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N3TVA - 19/20

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Introduction to the Facilities Industry Level 1 Award City & Guilds - 19/20

ENROLMENT CHECKLIST (TO BE COMPLETED BY TUTOR ON INDUCTION CALL) Enrolment Form received, completed and signed. Safeguarding Form received and signed. The student has been informed regarding: How the course works and available support. An explanation on how to use the online system or paper learning materials. The assessment process. How to contact the college. How they can appeal or complain if I they are unhappy. They have been given an induction.

LEARNER AGREEMENT (TO BE COMPLETED BY STUDENT) I confirm I will submit my assignments to the college in the timescales agreed. I confirm I have read and understood the statements on Page 2 (see over). I have received a copy of the student handbook. I understand that the course is offered for free and I have met eligibility (see over). I understand I will be charged £100.00 if I do not complete my course.

NOTE TO LEARNER: This form details your agreed course enrolment details. • By signing this form I agree to enrol on the programme of study outlined above. • By signing this form I confirm that I have read and understood the statements on the back of this agreement. • Please also tick whether you wish to study an online or paper based course (see Handbook).

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Learner Agreement for Distance Learning Government Free Funded Courses Confirmation of prior study for funding: • I confirm that I have not previously studied and/or achieved the qualification listed overleaf, prior to enrolling onto this course (you cannot get funding to study the same course again). • I understand that College has the right to reclaim the funds if I have failed to disclose all of my prior achieved qualifications listed on my enrolment form.

Confirmation of address details: • I confirm that the address I have provided on my enrolment form conforms with the eligibility criteria for free funding (see ‘eligibility’ at and that this is my permanent address.

Confirmation of age details: • I confirm that the age I have provided on this form and my enrolment form is my true date of birth.


Please sign and date overleaf that you have read and understood this agreement.   Nescot, Reigate Road, Ewell, E  psom, KT17 3DS   

  020 8394 8426

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