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Rhonesha Byng:

No one Ever Slows Her Agenda

A girl with dreams and aspirations that stack way higher than her petite 5 foot two inch frame, grabbing at any and every opportunity, Rhonesha Byng knows a thing or two about getting things done. Born into the hustle and bustle of New York,this Brooklyn native inevitably lives a busy life. Balancing college, starting her own company, extra curricular activities and interning, nineteen year-old Rhonesha Byng seems to already have her hands full, and yet she has not even begun to embark upon her master plan. This year she launched a website: to inspire other young women to follow their passions. In the future, she hopes to successfully launch her own magazine for young people different than any other, something real and written by real teenagers. Yet, her biggest hurdle thus far has been where she should start. Though she has gotten a bite from the entrepreneurial bug, journalism is her true passion. This college sophomore is already living the life of a journalist, from interviews with celebrities, to industry events, to research and the millions of emails and phone calls to get the story out. She began her path into the hectic world of journalism as a high school sophomore simply by taking journalism as an elective at Edward R. Murrow high school. She had never considered it before; figuring it would be a fun class since she is naturally curious and has a passion for writing and loves people. That first class laid the foundations to an unrelenting passion and since then she has expanded her skills. She went on to become editor in chief of her school newspaper The Murrow Network. Ultimately she received the honor of being awarded the 2007 New York State High School Journalist of the Year. But she didn’t stop there. Google her name and you will see a listing of stories on this young lady. One of her most memorable endeavors was taking on the role as intern for renowned journalist Raqiyah Mays. Through that internship Rhonesha worked with The Ave magazine, and New York’s top hip- hop/R&B stations Hot 97 and Kiss FM. Rhonesha was also published in The Ave magazine. She went on to intern in public relations at Donna Karan and the editorial department of GiantMag. com. Currently, she is working her way up the ladder as intern at NBC Yet another defining moment was Rhonesha’s first big interview at the age of 16 from her work with the New York Association of Black Journalists (NYABJ). She took the initiative to speak with a music reporter from the Associated Press who had visited the group, Nekesa Moody. She was then assigned as her mentor and aided her in establishing an interview with up and coming young R&B singer Chris Brown. From this experience as a

“professional” entertainment reporter, Rhonesha knew that’s what she wanted to do. Since then, Rhonesha has interviewed other artists such as Lenny Kravitz, Fefe Dobson, Bobby Valentino and a slew of others. Though entertainment journalism is what Rhonesha ultimately would love to do, she appreciates every aspect of journalism. “I write about the issues. I focus on whatever people need to know about. My job is to inform people and to be places where people can’t. I ask the questions to get the answers people need to know.” Other topics Rhonesha has written include the state of the NYC public schools, child soldiers in Uganda, as well as current teenage issues and trends. “I will achieve at anything I set my mind towards. I know this and soon the rest of the world will know as well. The media has the power to impact and change the world which is what I intend to do.” Rhonesha is a POSSE scholar attending college on a fulltuition scholarship. In addition to educational success, Byng does some modeling. Her photos are in the August 2006 and January 2007 (prom edition) issues of Seventeen magazine, and also can be seen in the September 2007 issue of Vixen.

A media mogul in the making

N.E.S.H.A. will continue to grow as a brand for positivity and innovation involving all things concerning youth and the media. Combining her skills gained through journalism and modeling, she will utilize her status and connections for a greater cause.

This show presents the issues, struggles, and triumphs of young people in college in a very personal and authentic way. The stories are told through the perspective of individuals, addressing topics that affect all young adults across America. Dorm Room Diaries will eventually take root as an online series that can be found on as well as other media outlets in the near future.


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Her Agenda Media Kit  

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