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Health Tips

Friction blisters, are the bane of an athlete's feet.

To protect the bottoms of your feet

from blisters, wear acrylic socks. These synthetic socks, are superior to cotton socks because they are made in layers that are designed to absorb friction and reduce the shear force on the skin. Avoid any type of tube sox their less precise-fit tends to cause more friction than fitted socks.

Nothing to sneeze at, if you suffer from allergies and asthma, keeping the sneezes and wheezes under control may be as simple as taking vitamin C tablets. With short term use of the vitamin, there is fewer, respiratory infections, less frequent asthma attacks and less nasal congestion, watery eyes, and other allergy-related miseries.

The battle of midway, thin men have potbellies from eating late at night, and going to sleep on a full belly. When you sleep the muscles that, help hold in your gut relax, and any food in your stomach takes advantage of this, pressing against those relaxed muscles and stretching the midsection outward, eroding its tone and making your belly sag. The first obvious remedy, stop eating just before going to bed, and do abdominal and lower-back exercises three to four times a week. The exercises, will make those muscles tight, even when they are relaxed.

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Traveler's Insurance, Hepatitis A is highly contagious virus of the liver,

that can

result in serious flu symptoms, permanent liver damage and, in severe cases, even, death. It is called a traveler's disease because most people get it when they visit foreign countries, like Mexico and parts of the Caribbean, where it is common. You can be infected at some of the best resorts, and hotels from contaminated water, ice, fruit, salads, or shellfish. A vaccine is available for those traveling abroad.

Be aware of high-tension wires. A sore elbow that you have been nursing may not have anything to do with your tennis swing. While poor position and timing, often stress the wrist and forearm muscles, causing inflammation. A racket that is strung too tight can contribute to your tennis elbow, if your racket makes a dull clunk and vibrates when you hit the ball, you should consider restringing at a low tension.

Sonny-side up, the test tube fertilisation is an iffy proposition even when all conditions are optimal, one of the primary reasons it fails is that, delicate sperm gets damaged during storage, well this is before it even gets to the tube.

Strong harvested sperm in chicken egg yolk can protect them from damage and increases chances of fertility. The egg yolk treatment increased fertility rates.

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Slow gin fizzle,

you may consider a beer over lunch with a harmless thought, but this

can be holding you back from your career.

Even a single drink can slow you down and make you less productive.

A person that drinks alcohol, has significantly higher blood pressure and heart rates, and, used more oxygen than others who would drink juices. You become tired and work is slowed down. It is best to have a beer at home, when you are free of work.

Casting about for a diabetes cure, A daily dose of salmon may cut your risk of diabetes as effectively as exercise or losing weight.

The oils in salmon, mackerel and halibut may help offer a protective benefit to those at risk for the disease.

Ice cream afterwards, a fare share of men make it well into adulthood with their tonsils intact only to get them removed. It used to take hours for the surgery, but, now new laser treatment available, this procedure takes three to four, of forty five minute, sessions and small sections of your tonsils are evaporated. There is less bleeding, and you won't be in bed for laid up for a week, you are awake during the procedure, and only, go home with a minor sore throat.

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Quick-scan artist, not everyone enjoys lying motionless for forty five minutes in a cramped tunnel for an MRI scan, if you a claustrophobic it can be a horrendous ordeal. Now with the new technique your body scan will take eighteen seconds.

Natural Prozac, If

you ou are feeling down, in the dumps take a quick exercise break,

it is the most effective way to fight against your blues. Exercise eases muscular tension, is a distraction of worries and releases endorphins, body chemicals that stimulate the brain to block pain.

Health Tips