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The Carb Nite Solution Review

The Carb Nite Solution Key Product Details The Carb Nite Solution is a “quickly and surely” type of fat loss diet program. That is, the results are relatively quick compared to other diet programs; and guaranteed as long as you keep to the program. Sounds like the perfect diet right? The tradeoff is that this program demands a lot of discipline and punishes you hard for cheating. Well, we’re getting ahead of ourselves; let’s talk about the program first. This diet program is created by John Kiefer. John comes from a strong scientific background, holding a Masters degree in Physics. He may not hold as many accolades as the other well-known diet gurus out there, but just by reading the first few chapters of the book you’ll realize that John knows his diet and nutritional stuff. And besides, this is a “living proof” program. That means John himself tested his concepts on himself (and succeeded) towards creating this program. If you see John’s picture you’ll be impressed at how fit he is.

As for The Carb Nite Solution itself, you’ll start off with a great introduction about the current state of the diet industry. More specifically, John breaks down the industry’s most popular diets like Atkins, South Beach, and Zone. He shows you what their weight loss principles are, how they perform in the long run, and their flaws (everything is supported by hard facts and graphs). You’ll get a clear picture of the reasons why these popular fad diets help you lose weight quickly, but struggle to keep them off in the long run. In some cases, you’ll end up with more fat than when you started. After that introduction you’ll be presented with the meat of the program which is the Carb Nite Solution methodology. As an overview, the diet requires you to maintain ultra low carbohydrate meals while having a carbo-loading day each week. This is not a continuous diet and John openly recommends you to do this diet on 6-month cycles and to not overdo it.

If you happen to cheat on the program, you are required to have a 10-day no carbohydrate reset as punishment. Pretty harsh but that should motivate you not to cheat on your diet. The rest of the program contains a bunch of meal plans and recipes. You’ll have instructions on how to prepare every meal that was presented throughout the program. An important thing worth noting, John also dedicates a whole chapter citing his sources for the scientific data he used in the program. That gesture right there shows John’s intentions of being completely honest and transparent with you. This allows you to verify the studies and the data yourselves. That’s a grand gesture of good faith from John.

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Our The Carb Nite Solution Review Verdict

The Carb Nite Solution is a great diet program. It’s a lesser-known but way more effective diet program compared to the Atkins and the South Beaches out there. This product is a testament that not everything that’s popular is effective and there are real diamonds in the rough. In that light we give this program a 4 out of 5 stars rating. The best thing about Carb Nite Solution is its transparency. John really made the effort of making sure that there are no smokes and mirrors. Every claim is backed up by scientific proof and every proof is backed up by verifiable source citation. You can rest assured that whatever you read and follow in this program is the absolute truth. However, there are two things that keep this program from achieving 5-star status. Firstly, the program is a bit technical. Although it’s still comprehensible for the layman, scientific terms and graphs are scattered throughout the program. Secondly, the program would have benefited greatly if there’s a chapte r on exercise. (Check out Carb Back Loading; it’s John’s newer program that is less technical and integrates exercise into the diet protocol). Both points are noted but can be easily overlooked because as far as diet principles are concerned, The Carb Nite Solution works. If you’ve tried and failed on popular fat diets, you now deserve to have something that works.

Our Final Recommendation: Buy The Carb Nite Solution

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Carb Nite Solution Ebook Download  
Carb Nite Solution Ebook Download  

This diet program is created by John Kiefer. John comes from a strong scientific background, holding a Masters degree in Physics. He may not...