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RHYTHM The Slight Edge + The 10 Core Commitments Your Path to Success



Jeff Olson and Mark and Tammy Smith

Nerium Rhythm: The Slight Edge + The Ten Core Commitments by Jeff Olson, Mark Smith, Tammy Smith Š2016 by Nerium International All rights are reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced in any form or by any electronic or mechanical means, including information storage and retrieval systems, without permission in writing by the publisher, except by a reviewer who may quote brief passages in a review. This book is available at special discounts when purchased in quantity through Nerium International. Published by Nerium International Addison, TX Cover Design by Setria James Interior Illustrations by Adam Larkum/ Editing and Interior Design by My Writers’ Connection First Printing: March 2016

CONTENTS Introduction: Find Your Nerium Rhythm . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Defining Nerium’s 10 Core Commitments . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Applying Nerium’s 10 Core Commitments . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 15 Core Commitments 1. Complete New Brand Partner Training . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 19 2. Two Exposures a Day, Five Days a Week . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 25 3. Share the Products . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 31 4. Attend a Weekly Market Party or Real Results Party . . . . . . . . . . . . 37 5. Attend Weekly Training . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 43 6. Attend Monthly Regional Training . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 49 7. Attend All Major Corporate Conferences . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 55 8. Commit to Personal Development . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 61 9. Find a “Workout Partner” . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 67 10. Be Here in a Year and Be NLC Qualified . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 73

You Can Do This . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 77


Successful people do the little things—the actions that seem to make no difference at all in the moment—over and over until the compounded effect kicks in and they’re successful. —Jeff Olson, Nerium Founder and CEO


Our world is on information overload. And in some ways, having access to the world’s knowledge and wisdom is a great thing! Every success tip you could ever need or want to know is readily available at your fingertips, just waiting for you to discover and apply to your life. Unfortunately, a lot of that information is delivered with a hyped-up, high-volume, quantum-leap promise. Get your best body in 90 days! Pay off your debt with this brand-new credit card! Build a business with little to no effort!


In the decades that I’ve been working, learning, and leading in the personal-development industry, I’ve noticed that so many people buy into these quick-fix promises and marketing ploys— forgetting that it took a lifetime of choices to create their current circumstances. The sad thing is, eventually most quick-fix “solutions” don’t work. Those hopeful people end up losing money, precious time—and worse—they get discouraged and give up on themselves. What’s even more troubling is when the information is good, but people quit before they see results. When that happens, they believe two lies: that they can’t succeed and that the information was faulty. In reality, they could have succeeded if they’d simply applied the same information consistently and persistently over time.


You don’t need more information to succeed, you need a better philosophy—a better way to process all that information. You see, it’s your philosophy that determines your attitude and drives your actions. That’s where my philosophy of the Slight Edge comes into play. The Slight Edge is a philosophy about how to do the hows. Here’s what I mean by that. A lot of people already have the right information about how to achieve their goals. They know the steps to take—but they don’t take them. Or they stop taking them before they get the results they want. The Slight Edge philosophy is all about following up and following through, little by little, moment by moment. It is a philosophy that empowers you to take in the right information and then process that information and use it to make wise decisions that will support your long-term desires and goals.


If you’ve read The Slight Edge, you know this philosophy is all about helping you develop the personal attitudes and behaviors that will empower you to achieve real, lasting, positive results in your life—not tomorrow or even in thirty days, but every day for the rest of your life. It isn’t about quick fixes. It’s about doing the right things, day in and day out. Those consistent, repeated, daily actions and attitudes help you develop your rhythm of success. Nerium Rhythm is about what can happen when you combine the power of the Slight Edge philosophy with Nerium’s 10 Core Commitments. Mark Smith, Gold International Marketing Director, very often talks about the fact that there is a rhythm to building this business. Mark and his wife, Tammy, have used this rhythm to build an extraordinary, life-changing income with Nerium. You’ll read more about their story and success later in this chapter. In fact, throughout this book you’ll hear from people from all walks of life who are using this Nerium Rhythm to build thriving, profitable businesses and rich, fulfilling lives. And as you read, I want you to remember something: These are regular people, just like you and me, who have made the extraordinary decision to do the right actions—for as long as it takes—to achieve their goals. You can make the same decision, which means you can get the results you want. The first thing you need to do is make a commitment to your success.


Nothing else matters if you don’t get these things right. —Jeff Olson, Nerium Founder and CEO


erium’s 10 Core Commitments work hand-in-hand with the Slight Edge philosophy to help you launch, grow, and maintain success as a Nerium Brand Partner. In the next ten chapters, Mark and Tammy will share practical advice about how you can use Nerium’s Core Commitments to build your business. But first, here’s a quick overview of each of the Commitments.

1: Complete New Brand Partner Training

First things first. Complete the New Brand Partner Training module in the Online Training Center. Work with your upline and support team to develop a Fast Start Game Plan.

2: Two Exposures a Day, Five Days a Week

Share Nerium products and the opportunity with at least two people a day, five days a week. Sharing is easy when you remember that you are the messenger and the third-party tools we provide are the message. Model and teach this practice to your team and watch your business grow!


3: Share the Products

Sharing Nerium’s products is a core function of this business. Whether you’re leaving a bottle of Age-Defying Night Cream or a Combo Pack with a client to try, or using literature or videos to tell prospective customers about Nerium’s other exciting products, you’ll want to make sure sharing is part of your weekly routine.

4: Attend a Weekly Market Party and/or Real Results Party

Parties are where potential customers and team members get to see how Nerium works. Make a personal commitment to attend and invite guests to weekly Market and Real Results Parties.

5: Attend Weekly Training

Stay plugged into the system! Attend a training party every Monday and watch the weekly training on Nerium University.

6: Attend Monthly Regional Training

During Regional events, you can connect with and learn from Brand Partners from your local and surrounding area. Take your team to these events (usually within a threehour drive) to get trained by Nerium’s top leaders.

7: Attend All Major Corporate Conferences

Nerium’s corporate conventions are held twice annually. Bring your entire team! You’ll learn proven business-building strategies and discover what’s next for Nerium.


8: Commit to Personal Development

Nerium is about much more than helping people have younger- and better-looking skin. It’s also about helping you become the very best version of yourself. That’s why one of our Core Commitments is to invest thirty minutes daily in reading or listening to quality books and training materials or watching videos from high achievers. Doing this daily will dramatically change your life over time.

9: Find a “Workout Partner”

When you work your business with another Brand Partner, you hold each other accountable. Find a partner with whom you can check in regularly. Encourage and inspire each other to new levels of success.

10: Be Here in a Year and be NLC Qualified

Don’t be like the person who is always searching for a quick fix. Nerium is a real business, which means it takes real commitment, time, and effort. Commit now to invest in a solid year of consistently and persistently building your Nerium business.

Commitment is doing the thing you said you would do, long after the mood you said it in has passed. —Unknown



Mark and Tammy Smith Chief Field Officers/Gold International Marketing Directors NERIUM ACHIEVEMENT LEVEL

Mark, Navy Corpsman; Tammy, College Student PREVIOUS CAREER

Drawn to the relationship marketing business model by its values of teamwork and by its unlimited income potential, Mark and Tammy began their first home-based business in 2000. At the time, Mark says, “We had $40,000 in credit card debt, we literally had no food in our refrigerator, and we were borrowing money from our parents to pay our rent. We were really struggling.” For Mark and Tammy, their new business provided a way to regain control of their financial situation and create a better life for them and their newborn daughter. Soon, what started as a part-time venture became a full-time lifestyle business. Building a thriving business wasn’t always easy. In fact, Mark says, “At first it was a total grind, filled with moments of doubt and highlights of hope.” Eventually, passion and focus took over, and by committing to doing the right actions every day, the Smiths created financial success and freedom—something they never could have imagined possible only a few years earlier. Committed to providing a dream-like life for themselves and their two children, Mark and Tammy Smith knew they wanted to join Jeff Olson when Nerium International launched in 2011. With Nerium’s training to equip their team members, Tammy says, “We


were able to shave off many years for reaching a successful level in our business.” In 2014, the couple earned a $1.5 million Live Better Bonus from Nerium International. “The 10 Core Commitments outline Nerium’s recipe for success,” Tammy says. “When you apply each step to your business consistently and with enthusiasm, it can be the catalyst to achieving your goals.”

By combining the Slight Edge philosophy with Nerium’s 10 Core Commitments, you can build a strong, thriving business. Will it happen overnight? No. And it may not happen in 90 days. But if you continue taking the right actions, in the right way, with the right attitude, you will find your Nerium Rhythm and, ultimately, get the results you want. As you learn more from Mark and Tammy about those “right actions”—the 10 Core Commitments—keep in mind that you’re building a future. It will take time and effort, but the rewards are worth it!


Every single top performer has a plan. —Mark Smith

You can’t merely sit back and wish for things to happen. You must find and apply the appropriate daily activities to achieve your goals. —Tammy Smith


e know. We’ve been there. Just like you, we were once brand new to relationship marketing. Neither of us had formal training in sales or marketing, and there were plenty of times we felt like we didn’t know what we were doing or that things weren’t moving fast enough. There were even times we wanted to quit. But even when we were at our lowest points, we could look at this business model and clearly see that no other opportunity offered the same kind of unlimited potential for financial freedom and personal fulfillment.


Every time we felt discouraged or frustrated, Jeff Olson reminded us to stick with the basics—to apply the Slight Edge philosophy to the simple actions that are proven to yield results over time. “Just keep doing it!” Jeff said over and over. He knew we would get the results we wanted if we kept taking the right steps, modeling those proven behaviors for our team members, and teaching them to do the same things. Jeff was right. It worked! Through the years, we’ve identified ten behaviors that are essential to building your business. Those 10 Core Commitments are what the rest of this book is about. This is the career path of a Nerium Brand Partner. You’ll start with the basics, and then, as you become a leader, you’ll teach the basics to your team members. And your results will multiply! Over time, these simple, duplicable actions will help you grow a thriving, profitable business. So, whether you’re starting your Nerium business or are beginning again with renewed focus, we encourage you to make these Core Commitments and use them to create the foundation of habits you need to succeed. Let’s get started…





efore you started driving a car, you took a driver’s training course or, at the very least, had a friend or parent show you the basics. That training, even if it was very informal, helped you avoid mistakes and ultimately made you a better driver. The same is true of the training Nerium International offers to new Brand Partners. The comprehensive, step-by-step instructions and action plan put you on the path toward building a successful business. The short training modules in the Online Training Center (accessed through your Online Business Center) ensure that every Brand Partner has access to the most up-to-date and best training available, which helps level the playing field. You’ll learn best practices from the top-ranking people in this company, so you can get your business started right.


Once you have a basic understanding of what Nerium International is all about, schedule a time to talk with your upline support team and make a plan of action for doing your Fast Start and holding your first Real Results Party.

Start Right with the Fast Start Program

The first step to launching a successful Nerium business is to advance in rank to Senior Brand Partner. Simply follow the steps below to jump-start your own personal Nerium success story! • Take your “Before” Picture • Create a Fast Start Game Plan with your upline support team • Complete New Brand Partner Training • Start your new Product Prospecting Wait List • Conduct your first Real Results Party • Locate your first Regional Training event • Set up an Auto-Delivery Order (ADO) of Nerium product • Register for the 90-Day Nerium Skin Care Challenge • Opt in to the Nerium Gives Back Program

Maybe you’ve run your own business before. Maybe you’ve even been in relationship marketing before. Or maybe you’re brand new to this industry. Whatever your specific situation is, the New Brand Partner Training and the Fast Start Program will help you go farther—faster—with your Nerium business.



Van Nguyen 2-Star National Marketing Director NERIUM ACHIEVEMENT LEVEL



Van describes her family as “stressed out and broke” before Nerium. After seeing friends quickly earn an iPad and qualify for their Lexus bonus with Nerium, Van says, “I really had to look into how they were accomplishing it so fast.” The fact that the products really worked and were easy to share with friends and family made the decision to become a Brand Partner with Nerium simple. “I knew I could build this business because, as a woman, I recommend clothes, recipes, shoes, and other things to my friends and family when I believe they’re great. It was the same concept with Nerium. I love what the product did for my skin, and I believed in it. So why not share it and get paid?” Van believes that New Brand Partner Training is crucial to success. “Much like starting school or a new job, Nerium takes you through your ‘orientation’ to set up your expectations and show you what needs to be done to have success,” she says. Because she wanted to understand how to start earning right away, she made her New Brand Partner Training a priority and completed it within a week. She also notes that because the professional-quality training videos are provided by the company, even new Brand Partners can quickly become leaders. “You just have to point your new Brand Partners to watch the training; it doesn’t take much talent to be a good leader when you first start this business.”


Padraic “Paddy” McCracken 1-Star National Marketing Director NERIUM ACHIEVEMENT LEVEL

Trainer/Area Developer for a Sports Bar Restaurant Franchise PREVIOUS CAREER

Paddy’s life changed forever when Jeff Olson called him up one Super Bowl Sunday. The sports bar where he worked was busy that day, but Paddy listened to what Jeff had to say. “I was ready, hungry, and looking for a great business opportunity,” he says. He found it with Nerium International. As a trainer in the restaurant business, Paddy understood the importance of getting the right information right from the start. “Every new endeavor has a learning curve to master.” And Nerium’s New Brand Partner Training helped shorten that learning curve. “The key to success in this business is committing to and following a duplicable, proven training/marketing system. New Brand Partners need to have a realistic expectation as to what it takes to learn the ins and outs of our business and then be able to put that learned knowledge into action. Mastering New Brand Partner Training is the building block to our success and to helping others be successful as well.”


Paulie Pauliewood 2-Star National Marketing Director NERIUM ACHIEVEMENT LEVEL

Musician/Entertainer PREVIOUS CAREER

“My life is all about having fun,” says Paulie. So whether he’s playing in a rock band, driving at a NASCAR track, writing music for the Disney Channel, or building a Nerium business, he devotes all his energy to enjoying life. Paulie was introduced to Nerium by his best friend who told him, “Since you act like a twelve-year-old, you should look like one!” It wasn’t long after seeing the results of Nerium’s products that Paulie recognized the value of the company’s business opportunity. And he got started with New Brand Partner Training. “The New Brand Partner Training is one of the reasons Nerium is so awesome!” he says. “It is 100 percent duplicable and is the first step in following the Nerium Rhythm.” The simple, online training modules and Fast Start Plan work together to help new Brand Partners succeed quickly. “New Brand Partners should complete this Commitment and have their new Brand Partners follow their example. That’s how you grow successful teams!”






xcitement and fear naturally blend together when launching any new endeavor. You’re excited about the real results you’ve seen and experienced using Nerium’s amazing products, but you may also be wondering if you can really make Nerium a successful business. If you’re like many people, your Nerium business is just one part of an already busy life. So how do you build a strong, profitable business when your time is limited? The answer: Keep it simple and be consistent. That’s why Core Commitment 2 is “Two Exposures a Day, Five Days a Week.” What’s an exposure? An exposure is sharing the business opportunity, the products, or information about products with a potential customer or prospective Brand Partner.


That sounds almost too simple, doesn’t it? You may even be wondering, “How am I going to build a global business, a huge organization, a successful income, a dream lifestyle, by only talking to two people a day?” But it is simple. And Nerium’s thirdparty tools and our Preferred Customer Program, 3UR Free, and 30-Day Money-Back Guarantee make it easy to share this exciting opportunity and Nerium’s exceptional age-defying products. Remember, success comes when we take the right actions, model those actions for our team members, and then teach them to do the same. As you build a team of people and they see you doing these Core Commitments, like sharing Nerium with two new people a day, they’ll follow your example. If you have ten people on your team who are talking to two people a day, five days a week, that’s twenty exposures a day, one hundred exposures a week, four hundred exposures a month. And that’s only with a team of ten. You can see how the results will multiply as you build your team to twenty, fifty, or one hundred! Two exposures a day can equal thousands of exposures throughout your organization. But it always starts with you. That’s the key: It starts with you and your commitment to share Nerium’s product and/or opportunity with two new people a day. Two exposures a day is something simple that everyone can do. Make the commitment to never end the day without sharing Nerium’s products or life-changing opportunity with two people. Remember, you are the messenger, the products and the thirdparty tools are the message. Your job is simply sharing the message with two people a day, five days a week.



Lisa Cox 5-Star National Marketing Director NERIUM ACHIEVEMENT LEVEL

Jewelry Sales/Real Estate Sales PREVIOUS CAREER

Proven products—backed by research and clinical trials—and pictures of amazing results are part of what drew Lisa to Nerium. For her, seeing was believing, which is why she never leaves home without materials or products that she can share with the people she meets. She wants others to have the opportunity to see and believe, too! To Lisa, the second Core Commitment is like planting seeds. “It is the core of our business,” she says. “The two-a-day process breaks it down into a believable step of keeping your business and products always front of mind. It’s easy to think of your business every day, but taking an action to build it is different.” Being intentional about sharing Nerium with two people a day helps her stay focused, while at the same time keeps her (and those she leads) from feeling overwhelmed at the idea of building a business. “I always have my two magazines or bottles or flyers in my purse each day, and it reminds me to pass them out and get a business card from that person to follow up with. The activity gives you a comfort that you can’t lose when you are being consistent.”


Linda Lindsey 3-Star National Marketing Director NERIUM ACHIEVEMENT LEVEL

Retail Clothing Chain Store Director/Relationship Marketing Representative PREVIOUS CAREER

Linda had a retail background when she discovered relationship marketing in 1990. “I fell in love with the business model, became a student of the industry, and failed a lot—until Nerium,” she says. In 2012, she was introduced to Nerium, a company that has what she believes to be the key components of success: the right products, timing, leadership, culture, and a minimal monthly financial commitment. She attended a Market Party and heard Mark Smith present the Nerium opportunity there. “Once I weighed all of these components, becoming a Brand Partner was simply a no-brainer. I knew in my heart, this was my miracle!” From experience, Linda knew that learning and doing the right activities would drive both her success and the success of her team members. One of those activities is sharing Nerium with at least two people a day. “Being prepared with tools every single time I walk out of my house has become as natural as breathing,” she says. “The Slight Edge says it best, ‘It is simple to do and simple not to do.’” But when it comes to Nerium, she says that not sharing the products and opportunity daily is the same as not being in business. “To me, this is the very core of growing my business.”


Obom and Ana Bowen 1-Star National Marketing Directors NERIUM ACHIEVEMENT LEVEL

Marine/Master Career Strategist PREVIOUS CAREER

As a career strategist and someone with a big vision for helping other people grow and succeed, Obom says, “I love this Core Commitment because it is absolutely excuse-proof.” As new Brand Partners, he and Ana immediately understood that consistently sharing Nerium with just two people a day could have a compound effect. “The numbers made sense,” Obom says. “I got to thinking: Two per day, five days per week, equaled ten per week, which in turn is forty per month. That’s 120 new friends every 90 days!” He also understood that not everyone would become a customer or Brand Partner, but that the consistency of sharing Nerium would propel his success. Obom says that because he has been faithful to Core Commitment 2, his team has grown every month: “The power of this Core Commitment changed our lives entirely.”






ne thing you’ll notice is that all of Nerium’s Core Commitments work together to support both your success and that of your business. The previous Commitment was to share the product or opportunity with at least two people a day, five days a week. Core Commitment 3—Share the Products— will help you do that. Some products, like the Age-Defying Night Cream or the Nerium Night/Day Combo Pack are perfect for allowing prospective customers to try before they buy. When you became a Nerium Brand Partner, you received products to share with potential customers and team members. One simple and extremely effective way to build your business is to make sure those products are never just


sitting on your shelf. They don’t do you any good when they’re in your possession; they need to be out working for you! So, as part of your two exposures a day, give tester bottles to potential customers and prospective Brand Partners. Let them try Nerium’s Night Cream for five days, and then follow up to see how they liked it or what questions they have about the business. Literature, videos, Nerium’s professionally designed websites, and additional third-party tools make it simple to share information about other products, like Nerium’s Eye Serum, EHT, and Firming Body Contour Cream. Sharing the products and information about Nerium’s exclusive ingredients is the perfect way to build your customer base and expand your team. People who see their own “Before” and “After” results can’t help but get excited about all that Nerium offers for the body, face, and mind, as well as about the business opportunity.


Keeping a waiting list incites a sense of urgency—for you and your potential customers. Make sure to tell your prospects that you’ll be picking up the tester bottle in five days, so they need to try it right away. Let them know that other people are waiting to try the product; it’s in hot demand!

TIP 2 Keep track of how many people have used each tester bottle. When a bottle has been used by four people, it probably has about one week’s worth of product left. For the fifth and final person, you can send the bottle to someone in another city or state. Doing so will allow you to grow your business anywhere in the country—and your prospect won’t have to worry about mailing back the bottle.



Keely Nations 3-Star National Marketing Director NERIUM ACHIEVEMENT LEVEL

Stay-at-Home Mom/Personal Wardrobe Stylist PREVIOUS CAREER

“I hate selling; I break out into hives when I try to do so,” says Keely. But she wanted to feel the satisfaction of contributing to her family’s finances. Then she discovered Nerium. She liked the fact that the company offered a product she could get excited about and a business model that worked with the lifestyle she desired. “I saw Nerium as a Plan A for me to contribute to our household and as a Plan B for our family in the long run because of the potential residual income,” she says. And she loved the company’s non-salesy approach. Circulating bottles—letting people try the product for themselves in the comfort of their own home—means she doesn’t need to sell. “When you are sharing a tangible product and an experience you love, your friends are bound to share in your excitement and fall in love with the experience, too. They’ll want nothing more than to become involved with your journey! This Core Commitment is what I encourage anyone who truly wants success in Nerium to do. Just try it; you might like it!”


Vikki Downey 2-Star National Marketing Director NERIUM ACHIEVEMENT LEVEL

Business Owner/Teacher/Relationship Marketing Representative PREVIOUS CAREER

“My success from the get-go came from me getting the bottles out to people and getting them back,” says Vikki. When she started her Nerium business, she had no experience in the skincare industry, but she knew from personal experience that Nerium’s Night Cream worked. “I created a huge list of friends I wanted to have try it.” And one by one, she gave them a bottle to try, followed up to make sure each was actually using the product, and then picked up the bottle. To ensure that her prospects saw the results Nerium delivers, she asked them to take a “Before” Picture. “Pictures don’t lie, and everyone who took a picture saw or felt some change in their skin,” she says. “Some said ‘No, thank you’ to ordering, but most placed their order or became Brand Partners.” Being consistent with this Core Commitment has paid off in a big way for Vikki. “I actually have tracked my bottles and have found that over time, I have an 80 percent success rate of turning those trials into Preferred Customers and Brand Partners. The importance of getting all your bottles out right away is my number one tip for new Brand Partners! It works!”





erium is called a relationship marketing business because it’s all about connecting with people. Core Commitment 4 makes sure that you are consistently meeting with new potential customers and rubbing elbows with people who, just like you, are building a Nerium business. Market Parties and Real Results Parties are two different types of events that allow you to connect with others and grow your business.



We’re sure you’ve heard the phrase before: With Nerium, you’re in business for yourself but not by yourself. We’ve found that coming together with other Brand Partners on a weekly basis is very important to this business because it puts you around other like-minded, motivated people who are moving forward in their business. It’s an opportunity to see how others share Nerium with prospects and for you to bring guests who may be interested in learning more about the product or opportunity. Essentially, Market Parties allow you to learn from others while you grow your business.


With Nerium’s Real Results Party video, hosting your own Real Results Parties is as simple as pushing Play. And Real Results Parties are the perfect way to introduce friends, family members, and acquaintances to Nerium. These smaller events are typically hosted in a home, restaurant, or coffee shop—someplace comfortable where you can show a video and answer people’s questions. Real Results Parties provide both the opportunity for you to share Nerium with multiple people at once and to train new members of your team on how to share the products and business opportunity with others. Nerium’s Market Party and Real Results Party system offers multiple benefits. These meetings are not only about sharing information with prospects, but they are also about gathering and learning from one another. Nerium is great at bringing Brand Partners together. When you share ideas and grow with others, you can accomplish big things! You’ll see that critical theme continued in the next few Core Commitments.



Jeanie Patterson 2-Star National Marketing Director NERIUM ACHIEVEMENT LEVEL

Registered Nurse Practitioner/Coffee Shop Owner PREVIOUS CAREER

With a background in the medical industry, Jeanie was impressed by the research that goes into the development of Nerium’s products. As a family with seven children (four of whom were in college) and a business that had been affected by the economy, she says, “We definitely needed extra income, for sure!” But it was the fact that Nerium’s ingredients were the result of medical research that really caught her attention and affirmed her decision to become a Brand Partner. Attending Market Parties and Real Results Parties regularly further affirms that decision. “The Market Parties and Real Results Parties are crucial for us to attend on a weekly basis!” she says. “These events are for our guests—so they can get the big picture. But they are also for each one of us already in the business.” Having been in business on her own before, she enjoys the camaraderie she experiences at Nerium Market and Real Results Parties each week. “It’s so great to be with like-minded people who motivate you, encourage you, and strengthen your belief. You leave these events with renewed energy and motivation to push yourself a little further every day!”


Rhanda Carlile 3-Star National Marketing Director NERIUM ACHIEVEMENT LEVEL

Pharmaceutical Sales/Television News Reporter PREVIOUS CAREER

As the breadwinner for her family, Rhanda desperately wanted to spend more time with her children. But, she says, “I couldn’t see a way out of corporate America; I had stopped dreaming.” Initially, she became a Brand Partner simply because she loved the product. She wasn’t looking for an opportunity; she had a job and already spent too much time away from her children. “When I started with Nerium, I was the person who said, ‘I don’t have time to party.’” Her perspective changed when she attended a Nerium conference in Long Beach, California, and the bigger picture of what Nerium could offer her began to unfold. “I quickly realized this was my opportunity to be the mom I wanted to be.” She and her family committed to changing their lives—one Market Party and Real Results Party at a time. “We partied all the way to National Marketing Director,” she says. Initially, her goal to create financial and time freedom with Nerium required her to spend even less time at home. Determined not to let her family down, she found ways to get them involved in her business. “To make it more fun and make my whole family a part of it, my kids often attend events and they love being a part of our team. My kids helped count down the days until Mommy got to be at home with them. Now, they know our family business helps us have more time together.” Today, when Rhanda talks with Brand Partners about growing their own businesses, she tells them, “Parties work. The end.”


Gens Johnson 4-Star National Marketing Director NERIUM ACHIEVEMENT LEVEL

Human Resource Trainer PREVIOUS CAREER

Gens wasn’t in the market for a new career, a new income stream, or even new skincare products. She agreed to take home a bottle of the Age-Defying Night Cream as a favor to a friend. “I’m always open to learning and trying new things,” she says. First, she learned that Nerium worked for her skin. “My friend asked me to take ‘Before’ and ‘After’ Pictures,” she says—a request no other skincare professional had ever asked of her. “That told me there was something huge about this product.” Next, she learned Nerium’s system for building a business. “Having learned and taught systems in my educational and career experience, I understood how important face-to-face events are in building relationships, culture, and learning.” To Gens, going to Market Parties and holding Real Results Parties just made sense. “All I did was ask people to meet me at restaurants, coffee shops, or friends’ homes, and have fun. The company provides you with all the tools, so all you have to do is invite the people and bring the fun!”






don’t know how to do this business.” “I don’t have any sales or marketing experience.” “I’ve never been in business for myself. What if I don’t have what it takes?” If you’ve had any thoughts like those above, welcome to the party. You aren’t alone! The truth is, everyone has had doubts and fears when starting and growing a business. With Nerium, though, you don’t have to go it alone. Every step of the way, Nerium provides training to help you overcome challenges, develop the right habits, and instill belief in your own ability to succeed.


Core Commitment 5 ensures that you get a weekly shot of encouragement and business-building information, so you’re continually building your business. The commitment to attend Weekly Training every Monday is all about you sharpening skills as a Brand Partner. This Weekly Training is an excellent time to get together with your Nerium family and learn from some of the best in the business. It doesn’t matter where you live or what part of the world you’re in. With Nerium University, every Brand Partner has equal access to top-quality training. And when you gather with your local Nerium family and experience Nerium University training together, it can be not just a time of learning, but a fun time of building relationships with others who are striving to be their best. Yes, at Nerium, we want you to learn and grow, but we also want you to have fun! Weekly Training Meetings and Nerium University can be combined to create the perfect opportunity to support, encourage, and just enjoy your Nerium family. Use it as a time to have a meal together, or bring the kids and let them play in another room while the adults participate in the training. Don’t think of this as just one more “meeting” you “have to go to.” Instead, make this a fun part of your week.



Tami French 1-Star National Marketing Director NERIUM ACHIEVEMENT LEVEL

Stay-at-Home Mom/Relationship Marketing Representative PREVIOUS CAREER

Relationships are an important part of business for Tami. It was the people, including Jeff Olson’s leadership, who made her want to be part of Nerium International. So it makes sense that people are what keep her excited about her business. “Attending Weekly Trainings is one of my favorite Core Commitments.” She hosts Nerium U in her home weekly. “For me, it keeps me engaged and focused on my own business, and I love connecting with my local team every week.” During this Weekly Training, everyone grows as they watch the company-provided training and learn new aspects of their business. And at the same time, they encourage and support one another. “Everyone needs a boost now and then, and Weekly Training with Nerium U provides that. You never feel like you are alone when you gather as a group weekly.”


Maciah York Regional Marketing Director NERIUM ACHIEVEMENT LEVEL

Waiter/Network Marketer PREVIOUS CAREER

“I saw an opportunity to really start living the life I wanted to design, rather than having someone design it for me,” says Maciah. For five years, he’d lived without a car and struggled financially. “I was dead broke and I wanted that Lexus!” With dreams of financial freedom and a free car, he made it his mission to be the best Brand Partner he could possibly be. That meant learning from and spending time with people who were succeeding in the business. “You are the average of the five people you hang around the most,” he notes. To Maciah, that truism meant he had to be intentional about choosing to associate with people with similar personal and business growth goals. “By showing up to Weekly Training Meetings, you stay plugged into the rhythm of the company,” he says. “You build solid relationships that last forever, and, most importantly, you learn how to build your business and make money.” It all starts by just showing up week after week. “I’ve never missed, and I have a blast every time.”


Jessica Haley 2-Star National Marketing Director NERIUM ACHIEVEMENT LEVEL



When Jessica’s boyfriend gave her a bottle of the Age-Defying Night Cream to try, she had to laugh. “I said, ‘Babe, you wash your face with shampoo, and you are giving me skincare advice?!’” But after looking into the ingredients and seeing the Real Results Photos, she was excited to try it for herself. As a licensed esthetician who had struggled with her sensitive skin all her life, she was impressed with the results she saw in the mirror. “I realized this was going to truly help people walk out of the door with a bigger smile on their faces and have more confidence in themselves! To me, that’s priceless.” In the past three years, Jessica has built a Nerium business that has helped her pay off her debts and gain control of her time and finances. It has taken time and persistence, and the Weekly Training Meetings and Nerium U helped her stay on track and focused on the 10 Core Commitments. “There is something magical about a potluck night with families coming together to learn and grow together,” she says. “Staying plugged in is important, especially if you’ve had a challenging week. You always leave revitalized!”






nce a month, Nerium brings together Brand Partners from your local and surrounding area for a time of celebration, training, networking, and sharing. These Monthly Regional Events (usually held within a three-hour driving distance) are a fantastic opportunity to meet in a bigger venue and catch the vision for what Nerium can really be for you and your organization. During these Events, top sellers and recruiters for the month and year are recognized for their achievements. You’ll get to see and celebrate what others are doing—and have your successes celebrated as well!


As you connect with and learn from people in other markets, you’ll get fresh ideas and renew your excitement for your business. You’ll also make friends with people in other markets who can help train any team members you have in their areas. The larger and more diverse, geographically speaking, your team becomes, the more you’ll come to rely on others to train and inspire team members who aren’t local to you—and the more other leaders will rely on you. That’s how Nerium works; just like a family, we support one another, regardless of whose team or upline we belong to. In addition to setting annual goals, set mini-goals to achieve each month. Shooting to earn recognition at the Monthly Regional Meetings will keep you on track for making your bigger, yearlong goals a reality.



Cindy Hafenbrack 2-Star National Marketing Director NERIUM ACHIEVEMENT LEVEL



“I would never miss a Regional Meeting,” says Cindy. She has plenty of great reasons for her commitment to attending the Monthly Meeting. Friends, for one. “It is a beautiful time to bond with your team,” she says. And then there’s the inspiration. “Once you witness the parade of Lexus car earners, you can’t help but walk away thinking to yourself, Hey, they are just like me. If they can do it, I can do it!” Training, though, is the top reason Cindy is so serious about this Core Commitment. “This is your chance to really compress time learning how to become successful in your Nerium business,” she says. “You get trained by some of the best, most successful leaders in Nerium. It’s a lot of very valuable knowledge and information, packed into one four-hour Training each month. One Regional will take a year off your Nerium learning curve.”


Victor Palomares 1-Star National Marketing Director NERIUM ACHIEVEMENT LEVEL

Kindergarten Teacher PREVIOUS CAREER

“Love, care, share, and make people better!” Those words, and the heart behind them, are what attracted Victor to Nerium. But having never been a business owner before, Victor knew from the onset that he wanted to take advantage of all the training Nerium offers, from the Market and Real Result Parties to Weekly Training and Nerium U, the Regional Training Meetings, and corporate events. “To be able to have the best of the best train me as I grew really gave me the confidence that Nerium’s system supports me and my dreams.” While Victor is committed to attending all the conferences, he especially enjoys the Regional Meetings. “Being part of it is extremely helpful because you get to meet people who are building their businesses throughout the country and the world,” he says. “It is so exciting to hear all the inspiring stories. The training Nerium offers truly puts you in a position to win big.”


Karen DeSantis-Meyer 2-Star National Marketing Director NERIUM ACHIEVEMENT LEVEL

Mortgage Banker/Relationship Marketing Representative PREVIOUS CAREER

Karen was skeptical about Nerium. Having been in seven different relationship marketing companies, she didn’t believe Nerium would be any different—until she tried the product. Within twenty-four hours, she knew she wanted to be a customer. Still, she had reservations about the business opportunity. But after learning about the company at a “Wine and Cheese” Market Party, she decided to give Nerium a shot. Now a leader with the company, she says, “I have helped many people earn a six-figure income.” “Training is all about learning, but it’s also about the fun and fellowship and friends we get to be around,” Karen says. The Monthly Regional Meetings provide an exceptional opportunity for both learning and growing relationships. “It’s a venue to learn from leaders who have walked the walk. Each brings his or her own gifts and nuggets of wisdom. Learning from each other is a valuable tool in relationship marketing. Those who show up, go up!”






p to this point, even with the Regional Meetings, the focus is on your individual business and that of your immediate team members. That’s great. Your business starts with you, so those weekly and monthly training and prospecting times are important. But because this business is home-based, what you see most often is your living room or home office, which can seem pretty small in the grand scheme of things. Going to the annual corporate event will open your eyes to the huge potential Nerium offers.


When you see for yourself all of the different people from all walks of life come together under one roof and really celebrate their successes, the light bulb will come on with blinding intensity. You’ll suddenly see that your small, home-based business can be so much more for you, your family, and for every person who becomes part of your team. Even as Neriums’s top leaders, going to the conferences allows us to see the big picture—and catch an even bigger vision. We have never missed a corporate event, and we definitely do not regret it. It has done so much good for us and our business, pushing us to set and achieve new and bigger goals every year. Check your Nerium Portal for the date of the next corporate event and put it on your calendar now. Block out those dates, arrange for child care, and start a savings fund to cover travel, hotel, and food expenses. We promise: These are events you don’t want to miss.



Shannon Ciaramellano 2-Star National Marketing Director NERIUM ACHIEVEMENT LEVEL

Stay-At-Home Mom/Various Corporate Jobs PREVIOUS CAREER

Shannon began her business the week before Christmas. “We were months behind on our home mortgage, and the only question that went through my head was, Where will we be in a year if we don’t do this?” She doubted her ability to succeed and was afraid she didn’t really deserve success. Luckily, her hope for what Nerium could provide was stronger than those fears. A few months later, Shannon attended her first major corporate conference in Dallas, Texas. There, she had the opportunity to briefly meet Jeff Olson and Mark Smith, and, in a matter of moments, her fears and doubts were replaced by a vibrant sense of possibility. “Their absolute belief ignited a fire in me that will never be put out,” she says. “I spent the rest of my free time at the conference meeting people from around the country and sharing stories.” She believes everyone should attend these first-class events and knows firsthand how valuable they can be for those who are just starting their businesses. “What an amazing way for Brand Partners to engage with leaders and other Brand Partners from across the world and gain a belief in the opportunity for themselves.”


Darla Harmon Regional Marketing Director NERIUM ACHIEVEMENT LEVEL

Manager for a Family-owned Business PREVIOUS CAREER

After managing her husband’s family’s crane business from her home for more than eighteen years, Darla was ready for a change. She wanted something she could build part-time, something that would eventually replace her job. “Nerium offered the total package: a product I absolutely fell in love with, a company with a vision, a real opportunity, and a true heart for giving back.” She attended her first major Nerium conference just two and a half months after starting her Nerium business. “I remember sitting in the audience and hearing Jeff Olson lay out his vision for the company,” she says. “I knew with every fiber of my being that I was part of something so much bigger and better than I could have ever imagined. I knew right then and there that I would be a lifer with Nerium.” Her belief, like her success, has continued to grow since attending that first event. “I have never missed an event, and with each event, I get a bigger vision of where we are going,” she says. “As your business grows, the very best thing you can do for your Brand Partners is get them to a big event.”


Barry and Sarah Midthun 2-Star National Marketing Directors NERIUM ACHIEVEMENT LEVEL

Barry, Law Enforcement; Sarah, Stay-at-Home Mom PREVIOUS CAREER

“Major corporate events and conventions have always been the goal and focus of our daily, weekly, and monthly team activities,” says Barry. The couple works with their team members throughout the year to get as many as possible to attend these conferences. Why? “I can honestly say we have had our best times with our team at these events. We have found the more team members we have at these events, sharing good times, experiences, and training, the stronger our team becomes.” Both on a team level and an individual level, they’ve found that conventions are business changers. “They give you a bigger picture of what your business can be, of what Nerium is and where it’s going,” Barry says. “Seeing that bigger picture translates into belief, belief translates into passion, and passion grows your business.” Whether a Brand Partner is just getting started or is looking to take his or her business to the next level, these events offer an infusion of motivation, inspiration, and education. “Lawyers go to the courthouse for training, police officers go to the police station for training, corporate America goes to work for training. We go to the convention!”






e’re going to shift gears now from meetings and business training…we’re going to get personal. Most people don’t have a day-to-day plan for the next year, or the next three to five years, much less for their lives. Most people just let life happen and then feel disappointed when they take stock and realize just how little they have to show for all their time on this planet. Core Commitment 8 is all about investing in yourself and being intentional about continually growing as a person. You see, at Nerium, we aren’t only concerned with how you do in your


business; we’re even more focused on how you do in life. We know that if the rest of your life is growing and prospering—your relationships are solid, your health is strong, your finances are in order—then building a business will be even easier. And what we know without a doubt is that personal development can help you win in every area of life. Investing in your personal development can be as simple as reading or listening to ten pages of a good book every day, reading articles or listening to interviews in your Nerium Real Life Library, or reading Live Happy magazine or listening to the Live Happy podcast. With every page or podcast, you’ll learn something to help you shape a winning life philosophy, live healthier, become financially savvy, or improve your relationships. A very simple place to get started on (or to continue) your personal development journey is with The Slight Edge, a book by our Founder and CEO Jeff Olson. The book and its philosophy are simple, and it comes in your kit; we give it to you. Read it, but don’t just read it one time. Each time you go through the book, you’ll pick up new ideas and internalize the concepts so that you really start to get it down. The Slight Edge offers a great explanation on why these 10 Core Commitments work. It explains why and how all the simple, tiny actions come together to make big things happen in your life. Remember: Ten pages a day is all it takes.



Kathy Aaron 3-Star National Marketing Director NERIUM ACHIEVEMENT LEVEL

Real Estate


Of all the 10 Core Commitments, Kathy says the commitment to personal development has impacted her life more significantly than anything she has ever done. “It has affected every area of my life and taught me lessons that will serve me for the rest of my life,” she says. A long-time student of personal development, Kathy says, “I learned that our businesses will grow only as much as we grow personally.” With that foundational belief, she has spent the past twenty-five years focused on strengthening the personal growth of herself and others. She recommends that people focus on learning the philosophies of success and commit to ongoing self-improvement. “Read books, like The Slight Edge and Think and Grow Rich, that espouse these philosophies. Work with like-minded individuals who value these philosophies. That’s the formula for being in the growth zone that leads to fulfillment in life.”


Jason and Claudia Ransom 1-Star National Marketing Directors NERIUM ACHIEVEMENT LEVEL

Jason, Vice President for a Surgical Sales Company; Claudia, Stay-at-Home Mom PREVIOUS CAREER

“Nerium gave us a blueprint for making our dream a reality,” says Claudia. The framework of that blueprint is personal development. “I truly think that a commitment to personal development has brought the most profound change to our life. We have complete control over changing ourselves—our lives. But you can’t expect your life to change without changing yourself,” she says. Change isn’t always easy. “At first, I tried reading my ten pages a day at the end of the day, but I was tired and couldn’t really focus. When I started making this time a priority, doing it in the first part of my day, and really started studying and paying attention, I realized I could be and do so much more.” And over time, she noticed that this commitment to personal growth strengthened Jason’s and her resolve to the other Core Commitments. “It drives all the other Commitments, but there’s more to it than that. It’s made us better spouses, parents, and friends. It’s taught us to have the humility to be open to learning new things. And when you’re surrounded by others who are open to growing, learning, and improving themselves, it creates an amazing culture.”


Ken Hoofard National Marketing Director NERIUM ACHIEVEMENT LEVEL

CEO of a Public IT Company PREVIOUS CAREER

After seven years with Nerium, Ken moved to Seoul, South Korea, in 2015 to help open Nerium in that country. It’s an exciting time, and one that wouldn’t have been possible without a serious commitment to growing his business and himself. “My commitment to personal development is why I am a National Marketing Director. Without pouring the knowledge and wisdom of others into my brain and soul, my success would have been all up to me. But with them as thought partners, I felt encouraged as I read their words and learned how to be a better person in all areas.” From the training and insights he received from consistently attending Nerium’s various training events, to reading positive materials regularly, Ken says it is personal development that has led to and shaped his success. “The Slight Edge is so profoundly powerful in my life, not just as a book but as a philosophy and a way of life.”






eing your own boss takes a lot of work. It takes a lot of self-discipline. But nobody’s perfect. So sometimes we need someone to lift us up when we’re feeling a little down, and that’s why Core Commitment 9 is “Find a ‘Workout Partner.’” Your workout partner is someone who will hold you accountable to your commitments—and you’ll return the favor. Together, you’ll keep one another on track toward your success. Because, let’s face it; it’s easy to get off track. All of these Core Commitments are simple; and most are easy to do. But they’re also very easy not to do. It’s very easy to say, “I’ll just skip today and do four exposures tomorrow.” The reality is, when you skip one day, it’s even easier to skip the next, and the next.


But when you have a workout partner, you have someone you know is going to be checking in with you to see if you’ve done what you said you would. And they’re going to be counting on you to check in with them. As you hold each other accountable, you’ll help each other succeed! As you consider who to team up with as a workout or accountability partner, look for someone who is at about the same level as you in the business. If you’re just starting out, look for another excited Brand Partner who wants to grow his or her business. If you’re a new leader, look for another new leader. When your workout partner is at the same level as you, you will both be going in the same direction—up! And one more tip: Find someone with whom you really click. Sometimes, as a husband-and-wife team, we are each other’s workout partner, and for some seasons, we find other people to be our accountability partners. If you work in this business with your spouse or best friend, the same may be true for you, too, and that’s okay! The important thing is to find someone who helps you stay excited and on track toward your goals.



Yonsun Cattran 5-Star National Marketing Director NERIUM ACHIEVEMENT LEVEL

Makeup Artist


As a makeup artist, Yonsun had plenty of experience with skincare products. But from the moment she was introduced to Nerium’s Night Cream, she knew this company was different. She loved the difference she saw on her own skin. “No product that I’d ever used before had such astonishing results as this,” she says. “From that moment on, I knew I had to invest in this product and work with this company. I knew for a fact that this company and product would make it big.” Incorporating the 10 Core Commitments into her business— from getting the right training, to sharing the product and opportunity, to being intentional about her personal growth—has been essential to her success. Along the way, working with a partner has helped her maintain her motivation and keep her commitments. “By working together and sharing experiences, you can help each other’s businesses grow.” What’s her advice for Brand Partners who want to work side-by-side with someone who will help hold them accountable to their goals? “Go to a Training Meeting and find someone who is at the same level as you—someone who wants to grow. Together you will make a team.”


Aana Camp International Marketing Director NERIUM ACHIEVEMENT LEVEL

Health and Wellness PREVIOUS CAREER

Results. That’s what convinced Aana to become a Brand Partner—and to continue to build a strong business. Her journey with Nerium began when she tried the product and saw a visible difference in her skin. Then, as she completed her New Brand Partner Training and began following Nerium’s system of sharing the products and following up, she saw the results of her effort as her team grew. Results provide powerful motivation. But sometimes, being consistent is tough and being persistent is hard. During those times, having a workout partner becomes the difference between success and struggle. “Having someone to keep you accountable is the key to staying focused,” Aana says. “A workout partner helps us go the extra mile, gives us a sounding board to bounce ideas off of, and keeps us on track.” By committing to helping someone else win, you see the results you want in your own life.



e’ve been in the relationship marketing industry a long time and have heard a lot of trainers talk about “overnight success.” The reality is that there’s no such thing as overnight success. Nerium International, as a company, may look like an overnight success from the outside looking in because it has broken every record. Those awards and rankings and articles about Nerium make it seem like it came from nowhere and immediately rose to the top. But that isn’t the case. This company’s leadership has decades of time in the trenches and they partnered with scientists and researchers who have just as much experience and expertise. So much time, dedication, trial and error, and work went into building this company. That’s why Nerium International is so successful! And that’s what will make your business successful. Anything of real value is worth your effort and time. This is a real business—not a get-rich-quick scheme. And it’s going to require real work. But it’s worth it!


Core Commitment 10 – “Be Here in a Year and Be NLC Qualified” is about consistency and commitment in your Nerium business, and staying motivated is key. That’s why the Nerium Lifestyle Club (NLC) offers excellent incentive rewards to help keep your business in rhythm each month. Points are earned monthly by developing Preferred Customers and enrolling new prospects with consistency. When you work hard, you play spectacularly in the NLC. Remember, it’s important to stay committed over the next 12 months. Through it all – the ups, the bumps in the road – commit to being here in a year and work on it daily. When you look back at all you have accomplished, you will be amazed at how far you’ve come in your Nerium business. Want to get the most out of this year? Set goals and make a plan! Where would you like to be in three to five years in this business? Where would you like to be in one year?

What monthly activity will it take to achieve your one-year goal? (If you don’t know the answer, talk to your upline.) What daily activity will it take to achieve your monthly goal?

Commit now to your success. Determine to be here—with Nerium—building a thriving business one year from today. Your future is worth it!



Shalon and Patrick Murphy 5-Star National Marketing Directors NERIUM ACHIEVEMENT LEVEL

Shalon, Stay-at-Home Mom; Patrick, Recruiter and Sales Trainer for a Home Improvement Company PREVIOUS CAREER

In relationship marketing, it isn’t unusual to hear people talk about timing—it was the right time for me, for the market, for the economy. When Shalon and Patrick talk about timing, they focus on giving themselves time to succeed. “We believe that most setbacks or negatives we run into in life won’t matter in thirty days,” Patrick says. It’s a philosophy they use to keep a positive attitude and focus on what they want, instead of on momentary discouragements. “Committing to being with Nerium in one year is the same. So much happens during a year with Nerium. So many things get better and better. New products, new countries, new systems. It is important to give yourself time,” he says. As you wait out and work through frustrating moments in your business, try to see them as opportunities to learn and grow. Seek advice from people who have been down the same path. And above all, Patrick says, “Never compare your Chapter 1 to someone else’s Chapter 20.”


Jennifer Johnson National Marketing Director NERIUM ACHIEVEMENT LEVEL

Accounting Business/Stay-at-Home Mom PREVIOUS CAREER

Like most Brand Partners, Jennifer tried the product before signing on with Nerium. “I saw the results in my skin and fell in love with the simplicity of the product,” she says. “That was just the beginning of my love affair with the company.” The simplicity of sharing the product—letting people try it for free before they make any sort of commitment—fit well with her busy life. As a mom of five young children, she needed that simplicity. “When I have my bottles in circulation, I don’t have to rely on me—what I’m going to say, what next step I am going to make. It makes this business incredibly simple,” she says. “The product works. So, I can get the bottle into anyone’s hands and know they will see a difference in their skin.” The visible results people see in their “Before” and “After” Pictures is all the proof they need. Similarly, Brand Partners see a real difference in their lives after being with Nerium for a year, which makes Core Commitment 10 vital. “The road of an entrepreneur has many ups and downs. If you let your circumstances define you, you will want to quit!” Jennifer says. When you’ve committed to giving yourself at least a year to begin to build your business, you remove the temptation to give up when a challenge arises. “This is a journey. A journey of self-discovery, personal development, and growth like you’ve never experienced. It takes time to become the best version of yourself.”



s the CEO and Founder of Nerium International, my goal wasn’t just to build a world-class company with a worldclass product based on real science and real results— although we’ve done that. My goal was to create a company and a culture that allows other people to become better versions of themselves. And I believe, as do Mark and Tammy Smith, that Nerium’s 10 Core Commitments will put you on the path to becoming the best version of yourself because they will push you to continually learn and grow—both personally and professionally. And along the way, you’ll build a strong business that’s rooted in good habits, best practices, and meaningful relationships. I came up with these 10 Core Commitments a long time ago, after years and years of experience in this industry. Time and time again, I’ve seen people all over the world use these habits and practices—persistently and consistently and with a good attitude—to change their lives. The Commitments work because they are easy to do; you can do them. And just as important, your team members can do them.



Nerium’s Core Commitments outline a simple process that anyone can do. I want to challenge you to make Core Commitment 10—Be Here in a Year and Be NLC Qualified—your first commitment. Look at your Nerium business as a journey. It will take time, planning, redirection, and restarts. Sometimes, the path will be smooth and easy, and sometimes, it will be rocky and all uphill. Occasionally, you may even fall and have to get back up on your feet again. That’s okay. Give yourself time to make this incredible journey.


One thing that will help you stay the course is a goal—a reason for persisting. Mark and Tammy talked about that. Did you fill in your goals on page 74? If not, go back and do that now. Your goals will drive you to push through the hard times—and they’ll be the accomplishments you celebrate. We’ll celebrate them with you!


Belief is the fuel that will keep you going. You have to believe that what you’re doing (these 10 Core Commitments) can get you where you want to go—when you do them consistently and persistently. Sooner or later, you’ll find your Nerium rhythm and your actions will turn into results. You can achieve what you want in this company, but you’ll achieve it in the moment. It’s in the moment—when you do your two exposures a day, or you hold or attend a Real Results Party, or read ten pages of a good book, or do any of the other Core Commitments—that you determine whether you’ll succeed long term. None of these actions seem significant in the moment. In fact, if you do them today, you won’t succeed, today. And if you


don’t do them today, you won’t fail, today. The difference between doing or not doing these Core Commitments seems insignificant in the moment. It’s so subtle you don’t even notice it. But it matters—it’s all that matters. The only thing you have is the moment. And the only way you have huge success is by doing things in the moment that seem to make no difference at all in the act of doing them. You’ll succeed when you do them over and over and over consistently and persistently for a long enough period of time. Apply this powerful Slight Edge philosophy to your business, and just see how far and how high you can go on your Nerium journey.

You can do this. Whether you’re just starting your Nerium business or want to take your success to the next level, finding your rhythm will put you on the right path. The Nerium Rhythm is what you experience when you combine the power of the Slight Edge philosophy with Nerium’s 10 Core Commitments—the simple actions and attitudes that build a strong, successful Nerium business. In this book, Nerium International Founder and CEO, Jeff Olson, and Chief Field Officers, Mark and Tammy Smith, offer powerful insights and a wealth of experience. Using the advice in Nerium Rhythm allows you to minimize your learning curve and maximize your success.

Nerium Rhythm will help you combine the right philosophy and right actions so you can get the results you want.

Nerium Rhythm  
Nerium Rhythm