitations – and it’s the choice that actually creates a different potential for the future. You have to choose (and ACT)! If you want to know what actions to

take, simply ask this question every day, “What can I do today that will allow this to show up right away?” 5. Finally – RECEIVE everything. For this to work, for things to change, you have to be willing to receive everything that shows up, with no judgment or exclusion. Trust the universe. Trust YOU. So if it doesn’t show up tomorrow – you are NOT wrong, my friend. It will occur. You have started! And please know – it will probably look completely different than you’ve ever imagined. What if the possibilities you’ve always dreamed of actually could exist? What if you, truly being you, are the gift and the change this world requires? Is now the time? DR DAIN HEER will be in Australia hosting a series of Access Consciousness workshops from May 6th in Brisbane including Access Bars, Foundation and Level I and a Taste of Being. For more visit or email

| APRIL 2015 | Holistic Bliss

3/19/2015 4:26:50 PM

How do

Subtle Energies

affect your daily life?



f I could prove to you that invisible things in your environment are having a huge negative effect on you, your health and wellbeing, as well as on your children, animals and plants, would you be willing to make steps to stop it? These invisible things are electromagnetic fields (man-made) and Earth energies which affect us in detrimental ways. The good news is that all detrimental subtle energies can be worked with and changed into beneficial ones. Subtle energy is a term which is used to describe pretty much anything which is not visible to the naked eye but can still have immense impacts on us, our health and daily lives. EMF (mobile phones, cell towers, computers, smart meters), geopathic stress, human energies and Earth grids are only a

small handful of things that come under the term subtle energy. Change your energy – change your life! We are all surrounded by subtle energies 24/7. These energies have become more common due to the massive increase in electronic and wifi devices. We as humans are electromagnetic beings and possess the unconscious ability to influence subtle energies with negative actions, thoughts and emotions. As the saying goes “like attracts like” – we are the creator of our own energy environment. If we are venting negativity the subtle energies absorb this and transmit this back, just like a mirror. If you change your energy from within, you and everything in your life can shift and you can attract all things

positive and great, like abundance, a sense of calmness and joy. Energy clearing works by identifying detrimental vibrations and frequencies. Different methods are used to clear, neutralise and rebalance them. After a clearing, you and your environment will become lighter and re-energised and you may also feel more relaxed. Would you like to learn valuable skills like how to dowse and use dowsing in your day-to-day life? What about uncovering how to detect subtle energies, use dowsing charts and balance energies. Please contact HEINZ for information about subtle energy and dowsing workshops scheduled in June and July on the Sunshine Coast. email:



Brenda – to Draw

on the Ancient Wisdom


Teodora – Reawaken and Support the Heart Energy


Joylene – Empower

the Future with Universal Strength

UPCOMING 2-DAY JOURNEYS – $270 BRISBANE 9th and 10th May SUNSHINE COAST 6th and 7th June GOLD COAST 4th and 5th July Email: Phone: 0402 199 690 \

Body Consciousness Intensive Workshop (BCI) BCI will assist you to opening up and being all of YOU!!

This workshop will allow you to identify the negative core beliefs and patterns and programs that prevent you from choosing a path that is truly representative of YOU! It gives you the ability to tap into your intuitive higher self to gather answers and directions about what is happening in times of overwhelm and confusion. You will discover your inner courage to clear negative belief systems and make choices that inspire you to follow what excites your heart and live a life you love.

June 2015 Dates & Prices – Sunshine Coast, QLD Level 1 – Level 2 – Level 3 – Level 4 –

6th-8th June 9th-11th June 12th-14th June 15th-16th June*

Change your Beliefs,! Change your World

*Level 4 is only for those wanting to train as a BC Facilitator

Call Circle Wellness Clinic to book: 5471 2201 Or Email:

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3/19/2015 4:26:17 PM

Inspiring Communities

through films, food and fun



ocumentaries about health, happiness and sustainability have had a profound impact on 34-year-old Brisbane mother Kristen Ottaway’s life and she’s now on a mission to share the inspiration she experienced with people throughout the country. For 15 years, Kristen suffered with severe Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS). Doctors were unable to help and tests provided no answers as to what was causing her painful condition. But when a friend handed her a book called, ‘No Impact Man’ – the story of a New York family who attempt to live having no impact on the environment for a year, she began to ask questions about what’s really in our food and how is it affecting our bodies. She started watching documentary after documentary – Food Matters, Food Inc, the Future of Food – and was astounded at what she learnt. As it turned out, a change in diet was all she needed to completely cure the debilitating condition she’d been

suffering with for so long! Kristen is a now an advocate for healthy, organic living – superfoods, fermented foods, fresh juice, smoothies as well as yoga, meditation and cultivating habits of gratitude. But most importantly, she believes to experience long-term and profound improvements to our health and happiness, we need to surround ourselves with like-minded people who want to do the same. Kristen created Inspired Living Events in 2013 to do just that – connect people who want to live healthier, happier lives and inspire them to continue on their journey. Kristen started with Inspiring Film Nights – showing documentaries about health, happiness and sustainability with local caterers coming along to provide organic, sustainable and waste-free meals. After just a couple of film nights she was hooked and knew she was on the right path. She threw in her high-paying PR job and persuaded her husband Trevor to rent out their house


Symptoms and causes of these unseen energies which may affect you:

• EMF from computers, mobile phones, mobile towers Subtle Energie • Power lines, Smart meter and geopathic stress s and Do • Low overall energy in your home/office wsing Works • Non human influences or entities in your home hops 27 Jun e and 1 • Noxious energies in the home, business and farm 8 July • Fear, anxiety, anger since moving into a new place Sunshine Coast • Poor sleep at home and good sleep away from home • Constant illness, headaches, depression, feeling drained and restless

and, along with their daughter who was 18 months old at the time, move in with her parents while she established the business. Just over a year later, Inspired Living Events now runs monthly Inspiring Film Nights, quarterly Inspired Living Retreats in the Glass House Mountains and a new Inspired Wellness Collective for health and wellness entrepreneurs. Perhaps most exciting of all – Inspired Living Events has just started expanding throughout the country! Kristen has welcomed Donna Davis from Health Tribe and Sally Le Coz from Natural By Nature into the team and events are now running in Brisbane, Sunshine Coast, Townsville and Mackay. More hosts will be coming onboard throughout the year so these exciting events could soon be in your city! Inspired Living’s events are a place to be nourished, inspired and to connect with your tribe. For more info visit


the word solution Fed up with feeling fat, fatigued and forgotten?

Energy clearing works by identifying detrimental vibrations and frequencies. Different methods are used to clear, neutralize and rebalance them. After a clearing you and your environment will become more relaxed, lighter and re-energized.

Finally, the formula for a fun, fit and fantastic future!

Heinz Gugger – Universal Energy Clearing


Phone: 07 5488 4315




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Download the entire first section of the book today at

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Noosa is in High Spirits in April I

f you’re looking for a healthier lifestyle, a way to expand on your vast knowledge of the world or simply looking for an enriching experience, then you need to acquaint yourself with the Little Light Spiritual & Well-being Fair coming to Noosa on April 11 and 12! The Little Light Spiritual & Well-being Fair combines elements of healthy living, well-being and spirituality over two days to present you with new knowledge and ideas, live performances, free seminars and workshops. Find your pathway to inner peace, health and happiness. And find some new products, book a massage, psychic reading or simply browse the aisles to chat to our professional likeminded exhibitors. Exhibitors showcase their products and services ranging from candles, crystals, gifts and homewares, to spiritual drawings, iridology, Reiki, yoga and aura photography. See the website for the full exhibitors list. Keynote speakers, authors and wellknown health leaders will share their

knowledge in the Wellness Workshop Room. All classes, workshops, entertainment and demonstrations are FREE to join! The Little Light Spiritual Fair is a peaceful and spiritual environment, with background music from international artist; Lou Van Stone. Lou combines soaring, ethereal vocals and lush harmonies with ambient instrumentation. The beautiful, bell-like quality of her voice has had her winning over audiences world-wide. Joining the Little Light Fair are well-known psychics and clairvoyants including TV celebrities from THE ONE and PSYCHIC TV. Australia’s leading psychics with honesty and integrity will be joining the featured Psychic Reading Room to offer you accurate and inspired readings. During a reading, the psychic draws attention to the hidden forces and motivations that have and will shape your life. Have fun discovering your destiny, whether it’s your love life, family, friendships or finances that have you curious. Little Light is presented by the

Health Harmony Soul Expo, which has had high success in the past six years. This Expo is the largest health and well-being event on the Gold Coast, Newcastle and Canberra. First starting on the Gold Coast in 2008 and expanding to Canberra and Newcastle in recent years, the Health Harmony Soul Expo has received high praise and now attracts more then 5000 visitors in each city. This festival will continue to develop and expand in the coming years. Health Harmony Soul is proud to bring the Little Light Spiritual & Wellbeing Fair to the Sunshine Coast for the first time in 2015! Above all, this event will give you an enriching and inspiring experience. So come along and join us for an inspiring and elevating experience. Tickets are available online or at the door for only $12! Or present the coupon displayed in this magazine to pay just $9! Find exhibitor and psychic line-up and more information online…

Live A Better Life B.E.S.T. Bio Energetic Synchronisation Technique with

PHYSICAL B.E.S.T. – EMOTIONAL B.E.S.T. – FAMILY B.E.S.T. B.E.S.T. is a non-forceful, energy balancing, hands-on procedure used to help re-establish the full healing potential of the body. The body can heal itself both physically and emotionally. B.E.S.T. technology unlocks the healing potential within each of us!

This sensational non-invasive treatment is nothing less than life changing for any physical ailment, emotional block or simply to achieve your dreams and live a happy, healthy life!

Donna Sutor


0417 202 465 Call now for your FREE assessment Holistic Bliss | APRIL 2015 |

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th Birthday H

And we have some Special Giveaways! ENTER THE DRAW AND YOU COULD



GOODNESS ME BOX A health food subscription box designed to get people excited about eating clean, nourishing their body with pure wholefoods and being a part of the wellness revolution! Valued at $60

with JOSHUA SHAPIRO A Crystal Skull Explorer


from JG


wellers Natural solid da rk op sterling silver stu al ds Valued a t $345


To enter the draw please send your contact details to: Entries close 5pm, 30th April. Winner will be notified on the 1st May and also announced on our Facebook page.

Experience the difference with our Ear Candles

From the USA with over 30 years experience


MELBOURNE – Shirley Sienna Coventry 1st Introductory Night Workshop 3rd Personal Sessions with Joshua’s Skulls JOSHUA and “PORTAL de LUZ” YANDINA – Pauline Norris SYDNEY – Pauline Norris 5th Introductory Night 15th Introductory Night GYMPIE – Pauline Norris 16th Workshop 6th Introductory Night 17th Personal Sessions with HERVEY BAY – Pauline Norris Joshua’s Skulls 7th Introductory Night GOLD COAST – Tanya Allison CAIRNS – Pauline Norris 21st Introductory Night 9th Personal Sessions with BRISBANE – Pauline Norris Joshua’s Skulls 22nd Introductory Night 10th Workshop 23rd Workshop BYRON BAY – Pauline Norris 24th Personal Sessions with Joshua’s Skulls 12th Introductory Night

For further information please contact:

Shirley Sienna Coventry | 0403 484 892 | Pauline Norris | 0408 862 448 | Tanya Allison | 0421 603 327 |

Email: Skype: joshuashapiro17


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H d w H o

Ask us about our promotional wholesale opportunities

ARTG No. 214020

Ear Candles by Danielle

w. m. 0404 250 689

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y Holistic Bliss! HOW TO ‘TRUST YOUR GUT’ IN BUSINESS Having trouble trusting your gut? Can’t get clear on your direction and life purpose? Finding it difficult to connect with your inner guidance? You’re going to love this. Here at Holistic Bliss we are giving away 100 digital copies of the book, “Invisible Genius: The Intuition Secrets of the World’s Greatest Leaders and How to Profit from Them” written by Sunshine Coast author, Kristina Mills. Inside the book you’ll find example after example of how leaders like Richard Branson, Gandhi, Bill Clinton, Steve Jobs, DaVinci, Einstein,




Gandhi, Donald Trump and many others, use their intuition in decision making. You’ll learn how to accurately tap into your internal compass, completely trust what you get and follow your guidance. The book also features chapters on the art of mind control, pattern reading, future creation techniques used by leaders, and 12 intuition exercises and processes. Kristina, an internationally respected business advisor and intuitionist, incorporates ancient wisdom with modern marketing practices to help small business owners increase their influence in the marketplace. In her 22 years educating over 30,000 business owners Kristina has found that one of the key reasons why some business owners struggle is because they have trouble trusting their gut. She wrote this book as a way of showing people how they can enjoy more happiness and more money in their lives by following their inner guidance system.

To grab your FREE copy of Invisible Genius just go to – Offer ends 30 April, 2015

World Class Training – Mediumship and Psychic Studies SUNSHINE COAST HINTERLAND


• TUESDAY 25TH AUGUST TRANCE HEALING with Helen DaVita, UK Tutor at Universal Cottage • WEDNESDAY 26TH AUGUST ADVANCED TRANCE and PHYSICAL MEDIUMSHIP with Helen DaVita, UK Tutor at Universal Cottage


Includes 1-day exotic animal experience, with Helen DaVita, UK tutor at Universal Cottage


PHONE 0421 351 406 FOR INFORMATION ON ANY COURSE | Holistic Bliss | APRIL 2015 |

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3/18/2015 5:19:17 PM

Jessica Ainscough


38.indd 1

| APRIL 2015 | Holistic Bliss

3/19/2015 4:23:30 PM

In remembrance of Jessica Ainscough, who passed on the 26th February 2015. We thank-you Jess for your brave heart and for inspiring so many people far and wide with your wisdom. You will be remembered in our hearts always as a shining light. Our love and kindness to Jessica’s dear family and friends – Holistic Bliss Team xxxx Jessica Ainscough graced our cover in April 2012 and we are so grateful we were able to share her amazing story at that time. PHOTOS BEC McLEAN

Holistic Bliss | APRIL 2015 |

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3/19/2015 4:25:25 PM


“I am Woman,see me move” WORDS JANET McGEEVER


remember being mesmerised by a band of women working on a twostorey building in India as they moved up the ladders and along the floors like a mystery. Their saris floated and swirled around them like a lyrical song, so graceful, so elegant. Indian women play with colour and light boldly. To me they are among the most sensual in the world – the way they dress, the way they walk, move and dance. Sensuality is so woven into the Indian culture – in their very ancestry, their very bones, steeped in mystery, and creativity, in life. What makes a woman sensual? Sensuality is the presence that illuminates the soul of a woman that radiates her natural love. It brings a woman alive. It’s what makes us tick. It’s what moves us to create, to love, to joy, to pleasure. To be sensual is to open to your senses – “I see, I hear, I feel”. Yet for many western women, the mantra is

“I do, I do and I do more”. She gets caught in a flurry of ‘doing’… but ‘doing’ in the goal-oriented western way can close a woman’s heart, creating tension in her body. Her love can’t shine. As soon as a woman develops the art of being in her body, she makes the shift from mind-oriented to heartoriented, from doing to being, from closed to open. She can still be active and productive, in fact, even more so. Movement for a woman is key and is the sensual switch to her soul, her heart, and her unique mystery. That’s why women light up when they dance. But there has to be something that is a constant – whether she moves or is still, there is a presence that can live alive in her, that moves her without her ‘doing’ it. This presence is about her being anchored in her body. Ladies, try moving from the lower part of your

body, the hips, and the pelvis in a relaxed way. When a woman moves from there, she feels good. When she feels good, she is more joyous, more loving, and more beautiful. There is more spaciousness for her love to shine. When she connects with this, with awareness, she is moving from a different place. You can’t help but watch her… she has something. So for those who want more in life and relationships, moving gracefully in our busy world requires just a few moments of mindfulness, connecting with your body. This way, you can experience the joy and grace of sensuality in your everyday life, whether that is at work, play, or that intimate moment. Try it now! JANET McGEEVER holds workshops and retreats for women and couples.

Expressing YOU! ea, Morning t ergy , ls oo en creative t and play rs session o included n io s ses ours in the 3 h



Vanessa Finnigan started a successful magazine from scratch nearly six years ago and continues to run the magazine. Vanessa previously worked as a psychologist for ten years and also worked as a freelance writer for magazines in Australia and overseas before creating Holistic Bliss Magazine. She also has a regular blog and is an energy facilitator.



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| APRIL 2015 | Holistic Bliss

3/18/2015 1:45:06 PM


Understanding WITH JEAN SHEEHAN, Principal – Millennium Education


Millennium Children


he easiest language for children and teenagers is BODY LANGUAGE as all you need do is observe. Teachers and parents state that teenagers slouch, drag their feet and slump at the dinner table. This is teenagers communicating. Let’s commence with Sean; a 16-year-old boy who was brought in by Mum as she was concerned that he grunted, did not care about his looks and ‘mooched’ in everything. She thought he was depressed as his demeanor was not his usual chatty bright self. He was communicating but no one seemed to understand. When teenagers grow, their brains have brain synapses and new neural pathways grow which are like fireworks. The personality can alter like having a stroke when this occurs. Sean was struggling with the cognitive tasks, problem solving and general function of the brain in normal maturing processes. The natural teenage instinct is to be a recluse or only to

socialise with like-minded friends. From a Medical Intuitive point of view, the mouth is about communication and taking information and at this stage teenagers have so much happening to their physical growth, they cannot take new information in. Sean dragged his feet as he walked into my office then slumped in the chair. The body language indicated that his direction in life was not grounded and either school/home were a heavy feeling. The noises he made from dragging feet, slumping and grunting indicated he needed to be heard. The ‘slump’ was the connective tissue which is about integration, body and support. He was communicating the transition from child to adult was so much effort and hard to integrate. Already I had so much information about Sean so this session was going to be easy and it was time for Mum to understand her son and for Sean to have techniques to help himself through this metamorphosis.

‘Sean. What’s happenin’ I asked. He replied ‘Nothin. Life sucks’. I needed to communicate and connect on his terms and build trust. Sean’s body language allowed me to connect with him, speak his language and relate to him where he could feel easy talking with me. By the end of the session, Sean was sitting up straight, engaging and even had a smile on his face. He felt he was not heard or seen on how he felt and did not know where he fit in society. The next step was for Mum to understand his body language. He was not depressed. He just needed to be heard. Your body will speak through disease, health, sickness and actions. To know more, consider a workshop to learn the magic behind empowering children. For Medical Intuitive sessions and courses or to learn about empowering your child contact JEAN SHEEHAN

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Jean Sheehan

Internationally Recognised & Award Winning Medical Intuitive Holistic Bliss | APRIL 2015 |

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Beatles were Wrong



lot of the beliefs that I have, and probably you have as well, are drummed into our heads by advertising. The most entrenched beliefs are handed down to us through our cultures – the fairytale ending, the handsome prince, the knight on the white charger, the perfect man. Fairytales and advertising can take the blame for the idea that we meet our one true love, they complete us and we gaze into each other’s eyes in blissful happiness for the rest of our lives. For some, for a while that might work. But what usually happens is this; you disappear off the face of the earth and your friends stop hearing from you. Then, as soon as the cracks appear in the fairytale, you seek them out to cry on their shoulders. And they’re there, if they haven’t moved on to friends who are there for them in return, and not just flit-props for the latest dalliance. When you’re in love, it feels like nothing else matters. It’s so easy and seductive to let your life go – your

friends, your interests, your beliefs, your hobbies. I get it. It feels good and it’s fun and smoochy and yummy. You don’t need anyone or anything else. You’re feeling smug wrapped up in your love cocoon. And that’s the way you think it should stay. But what happens when he wants to go to the footy with his mates? Or she goes on a girls’ night out? How could he possibly want to be apart from you for even one minute? How dare she have a life of her own? You just want to be with her all the time. He’s all you need. Love is all you need. The Beatles were right. Wrong. Best friend girly chats are different to relationship chats. Best mate drinking talks are different to relating to your love interest. There’s so much more to life than your primary relationship. Conversely having other friends and other interests bring more life into your marriage. Other voices, other opinions, other senses of humour, other connections all add up to a fulfilling life. Khalil Gibran’s words in The Prophet have been quoted often. His

writing on marriage really does feel wise: “Let there be spaces in your togetherness, And let the winds of the heavens dance between you. Love one another but make not a bond of love. Let it rather be a moving sea between the shores of your souls. Fill each other’s cup but drink not from one cup.” Antoine De Saint-Exupery, a French aristocrat, writer (The Little Prince), poet and aviator also clearly knew a bit about love: “Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward in the same direction.” That sums up marriage for me. You’re finished with the infatuation stuff and into the real meat and depth of a relationship. The part where you have each other’s backs. You know, love and support each other and you’re building a life together that will be much greater than the sum of its parts. That’s where life and love get truly delicious. For your free copy of MARY-LOU’s Seven Tips For Your Best Relationship Ever go to


• Do you feel unhappy due to constant arguing with your partner? • Is there a lack of intimacy in your relationship? • Do you feel invalidated or rejected by your partner? • Are you constantly defending yourself? • Does your partner disengage emotionally? • Do you want to know if you are suitable for each other? • Are you asking yourself whether to leave an unhealthy relationship? If yes, you may talk your problems through with a neutral professional relationship counsellor. My working hours are flexible.


Petra Hanzak BPsych (Honours); Dip. Prof. Counsellor

Marital/couple and Afterseparation Support and Guidance Services MORETON BAY

Book now (07) 5309 4541 or email For more information please visit: 42

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of the

Month Why kids need chiropractic





Do you have a favourite Quote? Write to us:

y child appears healthy, why does he need to see a chiropractor? Most people are raised with the notion that if we or our kids seem well enough, and do not complain of pain or other symptoms, then they must be healthy. True health is defined as: a state of optimal physical, mental and social wellbeing, not merely the absence of disease and infirmity. Optimal health means optimal bodily function and the innate ability to cope with life’s physical, chemical and emotional stressors. It is our amazing brain and nerve system that controls and coordinates optimal body function and adaptation. Spinal strains commonly irritate and decrease the ability of our vital nerve system to respond to life’s insults. This spine and nerve stress can occur in babies while in the womb with awkward positioning, restricted movement, maternal emotional stress and exposure to toxins. Moreover, subluxation often results from birth complications, early childhood physical and lifestyle stresses and as part of a normal modern daily life. Chiropractic is simple: adjust the spine, free the nerves, restore optimal communication, function and health – naturally.

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HAVING TROUBLE MAKING BABIES OR JUST DON’T FEEL IN TIP TOP HEALTH? Introducing Leading Natural Fertility Specialist and Master Naturopath... Jason Jackson At Jackson Health we don’t just help make babies… we make healthy families... 8000 and counting through our Natural Fertility programs. Unlock Your Best Health Ever. The very latest integrated Natural Medicines for ALL your Health Care Needs…

Jason Jackson N.D.

Boo availa k b book le at store s or on line 3A / 8 Point Cartwright Drive BUDDINA Qld 4575

CALL US ON (07) 5477 7115 | Visit: Holistic Bliss | APRIL 2015 |

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hen it comes to toxic-free beauty, we immediately think of replacing our skin care with natural alternatives. But rarely do we consider nail polish as a health hazard. After all, it sits on top of our nails, as opposed to being applied to our permeable skin. The bad news is that nail care products are some of the most toxic on the market, with known chemicals such as formaldehyde, dibutyl phthalate (DBP) and toluene as the three major suspects that are common in conventional brands. Every time you open the nail lacquer bottle you inhale these chemicals within the air that you naturally breathe. They are scientifically proven and documented as carcinogens, allergens and irritants.

Would you like to ‘Nail it’?

The good news is that there are a variety of ranges of toxin-free nail lacquers that are made without these three known “nasties”. The challenge is sourcing a brand that is not only toxin-free, but also that which has long lasting intensity of colour, as it’s all very boring to have to reapply lacquer every few days. Or even worse, to be out and about with chipped nails. Not the best look. For years I tested various brands of 3-free nail lacquer. Most were the same, they had a fabulous range of colours but they didn’t last longer than 5 days. That was until I was introduced to INTENSAE, a beautiful nail lacquer range that bridges the gap between natural and luxury, delivering highperformance clean results using an

advanced non-toxic formulation. It has intensely pigmented saturated colour for pristine shine and coverage. What’s also fabulous is the oversize cap and carefully measured brush that allow effortless application. Non-toxic and cruelty free. No animal testing. All of INTENSAE 5-free lacquers and treatments are free from formaldehyde, toluene, DBP (dibutyl phthalate), camphor and formaldehyde resin. What’s not to love! Oh, and I must mention that with two coats and a top coat my INTENSAE toes continue to look as vibrant and chip-free as they did 10 days prior to when I applied the lick of colour. Amazing! And unheard of for a toxin-free range! INTENSAE is available exclusively in Australia at


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What is the difference between

Conventional, Natural and Organic?



adly in the food industry ‘conventional’ implies the food is grown normally. But if you reflect on your grandparents’ day, the use of pesticides and GMO was not normal, so conventional which means food grown using synthesised (man-made from chemicals) fertilisers, possibly genetically modified seeds, and possibly growth hormones and regular antibiotics (in the case of meat) is in fact anything but conventional. Natural generally means no chemicals, genetically modified seeds, or hormones/antibiotics. As there is rigorous testing and expense involved with becoming organic it is very common for small, local producers to market themselves as natural, noncertified organic, spray free, because they generally aren’t doing enough business to justify the time and expense to become certified organic. Natural is

not regulated so it’s not a guarantee of anything. Certified Organic is the customer’s guarantee that all products manufactured by a company adhere to strict and rigorous criteria defined by an appropriate certifying body. Organic food is produced without using conventional pesticides; fertilisers made with synthetic ingredients, antibiotics and growth hormones. Some people lean away from conventionally grown food because they are concerned about putting chemicals in their bodies, while others are motivated by environmental concerns. The certification criteria, i.e. Certified Organic encompasses every step of the process from pre-planting of the soil through to dispatch of the end product to the consumer via the warehouse.

Many people think ‘organic produce’ and believe it is just about the things that are ‘added’ to the process that defines organic, it is not until prompted that the penny drops that it’s also about what is ‘missing’ with organic produce – that being pesticides, herbicides and toxic synthetic chemicals. It is only then that organic and certified organic becomes meaningful. If we take the cosmetic industry as an example, The Australian Certified Organics (ACO) has produced a criterion against which certified organic products are assessed. When you review the criteria for Certified and Natural, it is easy to see the differences. Amongst the difference, Natural allows ingredients to be sources from genetically modified plants. Be informed and is now the time for change?


when you mention Holistic Bliss Health & Lifestyle Education Program using therapeutic-grade essential oils Next Intake Now Open! A dynamic, 16-week modular program where one of Australia’s most respected Aromatherapists Kim Morrison will teach you how to incorporate essential oils into your daily life with confidence, knowledge and passion – plus you will receive:  direct access, support and mentoring from Kim and her qualified team  intimate class sizes for maximum learning  the full range of Twenty8 chemical-free skincare and essential oils valued at over $1500  personal and business development bonus modules and gifts  AND an intense 3-day face-to-face training and graduation ceremony

For more information email or phone 07 5493 4400


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Books, DVDs, . . . s a c i t s i l o H CDs and more... BOOK: How to Stay Married by Mary-Lou Stephens

I cried, I laughed, I was fascinated by Mary-Lou Stephens’ new book! Mary-Lou has an amazing gift for sharing her honest experiences so that you feel like you are walking with her and experiencing her journey. It also makes you reflect on your own life and relationships and do a ‘reality check’ on anywhere you may be living in fantasy land. This book is Mary-Lou’s second book and this time we are taken overseas to America, UK, Europe and Thailand, experiencing many amazing adventures through the eyes of a married woman. This book is a great contribution to the area of relationships and intimacy.

To purchase the book go to:

YOUR ANIMALS ARE TALKING Join the Conversation!

CD: Guided Meditations for Awakening Within by Bernadette Sutherland

Have you ever wanted an unforgettable guided meditation experience that awakens the inner self and creates spiritual awareness? Then wait no more. Find out more about topics such as: Self-Awareness and Healing, Spirit Guides, Universal Consciousness, Past Life Regression and Soul Awareness. These four brand NEW Meditation CDs will enlighten you. The gentle voice of Bernadette will take you on a guided tour within, awakening a deep awareness of self and the powerful energy that surrounds us on a daily basis. To order your CDs go to: or Ph 0407 916 864

Kawana Waters Veterinary Surgery

‘P ut their paws in good hands’

We aim to help with long term healing and cure using Homeopathy, Herbal Medicines and Acupuncture Wurtulla Shopping Village, Nicklin Way, Wurtulla QLD 4575

Phone (07) 5493 1144

Founder: Suzy Godsey Facilitator: Viv Adcock

Beginning Class, May 16 & 17, Gold Coast • Have more ease ‘understanding’ your pet • Learn what you unknowingly communicate • Step into greater leadership

For more info contact Viv @ 0418 456 498

ADVERTISE IN HOLISTIC BLISS AND BE SEEN LOCALLY, NATIONALLY AND INTERNATIONALLY Be part of a publication that makes a difference and shares you and your unique message.

Phone 0422 538 335 for more info All of Life comes to me with Ease & Joy & Glory!®


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The dog that changed my life WORDS VIV ADCOCK


facilitate a lot of clients (in my “people” clinic) who are dis-satisfied with their current life path, they sense an inner calling but aren’t aware yet of exactly what/how it can translate into enriching their life. Years ago, a client reignited a buried, but strong spark in me –

a desire to work with animals. I began questioning how I could work with animals, as the usual avenues that are open to animal lovers didn’t “speak” to me. Some months later a puppy came into my life. I had been searching for a dog to join our family for a while. In a frustrated moment one evening, I asked the dog who was looking for us, to find us… and she did! A six-week-old Labrador x German Shepherd called Mia. At three months old she was constantly limping, our friend and vet took some x-rays and came out and delivered a grim diagnosis – a congenital issue, which caused her bones to fracture. She told me that there was a high possibility that Mia would soon have to have the leg removed and that this issue may also be in her skeleton, drastically shortening her quality of life. I left with painkillers for Mia and tears in my eyes. Being a “possibilitarian” I immediately began researching. Initially I was desperate to not let the diagnosis be true. I talked to Mia – convinced I was going mad and asked her questions,

like, “Who or what do you require to change this?” Ironically, me talking to her opened the door to discovering I can tap in to animals. Rapidly, information, books and other modalities found their way into my life, of which I asked Mia what would work for her body. Vulnerability helped me realise I had nothing to lose and began to trust the “communication” I was receiving from her, still questioning my own sanity! She indicated what supplements, modalities and assistance from me would be most beneficial. One of the greatest contributions I discovered was a device that tests hair samples. My awareness grew exponentially through not giving up. Mia started to have days with no limping. Then we could take her on small walks and as she became stronger, we invited canine friends for play dates. Mia is almost 11 years young now, our vet friend marvels at the vitality and health Mia has. Mia changed my life. Looking for inspiration?

KK’S HOLISTIC VETERINARY SERVICE Dr. Kaori Kanemitsu BVSc, CVCH, CVA (獣医師金光香―西洋&東洋獣医学の免 許取得) Specialises in: Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine including Traditional Chinese Herbal Medicine, Acupuncture, Food Therapy, Tui-na (Medical Massage) HOUSE CALLS AVAILABLE BASED ON THE SUNSHINE COAST (no extra house call charge within 15km of Noosa)


PHONE: 0401 373 603 (日本語でも相談受け付けます。症例により スカイプ診断可能。)

8am-5pm Monday to Saturday NOOSA HEADS /KK’s Holistic Veterinary Service

“It matters not whether medicine is old or new, so long as it brings about a cure. It matters not whether theories are Eastern or Western, so long as they prove to be true.” – Jen Hsou Lin, DVM Holistic Bliss | APRIL 2015 |

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How can we help our friends with TCVM? WORDS DR KAORI


t’s great to see more people opening their minds to Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM). I’m pleased to say people are knocking on our door to learn and understand the world of TCVM to assist their fluffy friends. Seeing their smiley and sleepy faces after a course of TCVM treatment is the happiest part of my day, not to mention seeing them dozing off in the middle of the treatment. Some of my fluffies who absolutely hate vets, try to keep their distrustful eyes on my next move, and they are the ones I love to watch falling into the effect of the acupuncture treatment. I have a few suggestions for increasing the likelihood of a calm peaceful acupuncture treatment. Firstly, bring your fluffy’s own bedding as this helps to keep them calm, especially if it comes with the emotional support of mum and dad. Also, our friendly consultation room next to the garden in a home environment helps to keep our fluffy friends very peaceful as they start the treatment. In addition to having a calm happy fluffy, it is also clear owners need to be at ease and understand our TCVM practice. So I provide an initial

Clinical Trial GRASS ALLERGY

consultation discussing the cause and pattern of the disease, food therapy and Tuina Massage (medical massage) before commencing with the acupuncture treatment. I specially choose the correct needle based on the size, temperament and condition of our special patients. I often do a house call for a cat who absolutely hates coming in to see us, even though our lovely home environment consultation is welcoming. This is Niño (in the picture) who had his last treatment for his long term sadness and stress issue. As you can see… he

is totally chilled now! We would not be able to see Niño in a standard vet environment, as he hates any change or going to a new environment. He had been refusing to be friends with Simba, after the loss of his long term cat buddy … but after a series of acupuncture treatments, herbal medicine and food therapy, he is back to being a smooch cat. He does not even mind sleeping with his new little mate much to Simba’s delight! TCVM can help treat various diseases in such a natural way! We do not have to use antidepressant medication for our fluffy friends as a first option. I am noticing owners are bringing in young fluffies to treat diseases such as anxiety, behavioural issues, seizures, digestive problems (long term diarrhoea), urinary incontinence, cystitis, hot spot, seasonal allergy and cancer rather than using TCVM as a last resort. Old, young or even middle aged fluffy friends… Let’s be happy and keep smiling with TCVM. Please see your nearest TCVM practitioner to assist your fluffy friends!!!

If you think your dog has grass allergies, we will do a patch test and if positive your dog will be selected to enter a Double Blind Placebo trial to test a new treatment for allergies. The treatment is an acupuncture assisted method that has proven very useful. We now want to prove or disprove its usefulness in a scientific trial. Other allergies can be treated in normal consultations.

For more information please call us today or visit

42 Maple Street COOROY Qld 4563

PHONE 5447 7877 48

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Do you have an

amazing pet with a natural healing story?

Send a 450-word original, unpublished article to us and your story may be published along with your pet’s picture. We would love to hear from you and please email story and high resolution picture to:

NEW! STEM CELL THERAPY We are now offering cutting-edge Stem Cell Therapy which offers amazing relief for dogs suffering from Osteoarthritis.

Quality, Expertise and Value Call and book now for April appointments

PAWs Nurse

(Available for Pensioners of Animal Wellness) Vet Nurse comes to you for only $25

Pensioner Discount

Ph: 3324 2291

Greenslopes Shopping Centre Shop B6, 700 Logan Road (next to Queensland Transport)

20% off services

Holistic Bliss | APRIL 2015 |

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Holistic Classifieds SPIRITUAL CLAIRVOYANT-MEDIUM Specialising in Medical Intuition offering telephone readings by appointment. As a genuine advanced channel for light, guidance, and all that is Divinely yours, my gift is here to help you heal. I’m happy to pay for your appointment’s phone call for all numbers within Australia

Phone: Christina Churchill 0417 445 537

SPIRITUAL EVENTS & DIRECTORY Do you have an event or services you would like to promote? Do you require brand specialists to mastermind your campaigns? At Spiritual Events & Directory we cater for all budgets and event types and go the extra mile to identify your needs and what you want to achieve from your campaign(s). Contact us today and we’ll be only too happy to discuss our packages with you.

Phone: Sarah Watkins 0423 402 715

HEALTH & WELLBEING SINGING GROUPS FOR WOMEN Experience the gift of women singing together in delight-full harmony in these beautiful singing sessions designed especially for women. DIVA VOCI Wednesday evenings 7pm-8.30pm Maroochydore DOLCE DIVAS Monday mornings 9.30am-11am Landsborough New members welcome

Call Emma Creed for more information Phone: 0438 619 518 All women welcome!

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Let’s explore the possibilities expressed in your hands. Discover how your strengths contribute to your life purpose. What do you need to do to move forward? Distance Readings and Palmistry Parties available from the Internet Reflect Radio’s The Celtic Mystic. Holistic Healing, Access Bars®, Reiki and Herbalife.

Tuesdays 9.30am-10.30am – $10

Contact Caithe to find out more Phone: 5496 6249. Wamuran, Qld

INDULGE YOUR SENSES AND AWAKEN YOUR SPIRIT AT L’ABUNDANC A delightfully eclectic collection of clothing, gifts and homewares featuring inspirations and affirmations, singing bowls, aromatherapy, salt lamps, oracle cards, meditation and mantra CDs, books, amber, silver and crystal jewellery and local artistry.

Weekly Guided Meditation Weekly Guided Meditation and Intuition Development Tuesdays 7pm-8.30pm – $15

Workshops Reiki Energy Level I Reiki Energy Level II Understanding Chakras BOOKINGS ESSENTIAL

Phone: Vikki 0417 643 435 Facebook: Intuition Plus

INTENSE RELAXATION SESSIONS Do you have: • Sleep problems? • Stress? • Pain? BOOK A SESSION TODAY

Find us on facebook or at 1 / 1500 Brisbane Valley Highway, Fernvale Phone: 0416 076 245

Phone: Julie 0419 583 660 Consulting in Chinchilla (Mobile service available in Western Downs and Maranoa)



Provides exceptional natural health care solutions in central Morayfield. A multidisciplinary clinic offering services ranging from Naturopathy, Remedial Massage, Musculoskeletal Therapy, Wellness Coaching and Mickel Therapy and some aspects of Beauty Therapy including make-up, facials, lash and brow waxing/tinting. We value our clientele by building better health through education in a safe and supportive environment.

Phone: Lorelle on 0408 411 010 or email

ART CLASSES DRAWING FROM THE HEART – CONNECTING WITH THE LIGHT Release your creativity and intuition. Peaceful guided meditations to connect with nature. Learn some drawing basics. 5-week course – pastels – 10.30am-1pm Starts Tuesday 21st April 1-day workshops – 10.30am-3.30pm Saturday 2nd May and/or Saturday 6th June

Phone: Carole on 0405 691 501

All Care services include: advocacy, in home care, counselling, home service assist, standard transportation. Minimum 2-hour bookings and call-out fees may apply.

Phone: 0411 219 179

Expressing YOU! Discover your unique way of expressing yourself in the world! Give yourself 3 hours to express who you be in a relaxing environment, one-on-one with creator of Holistic Bliss Magazine, Vanessa Finnigan


PHONE FOR A BOOKING 0422 538 335

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Holistic Bliss Directory NATURAL HEALTH AND BEAUTY

Creating the perfect impression

For all your printing requirements Telephone 07 3865 4433


Music Meditation Mindfulness & Mantra

Treatments for men and women: Facials, Waxing, Tinting, Hand and Feet Treats, Kahuna, Swedish and Hot Stone Massage, Kinesiology, Reiki, Reflexology and Access BARS® Your Holistic Beauty Clinic using Australian-made Simplicité B products

eyond Rejuvenation Beauty

& Wellness for men & women

562 South Pine Road, Everton Park, Brisbane

(07) 3162 8411 |

NATUROPATHIC HERBAL DISPENSARY Organic and local hand-made herbal medicines and body products MALENY CLINIC and FREE CLINICS AT EUMUNDI MARKETS Phone 0409 765 033

We can help Tanya Kurzbock Adv. Dip. Nat.

54 999 476




The easystool safely and quickly transforms your pedestal toilet into a comfortable squat/sit loo. By using the easystool you change your posture to the natural squatting position, relaxing your colon and making it easier to go.

Do it with your knees up!

Transformational Health Consults Aroma Sat Yoga and Retreats

Tired all the time? Blood tests ‘normal’?


1580 David Low Way Pt Arkwright Qld 4573

Free postag Aust wide

Ph 0404 911 909

Buy onlin


Treating the cause not the symptoms PHONE 07 5438 2119 (Book online) Caloundra Health Hub 4/70 Bulcock Street, Caloundra (down the alley next to Gloria Jeans)

cloth menstrual/ incontinence/ panty liner pads

See red? Think green!

Mention this ad for a gift with purchase

Mobile: 0408 517 796

THE ENLIGHTENED COACHING CODE Certifying you as a Holistic Life Coach specialising in:

Life Coaching Neuro Linguistic Programming Energy Healing Psychic Guidance Chakra Based Vibrational Essences

Phone 0423 717 181 E: Holistic Bliss | APRIL 2015 |

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Nutrient absorption and gut function.

Did you know that thyroid disease is becoming increasingly common, particularly in Australia? It could be the result of many factors, such as an overwhelming stress load, chemical overload, increased autoimmune risk, or the depleted nutrient content in the soil our food grows in. Both selenium and iodine are low in many locations of Australian soil, both are important for optimal thyroid function. Both an over and under active thyroid can influence weight, infertility, mood, sleep, libido and menstrual problems. Much of the standard thyroid testing measures TSH, when in fact to truly diagnose a thyroid problem, the tests require more detail. T3 and T4 are the thyroid hormones that your body uses, so it is best to get those checked too.

Your digestive system is like the root system of a tree, when the roots are healthy the tree is healthy. Did you know the digestive system is in fact a nervous system? It is called the Enteric Nervous System. This system has a huge role in the production of your brain’s happy chemicals, not to mention the huge role that it plays in absorbing nutrients for everyday bodily functions. Certain bacterias in the gut have the potential to produce an enzyme called Beta glucuronidase, this enzyme can increase oestrogen recirculation. This may lead to oestrogen dominance. This imbalance can be linked to painful periods, PCOS, PMS, breast tenderness, irritability, weight gain, depression, skin conditions, fluid retention and lethargy.

Are you sleeping sufficiently? Are you stressed? If you are having difficulty sleeping it could mean that you have a melatonin-cortisol imbalance. Cortisol is the “fight or flight” response hormone, when it is high, melatonin levels can drop. Melatonin is what helps assist proper sleeping patterns. If you are under a lot of stress, your cortisol levels are likely to be out of balance, this then imbalances melatonin. A cortisol problem can throw many of your happy hormones out of balance.

What about Pyroluria? Pyroluria is a genetically determined metabolic condition. Those with elevated pyrroles usually have an increased demand for certain nutrients that are essential for neurotransmitter production, such as serotonin and dopamine. These are your happy brain chemicals! Boo Pyrolurics are more likely to suffer with k yo ur depression, anxiety, schizophrenia, autism, alcoholism, strong fatigue, temper outbursts, IBS, joint pain, memory loss or low stress tolerance. A simple urine test can Con confirm if you have elevated pyrroles. s



Do you relate to any of this? We offer a series of thorough pathology tests and naturopathic treatment to get to the root cause of your health concern. We work along side your Doctor so you get the best possible health outcome.

INTR O APPO DUCTOR INTM Y ulta ENT tion p s hon

e or in pers o Sky pe n,

Suzi Le Fanue BSc (BMed) Founder & Naturopath

Leanne Vickery BHSc (Comp Med)

Naturopath & Herbalist

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